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tv   Lockup Long Island Extended Stay  MSNBC  April 9, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. a night at the beach with his brother's truck sends a repeat offender back to jail. >> i fell asleep in the truck and the tide came in and took the truck out into the ocean. brand-new truck that he just paid off. >> but he still has the love of his aunt. >> i want to say he's a poop head. i don't think he's vicious, i don't think he's mean. i don't think he thinks.
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>> what we're saying is that he was shot and he started shooting. >> a christmas morning holdup leaves one man dead and four people in jail with serious charges but one faces a trial of a different kind. >> being nine months pregnant and being in jail is not fun. it's really hard. >> the jail is required to accommodate her. >> we do the best we can. it's concrete and steel. it's not good to have babies around concrete and steel.
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some 75 miles east of new york city on long island is suffolk county and the farming unit. the county built one of its two jails here in 1959. back then, it was nicknamed the farm. and inmates worked in the adjoining fields. today, the nickname remains. but inmates no longer tend crops. and the jail is a newly renovated modern facility. it usually houses more than 700 men, most of whom are only charged with crimes and are awaiting trial and the resolution of their cases. >> right foot. >> the majority of inmates live in spacious dorm-like settings free of cells, but as renovations continue, some live in temporary tent like quarters known as the sprung unit. >> it has like a canvas top. still pretty secure. i envision it like the tennis
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courts they make, they spring up. sprung unit. it's a 60-bed unit. right now, we currently keep minimum security inmates in there for obvious reasons. there's a six-foot fence. they could basically jump the fence. >> let's start cleaning. if they're not off their bunk, make sure you wake up your partner. get off the phones, start help cleaning. >> this happens every night at this time. as soon as they're done eating, it's mandatory they clean. their beds have to be made at all time. they have to clean three times a day, have to keep the floors spotless. right on the edge of the outside here, so you can get mice, just like going camping in a big tent. >> i've been in this tent a little more than 30 days. it sucks in here. it is terrible. >> it's so cold at night. you come in here in a t-shirt, and they don't give you anything, this stupid little blanket, and you're just freezing. the worst thing about being in here is the bathroom. the bathroom is disgusting. you can't touch nothing without
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just sliding off it. this is where we do our business. five stalls. this is where we take a shower. the water is terrible. you can feel it when it goes in your mouth. it's just nasty water. that never shuts off. that's always leaking. this is the toilets. disgusting. that's our bathroom. 60 men. that's our 60 men in here. >> is it like the bathroom in my home? absolutely not, but i clean the bathroom in my home. they're responsible for cleaning here. i can't even get them to dry the floor half the time. >> disgusting. >> these guys do this all the time. they'll say they don't get enough food, they'll say it's horrible conditions. and ultimately, they keep coming back. three, four, five, six times. i work here and i don't want to come back sometimes, but they keep coming back. >> nick fisher admits to being a frequent guest of the jail, by his own account, he's had more than a dozen stays here for
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crimes including driving while intoxicated and violating a protection order. he blames his troubles on drugs. >> crack, the only drug. i skipped everything and went right to that. went straight to that, and my life went downhill. >> fisher is charged with grand larceny to which he has pled not guilty. he said it stemmed from a night where he couldn't get his truck started so he took his brother's truck instead. >> i took it to the beach without his permission, got a flat tire. i called the tow truck, which never came. i fell asleep in the truck, the tide came in and took the truck out into the ocean. brand-new truck that he just paid off. i woke up in the truck floating. and that's when i realized that the tow truck never came and i fell asleep, and i called the tow truck again and he said we forgot the send the truck out. we're coming now. by the time he got there, the truck was submerged, that was it. the truck was fried, done.
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i was so close to just leaving it and running, saying, frank, i don't know what happened to your truck. >> fisher's brother was not amused. he decided to press criminal charges. >> what's your relationship with your brother right now? >> you know, we're going to talk it out when i get out. there's no point in calling him and writing. we'll hash it out when i get out, face-to-face. >> at this point, not good? >> it' not good at all right now. >> while suffolk county's jail currently only houses men, that is about to change. soon, it will be 750 men, 1 woman, and a newborn baby. 15 miles away in the long island town of riverhead is suffolk county's other jail facility, the riverhead jail also housed about 750 inmates, but it holds both men and women, including sabrina. >> being nine months pregnant and being in jail is not fun.
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it's really hard. one of the hardest things i've ever had to do. >> you're not exempt from anything. there's no special 2r50e7treatmo extras, no, they used to give you extra mattresses. they don't have pillows, so it's like there's nothing that helps you. >> the birth of her baby only days away, shuck plans to take advantage of a new law that allows inmates to raise their newborns for up to one year. after she gives birth at a nearby hospital, she and her baby will be taken to the facility where recent renovations include a brand new nursery. >> inmate shuck is going to be the first female inmate with her baby. >> we have everything you would need for a baby even if your home, because obviously, the baby is a civilian, we have to treat the baby as we would any
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other baby. >> i don't want to be pregnant anymore. >> shuck will soon leave the friends she has made at riverhead behind. she will also leave behind the man who is both her co-defendant and father of her baby. cesar figueroa is housed in the men's maximum security unit at riverhead. both he and shuck face charges including second degree murder related to a christmas morning hold-up. they pled not guilty and are awaiting trial. >> if i could just take one thing back in my entire life, it would be that night. everything went wrong. >> coming up -- >> hard questions for soon-to-be parents. >> does sabrina know what you did inside the store? >> no. >> i feel like the less i know with that, the better. >> and -- >> i came in, i saw the old guy, called him pops. now i'm pops. you don't want to be the next pops.
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>> an old timer befriends nick fisher. so you're having a party?
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at the suffolk county correction facility's riverhead jail, sabrina shuck is only days away from giving birth to her fifth child. >> you know this looks like hair. >> it does. it looks like spaghetti. >> shuck has been with us for quite some time. when she came in, she had a baby bump, and i watched her progressively get more pregnant. she gives no problems. i don't see how she could. she's huge. she doesn't give us any problems. >> under a state law that allows female inmates to raise newborns for up to a year, shuck will be the first woman to use the nursery at the jail about 50 miles away. >> from a security standpoint, it's difficult. we have to keep the males and females separate. if she needs to go to the chapel for some reason, everything gets shut down. if she needs to go to the hospital, a doctor visit, has to
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be shut down. all the male visitors will get secured, returned to the housing unit or stall all movement in the hallways. >> most of our female inmates do not want to keep their baby. they keep them for a little while after they first have them and then they usually turn them over to a family member until they get out, because this is really not the setting to have a child in every day. we do the best that we can, but it's jail. it's concrete and steel, and it's not good to have babies around concrete and steel. i think a child needs to have a secure home. i don't think this is the place for that. it's basically incarcerating a baby for the first year. that's my opinion. >> shuck believes the state law is beneficial to both mother and child. >> this baby, thank god, gets to stay with me. i feel like it's very important to have that bond with my child. at least my child will know me. >> while shuck will have the opportunity to raise her baby in jail, the same cannot be said
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for the baby's father, cesar figueroa. the law does not provide incarcerated fathers the right to have contact with babies raised in jail. >> i want to be there for both of them. like i was at home. but i can't. that bothers me, a lot. it does. >> it could be a long time before figueroa can ever be there for his baby. he and shuck, along with two other co-defendants, face serious charges related to an alleged christmas morning robbery in which a young man was shot to death. all four have pled not guilty, but shuck and figueroa both acknowledge being present at the scene. >> at the time, i knew i was pregnant. i knew it wasn't a good idea for me to put myself in any harm. unfortunately, it's something that i'm used to doing. >> shuck says that in the predawn hours of christmas, she
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waited in a getaway car while her three co-defendants entered an auto body shop where some of the employees had allegedly been dealing drugs. she said the three were armed and wearing masks when they demanded money and drugs. >> and obviously, things went horribly wrong. cesar was the first one to the car. and when he jumped in, he looked like he had seen a ghost. you know, even mask and all, like could just see it in his eyes. you could hear it in his panting. he was like, go, go, go, like he was shaking. i hit the gas so hard i spun, and i started freaking out. somebody better tell me what hell is going on. right now. >> three people in the body shop were wounded, but one was shot in the head and died at the scene. shuck said brandon davis fired the fatal shot. >> i know that brandon killed him because it was like he was bragging about it. brandon said something about his
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brains coming out of his skull and how cool it looked, like a movie. >> the kid that died got shot in the head execution style. i seen it. it was too close. it was way too close. like right here in front of me. >> at that point, it was like my heart sank into my ass because i knew my life was over. i had just begun a life with cesar, you know, i knew everything was over from that point. it was just a matter of time. >> one of the survivors of the shooting knew shuck and said she had entered the shop just prior to the three men. most likely to case it. police then arrested shuck and connected her to figueroa. >> i'm thinking cesar is about to be a father. what am i going to do? all these thoughts are going through my head. i broke down. and eventually, i was like, you know what?
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he didn't kill anybody. he didn't kill anybody. i know he didn't kill anybody. >> shuck says that's when she decided to tell police about the two other accomplices and her assertion that brandon davis was the actual killer. davis was charged with first degree murder while shuck, figueroa, and carter were each charged with second degree murder. all four are now awaiting trial. >> i kick myself in the ass for a long time after that. as long as they know cesar didn't kill him, as long as he's not going away for 25 years, 15 years, and he can still have a relationship with his child, i feel like i can lay my head down at night. >> i don't know what's going on. i know people are trying to frame me for something i didn't do. >> both brandon davis and tashim carter deny any involvement in the crime. >> it's pretty much people they charged in the case throwing my name around, trying to get the blame off them and throw it on me.
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there's nothing to convict me or no evidence to go with it. >> all they're saying is that masked men went in a shop and just started shooting. >> and your statement to that is? >> i don't know anything about that. >> still to this day, i don't know who really shot who. i don't want to believe that cesar shot anybody. >> i didn't kill nobody. i feel bad. he shouldn't have died. he didn't need to die. he didn't do nothing wrong, and everybody else started running. so i had -- i had to do what i had to do. >> so you did shoot people? >> allegedly. everybody should have cooperated. >> does sabrina know what you did inside that store? >> no. >> if you find out cesar shot people? >> i still love him.
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i do. i feel like the less i know with that, the better. as far as that goes, i want to put my blinders on. >> coming up -- >> i think it's a little cesar. >> he will -- >> you're rolling out. >> yay. >> sabrina shuck takes a temporary leave from jail to give birth. and cesar figueroa asks about visitation rights. >> he's written me a couple letters about it, requesting it. we're not mandated to let him see the child. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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the town of riverhead on eastern long island is home to suffolk county's main jail facility. >> spread your legs. >> all new inmates are first book into the riverhead jail, but about half will eventually be bussed 15 miles away to the county's other jail in a rural community of yaphank. many inmates prefer the newer, more modern facility, but to nick fisher, riverhead will always be home. >> i like riverhead. it's nice, and the jail is right there, so when you get arrested, it's a short ride to it.
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you can get there usually in about two minutes. i'm a big guy, so when i put my hands behind my back, it hurts. >> fisher is assigned to the giant tent-like housing unit known as sprung. some inmates liken life here to camping out, and fisher says he adds to that communal feel by sharing his large stash of commissary snacks. >> all the new guys come in and they're hungry. they'll ask for food and i'll loan it out. >> what if they don't pay you back? >> i'm not going to hurt them, not going to chase them. you eat the loss. cocoa, coffee. am i going to cry? it's $1.75. take that. what else? >> fisher and other inmates in the sprung unit often combine their commissary snacks to create what they call a cook-up. >> cheese, tarter sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, milk, fill oil, jelly seasoning, sausage,
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tuna fish, mix it up, put it in the rice, that's about it. >> would you ever eat that in the streets, tell the truth? >> hell no. >> at age 57, arthur has been in and out of jail and prison for nearly 40 years. he's currently serving three years for criminal possession of narcotics. >> last time i robbed banks, this time i sold drugs. money. it's all about money. look at me. i'm almost 60 years old. i'm sitting here with you guys. too many good things out there to be sitting here with 59 other guys. you know? but same thing i'm saying to you, a guy said to me. when i came in, i seen the old guy, called him pops. now i'm pops. >> damn sure. >> yeah. >> pops. >> you don't want to be the next pops. you don't and you don't. >> you're right. you're right.
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you don't. >> i ain't got much time left. each sentence could be a death sentence for me. where's that cheesecake? >> the male inmates will soon be joined by a woman, but there's a good chance most of them will never see her. sabrina shuck will be segregated in a specially designed nursery and kept away from all other inmates. and right now, she's about to be driven from the riverhead jail to a local hospital where she will give birth by cesarean section. >> i'm excited, anxious, nervous, scared. but ultimately, ecstatic. just can't wait to get off of this tier and just have my baby after six long months of being here. it's exciting but i feel like it's going to be sad. it's going to be like bittersweet, because i'm going to be -- i mean, i won't be alone completely, but -- >> you won't have us.
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>> there's nothing like it. >> it's okay. you'll have your baby. >> i know, but it's not the same. >> shuck is awaiting trial on charges including second degree murder, as is the father of her baby, cesar figueroa, who is housed in the men's section of the jail. she does not yet know whether she's having a boy or a girl. >> it's a girl. >> it's a boy. >> here we go. >> it's a girl. >> little boy. >> i think it's a little cesar. >> you're rolling up. >> yay. >> oh, my god. >> i love you guys. >> i love you, sabrina. >> i love you, too. >> where's my hug? >> i want to squeeze the [ bleep ] out of you. >> you almost squeezed my skull. >> i know that's a boy, though. >> okay, i'm coming. i'm coming. i'm coming. every woman dreams of the white picket fence, the perfect husband.
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it was. i mean, and it could have been. i could have done it differently. but i didn't. coming up -- >> nick fisher gets a much needed visit from home. >> a glutton for punishment, one or the other. >> and the yaphank jail prepares for its newest arrival. [car engine failing to start] [clicking of ignition] uh-- wha-- woof!
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i'm dara brown with breaking news. egypt's health ministry says a bomb has hit a church in cairo. the attack is taking place on christian palm sunday. the church in the town was packed with worshippers. the syrian town hit by a chemical attack is struck again. fresh airstrikes rain down killing one woman and injuring three others. turkey warns that little will change unless the syrian president assad is removed from power. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised.
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located in the eastern long island towns, suffolk county's two jails usually house between 1500 and 1700 inmates on any given day. and though the jails are located some 70 miles from new york city, inmates face the same kind of charges one would expect to find in any big-city jail. >> the breakdown is about 60% inmates charged with felonies. we have inmates in here for murder, rapes, robberies, every violent crime you can think of. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> 28 years earlier, charles was a rookie corrections officer at riverhead. now he's the warden. >> there's about 25% that are sentenced inmates, and about 15% here on misdemeanor charges. we've had inmates here for not having a bell on their bicycle.
2:32 am
>> though bicycle bell violators are rare, nick fisher's story isn't exactly commonplace either. >> i love curling the chairs. stack up six, seven chairs and start curling them. >> come on, baby. >> he took his oldest brother's truck to the beach without permission, fell asleep inside it, and only woke up after the tide carried it out to sea. fisher's brother pressed charges. >> i was just cleaned up around that time, but he didn't believe me and he thought i was high when i did it, which i wasn't. he called the cops and said lock him up. me and him always been close. that's why he pressed the charges. i'll come out and be his little brother again. he did this in my better interests. i know he did. >> how about the rest of the family? how have they reacted to your situation? >> i really don't know. i'm going to find out when i get out. see if i'm invited to christmas dinner.
2:33 am
>> fisher thinks he could get about 18 months in prison if found guilty, but says his lawyer is working on a plea deal for six months in jail and five years probation. but he says either way, the one relative who will remain in his corner is his aunt dorrie. who has just arrived at the jail for her weekly visit. >> she's funny. aunt dorrie, she tells it how it is, and she never takes sides, and i appreciate that. it means a lot to get the truth out of somebody, not just what you hear. so that's why i like her, a lot. i love my aunt. >> how are you? >> good, good, good. how's everything? >> good. good. >> how are you doing? >> i want to say he's a poop head. i don't think he's vicious, i don't think he's mean. i don't think he thinks. we always hoped he would grow out of whatever was happening to him, and he just never did. did you get the books that your mom, i think, brought you? >> "game of thrones." >> "twilight" and stuff?
2:34 am
good, i just put $40 in your commissary. >> thanks. >> i didn't know if you had anything. >> i had a little bit. thank you. thank you. >> he needs something. not a break. he's had many breaks. he needs some help. that's how i feel. that's how i hope the rest feel. >> i talked to walter on friday. >> what happened? what did he say? >> he's leaning more to the 6/5. >> what does that mean? >> six months in jail, five years probation. >> a lot of probation, and you're going to be watched for five full years. you able to get through five full years? >> probably not. >> i don't -- probably not. that's really -- so what happens if you mess up the probation? >> i come back. i finish the sentence. >> i think there's a chemical imbalance. i don't think he's ever been medicated the way he should be. he needs something and he didn't know what it is, and he self-medicates. and that doesn't ever work. >> told you mother? >> i'll get a hotel or something. you know me. i can always find a spot. >> i know.
2:35 am
>> wake up with some chick. >> you're pitiful. some chick. >> i always find a home. not worried about that. >> you're such a mess. i swear to god. i think this is hurting his brother a lot. i don't think he want to see him like this. and i think they all just want to shake him and say what is wrong with you, why can't you stop? and he can't. he really can't. so you're going to have to find somewhere or some way when you get out, even if you go on probation or parole, whatever they call it. >> where do you go? >> you sign yourself into the hospital and you say, these are the problems i have. can you help me? i know that's not easy, but none of this is easy. this can't be easy for you. it's not easy for us. >> i make it look easy. >> but it's not. it's not easy for us. >> i know it's not. i can't believe you show up as much as you do. >> i love you. >> you're a trooper. a trooper. >> or a glutton for punishment,
2:36 am
one or the other. i love him. i would hope that someone would do it for my child. sorry. you don't throw that away just because he made a lot of mistakes. don't get me wrong. a lot of mistakes. but you don't throw him away. i gotta go. the hour is up. so they're going to be throwing me out soon if i don't leave. keep it clean, would you? >> yes, ma'am. >> all right. >> ask frank if i can borrow his truck when i get out of here. >> you're a horse's you know what. [ laughter ] >> the [ bleep ] i put my mother through, i love her to death. same thing with my aunt. they have always been there. i don't think i could ever take back all the damage i have done to them. i don't think they expect me to take it back. i think that they just want me to fix my life going forward.
2:37 am
that that would do more for them than taking it back or saying i'm sorry could ever do. >> while fisher says he regrets the pain he has caused his aunt and mother, sabrina shuck is now once again on the other side of the parent equation. four days earlier, she gave birth to a baby girl in a hospital in river head. >> nevaeh breeze. heaven spells backwards. so heaven breeze. >> now shuck and nevaeh are driven to the jail where they will be the first occupants of the newly built nursery. >> i have anxiety, a lot of anxiety. getting used to this place is definitely going to be hard, very hard. being alone here, not having that support from the other women. that is one of the toughest things i'm going to have to get used to. you know, at least i have her. >> i'm going to tell you right now, it's a baby girl. >> congratulations. >> baby girl.
2:38 am
>> back at the riverhead jail, cesar figueroa is not only nevaeh's father, he's sabrina shuck's boyfriend and co-defendant. they both face charges including second degree murder. related to a christmas morning hold up. if found guilty, they could receive sentences of up to 25 years to life. >> she was 7 pounds, 12 ounces. her mom said she looks exactly like me. i don't know, i'm waiting for the pictures. i'm waiting for the pictures. >> figueroa says all he cares about now is meeting his daughter, but it's not a given he will be able to do so. >> we're not mandated to let him see the child. he's looking to get an in-house visit where the two of them get together. and he'll be able to see the baby for the first time. he's written me a couple letters requesting it. there's a lot that goes into it. it's not something we just make a snap decision on. >> sergeant investigator of the jail's internal security unit will process figueroa's request to visit nevaeh and shuck. >> first challenge being that we're going to have to get a
2:39 am
transportation team to transport him from riverhead to yaphank and then we have to coordinate with yaphank. they're also co-defendants in a case which is a pretty serious case. a lot to go through in order to facilitate this. we make a recommendation to the warden and the warden has the final say. coming up -- >> have a seat. >> cesar figueroa gets his answer. and --. >> this place is beautiful. clean. look how clean it is. >> nick fisher is thrilled to be out of the sprung unit, but his old friend said he was forced to leave. >> instead of doing what he was supposed to do, he went to the police. after he went to the police, he couldn't live here no more.
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what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh...
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but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. at the suffolk county jail, nick fisher had little good to
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say about the large tent-like housing unit known as sprung. especially when it came to the bathroom. >> disgusting. >> but now, fisher is in one of the newly built housing units and says he's much happier. >> this place is beautiful. it's just clean. look how clean it is. the bathroom is great. the bathroom is fantastic. you can actually walk out of the shower feeling clean. >> but according to his old friend in sprung, arthur -- >> got to pay attention to the cards. >> fisher did not depart on good terms. the problem had to do with fisher's large commissary stash that inmates referred to as the store. >> nick got into a little argument with someone, and he used to have the store over here where you would -- he would give people things, help them out. what happened is he got a time out. they threw him in the cage, told him to sit there for a while, stand there with his head to the wall. while he was gone, they stole
2:44 am
his stuff, the store. >> somebody went in my box and took a lot of commissary. probably about $30 worth. not everything, but a lot. >> instead of handling it like he's supposed to, he went to the police. after he went to the police, he couldn't live there no more. >> why? >> because you don't go to the police in jail. you settle it on your own. >> i don't want to beat them up. who cares what they say. i'm not violent, none of my charges are violent. i don't want to turn violent in here. >> i ain't going to say anybody told him he had to leave. you get that feeling, people ignore you, they don't talk to you, don't sit with you. other places, you might get hit or beat up or threatened. here, we just kind of ignore things. >> did you sit with him or talk with him after that? >> no, no. >> the co just knew it was going to be a big problem. so they said, we're just going to roll you up and move you. i said, that's fine. get me out of this tent, please. that's what happened. they brought me here. which is just ten times better. i just like it here.
2:45 am
>> 15 miles away, at suffolk county's riverhead jail, cesar figueroa hopes to see his newborn daughter. >> i feel bad that i can't be there to even tell her i love her or nothing. i can't see her. i don't know if she even knows me. >> he's written me a couple letters about it, requesting it. i had to talk to the warden about it. make sure that the warden was on board with it. figueroa, come in. have a seat in the black chair. how are you doing? >> i'm all right. >> got good news for you. the warden, i talked to the warden about you going to the see the baby. he gave it the approval. don't get in any trouble between now and when you go, and we'll make it happen. all right? >> yeah. >> you happy? >> hell yeah i'm happy. i feel like crying but i don't want to cry. >> it's highly unusual to have the mother and father in the facility at the same time. they're both accused of crimes that if they're convicted, they'll never get out of jail
2:46 am
until they're much older. i just felt it was the right thing to do, to allow that visit to occur. >> i prayed every night to get a visit. and it worked. >> a few days later, figueroa is removed from his housing unit for the ride. >> we had to make special arrangements to have a team come out, pick up inmate figueroa. they'll bring him over there and set up the visit. we're going to treat the visit just like any other visit. so here in suffolk county, you're allowed to kiss and embrace in the beginning and the end of each visit. we're going to go ahead and let them do that. we're going to let mr. figueroa hold his child. he's behaved and we're having no issues, we'll bring him back. >> 20 minutes later, figueroa and his deputy escorts have arrived. >> i didn't think this would actually happen.
2:47 am
i'm very, very nervous and excited at the same time. >> i love you. >> you want to hold her? watch her head. like the best day of my life right now. you know, after like almost eight months of not seeing each other, it's a good feeling. i'm still in shock, though, right now. >> i got to get out of jail. >> it's sad, this whole thing is just sad. >> i want to give her everything i ain't had.
2:48 am
>> i missed you. >> missed you, too. >> okay, cesar, that's it. visit's up. >> i gotta go? >> you gotta go. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> i'm leaving. >> i love you, cesar. >> i love you, too. felt sad, like that i only get to hold her for an hour. i can't hold her for no longer. if i would have never did anything dumb or got myself involved with the wrong people, i probably would have never been here, and she would have had a father. that [ bleep ] break my heart. coming up -- >> sabrina shuck returns to the riverhead jail without her baby.
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inside the booking area of suffolk county's riverhead jail, sabrina shuck waits to be processed back into the facility. earlier in the day, staff from child protective services removed her 8-week-old daughter from the yaphank jail nursery. then with the approval of a judge, they had nevaeh placed into foster care. >> the other day, we got some information about she was possibly neglecting her child. coming to our nursing staff at the facility. in addition to that, we had some pretty credible information from our security division saying that she possibly would harm the baby. it was determined we should call cps, bring them in. >> how did the whole process go? >> actually, surprisingly well.
2:53 am
>> as soon as shuck was returned to riverhead, she was put on suicide watch. which among other things involves giving up all her clothing for a tear-proof garment to prevent hanging. safety because you don't know. safety because you don't know. maybe she will get depressed alt apparently she's fine. >> but shuck was not fine, about being ordered to wear the dress. >> i said i'm not going in no [ bleep ] dress, i'm not going in no [ bleep ] dress. i didn't do anything to be put in a [ bleep ] dress. she said, this is mandatory. we can either hold you down and put you in this dress, or you could do it with some dignity and go in the dress. >> put it on the suicide shelf? >> that's fine. >> she kept saying this is ridiculous. she said do i have to do this? we said yes, we already know you have to do this. it's a matter of are you going to do this, are we asking you or telling you? i said i would like to ask you. >> i said, [ bleep ] whatever, i kicked my shoes off and got in
2:54 am
the [ bleep ] dress. >> then the questions started rolling about the commissary and the shower and how embarrassing it is. and she doesn't want to walk anywhere and where am i going to be housed, who am i going to be with? do i get to watch tv? just nonstop questions. . >> so you don't know where your daughter is right now? >> i'm not allowed to know. when she's in foster care, i'm not allowed to know. but i did see cesar in mental health. i stopped and said can i say something? she said, no, you can't. i said, don't worry, my mom's going to get the baby. and i walked -- he looks pissed at me, though. he looks pissed. >> cesar figueroa is shuck's boyfriend and nevaeh's father. he had a brief encounter with shuck right after she was returned to riverhead. >> she's like, they took your daughter. she started crying. i'm like, for what? she didn't want to say. she didn't say. she don't know why.
2:55 am
she just was crying. >> somewhere there's information as to why. you would probably at some point find out what that information is. whatever it is made this determination, because they wouldn't just swoop in and take a baby. there's got to be justifiable reason for them to do that. over time, it will reveal itself. >> i just hope that my peoples could get her, at least. >> though she is on suicide watch, shuck is still allowed one hour per day on the rec yard. but she is secluded from other inmates and says one in particular is taunting her. >> she's talking about how i'm in a dress. that's ridiculous. i ain't even got drawers on. she was just talking a lot of [ bleep ]. don't worry. i'm not pregnant anymore and i don't have to behave because i was trying to behave and trying to be a good girl so i could be with my child. now, all bets are off. i can't even have any contact with my kid. you think i'm going to give a [ bleep ] if i end up in the box?
2:56 am
oh, please. it's on. >> shuck also says she felt pressured from officers at the yaphank facility. >> talking a lot of [ bleep ] on how they were disgusted i was in prison with a baby. and how, you know, i should give my baby up for adoption and [ bleep ] like i found out they were talking all this [ bleep ] behind my back. they were more offended that i had a child in prison and that i was being selfish, as they said. >> officers assigned to the nursery deny pressuring shuck and say they have no doubt that calling child protective sfs was the right thing to do. but to protect the privacy rights of nevaeh, they said they cannot get into specifics. >> in new york state in particular, it is extremely difficult to legally take the baby away from the mother. in any instance. i mean, the evidence we have is completely overwhelming. >> prior to her arrest, shuck's other four children were also removed from her custody, and
2:57 am
are now being raised by her mother. later, back in her housing unit, shuck acknowledges having some problems with nevaeh. >> when she had her rough days, i did struggle because i couldn't put her down for a second, so i didn't shower. i didn't eat. i wasn't able to do anything that i needed to do. and i could understand if i took myself out of the picture how bad it looks. i had those moments where i just wanted to take the stroller and roll her out to the nurse's station and be like, please, you know, just please make her stop crying. you know? but i just feel like they came in because they were concerned about physical abuse. but there is no evidence. >> but authorities say there was evidence. shuck recalls a phone conversation she had with her brother and phone calls in jail are often monitored. >> what i said was very inappropriate. just put it that way. >> had to do with the baby?
2:58 am
>> it had to do with my baby, but my brother said something about drop kicking my kids, little [ bleep ] gremlins and we laughed about it. when i said what i said, we laughed about it. we went back and forth. if you take just my side, it sounds [ bleep ] horrible. but when you put it in the context and you actually hear the voices and hear what we're talking about, you can hear we're just being [ bleep ] heads. >> shuck says she had to hold in her emotions to remain strong in jail. but she recalls her final moment with nevaeh. >> when they put me in the holding cell and explained to me what was going on, i said, can you just please, please let me say good-bye to her one last time. i just want to hold her. >> and?
2:59 am
>> and they told me no. cps will deal with that. she started smiling. she just started cooing, like making sounds when she was happy. she acknowledged who i was.
3:00 am
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. a surprise attack on a sheriff's deputy takes an unexpected turn. >> i just snapped and i decided to choke out a deputy. >> a convicted rapist loses his cool in court. >> i'm becoming irritated. i'm becoming impatient. it's a ticking time bomb. >> and an accused murderer in a high-profile case. >> hello? >> -- tries to cash in on her notoriety. >> 150,000 will cover everything i need.


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