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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 23, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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you have to wonder if that self-imposed 7:00 p.m. deadline is really realistic. but they tell us tonight they're still going to try for it. tomorrow is going to be another big day.." breaking overnight. we're learning british police have made seven arrests following yesterday's terror attack in london. at least four were killed including the assailant and 40 others injured. >> a back and forth over whether or not there's evidence that members of the trump transition change were incidentally surveilled. could it be a health care showdown? the house is set to vote on the plan to repeal pd replace obamacare. the clock is ticking and republicans still may not have enough support. good morning.
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i'll alex witt alongside berg door of. it is a make or break day between thement and republicans on health care. first the deadly terror attack in london. several raids carried now the connection with the attack. seven people have been arrested. this began yesterday when the attacker struck citizens on the westminster bridge. now the man armed with a knife tried to enter a government building before being shot and killed by police. a 15-year veteran of london's police force was left dead and 40 more were injured. the president said he spoke with british briem minister theresa may. the prime minister struck a defiant tone against those responsible. >> joining us live from london,
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nbc news al yeah rusie. can you tell us a little mover about these raids? what are they going after? who are they looking for in particular and what are police saying about the attacker and the identity right now? >> well, ayman we've known the prime minister and police said it was a single attacker, a so-called lone attacker. they haven't named him but they say they know who he is. obviously the police here are broadening the scope of their investigation, to learn more details, if e had any attackers. now, as you managed, last night a series of raids were carried out in london and in birmingham which is a city in the west midlands of this country. it has a very large muslim population and we're hoping to get more details on who was arrested, why they were arrested in these raids in the early
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hours of this morning. police have also told us they believe the attack was inspired by international terrorism. they believe it was islamist related. we're hoping to get more details from the police again about the attacker, if he did have any associates, and we also want to learn more about the people injured yesterday. as you managed, at least 30 people were injured and emergency services are describing some of the injuries as catastrophic injuries and that horrifying scene we saw images of the bridge yesterday. we're waiting for more facts to come out and we'll bring them as soon as we get them. >> all right. thank you. we'll continue the discussion right now. joining us is msnbc's cal perry. we've seen this happen several times. it's a car. people use them every day and yet they turn into a killing machine intentionally so. >> it takes no training, no
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financing, no weapons and you can do a great deal of damage. we've seen repeated attacks. we saw this start in 2010 with an article in isis' "inspire" magazine. in nice, france, ohio state university, we had an attack with 11 people injured that was a somali refugee that carried out that attack. 2016, berlin was the christmas market, jerusalem and in london. these are low-grade attacks, no training, no financing. the other thing these attacks do is create a lot of confusion. we were, for almost 12 hours yesterday, looking for a potential second gunman. we did so in berlin, we do so in these attacks because it's so hard for the police force to react to this. it makes the hardest of targets soft. outside of parliament is supposed to be one of the most well protected areas attacked. that's what has people concerned. >> it could be one person from
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the going going one and and another going another way. >> they were able to get their hands on a weapon, killed the driver. they stole the truck. british foreign secretary boris johnson arrived in washington for a major conference on fighting isis. the foreign secretary will be joining "morning joe." after accusingment obama of wooir tapping his phones, a new twist. yesterday the lawmaker leading the investigation, devin nunes, held a news conference to reveal what he called sig manufacture can't kwomts alleging we had received information about intelligence surveillance involving the president-elect's inner circle. >> i recently confirmed on
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numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected information about u.s. citizens involved in the trump transition. details about u.s. persons associated with the incoming administration, details with little or no important foreign tlns value were widely disseminated in intelligence reporting. additional names of trump transition team members were unmasked. none of this surveillance was related to russia or the investigation of russian activity or of the trump team. >> chairman nunes went to president trump before. >> what i've read bothers me and i think it should bother the president himself and his team.
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i think some of it seems to be inappropriate. >> was the president directly involved. >> was he correct in what he tweeted? >> it is possible. >> the wiretapping, if you use it generally like the president has said, he clearly will use it differe different. >> the reaction to chairman's comments drew a favorable response and stunned response from ranking member adam schiff. >> president trump do you feel vindicated by chairman nunes? >> i somewhat do. i must tell you i somewhat do. i very much appreciated the fact that they found what they found, but i somewhat do. >> the committee has still not received in intercepts or other
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information the chairman is referring to, and, therefore, it is impossible for us to evaluate any of the merits of what the chairman had said. but i can say this, the chairman needs to decide whether he's the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct which includes allegations of coordination between the trump campaign and russia or he'll act as surrogate to the white house because he certainly cannot do both. >> he said it raised doubts as to whether the committee can do work. congressman adam schiff revised his comments when he said there was only circumstantial hefd of the trump campaign's alleged collusion with russia. >> you admit all you have right now is a circumstantial case? >> no, chuck. i can tell you the case is more than that. i can't go into the particulars. there is more than
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circumstantial evidence now. so again -- >> you have seen direct evidence of collusion? >> i don't want to go into specifics, but i will say there is evidence that is not circumstantial and is very much worthy of investigations. >> joining us now from washington is nbc's news intelligence and national security reporter ken delaney. extraordinary day yesterday. i want you to help us get perspective and clarity on this one. were the president's communications collected? explain how common this incidental collection is? >> good morning, ayman. devin nunes appears to suggest that the president's communications might have been collected. he wasn't clear about that. let me break it down. incidental collection is a term of art in the intelligence community. i means when the national security agency is listening to two foreign leaders speak about a u.s. person, that person is considered incidentally
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collected. also if a foreign leader or diplomat calls a u.s. person, that's considered incidental collection. the american wasn't the target of surveillance. if that surveillance becomes part of an intelligence report, the name and identity of the american is blacked out. it's very common. edward snowden revealed a lot of surveillance going on, surveillance going on in the united states. all that is pursuant to a court order from the intelligence court. nonetheless, it happens. members of congress have been subject to incidental collection, for example. what devin nunes is alleging is he thought some of this collection was inappropriate. he didn't see an intelligence reason and he was saying some members of trump's teams were unmasked, their names were revealed. he didn't see a good reason for that. all that bears, perhaps, investigation. the way he did it is raising a whole host of questions and do some serious harm to the independence of the house investigation. after all, devin nunes was a
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member of trump's transition team. he held two news conferences, talked about classified information, didn't consult the democrats. it's got the intelligence community in n a uproar. >> ken, this incidental collection, you said members of congress can be collected upon. same with state department officials, right, or someone operating in a business with foreign governments. this is all routine, correct? >> absolutely, alex. >> it's legit. >> it is, and it's very common. state department folks talk to foreign diplomats all the time who are under surveillance by the national security agency. the u.s. government doesn't like to talk about it. generally, their names are redacted unless a crime has been committed or the identity is necessary to understand the intelligence. >> ken we'll check in with you later in the hour. obamacare was put into law
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seven years ago. as of today, votes are scheduled to repeal and replace much of it. while the president and house leadership appear to be down in votes, there appears to be a movement toward a deal. the last msnbc head count had 20 no votes. speaker ryan and his leadership team met late into night with spent cal members like charlie dent of pennsylvania who earlier announced he was a no. more conservative members like thomas massey had been less than subtle about how they intended to vote. last night mark meadows indicated after speaking with the president by phone that the logjam with his members might be beginning to break. >> i'm really optimistic we can get there. there's still a lot of question tails to work out. i think what we're trying to do now is make sure that our agreement is actually something
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that can be executed in a way that passes the senate. there's still work to be done, but i can tell you the president is all engaged. >> the president is set to meet with the house freedom caucus today to try to put the plan to bed. coming up on "morning joe," steny hoyer and thomas massie will be weighing in and joining us live from capitol hill. also still ahead, while the president's health care plan might be up in the air, his pick for the supreme court neil gorsuch is looking more and more like a sure thing. plus the united states defeats puerto rico to win the world baseball classic. it's one of those moments -- it's like do you believe in miracles? certainly historic in its own way. we'll have the highlights, plus a check on weather when we come right back. kevin, meet your father.
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welcome back everyone.
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four people including a police officer are dead and the suspect is in custody after an apparent domestic dispute turned into a deadly shooting spree at several locations in northern wisconsin. investigators say officers responding to a domestic situation at a local bank arrived to find two people had been shot. minutes later police received a call from a law firm where a suspect had killed another person. authorities were then led to an apartment complex where a fourth person was killed and the suspect barricaded himself in an apartment. the standoff ended in an exchange of gunfire that injured the suspect rjts after three long days, judge neil gorsuch finished his testimony in his supreme court nomination hearing. yesterday's proceedings were similar to the day before with republicans sticking to the playbook while democrats tried to force him to dive deeper into the methodology of his own opinions. >> what worries me is you have been very much able to avoid any
2:18 am
specificity like no one i have ever seen before, and maybe that's a virtue, i don't know. >> notice is the key. >> as he has done throughout the proed seed dings, judge gorsuch was not afraid to brack away from the man who nominated. >> anyone. >> which include president trump? >> anyone, criticizes the honesty, integrity, decency of federal judges and what they do or attacks their motives and how they come about arriving at their decisions, i know those people, i know how hard they work and how deisn't they are. i find that disheartening and demoralizing. >> his language appears to have incorporated some -- >> no one remembers who john hancock was, but they know
2:19 am
that's a signature. because he wrote his name so bigly -- big and boldly. >> you just said bigly. [ laughter ]. >> and i just won five bucks. >> embarrass $me from front of my nephew and he loves it. >> he's the one paying me the five bucks. >> the hearing resumed later this morning and will include testimony from witnesses who both support and opposes gorsuch's nomination. let's get a check on the weather with msnbc's bill karins. it's a chilly morning in new york. give us good news for the weekend. >> all the warmth is going for the east coast. when you get the big swings you can get severe weather. that's what we'll be talking about. that's what you'll see the pictures of, the hail, possibly tornadoes, too. here is the big cold over the
2:20 am
east. it's not as windy. it's cold but not the biting wind like yesterday in northeast. it just barely gets far enough into the plains to kick off the storms. kansas and nebraska, almost 2 million people at risk. you can get the baseball-size hail. we may see pictures of that later today, hopefully not doing too much damage. as the storm moves across the country, it brings the gulf moisture into the picture. a huge area here, about 17 million people at risk. this is friday. dallas, little rock, lake charles and late in the day near houston and also heading into mississippi. there could be a few tornadoes with that, too. by the time we get to saturday, we kick all the severe weather into mississippi and alabama.
2:21 am
the worst of the severe weather will be friday and that's when we could have the mode tornadoes, too. it's that time of year, that means warmer, too, for the east, but it comes as a cost for some. >> let's hope it doesn't happen with overnight storms. those are the most frightening. team usa shuts out puerto rico the world baseball title. it's coming up next in sports. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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51,000-plus on their feet. robinson grounded to third base. arenado's got it. the u.s. takes the wbc title. >> usa, welcome back, the united states wins its first ever world baseball classic title shotting out puerto rico in last night's final. marcus stroman could have suited up for puerto rico, instead leading the usa to an 8-0 victory, pitching six innings of no-hit ball before finally giving up a hit in the top of the seventh where he exited to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. the u.s. packed a punch from the plate. ian kins lar got the scoring started in the third inning sending a two-run shot into center field. yelich and mccutchen drove in a run in the fifth. in the seventh, crawford dropped a single into shallow right
2:25 am
center field which was followed by giancarlo stanton. reaching on an infield single hit to second base team usa wbc champions. i love the enthusiasm of that crowd, just an incredible night. turning to the nba where the thunder's russell westbrook notched the most efficient trim double in league history. not only was it his 35th triple-double, he hit it without missing a single shot, went 6 of 6 from the floor and 6 of 6 from the free-throw line. 18 points, 11 rebounds and 14 assists after just a mere 27 minutes on the floor. the final score there 122-97 thunder. finally, an unexpected spectator at the miami open. in south beach an iguana took in yesterday's competition perched
2:26 am
on the scoreboard. one player took a selfie with the lizard before he decided to hop onto the court for a victory lap. the animal was eventually removed. i guess it would be tough to catch that. >> yeah. >> florida has a problem with iguanas, they're all over the place. >> you've got to give props to that player was very calm posing with the selfie. >> funny. still ahead, the controversy of the trump campaign's possible ties to russia deepen after comments made by house intel chairman devin nunes. >> we continue to follow the latest on the attack in paris. the eiffel tower going completely dark paying tribute to the victims of that attack. a live report coming up next. hey there, starting your search for the right used car? i am! you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new
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welcome back. i'm alex witt alongside ayman mohyeldin and luis berg door of. back to london and the deadly terror attack. four dead including the gunman. on capitol hill republicans try to scrap up enough votes to get their health care vote through the house. there are signs of the break through. >> controversy of the president's wiretap claims. we'll have a lot more on that. he'll head overseas beginning with this, as officials have carried out a series of raids in
2:31 am
london in connection to yesterday's deadly terror attack. they say seven people have been arrested. police say the attacker struck pedestrians before crashing his vehicle near parliament. >> officials are calling the man a terrorist. he was armed with a knife and tried to enter a government building before being shot and killed by police. joining us live, ali arouzi. bring us up to speed on all the overnight developments and with the investigation and where it stands. >> reporter: ayman, we learned from the police they conducted a series of raids last night in the early hours of this morning here in london and in the city of birmingham, in the west midlands of this country with a large muslim population. police say they conducted the raids on six different addresses in these two cities and arrested seven people. we've yet to learn if these people had any association with their attacker or who these people are that have been
2:32 am
arrested. we hope to learn that in the course of the day. we have learned from the prime minister and the police, the attacker was a so-called lone wolf attacker. they haven't named him. they do say they know who he is and the police are looking further into the details of this horrifying attack to find out exactly who this man was, who he was associated with, what motivated him to carry out this attack and how he prepared for this attack. the police have said they think he was inspired by international terrorism and this was islamist related. i'm sure we'll get more facts and figures on this during the course of the day. ayman? >> nbc's ali arouzi live in london, thank you for that. we are getting word there is a moment of silence by the metropolitan police in london honoring those who were killed, of course one of their own killed, stabbed to death. a tragic situation there.
2:33 am
cal perry, being it's a traj ij situation, there is a british mp being hailed a hero today. >> if you open the papers, you'll learn about to be bias elwood, born here in the u.s., conservative member of parliament. he turned the other way and went towards the sounds of the attack. did cpr onto ously for more than an hour on the police officer who was stabbed just inside the gates of parliament. he's being hailed as a hero. believe it or not, he's a member of parliament as part of the foreign office as well whose portfolio includes the middle east, africa and counterterrorism. this is what you want to see from your member of parliament in charge of counterterrorism, that kind of bravery. there he is in the suit leaning over doing cpr on that police officer. unfortunately that police
2:34 am
officer did e. for hours afterwards in that courtyard there's video of him being consoled by other members of parliament. >> you can imagine. msnbc's cal perry, thanks for that. president trump pledged support in wake of the terror attack, but following rocky days. take a listen. >> on fox news on march 14th judge napolitano said, quote, three intelligence sources informed fox news he went outside the chain of command, he used gchq. it's the initials for the british spying agency. >> we said nothing. all we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television. i didn't make an opinion on
2:35 am
that. that was a statement made a very talented lawyer on fox. you shouldn't be talking to him. you should be talking to fox. >> was there any formal apology made to britain. >> we reiterated the fact that's with are simply reading media accounts. >> do you regret making -- >> we listed a litany of media reports in the public domain. >> on tuesday british foreign secretary boris johnson arrived in washington ironically for a conference on fighting isis, but also met with h.r. mcmaster and later tweeted, assuring the world the, quote, u.k.-u.s. special relationship remains strong. he stops by "morning joe" for an exclusive live interview onset. british foreign secretary and former london mayor boris johnson later on "morning joe."
2:36 am
a photo finish as the leadership tries to put the repeal and replacement of obamacare to bed. the last nbc news head count had 29 republican no votes, putting the party outside the range of the 215 they need to advance the bill to the senate. the president and vice president met with members earlier in the day. speaker ryan and his leadership team met late into the night with skeptical members like charlie dent of pennsylvania who earlier announced he was a no. he was joined by four others and one saying he's undecided but had been leaning against the bill. one saying he got assurances from the president and the speaker that people in the country illegally could not get tax credits to offset insurance premiums. in groups backed by the koch brothers, americans for prosperity and freedom partners are offering seven figures
2:37 am
against the plan. branded the bill obamacare 2.0. mark meadows indicated the logjam with his members was beginning to break. as for the president, he's set to meet with the house freedom caucus. a program known as essential health benefits or ehbs. still there could be issues reconciling them under the bird rule when it goes to the senate for a veet. senator schumer's office saying as much on twitter. majority leader kevin mccarthy say they plan to walk off the floor with the bill passed by 7:00 p.m. today. we'll speak with democratic whip steny hoyer and mcmaster. now to the stunning claims from the republican chair of the intelligence committee that communications from the trump
2:38 am
transition team was collected by u.s. intelligence agencies. the top democrat is firing back after realizing the chairman revealed the news to the president before the committee. nbc's peter alexander has more from the white house. >> reporter: president trump says he veels indicated. >> i somewhat do. i very much appreciated the fact that they found what they found. >> after the republican head of the house intelligence committee who advised mr. trump's transition team dropped this bombshell. >> i've seen intelligence reports that clearly show the president-elect and his team were -- i guess at least monitored and disseminated out. >> none changing bipartisan agreement rebuking the claim he was wiretapped by president obama, including from devin nunes himself. >> was there a physical wiretap of trump tower? no. there never was. >> i have no information to
2:39 am
support those tweets. >> reporter: devin nunes says the intelligence was legally collected after the election, not related to any russian connection to campaign associates and not picked up in surveillance directed to mr. trump or his aides. the intelligence committee's top democrat firing back, outraged nunes went to the president before briefing him. >> the chairman will need to decide whether he is the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct or he's going to act as a surrogate of the white house because he cannot do both. >> why is it appropriate for you to brief president trump given it's his own administration or campaign associates that are part of the investigation. >> the president needs to know these intelligence reports are out there. >> a lot of people are going to be suspicious. the president is on the ropes. there's a justice department investigation and he's thrown a lifeline. >> reporter: the house intelligence committee's top
2:40 am
democrat is amming up the stakes saying there's more than circumstantial evidence of collusion between trump associates and russian operatives. ayman? >> thanks to nbc's peter alexander. joining us from washington nbc news' ken del layne anyone. how often does it happen? >> it's not something the u.s. government likes to talk about. they have diplomats, spies and others in the united states under surveillance. the important thing to understand about what devin nunes, what you heard him saying there is the trump team was not the target of the surveillance at all. they were picked up allegedly under what's known as incidental collection which means foreigners are the targets and they either called members of the trumg team or could be one foreign leader talking to another foreign leader about donald trump.
2:41 am
devin nunes said he believed this was shared without proper tlensz purpose. the way he did this, he went around the intelligence committee, didn't share this information with democrats and went right to the white house. that's raising a lot of questions and calling the independence of this investigation into question. >> let me pick up on a point that the chairman made which is he alluded to the intercepts or the collection of this intelligence on trump transition members, did not have anything to do with the russia investigation, perhaps indicating it was some other on going investigation. what do we know about the potential targets or the intended targets of collection who then had these americans caught up in it? >> we know very little. i'm not sure the term investigation is the right one here. there's routine monitoring that goes on of diplomats in the united states, foreign business people. it's not necessarily investigations. it's what the government does. if some of these folks called
2:42 am
member of the trump transition team, those conversations would be picked up. the names of the americans would be blacked out unless there was a reason to circulate them. >> ken, thank you very much for that. white house press secretary sean spicer said yesterday the president didn't have knowledge of former campaign manager paul manafort's foreign clients. man fort dismissed as a smear yesterday. >> he was a consultant. he had clients from around the world. there's no suggestion he did anything improper. but to suggest that the president knew who his clients were from a decade ago is a bit insane. he was not a government employee, didn't fill out any paperwork, nothing he did that suggests at this point that anything was nefarious. he was hired to do a job. he did it. >> also yesterday a spokesman
2:43 am
for former national security adviser michael flynn said the retired general never signed the trump white house's ethics pledge barring staff makers from lobbying activity. yesterday the house oversight committee sent letters to the administration asking for documents on payments flynn may have received from russian, turkish and other foreign sources. ahead, a look at the morning's big business headlines including the latest on the youtube controversy. a live report on that, plus -- >> mr. vice president, did your administration wiretap trump tower? >> five or six times. are you seer zblous. >> there are jokes and there's joe being joe. we'll have the former vice president's candid remarks next. calcu...
2:44 am
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welcome back. involvement biden returned to capitol hill to stand with democrats against the republican bill to repeal obamacare. as expected, he hammered the legislation claiming its a tax cut for the wealthy hidden in a health care bill. at times he chose his words very carefully. at other times he was just joe. >> give me your grade on president trump so far? >> the semester is not over. i think he's got a lot of makeup work to do. >> did your administration wiretap the trump tower? >> five or six times. are you joking? are you serious? are you serious? >> a great deal of humor lately. >> one of the things that president obama and i have decided, we still keep in touch with one another, is we have to give this president an opportunity to just sort of get
2:48 am
his sea legs and give him a chance. but it's getting down to -- it's getting down to the wire here in terms of whether or not he's going to really take charge. the idea that -- i'm told, i'm not sure this is true. you would know better. i'm told the secretary of state has decided he's going to go visit putin before he goes to the nato conference? what in the hell are we doing? >> nice to see a shot of "morning joe's" mark halperin in washington yesterday. he's in new york on "morning joe" today. when asked if the president should apologize to his predecessor for the wiretap claim, the former vice president said, quote, any gentleman would. >> let's get a check on weather with bill karins. you were talking about potential baseball-sized hail hitting parts of the northwest.
2:49 am
>> two stories. one is how cold it is and how cold it's been and the other is the severe weather. just to let you know how unprecedented we are in a lot of areas, new york city, as an example, has weather records that go back about 140 years. right now new york city in march is colder than december, january or february was and only three times in new york city's history has march been colder than those previous months. it's unusual for march to be colder than january. arctic highs over the east. we are at 5 degrees in burlington, vermont, this morning. that's brutal. you factor in the windchill, it's worse than that. 30s all the way down to raleigh. we had a lot cropped in with the cold outbreak in the south. who has the coldest temperature out there? a place called saranac lake new york, one of the coldest spots in the east almost always. it's negative 18 degrees out there. no wind at all, so no windchill
2:50 am
problems. boston has a windchill of 6 this morning as you head out the door. at least this afternoon you get a lot of march sun. we'll warm it up. d.c. at 48, new york at 43. it gets warmer as we head towards the weekend. as far as cold goes, pretty unprecedented. you were mentioning the baseball-size hail threat, up into areas of nebraska later today. >> i like the history you gave us there. >> pretty crazy for march to be colder than january. >> makes no sense. still ahead, a lawyer taking on the russian government somehow injured in what appears to be a freak accident, but the timing is what's raising eyebrows. e eel explain that. one republican congressman couldn't go far enough to express his opposition to the health care bill. that's next. gh ho ♪ heigh ho ♪ ♪ heigh ho heigh ho it's off to work we go here's to all of you early risers,
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this story is nothing short of bizarre. a lawyer representing the family of a deceased russian whistle-blower is said to be in serious condition after falling out a four story high window. 53-year-old nikolai gore kof fell out of a indough along with a bathtub he was helping a group of workers being carried to his apartment. he was set to reopen the case into russia stealing hundreds of
2:54 am
millions. while he died in jail and was found with broken fingers and bruises covering his body, vladimir putin said he side of heart failure and the investigation was closed. why gore kof was helping carry a bathtub to his home before a vital court date is unclear. law enforcement agencies are not investigating any foul play. let's turn to business where the controversy surrounding hate speech on youtube and other google properties is deepening as major companies like verizon and at&t pull their ads. nancy, it looks like this could be an expensive and time consuming issue for google to tackle. >> thaeft's right. at&t and verizon the latest to pull advertising from youtube and google partnered websites in direct response to fears that some of their ads are appearing alongside content that promotes hate speech and even terrorism.
2:55 am
in a statement at&t expressed these concerns and said directly until google can ensure this won't happen again, we are removing our ads from google platform. these ads are big business so they came out in response earlier this week, tried to reassure corporate they're trying to give them more control over where their ads can appear and ultimately to crackdown on these videos promoting hate spee. other companies include enterprise car rental and glaxosmithkline. up next on "morning joe," exclusive interview with british foreign secretary boris johnson, he's joining the "morning joe" team a bit later this morning. gearing up for the house vote to repeal obamacare, we'll speak with democratic whip steny hoyer and republican congressman thomas massie who says he's changed his vote. >> he changed it from no to hell
2:56 am
no. "morning joe" just moments away. the command performance sales event is here.
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2:59 am
kelly o'donnell at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. the biggest test for president trump's domestic agenda happens today with the expected vote on the repeal of the health care law. the white house says that's plan a with no plan b in sight. the trouble is they don't have enough votes. so that puts pressure on president trump to try to change minds, flip some votes and close the deal. so looking to save the bill, the white house is negotiating with some of those most conservative republicans known as the freedom caucus to try to bring them along. the fate of that bill is really uncertain. alex? >> thank you, kelly o'donnell. in about three hours from now the house gop conference will hold a closed door meeting the ahead of the health care bill vote. two more of president trump's nominees go before senate committees. jay clayton and sunny purdue will be questioned by lawmakers.
3:00 am
>> that's a rap for us. i'm alex witt alongside ayman mohyeldin and luis burgdorf. "morning joe" coming your way right now. >> do you feel vindicated coming over here? >> i somewhat do. i must tell you i somewhat do. i pretty much appreciated the fact they found what they do but i somewhat do. >> the committee has still not received the intercepts off on other information that the chairman was referring to and, therefore, it is really impossible for us to evaluate any of the merits of what the chairman has said. but i can say this, the chairman will need to decide whether he is the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct which includes allegations. potential krooncoordination or s a surrogate of the white house because he cannot do both. >> welcome to "morning joe." you are taking a


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