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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  March 27, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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to what's happening right now. >> as we watch the closing bell on wall street, dominic chu keeping an eye on it. appreciate it. thank you all for watching. i'll see you back tomorrow afternoon 3:00 and, noon pacific. find me on snapchat, twitter, instagram and facebook. my name is tvkatesnow there. up next, my colleague, steve kornac kornacki. hey, steve. >> hi, kate, thanks for that. good afternoon, everybody, i'm steve kornacki live in new york. day 67 of the first 100 days. f topping our agenda, fork in road. >> we're not saying it's the end of health care but i think we are looking to look for a way forward. >> president picking up the pieces after that health care failure. he has two very different paths in front of him and a major choice to make about how to go forward. we will get into that. also on the agenda, a secret white house meeting. >> i mean, if this was a movie, you'd turn it off because you wouldn't believe it's believable.
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>> we have new reports suggesting deeper ties between the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes and the white house. now there are more calls for him to step down from investigations into the trump administration. and finally, going nuclear. >> senate democrats continued their obstruction to the president's nomination of judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. >> democratseem on course for a filibuster attempt of judge neil gorsuch's supreme court confirmation. does that mean republicans will trigger the so-called nuclear option? there is a lot to get to. we begin, though, with that old yogi berra line, when you come to a fork in the road, he said, take it. that's not an option for the trump white house, but now that his health care replacement plan has collapsed, the president has to choose between two very different paths forward. he wants to move on from health care. he wants to move on to his next
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big-ticket item. that is tax reform. the question is, how? option one for trump, he could smash the freedom caucus, or at least he could try. that's the conservative bloc in the house that just said no to the health care plan even after trump gave them concessions, even after he pleaded with them, even after he tried to strongarm them. they have been doing this for years now. defying pressure from republican leaders, making it awfully difficult for the party leadership. could trump amp up the pressure on them? could he get them to fall in line behind his tax reform agenda? that's an option he could pursue. if he can't, then that would leave option two, freeze out the freedom caucus, compromise with democrats. if the freedom caucus is just going to say no, trump would have to look elsewhere for votes. that would mean offering a hand to democrats. would he? could he compromise with them on the issue of taxes? would they want to? trump reaches out his hand , do
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the democrats take it, do they work with him or do they slap his hand away? chris jansing is standing by at the white house. so, chris, health care was the pass now for this white house. that seems to be the message. tax reform is the future. but when you couldn't get health care through, did they have any sense what direction they're going to take on taxes? >> reporter: well, here's the problem, and you just laid out two questions, do you do number one, steve, do you go and say, all right, we're going to go after the freedom caucus? i have not talked to anyone inside that white house who doesn't say that there were members of that caucus who the presidt, they believe, really tried toake compromises with and they honestly think they never were going to win them over. it is hard to see how they could go back to them. right? here's the other problem, obviously, with tax reform. as we've talked about, the fact that they did not get the savings as much as $1 trillion out of the health care plan, means it's a lot tougher to do tax reform without saying that
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there's going to be a deficit. would they be willing to take on deficits without an off set? you can just see the kind of fight that would be set up with some of the fiscally conservative republicans there. then could there be compromise with democrats? well, sean spicer talked about that at the briefing today. take a listen. >> he came here to get things done and i think, you know, as was pointed out, there's a level of disappointment that he expressed on friday. he wants to get things done. people want to work together. i think what this event on friday did was frankly draw more people into the process to say, okay, let's figure out if he can actually come together with some consensus ideas to get to 218, whether or not they come from one side of the aisle or the other, to pass this bill, to make a better system. he understands, frankly, i think a lot of democrats do, that there's an opportunity here. >> reporter: the opportunity isn't seen right now by chuck schumer who has said do you think we're going to sign on to something where 98% of the savings go to the richest people
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in the country? och of course, the big part of this would be corporate tax reform. the president would like to see the corporate tax rates come from -- >> thank you very much. >> reporter: would like to see them cut from 35% to about 15%. and frankly, a lot of democrats, steve, were energized by what they see as a victory. too early to know what the long-term ramifications are for them of what happened with health care? but they feel like there are things moving in their direction. finally, there's still a question here at the white house about who would be the point person. lot of folks over an the hill are saying, they're getting the indication it's going to b steve mnuchin. he's never shepherded anything through. we saw how difficult it was with health care. question marks in the air but it's clear that's the direction the white house wants to go. >> in chris jansing at the white
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house. we'll put the question of whether democrats would be willing to work with this administration, a democratic member of congress in a minute. for now i want to bring in republican congressman chris collins from new york. thanks for joining us. >> let me start by playing a clip of sean spicer at that press briefing today. he was asked a question going forward, can this president, can this administration work with the freedom caucus? the republicans. this was his answer. >> does the president still believe he can work with the freedom caucus on future pieces of legislation? >> i thnk itink it's going it d on what legislation. well fshl well, it's not a question of we're going to work with anybody who wants to work with us on achieving the goals that the president set out. i don't think -- we're not putting anyone in saying we'll never work with you again. the president also recognizes when there's not a deal to be made, when to walk away. that's one of the traits -- it's not just about making deals, it's knowing when to walk away from deals and knowing when there's a bad deal that's the only solution. >> so congressman, i understand
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the political answer for anybody in that situation is, sure, we'll work with anybody who's wills to work with us. but isn't the leon here potentially from this health care situaon that the freedom caucus is not willing to work with the rest of the republican party? >> well, while i'm disappointed in our freedom caucus and i was certainly very strongly behind the repeal and replace of obamacare, the emotion around repeal and replace when you add 31 states that have the exchange, or have medicaid expansion, and 14 of those had republican governors, and and and and and. it was so complicated, and now that that has failed. the issues surrounding tax reform are easier, as difficult as they are. they are not as emotionally charged as the health care debate was. so i am hopeful that the freedom caucus will work with the rest of us, the mainstream republicans, to get that done. because we know from what senator schumer has said and certainly nancy pelosi, we're going to get no help from the
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democrats. they are licking their chops over what they just saw. they're trying to count some numbers for takeover of the house next year. i don't blame them for, you know, in a way dancing in the streets over what happened but they're going to get ahead of themselves which they always do. and so i'll tell you, we'll get tax reform done. maybe not quite as grand as we might have hoped for. we have to be very worried if we have a deficit in ten years then it sunsets after ten years. we saw what happened with george bush's tax cuts. that's the dilemma we have. if we run a deficit, it's not forever. >> s you see no path to working with democrats. you don't think democrats are going to want to work with you on tax reform. let me ask you, though, could that have been different, if the first major item, republicans in congress, this white house chose to pursue in congress, had not been obamacare replacement?
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had democrats saying we're going to do this without democratic votes. do you look at it and say, what if we pursued something else like infrastructure that donald trump campaigned on, might be more of a natural interest for democrats, could that have changed the dynamic early on on capitol hill? >> you need a pay for, steve, on the infrastructure plan. as much as we all know we need infrastructure work in this country, there's got to be some kind of pay for, in some way tagging that along with tax reform might have been a vehicle, but as senator schumer said, if there's anything tax cuts for what he calls the wealthy, which in many cases are the job creators across america, the small businessowners, and let's remember, half of americans don't pay any federal income taxes. of course, it's going to benefit some of the higher earners because half the country at the lower income level don't even pay income taxes. i think the senator schumer is locked in on doing what he can to be an obstructionist. he's in minority. i understand that. i think it will becomefiackfire. i can't see any situation where senator schumer is going to say
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w tha we've got a stranglehold or think we have a stranglehold oyo we're going to work with you to get something accomplished. he does not want president to have any accomplishments as we head into the midterm elections which means it's -- it's going to be very difficult, which is why i do hope that the freedom caucus will work on something not as controversial as health care, which is tax reform. let's get -- get something done there and then we can move into something for infrastructure. >> so you're -- you're looking for party unity. quick question, though, when paul ryan became house speaker a little more than a year ago, of course, he followed john boehner. john boehner had all those problems with the freedom caucus. triying to get party unity. the hope, the promise, the potential of paul ryan as speaker supposedly was he would have more credibility with them. more ability to bring them around. does this call into question this health care failure, his ability to do that? >> no, none of this can be put onto the shoulders of either
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president trump or speaker ryan. this was our membership, you know, we've been the opposition party against president obama for eight years. we've been the governing party for all of 67 days. i think there is a bit of a learning curve there and i hope, you know, let's hope we learn something from this, i'll call it a debacle, that's what it was. let's hope we learn from it. tax reform is not as emotionally charged as was the debate on health care reform. i think some lessons were learned here. i'm the eternal optimism. you know, the buffalo bills haven't made the playoffs in 17 year but we are going to win the superbowl next year. >> there it is, chris collins, congressman from the buffalo area of western new york. >> okay. >> steve. >> thank you for joining us. appreciate that. donald trump and republicans obviously want to try to put this health care setback, a debacle chris collins just called it, behind them. white house press secretary sean spicer says they're not closing the door completely on the issue of health care, they are wills
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to work with democrats if democrats are willing to work with them. skbr we' >> we're not saying it's the end of health care but we're looks for a way forward. i think a lot of members, on both sides of the aisle, reached out not just to the president but members of the team wills to share some ideas both that will make -- they think that would make the bill stronger. but ultimately the goal is isto get to 216, potentially 218 depending where we are with special elections so we're going to look to see where we can get the 218 votes. and there may be other opportunities to work with people across the aisle to get us to 218. >> so if the white house has any interest in working with democrats, would democrats decide they have something to be gained from working with donald trump when his approval ratings with their own voters, with democratic voters, practically nonexistent at this point? let's talk to democratic congressman joe crowley, chairman of the house democratic caucus. congressman, thanks for joining us. so, your colleague there -- >> hi, steve. >> -- from the other part of new york, chris collins, just told
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us on tax reform, next big issue the white house wants to pursue, he says they're going to get no help, republicans are, no help from democrats, democrats, he says, are licking their chops to oppose republica and oppose trump on everything. including tax reform. is thatright? >> well, what i would say to you is that what you saw last week was really in many respects more sigh of relief that the affordable care act would not be undone, will continue to serve the american people more than exuberance on our side. it was really more, i think, an expression of relief. but as it pertains to everything else, you know, i think we had sent so many signals after the election that maybe a place we might be able to work together in a comprehensive way was on the issue of infrastructure. they started out with health care. now we move to tax reform. i would differ i think from my friend from buffalo. the tax reform is a very complicated issue. winners and losers that exist in the code right now and
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presumably winners and losers when you change that code. what i will say to you, though, steve, we will not place the burden on the back of working men and women in this country. that's something the president and his plan, the republican plan so far, squarely does and in many respects it's an anti-new york and new york city proposal as it stands right now. >> you were ready to work on infrastructure, sounds like you have a lot more reservations when if comes to tax reform. that poll we put up there, i mean, we've been seeing this straight through since the election. donald trump's, you know, approval rating with democrats, we have it at 6% right there. mind you, there's a margin of error of 3% in this. it's basically nonexistent. support for the president among democrats, i mean, you've heard from the democratic base, certainly you've seen these town hall meetings. is there any appetite, would you as a democrat have any cover from your party's base if you said, yeah, i'm willing to work with the white house on "x"? >> it's not so much about cover from the base. i think we have responsibility, a greater responsibility to do what's in best interest of the american people. we believe as a caucus fighting
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against what they were tries to do in the affordable care act and bring it down and destroy it was against the interest of our country. that's why we were so vociferous and why the outside support was vo viv rouciferous in oppositio. we're willing to do what's in the best interest of the country. i will also say this president has given more ve le very littl actually nothing to bite on at this point. been so antagonistic, so stressful to the country. he's still playing the blame game. he should be doing things to bring us together as opposed to drive us apart. >> congressman joe crowley, democrat from new york. thanks. >> yeah, man. all right. a bit of news we can pass along to you as well. nbc news now reporting house speaker p eer paul ryan, he wen the white house this morning to meet with donald trump and to talk about the party's strategy moving forward after this defeat on health care on their health care replacement plan last week. again, paul ryan at the white house this morning to meet with
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the president, nbc just learning that. we're going to take a quick break. on the other side, the white house signaling that president trump may potentially be open to reaching out to democrats. this comes, though, as democratic opposition is solidifying. there are more senators today coming up against his pick for the supreme court. the possibility of a democratic-led filibuster is increasing. and that means the possibility of a so-called nuclear option is there as well. i'm going to talk about the supreme court showdown with our panel. plus -- >> can you say factually, know, absolutely flatly, that it is not possible that chairman nunes came to brief the president on something that he obtained from the white house with the administration is. >> i can't say 100% i know anything what he briefed him on. >> there are new questions about devin nunes, republican chairman of the house intelligence committee. spokesman confirms the day before he told the press that the president may have been incidentally monitored, nunes got that information from a source that he met on white
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all of what i know has been available through public comments. i know that chairman nunes has confirmed he was on white house grounds tuesday and frankly any questions regarding who he met with, or why he was here, should be referred to him. >> white house today deflecting all questions related to revelations by a house intelligence committee chair devin nunes today. nbc news learning through a spokesman this morning that nunes was on white house grounds when he reviewed documents that
1:21 pm
led him to believe president trump or his associates were inappropriately included in u.s. intelligence reports. in an interview with "bloomberg view" nunes clarified he was on white house property to use a computer that could access the correct intelligence network. and that he met with an intelligence official and not a white house staffer. very confusing revelations here. joining me to discuss, more, break them down a little bit, michael allen, former republican staff director on the house intelligence committee, also served as a national security council staffer under president george w. bush. so he knows nunes' committee, h he knows its workers, he knows this community very well. thank you for joining us. let me just ask you, at a basic level here, you have nunes on white house grounds, not in the white house, says he's not meeting with a white house staffer but needed to be there apparently for some security reason. he obtained some kind of information that leaves him to come out and say he believes trump or people around trump were inappropriately included in
1:22 pm
intelligence reports. what do you make of this? does this sound like a credible story? a plausible story to you? what's your reaction upon hearing snhear ing this? >> my reaction it, it sounds like chairman nunes has a whistleblower, something we encourage in the -- at least from the congressional standpoint of people inside the bureaucracy who can alert the committee about potential wrongdoing. i'm not real sure why the whistleblower wouldn't have come up to the house intelligence committee skiff, that's the place where we can view classified information in the basement of the capitol, but taking chairman nunes at his word, it seems that he says it has to do with the computer system which is certainly different at the white house, has more access than would the one in the capitol. but it's unclear how a non white house staffer would be able to access the very sensitive classified database in order to take a look at some of the transcripts that he's apparently referring to. >> okay. so taking him at his word, there
1:23 pm
is a sort of acceptable scenario where this would be on white house grounds, this could be a whistleblower. the next step, that is, he obtains this informaon and does not share with it his colleagues on the intelligence committee, does not share it specifically with the democrats on that committee out there saying, why would you hold a press conference to announce this? why would you go to president trump and tell him about it, share it with him and not tell us? again, you know this committee very well. is there a plausible or reasonable explanation for that potentially? >> well, it's definitely harder to explain why go to the media before going to the members of the committee. and i think chairman nunes apologized for that. i think what we have here is that he has some what we call, what everybody's familiar with now, incidental collection, nunes says it wasn't about russia. but, you know, the secret here in washington is that if anybody is an agent of a foreign power to include an ambassador that might have been calling one of the team trump members, it's
1:24 pm
likely that that communication got intercepted and nunes probably went to the white house to view it, so he could get the numbers or any other markings on that so then he could go back to the house intelligence committee and say, look, under the law, we have a right to be current, fully and currently informed, here are the numbers of the signals intelligence pieces that i'm aware of and i demand to sea them. i think that's why he's saying more news to come but we'll have to see and it's particularly th curious thate nt to the white house after this apparent meeting but there are a lot more questions i think will have to be addressed. >> right. it seems very unclear what exactly he's trying to point to in terms of what does this add up to? he says the names should not have been included in intelligence documents, they were unmasked. that's sort of -- he's saying that part's inappropriate. you mentioned he's also saying this was not about -- this was not communications with russians, this was not about russia. i put a couple headlines up, we
1:25 pm
don't know if this is anything it's connected to, but here's a bunch of stories that have sort of made it into the news based on anonymous sources about dealings between trump, between people around trump, conversations, i should say, with foreign officials. is this the sort of thing he could be pointing to, potentially here, saying, look, hey, the basis of these news stories, is this unmasking? >> well, here's what we know about the trump transition. the trump transition apparently didn't schedule many of the foreign leader calls and it's true that if you're the national security adviser, you might have an impromptu discussion with an ambassador here in town. it's possible that we were not targeting, we, the intelligence community, not targeting a specific trump person, but one of the foreign powers who called the trump people. and so it all depends on, as i've said, it depends on, you know, bill clinton said it depends on the meaning of the word, "is." it also here depends on what meaning of the word, "surveillance," is. is it just these people were
1:26 pm
incidentally swept up because they were talking to legitimate legal targets of foreign surveillance? oress likely, it seems, is that they were targets, themselves? they, the trump people, were targets, themselves. i think that's very, very unlikely. and so i think there's a lot of conflation of issues here underneath what monitoring and what surveillance actually means. >> okay. michael allen, former republican staff director on the house intelligence committee that devin nunes chairs. thank you for joining us. appreciate that. let's go over to capitol hill now, let's talk about the politics of this. kasie hunt, devin nunes right now i understand has now inspired chuck schumer, the top democrat in the senate, to call for him to step aside from the committee because of this? >> reporter: steve, that's right. you had senator chuck schumer, top democrat in the senate, going to the floor to say that he essentially believes that this is such a conflict of interest, paints such a bad
1:27 pm
picture that it puts into question nunes' ability to be the chairman of the house intelligence committee which is, of course, an oversight committee aimed at overseeing the executive branch. take a look at how schumer put it earlier today. >> if speaker ryan wants the house to have a credible investigation, he needs to replace chairman nunes. chairman nunes seems to be more of a partisan for the president than an impartial actor. he has not been cooperating like someone who is interested in getting to the unvarnished truth. >> reporter: so, of course, democrats are limited in what they can actually do here and it would have to be republicans. the house speaker who took any action here. but i do think it's important to point out tt this -- the pressure and the politics around this investigation in some ways they've been clear-cut, but in others they haven't and the reality is that the president in tweeting an those wiretaps
1:28 pm
ratcheted up the temperature here on capitol hill to the point that it forced jim comey to come and acknowledge that there was an investigation and of course say there was no evidence of wiretapping. then a day later, you suddenly have nunes, we learned, going to the white house grounds to look at this information and then on wednesday, having a press conference about it. i just think it's important to remember kind of that story arc because it's unlikely we would have learned the information that we did from jim comey had he not come under pressure from republican and democratic senators. there have been a lot of democrats who suggest nunes obviously has conflicts of interest because he served on trump's transition team, for example. so i think a lot at work here that maig mayybe isn't going to down the way we expect it to. steve? >> kasie hunt with political fallout on capitol hill. thank you for that. quick break here. on the other side, well, there is a major announcement today from the world of sports. it's one that gives whole new meaning to fear and loathing and las vegas. we'll have it for you next. ♪
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and welcome back. here are the headlines at the half hour right now. house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes confirming today that he met with a source on white house grounds regarding the president's wiretapping claims. in a statement, a spokesman says nunes "met with his source in order to have proximity to a secure location where he could view the information provided." president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner will be interviewed by senate committee, part of the ongoing inquiry regarding possible links between the president's transition team and russia. spokeswoman hope hicks says kushner doesn't have anything to hide and his appearance is voluntary. design proposals for president trump's u.s./mexico border wall are due this wednesday. so far, more than 600 companies have submitted concepts. this according to cnbc.
1:33 pm
mick mulvaney says the adnistration is seeking more than $4 billion over the next 2 years to jump-start construction on what would be a 2,000-mile-long border wall when completed. top critic of russian president vladimir putin sentenced to 15 days in jail this morning after a massive anti-kremlin protest on sunday. over 1,000 others were detained in demonstrations across that country. and in north carolina, analysis by the "associated press" shows the so-called bathroom bill is going to cost the state more than $3.7 billion over the next decade. despite promises by republicans the law would not hurt business. the controversial law requires transgender individuals to use the bathroom of the sex on their birth certificate. and despite pleas from diehard fans in oakland, the raiders are going to test their luck in sin city. they are heading to las vegas after nfl voters today voted by a -- voters voted by a 31-1 margin today to approve the move
1:34 pm
to las vegas. the raiders are going to continue playing in las vegas for at least the 2017 season. a 65,000-seat dome stadium is being constructed in las vegas. it will welcome them likely in the year 2020. major move there from sports. it was a time when people thought professional sports would never go to las vegas because of the gambling. going to turn back to politics, donald trump and the white house trying to get back to their leglative agenda. with that highly visible fracturing in the republin party. press secretary sean spicer signaling this afternoon that health care is not necessarily dead for them. >> as we look back on, you know, talking about lessons learned, i think one of them is to try to get some of the phase one/phase two meshed together and pushed out. obamacare had a ton of fits and starts during its process, it was left for dead multiple times but they pressed forward. >> and joining me now, "washington post" national reporter, karen tamulty.
1:35 pm
and tim carney. karen, i'll start with you. look, the white house's timetable on this issue of tax reform, they want to shift to now after health care, they've been saying, hey, we can get this done by this summer. what does the failure on health care do to the timeline on something like tax reform? >> well, for one thing, the failure on health care for a lot of really complicated reasons that involve base lines and funding levels, they're going to have a lot more difficulty sort of making the numbers work on this. the other thing about tax reform is that it's incredibly complicated. it makes health care look simple. when ronald reagan was the last president to achieve it, it took over a year and a half and very, very strong leadership from his treasury department and it also is a really sort of a politically secular exercise. it's really hard to imagine
1:36 pm
getting tax reform done on a partisan sis. >> yeah, t, that's an interesting point karen makes, when reagan did tax reform in '86, they had a democratic appointment on that. you have republicans talking about are we going to do this? just had chris collins from new york on, saying we're not getting any democratic support on this, it's going to be just republicans. is that feasible at all especially considering they couldn't get all the republicans on the same page an health care? >> i don't think it is feasible because the main divide in republican party, used to be the moderates versus the conservatives. now i think of it as kind of the tea partyers versus the industry-friendly people. the k streeters. that's a term for all the lobbyists here. if there's anything lobbyists -- if their job is anything, it's to defend the special tax breaks for their industries so if you've got a huge portion of the party dedicated to saying, well, no, i'm on behalf of the oil industry, i'm on behalf of the realtors, i'm on these guys' side, you're not going to be able to get it through unless you're able to reach across the
1:37 pm
aisle and that's not something that we've seen any of in the trump administration. >> yeah, and karen, could you even see just looking at this issue, could you even see the potential basis for a compromise? an area where trump, republican leaders could reach out to democrats and get some buy-in, especially when you see these polls where trump's approval rating with democrats is, like, 3%? >> well, i think that there was actually some talk about tax reform during the obama administration as well. i think what you need to get is both parties buying in on a specific set of guiding principles. whether it's lower rates or closing loopholes or, you know, rearranging the corporate tax structure or encouraging -- you got to get people agreeing on what the end point is and you sort of rk back from there. >> i also want to get to another piece of news here, the other drama playing out in washington, supreme court nomination of neil gorsuch, will democrats filibuster this and potentially
1:38 pm
trigger this so-called nuclear option where republican leaders just do away with the filibuster all together moving forward? you have pat leahy, the top democrat on the judiciary committee, signaling today that he may be willing to vote against filibustering the nomination. he's against the nomination, but he may not support the filibuster. tim carney, what do you make of this situation? >> so, the -- what we've seen over the last decade-plus is a sort of arms race of first you got chuck schumer and the democrats, they start filibustering for lower court nomination then filibuster more. then the republicans come in and they filibuster all legislation then harry reid sort of nukes the filibuster for some nominations but not all. and so if you want to wait until the next level of this escalation, democrats might want to say, well, we'd rather force the republicans to go nuclear on an unpopular nominee, or a nominee whose qualifications are more in question. so while the base is still real
1:39 pm
he angry about any judge who's going to be pro-life, a guy who's replacing merrick garland, you have the legal community, a lot of the mainstream media saying gorsuc she's quified. so if there's a next nominee who they can poke a few more holes in, they'd rather have the nuclear fight over that, even if they're going to lose both, they don't want to sort of lose the ability to at least raise heck when it's a nominee who's so widely understood to be qualified. >> yeah, karen, i've been wun wondering if there's a second nomination and for a democratic seat. this is is to fill ska la yeea' seat. harry reid did away with a filibuster on lower court nominati nominations. if it's been established the rules can be changed, get rid of the filibuster, is there any power left it in anymore as it is? >> well, the fact is with this nominee, you're swapping a conservative for a conservative. the next fight, is, in fact, likely to change the nature of the court and so the stakes are likely to be a lot higher and to
1:40 pm
kind of trigger this fight now because you're reacting to the passions of your base, and depriving yourself of both the weapon and the argument of the filibuster next time around does seem like it's, you know, a lot of instant gratification now but that could be very costly in the long run. and the long run being decades. >> i did see a little bit of speculation today on twitter that chuck schumer, the democratic leader, may be secretly relieved that pat leahy is talking this way. schumer wants the base to see him filibustering this but may not want to actually lose the filibuster on this nomination. me will see, though. me suspense there aroundhat situation. karen tumulty,carney, thanks for joining us. tim, glad you got out of the elevator. more than a year out of the next midterm election, weeks and months, an earlier test of the political climate. there is one place democrats are looking to to see if there's going to be a wave in 2018.
1:41 pm
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place your left hand on the bible. raise your right hand. repeat after me. i thomas price do solemnly swear -- >> i thomas price do solemnly swear. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> tom price there he is, the secretary of health and human services. one of his jobs was to help craft, help push through the republican obamacare replacement plan. that crashed and burned last week. all sorts of democrats look at that and they say, that's a sign of political strength for us, it's a sign we're going to have a comeback in the 2018 midterms. tom price is interesting to that story, too, because before he was in the cabinet, he was a congressman from georgia. he left that seat open. it takes us to our most important number of the day today. which is fooiive because there
1:45 pm
currently five open seats in the house of representatives which means there are going to be five special elections in the next few months to fill these seats. these are special elections in some cases people will be looking at very closely to see if there are signs that the political environment is shifting since the november election. democrats especially want to see if they look stronger now than they did in november. now, you can see here, four republican seats, these are republicans who left to join the trump administration. also have one democratic seat down there. now the attorney general of california, beccera. his seat is vacant. beccera's area, hillary clinton got it. i'm not sure there is a republican running out there. that's going to be a democratic seat. look at montana, some democrats look at montana. obama came close there in 2008, a statewide district. only one district in that state. . trump won it by 20%.
1:46 pm
republicans solidly favored there. same thing here in south carolina, mick mulvaney left this seat. the rock hill area in south carolina. solid trump district. even kansas, mike pompeo, cia director, again, trump country. that leaves one other race on the board and it is a fascinating test of where donald trump stands politically a few months into his administration. look at the 6th district of georgia. where is it? the suburbs. densely populated suburbs right outside atlanta. look at the shift in his district. mitt romney, this a suburban republican district. in 2012, mitt romney crushed it here. republicans have traditionally crushed it here but this is the type of republican, as we always talk about those college educated white voters, college educated white suburbanites, traditionally republicans, most uncomfortable republicans with donald trump. look at this, romney won it by 23. four years later, trump wins it by a single point. this district is exactly the kind of district that democrats are looking at nationally and
1:47 pm
saying, if there's going to be movement away from trump, if there's going to be movement toward us in 2018, if there's going to be a chance to take back the house, it's going to be in districts that fit this profile. keep a close eye on this one. april 18th, that's the preliminary. there's basically one democrat in this race, a bunch of republican sorts of huge number of candidates on the ballot. can the democrat get 50% there? if he does, he wins it outright. that would be a major national story. if not, you'll have a run wraofo months later in june. democrats looking at this. they think it would be a huge, huge signal if they can pull off an upset in this kind of district, that would portend something bigger for 2018. of course, if it goes the other way, if the republicans end up winning this thing by double digits, maybe all that democratic enthusiasm is a little overstated. that's something to keep an eye on. there are five open seats now, five special elections. one is looming. above all else. most important moment of the day, one of donald trump's signature promises on the
1:48 pm
campaign trail. repeal, replace obamacare. his washington debate, who is at fall of the clams of the republican plan? were trump voters ever really sold on it? >> your reaction to the fact that that bill did not go through? >> hallelujah. >> having as many holes in it that obamacare kind of does now. >> okay. all right. >> so it's not good. >> nbc's rehema ellis is out in trump country, ohio, and joins me live to hear what the voters there are saying. that's next. look closely. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing. the microsoft cloud helps the pga tour turn countless points of data into insights that transform their business and will enhance the game for players and fans. the microsoft cloud turns information into insight.
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1:52 pm
i think the president has made it very clear. it is not over. >> i think part of it is a recognition pits failing. it is dying on its own. it will be dead soon. >> the white house saying despite the failure of the obamacare replacement plan, the issue of health care is still a priority. patrons around the country are grappling with what could be next for they will of take a look at williams count, ohio. this was trump country in november. donald trump winning by nearly a 3/1 margin. ohio is a state seeing the direct effects of the affordable care act. re tn 700,000 have been added to the rolls. in williams county with a medical professional's view. what are you hearing out there? >> reporter: i can tell what you
1:53 pm
i'm hearing from dr. warren morris, who is the doctor here at this health facility. we should tell people, you're kind of a country doctor. we're in a very rural part of ohio. you see a lot of farms and it is not a city area. this is a country area. as you were watching the debate over the affordable care act, what was your reaction to the fact that it failed last weekend? >> the big concern that we had was it would affect medicaid expansion. the life blood of serving the underserved. there were so many changes in the plan. i don't know which would finally be offered. i was glad to see that delayed. >> what does it mean in terms of the difference for health care for peel in this community? without medicaid, they have no choice but to go to the emergency room for care. if you come to a clinic, we can do it to about $120. the average visit to an emergency voom $2,000.
1:54 pm
if they're paying out of pocket, for an ongoing problem, hypertension, diabetes. >> did you say $120 for people to come here versus $2,000 for an merge room? >> that includes colds all the way to mass trauma. but it averages to $2,000. some and some people are concerned about medicaid and what did it here. >> we have some grant work that allows to us treat the uninsured but it is quite sxlimlimited any narrow in its focus. we were able to reach a wide swath of the community with medicaid expansion. >> before this community was here, they didn't see a doctor. >> this is one of 11 sites. you can tell when a community has not had access to care for the poor. these people are sick. they have a lot ofs problem that would you never see in a suburban practice. >> and there's concern about
1:55 pm
alcohol, drug and particularly drug abuse here. >> heroin has really gotten a foothold. it is an problem not front a medical standpoint but a lot of addicts, they're functional addicts. they're not really working but they're sell to feed their habits. they're prostituting, they are doing nengs degrade the community. >> see just one doctor's impression of what would happen if the affordable care act did not exist. >> thank you. when i woke up this morning, there were all sorts of rumors that it would be a rough day on wall street. let's find out if that was true. here's kate rogers. >> the markets closed mixed today. the dow sunk by 45 points. the s&p was off by 2 but the nasdaq was up 11 points. that's first in business worldwide. what took you so long? i know, i saved a ton of money on car insurance.
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all right. we are back taking a live look inside. that's if convention hall in washington, d.c. the annual apac, the pro israel organization holding its annual convention. that's the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, a former south carolina governor. speaking speaking now, they are holding an event. a short while later, paul ryan is scheduled to deliver an address. those will be his first public remarks since the failure of the obamacare replacement plan last fray. and we learned a few minutes ago that ryan was at the white house earlier today meeting with president trump. the two of them huddling to
2:00 pm
discuss where they can go now. after the faye you're of health care. on that issue of tax reform, can they reach out to democrats? can they do it with just republicans? time for mtp daily with chuck. it starts right now. if it's monday, the health care revolt moves into the rear view. >> if this was a movie, you would turn it off. you wouldn't believe it is believable. >> connecting the dots, nunes' secret meeting on white house grounds. >> i think there's a difference between a leak and someone reviewing the situation. >> how far will democrats go in their quest for a special prosecutor? we'll talk on a democratic house member, ahead of a committee meeting happening this hour. and the thwart of the deal clfl white house power players could be repeeled and


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