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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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all of this, but i think a lot of it gets lost in the shuffle. anyway, thank you so much for joining us, thanks for watching, have a great weekend. we'll see you right back here on monday at 6:00 p.m. eastern. and if you can't watch live, set your dvr. go to twitter and add greta and you can write the nastiest stuff about me and you'll never get caught. "hardball" is next. we're going to win so much you're going to go to paul ryan, you're going to go, mr. speaker, please, please, we can't stand winning this much. we can't take it. >> not today, mr. president. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. trump care is dead. to cite charles dickens, there's no doubt about it.
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the clerk, the undertaker and the chief mourner himself, trump elf, more than 60 times the republican in the house and senate voted to repeal obamacare. but today when they tried doing it for real, with a republican president ready to sign it, they choked and left the country's first deal maker with nothing in his hands, which is precisely what trump has in his hands in his pathetic attempts to justify his three-week old tweets that president obama, a sick president obama ordered him wiretapped during last year's campaign. if you don't believe it, ask congressman nunes who said he could do nothing to help no how much he wanted to. trump's charge, wiretapping during the campaign didn't happen. the biggest change coming this afternoon, when paul ryan admitted an historic failure and pulled the republican health care plan back from defeat, much like what president nixon did,
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resign rather than being thrown from office. >> moving from an opposition party to a governing party comes with growing pains. well, we're feeling those growing pains today. we came really close today, but we came up short. i will not sugar coat this, this is a disappointing day for us, doing big things is hard. ultimately this all kind of comes down to a choice. are all of us willing to give a little to get something done? >> in admitting defeat today in his first major initiative, the presidency lost its new car smell. the washington post robert costa and msnbc political analyst is on the phone. what do you think he's up to politically? >> i don't know why he called me, it was a blocked number, it was the president of the united states, he got right to the point, he said bob, i'm pulling the bill. and i have known him for a long time, covered him for a long
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time. he said it pretty simple, didn't have the votes, time to move on. >> why did he say he pulled it? >> i said what do you want to do? he said well, if the freedom caucus isn't going to move, and they're not going to make any kind of deal with me, wei're no going to have the vote, this is a change of tune from the night before, the president wants to put you all on record to vote yes or no on his first big legislative test. when ryan came to him today he said, look, we got to do taxes, we got to do immigration. we don't need a failure on obamacare. >> ryan standing behind that lectern today, he said he's going to deal with immigration next. >> the bottom line is taxes, i
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don't think trump is going to back away from that at all. >> what about trump saying you're going to have so many victories, you'll have so many victories, you won't even be able to live with it. but here's his first big test on the hill, he's goes down as a defeat. i don't understand, i guess he's just a good pr guy as well as supposedly a good salesman. >> he frames himself as a deal maker to be sure. and he has been telling people that cutting deals in politics and washington isn't that different from manhattan, but it's totally different and he acknowledged that to an extent in my interview with him for about 50 minutes, he said, look, i realize coming into all of this that there's so much factional political drama inside the house gop. he didn't realize that all these guys in the freedom caucus have been battling for years, he got himself into a storm he didn't
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fully understand. >> he didn't understand how complicated health care is, which he has now learned. but during the campaign, he was going to do it all lickety-sp t lickety-split. robert costa, thank you for joining us. one of president trump's signature promises was to repeal and replace obamacare. let's watch. >> you're saying obamacare -- >> it's got to go. >> repeal and replace with something terrific. >> and the something terrific is? >> it will be plans with private companies. >> i'm going to take care of everybody, i don't care if it costs me votes or not, everybody's going to be taken care of, much better than they're being taken care of now, it's an unbelievably complicated situation, nobody understands how complicated health care is. >> all that matters is what he
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said before. that's how you operate. i'm selling you a car, you don't want to sell somebody a lemon, he says well it turned out to be a lemon, you don't want to hear the guy at the car dealership why you bought a lemon, you don't want to deal with him anymore. but then president trump came out in a press conference, and quote him. i know you won't quote him because you don't believe what he says. the thing that donald trump said last year that negates anything he tried to say today, is that i alone is fix it. in that statement he acknowledges that he knows that washington is broken, the processes are broken. he said i alone can fix it. but what i think is stunning, chris, about today is that it turns out that the republican party learned absolutely nothing from the election of donald trump including donald trump. donald trump won in the rust belt, in those states, saying he
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was going to repeal and replace obamacare, because at the time we thought he understood that his voters h the obama, but ey likedhe care. they didn't see him as a guy who was going do come and cancel their medicaid, they thought hefhe was daddy war bucks, they thought he was just going to cancel the undocumented people with medicate. they were going to keep their stuff. they never thought he was run to be paul ryan. donald trump thought he was going to marry the establishment he just got through beating. he partnered with paul ryan who has this lifelong dream of passing health care. >> how come they voted 16 times to repeal obamacare and get rid of it, why didn't they do it today?
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keep it simple, they were afraid to repeal it. >> it's easy to -- >> why couldn't they do it today. >> because they didn't have enough votes? >> why didn't they? >> it's okay for the republicans. >> sometimes you win by losing. >> oh. >> the fact of the matter is -- you have learned the trump llin. the republicans won today, you feel like they won. >> heads you win, tails they lose. the fact is that i see the silver lining in this. and the bill was going to pass the house, the senate was never going to be able to pick it up and pass it. no we can focus on the other parts of the agenda. the other parts of the agenda are parent. >> what other parts of the agenda. >> tax cuts, infrastructure. >> the presidepaul ryan said thm on the agenda is border.
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>> the wall spending package is coming up. it's not going to be a lot of money, but it's going to be $2 billion or $3 billion. >> are you trying to get sean spicer's job? >> i don't want his job. >> they lost. do you know what the word loser means? how come you can't say loser? because trump says it all the time. >> we lost and we won. now we can focus -- this bill had the approval rating of 17%. it was going to be very unpopular, a very heavy lift. >> baghdad bob. >> baghdad bob two. >> let's go to a couple of thoughts. it seems to me, i'm not sure you're right about the republican party, i think there's a lot of moderately conservative republicans, or peter king, i assume hiss district is like that, where there's a lot of democrats, some moderate democrats, they're not
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right wingers by any means, those mopoliticians are very concerned account repeal. but those republicans, red hot u utah republicans who have arch conservative constituencies who really believe in cowboy, i can handle this myself, i don't need the federal government. a lot of them at least talk like that. you can't just say i don't believe in government, i don't want a republican entitlement to replace a democratic entitlement program. i want people to deal with the market. that's what some of them do believe. >> every time i have ever met in the entire time that i've been interested in politics somebody who talks like that, they turn out to be on va benefits and medicare, they're always on something federal. they just think other people are gaming the system and shouldn't get it. but chris, can we really let john move on and say other parts of our agenda. remember, republicans talk about obamacare in these apocalyptic
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terms, it's imploding, they did the same thing with this emergency that we had to ban the muslims because we're going to die right now, and then when it was blocked, let's move on to something else. health care is so important you can't just say we failed, let's move on to something else. >> it seems to me that news today, if you listen to ryan the speaker, and if you listen to the president, donald trump, they clearly said this wasn't just a bad day in health care, they're coming up on it. they're not bringing it back on the floor again, if you listen to trump, you listen to ryan, your're going to have to wait until the end of next year, or the end of next congress, the fight wasn't just one day, it's over. >> they don't have the votes, they're not going to gets them next week, next month. >> it's over, they're not going to keep beating their head against the wall. >> when yjoy, you may agree wit
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you're married too with kids, basically i always say, whether it's business, romance, whatever else, the brea best answer is y the second best answer is move on. >> they got to get gorsuch through. they got to jam a budget through, they got a bunch of other stuff they got to do. this is -- >> what's going to be popular with the country. >> infrastructure is going to be huge. >> you take this on, the exact same conflict you saw today that prevented obamacare to be replaced bring donald trutrumpc don't want to spend a nickel of the federal budget, they have don't believe in any spending if there's a deficit. then you have some people, in
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the burbs perhaps, with the same split. >> infrastructurers were used to call tea partiers. nick scott refused to take the money to do high-speed rail from orlando. he didn't want the money, republican governor refused to take the medicaid expansion, even if it would save the lives of their own con stich wents. you're trying to say your own freedom caucus, and unless we can strip everyone of trumpcare, they're going to do a million dollar bill for trumpcare. >> give them a chance to vote on something and republicans say no, won't they do that on infrastructure. >> trump learned a valuable lesson, is that you can't work with the freedom caucus. and democrats -- democrats have to ask themselves are they willing to say -- will you let
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me finish? >> i'm not the one interrupting you but finish. >> the fact is that democrats are not the ones interrupting this, if we can find a coalition of the willing, i think the democrat also support it. >> let's remember that republicans said for eight years that there was nothing that president obama could propose that they would lift one finger to support. now we suddenly discover that when republicans are in total control of the government and can't get their act together. we need democrats to discoverkc bipartisanship, did you ever say one time in eight years, that republicans should come to the table with obama. you cannot expect or demand democrats play ball, they have zero incentive to play ball. why should they? >> it's called for the benefit of the country. >> eight years? >> the ideal was not president
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for eight years. i do believe you get a better bill if you get some people from the other side. that's true with medicaid and other bills. joy, you know this too, they tried to get the guy enzi, they tried to get oren hatch. one by one they petered out because they're afraid. >> obamacare is falling apart. >> it's not. obamacare is not imploding. 12.2 million people just signed up for it the cbo says it's stable. you guys say it's falling apart. then why don't you do a compromise bill and not walk away and say we're done? >> what time is your show on tomorrow? >> 10:00 a.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. >> turn this station on and you'll be able to see joy on saturday morning. joy, thank you.
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john, good theory. i never knew that losing was so pleasant. coming up, president trump says he doesn't blame speaker paul ryan for failing to get the health care passed, instead saying it was the democrat who is did them in. they have the house, the senate, the white house. devin nunes is changing his story, on wednesday he said he saw evidence and his team were monitored. now he says he briefed trump at the white house because in his words, trump's taking a lot of heat in the news media, who's the guy supposed to be investigating? and how does trump come back from his defeat today, as he might say, it's huge. finally let me finish with "trump watch" tonight, he's not going to like it. this is "hardball." no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire?
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house democratic leader nancy pelosi was down right gleeful this afternoon after they pulled the vote. here's leader pelosi. >> we are very proud of the affordable care act. yesterday, as you know, was the seven year anniversary of the president signing the bill. today's a great day for our country. it's a victory. what happened on the floor is a victory for the american people. for our seniors, for people with disabilities, for our children. >> well, say this, the democrats stuck together today. we'll be right back after this.
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doing nothing is not an option. >> the bill we're considering today is a mess. what we don't want to take today is a safety. vote for this bill. >> you're taking health care away from 24 million americans.
4:21 pm
you're playing with people's lives. it's a profound issue. the gentle lady's time has expir expired. >> you can't get to second base until you get to first. >> shame on you. >> welcome back to "hardball." after days of intense negotiating and hours of floor debate, president trump suffered his first legislative defeat and it was a big one. minutes after the bill was pulled from the floor, the president started playing the blame game. first he told robert costa at "the washington post" that he was his call to pull the bill. >> president trump called me out of the blue and said he's pulling the bill and he's worked with speaker ryan, they met and he's decided to pull the health care bill. >> he set his sights, i think he was setting his sights on the democrats, blaming them for the bill's failure. >> i their the losers are nancy
4:22 pm
pelosi and chuck schumer because now they own it 100%. this is not republican health care, this is not anything but a democrat health care bill. this is not our bill, this is their bill. >> that was a caca phony of accusations. >> you've got to penetrate that bloc. >> what would you have preferred to see? >> a legislative process, a true legislative process where we act as a deliberative body and we try to reflect the will of the american people. >> but doesn't that buck stop at the president's desk? that's what harry truman said. i'm joined by the former chief of staff to paul ryan, and the director for "the huffington post." i these if you look at the sportings page, it has a certain
4:23 pm
clarity, coming up to the final eight at some point this weekend. i always see who wins, that's how we do it. who won today? >> i don't think anybody won today. >> it was a draw? >> not a draw. i think a lot of people lost. >> would trump have won if he won? >> not a complete victory, but if he won, he would have won. this is a loss for them no doubt about it. but i don't think there was anybody gaining, i don't think the people of the united states gained because i think aca is in trouble, there's some real problems. also the republicans didn't win because they weren't able to put together a bill. they had a vehicle that wouldn't support the weight of the bill. >> were you there during the time they passed, 60 times the republican-led house, 60 times to kill obamacare and couldn't do it today when it mattered? it seems like hypocrisy to me. >> actually i wasn't there when that was done, because at the time i got there i was late in 2015, they had put a rec
4:24 pm
reconciliation bill on president obama's desk and they overcame that bill. >> it seems to me as hypocritical, not that that would shock anybody. 60 times, these guys in charlie bent and all these guys in the northeast, walked out on obamacare because they knew obama wasn't going to sign it. and now the first day it counted was today, because they would have had the president sign it. they just chickened out, they choked. >> nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of a hanging. and the big number that came out of the whole run up to this thing -- by the way, the white house never told this properly. they never had hearings, they never did anything to lay the predicate for this. and so the number that took over was 24 million. 24 million people were going to lose health care. you want to know why the approval rating of the
4:25 pm
trump-ryan bill was 17%? that's the reason why. donald trump is a 70-year-old rookie. he did everything wrong here. he paid no attention to the details. i don't even know if he cared about the details. oh, my god, it's complicated. >> complicated. isn't that funny? >> as usual, and this is the way he operates, he sort of put paul ryan in charge, so he could try to have deniability if it went down. but he can't have deniability here. donald trump spent all of his time promising to do this. he rode to office on the strength of what began as the tea party, which had two main objectives, one was immigration, the other was obamacare going back to 2010, he basically rode that wave all the way to the white house and he didn't deliver today. he can blame the democrats, he can implicitly blame paul ryan, he can say as he said in his little presser there, well, i
4:26 pm
was just part of the team. he can do all of that stuff, it's not going to matter. he has to do all this stuff, because first impressions count, his first big legislative battle -- >> he flopped. >> he flopped and that can set the tone for the entire administration. >> i want to ask you about blaming the democrats, we know the republicans control the house of representatives, they control the senate and they control the white house. how do you blame the other party? how does that work? >> people blame a lot of people. >> what's it mean? >> recrimination is the big party game in washington. >> who's going to believe it? >> well, i don't think anybody's going to believe it. but were the democrats winners? were republicans winners? no, this is the one that started out to be just the same bill that was vetoed by president obama, when they got to the senate and started doing the budget on january 4, and he said, whoa, whoa, whoa if we're going to repeal this, i want to
4:27 pm
know what's going to replace it. they now had a vehicle. which is repeal and replace. >> why don't republican go to the president and say we know that obama care needs to be fixed, we're going to figure out how to fix it. that wasn't what they said, they said they were going to repeal it. >> here's the goal is to move from a government oriented system, which will grow ever more controlled by the government, to a market doctor-patient relationship. >> they're not going do that. >> i don't believe they k. >> as a real estate developer in new york, he played a game that was to destroy all the opponents so that you're the only one left that could actually build the building and tear everybody else down. when you're president of the united states, your have to get everybody else involved, it's the power of persuasion. >> so you're a gatherer not a hunter. >> you're a gatherer not a hunter and that's not trump's mentality. these are all the original tea
4:28 pm
partiers and said if you don't vote for me, i'm coming after you. they're saying are you kidding me? what are you coming after me with? >> he can only hope that he does. >> there's going to be another vote on health care? >> in the late summer or early fall. >> another vote on health care? >> and the other thing that's going to happen right now, the next thing you're going to see is secretary price, rolling back as much of the regulatory stuff as he possibly can. because he has a lot of power to do that. they will move on that quickly. >> that's why the democrats aren't the substantive winners. >> thank you for standing in the barrel tonight. up next, more questions about the credibility of congressman devin nunes, the chairman of the house intelligence, he's the guy that's supposed to be overseeing the investigation of the house
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welcome back to "hardball." amid the big defeat today. it's become more clear that
4:33 pm
devin nunes is -- after saying on wednesday that members of the trump transition were incidentally swept up in surveillance of foreign officials, nunes is revising his story again today. he said that he had seen evidence that the president-elect was monitored. >> i have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the president president-elect am were at least monitored. >> but when asked again today about whether the president was monitored, nunes said he didn't sure. >> can you clairify as to whether trump associates were monitored or just mentioned in these intelligence reports? >> we won't know that until we actually receive all of the documentation. >> and sources tell nbc news it's more likely that the incident of collection that nunes describes was, quote,
4:34 pm
surveillance of foreigners talking to foreigners who were speaking about trump and/or his aides. meanwhile while going to the -- he brought his findings to the president because, this is a great line, because trump was under fire politically. >> i felt like i had a duty and an obligation to tell him because as you know he's been taking a lot of heat in the news media. >> he also said that he's going -- paul manafort will also be interviewed by the committee and roger stone and carter have volunteered to testify. i guess they would have been subpoenaed. and formwhat's the latest reali? if you were nunes, devin nunes,
4:35 pm
the republican intelligence committee, can't support what he said about trump three saturdays ago, about the former president having wiretapped him. >> there is no evidence of that, he even said there was no evidence of that. >> why is he talking? >> i'm not sure nunes knows what he has, if he actually physically has something in his hands. >> he didn't speak like he needed documents that he hadn't read on wednesday, he spoke with some authority. >> he's changing his story because he doesn't know where he got it. >> do you think he got it from the white house? >> he won't answer that question, and the white house won't either, but it's really convenient that it's coming out right now and he won't answer what he has. >> this will be such a cartoon, a farce, sean spicer, and i do feel sorry for him in some intellectual sense, why does anybody have this job? he said well if nunes came to the white house to tell them about some new information he
4:36 pm
got, and he got it from the white house, that would be absurd. some are saying he got it from the white house, but he ran down like rin tin tin to tell them he's got information on them. >> there was no evidence of the wiretapping tweet, nothing to support. secondly the fbi did reveal that they are conducting a serious investigation, a counter intelligence investigation. >> that's news. >> that's news and that will be a credible investigation and we need to make sure that the fbi can finish that job. thirdly is the near collapse of the credibility of the house intelligence committee's investigation and that was driven in part to the rush to the white house. >> have you ever heard of anything like nunes did, running down like a puppy dog, arf, arf, kcanine like. you are supposed to counter to
4:37 pm
power of the presidency. you're not supposed to support it. he said this week i did it because the president was under fire. >> rushing to the press and to the white house did seem like an easy way to start undermining the credibility of this investigation. >> nunes trying to provide cover for the white house earned him a strong rebuke from adam schiff who said that he's interfering in the investigation he's supposed to be leading. >> he's now interfering in this investigation. and i think the fact that the chairman's press conference was at the white house, is not only symbolically important, it's important in terms of understanding what's really going on here. so that effort to defend the indefensible has led us down this terrible rabbit hole and threatens the integrity of the only investigation that's authorized in the house. >> congressman schiff also called for an independent commission to take the lead and said again that nothing chairman nunes has alluded to comes close
4:38 pm
to validating what donald trump had said in those tweets. >> and actually there's a way in which nunes helps that congressman. >> he acted very quickly. i don't mean he's canine by his nature, just by his conduct. >> he is chairman of the oversight committee. and he's the go equal branch of the government checking the intelligence authorities. >> what did you think that the president was under heat? >> that completely undercuts him as the oversight. you don't go over and warn the president, you're the one that's supposed to be putting the president on notice if you're chairman of the major sight committee. what nunes is doing and also the fact that he's tried to reach reporters and talked to the white house before he here's even seen it. >> if it turns out that there was cooperation from the trump team, who says thanks for the nice words, we like the hacking you did against podesta, and
4:39 pm
hillary and everything, we like all that, when it comes to sanctions, you got to problems with us. if someone behaved that blithely, is this impeachable? in other words if the worst thing about the whole story c e comes out, but at the bottom end of it is impeachment? >> i don't know if we know enough to say that. we do know that russia is an aggressive power, across a range of our interests globally that included in a campaign to interview with our election, we need to make sure we get to the bottom of those lessons and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> it look, like someone sold the keys to the city's gates. up next, where does president trump go now that he's suffered the biggest defeat of his presidenpresidency. as i said the new car smell is
4:40 pm
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i never said repeal and replace obamacare, you all heard my speeches, i never said repeal it and replace it in 64 days. >> that was president trump today doing this. claiming that he never said he would repeal and replace obamacare quickly. but here he is during the campaign saying that's the first thing he will do. >> the first thing we're going to do repeal and replace obamacare. >> isn't tape wonderful? but being president isn't as easy as he thought it would be. he's landing on his own deal making skillings and promising how much americans were going to win once he was calling the shots. >> we're going to win in a way that nobody's seen before. we're going to win so strong,
4:44 pm
we're going to be so strong, we're going to be so smart. take a deal, that's the sign of a deal maker, when you can take something that's a disaster and make it better than if things stayed good. we're going to win so much, you're going to go to paul ryan, you're going to go, mr. speaker, please, please, we can't stand winning this much. we can't take it. and he's going to come to see me and he's going to go, mr. president, the people in wisconsin are tired of winning so much. you're winning with health care, we're winning on the border, we're winning with isis, because we are going to get isis out trust me, i'm like a smart person. >> no wonder people voted for him. let's bring in the round table, jennifer ruben, sahill kapor. ladies and gentlemen, ready for
4:45 pm
us a at the table here. what do you think of trump's cover story that, he really won? i think it's outrageous. >> he's a master, because what? democrats were supposed to help him out destroying obamacare? it is masterful the way he kind of slides past failure. he so he just has to keep moving on to the next thing. and leave the failure behind, tar other people and move forward. >> sahill is this going to work for people who voted for him, that's a lot of people, 46%, when they hear him say, i'm going to repeal and replace became ka obamacare, i think most conservatives don't want to repeal it. they don't want the government in their lives. i think there are people like that. >> i think a third of the country are his people, those are the folks, those are the ones that will stick with him no matter what. i think they'll stick with him
4:46 pm
because they trust him, they believe him and they think he's looking out for them. that's the bottom line. but the soft trump supporters and i don't think they'll stick with him. he's been talking about leaving the aca in place because he's convinced it's going to collapse and the democrats are going to take the blame. i don't know if this has ever worked when someone who controls the government allows a disaster to happen and then blames the other party. >> paul ryan said today this is a major set back, he acknowledged that and think that's something that the white house is going to have to acknowledge as well. and one thing that i thought paul ryan said that was interesting is that tax reform will have even more agreement on this. and they'll be able to pass that. >> let's talk about something i would be for, infrastructure, i would like to see this country rebuild itself and be state of
4:47 pm
the world. these republicans are not all tea party types, they're fiscal hawks, they don't want to spend anything on anything, how is he going to get infrastructure through? you saw those people stand in his face and say no. he knows they l. >> you're absolutely right. i think it's even more difficult after today, because you know who also learned something, the house freedom caucus, they learned that they have enough votes here to stop this orbsort legislation that they don't like from going through what's to say they're not going to stop in infrastructure, they're going to stop immigration reform. >> i don't see this guy putting through bipartisan anything. >> he's talking about infrastructure. you can't find that kind of money in the couch. >> you're not going to find it in the couch? >> every politician says we can find it in waste, fraud and abuse. >> there's 10% of the government's waste, okay, find it.
4:48 pm
>> there's an argument that his strategist steve bannon made to the hollywood reporter early on after he got eelected that interest rates are low, and you can borrow, that's the economic argument. let's see if heoe for it. >> i don't think ryan is going to be with him on infrastructure. ryan is a tight wad. >> bannon's idea was that they were going to give tax breaks to rich people. >> i don't think 95, 70, 80, the highways i know, all seem to be very public. >> that's when republicans started to back away. >> first of all the speaker today said borders, we're going to deal with the boarder, trump says a wall, where are you going to get the money for the wall? >> and he proposes a budge of cuts, but those are all cutting from the state department and foreign aid to pay for the department of defense.
4:49 pm
you're asking for a supplemental $1.5 billion for the wall this year alone. >> that's not to build the wall, that's just to start it. >> that's just to start the wall, they don't know how long it's going to take, some parts of the wall will be built with one thing, they still have to work it us. >> but they can afford ladders. there's going to be a lot of mexican ladders, i can tell you that. >> he was talking about the deal making process, and how great a of a deal maker he said he was. another thing i think trump learned today that it's very hard to negotiate with 216 people in order to get votes. he's used to negotiating with one person or less than a dozen people. but to get this passed, they had to get 216 votes and he was unable to do and i think they have probably learned a big lesson today about governing. >> being a legislator, it takes genius to learn how to take from
4:50 pm
one group enough so that it doesn't turn them off and give it to another to get them on board. the round table is sticking with us, and up next, these people tell me something that i didn't awesome. let's see how the aluminum bed of this truck held up. wooooow!! -holy moly. that's a good size puncture. you hear 'aluminum' now you're gonna go 'ew'. let's check out the silverado steel bed. wow. you have a couple of dents. i'd expect more dents. make a strong decision. find your tag and get 15% below msrp on select 2017 silverado 1500 crew cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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we're back with the "hardball" round table. jennifer, tell me something i don't know. what a week. >> yeah, what a week. i knew that the health care bill was going nowhere when i heard this morning that barbara comstock -- >> from virginia. >> 10th district virginia, relatively modest moderate district -- >> it can go either way. >> could go either way. she came out as a no. very loyal to paul ryan. that was the signal that she was somebody he would hold in reserve -- >> the districts we're familiar with, the moderate republican districts, they were off. >> yup. >> the phrase repeal and replace obamacare coined in 2010 by a republican operative is likely to fade from the lexicon. >> what's the new phrase? >> we don't know yet because republicans haven't decided what their next steps are on health care. several house republicans said after the meeting today, it's a momentous shift. >> so the tea party was called the tea party. now it's the freedom caucus. what's the new name going to be?
4:55 pm
liberals used to be called liberals. now they're called progressives. >> this week the white house tried to distance themselves from some of the trump associates from his campaign that are believed to be under investigation. >> never heard of roger stone. never heard of roger stone. >> yes. so they called some of them hangers on. well, i talked to one of those trump associates this week, roger stone, and he told me that, number one, he has been in contact with president trump since the inauguration and he communicates with him by short pithy memo. >> we showed a picture of him last night, of the 1999 town hall we did at penn, university of pennsylvania sitting next to melania trump. >> they've been friends for 40 years and they're still friends. >> you can't lose these guys. thank you, jennifer rubin. when we return, let me finish trump watch. you're watching "hardball." just like the people
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trump watch, friday, march 24, 2017. this has been a bad week for donald trump. it started out with a glimmer of hope and ended with total, utter doom. wednesday saw our friendly u.s. congressman show up with what he thought was backup to trump's saturday morning tweets, that his predecessor wiretapped him during last year's campaign. there was talk from trump himself that he was going to repeal obamacare this week and replace it with something called the american health care plan. it turns out trump went 0-2. his helpful congressman turned out to have nothing in his hand on the wiretapping charge and
5:00 pm
this afternoon we saw the house speaker get trump's approval to pull the health care bill that would have born his name. trumpcare is dead, dead as a door nail. both of the big trump claims couldn't make it to friday. with that we learned the difference between talk and reality. a lot of noise this week, all of it signifying nothing, don't you think? that's "hardball." thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> this is the man who wrote "the art of the deal." >> remember, his book was called "the art of the deal." >> donald trump is a negotiator, the deal maker, decision maker. >> a good deal maker will make great deals. >> there will be no deal. >> the president called me and said "look, i'm pulling the bill." >> president trump dealt a stunning rebuke on his first major initiative. >> i worked as a team player and would have loved to have seen it pass. >> the blame game begins. >> we learned a lot about loyalty. we learned a lot about the vote-getting process. >>


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