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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  March 18, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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i give an expression of care every day to each child to help him realize that he is unique. i am the program by saying you have made this day a special day by just your being you. there is no person in the whole world like you. i like you just the way you are. and i feel that if we in public
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television can only make it clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable, we will have done a great service for mental health. >> welcome to the am joy. pbs has been on the republican chopping block for a long time. as recently as 2012, they wanted to shrink pbs funds. candidate mitt romney said he wouldn't borrow money from china to pay for big bird. he said say he likes big bird a lot. in 1969 when they wanted to strip the service of federal funds, it was the eternal neighbor mr. roger who is came to the rescue about the many, many public benefits that programs like his offer. he recited one of his show's songs. it is as relevant as it was
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then. trump released his outline that proposes cuts to several departments and programs. one pitch was removing all federal funds from the corporation for public broadcasting that supports pbs and npr. for the community development brands that funds meals on wheels that feeds senior citizens including 500,000 military veterans each year. later on thursday, budget director mick mull vaina explained why. >> i put myself in the shoes of that steelworker in ohio. the coal miner in west virginia and the mother of two in detroit. i say okay, i have to ask these folks for money and tell them where i'm going to spend it.
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can i look those folks in the eye and say i want to take money from you and give it to public broadcasting. that's something we can't defend anymore. >> which departments can they defend giving this single mom's money to? defense. that would get a $54 billion increase. homeland security a 7% increase. primarily for building that big beautiful wall trump keeps promising which he now concedes mexico will not pay for. as congress negotiates the budget that will take effect on october 1st, let's hope some lawmaker has a breakthrough like the 1 that john pastori had after mr. rogers's testimony. >> i think it's wonderful. >> looks like you got $20 million. >> the former chairman howard dean, republican strategist
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christopher metzler and radio host for napped. i have to go to you first, korec because i know you have a little child. he cannot go to a steelworker or coal mining family in west virginia and tell that family that he is going to take their money and give it to pbs. your thoughts? >> well, joy, unfortunately it's not surprising that we are hearing this from the trump administration. what you have here is you have a billionaire who lives in gold plated houses who wants to cut vital programs. the thing that is more curious to me is the people who are benefiting from this, a lot of them are his supporters. he is taking a club to the heads of the people who voted for him who wanted answers on how he was going to address their economic
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anxiety. this is not a front to human decency and civic responsibility. as we saw with trump care and now with the budget, this is not surprising at all coming from this administration. >> let me read a little bit of the statement from the corporation of public broadcasting. there is no viable substitute that ensures people have access to the service. the elimination of federal funding would devastate and destroy public media's role in public safety and connecting children to citizen of our history and civic discussions for both rural and urban communities. the other big breathtaking was the cut to meals on wheels. want to play a little bit of the budget directors and the justification for cutting meals
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on wheels. >> we can't spend monoprograms because they sound good. it sounds great and that's a state decision to fund that particular thing, but to take the federal money and say we want to give you money for programs that don't work. we cannot defend that. >> that's just a dream clip for a strategist who wants to encapsulate the republican attitudes towards people in need. >> let's not mince words. this draconian trump republican budget will not only make our fellow americans hungrier, sicker, and in many cases more ignorant when you see the cuts to pbs and others, this will be responsible for the death of many of our fellow americans that means that this is a lethal budget, joy. let's be honest. many american and american leaders have been willing to sacrifice given ex-trenduating circumstances. the energy crisis in the late
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70s and that's not what's happening here. given the current indicators, it doesn't call for sacrifice. what that means if you think about what's going on here, the trump administration and the republican party who has sanctioned this budget is doing it simply because it can. there is a word for that, joy. the word for what this budget is because the administration is willing to kill fellow americans because of these cuts because it can, the word is evil. this is an evil budget. >> howard dean, you are a former chairman of the dnc and also a medical doctor. talking about meals on wheels, for some americans it's not only the only meals they are getting, but the only human contact they ook forrd to and saying you c't justify it as being effective and saying school lunch programs can't be justified. i don't know. your thoughts? >> this is ideological nonsense. the problem is these are right
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wingers who believe that billionaires have more privileges than everybody else. you know what this money is going to? it's going to exxon-mobil and they can make a fortune. they are cutting old people and kid's educational programs in order to pay for tax cuts for the largest companies in the world when they drop the corporation tax. for tax cuts for donald trump and his billionaire friends for getting rid of the alternative minium tax. that's a tax i don't particularly like because ie en up paying it. donald trump is the most divicive president in my lifetime and he doesn't give a damn about poor people and he broke his word to the same people who defended him. you think those people that voted for donald trump by plus 20 and more want their seernior and parents thrown off of meals and wheels?
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i don't think so. people are more generous than they think he is. some of these programs and cuts are not going to pass. republicans understand their own districts and i think these town meetings have shown people do have compassion and they don't want to put up with right wing ideology governing the country. >> it falls to you to defend some of this. the winners and losers nbc put together the bar graphs and the winners defense up 9% and homeland security goes up. those are important. you are talking about the departments of labor, agriculture, the state department, epa get draconian cuts. if you look at the stack of losers, the people who are losing in this budget, you talk about low-income families and rural families. we are talking about epa that makes sure people's water i n
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poisoned. how do you jusfy that? including to the people who voted for donald trump who every single piece of data shows are not against social programs. they have issues thinking minorities and immigrants shouldn't get them, but how do they sell this to their own base? >> a couple of things. the first of all, i think we are to tone down the rhetoric about evil and killing people and all of those things. i don't find that helpful for the debate. >> if the idea is that you are going to take away the one delivery of food to an elderly person and take arway and those things are not efficient. what word would you use to coin that? >> let's be clear as to what this is. what the president has done is laid out his blueprint.
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as we all know, the president doesn't have the power of the purse. from my perspective, what's going to happen here is there are diverse constituencies across the country. the decisions as to ultimately what will be cut, what won't be cut will be made by the people's representatives. >> that's a dodge. we are talking about donald trump's priorities. his budget reflects his beliefs and priorities. he is telling this to the people. forred in an will take this. >> with all due respect, he said don't pay attention to the fact that this budget is lethal and will make americans sicker and more hungry. when you look at the cut back to alzheimer's and diabetes research. my aunt is diabetic and she doesn't deserve the opportunity
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to have it cured in her lifetime. don't pay attention to the words and not the actions. >> you are putting words in my mouth. it's orwellian. >> yes, sir. it's orwellian. >> that's enough of the drama. i am not orwellian. i can finish my point. my point is this. it's important to have fiscal decisions and fiscal cuts to be made. what those cuts will look like ultimately what the cuts are going to be -- >> i'm sorry. we don't have time to get into theoretical discussions. we are debating this actual budget, what donald trump said he is going to do and i'm asking to you explain the justification for cutting meals on wheels. just explain to me donald trump's thinking and not tell us in theory what republicans might do later. >> that's fine, but in terms of his thinking relative to this,
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would i have made the same decision? no, i would not have made the same decision. >> as a political matter, donald trump put this forward. the only arguments he seems to be having are the things are not cruel enough. he is not cutting medicaid enough. is this exposing the party to the classic argument about cruelty? >> that's exactly right. it totally is exposing them. what they want to hear about is entitlements that this budget doesn't even touch or at least not yet. to the blueprint issue, i agree with christopher on one thing. we are seeing a moral blueprint. this is in the heart and the mind of donald trump. he wants to cut all these vital programs that are needed by poor american people. let's look at the wall and we
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know mexico is not going to pay for it. meals on wheels is going to pay for it. we are seeing him jet away to hisrivate resort and who is paying for that? the american people. $3.6 million per trip, but we can't have meals on wheels and big bird? that's the problem we are seeing with this president. now we know exactly where his mind and heart is. >> howard dean, as somebody who when you were active in the democratic party as dnc chair, you made the point that democrats need to start trying to compete in the red states and also keep democratic party principals. where is the party? is the democratic party positioned to message on this and try to reach some of these trump voters to tell them what they are going to lose? >> yeah, i think we have done a great job with that so far. if trump care passes and even if
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half of these budget cuts pass, trump made our life a lot easier. the people who voted for donald trump in places like arkansas and tennessee and ohio, they didn't vote for this. they need these programs. they took a chance on donald trump. was there racism and misogynists voted for donald trump? yes, but not the vast majority. they knew this guy was a little off, but they needed change and took a chance on this guy. he has done everything he said he wouldn't do. he promised universal health care at one point. it throws 15 million people off health care and ultimately 24 million people off their insurance. we may not need a democratic party to beat this guy. he is beating himself. what i think is going to happen is that the republicans are going to say no in the senate as
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they are already, to trump care. >> the house has far right idea logs who think this is not cruel enough. >> i think that's right. >> that is truly disturbing. thank you very much. howard dean, christopher metzler and fernando, we will be back. is the trump administration edging closer to the brink of war? that's next. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop.
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iwhat they're currently doing tin their else. pull some research, create a great story. trying to figure out some way of building some kind of trust in a very quick moment. you have to love to work with people. our goal, without a doubt, is that all customers are satisfied before they leave. ♪ i think we share a common view and a sense that tensions on the peninsula are quite high right now. things have reached a rather dangerous level. we have committed ourselves to everything we can to prevent any type of conflict from breaking out. the grim warnings in north
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korea continue with rex tillerson who met with his chinese counterpart ahead of his meeting tomorrow. in south korea, tillerson warned that action is on the table if north korea escalates the military program. they echo another president who coined an infamous term in the 2002 state of the union address. >> north korea articling with missiles and weapons of mass destruction while starving citizens. iraq continues to flaunt hostility. states like this and terrorist allies constitutes an axis of evil arming to threat the people of the world. >> the plic policy is a retired colonel and former chief staff to colin powell.
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thank you very much for being here. mr. wilkerson, you are the person we want to talk to. i don't know if my frame is incorrect, but you have a president with no fixed ideology surrounded by idea logs who came in with his then national security adviser michael flynn out of the box threatening iran. now seemed to be threatening north korea. sending additional troops to isis. am i wrong to start to see a george w. bush creeping into the administration? >> i want to say i wish it were george w. bush. this i think is far worse. let me preface remarks and i don't often do this, but i have been involved with the koreas and china and japan for over 40 years. i have been on the peninsula off and on every year virtually and participated in the highest level of exercises with former minsters of defense in korea and
7:22 am
bill perry, for example in the u.s. i know this region as well as anyone. certainly better than donald trump and better than hr mcmaster and jim mattis or others in the administration and i am concerned about the language that i hear particularly in light of the fact that we just lost the leader of the republic of south korea in part in an impeachment proceeding. we are looking at a new leader in that cry and we are trying to force thter high altitude defense down their throat because the new president may not accept it. these are dangerous times, but i would submit to you that rex tillerson knows a lot about fossil fuel and little about the koreas and donald trump even less. that's worrisome. >> yet they are using this language and your point is well taken. you have a team that is very inexperienced. people who had lots of governmental experience and even
7:23 am
diplomatic experience. this is a team to your point where the secretary of state was an oil man before. you mentioned terminal altitude defense. the u.s. began constructing and intended to protect. it's like lie they will antagonize china to diffuse tensions on the peninsula and all without providing them against attack. that was from the hail earlier today. did the obama administration attempt to get that in place because they saw the south korean president on her way out and if donald trump were to up end it and pull it out and get rid of that, what would be the implications? >> you put your finger on a tactical part of this situation right now. this is not just about korea or japan, it's also about china.
7:24 am
when richard haas and i met with wong yee and the ambassador in the summer of 2001, china was obviously not for public consumption, but comfortable with u.s. presence considering the power there and including those on the korean peninsula. now they are not. they have in a word grown up and china is asserting sovereignty and most forcefully in the south china sea. we are putting our fingers as we did in putin's eyes as appointment into former nato and pack country in mr. z's eyes. we are doing it and china sees it being done against them. i would be a fool to say that was not part of the reason for the deployment. this is a disconcerting situation.
7:25 am
one i haven't seen in a long time. prime minister abe is growing japan up to be a normal country because he is distrustful of the united states and the security relationship. even more distrustful because we have an unpredictable and uncertain and inexperienced man in the white house. if you looked at angela merkel's face and thereeresa may's face, understand the angst our allies are going through. who is this man and how could the american people have put this man in the white house? >> indeed. i think perhaps some people might be asking the same thing. it's quite unpredictable. really appreciate you being here. >> up next, donald trump's team of extremists. stay with us.
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attorney general jefferson sessions who had to deny allegations of racism and the breitbart head and altright champion steve bannon who is made a chief white house strategist. breitbart's editor sebastian goerka is a top adviser to the president. on friday, three democratic presidents sent a letter to the department of homeland security demanding an investigation into his paperwork after a report that his sworn loyalty tow a revised group which the u.s. state department designated as a neonazi organization. they are not permitted to emigrate to the u.s. the allegation appeared in the jewish newspaper and gorka without addressing this released a statement saying i have been a committed opponent of anti-semitism and racism all my
7:30 am
life. it is not independently verify and they did not respond to the request for a commend. he did deny it in tablet magazine. another little known member of trump's team who conservatives may about better about a reference to a man consul who saificed in battle. he wrote a noted pro trump essay where he talked about the ceaseless importation of third world foreigner who is no taste for or experience in liberty. that sounds similar to early trump supporter and congressman steve king who expressed support for politician wilder this week, tweeting that wilder understands that this is our destiny. we can't restore civilization with somebody else's babies.
7:31 am
even after taking criticism, he refused to back down. >> i meant what i said. it is the case and to expand on that, i said the same thing as far as 10 years ago to the german people and the declining population that isn't willing to have enough babies to reproduce themselves. i said to them you cannot rebuild with somebody else's babies. you have to keep your birth rate up. this western civilization a superior civilization. >> you goat have more babies. when we come back, the book that shaped the philosophy with two of these trump allies. steve king and steve bannon.
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if we don't rear god low children to take our place, that vacuum will be filled by whatever washes up on our shore and makes a claim on our territory.
7:35 am
civilization has to be on purpose, isn't that correct, congressman king? >> it has to be on purpose and i would recommend a book to your listeners. and the title of it is the camp of the saints. >> the book that representative king is recommending is a favorite of trump strategy sve bannon. the camp of the saints in the 1973 novel about immigrants taking over europe has been panned as blatantly racist. its extreme message resonates against politicians around the world, but in a major blow in europe, dutch voters rejected the party of anti-muslim voters and shifts to france's presidential elections next month. they are hoping to hear from her post. the senior writer for news week
7:36 am
and joining me from paris is christopher dickey for the daily beast. i am going to start with you. i am pronouncing his name wrong. the loss in europe. what does that mean for the progression of this global christian ethno nationalist movement that steve bannon signs on to and had been sweeping across europe. >> it's quite a set back. he is the purest expression in europe that most people have heard of. let's close the mosques and ban the koran and kick the muslims out of the country. that is much further than anyone has gone. the dutch rejected that and he gained a couple of seats in parliament, but far short of anything he was expected to do. part of the reason is not only
7:37 am
is he extreme, but he is so closely identified with donald trump, that people say this guy is nuts in the united states. the last thing we want is a lunatic like that running our country. >> has the fact of him changed the minds of some people who might havenor a pop lift trump-type candidate before they saw him in action? >> i think when he was elected, the first reaction on the far right and among a lot of people is it's all right to elect a right wing extremist to run a country. all of a sudden we don't have to worry about looking strange if we do that. that dissolved very quickly and the people watched him in operation both as president-elect and as president. they said wait a minute accident, we don't want this development. it will hurt her quite a bit she
7:38 am
is counting on momentum moving forward and it has been slowing down. i think not least because of trump. >> jennifer, on this side of the aisle or the pond as they say, steve bannon who has been a proponent of moving breitbart's ideology and he admits comes from his love of the book, camp of the saints. the mongrels sweeping over europe and if you don't kill them, it has a latin pope who has to make the decision of whether to just kill all of the people who try to come off the boats and take over europe. >> what does that mean for the republican party and does it alarm you all of these illusions are being tied to a group that is neonazi? your thoughts? >> it destroyed the republican party as i knew it. i don't consider myself a republican any longer and in
7:39 am
practice it's unworkable as we are seeing on a variety of fronts. watching the first part of your show i became depressed watching the budget and foreign policy and all aspects of this. it destroyed the republican party which was based on a set of principals that abhors discrimination. it takes the doration seriously. all men arereated equal and endod withertain rights. donald trump and his sidekicks do not believe this. they turned into this ethno tribalism. it is contrary to american expressions of history and of law from its founding. i think it's going to backfire domestically on the republican party and overseas, the correspond ept is right. i think there is going to be a reaction. they don't want to be identified with him. he's a buffoon and insulting our british allies and our german allies. angela merkel who has an
7:40 am
election this year was not too pleased at the press conference. there will be reaction against him with their far right party in germany as well. >> to that point, i want to play you a democratic congressman from illinois and what they had to say about steve king who has been carrying this banner openly for the mentality. this is what they had to say about the republican party's reaction to steve king. >> i have not heard leaders scrambling to say that steve king does not represent their views on race, religion, diversity and the threat that "somebody else's babies pose to american civilization." >> to that point, steve king himself told the hill that his colleagues are patting him on the back. why would the republican party not be scrambling to distance themselves from steve king and this whole camp of the saints
7:41 am
fringe. why don't they want to distance themselves openly and verbally from it? >> i think from my standpoint, i come from the party of camp. that's the republican party that i have come from. what happened i think a lot with this particular party, number one, i don't know that we can even call it the republican party anymore given as jennifer just said the issues of discrimination, the issues of exclusion and those kinds of things. the issues raised by representative king are totally abhorrent and disgusting. i have no intention of defending him or any one of his ilk, period. as it relates to the party, it ime for the party to step up and address these issues head on rather than playing this kind of cat and mouse game relative to
7:42 am
this. it is quite frankly shameful. >> as a matter of politics, is there a fear among republicans in congress that if they distance themselves too much from this ideology that they will suffer the wrath of donald trump's voters? >> the biggest problem the republicans have right now is that they are spineless. they are trying to calculate which will be the most damaging, if they distance themselves from -- i can't believe i'm about to say these words from neonazis and white skrem sifts, are they going to get the wrath of trump? you lie down in manure, you won't be able to get the steak off. donald trump is wrecking the republican party. i agree. this party, the party used to be
7:43 am
something. it has transformed into something that is through its inability to condemn the most oduous supporters and elements that are coming in to horribly define the party. they are demonstrating -- i believe spinelessness, but a lot of people will look at this and think they are approving of it. why aren't they saying anything? trump is much quicker to condemn actresses and musicals than he is to condemn people who are out doing zig hail and having nazis in the white house. >> the desecration of jewish cemeteries is still unremarked upon and untweeted upon by this
7:44 am
president. he didn't say much about it. it's a puzzle. we will be back later in the program. thank you to all of you. coming up in the next hour, trump attacks snoop dogg to the point that kurt just made. he did find time to attack snoop. after the break. here? (becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started eating beneful. the number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he's a very active dog. he never stops moving. he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough
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as far as wire tapping, i guess by this past administrationat least we have
7:51 am
something in coon. >> donald trump's reference that landed with a thud with german chancellor angela merkel was when wikileaks released back to 2013 in the german newspaper that the nsa including under obama monitored merkel's cell phone. the awkward jab shows that he is sticking to his baseless claim that he was wired last year. sean spicer read a litany of reports he claimed backed up the reports including a claim by andrew napolitano that he used a british intelligence service to eavesdrop on trump. that prompted a rare public statement from the spy agency denying what they call an utterly ridiculous allegation. from "the washington post," michael i want to start with you. andrew napolitano is known to
7:52 am
those on the fringes of the interwebs as a 9/11 truther. i want to play what he said on the alex jones show. >> it's hard for me to believe that it came down by itself. i was gratified to see geraldo rivera investigating it. i am gratified to see that people across the board are interested. 20 years from now people will look at 9/11 the way we look at the assassination of jfk today. it couldn't have been done the way the government told us. >> that are person is the talented legal mind that donald trump claims that he got this allegation from. why would the president of the united states take such a serious allegation to accuse the former president of a crime from andrew napolitano rather than calling all these security serfs that report to him? >> it's a cop out and a lifelong
7:53 am
tendency to believe in experience theories. he is a vaccine skeptic and believes that he raised the possibility of foul play in the death of scalia and in the death of vince foster. this is a cast of mind that this president shares with napolitano. this is coming out, but it also is just the ultimate cop out to blame some tv commentator for a statement made by the press secretary of the president of the united states. it just seems small and foolish. >> i have to play this in case you missed it. this is the president of the united states being asked where he got this notion that he was wire tapped by the former president and literally blaming it on a tv show. take a listen. >> we said nothing. all we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television.
7:54 am
i didn't make an opinion on it. that was a statement made by a very talented lawyer on fox. so you shouldn't be talking to me. you should be talking to fox. >> here is the spokesman of the president of the united states doubling down on that assertion on thursday. >> on fox news on march 14th, judge napolitano made a statement that three intelligence sources informed fox news that president obama went outside the chain of command. he didn't use the cia and the fbi and the department of justice. he used gchq, the british spying agency. >> i want to ask you about the implications of the -- this is the president of the united states and his official spokesperson using that pulpit and that platform to essentially put experience theories into the public record as their official position on accusing the former president of a crime. >> yeah.
7:55 am
i think he is really shredded the credibility at least temporarily of the office. there was a rebellion of sorts since they have been so spineless where you saw the heads of the senate intelligence committee say this is nonsense and there is no such thing. you saw the same from the house chairman of the select committee on intelligence. no one believes this. he made a fool of himself on the international stage. angela merkel was none to happy with him. we picked a fight with the british after picking fights with such allies as australia. he is a menace to the prestige of the office. i do believe he has a conspirer toial mind and is indifferent to the truth. he sees it as a way of attacking and sees it as a tool rather
7:56 am
than as a responsibility to substantively speekt tru lly sp and has been an embarrassment for the party and the country. >> would we be giving trump and maybe the people around him too much credit in saying what he accomplished with this incredible charge that he cannot prove and won't be able to prove and didn't happen, has he sent the press and the congress off on a wild goose chase attempting to investigate the former president rather than the team's russia ties? >> i don't know if that's going to work. there are five very serious institutions that are asking two questions. one trying to verify this wild claim by the president, but also trying to determine whether any of trump's associates past or present are under criminal investigation by the fbi or other agencies. i don't think they are going to give up on the second.
7:57 am
i do think we may eventually need a special prosecutor or select committee to show people that this is a really serious investigation and that the ties between russia and the election and trump advisers is thoroughly examined. right now we have a stress test of a lot of our institutions. are they going to live up to what they claim to hold, the values they claim to hold and we will see that from the congress and others. >> yeah, absolutely. it is a stress test indeed and i'm not sure how well we are doing, but we shall find out. thank you very much. hope to have you back. up next, is trump care in a death spiral? more a.m. joy after the break.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
america's beverage companies have come together to bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar. a bloomberg analysis shows that counties who voted for you
8:01 am
would do far less well in the more aluent counties. >> i know. >> it's not consistent with the message of the last election. >> that was donald trump acknowledging that he knows the people most responsible for delivering him the presidency would suffer most under his health care plan and he knows the plan is inconsistent with what he promised the voters in the election. in the spirit of that refreshing moment of honesty, let's keep the truth train running through one of the gop favorite talking points about obamacare. >> obamacare is in a death spiral. >> everyone seems to want to call it death spiral. >> it's in a death spiral. >> obamacare is in a death spiral. >> death spiral. >> death spiral. >> it's in a death spiral. >> healthy people would opt out of buying a plan of the exchanges and force them to
8:02 am
raise premiums to cover a pool of sicker people. they push more healthy people out of the market place and on and on until premiums spiral uncontrollably up into the stratus fear leading to a total collapse of the market. they use the death spiral to rationalize the thirst to get rid of obamacare, a goal within reach as they drag their replacement bill towards donald trump's desk. saying something over and over and over again does not make it true. the hoards of people running away from skyrocketing premiums has not happened. before donald trump took office obamacare had surpassed the numbers enrolled at the same point in the previous year. according to a forecast, the subsidies to purchase coverage combined with the penalties paid by uninsured peoe a anticipated to cause demand for insurance by people with low health care expenditures for the
8:03 am
market to be stable. in regular people language, one of the best things republicans can do to keep the market of stable is to leave obamacare in place. california representative john gar mendy and author of deadly spin, an insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate health care is killing america and vermont governor howard dean. thank you all for being here. i have to go to wendell potter on the notion that i keep hearing on the tv. i got so exercised about it i wrote a daily beast column about it. this idea that obamacare is imploding and that is not true. do you think that people believed in the death spiral or can you explain whether or not it is? >> no, it is not.
8:04 am
if it were, it is because of what is happening on capitol hill now and actions by republicans in the senate, marco rubio in particular that has led to the destabilization of the individual market place. no, you said earlier that saying it over and over doesn't make it true. their strategy as it was during the health care debate i 2 thousand2009 and te2010. no truth whatsoever that obamacare is not in a death spiral. very possibly and likely if they proceed with the legislation before the house now, it will absolutely lead to that or it will at beast lead to people who need access to care and not being able to afford it. >> representative gar mendy, our colleagues are saying obamacare
8:05 am
is clapollapsing and this must e been a memo that went out that that is the talking point. if in fact the big crisis that republicans claim is the imminent collapse of the affordable care act that is not happening, why is the demand that trump signed on to that states be allowed to impose work requirements on childless adults and allowing them to accept a fixed block grant in lieu of the reimbursement. if the crisis at hand is that the individual market place is collapsing, why are your colleagues thinking that the fix is to essentially say there are a bunch of welfare queens and we have to make them go to work and cut medicaid? >> they are looking for some reason, some sound byte that the american public would buy into.
8:06 am
wendell is correct. i was the insurance commissioner in california for eight years. this is not a death spiral at all. however should they succeed with their legislation in which the people that are 40 to 65 years of age are going to pay a whopping big increase in their premiums, you could very well have a death spiral, no doubt about it. rit now, no. there is no death spiral. welfare reform went into place in 1998. there are work requirements. education requirements. there are job preparation requirements in the welfare program. the expansion of the medicaid program are for the working poor. working poor. what are we talking about here? this is foolish arguments looking for a sound byte that somehow they can hang their repeal of the affordable care act is what is a disaster for 14 million people nine months from now. 2018, 14 million people will
8:07 am
lose health care. that's a major disaster for a large population of americans. >> absolutely. we can show this chart here that shows how many people have insurance under the affordable care academy out to 2026. the blue line is showing the uninsured rate dropping drama c dramatically when 2014. then just how much it would spike under the gop health plan. this is being hung on the talking point of trying to use the familiar welfare queen's talking point to convince people to give up their health care. medicaid was for people who make 130% of the poverty rate. they are working. >> ts worked for republicans in the past so they come back to it because i has been an effective strategy for them particularly with their base. here's the thing. everything they said about the
8:08 am
affordable care act is true about trump care. all of the things they have accused the affordable care act of being is what trump care is. what is great this is the information is actually finally getting out to the public. when you look at the polling, you see the affordable care act is polling well. people want to keep it. trump care is polling terribly or the unaffordable care act is polling terribly. they spent $666 million attacking the affordable care act over and over again with the same talking points. they have to demonize it in order to make the case to get rid of it. the problem for them right now is it's no longer working despite spending $666 million. people are now realizing how much value is in the affordable care act and people saying that we need to fix it, there is not that much that needs to be
8:09 am
fixed. it works. >> there are pieces of the affordable care act that they could fix if they wanted to work with democrats, but isn't it the case and am i wrong in saying one of the biggest problems is that 19 states refused to take the medicaid expansion which is responsible for millions of people. i think five million to look at florida and texas don't have insurance because they wouldn't take the money and huh 30 states that refused to do their own exchanges. isn't that what's wrong with the affordable care act? >> that's what's wrong with it. the republicans sabotaged it. four republican governors, rick snyder from michigan and john kasich from ohio and sandoval from nevada and i forgot the fourth off the top of my head came out opposing the attack of trump care as a substitution. trump care is a disaster. i suppose i wish it passes, but
8:10 am
i don't because it will hurt a lot of people. i want to talk about welfare queens. the analysis is good and based on race. welfare queens was a dog whistle to white working class people about black people. today the people who need those social programs are not just people of color. they are a hell of a lot of white people who voted for donald trump. you are not going to get away with talking about welfare queens in kentucky and tennessee and west virginia anymore. their neighbors will lose their health insurance and lose meals on wheels. the only welfare queens are people like the koch brothers who will get big tax cuts who they paid for with the $660 billion. >> you have inside of the trump care bill the ability for insurance companies to write off unlimited ceo pay again which
8:11 am
was outlawed. it's a direct transfer. right into the hands of insurance companies. the polling does show to the point that howard dean and also tara have made. 48% believe the plan will decrease the number of people with insurance. 48% believe it will increase the cost of people who buy insurance and 41% think they will get higher deductible. the word is getting out that this will hurt them. talk about the reejgionregional. the rust belt took the money. indiana, kentucky and west virginia that would be hurt the most. >> it would hurt people in the south as well. i'm from tennessee and a lot of my relatives voted for trump. this makes me so mad how they have been misled. thisould represent a huge transfer of income from them to wealthy.
8:12 am
it's ironic. a lot of beneficiaries will be the liberals on the upper westside who make a lot of money in the first place. those in tennessee will get screwed. the fingerprints of my former colleagues are all over this bill. they took a wish list undoubtedly to capitol hill and said here is language we would love to see in this bill and it's all there. the only thing they may not like is what they are proposing to do to medicaid. the republican governors have shifted the management of the programs to insurance companies. they stand to lose money if that happens. otherwise they make out like bandids. >> what are do they hate so much about obamacare? >> they don't like the consumer protections and the fact that among other things, it restricts how much they can divert to profits. they can't spent more than 20% of premium dollars on compensation and sales and markets and profits. they have to spent at least 80%
8:13 am
of what we pay on real care. they don't like that they can no longer underwrite like they used to and the fact that they can't keep people out of the pool who had been sick in the past. before obamacare passed in my home state of tennessee, blue cross of tennessee in 2011, it was determined that they denied 34% of applicants. what they were doing and what theyld like be able to do is whatever way they can to keep people out of the pool who need care. they don't like the fact that they have to sell coverage that has value to it. they love to go back to the days in which they sold junk insurance and like the idea of trying to get more people or making it the more advantageous for people to enroll in health savings accounts.
8:14 am
people live paycheck to paycheck this this country. the median income is $5 thous $. they cannot put money in a health savings could. people in manhattan can, but pennsylvania and wisconsin and michigan, people who work for a living, they just simply can't do that. that's not a solution. >> maybe you have the speaker of the house constantly and giddy about the idea of cutting medicaid to the bone. telling me put your money in a health savings account. how can your colleagues get away with saying these things and not have a reaction? are democrats doing enough to push back. each the lie about aetna dropped out. they dropped out because they were not allowed to merge with humana. i wonder if they were doing enough to push back on the talking points that are lies. >> we are in the process of doing that.
8:15 am
the public as you said from the polling that you cited is becoming aware of what exactly is happening here. there is one lie after another. there is a huge fact that has not been discussed. that is that the trump-ryan legislation is an extraordinarily large tax break for the super wealthy in the nation. they are going to get over $300 million reduced taxes for the 400 wealthiest families in america. did i say millions? it's billions for sure. absolutely. the 400 wealthiest including trump and his cabinet will get a $7 million a year tax break for every year into the future and the insurance companies also get a huge tax break. has it a wendell said earlier, a transfer of wealth from the working men and women are america and the poor of america to the super wealthy in america.
8:16 am
it is a disgrace in so many different ways. we will continue to hammer away at this and make it clear that you are going to under this proposed legislation, you are going to get less and pay more and the wealthy are going to get wealthier and the poor will get poorer. >> i want to jump in. while the wealthy get this huge tax cut, what will happen to small businesses, the credits in there to provide insurance to employees is now being taken away by trump-ryan care and the unaffordable care act. you see the priorities. small businesses who create more jobs and have a bigger burden who have less money are going to bear the brunt of these tax cuts for the rich in addition individuals and families. >> absolutely. hopefully we got the word out. it's difficult to get trump supporters to understand these things, but slowly but surely the word is getting out.
8:17 am
thank you, congressman and wendell potter and howard dean. a mega panel. the daily show has a moment of zen. here on "a.m. joy," we have the moment of maxine. resistant legend maxine waters joins me live right here after the break. i don't want to pry... dad. but have you made a decision? i'm going with the $1000 in cash back. my son... ...a cash man. dad, are you crying? nah, just something in my eye. the volkswagen 3 and easy event... ...where you can choose one of three easy ways to get a $1000 offer. hurry in to your volkswagen dealer now and you can get $1000 as an apr bonus, a lease bonus, or cash back.
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trying to figure out some way of building some kind of trust in a very quick moment. you have to love to work with people. our goal, without a doubt, is that all customers are satisfied before they leave. ♪ i am struck by the fact that meals on wheels, for example, will be eliminated by this program. i am struck boy the fact that in home supportive services will be annihilated by this program. what does it say about the president of the united states who talked about making america great again? he is absolutely making america worse than it's been for many, many years with this budget.
8:21 am
>> congresswoman maxine waters in characteristic style pulled no bunches on his budget in an interview they will wreak havoc. the representative is learning that donald trump who said he is 100% on board and i tried to call it ryan care, but it's trump-ryan care, he is talking about the changes that are work requirements for medicaid recipients who are the working poor. making medicare treat more. they want the block grants to medicate limited and want no more ability to do the expansion. they are trying to make it crueller. how do they justify that on the other side of the aisle? >> the first thing that we have to understand and know about the republican party is that they
8:22 am
have never been for the poor and working class. it's even worse now. with this president he is part of the billionaire class. they don't care about the poor people. they want to get rid of medicaid expansion and don't care what that means. they will cause the states to have to come up with a lot more money that they don't have and as you said, they want to put medicaid recipients to work, bringing up that old racist argument about the welfare queen getting something that she does not deserve. what we are dealing with is we are dealing with the president who is making it clear that he is going go along with the most conservative element of the republican party and concede that they have a right to make sure that poor pple are not getting too much from government.
8:23 am
>> what's interesting is when donald trump was elected, kind of the conventional wisdom is that he upended this belief that what the base wanted were tax cuts for the rich and deregulation it and it showed us that trump voters want benefits and want medicaid and they are on medicare or medicaid and benefitted greatly from obamacare and the expansion and want these things. how is it that donald trump is able to turn around and sell what really is as a billionaire cabinet that is openly saying we don't want to fund meals on wheels. is this just -- i don't understand how trump specifically is able to sell that to his base. >> when you talk to some of those who voted for him as it has been shown recently by some of our journalists, he made a lot of promises and they
8:24 am
believed him. he did a lot of dog whistling and helping to promote the argument that some people out there who are getting what they don't deserve and you are not getting enough. people bought into this and this budget that he put up is going to hurt the very people who voted for him. talk about those people in small towns and in these agricultural areas where they have not much in the way of health clinics and transportation and needs are not being met. this budget is going to hurt them. this budget has a $54 billion increase to the defense tablishment and howo you pay for it? you literally cut all of those programs that would benefit the very people who need them. the very people in these small towns and the rural areas that they claim that they wanted to support. they are going to learn and they are going learn the hard way. i feel badly for them because
8:25 am
they should not be hurt simply because they bought into his promises. i think what they are going to learn is not only does he have no intention of keeping up with the promise, but he never thought about them in the first place. he was just appealing to them and making an emotional appeal to them and now he is not going to deliver on it. >> very wise person that i know by the name of joe saying he can't tell that single mom she is going to pay for sesame street, but she has to pay for the wall. it doesn't make sense. >> it really doesn't. >> your tweet got lots of retweets from the clem bkremlin. are they concerned about the trump-russia connection and do you think the committees run by the republican party are doing enough to get to the bottom of it.
8:26 am
>> as you know, we have both the house and the senate intelligence committees that are getting started on taking a look at what happened with russia and how they got involved in hacking the dnc and the democrats, et cetera, etc. wanting to know if there was collusion. i have always said if they dig deep enough and do the investigations that they should be doing, they are going to find that there was collusion. i'm not convinced that the house committee will do well with this, but i have more faith in the senate committee and this has to be done. if you take a look at those who are surrounding this president both inside his administration and his allies and friends outside of the administration, you will see all of these connections to oil and to russia. when you take a look at the fact that they all want to have the
8:27 am
sanctions lifted to drill oil in the arctic. tillerson is a part of this. he was the ex-ceo of exxon and negotiated the deal with putin to be able to drill in the arctic. they will all benefit from it. take a look at what flynn is doing. follow flynn. follow these guys who have some skpe connection and it's shown. flynn lie and did not register as a foreign agent and took money he did not disclose. it's all there. we should dig deeper. yes, i think my constituents and others should care about this, but this is what i think is so important. i dot think when the truth comes out that even the right wing conservatives who are defending trump at this point are going to be able to stand with him. they claim to be patriots and they claim they are more patriotic than other people. we are going to see who the real
8:28 am
patriots are when we unveil this collusion that i believe is there. i think in the final analysis they are going to have to move away from him and we will see that he will be in a position where he will meet the standards and the criteria of higher crimes and misdemeanors and i maintain that's where impeachment comes in. >> wow. congresswoman maxine waters never minces words and that's why we love to have you on the show. one of the hottest follows because she has a lot to say. thanks for being here. >> welcome, welcome. >> coming up, the first amendment and snoop dogg. that's up next.
8:29 am
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hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at >> on wednesday, one of twitter's most prolific users woke up at 7:00 in the morning to get into a rap beat with
8:32 am
snoop dogg. that's right, the only man with more gold items in his collection than an 80s era rapper, donald trump, president of the united states included this bit of outrage in his daily twitter briefing. can you imagine the outcry if snoop dogg, failing career and all, aimed and fired the gun at president obama. jail time! this time trump wanted to lock him up, snoop dogg over the new music video for the recently released song laughenter in the satyrical video, a clown who is dressed a lot like donald trump delivers a press conference about deporting all dogs. he fires one of the clown guns that said gang at ronald clump. it got more than a few political knickers. the hip hop fan from florida said we had presidents assassinated so anything like
8:33 am
that is really something you should be careful about. meanwhile when tmz asked about the video, he said hip hop has been about freedom of expression. that's one of the most powerful things. the codirector sent out a couple of tweets of his own. he tweeted it's just a prank, bro. after seeing trump's reaction, he said i think i made people upset. it's just art. the mega panel will weigh in on snoop, art, and the first ame amendme amendment.
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
donald said he wants to run for president and move into the white house. why not? it wouldn't be the first time he pushed a black family out of their home. >> donald trump' reaction was a little different on wednesday when snoop dogg roasted him wit
8:37 am
the satyrical music video. he implied that it is a jailable offense. author of invisible man. in the daily beast, the liar in chief. our own ari who is the chief legal correspondent and rap fan extrordinaire. we did segregate you and i feel like we put you -- >> he included me. >> sesame street on the chopping block. one of these things is not like the other. >> because i'm a lawyer. >> that's what i meant. is there a case to say as donald trump tweeted, there is something jailable about a
8:38 am
musical artist doing a mock shooting of a president? >> this is a classic legal situation. murder was the case they gave me. the question is here does murder get support under these facts of what looks like a cultural speech or art. the supreme court has spoken in 1969 case which was a vietnam protester who said he didn't want to get drafted. if i do get drafted, they hand me a rifle and the first person in my sight will be lbj. he was prosecuted and the supreme court overturned that conviction saying in the context of politics and rhetoric and art, there is a lot you can say, however distasteful, that is protected by the first amendment. whatever you think of this video, he raises a video that a similar video about barack obama would make people upset and
8:39 am
rightly so in both cases. he makes the incorrect point in suggesting this is jailable when it is in the context that we know the supreme court in the past said is protected speech that means no, you don't go to jail for it. >> this is a hypocrisy angle as well. ted nugent made comments about hanging and shooting hillary clinton and barack obama. huh donald tru you had donald trump who said you should use the second ame amendment to fight hillary clinton. he said he could shoot someone and everyone would still support him. snoop does it has a joke and there is a punch line at the end. it made me think about the history of rappers and the first ones pointed out to me ronald
8:40 am
wilson reagan and each has six ledders and that's 666 and that's going far to get to that. these people are really enjoying the country. with clinton and the second bush, tre should have been more anger, but the was less anger. too much money for them to be real anger. now we see that there is anger at this president and he represents a lot of anger that black people have, but you can't take him seriously because he is a clown. i a joke. this man is not worthy of all of that. he makes it a joke. there is a lot of anger about him, but he is so ridiculous that he becomes a joke. >> he used to hang out with rapper when he was trying to get mike tyson's boxing contract and hanging around with russell simmons asim on he is ex-friends. he cultivated hip hop and he is
8:41 am
referenced. >> he worships the god of celebrity. he loves it more than power and money. he loves celebrity and loves to hang out with famous people. that upsets him about the video. not even the shooting. that is the line they wouldn't cross. he is mad that snoop dogg doesn't like him. he is mad that merrill streep doesn't like him. these are poot people he wants friendships with to cultivate himself. he is not a smart man and he doesn't have talent. he surroundsimself with white supremacists and realizes they are awful and looks for cool factor and snoop embodied cool and he doesn't like him. >> that's a lens into what bothers donald trump.
8:42 am
they said your very troubled replacement plan could rob millions of people from health care. he is not tweeting in response to that which is about his job, he is responding to snoop dogg. we did a count with 266 rap songs. >> 266? >> they used to do so quite positively. in music and culture is something that donald trump didn't expect. he thought the presidency would be more glorious. >> we see once again, he is constantly the victim. it's immediately victim status even though he supposedly is the most powerful man in the world or met with the most powerful person in the world this week. >> angela merkel. >> he is always a victim and negatively comparing himself to obama. it happened to obama and people take it seriously. it happens to me and you don't take it seriously. >> i have more sympathy for him
8:43 am
if his budget was not trying to take the food out of people's mouths. you are embodng the most retro grade and oppressive and evil and vile forms of american capitalism and i think if you want me to have some type of feeling around you about a mock shooting, this is not your real life. we are not talking about this. this is a threat. >> here's the question on the other side. has hip hop been aggressive enough about donald trump? there hasn't been that many commentaries on him. >> not at all. they were not aggressive enough about the second george bush and not aggressive enough about donald trump and what is happening here. there are serious attacks on the poor and just starting this week on the budget and it's going on. black people felt under assault since november 8th and hip hop is not reflecting that enough.
8:44 am
>> george w. bush said the most important moment of his presidency is when kanye west said george w. bush didn't care about black people. he had this negative force that they can show themselves to be fighting. is this just in that sflin even president obama went after kanye. >> he missed an opportunity if he is going to do that republican uses hip hop as a convenient villain thing. this is a lame slap at snoop if he is going to use this as see, look, they are avatars as criminality. this is not used in the way that republican would love to use rappers. this misses that opportunity. >> should hip hop do more? >> i don't agree. i think that rappers are taking a challenge to donald trump. i think what we are seeing is that hip hop itself is not the
8:45 am
same cultural force. yg is completely outspoken and has a song entitled that i can't repeat on air. people in concerts and stuff. we are seeing the musks musical culture is that hip hop doesn't register for people in the same way. do we need an anti-trump song? maybe, but if you look at the shifting like people are speaking out more and more against trump. celebrities and rappers. >> i think briefly the culture is telling a story. a lot of hip hop story is one of transcendence and that meant celebrating wealth and materialism. you made it out or did it. donald trump was celebrating hip hop as an icon of materialism where now he has a different role. the story donald trump is
8:46 am
telling is caught up in that and him and how much money he made at a time when your leading the country, people want to know what they are going to do for them. >> he wants it to be the 80s forever and ever. it's not the 80s. never going to be the 80s again. sticking around and thank you to msnbc. he performs a dual function. we love it. don't miss ari's show. the point. he will be hosting a two-hour special on the confirmation clash and could face the clash of the nominee neal gorsuch. watch what we are trying to say. more after the break. go, go!
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>> be sure that you tune in for
8:50 am
congressional testimony. what will they say about wire tapping? why donald trump is giving coal country the cold shoulder. our panel decides who won the week. stay tuned.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
ah yes, it's time to ask foour favorite question. who won the week? >> joy, appropriately it's st. paddy's day weekend. congressman joseph kennedy ii i thought really emerged this week and raised his national profile, not only as a young democratic leader to watch but somebody carrying his family's to any as a defender of health care as a right for all americans. he cast the obamacare replacement, also known as trumpcare or ryancare, as an act of malice. >> what's so amazing, fernando,
8:54 am
you're in this business of the strategery, is it a good idea for democrats to launch this kennedy as a national figure? he's in the lineage of rfk, brilliant on the topic of health care, i think he's two years over the age you have to be to run for president. or is the dynastic thing against him? >> he's a three-term member of congress. for the most part he's kept his head low. but this is the very issue he spoke about in personal terms. someone on his staff's life was saved by obamacare. it's more than appropriate for him to come out and speak on this issue. i think what caught a lot of people's eye is he has that kennedy magic as well, someone to watch in the future, maybe not 2020, but we'll see him on the national ballot one day. >> who won the week? >> the affordable care act won the week. >> what? >> yes, because the cbo cameut and said the affordable care act is not collapsing, which we
8:55 am
knew, but it validated it with data, that it was not collapsing. also the polling has shown that the affordable care act has become far more popular and many in the media that did not want to talk about what is actually in the affordable care act have been forced to actually explain to the american public what's in it for them. and now people better understand it. >> we have to be kind of mad that it took seven years for obamacare to win the week. >> exactly! he won on health care. >> to say something is in a death spiral, that means it's in a death spiral. >> just because you're trying to kill it doesn't mean it's in a death spiral. >> exactly. i am growing more and more proud of american journalism, american media, jonathan karl standing up to sean spicer at the press meeting, i was proud of him. man, those germany journalists
8:56 am
were in trump's face, they are aggressive, they were lovely, they were winning. i loved their questions. i want to see more like that from our brothers and sisters in america. >> what i loved too is when the european media asks stuff, they sound so polite. but they were tough, i agree with you. the real winner of the week is the dutch electorate. the dutch electorate wins the week for two reasons. one, they rejected geert wilders who is essentially the trumpian, bannonian candidate, went down in flames. the real reason the dutch electorate wins the week, the 82% turnout. i don't want to say my own country and my own people, but come on, folks, why are we celebrating 60% turnout when the dutch do 82? if they can do it, we need to do it. we need it turn out like the
8:57 am
dutch. we're just europhiled. maybe that's where we want to run when things don't work out. places to hide. thank you very much, you guys are great. that is our show for today. join us tomorrow at 100 a. eastern and keep it right here on msnbc. how to win at business. step one: ask the presenter to "go back a slide." well played. you just tossed a mind grenade into into your colleagues' dulled senses. look at them, "what did i miss?" he one-upped me once again. step two: choose la quinta. and your la quinta reward points can be redeemed for everyday purchases on the go so you can win at business. learn more at today.
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i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia good day, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldimohyeldin. anticipation builds, fbi director james comey will testify at a hearing on monday. will it lay to rest all the talk of trump tower being wiretapped orill it race even more questions? dangerous level. that's the word from the secretary of state today in describing the situation with north korea. i'll talk to the former u.s. ambassador


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