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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 25, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. vice president mike pence just wrapped up his comments in charlest charleston, west virginia. president trump tweeted that obamacare will explode. the question is can he actually cause that explosion and if so, is there anything that he can do to prevent it. now with the health care fight behind them, republicans turn their focus on other items on their agenda including tax reform. but will the wound from the health care fight be too much to
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overcome? first this hour, the president signaling this is not the end for health care reform. trump tweeting this morning, quote, obamacare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great health care plan for the people, not to worry. last hour vice president pence praised the president for his efforts to get the american health care act through the house and called out the republicans who blocked it. take a listen. >> i was inspired by president trump's determination and commitment to keep his promise to the american people. the president and i are grateful to speaker paul ryan and all the house republicans who stood with us. congress just wasn't ready. you saw it. with 100% of house democrats, every sink gill ogle one and a of republicans standing in the way. >> i want to get right to kelly owe doe done he will at the white house. pence turning the page to the
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white house newest focus, jobs. economy, tax refo. what stood out to you? >> reporter: hearing mike pence talk about the defeat was kind of striking. owe tends tonight the sunny public face, often talking in very encouraging tones. so acknowledging a defeat, one that he was so personally attached to, was notable. and when i say personally attached, mike pence who had served in congress for a dozen years spent a lot of time on capitol hill,s a as the vice president prying intrying to n with fellow republicans. and he has the most credit ability and a bloc of them wouldn't go along. but trying to accept that, they are now saying democrats are part of what went wrong, although republicans here in this white house and at the other end of pennsylvania avenue never really tried to get
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testimo democrats on board. so that was a nonstarter. so try fougt ting to put the de behind them, if they can, still a time toed a the issue of health karks but he was looking to other things that are important to a lot of the republican base and fulfilled promises made by president trump. hear's what they want to do next. >> we're moving forward. next up we'll get back to the president's three part agenda. job, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: so that has a bumper sticker quality to it, a campaign rally sort of sound. but part of what they hope to do is to work on tax reform, tax cut, lower tax rates for koom , cooperations, changing the system. every american eligible for a reduction, that did can make it
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more poop and you lpular. and wh sort of expenses have to be did you tell to accommodate it. so it won't be easy. and the task is harder now that they know that not every republican will simply agree with the agenda of president trump and other republicans. >> and that is the big question. kelg kelly o'donnell, thanks so much. will voters let president trump off the hook after failing to deliver on a major campaign pledges? >> on my first day, i'm going to ask do you think send me a bill to immediately repeal and replace disastrous obamacare. obamacare is a disaster. it has to be repealed and replaced. >> we'll get rid of obamacare. >> obamacare will officially crash in '17. >> obamacare is a disaster.
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eats going die of its own weight. >> obamacare which we will repeal and replace with something much better. >> did you do the disaster count l like i can? i think there was five. mats is here shake hing his hea here in the studio. you are write about these three approaches to fixing the affordable care act. based on your as he is isment, where does ryan's efforts fail? >> i think the problem was that it was too quick. basically the idea that you were going to rewrite a fifth of the economy in a few weeks and then it runs into trunl trouble and president trump thoughs in the towel. i found it interesting that sean
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spicer said everything left everything on the field. are you kidding me? president trump campaigned for 13 months for obamacare. he had countless meetings back and forth to the dock. congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up. dock. congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up.] dock. congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up.dock. congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up.ock. congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up.k. congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up.. congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up. congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up. congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up.congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up.congress. he spoke to the congress. he propped people up. a lot of people were mocking him for how much attention he was pay to go health care and trump puts in a few week of effort and that's all? >> do you think the only problem is that it was too quick? >> nolts a single person who works seriously on health care issues, on the conservative side or any side thought this was a good bill. so if you've had circumstance sev six, seven years to work on the bill knowing that you will get power again and you come at the end of that process with something that nobody on your team who looks at it closely
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thinks is a good idea and will create something that is good, that is a problem. and president trump is part of that certainly and he has an interesting kind of hodge-podge of an approach towards health care and always has. but this is really squarely on paul ryan. he's been working on it for a long time and at the end this is what he coughed up, this is you been satisfactory to everybody. >> squarely on paul ryan though, hunter, do you agree? should other people be taking responsibility for this failure here? >> it's definitely a really awkward situation for donald trump who is this-of-his brand is that he is an incredible deal maker about pd nd he couldn't g done. this is a conservative government, they need to be deficit neutral. and a lot of what he's proposing, the infrastructure, defense expansion, the wall, this stuff will cost a lot of money and also the biggest tax
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cut since an. money was supposed to come from in health care bl. so now the question is can he ve on to these other things without this source of revenue. >> do you think that the president suffers politically and with his supporters, or do they see this as him make the right decision? >> i think in a-of will look, o one thing after last year, i'm kind of taking a break on predicting political fortune.rt one thing after last year, i'm kind of taking a break on predicting political fortune.hi, one thing after last year, i'm kind of taking a break on predicting political look, one thing after last year, i'm kind of taking a break on predicting political fortune.n look, one thing after last year, i'm kind of taking a break on predicting political fortune. a, one thing after last year, i'm kind of taking a break on predicting political fortune.a- one thing after last year, i'm kind of taking a break on predicting political fortune.-o one thing after last year, i'm kind of taking a break on predicting political fortune. o one thing after last year, i'm kind of taking a break on not everyone of his sirpts were the so supporters were the rabid die in the war supporters. there were the marginal that were disillusioned with washington and said okay, maybe we need some radical change, someone to break things up.
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and results are the same pip which is that it's tough to get things done on n. washingtin wa coming in and all the kind of bluster about deal making doesn't really changeis that its done in washington and coming in and all the kind of bluster about deal making doesn't really change dynamic. >> matt talked about the shift of focus from pence and also from president trump. and you heard phil talk about it as well. can he do this, can he shift the focus along with aligns dfd? >> he's got a big to go with the tax reform. remember part of this as allege been the euphemism known as border adjustment tax. which we used to call a tariff.
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he cares more about that an economic polling xhik spoil. he wants this for to be part of tax reform. so if it thinks it will be easy, it's not. and you did see pence's words that right now they're trying to throw the house freedom caucus under the bus a little bit and blame them for this as they maybe sfoernlg centrise search democrats to work with. >> and want to hear from paul ryan here who talks about tax reform and the challenge that they face with that. take a listen. >> yes, this does make tax reform more difficult, but it does not in any way make it impossible. we will proceed with tax reform, we will continue with tax reform and this makes it clearly more difficult. you know how the numbers work. but that just means the obama care taxes stay with obamacare. we'll fix the rest of the tax
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code. >> i want you all to weigh in. hunter, what is your reaction to what paul ryan just said? >> well, as he said it, it really does make it harder and this goes back to what i was saying earlier. if the health care system is staying in place, they will have a much harder time being deficit neutral if they're doing these tax cuts. and i think that they will have to come up with some sort of creative scoring or perhaps abandon other parts of trump's expansived a jean tod ed agenda. >> it's more difficult than the fact that if they wood have gotten this passed, then the revenue baseline is a trillion dollars less. so now if they want to basically cut a bufshlg of taxes, they will have to find a way to get to eliminate a sufficient number of loopholes and other tax breaks to try to offset that. because you know the bush tax cuts for instance which pass the
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through reconciliation which can is what they would have to do to pass this by a simple majority in the senate, that is why they they expired after a decade. so they don't want to run into the same situation they ran into with the expiration of the bush tax cut and all of that drama. so this makes the numbers more difficult. >> and could you see them saying let's take a little built moilu moore time, do some negotiations? >> congress has lost the muscle memory of what it's like pass legislation.>> congress has los memory of what it's like pass legislation. so i'm skeptical that they can do that. and as hunter pointed out, deficit neutral problem is not just an wobamacare situation. the trump budget boosts a bunch of military spending which rps want to do, but then it cuts epa
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by 31% and huge agency cuts that congress will never do. so he's going to end up spending more money than it did the previous year under barack obama. so a much bigger problem than they have acknowledged. >> all right. matt welch, thank you. hunter and phil, thank you all for joining me. coming up next, latest on the investigations of possible ties between the trump campaign and russia. paul manafort trump's one time campaign manager is under growing scrutiny. what role will he play going forward? sxwrir
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. welcome back. we're following breaking news. mike pence making an unexpected stop at the state capital in west virginia. speaking at a pro trump rally.
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about 50 or 60 people there. let's listen in. >> we'll make sures men and women who serve in uniform have the resources and training they need to accomplish their commission and we'll hunt down and destroy isis. thanks to you we have a president who honors those who serve. would you give a round of applause to all of the men and women who serve in the uniform of the united states, our veterans who are here? if you're a veteran of our armed forces, would you raise your hand in the air and let us thank you one more time. >> mike pence there speaking at a pro trump rally at the state capital in west virginia. i want to turn now to the calls that are growing this weekend for an independent commiion to investigate russia's interference in our elecon. and whether president trump's
12:18 pm
campaign helped. one of the president's strongest backers leads the house intelligence committee, it was only wednesday when devin nunes asserted that the president was the target of surveillance. take a listen. >> is the president's conversations or anything about the president appearing in intelligence reports, is that what you're saying? if. >> i have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the president-elect and his team were i guess at least monitored. >> and we seem to to get it after what happened to health care. but we'll talk about it now. congressman nunes change itsed view. ken delaney is in washington to give us more on this. ken, what is devon nunez saysing now? >> now he's saying that he can't be sure that donald trump and his associates were monitored
12:19 pm
under u.s. surveillance and maybe what he saw was just foreigner to foreigner vau eer surveillance. and that happens all the time. the national security agency is listening to foreigners. some in the united states. obviously this was the presidential transition when foreign embassies would be communicating back to their capitals trying to assess what is happening with the incoming trurd. and it wouldn't be surprising at all for trump and his associates to end up in reports. the names are supposed to being blo blacked out. no nunes is raising questions on whether or not it was shared appropriately. but that is different. and trump used this to say that he felt vindicated with his bogus claim that somehow president obamordered a
12:20 pm
wiretap in his trump tower. >> why though would nunes have come out with something like this if he had not confirmed if to then walk it back three days later? it didn't make sense. >> he may have simply misspoke, but it is fueling charges bites democrats that this whole thing was a political stunt. donald trump didn't need devin nunes to get a hold of the juca. but instead nunes made a show of reporting to rd wpresident trumo pronounced himself vindy indicated. it's causing a lot of people to be suspicious and raising questions about whether the investigation into russia is independent. >> certainly a major question right now. ken delaney, thank you. coming up next, is truth dead? "time" interview with president trump. how does he justify his claims without proof? we'll be joined by wofrone of t
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welcome back. this week "time" magazine sat down with president trump to discuss how he handles truths and falsehoods. the cover story came days after fbi director james comey testified denying having any evidence to support president trump's claims he was wiretapped by former president obama. joining me now, time political report reporter. sam, i appreciate you joining us. how would you describe president trump's view on the truth, having worked on this piece? >> well, one of the things that was really fascinating in reporting on our story and i think that our bureau chief's interview set this is out very well, is this notion that donald trump has a kind of different conception of the truth from let's say you and i might have as reporters, we see the truth as binary.
12:25 pm
something is either literally true, a fact or it's not true. and trump has sort of a more fluid idea of how to -- of truthful and untruthful statements. he negotiates. so for instance in this latest case when he tweeted that the former president somehow wiretapped his phone, when we asked him that, he said i put it in quotes during the interview, wiretaps was in quotes. i might not have literally meant that he wiretapped. but there was some sort of surveillance. so in in latest revelation when the chair of the house intelligence committee comes out and says that there was some surveillance of trump associates, trump views his exhibit which wasiterally untrue as we have found in the fbi -- from the testimony from jam james comey oi, he finds some th in his statement.
12:26 pm
so we view truth as binary and trump as more of a fluid idea of defining what the truth is. >> it's interesting to hear you explain it, i have to say. so for a layman, what you're saying works. right? for the president, does it hurt his credibility? >> that is one of the big questions. so the president's basically countered all these accusations that he's made falsehoods in the past by saying look, i won this presidential campaign that nobody thought that i could win. do you see the crowds that i had in kentucky last night? he actually told our bureau chief at the end of the interview i'm president, you're not. so his counter is so my version of the truth works. this works politically. i think the bigger question long term is what kind of effect that has on the way we view the office of the president. i think a lot of republican
12:27 pm
lawmakers who i spoke with will tell you that they're worried about the changing definition of the truth and what 245 methat m for having a normal democratic debates. we're used to debating facts of the case. but if facts are less clear, how can you have a reasonable debate. some republicans are questioning that in congress. so that is a part of our cover this week, as well. >> so it's interesting that you say that the changing definition of truth yet a lot of people in a voted for him and supported donald trump from the get-go to when he became president, they actually say look, this is just a man speaking his mind and speaking to us the way that we want to be spoken versus speaking to us like politicians. so it's an interesting conversation to say the least. sam, appreciate you joining us. he calls himself the truth troubadour, but is he changing his tune after fellow republicans failed to repeal and replace obama care? we'll ask him when he joins us next. dear predictable,
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welcome back. republican senator lindsey graham facing tougher questions earlier today during his town hall in south carolina. he acknowledged the latest dweets of t defeat of the gop health care bill. >> the process was not what i wanted to be. does it sound familiar that people were being threatened to vote yes? some people being bribed to vote yes. sounds a lot like obamacare to me >> let's turn now to breaeth wh was at the event. what were some of the questions the senator was fielding during the town hall? >> yeah, he got a lot of questions about a lot of different things. i'd say there are probably about 500 people in the audience. very raucous crowd. they wanted answers on russia, whether he assumed independent economics to look into
12:32 pm
allegations the trump campaign company lewded with russia, he got questions about judge gorsuch, about trump's taxes. but you're right, the focus was on health care. and a lot of people were very upset that yesterday after that house bill went down senator graham put out a series of tweets with with a #collapse and replace. basic they he wanted obamacare to collapse because that would force everybody to the table to come up with a new solution. people didn't like that and they let him know. and we talked to some of these voters before going into the event to hear what they had to say about everything that had gone down with that gop health care bill and what they wanted to hear from senator graham and how they thought health care should be fixed. take a listen. >> it was our resistance and i'm angry with the democrats and i'm angry with the republicans. i'm angry that the democrats for gloating. they didn't do it. it was our petitions. it was our e-mails, our faxes, our texts, it was our calls.
12:33 pm
we made it happen because they fear being voted out in 2018. they fear being voted out in about 2020. it wasn't a democratic push, it was the pushl of the people. >> we need mod rats in both parties to work together to fix this thing. i go to medicare this coming saturday. what about if i had been five years ago? i'd have been screwed. >> reporter: so when senator graham came in, he did seek to clarify the collapse and replace lane. he said he didn't want the whole health compare system to collapse, he wanted to see a solution that would bring both parties together as many voters said they wanted to see, as quel swell. >> and working together, we want moderates and republicans to work together.well. >> and working together, we want moderates and republicans to work together. that's really what it comes down to to get the things down in washington. beth, thank you very much. craig moss no longer singing president trump's praises. he was formerly known as the
12:34 pm
trump troubadour. he hit the campaign trail belting out tunes a the s at t rallies after he lost his son to a heroin overdose. he became an advocate for drugging addiction services and believed that trump would put an end to the epidemic. but today he's singing a different tune saying he felt betrayed and let down after gettinging a gym himse getting glimpse of the health care bill. craig moss joining me live now. craig, i thank you so much for joining me. and i just want to extend my condolences over the loss of your son. i can't imagine what you've been through over the last couple of years. why are you so upset today? >> well, you know, i've never been political. and i jump into this thing after two years of being dormant and
12:35 pm
pretty much not doing much of anything and this gave me purpose, it gave me hope and the realization that my son's death is not in vain, that i traveled for my son and i traveled to follow mr. trump and to help get him elected into the presidency. and when he spoke with me in urbandale, iowa, he had me. when he told me he was going to be working to put programs together to see that we get the kids off this drug, it's a hard drug to kick, he said it himself, that is why i'm emional because i'm xwleegs al about t emotion allege because i followed him with my heart and i just -- i do feel let down. what he campaigned on is lutsly absolutely no resemblance to what they tried to put through yesterday. >> what did you want to see happen, craig? >> well, what i would have liked to have even than is to have the president reach out to the american people as he did during
12:36 pm
his campaign. he reached out with surveys and sent out different questionnaires. and that would have been a good step, a good start. i don't know what the big hurry is in order to -- i think it was just more of the idea of wanting to replace obamacare and not really think about what it is that you're replacing it with. and i just wish he could have reached out to the american people more. and got a good grip on what everybody wanted. you're not going to be able to of a everybo satisfy everybody, but certainly that would have given him an idea of where everybody stood and talk to people and try to satisfy maybe a little bit of everybody's needs rather than something like this. >> what do you feel like your son was lacking, like what does your son need in health care, what did your son need in health ca care? >> if there were a facility that
12:37 pm
was available to him that he could have gone to -- he was ashamed of the situation. he made an unwise move and he becamed a difficu ed a diktaeda. i thought he was my best friend or i was his best friend, but he couldn't come to me and tell me, dad, i'm highly edaddicted to ts heroin. if there was facility or place that he could have gone without knowing he was going to cause maybe me to have to mortgage to sell my house in order to put him through a rehab because i've had no insurance for some time now. and we both made too much money in order to qualify for public assistance. but that is what would have been nice for him to have a place to go on his own without knowing that he was going to cause hard shim f shimship for the family because he knew i didn't have the money to put him through the $20,000
12:38 pm
and $30,000 programs that were vafs available. >> president trump said that theld they would let obamacare good explode. do you think that is the right move? >> no. first of all, i disagree that it will disappear tomorrow. i was disappointed to hear that they would take such drastic measures rather than to go back and sit down and i don't know how it works. i have no idea the mechanics of how this whole thing works. but i was hoping that they would just sit down and say, well, this is not going to go, what can we do, what we come do to mt better than rather than people to vote on something that they disagreed on. but instead it's been put off to the side. i guess now they're going for tax reform. and i don't believe obamacare will disappear tomorrow, but what do i know. i understand they're having some problems according to some
12:39 pm
reports and the president systems they're having some problems in different states with its function. and i'm not an advocate of obamacare. but i just believe that we need to put our heads together and sit down, figure out what we can put together that can make everybody just a little happy. i don't think it's the right move to put it off to the side and just wait for it to disintegrate itself. i don't believer that that thae right thing to do, but who am i. >> you're craig moss. thank you, craig.
12:40 pm
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12:43 pm
to clear a filibuster, snag could lead mitch mcconnell to go nucle nuclear. >> so i'm going to vote for gorsuch if they try to filibuster him, they will be turning the country upside down. it will be a sad day. >> joinie now, alir elizabeth, could democrats sustain a filibuster and is gorsuch the nominee to fight on this one? it. >> every seat on the supreme court is important. the supreme court hears the most important cases to everyone across the nation and so i think that it's right for democrats and frankly republicans to take this nomination very seriously to decide whether or not judge gorsuch met his burden going into his confirmation hearing to show that he will truly be an independent judge, will follow the law and the constitution not any particular political agenda
12:44 pm
or the president who put his name forward. >> so the nuclear option has been mentioned. how likely is it that senator mcconnell is going to invoke it and will they just get the dems back for harry reid's nuclear option back in 2013? >> i think there are a lot of wad abbad feelings on both side after what the republicans did to merrick garland who didn't get as much as a hearing. whether or not mitch mcconnell decides to blow up the fi filibust filibuster, which is different than the lower federal courts, which harry reid got rid of the if i would buster for t filibuster for the lower court. but the supreme court is the top of the line when it comes to saying what the constitution is. so that is different life tenure job we're talking about. and the 60 vote threshold is an
12:45 pm
indication that the nominee is someone who is sufficiently mainstream to get enough support from 60 senators from both sides ever the aisle and frankly if you can't get that kind of bipartisan support, frankly maybe you shouldn't get the support. >> all right. thank you. up next, we'll head to kansas, a state donald trump won by more than 20 points to see how his supporters are reacting to republicans' health care defeat yesterday. everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. before fibromyalgia, i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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12:48 pm
. yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. it was a vehicle forefor tictor quo and a victory for the disaster of obamacare. but i promise you that victory won't last very long. >> welcome back. an hour ago mike pence vowing not give up when it comes to keeping the administration's promise of repealing and replacing obamacare.
12:49 pm
the first time he's spoken since paul ryan pulled the house gop bill shortly before a scheduled vote yesterday. the president ran on that promise also saying there would be health care for everybody. but now his supporters are wondering what will happen next. msnbc's vaughn hillyard is on the road in celina, kansas. good to talk to you. you've been talking to people who voted for president trump. what did they think about the decision to pull the bill? >> reporter: as you mentioned, donald trump's position on health care has evolved quite a bit from campaign to the bill that we saw get pulled by the speaker yesterday. but really these last three weeks in going through particularly trump country, i've been in oklahoma, texas, kansas, louisiana, and one thing i will tell you, that it's hard to differentiate between clinton voters and trump voters. most people have issues with health care, whether it be higher premiums.
12:50 pm
and what it comes gown ko comes qualified for medicaid, but also a pool came into account that many are trump voters that don't qualify for medicaid,
12:51 pm
the affordable care act, she said she makes just too much money to qualify for medicaid, and it's one of those situations where she wants to see health care more affordable. if you talk to trump voters like cassie, they say, you know, potentially even universal health care, but at the least bit, expanded care, but they would like to see it more affordable being number one. >> could you quickly ask cassie a yes or no question. does she have confidence in the trump administration coming up coming up with a new health care plan? >> do you confidence in the trump administration going forward on a health care bill? >> i do. i think that they listen to their constituents and we will find some type of resolution that we will be able to try. >> thank you.
12:52 pm
>> appreciate it. i want to go deeper into this. thank you, guys, both for joining me. to his supporters, president trump is a person that gets things done, but he stumbled with health care as we saw yesterday. how long do you think before we see another health care bill or will they wait for obama care to do what he said in his words, in his tweet, explode? >> well, you know, just because you don't convert on fourth down doesn't mean that's the whole game. we are barely 60 days into this administration, so what you are going to see moving forward is a renewed effort to come back at this. even the president himself said the best deals are the ones where you walk away from when you are losing and you come back with stronger terms. that's what's going to happen here. frankly, obama care is
12:53 pm
imploding. this is a problem that has to be fixed. democrats are sitting on the sidelines eating popcorn, taking pot shots and not being a part of a solution to a problem that they created by putting together a health care system that is created to fail. the american consumer is being set up for failure here. it's the american patient who is really suffering as are premiums, are deductibles. they are all skyrocketing. this obama care is falling apart, and something has to be done, and the republicans will do it. >> i see you shaking your head. >> yes. well, just a point about democrats. you know, for the last six years democrats have been saying work with us to fix this bill. this is an imperfect bill, and we need to do things to lower costs. republicans have refused to do that. i'm old enough to remember in december 2016 when you had democratic senators from red states like claire mchaskell in missouri saying they were willing to work with donald trump on a replacement plan, but
12:54 pm
never reached out to democrats, and this whole thing, this whole health care disaster is really -- it tells a story of trump's first 100 days. it's a story of missed opportunities. also, unmitigated chaos and dysfunction, and it validates sort of the harshest critiques of republicans that they are great at protesting, great at lobbing bombs, but not very good at governing, and that was illustrated, you know, in a very humorous way today by freshman congressman from florida who said i don't even think we could pass a mother's day resolution in congress. that's going to be a very, very big problem for the republican party going forward. >> is there a lesson to be learned here possibly by the republicans that we do need to sort of coax, work together with the dems to move things forward or else we're going to be stuck in the same place that we're at right now? >> i think it's a rosy description. really it's a bit of revisionist history. there's a dramatically different
12:55 pm
viewpoint that we are seeing playing out here. somehowe need to move towards greater and greater government control over the markets, and moving away from a free market system with our health care has been absolutely disastrous. this is the central issue that we're going to have to have a conversation about and that republicans are digging into and saying we're going to bring free market reforms back to this market. that's what's going to turn the dynamism of the american system loose and really be the best thing for the american consumer. >> i'm seeing it right here on the show. saw it yesterday. how can you even get things done? is. >> in this atmosphere i think, like, breakfast is too politicized. >> that's true. >> to those points, look, the reality is you can call obama care a disaster, but it's not. you know, it is for the first time since it's been created, it's finally popular. and not only that, this whole
12:56 pm
fight did what many people thought was impossible. it drove down donald trump's numbers among his base, among republicans, and i think a big open question in washington has been will his base ever leave him and will that forever tether republican congressmen to him, and because of this, now you could see -- if his numbers continue to fall among the base, you could see republican congressmen cutting him loose. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> the implosion of obama care is one of the main reasons you have the republicans in control of of the presidency, the house, the senate, and most of the legislatures across the country. there is a lot of upset and concern and fear over where health care is going so we are going to see the grassroots coming and bringing pressure to bring this issue back to the table to keep it at the fore. there will be renewed effort and a focus on moving this forward in the days ahead. >> we'll have to leave it there. senior fellow at american values action and democratic strategist liz smith. thank you both for joining me. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. i'll be back here at 5:00 p.m.
12:57 pm
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legalzoom. legal help is here. we want to get straight to breaking news we are following out of las vegas. a shooting in the heart of the vegas strip. you can see live pictures there now of the strip and what appears to be, according to reports, a bus -- police -- where there is someone held up there by police. police say a person has been shot and transported to hospital and that a man has barricaded himself. the police there are stressing that reports of a second suspect and other victims appears to be untrue. parts of cosmopolitan hotel were evacuated, and others guests were told to shelter in place in their rooms. you can see they're now what looks like live pictures of


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