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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 25, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello. msnbc headquarters in new york. here's what we're following. the fall-out of the collapsed republican health care bill is just beginning. obama care will remain in pla for the foreseeable future with the long-term future in health care in america still in question. other big issues come back into focus like the investigation into president trump's alleged russia ties. new developments in that investigation as the republican congressman leading the intelligence committee comes under scrutiny. senator lindsey graham faced tough questions as he was grilled by voters in south carolina today as he addressed that investigation along with health care. >> we begin this hour with a defiant white house 24 hours after a stunning -- the president and vice president today renewed their pledge to get rid of obama care. president trump tweeting this morning he is going to watch obama care "explode." vice president pence a short time ago in west virginia defended the president's efforts to repeal it. >> every day obama care survives
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is another day that america suffers. that's why the president worked tirelessly over the last several weeks to get congress to repeal and replace obama care. you saw his resolve to work with whoever he needed to work with, to call whoever he needed to call to get our plan across the finish line. yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. it was a victory for the status quo in washington d.c. it was a victory for the disaster of obama care. i promise thank you that victory won't last very long. >> and according to the "wall street journal", the white house is now proactively seeking to weaken obama care through waivers and rule changes, about ut the president said friday he is ready to move on to his next big agenda. tax reform. >> we'll probably be going right now for tax reform, which we could have done earlier, but this really would have worked out better if we could have had some democrat support.
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>> now i'm going for tax reform which i really like. >> will tax reform be any different or will the same divisions doom taxes as well? kelly o'donnell has more on the fall-out. kelly. >> it is tough to explain why some republicans would not go along. that job fell to mike pence today, the vice president in west virginia, talking about small business ideas, jobs and so forth. that was a planned visit there, but he had to add in some explanation about what went wrong on capitol hill. where he had been a big player trying to negotiate for the obama care repeal bill that fell apart on friday. no vote taken, and the end of the road for the foreseeable future on any attempts to undo obama care. mike pence says that there were no democrats supporting it. a handful of republicans who wouldn't go along, and that's what did it in. of course, democrats were never
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expected to support a law that would undo obama care. a signature achievement for president obama. they're trying to figure out what to do next. already trying to turn the page. the president tweeted today don't worry. also saying expects that obama care will explode and that he would be willing to work with democrats. but they're looking ahead to some other things that are popular with many republicans. can they get tax reform done? tax cuts. can they do other policies like immigration? it will be months to achieve some of those, and the white house and republicans on capitol hill had hoped to have some early victories. that's not what they found on friday. >> they are placing blame for the bill's failure. take a listen. >> congress just wasn'tready.
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you saw it. with 100% of house democrats every single one and a handful of republicans actually standing in the way for plans to repeal and replace obama care. we're back to the drawing board. >> who is at fault here? >> some of the republicans that i have talked to, including member of congress from iowa is putting a lot of the blame actually on republican leadership in congress. they said this is not the process they should have gone through. it mirrors what the democrats did on the affordable care act. pushing it through. making special deals for certain states like illinois and new york. not giving members time to absorb what was in the bill. you know, people stood up and said they were mocking nancy pelosi saying we'll know what's in it after we vote for it. well, you know, most of the
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members didn't have time to really absorb what was in the bill. the american people were not on board. even the republican base not on board in a substantial way in understanding what was in the bill and so they really talked about it being a flawed process, and a lot of that has to go right at the feet of paul ryan. >> all right. there's the fight between the house republicans. the freedom caucus and the moderates. the president not able to close this deal. what does this say about the president's ability to lead this party? >> he has never really been a member of this party. that's been a big challenge for him. i think a "new york times" reporter said he rented this party so he could run for president. one of the important things to remember is that the president didn't put any effort into this compared to what president obama did. 15 days, that's what he put in ernest into pushing this bill. that's -- president obama put in months and had teams of staff members dedicated selling this bill around the countrynd d rallies and did a lot of television pearances push
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the bill. esident trump larnlly remained on the golf course and in the white house and you're not going to get anything moved forward if you play that way. especially with this congress where. >> cathy, what's the reaction coming out of iowa right now with the health care fight? are they mad at the bill for possibly kicking off nearly 20 million with less benefits or are they angry it didn't get passed. >> people in iowa have been divided about obama care all along. you have conservatives who were mad that this is not just a complete repeal, but you also have people who liked them -- including swing voters. they liked coverage for preexisting conditions, and they did not want to completely repeal obama care. part of the problem they're going to run into and part of the problems -- you are not going to be able to please everyone no matter what you do. >> the president, he wants to move on for tax reform. what does he have to do here in order to not end up where he is
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now with the health care bill. >> he has been saying the past few days, well, i can't get to get to tax reform, immigration. the health care is already bad enough. tax reform, he is acting like it's going to be easy and he is making the same mistake as he did with the health care bill. what he has to do is start out and work slowly. i know he wants to get things done right away, but that's not how it works. washington is never going to change. you're never going to drain the swamp. just like barack obama didn't bring real change to washington. he has to bring the freedom caucus in right away. he has to give some stuff to democrats and that's the only way he is going to get it done. if he fails on tax reform, it's unprecedented. i cannot imagine how he can recover from that. >> it's interesting. democrats are already running ads on this bill's familiure. i want you to take a listen to some of them and then i'll have you comment. >> the republicans promised us on health care. >> everybody is going to be taking care of -- much better than they're taken care of now. >> none of us will be worse off financially. >> now we learn the truth.
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>> leonard lance voted yes. >> you deserve better. >> are seats up for grabs because of failures like this one and then also seeing what will happen with tax reform moving forward? >> well, you know, democrats are energized in iowa right now. they're looking at what they are calling an extreme republican agenda and also the failure to have a better process in washington. they had hope for that. in iowa democrats lost big in 2016. they're hoping for a rebound quickly in 2018. however, they're going to be careful what they wish for on obama care. if this just continues to erode and problems with obama care, those cracks get wider and wider, they are going to -- they're going to own that, and they're going to have problems explaining why they didn't come to the table in 2018. >>hink the interesting thing to watch her is can this administration take their time, as you said. can they work with the other side? also as you said. we'll have to wait and see what
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happens. cathy and ashari, thank you. want to turn now to the future and the continuing battle between the white house congressional democrats who are being pushed to he resist this administration by their base. joining us now democratic congresswoman karen bass of california. congresswoman, appreciate you joining me. first off, after seeing the obama care repeal go down in flames, how much of a boost does this give to members on your side of the aisle? >> i think it does give a boost to members, but it also gives a boost to all of the activists that were around the country that rallied in support of obama care. i think that it's definitely been a lot of energy and people are excited and excited about tackling the next battle. when i think of tax reform and the way trump is being flippant about that, i think he is going to run into the same brick wall he has run into with health care reform. >> one of the people that are excited about the democratic victory, bernie sanders, let's take a listen to him. >> we managed as a result of the
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efforts of millions of people who stood up and fought back, we defeated a disastrous health care proposal. >> so, karen, lindsey graham earlier today saying we need to work together on this health care bill in order to move it, in order to get it passed. >> well, you know -- >> are the democrats willing to do that? >> of course we need to work together. i'm in my seventh year in congress now, and when i very first came in, the whole notion was repeal and replace. no one ever thought that the affordable care act was perfect. they never do a massive piece of legislation like this and not spend five to ten years, you know, fixing it or changing it. your answer is that republicans was repeal. they were never interested in doing anything to improve the affordable care act. i believe the democrats have always been ready, but you cannot come to the table and say let's start by repeeling it and
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then we're going to replace it. if you want to talk about improving health care, expanding health care, helping those states that did not extend medicaid so that there's more coverage, if approximate you want to start there, i know democrats would be ready. >> what changes are the dems willing to make, and why not start it off on the right foot and make negotiations? >> again, it's very hard to negotiate with the republicans when their stance is repeal. repeal says you don't even want to look at it. you just want to throw it away. i will tell you if they had moved forward with this bill, it was just going to do tremendous harm to the country and especially to the base of voters that voted for the president. people were going to be denied basic access to care, and i'm glad that they came to that realization and pulled it back. >> want to play one of your republican colleagues that's on the appropriations committee,
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charlie dent. take a listen. >> sure. >> we can find areas of agreement to improve this system, and, again, no matter what we do, we have to do it on a bipartisan basis because to get a bill through the senate is going to require 60 votes. some will need at least eight democrat votes there. we also need to build a coalition in the house. if we have some on the hard right that can't get the yes on everything, then of course, we need to have the democrats get to 218 votes. it's that simple. >> congresswoman, are republicans reaching out to you on this? have they? >> absolutely not. i think representative dente is an example of a republican who i would expect to reach out because he definitely has not been a part of a hardliners that said repeal. if you come to the table and say let's all sit down and talk about we can improve the health care reform act, let's talk about how we can help those states that haven't expanded medicaid actually do that, if we can look at other issues like that. i know the democrats would be
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willing and ready, but, again, i have to say republicans come to the table with repeal. hopefully after this fiasco, they will drop that demand and come to the table to help the american people. >> how would you describe that meeting, congresswoman? >> i definitely would not describe it as a photo op. in fact, there were no formal photos taken, but let me just say that as a member of the congressional black caucus executive committee, when we went in to talk to the president, our chairman began with an overview that told the president, you have to stop talking about the african-american community the way that you do. you also have to stop saying what do we have to lose? the theme of our meeting was we actually have a lot to lose and,
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frankly, in the first 60 days of your administration, we've already lost a lot. one of the first things that happened was for the federal government to pull out of the voting rights lawsuit in texas, rolling back the disent decrees to look at police departments in baltimore and in chicago. those were two things that the administration did even before the secretaries of those departments were confirmed, and so we believe -- >> congresswoman, i don't mean to interrupt you. >> that's okay. >> youring up stop talking, start doing. did he give you those assurances in this meeting? >> well, i don't think he gave us the assurances, but what he did say and what we asked for specifically was we wanted an ongoing dialogue with several members of his cabinet. now, we presented him with a document. it was over 100 pages. some of it was a little bit about african-american history sense we know he needs to understand a little bit about african-american history, but it was also filled with more than
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50 pages of solutions, very specific pieces of legislation. we asked him to review the document and to get back to us, and i am hoping that he will look for ways that we can come together. one area we did talk about was transportation and infrastructure. we told him it would be very much interested in that. if there is going to be major legislation on infrastructure we want to make sure that african-americans can have access to those jobs and also to the small business contracts associated with those jobs. >> it's not just about job creation. it's about access to those jobs, which is a very important thing to bring up. congresswoman carrie bass of california, thank you. >> up next, we turn our attention to the intelligence firestorm which has plagued the trump administration in recent weeks. has the time come for a special prosecutor to review the case. the latest on the investigation and the trump's wiretapping claims and alleged ties to russia. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy.
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we have an update on breaking news. police say the gunman is barricaded on the bus on las vegas boulevard. parts of the nearby cosmopolitan hotel are evacuated, and other guests were told to shelter in place in their rooms. mr. police say they do not know the gunman's motive. the house republican leading the probe into russia, the election, and potential ties with donald trump's team. he is under scrutiny himself this weekend. days after suggesting that president trump was a subject of surveillance. congressman nunez is back. >> i have been very clear on this for many, many weeks now. there was no wiretapping of trump tower. that didn't happen. >> nunes also canceled an open
2:21 pm
hearing into the russia meddling set for tuesday. testimony was expected. national security reporter ken delanie is in washington for us. ken, i want to show people what devin nunes said on tuesday on capitol hill, and then we'll talk. >> mr. chairman, is the president's conversations anything about president appearing intligence reports? is that what you are saying? >> i have seen -- i have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the president-elect and his team were, i guess, at least monitored and disseminated out in intelligence. >> what changed in two days? >> one of the things that changes is that experts started examining very closely what nunes was talking about with this incidental collection. people like mike hayden, the former nsa director, when it was on our air saying, look, what this is likely to have been is
2:22 pm
foreigners talking to foreigners about trump and his associates, and then reporters started asking nunes, and he acknowledged he couldn't say for sure that anyone at trump tower was picked up op a wiretap or their e-mail was eavesdropped on. that really all he could say for sure is that there were intelligence reports circulated that mentioned their names, which is a whole different ball of wax. it's not a scandal. it's very routine. it happens all the time. there are some questions about whether the names were unmasked, whether they were circulated inappropriately around the intelligence community. that's nunes's job to ask those questions. he did it by going outside the normal channels. he didn't alert committee democrats that he was doing it. he had a pair of news conferences. >> which everyone agrees is not true. >> why not communicate with committee democratss? why not communicate before you come out with something like this is this. >> well, nunes apologized behind closed doors for going that
2:23 pm
rout, and then he defended his decision. the whole thing was a ruse. it was designed to give donald trump cover. donald trump doesn't need nunes to get ahold of the surveillance reports. he could order them from the nsa. a lot of questions here. it really kind of casts a pall over the russia-trump collusion, and a lot of people are wondering whether he can independently lead that probe. >> that's really the big question. can he actually do that? ken delaney, appreciate you joining me. just one day after the republican health care bill was withdrawn republican senator lindsey graham is back in his home state of california facing tough questions from his constituents. we'll go there live next.
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welcome back. msnbc world headquarters in new york. breaking news we're following. this is new video just in. police in las vegas now say two people were shot in a bus on the vegas strip.
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one of them has died. this video shows a flash on the bus where a gunman is believed to be barricaded on las vegas boulevard. they were evacuated from the cosmopolitan hotel. the gunman's motive is not yet known. vice president mike pence also spoke in charleston, west virginia, this afternoon in his first public appearance since the first republican health care bill was withdrawn on friday. let's take a listen to that. >> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. it was a victory for the status quo in washington d.c. it was a victory for the disaster of obama care. i promise you that victory won't last very long. >> president trump weighed in on at this time twitter about the health care defeat saying obama care will explode, and we will all get together and piece together a great health care plan for the people. do not worry. also, republican senator lindsey graham back in his home state today hosting a town hall in the state capitol, columbia,
2:28 pm
and fielding tough questions about health care and other issues from his south carolina constituents. nbc senior political editor beth was there. beth, what was the reaction from the constituents you were hearing? >> well, the constituents we spoke to were definitely relieved that the house plan had gone down. the house republican plan. they weren't super comfortable with senator graham who came out with a tweet yesterday saying collapse and repeal. basically he was saying he wanted the existing system. obama care, the affordable care act, to collapse under its own weight. then and, therefore, would bring people together to somehow come up with a new plan that other people could get behind. now, a lot of constituents had real concerns about that. they didn't want to see senator graham advocates the collapse of health care. when he came here and he was talking to constituents, he went into a little more detail with an attempt to sort of placate folks that had real worries about those tweets. he said he wanted a bipartisan system. i wanted republicans and democrats to come together and work with president trump to come up with a good plan, and he said that he understood why
2:29 pm
people liked obama care to some degree, but he said ittill has a lot of problems, and he wanted toee a different kind of system that relied on the different mechanism to make health care work. let's listen. >> i would like to create a system where people who are challenged by income can have help from the government to purchase a product in the private sector. i would like everybody in the country to be able to choose more health care in the private sector, not less. >> so he definitely has a very traditional republican view of wanting to keep health care in the private sector, keep it out of the government as much as possible. he said, look, you see all the problems going on at the v.a., and that's government system. you don't want to put all sorts of people in there because it's a system that isn't going to work now, and he was taking the more establishment republican line. he said he didn't like the republican health care plan and he said that wasn't his idea of how to do it. constituents are still
2:30 pm
concerned. we spoke to people on the line. we spoke to people who said how important it was for them to know that there was some sort of health care system there for them if they need it. let's listen. >> we need moderates in both parties to work together to fix this thing. >> senator graham definitely heard a lot from those constituents not just on health care. several other issues as well. we have fired up crowds going in to see their elected officials and talking about how they feel on a lot of different issues. >> working together is the real question. that's what we're going to have to look for. beth. >> we sure will. >> this coming week james comey will testify again looking into potential connections between the trump administration and russian efforts to influence the election. this time he is going to be doing it in a closed session with us now to take a closer look at the russian end of all of this, contributing opinion
2:31 pm
writer for the "new york times" and the author "the man without a face, the unlikely rise of vladimir putin." thank you so much for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you imagine the kremlin is thinking right now with everything that's going on with the russian investigation and the trump administration? >> well, what i imagine, actually, and what we can see in the russian media is that they're not too happy about this. at first it was great fun for putin to look like the person who put trump in office, who sort of took a victory lap after the election, but now with all this attention on the possible russia connection, the reset that they were hoping for hasn't happened. sanctions have stayed in place. the new people in charge of russia policy are actually pretty tough on russia, and they are really excellent experts. h.r. mcmaster and fiona hill who probably will be running russia policy at the national security council are not, you know, russia doves, and i don't think this is playing out dpbl how they hoped. >> putin is not happy that he is
2:32 pm
the center of attention these days. the kremlin is the center of attention. that russia is a main part of the conversation coming out of the ho white house? >> it was immensely interest takening, but it hasn't had the real results. >> they were hoping for that sanctions would be lifted. i think they were hoping that trump would, in fact, be sort of a puppet. i think that they were hoping to sit down for a sort of -- and carve up the world. now that they could have a bipolar world again. none of that is happening or particularly likely to happen. >> why did russia or vladimir putinin think that donald trump would be in a better position to help russia versus hillary clinton. >> most of what trump said during the campaign would make one think so. he said he wanted a better relationship with russia. he clearly was not particularly interested in maintaining sanctions that were imposed after russia illegal annexation of crima. he has had a vy
2:33 pm
non-interventiist rhetoric. he doesn't seem to know what nato is. his commitment to nato isn't nearly as strong -- >> the hard line that president trump has taken with iran. >> i think that that was a possible problem, but i think that moscow was much more concerned with sanctions and also much more concerned about not wanting to see hillary clinton win the election. that was also a huge factor. >> it wasn't necessarily get donald trump elected. it was don't get hillary clinton elected? >> i think that was actually the biggest part of russia's agenda, and the agenda behind russia's interference. >> you wrote an article this month that might make some people take a different look at the trump white house in russia. you were talking about general mcmaster and fiona hill joining the administration, as you just said, and you wrote both of these appointments and the fact that sanctions remain in place six weeks into the presidency contradict the putin puppet narrative as is the fact that
2:34 pm
russia and domestic propaganda has turned against trump. do americans really need to take a step back here? >> i think that reality as usual is much messier than we would like to think. you know, conspiracy theories are great because they make reality suddenly digestible because all the dots are connected. i think that part of the whistler behind these hearings is to connect all the dots and make things clear and explain how trump happened to us. actually, i think, you know, it's much more messy and we're not seeing a putin puppet in the white house. what we're seeing is something very scary, but something different than what a russia conspiracy would explain. >> do you think there may have been collusion between russia and the campaign -- and the trump campaign? >> i think there may have been collusion. i think it's much more likely that, again, it's a mess. that russia was interfering in order to disrupt the election and to undermine faith in the electoral process. this is something that has been russia's motus operendi.
2:35 pm
the idea that russia could have had an impact on the election on the actual outcome of the election, you know, that -- that is mind-boggling. i think when we dig right down to it, we're going to see that it's much more messy. >> what about the alleged -- the conversation that flynn had in december. that seems like more than just a mess. >> well, actually, that does seem like a god awful mess. look, manifort is a lobbyist with many, many unsavory connections. that's so far all we know about him, and the fact that he was under contract to a russian oligark up through 2010 doesn't really tell us anything about the trump campaign. it tells us ai lot about his character, but it's mostly stuff we knew before. it's kind of the same with flynn. flynn was taking money from turkey. flynn was talking to the rsian ambassador. there's nothing particularly unusual about somebody talking to the russian ambassador. it's in this conspiracy frame of mind that we think, oh, my god,
2:36 pm
that's something extraordinary. >> quickly, do you see vladimir putin and president trump having a summit? >> i can't make predictions about a summit. i don't see them having a friendship. >> okay. thank you so much. >> thank you. how are voters feeling now that the republican health care bill has collapsed? we went to the nation's heartland. the great state of kansas. to talk to trump supporters to get their reaction. a live report coming up. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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back now to the failed gop health care bill and what is being called president trump's latest legislative defeat. what do trump voters think about all this? vaughn hilliard has been on the road speaking to trump supporters. he is in salina, kansas, right now. what are they telling you? >> i'll tell you over the last of the three weeks. leading up to the course of the time that the bill was introduced on march 6th to when it was pulled by paul ryan from being voted on yesterday against
2:40 pm
the last 24 hours since the bill was pulled. what i tell you is that republicans and democrats, conservatives, liberals, theres a lot of nuance in this health care debate, and i talked to as many trump supporters that are supportive of universal health care coverage as i have democrats that said the affordable care act didn't take care of them to the extent that they would have liked. they're still paying high premiums and got high deductibles on their health care plans. i talked to many trump supporters over the last 24 hours since that health care bill was pulled. >> is this something he is puing out of the hat or something he has been thinking of and h not shared with anyone? we have no whied what his thoughts are. >> we have democrats that won't even vote on anything simply because they're just being hard-headed whether they agree or disagree, and we have republicans that are even actually not standing behind the president that has made the decisions because they're trying
2:41 pm
to do things the old way too. >> that second woman you heard there was obviously a trump loyalist hoping that they would have backed the bill that was put -- was going to be put to the floor yesterday, but overwhelmingly the trump voters i talked to -- they're more like the first woman. she was a nursing student. she said she was skeptical of the bill. sle didn't know although the nuances of the bill that was introduced less than three weeksing a. they still take this and be proactive and discuss health care bill that could go into the future. you talk to, again, democrats, republicans. there are still concerns over the state of americans' health care system. all americans are affected by health care insurance, and, you know, lindsey graham at his town hall earlier today who i'll remind you was the only u.s. senator to hold the town hall this weekend, and he said that potentially they could get bipartisan support and work with democrats on an effort to ultimately find a health care replacement bill that could help
2:42 pm
move the health care system forward and talking to democrats and republicans, i think they would tell you the same. >> vaughn, we talk and talk about the health care bill and what happened yesterday, but ultimately it's those people that are really going to be affected by what takes place and what changes are made. thank you for bringing that to us. nbc's vaughn hilliard. women's health care advocates are -- many advocacy groups slammed the bill that would have stripped federal funding from planned parenthood and eliminated essential health benefits that require plans to cover pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care. joining me now, stephanie brsh she's the president of emily's list, an organization that supports pro-choi democra women running for office. thanks for joining me. >> i join millions of women across this country with a big sigh of relief yesterday, but i will tell you this. those women, all of under the circumstances, we're not going to forget what happened yesterday and how close they
2:43 pm
came to passing a bill that was going to defund planned parenthood, dismantle maternity care, birth control coverage. the list goes on and on. when i say they're not going to forget, emily's list has already had 10,000 women cactus about running for office across the country up and down the ballot. a lot of those women are going to run for congress in november 2018, and this is going to be a driving factor. >> stephanie, talk first about why you think it's important that maternity care is covered, is mandated coverage here. >> i think to start with, this is a basic part of family life. i think about some of the incredible women i've met over the years who before obama care could not afford to pay for a maternity rider on their health care and would get pregnant and all of a sudden had a special or had a preexisting condition called pregnancy. i mean, that's just absurd. i mean, it it doesn't make any sense for health care not to
2:44 pm
fully cover maternity care. you know, i think back to the hearing we had during all of this argument about obama care to begin with. a bill that has helped tens of millions of people to get health insurance, and debbie stabenow, and a republican senator said, well, i don't need maternity care, so we shouldn't have to pay for it, and senator stabenow said i bet your mother did, and to me that says it all. >> is there a worry that a complac complacency might happen and a miss would happen all over again where woman's health care would be stripped and planned parenthood funding taken ay? >> we know that this is just one battle in a war that we're in the middle of. with this republican congress, with this president, they have made it clear over and over again. they're looking for the opportunities to defund planned parenthood, and i just got to tell you, i don't understand why. we saw polling again this week that shows that the mass majority of americans do not
2:45 pm
support defunding planned parenthood. i mean, the republicans right now are pushing the wrong issue, and they're wrong on that issue. i don't know what they're thinking, but i'll tell you what, it's going to motivate women every single day to go to town halls, call their members of congress, and it's going to motivate them to run, and we're seeing that at emery's list, and that's exactly what we're going to do. hold these republicans accountable during the election at the ballot box. >> stephanie, earlier today president trump, he tweeted obama care will explode. do not worry. how do you think republicans could affect women's health care going forward? >> well, i would like them to come to the table. it has covered so many more people in this country. we are so grateful for what it has done. we recognize that we have some places that we need to fix it. well, let's come together and
2:46 pm
insure that there's better and more health care in this country and not what they tried to do with that bill yesterday, which is take health care away from 24 million americans and strip away things like maternity care. i mean, we do need to continue advancing health care in this country. you heard it just in the earlier segment from the folks in kansas. that's what we need to be doing. we don't need to be looking at opportunities to pull it away. we need to be extending and expanding health care, including planned parenthood. >> i feel like we need to play that song "come together" because that's kind of the theme of the show. these last couple of hours. i think that we probably have to pay for that, and that's a lot of money. stephanie, thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, days after the terror attack in london authorities are still trying to piece it all together. what led khalid massoud, a man who grew up in london, to become a killer. new details after the break.
2:47 pm
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are zbliefrmt welcome back. we're learning more about the man responsible for the attack in london. he stabbed a parliament guard c paermd guard. >> reporter: that massive dragnet looking for police cars to khalid masood now appears to be narrowing. the metropolitan police say they released two off the detained people they had in custody. if you remember there were 11 people detained in the aftermath of the attack. there's only one now in prison. truly there were some 11 different properties that were searched. 3,500 videotapes examined and witness interviews. the metropolitan police are still trying to determine what made khalid masood take this devastating step to kill the people around the building
2:51 pm
behind me. it's surprising because he was born in kent in southern england and he was described as an affable guy. but he took a darker turn later in life. ended up in a few stints in prison and converted to islam. authorities in london today said he went to saudi arabia three timeand spent a total of two year living there. his most recent tripe was in 2015. >> our thoughts with the victims of that attack. coming up, republicans fail to deliver on one of their biggest promises to previously and replace obamacare. next, where they go from here.
2:52 pm
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just 24 hours since the collapse of the republican health care bill. we're finally getting a feel for the fault lines left in its wake. where does the white house go from here? >> we'll probably be going right
2:55 pm
now for tax rofrm which we could have done earlier but this would have worked out better if we could have had some democrat support. now we're going to go for tax reform. >> evan, i'm going to start with you. the repeal collapsed. democrats are in the streets cheering. the collapse, the repeal. but they can't have democrats done to fix obamacare? >> well, right now there's just a lot of wishful thinking on the part of the white house that someday obamacare will have problems that are large enough to force everyone back to the table. it's an unusual environment where the president of the united states is openly hoping that a major program that tens of millions of americans rely upon will collapse in order to get people back to the table.
2:56 pm
ultimately with the way they've handled it, it's not surprising. it's similar to a book the legendary journalist wrote about the 62 mets about can anyone here play this game. with the trump white house, the answer is no. >> are the democrats doing nothing to fix obamacare? just so i understand what you're saying. >> look, the republican party that runs congress in both houses, the trump white house has done nothing to reach tout to the democrats to try to enlist them. >> don't democrats need to come forward as well? is it just on the republicans to reach out? someone's got to do it. >> right now the white house has only down one thing, and that is try to partnered to everyone. that failed so now they're trying to say the democrats need to come to the table. if someone wants to come to the
2:57 pm
democratic caucus with meaningful ideas, then i'm sure you can have a dialogue because that's responsible governing. right now neither trump house or congressional leadership has shown any indication to work with dechltz in fact white the opposite, they control both houses of congress, they control the white house, and they've done everything they can to deep democrats out of that decision making. >> eagei heard you laughing i t. >> tens of millions were forced with obamacare, and sounds like evan and the democrats when they relitigate the worth of obamacare, and that's a fight we're willing to have. donald trump ran on the reform agenda. obamacare was part of that, repealing that was part of that and that will get done. also with job creation, tax reform and securing the border. >> why was the repeal so up popular then? >> it was being driven as a bill
2:58 pm
that was really a compromise bill led by the house. >> it seem like a compromise to me because no one was voting for it. >> that's prably where they wanted you to be. donald trump did everything he could as for the push along that repeal and replace. there are others that have come to the tabling and said we degree on repealing obamacare. it sounds like evan and some of the democrats don't and they want to relitigate that and we're happy to have that fight. we will replace obamacare with something better to lower the premiums which is what all americans want. this was a part of the reform agenda and that's to secure the border, job creation, and growing the economy. he's taking great steps to do all theefbl things in the first days. >> you've been saying for seven years and it didn't happen
2:59 pm
yesterday, and there wasn't a popular plan to do it with. >> sure. also there is no republican support when president obama forced this down americans' throats seven years ago. it's something he did in the first three or four months of his administration. donald trump is going to get those done. >> evan, final word? >> i think it's insane to think that you can do the exact same thing more than once and expect a different result. if they're going to approach tax return reform without trying to reach across the aisle and not be held by the crazies in the house, they're going to be unsuccessful once again. >> thank you both for joining us. from msnbc, joy reid is next. have a perfect sunday.
3:00 pm
can council for paul maurcht contacted the committee yesterday to offer the committee the opportunity to interview his client. we think mr. manafort for volunteering. >> donald trump's got 99 problems and his former campaign chairman may be one, because this week we learned paul manafort may have had a much closer relationship with russia than teen one we've been telling you about on this show since last july. according to the associated press, manafort once proposed a covert plan to benefit vladimir putin by influencing politics and news coverage inside t


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