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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 2, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. there's a lot to get to this hour. i'm alex whitt here at msnbc world headquarters where it's 1:00 in the east, 10:00 a.m. in the west. white house officials are pushing back on accusations the administration sought to keep intelligence materials from house intel ranking member, add
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tam adam schiff. >> you're saying there was no reluctance by the white house to share this material with the ranking democrat? >> not that i'm aware of at all. i think the bigger point is because there's something there, we'd love for him to come and see it, which is what we said. it turns out there's something of sub tastance there for him t know about and if there wasn't, he would have walked out that moment from the white house and come out and declared this was a big waste of time and a big doll and pony though, but he didn't. he hasn't and therefore, i think that's very telling in what he probably saw on friday. >> it's certainly is an attempt to distract and hide the orgin of the materials, the white house hand, the question is is of course why and i think that the answer to the question is is this effort to point the congress in other directions. basically say don't look at me,
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at russia, there's nothing to see here. you know, i would tell people when ever they see the president use the word fake, it ought to set off alarm bells. >> of course that wasn't the committee chair. shafs adam schiff. nikki hailey pushing back on krcritics after rex tillerson sd the future of the assad regime will be decided by the syrian people. >> i sad a suls a priority. that's not an issue. he is a war criminal. he has done terrible things to his own people. he has used chemical weapons on his own people. he continues to be a hindrance to peace in syria and that's something the administration strongly believes. our goal is we want to bring assad to justice. we want him the pay for the crimes he's done. >> sounds like talk. not walk. >> oh, no. the walk is there. if you go and look at what we're trying to do in syria, it's only been two months. >> but republican senator john mccain is not holding back on sharp words for the secretary of state. >> mr. tillerson's statement
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that the syrian people will determine their own future? that is one of the more unusual statements i've ever heard. i know that mr. tillerson was busy. but did he miss the barrel bomb ing? did he miss the iranian revolutionary guard? the russians striking with precision weapons, hospitals in aleppo? >> as the senate repairs to vote on neil gorsuch, two different takes on whether he gets confirmed to the supreme court. here's mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer this morning. >> neil gorsuch will be confirmed this week. how that happens really depends on our democratic friends. >> it's highly, highly unlikely that he'll get 60. >> kelly o'donnell standing by for us. we know the president was tweeting earlier, what all is he saying? >> well, wup of the topics that has come back for the president is something we had been given some indication they were ready to put aside.
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that's health care. so the president today tweeting a couple of things about health care, say iing this that talks repealing and replacing obamacare are and have been going on and will continue until such time as a deal the hopefully struck. also today, the president is out at one of the golf courses he has here in suburban virginia. he is not by himself. he's with rand paul and budget drirector, nick mull vainy and both of them have been a big part of the health care discussion. rand paul was definitely against bill that ended up not going through and kind of dying on capitol hill and he in fact encouraged some of those house republicans in the freedom k caucus to hold their ground andoh pose it, so he's a key figure and the budget director also very important in how this plays out with respect to health care, so maybe golf and business going on. it's notable we're even told that because for week, white house aides have usually avoided
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saying the president was playing golf and not told us who he was playing with. so the fact they gave us those pieces of information suggest they want to talk about health care. also of course, we heard from sarah sanders and she talked about the president's criticism of the freedom caucus on twitter. here's her response. >> this president made bold and big xhimts during the campaign and intended on keeping them and he wants the members of his party to get on board with that. these are the same guys that also campaigned on repealing an replacing obamacare. we have an opportunity to do that. so let's do that. >> and perhaps the continued focus on health care is not only because it's a big issue for voters on all sides, but we're almost to the recess for the easter break where members of congress and senators will be going home to their home states and districts and could well hear from constituents if they're holding meetings or out in their own communities, so keep k some political pressure
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on those republicans who were resistant may bear some fruit if they think constituents will be urging them to try to work on getting a health care repeal done. democrats have held strong and said they will oppose this and they are still enjoying the fact their unity helped to also bring attention to the health care law, keeping obamacare in place for the foreseeable future as house speaker paul ryan would say. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house, i thank you. let' bring in any panel. chief white house correspond, erin mcpike and kaitlyn burns u. erin, your first here and the potential showdown over supreme court nominee, neil gorsuch. the democrats as you know threat benning to filibuster. republicans threaten iing the nuclear option in response. here's what chuck schumer said on "meet the press." >> let's sit down and come together. our republican friends are
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acting like they're a cat on the top of a tree and they have to jump off with all the damage that entails. come off the tree. sit down and work with us. >> so, erin, do you see any scenario where the democrats do not use the filibuster? >> actually, i think they will. i talked to a chief of staff on the democratic side just yesterday who said the democrats with will have the 41 votes they need to do that. and also, that mitch mcconnell will go nuclear and use that option. that gorsuch will get through by the end of the week, but that the big story of this week may be the breakdown in senate rules and the fact it's only going to be 51 votes for the first time to get through a supreme court justice. >> that would have a huge lingering effect. so kaitlyn, to that end, is this the right supreme court nominee for tdemocrats to filibuster an the nuclear option used on them? he's going to be b replacing antonin scalia, who's a conservative. >> that's right. this is not a pick that's going
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to change the make up of the supreme court. and so, there are questions about whether democrats are over extending their hand here, whether they should have waited to do this on potentially the next pick. what they're dealing can though is a very active democratic base that wants lawmakers in congress to oppose anything and everything that they can with this president. you're also seeing little political incentive for democrats to work with this president. really on anything. given how low his approval ratings are. and we're heading into a midterm election race next year, so what i'm keeping an eye on are these vulnerable democrats up for re-election next year. we know their names. people from trump states. two of them have said they will support gorsuch, but others have kind of on the fence, we'll wait to see. that decision will really give us an inclination about what the political climate is. whether democrats are kind of em boldened by this president's low
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approval. >> if i can jump in on that, heidi heitkamp and joe manchin probably not going to seek beyond office uso they don't have to worry about the stain it will be on their legacy if they vote for gorsuch. other democrats could seek higher office and if he vote frs gorsuch, that would probably be used against him in a primary throughout the national democratic party. he will look bad to liberal activists who will try to take him down. >> but both being from colorado, so there must be some sort of a connection there. erin, you have senate majority leader michel mcconnell weighing in on this. let's look at what he said on "meet the press." sfwl tell you is that neil gorsuch will be confirmed this week. filibustering justice at all is a rather recent phenomenon started by chuck schumer after bush 43 got elected president. >> you think it's a done deal?
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risks, rewards for republicans if they trigger the nuclear option? >> i think it's a done deal. that's what i've been hearing, so like i said earlier, that's what we're going to be hearing next weekend we'll be talking about the breakdown in this process and what it means going forward. for the rest of the congress in the next couple of years and how they go about fixing that. i would remind you that dianne feinstein, a high ranking democrat in the senate how regrets they went about changing senate rules under harry reid, but this is a bad idea because look what has happened. >> the consequences. can you discuss some of them if this happen, down the road? >> the largest criticism has been b that the senate would become much like the white house without the minority filibuster power. but what's interesting here is that why democrats, some are under fire for supporting this kind of filibuster is because it does open the door for changing
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senate rules on other things, so kind of ushering in an easier way for r republicans in this case because they're the majority to pass legislation that democrats might oppose. when you're looking at further supreme court nominations town the road, if they do come up this terepublicans could, the president could forth a much more conservative justice than democrats would like to see. it's not like this is going to open the door for any more liberal policies because republicans in r in charge. so i think there's a lot of criticism focused on this kind of decision. >> let's get to everything regarding russia. starting with this new ap poll showing more than half of americans support an independent investigation into the ties between the presidential campaign for trump and the russian government. where do you see this headed? >> it's no secret that a lot of people want to see an independent investigation and that the house investigation has been discredited by what the chairman nunes has been doing. whether or not we get to an
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independent investigation, who knows because the senate intelligence committee has been doing a decent job and stepped up to the plate this past week, but i'd also point out it's not that republicans and the white house in particular though they don't have a say in this at this point, they're not really paying attention to the poll numbers. if they were, things would be looking differently. but i would point out to you that the president's approval ratings are in the mid 30s right now and he doesn't seem to be changing anything about the way he does business. >> that is a very interesting point. what do you think, kaitlyn? how do you see this playing out? >> republicans don't want to have an independent commission investigate this although calls on the democratic side are continuing to grow. what the senate is doing, too, is looking into as is the fbi of course, the b possible collusion, possible ties between trump associates and as well as making clear to the american people why this kind of thing matters.
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you saw chairman burr this week say look, the russians are currently meddling in elections. they're meddling in elections in europe and the french election coming up in about a month, which is really significant and so, while you have the president kind of criticizing the media, for covering this, you have to also keep in mind that the republican chair of the senate committee is saying that this is a big story. you have a congressional investigation and of course, the fbi investigation. into all of this. so, this is something that you know, will continue to kind of hang over until it's figure d out, which probably won't be for serl months. >> and we're going to be discussing it again in just a moment. ladies, thank you so much. see you both again soon. with we are going to go back to the russia investigation, this time with a house intel measure calling for chairman nunes to recuse himself, but what about a completely independent bipartisan commission to conduct a thorough investigation? i'll ask him, next.
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at the republican convention in july, paul manafort, carter paige and trump himself changed the republican party flat form to no longer arm ukraine. so, the same month that trump denied putin's role in ukraine, his team weakened the party platform on ukraine. this is no coincidence in my opinion. >> that is andre carson, a
10:18 am
member of the house intelligence committee questioning james comey and nsa chief michael rogers last month in the first public hearing on russia. congressman carson is joining me now. let's get right into it. do you believe really that the president was so closely involved as to be changing his party's platform in russia's favor? >> listen, i think that the president is a great showman. i think there is some question bable activities as it relates to his society yassociates from campaign and the administration. he's a showman. a pt bar numb of sorts. he has an interesting way of reading people and generating excitement and news coverage. we're talking about him now. but the greater truth alex is flynn, manafort and other soes ya associates and their connection to russia an this influence
10:19 am
campaign that russia was involved with in terms of releasing botts and in terms of having other actors sway folks to vote for trump. >> were you satisfied with the answers you got from directors comey and rogers? what do you still want to know? >> i think for the most part in the context of it being an open hearing, admiral rogers and director comey can can only say so much and having interacted with them over the past couple of years in a closed setting, i think they are truly committed to protecting our country. >> so, i know that you have call fd r chairman nunes to recuse himself. all in the interest of a fair investigation. do you feel at all reassured, sir, that now that ranking member schiff has been able to see the same documents nunes did. >> well, i trust ranking member schiff wholeheartedly. i appreciate his leadership. you know, listen, i think that chairman nunes is a good person.
10:20 am
i've traveled with him. i know him personally. but he lacks the objective thety to continue this investigation. to the credit of the house intelligence committee, we've gotten this far. we've unearthed necessary truths simply because of the great work of men and women who serve on that committee and the staff. and so anyone who attempts to discount the committee as a whole is making a very, very, very foolish mistake. >> but then how do you prove to the public, sir, that your committee is credible and fair with this investigation? >> well, i think the committee is one of the most bipartisan in congress. as well as our counterpart in the senate. but in a very real sense, i think the disillusionment we are see iing nationwide with constituents, with americans, is valid and this doesn't help. in many ways, it solidifies the
10:21 am
disillusionment and distrust a that the american people have for their elected officials. >> what about the president's short lived national security adviser, michael flynn. does he deserve it? do you think his testimony could be that valuable? >> well, he's obviously getting some strong legal counsel, but you know, if he were granted immunity, hypothetically speaking, then it furthers president trump's narrative, well, see, he was granted immunity, they didn't really want to know the truth and i think he would use that as lev ranl as he has done through his tweets, which have been transparent. he is a unique way of manipulating any information that comes out for him or against him and i think immu immunity, if it were granted, would simply be used as a political tool by president trump. >> but serbly, your committee has said no, we're not going to do that. do you think the justice department will follow suit? the senate? >> it's doiflt say at this point. >> okay.
10:22 am
what about the next step in the investigati investigation. we've got some of your colleagues saying on your committee saying your work has pretty much ground to halt. how do you move past that? >> i disagree. i think that we need to look at an independent commission that has the objectivity and can devote the resources to looking into these matters more thoroughly. there's a lot on the plate of the committee. currently. we do a lot of great work. but i think the independent commission as the best decision right now. >> do you think that given everything that's happened sh there's a lot of water under this bridge and that committee right now, publicly and i should think privately as well. do you think you can work together in a bipartisan fashion? >> we always work together for the most part. as i said before, it's one of the most bipartisan committees in congress. and all of us, on either side of the aisle, both side, staffers
10:23 am
included, are really dedicated to the work that's presented before us and we take our jobs very seriously. we've taken an oath to serve and for the most part, we love going to work. the work is extensive, requires long hours, but it is an honor. i think both republicans and democrats feel the same way. >> i'm glad you say that. for that, we thank you very much. thank you so much. sanctuary city stand off. how is one mayor going to live up to his vow to protect the undocumented? we'll talk with him next. >> i strongly urge our nation states and cities and counties to consider carefully the harm they are doing. to their citizens. by refusing to enforce our immigration laws and to rethink these policies.
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search is expected to continue for the living an dead. the death toll from flash flooding has risen to 200, but officials expect it to rise with more than 200 others still missing ch heavy rains overflowed three rivers creating quite a surge of water and mud sweep iing through the city of 40,000 people. police in chicago arrest the arrest of a 14-year-old boy in a gang rape of a 15-year-old girl. the attack was streamed live last week on facebook. authorities have relocate d the girl because of threats. no word on why michael newfirth collapsed during last night's game. he was hospitalized overnight and the general manager said he thinks he had been battling a chest cold. americans are weighing in on donald trump's performance so far. more than two months into his presidency. we've taken you to more than 20 states, bringing reactions from towns with loyal trump supporters and this weekend, we
10:28 am
went to summerville, south carolina. where von hilliard joins us. another welcome to you, let aes hear the latest on what you're hear frg the folks there in south carolina. >> i thought two months into the trump presidency, and get the opportunity to better put into boxes, i guess, where voters and where the american public was at in their support, but over the course of these two months while traveling from colorado to michigan, down here to south carolina, it's still about as baffling to really come to an understanding of what a democrat is, a republican voter, a trump supporter. in talking to the voters here this morning, we're at the flower festival are felix was no at the top of everybody's minds, but overwhelm fwliingly wharks you continue to hear from people, a focus on his broader agenda. pushing the russia issue aside. i'm going to play you a sound bite and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> i feel like they need to
10:29 am
bring our country together more as a whole and focus more on morality and working together than name calling and ridiculing each other and fighting. >> it's been very devicive but the afterhas kind of brought some together, which is really cool. you know, you'll see like all the women banning together for the women's march. and i know the march for science is being planneded and so i think the only good thing that has come out of it is that those of us who feel like things are taking a bad turn are standing together and saying we don't have to take this. >> i think what you heard from those two women was reflective of where the republican party is -- the first woman considered herself republican, but did not vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. she said she wishes the republicans in congress and donald trump would work better together in outreaching and
10:30 am
bringing on democrats on board whether it be for health care purposes, the supreme court, but the second said that she said that she is clearly antitrump, but said the one thing that has come from this is that democrats you know, antitrumper, have built a stropg oer bond. she donated to planned parenthood last week. she's become in a women's march and many of these groups online. so there's still vsh of this in our politics that we saw in november. it's still existing here. if you talk to the trump voters, it's hard to get a clear understanding of you know, the difference between them and the republicans and especially when you compare it to the democrats and trying to understand where the policy of the united states is and what voter rs looking for. >> okay. thank you for the latest there from south carolina. working with democrats on health care. a leading freedom caucus member is open to it, but would democrats want to deal with them? that's next. before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more
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the battle over sanctuary
10:34 am
cities is heading to court. the trump administration is threatening to with hold funds from cities that do not detain immigrants for federal agents and seattle is suing, arguing state's rights. >> this administration has created an atmosphere of anxiety in cities across america and has created chaos in our politics. it is time for cities to stand up and ask the courts to put an end to the anxiety in our communities and the chaos in our system. >> and that was seattle mayor ed murray, explaining why his city has sued the president. joining me now, the mayor of providence, rhode island. thank you so much for joining me. i'd like to get your thoughts on the seattle lawsuit. what do you think about it? >> so, i've developed a nice relationship with mayor murray and i give him a lot of credit for what he's doing in his administration and what seattle is doing. in fact, there are groups of
10:35 am
mayors throughout the country that are standing up. inac just a couple of weeks aerk 60 plus mayors from 31 states throughout the country on the same day of immigrant day of action, we stood with our community with a message that mayors stand for all and you know, the mayor's voice is so important here especially since now these issues are being taken to the court. the truth is many of these terms for example, sanctuary city, it's been used as a political term, but it means so many different things that it doesn't mean much at all. what we need is some specific guidance and definition, a legal definition of what it means so that cities know where we stand and don't stand. so i commend mayor murray. the entire city of seattle for taking the lead on this and we support him. >> talk to me about your city, providence, rhode island and what the trump administration is threatening to with with hold from your city. >> ye, you know, so a group of mayors, we met recently with secretary kelly from department of homeland security. and we basically had two messages for him.
10:36 am
the first one is we need clarity around the term sanctuary city and the detainer policy. because we're using the same terms and having a debate. but it almost seems as though we're talking different languages, when you hear mayors talk about sanctuary cities and immigration, we talk b about hard working people going about their business trying to do what's right for them and their family. on the other side, when you hear about immigration and sanctuary cities, you hear about violent criminals and cities looking to harbor them. nothing could be further from the truth. part of the reason there's been so much confusion is because there's no set definition, so we're using the same term, but it means different things. i want to make it clear, not just here in providence, but throughout the country, every single city complies and cooperates with i.c.e., especially when it's for criminals and violent criminals
10:37 am
and there's no debate that if folks are uncometed. >> the department of homeland security, they put together a list of cities that limit the cooperation with with i.c.e. so, what's the standing there? do you think that's an intimidation tactic? >> that's absolutely what it is. it's a name and shame tactic. when you look through the risk and what landed many jurisdiction, counties, jails or cities on that list, i mean, some of the actions are very frivolous, for example, providence is on that list. i've said very proudly our city is a sanctuary city. meaning that we stand with our immigrant community. but we were listed on that, we were put on that list due to a 2011 nonboiinding resolution passed by our city council on a separate issue, so they cast a broad net and legally, that list doesn't have much value and i don't think it has much value whatsoever oh thother than the name and shame value. that's what i mean, this
10:38 am
immigration issue, it's been so politic politicized and right now, we need to make sure we don't political speak anymore, but legally define these terms precise ly so we know where we stand and where we don't. i want to make one thing here. we all have as our top priority, cities and the department of homeland security, our top priority is getting bad guys off the streets and if they're undocumented, they should be deported an we oppose any effort that shifts resources, that causes us to deprioritize violent criminals and instead have us perhaps pulling folks over and potentially getting deported for not putting their turn signal or or not stop ong a stop sign. >> i want to ask you about what happened on friday. sean spicer suggesting that chicago's gun violence problem may be linked to its sanctuary city status. >> it's interesting you talk about street violence.
10:39 am
and then we cut off the funding for sanctuary cities. i think it would be interesting to want to send more money to a city that is allowing people to come into the country, who are breaking the law, who in many cases are committing crime, member of gangs and so you can't be a sanctuary city and at the same time, seem to pretend or express concern about law enforcement or ask r if more money. >> now, i want to add, that he's making, the evidence does not support that theory. but huflow do you feel about hi comments? >> it seems facts don't matter with the administration. it's political speak. the truth is and i'm sure they know this, that jurisdictions with higher levels of immigration, they have lower rates of crime. and immigrants have lower levels of criminal tity than do native so the facts don't bear this out. that's why we need clear
10:40 am
definitions on what they mean. what precise policy do you about to and then let is as cities react to it, but right now, you know, it's important to note that you know, right on the heels of the collapse of their health care reform efforts, as attorney general sessions has a press conference where he uses this same you know, inflammatory rhetoric and brings it back to this topic of immigration and criminals and rapists et cetera, so this is a way to distract from what the real issues are. we're willing to have a conversation, but let's define the terms precisely. they haven't given that to any of us yet. >> all right, thank you so much for your time. it's going to be b a power pow wow at mar-a-lago, so what's at stake when president trump hosts the chinese president this week? and coming your way at the top of the hour on "meet the press," the leaders of the senate. per roll
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let's go now to the fire storm surrounding the house's investigation into russian meddling of the presidential election. john mccain says any hope of the house completing a bipartisan investigation may be dead. >> this is obviously between republican and democrat, let alone the bizarre fashion with which all of this happened. if we're really going to get to the bottom of these things, it's got to be done in a bipartisan fashion and as far as i could tell, congressman nunes killed that. >> joining me now, democratic congressman dan kild of of michigan. >> it's beyond being too political. i think chairman nunes has really tainted the integrity of the committee itself. by seemingly working hand and glove with the white house around an investigation that
10:45 am
involves the white house itself or people associated with the white house, so, with the chairman has done really goes beyond politics. it gets right to the integrity of the committee and oversight responsibility that congress has. really blown it. >> i was going to say that representative carson who was on with me a short time ago, a member of that committee, a democrat from indiana, he says he thinks they can get it done. but he's on the committee, he understands the particulars of the inner workings. does the senate have more crede b lty to get something done? >> i think they have more crede bable ility for sure. the way senator burr has been behaving is very patriotic and he's taking this on the way he ought to. i do believe that the committee may feel it can get the work done. the question is whether that will be accepted. i'm talking about the house intelligence committee, whether that will be ak cemented by the american people, by congress, by
10:46 am
anyone else. i think it will be seen as tainted as a result of the chairman's odd behavior so, my goal and i think this is something senator mccain and i agree on, is that we should have an outside, independent, 9/11 style commission to examine this. and allow congress to get back the doing the things we ought to be working on, trying to get the american people the kind of help they need and work on b growing our economy and let the investigation of the connection between the trump campaign, the white house and russia, proceed, but outside the debate that's taking place in the floor of the house and senate. let that happen in an independent way and then bring us our full report. >> getting to that, which really affects people in their daily lives. there's a headline this morning about the fight over health care reform goes next. congressman jim jordan saying he's open to working with democrats on replacing obamacare, are you on board with that? >> i am.
10:47 am
jim and i disagree on a lot of thing, although i consider him a friend. i was really disappointed to see the speaker eers comment, however, which kind of contradicts this notion that we ought to work together on this. when he essentially admonished the president that he ought not work with democrats. >> you know, actually, representative, i want you to hold that thought. let's listen to paul ryan right here. >> if we don't do this, then he'll just go work with democrats to try and change obamacare and that's not going to, that's hardly a conservative thing. if this republican congress allows the perfect enemy good, i worry we'll push the president into working with democrats. he's been suggesting that as much. >> okay. so, then what happens? >> well, when democrats and republicans work together, the will of the american people might be manifested in the policies that we adopt. that's a good thing. i mean, i would ask the speaker to just take a brief tour of recent american history and look
10:48 am
at the relationship between tip o'neill and ronald reagan.greed things, but worked together and were able to produce results. it's a shame when the speaker of the house suggests that the president ought not work with elected representatives of the people because they are no a different party than the one he leads. that's not the direction we should be going and it's not going to produce results. they've proven that by themselves, left to their own devices, the republicans cannot pass a health care bill. so, working with democrats might be the way to fix the problems that we see in the affordable care act and move forward. >> you know what's remarkable is that you're talking about a relationship between those two 30 years ago, the uniqueness of that. thinking something like that could happen again in this bipartisan environment. is a pret it tough one. i want to ask you quickly because we have you talking about your hometown of flint. there's been big news there.
10:49 am
the settlement of $97 million reached to replace the tainted water lines. do you feel good about that outcome? you think it's enough to bring the water crisis in flint to an end? >> it's a step in the right direction. the settlement really directs the money we've approved at the state and federal level be spent in this three-year period, so there's not a lot of new money there. i think the state of michigan still has more to do, but frankly, it's progress and the fact that the people of flint are going to be able to see this work being done in this three-year period, i think will provide some assurance that we've taken a big tep forward, but we're not there yet. we have more to do. >> good to see you. thanks so much for joining me. up next, the president's big meeting with the chinese president. what's at stake? i have asthma...
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10:52 am
an important visitor to the white house this week, president
10:53 am
xi. he will be visiting donald trump at mar-a-lago on friday, and here's how sean spicer described that visit. >> this is not sitting around and playing patty cake. the president has been making it very clear for decades, frankly, about the challenges we face. >> and we're talking to gordon chen about china. the president tweeted this meeting is going to be a very difficult one because we can no longer have massive trade deficits and job losses. these big issues probably can't be solved in one visit, so realistically, what do you think the u.s. is looking to accomplish in this visit? >> we're looking to accomplish so many things, and it goes well beyond the subject of those tweets. trade, of course, is critical to president trump's agenda. but also we've got issues like north korea, cyberthefts, east china sea, south china sea, and indeed, climate change has been put back on the tabl so across the board we have disagreements
10:54 am
with beijing. >> i wt to take a look at another take on this in an article by quartz. the white house's come bass active rhetoric may have to do with the fact that the meeting with xi comes at a particularly tumultuous time for the trump presidency cht the president needs to look strong and decisive and china is a convenient whipping boy. do you agree with that? >> he comes across as a whipping boy, but keep in mind xi jinping also needs a whipping boy. he needs to look strong, he needs to accomplish certain goals, and if he doesn't do that, his political career is in jeopardy. so you have two very strong world leaders who have a lot at stake here. >> what do you think president xi's goal is? what does ept he want to come a with? >> he probably wants to come
10:55 am
away with as little change in the chinese relationship as possible, because china has done things to undermine the interests of the community. and on some things that are critical to us like north korea, which is the reason that kim jong-un, the ruler there, has become such a threat. i think he wants a big show of cooperation to show that nothing much has changed. >> you bring up north korea and i want to jump on a tweet you put out there, quote, will north korea explode sixth nuke when trump meets xi jinping on april 6? it's ideal timing for beijing. why is that, and you say you expect north korea to conduct nuclear tests during this visit? >> it's very possible because they've completed all the technical cooperations. all they're looking for now is the politically correct time to set it off for them. whenever north korea does something provocative like set off a nuke, a couple things happen. first of all, we become
10:56 am
distracted by other issues, south korea trade, cyber, you nad name it, and ultimately we send someone to beijing, which we did with tillerson's visit. basically beijing sees this as endlessly creating bargaining chips for themselves so they really like this. >> former secretary ashe carter said this is why china plays tough. here's what he said. let's play it quick. >> in the short run thar, they' fearful of the collapse of north korea or a war on the korean peninsula, which will result in, which we would defeat north korea, would defeat the regime, a north korea ally with the united states on their border. >> is that your understanding as well? >> oh, yeah, of course china is worried about the stability of the north korean regime. they know it better than the rest of us. so yes, that is a concern for them. >> okay. gordon chang, good to see you. thank you so much.
10:57 am
>> thanks, alex. that is a wrap for this hour for me. i'm alex witt. thanks so much, everyone. "meet the press" is next with chuck todd and mitch mcconnell. thank you for joining us. we'll see you next sunday. finan? -i would. -i would indeed. well, let's be clear, here. i'm actually a deejay. ♪ [ laughing ] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp. work with the highest standard. getting heartburn doesn't mean i means i take rolaids®. rolaids® goes to work instantly neutralizing 44% more acid than tums® for fast, powerful relief of your worst heartburn. i trust my rolaids®. r-o-l-a-i-d-s spells relief.
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don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. this sunday, a presidency in crisis. new urgency in the russia investigation as president trump's former national security adviser mike flynn asked for immunity from prosecution to tell his story. >> flynn said himself if you want immunity you must be guilty. >> the president called it a witch-hunt. a top republican disagrees. >> no, i don't think it's a witch hunt. it's very mysterious to me, though, why all of a sudden general flynn is out there saying he wants immunity. plus, supreme court battle. will senate republicans finish what democrats started? and end the filibuster to confirm neil gorsuch.


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