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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 24, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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is a very fluid situation. the headline is that it didn't happen tonight when they thought it would, but expect it to happen early morning before you're having breakfast, if you're still up right now in the president is warning his party, vote for the current plan or he'll move on. and david nunes issues an apology. the house intelligence committee tries to explain why he went to the public first for alerting members of his committee. and this morning the death toll has risen after one victim was taken off life support last night in london. good morning, everyone. it is friday, finally friday,
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march 24. what a long week. a very busy one. i'm alex witt alongside ayman mohyeldin and louse burgdo loui. after deal sweeteners, changes and two damaging cbo scores an canceled meetings with the speaker of the house, the vote never came. the latest guidance is that the vote could come today between the: 4:00 to 5:00. the final meeting came between kellyanne conway and nick mulvaney, a former freedom caucus member himself. and in an extraordinary moment, he told his colleagues that president trump was done negotiating and wants a vote on health care tomorrow. while the meeting was described as positive, he told republicans if the president doesn't get a vote to repeal and replace, he's just going to move on to other
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priorities, meaning obamacare stays in place without a deal in hand, speaker paul ryan addressed the public last night. >> for seven-and-a-half years, we have been promising the american people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing in its failing families. and tomorrow we're proceeding. >> is that the vote? do you have the votes? >> already there are reports of buyer's remorse from the president over teaming with speaker ryan to get the deal done. quote, mr. trump has told four people close to him that he regrets going along with speaker paul d. ryan's plan to push a health care overhaul before unveiling a tax cut proposal more politically pal atable to republicans. he said ruefully this week that he should have done tax reform first when it became clear that the quick-hit health care victory he hoped for was not
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going to materialize on thursday. >> many conservatives are really concerned that paul ryan, speaker of the house, was leading president trump down a very bad path in regards of health care. how do you react to that? >> donald trump is working hand and dplglove with the speaker. help doesn he doesn't get brought down any wrong paths. if you speak to speaker ryan, there's been cooperation to make sure to get this bill done. >> the president would not see it as a failure in his part, quote, as people in congress breaking their promises to repeal and replace obamacare. the math got harder with new defections like andy biggs, and
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they can only afford republican no's to be at 22 while it looks like there are 32 that would vote no. and 61% of voters disapprove of the way president trump is handling health care. 20% of voters say the affordable care ability should be repealed. and 20% say to repeal some of it, that should be 50%. and 27% say it should not be repealed. what are we about to witness in the coming hours here? >> i think we're talking to
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caucus sources on the hill, and some of the opposition against this bill is softening. the problem is, if they make it more conservative, as they have been doing, that makes moderates and the gop much less likely to vote for it. so even if they get some of the freedom caucus vote, congressmen on board, it could still go down this afternoon. it's just really up in the air right now. >> so daniel, you have the white house saying the are just finding to move on to other things if this thing doe't happen and goes south, what does that do to the president's agenda if that happens? this is the guy who makes the art of the deal, right? does it make it more difficult down the road to make things happen in congress? >> i think they thought health care would be much easier than it proved to be. and it would undermine his credibility as he's the grand negotiator and it has taken months to get this far.
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and tax reform is going to be even harder. and most americans really didn't vote for tax reform on cutting taxes, cutting taxes on big corporations was not part of the agenda. so it will be a heavier lift to get that through. and president trump will have to get in the weeds more. this time he's been above the fray. >> daniel lippman, sit tight, see you at the bottom of the hour. joining us onset is cal perry. kevin brady confirmed there's not going to be a cbo score on this final bill. and the previous cbo scores were not that flattering, that's for sure. >> and that's a bit crazy. but the crazy list goes on and on. we don't have hr 2268 because it's still being negotiated, but we have the latest cbo prediction. it shows deficit reduction compared to the last cbo report, the new bill being pushed through is only going to
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decrease the deficit by $150 billion. originally it was $340 billion. keep in mind, t whole bill i designed to reduce the deficit. that's deficit reduction over time in the lighter shade color. you have the original bill there. the darker shade is the newer bill. look at the uninsured. we have talked about this before right off the bat, 14 million by 2018. when you go to 2026, 24 million. when you go to 2026, 52 million uninsured. a couple quick notes about this cbo report. one, as you said, we won't have a final cbo report on the bill that will be voted on allegedly later today. secondly, the numbers are outdated. i don't know what the final bill looks like, but this bill looks terrible. >> and there's probably a reason why they don't want the cbo score to come out before this bill is voted on. >> keep in mind, this will give you cover if you're on the fence and need a reason to vote no. >> cal perry, we'll talk to you later in the hour as well. we'll get more on the administration's strategy ahead of the planned vote when tom
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price joins "morning joe" for an interview later this morning. today is the deadline set by devon nunes for the fbi to turn over materials that he says involves the surveillance of trump transition team members. on wednesday you may remember nunes said the names of incoming administrations gave different answers about whether president trump himself was included. the spokesperson for nunes told abc news he needs to get all the documents he requested from the intelligence committee about this before he knows for sure. and in an interview with fox news last night, it was explained why he did not wait fore speakingut aboutit. >> i've only read the report so i don't know all the intelligence that went into it. but to me, it's clear that i would be concerned if i was the president. and that is why i wanted him to do. and felt like i had a duty and obligation to tell him because
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he's been taking a lot of heat in the news media. and to some degree, there are some things he should look at to see whether or not he thinks the collection was proper or not. >> yesterday democratic members of the house intelligence committee said nunes apologized for not informing the committee or the top democrat adam schiff before briefing speaker ryan and donald trump and holding two news conferences on his anonymous discovery. nunes' own staff was not aware of the chairman's decision to go public and brief the president and were displayed by his actions. some committee democrats say they hope they can move past this episode and he must answer for his actions. >> why did you find it important then to brief the press and then the president before even ranking member schiff? >> just a judgment call. i mean, you know, it was my -- there was a lot going on yesterday. and it was a judgment call on my
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part. at the end of the day, sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the wrong one, but you have to stick by the decisions that you make. turning overseas, a foreign russian lawmaker was shot on the streets in ukraine last night in what appears to be an assassination. he was reportedly shot twice in the head last night as what president poroshenko calls an act of terror im. the ukrainian presidential spokesperson says he was a key witness who gave testimony about russian military involvement in the country. he was a former communist party legislator who fled russia last october and later became a citizen of ukraine. in an interview last month, he said russia has gone crazy. people are replacing loyalty with power. any allegations of russian
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involvement are, quote, absurd. this comes just two days after a lawyer representing the family of a dead russian whistleblower fell out of a four-story window one day before he was due in court to present new evidence. officials in london have identified the man they say carried out wednesday's terror attack as the death toll from the rampagen contin e continues. police samed 32-year-old khalid masood as the attacker in the london attack. the name of the american killed in the attack has been released. friends of curt cochran said he was in london celebrating his 25th anniversary with his wife melissa. she, too, was injured in the attack.
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ali arouzi is here with more on what we are learning about this man, khalid masood. >> reporter: authorities say he's 52-year-old khalid masood. we are learning that his birth name is adrian masow. he was on the radar of the u.s. intelligence agency but he was on the proeriphery. the authorities here say they arrested three women and five men yesterday on suspicion of preparing for a terrorist act. and in the latest briefing, the police said they made two more very significant arrests. yes, there is an isis propaganda
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site without providing evidence, and they say masood was an inspired actor, rather than recruited. and a candlelight vigil was held last night where thousands attended. >> no doubt everyone there is going to carry on. ali arouzi, thank you for that. could democrats be setting up a confirmation battle? why the phrase nuclear option is back in the spotlight this morning. plus, 8 million people could see severe weather this morning and the threat continues over the weekend. we'll have a check on the forecast when we come right back.
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welcome back. senate hearings over the supreme court nomination of neil gorsuch
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have come to a con front natifr end. chuck schumer is calling on his democratic colleagues to block the vote. >> afterareful deliberation, i have concluded that i cannot support neil gorsuch's nomination to the supreme court. he will have to earn 60 votes for confirmation. my vote will be no. and i urge my colleagues to do the same. >> senator lindsey graham said yesterday he'll do whatever it takes to get gorsuch on the court, even if that means the so-called nuclear option. >> my democratic colleagues have tried every way they can to rattle this guy, and he's done incredible, he's going to be a great conservative judge. if they filibuster this guy, it will be because politics has taken over reason, and thatt'd e
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a shame. let's get a check on the weather now with meteorologist bill karins. there's severe weather in the south, bill, the arkansas area, but new york is looking like the warm weather is here, maybe a little rainy, though. >> the east coast is going to warm up a little bit. it won't be a huge warm up but a lot better than we were dealing with. the severe weather yesterday, there was some of it. we had a little bit in the areas of kansas, the panhandle of oklahoma, but up in wisconsin we had hail yesterday. we got pictures from the palmyra area of wisconsin coming down pretty good covering the ground. what was interesting is that it was only 40 degrees, too. so it was like an icy situation you get in the wintertime with thunderstorms. and there's the size of the hail there. so today's severe weather threat, this actually shrunk. we have taken dallas out and areas of houston out. we were down to 8 million people at risk, before it was 20 million. the best chance of any tornadoes
2:19 am
today, northern portions of louisiana, southern arkansas. i don't think we'll get a lot of tornadoes, maybe just a couple here or there. so that is enough to do damage and be deadly or dangerous. so we'll keep an eye on that. here's the timing of all of this if you're traveling today, kansas city, your storms and everything for you will be early in the day. by mid-afternoon, the late afternoon, the storms are right through missouri and heading down through the arklatek area. and then maybe houston, 6:00 to 7:00, that's your threat time. we'll push it to memphis and early saturday morning, but by this time, the storms will be weakening. the cooler side of the storm, we had rain in chicago throughout the night tonight and into tomorrow. then through saturday afternoon, we'll watch the threat of severe weather again, alabama through areas of mississippi. and all at the same time, the warmth is surging up the east coast a little bit. so after a cool morning, nice day today in d.c. at 63, and as louis mentioned, there are some rain chances in new england. we'll talk more about that as we go throughout the show tonight. >> okay, at least it makes for good tv, right?
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like the march madness upsets. >> those games were good last night and we were all sleeping. >> i know, but owe know what happened. xavier knocking out number two arizona. they earned their spot in the elite eight. sports will be next.
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welcome back. time now for sports where the ncaa tournament has resumed with the first set of sweet 16
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match-ups. to san jose, california, and the biggest upset of the night. number 11 xavier topples arizona number 2. while the wildcats had a chance for the win in the final seconds, alo -- alonzo's shot w off the mark. xavier has won three games in five weeks and now march on to the elite eight after three ncaa tournament victories. pretty incredible. following the 3 seed oregon after defeating number 7 michigan, 69-68. this game went down to the wire as neither team was able to grab control. the wolf arenverines led with j
2:24 am
over a minute on the clock. the wolverines had a shot at the would-be winner in the final seconds. and the ducks fly into the next round. and top-seeded gonzaga was playing against west virginia last night. the three-pointer gives the mountaineers the lead with 1:45 to play but they would not score again. troy matthews sinks the go-ahead basket and west virginia misses two three-point attempts and then forced to dribble out the clock. gonzaga wins 64-58. they meet xavier in their third elite eight appearance in school hiktry. and in kansas city, the top-seeded jayhawks frank mason iii and devonte graham reigned
2:25 am
down 33 points. kansas advanced to play oregon for a spot in the final four on saturday night. let's turn to some action now in the nba court. demarco rossen led the raptors to a win against the heat last night. re's the shooting guard after the game. >> i guess we like to make a great entrance, make it fun. >> coach kyle, you want to take over here. >> how does it feel to get 40 points in a game? it doesn't matter how it feels! good game. >> they had fun gashing inin cr derozan's interview there. and last night leaving a part of himself on the ice, visibly, ouch. he was upset after being slash
2:26 am
in the hand by the penguins. sidney crosby in the first period. and after the gloves come off, we see why. he reveals a missing finger tip. crosby was not penalized and he missed the rest of the game. when asked about the injury, the senators head coach there said, quote, his finger is destroyed, it's shattered and he's out for weeks. he has to be very tough to play hockey. >> look at that reaction. >> i think the gloves are padded. so that must have been a serious slash to rip that finger off. >> it's unbelievable. i can't even look at it. >> thank you for bringing it to us. >> yeah. >> a breakfast show -- not. still ahead, we'll look at the amended cbo numbers for the republican health care bill, or are there numbers to check out? >> there's always a number to check out. plus, we continue to follow the latest on the london terror attack.
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welcome back. i'm alex witt alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. it's the bottom of the hour. the man suspect in the wave of bomb threats against jewish centers tried to grab an officer's gun when arrested yesterday morning. officials say he's a dual u.s./israeli citizen who used his neighbor's wi-fi to phone in threats to the u.s., new zealand and australia.
2:31 am
according to lawyers, he suffers from a brain tumor to affect his cognitive functions. and the jury deliberations continue today in the child endayment case against former penn state president graham spaniard. the 68-year-old is accused of mishandling complaints from 15 years ago that then the assistant football coach jerry sandusky was sexually abusing children. he says there's no evidence against his case and he will call a single defense witness. will a vote on the new health care bill finally come today? what is still unclear is whether the president and house speaker paul ryan can scrounge up the 215 votes they need to pass it. last night in the closed door meeting, nick mulvaney told his former colleagues that president trump was done negotiating and wants a vote on health care tomorrow, meaning today. and while the meeting was described as positive, he told republicans, if the president doesn't get a vote to repeal and
2:32 am
replace, he's going to move on to other priorities, meaning obamacare stays in place. without a deal in hand, speaker paul ryan addressed the press last night. >> for seven-and-a-half years, we have been promising the american people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing and is failing families. and tomorrow we're proceeding. >> do you have the votes? do you have the votes? >> as for the fallout, the white house source tells nbc news the president would not see it as a failure on his part, rather, quote, people in congress breaking their promises to their constituents to repeal and replace obamacare. but timing was everything yesterday during the mad dash to win votes as hallie jackson explains. >> reporter: by early afternoon, lawmakers were publicly predicting failure. >> there are not enough votes as of 1:30 today. >> i don't think there can be a vote tonight because they don't have the votes. >> even so, at 2:00 p.m. the
2:33 am
white house was insisting a positive prognosis. there's only planning, at this point, there is acknowledgment that there needs to be a plan b if this doesn't happen tonight? >> no, plan a. >> reporter: that's what the president was planning on, except the house wasn't voting. at the very same moment, president trump was hosting his photo op with truckers, the alarm sounded on capitol hill. the breakdown coming at 3:30. that's when house speaker paul ryan postponed the vote to repeal and replace obamacare. seven years to the day after it was signed into law. >> well, the math only gets harder today with new defections like andy biggs from arizona. the republican leadership can afford 22 no's and right now there are 32. cal perry is here, let's dive into the new numbers from the cbo with the version of the ahca, are there any? >> it's not good.
2:34 am
i mean, as i said, if you are looking for reason not to vote for this, the cbo report will give it to you. the premiums this time, the average premiums will drop some 10% again by 2016. that's a gdthing. that's what republicans have en arg but they are arguing this wileduce the deficit. take a look at what the new report says. it actually says this new bill, the bill that they are discussing now, is far more expensive for the country than the original come fix to obamacare. we'll look at the number of insured, the number of uninsured is going to continue to rise as it would under obamacare. so the republican bill costs more money, it doesn't insure more people than obamacare and it's getting worse. the other thing to keep in mind is that the numbers are not up to speed because we don't have a final look at the bill yet. a number of people say that -- >> it looks they don't intend to
2:35 am
release the bill beforehand. they will be working up until the last minute. >> the last word we have from washington is president trump will push for a vote and take names. >> cal perry, good to have you with us. joining us from washington, co-author of "the playbook," daniel lippman. we are hearing that the score is outdated. what has changed since the details were put out in the bill? walk us through the big differences. >> sure. so a lot of the freedom caucus people wanted to strip out essential benefits, like mammograms and maternity coverage. they haven't been successful in that, but they have been successful in reducing the growth of medicaid. but the problem with that is a lot of republican governors, they have been calling out to their congressmen and senators on their side of the aisle to say, this is not going to help us. we have to provide more charity care for tse people. and it is not going to help you politically either.
2:36 am
>> so does there -- i mean, is there a vote today for sure? if it appears that it's going to go down, and as we said, there's probably -- they are ten votes shy as of this morning. is there a vote no matter what? the president says he's just going to move on. >> i think when the president says he wants a vote, you're going to get a vote. and i don't have a crystal ball, so i can't predict if it's going to happen, but the problem is, even if it does pass, it will face a ton of hurdles in the senate. and the senate will make it more moderate and it will take a month or two to go through the senate. and then it comes back to the house, and a lot of the conservative members, they will say, this is obamacare-lite. weapon don't want to pass this. we saw a poll from quinnipiac, 56% are against this bill. the problem is, health care will be an albatross over republicans. democrats will be saying good
2:37 am
luck to republicans. you can take the unpopular health care now. >> daniel lippman, thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> we'll hear more from tom price when he joins "morning joe" later this morning. and the cia and fbi are being asked to turn over material that is are said to involve the transition of trump team members. meanwhile, republican nunes is apologizing for the way he handled the surveillance claim. peter alexander has the latest. >> reporter: first the bombshell. >> the president needs to know the intelligence reports are out there. >> reporter: now the backtrack. >> it was a judgment call on my part. and that's, at the end of the day, sometimes you make the right decision and sometimes you make the wrong one. >> reporter: under fire, republican house committee chair devon nunes expressing regret
2:38 am
before going to the president before informing his committee that trump communications were incidentally scooped up by u.s. surveillance. behind closed doors, newspapune apologized. >> yesterday morning any single event underscored why the independent committee is so essential here. >> reporter: and they claim to show there's more circumstantial evidence of collusion between donald trump and russia. >> there's probable cause to believe there are members of the trump campaign who cooperated. >> reporter: but the white house remains confident about the eventual findings and says the investigation's credibility remains intact. why does the white house believe it was appropriate for chairman nunes to come and give this information to the president regarding the investigation about the president's own associates during the campaign? >> according to his own words, they had an obligation to make sure the president knew what he had discovered. that's it, plain and simple. >> reporter: asked if the white
2:39 am
house was the source of his new information, nunes is deflecting. >> we have to keep our sources very quiet. >> reporter: but the president insists to "time" magazine that the allegations back up his wiretapping claim. even though it has already been debunct. devin nunes claims' mean that i'm right. and nbc news and other outlets have not confirmed this, but they are claiming associates of president trump communicated with suspected russian operatives about information damaging to hillary clinton's campaign. press secretary sean spicer took issue with the wording of the report. >> the way that the term
2:40 am
"associat "associates" is thrown around, i don't know what that means. if you're talking about employees of the trump campaign or transition of the white house, but the way the term "associates" gets thrown out, we talked about this yesterday, you pull to it a gentleman employed by someone for five months and talk about a compliant he had ten years ago, no, i can't unequivocally say that nobody in his past who may or may not have come into contact with him, sat next to him in a plane, who grew up with him in grade school, because that is a lot of times associates. i understand who he is. thank you. i'm well aware of who paul is, i read it yesterday. but when you use a term like "associate" and use all the subjective terms, there's a reason you're doing it. because you don't have anything concrete. >> and now to heading overseas to the investigation in london, officials have identified the man who carried out the deadly
2:41 am
attacks as the death tom contin toll continues to climb. 52-year-old khalid masood is the attacker. he was a british-born man previously investigated for violent extrism. i arouzi is ba. what is the latest on the investigation and what we have learned about the attack and the attacker himself? >> reporter: well, the investigation seems to be moving at quite a fast pace. the attacker has been named as 52-year-old khalid masood, but in the latest police update we have learned his birth name is adrian masow. they had him on the radar, but he was not part of a terror
2:42 am
investigation nor did they have information he was planning this attack. authorities said they arrested three men and five women on suspicion of preparing for a terrorist attack. in this morning's briefing, they said they arrested two more people in what they call a very significant arrest in what is a very large and ongoing investigation. also we learned that an isis propaganda site without providing evidence said masood was one of their soldiers, but authorities here still are saying he acted alone. that he was an inspired actor rather than recruited. >> ali arouzi, thank you very much for joining us. still ahead, severe weather set to affect 8 million people across a large part of the country, five states or so. bill karins is tracking that for us. and the lease of the historic d.c. post office turned trump-owned hotel forbids the
2:43 am
president from receiving any payouts, but they just said that the president is in compliance. we'll have more just ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. welcome back, everyone. nbc news has learned that the justice department is investigating five current congressmen, including duncan hunter. the california republican is accused of spending tens of thousands of campaign funds for personal use, including family trips to hawaii and italy, school tuition for his children and even video games. the congressman's lawyer attributes any possible mistakes on poor recordkeeping and says he intends to cooperate. and now to the latest on the trump hotel in the nation's capital, they upheld the lease on the hotel excluding a clause that says government officials cannot benefit from the hotel.
2:47 am
donald trump jr. determined the terms of the lease were met because the president resigned from any position with trump international and had agreed to receive no direct earnings from the hotehotel. house democrat elijah cummings says this allows profits to be reinvested into the hotel so donald trump can reap the financial benefits when he leaves the white house. all right. time now for weather and it is expected to be a prey stormy weekend for some. it already stas in parts of wisconsin. this video came in ovnight as storms moved through the southeastern part of that state dropping in some places more than quarter-sized hail. bill karins is tracking this severe weather. you say some 8 million people could be affected by the storms? >> about 8 million people, 9 million tomorrow and we'll do it again on sunday, too. we'll take you through the weekend forecast. the worst weather out there right now, denver, colorado. you were at 77 degrees two days ago. now it is snowing and 32 degrees.
2:48 am
one to two inches expected this morning. there's a light wintry mix from upstate new york to utica and albany, to vermont, new hampshire and maine, a little bit of snow in the freezing rain and then probably warming up a little this afternoon. the roads should be okay, but the worst is this morning. today 8 million people are at risk, arkansas, texas, east texas, northern louisiana, and then saturday we take that risk into mississippi and portions of alabama. so here's how the forecast looks. we are warming it up, too. chicago, 76 today. d.c., 63. remember, a few showers are out there during the morning hours. boston and new york, some of this may not reach the ground. i don't think the airports will have any problems whatsoever. then heading into the weekend forecast, we see the severe weather threat shifting down to new orleans, through mississippi and alabama. atlanta, you look okay. a lot of the severe storms stay to your south, but cloudy on your saturday. there will be drizzle around on the saturday afternoon. so new york, 60 degrees. it's warmer, but you won't have a beautiful, sunny day by any means. then on sunday, raw and cool.
2:49 am
new england, kind of the back door cold front situation whe temperatures drop. look at the difference, d.c. is 20 degrees warmer than new york. so unfortunately, not quite yet spring warmth in new england, but the midatlantic and the southeast are looking pretty good this weekend. >> hot and cold, we'll roll with the punches. and you may know mike huckabee as the governor of arkansas and 2016 republican for candidate, but if you know him as a comic, jimmy kimmel took some of his twitter jokes to the stand-up stage last night on his show with a little help from one of his friends. >> traveling's weird. boy, i was in norway last week, only english-speaking tv. i get it, norway is bbc, oh, my, it stands for biased boring crap. it's more effective than ambien
2:50 am
as a sleep inducer. you guys like music? i sure do. but one kind of music i don't like, poop dog. a nephew named bow-wow, both dogs who indicate murder and sex slavery for potus and first lady. who let the dogs out? >> the comedy of mike huckabee as presented by pat, everyone. >> i don't know what to say about that, but i like patton oswalt. >> he did it well. it was supposed to be awkward. >> we have to get governor huckabee working and doing something. >> that twitter is changing everything. still ahead, another critical piece of the president's foreign policy comes into place. plus, the gop struggle over health care weighing on u.s. markets once again this morning. the story is driving business news, next. le
2:51 am
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it was a pretty tough vote yesterday. the senate confirmed president trump's nominee for the next ambassador to israel. the vote on david friedman was split largely along party lines. 52-49. one of the closest votes in history. he was an outspoken victory on the occupied west bank and skeptic of the two-state solution. during his confirmation hearing, he apologized for highly
2:54 am
controversial comments he made in the past, notably when he called president barack obama an anti-se anti-semiite. and global markets are mostly steady but u.s. markets take a hit as the gop health care bill was postponed yesterday. nancy hungerford is joining us live from london. the dow jones just logged the sixth straight day of losses. this comes as a reversal for when the president was elected. >> reporter: that's right. markets today will be anxiously awaiting a vote on the health care bill because investors have really cast this as a big test, not for health care, but for president trump. because remember, u.s. stocks have posted near double-digit percentage gains since the election on the hope that the new white house will push through and vicious stimulus reform and tax cuts that are generally market-friendly. and if there is difficulty on health care, they worry there
2:55 am
could be difficulty getting those reforms through. so wall street, no doubt, will have their eyes on washington throughout the day. elsewhere, we have been telling you all week about the concerns coming from google and its advertisements on youtube. now johnson & johnson and jpmorgan have become the latest u.s. companies to suspend advertising on youtube over concerns their ads are appearing alongside hateful content that sometimes omotes terrorism as well. we know google is coming out trying to make changes to the ads and giving companies more control. but if you look at the stock on the week, it is down 4%. so it is having an impact. this is underperforming the broader market. and finally for you frequent flyers out there, this will catch your attention. alaska airlines is retiring the virgin america brand a year after they bought it for $2.5 million. this may come to the disappointment of some because virgin america scores highly when it comes to customer satisfaction. and the founder is extremely
2:56 am
disappointed. he pipped a letter saying he was shedding tears over this one and thanks his employees for the years they spent driving customer loyalty on the airline. but we expect that brand to retire sometime in 2019. guys, back to you. >> nancy hungerford live from london, thank you so much. alaska airlines is pretty nice, though. just saying. cominging up next on "morning joe," the latest on president trump's take-it-or-leave-it bill. >> we'll be joined by tom price for an interview plus much, much more. that's coming up next on "morning joe." here's to all of you early risers, what's up man? go-getters, and should-be sleepers. from all of us at delta, because the ones who truly change the world,
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before we toss it over to "morning joe," we'll bring you a check on the stories you'll hear about in the day ahead. >> all eyes on the republicans as they prepare to vote on the health care bill after failing to win support for passage yesterday. that vote is expected sometime between 4:00 to 5:00. it could be delayed. and shaq will be honored by the los angeles lakers today when the team unveils a statue outside the staples center. he tweeted this photo of the
3:00 am
12-foot bronze statue yesterday. i don't know if that is big enough. >> he's the king. that's all we can say. i'm alex witt alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. next up is "morning joe,". have a good weekend, everybody. this is a commitment he has to enact health care. this is a process that he's committed to and wants to see through because of the goal that he wants to achieve, which is making a more patient-centric health care system. >> at this point, is there acknowledgment there does need to be a plan b? >> no, plan a. >>


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