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tv   Locked Up Abroad  MSNBC  April 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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he was offering us $1,000 apiece for delivering a boat to the south africa. >> he had a lot of many knee that he was taking back with him. >> he had stashed it all behind there. >> everything was too good to be true. >> stop the boat. i say, stop that boat. >> i looked into the eyes, and they were wild. >> if you move, i will kill you. >> this is the beginning of the journey into hell. >> i want $20 million. >> we have been set up. >> this is the only chance we
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will have to escape. >> where are they? >> please don't do this to bruno, please, don't do this. ♪ >> in august, 2009, bruno was my boyfriend and we decided to sell our house, and buy a yacht and travel around the world. because we were on a tight budget, sailing is one way to
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travel the world very cheaply. >> the plan was to go up to the south african coast, and past mozambique, and get to doris along and continue along to india. >> ah, you know, it was so sad saying good-bye to my daughter, but my children now were old enough to look after themselves. and it was time now for bruno and me to start our life. >> what an adventure. enjoy. >> bye, bruno. bye. >> i had never sailed before. i didn't know anything about sailing. but bruno has always loved the ocean. >> you know, what we had to face, we were ready. in my heart, i felt that we could do it. >> it was so exhilarating. the dolphins came and swam
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alongside us. it was beautiful experience. >> i had the kconfidence, but te sea is wild. expect the unexpected out there. >> we had been sailing for two months. the first place that we stopped at was a place called tsonga tsonga in tanz main tanz mania, were going to get water, and we were gone maybe not even an hour, and saw two fishermen. when we got to the boat, i had a strange feeling that something was wrong. bruno, you need to get up here now. someone has been here. and we saw that it was wet, the
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floor was wet. we saw the footprints. >> we didn't think that we would be that long going to shore, and we didn't think of locking the boat boat. >> oh, bruno! >> my worst nightmare unfolded. my bic knock l-- binoculars and were gone. the gps was gone. >> it was a horrible feeling to know that we had been robbed. it made us angry. they messed up our plans completely completely. >> we had to get to civilization.
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it would be a three days' sail. on the arrival at doris, we were down. we had arrived with nothing. we needed cash to continue on the journey and we did want to carry on with no cash. >> i need $840 a week. >> i needed a job to make money, and this is the only way. >> okay. that is what you have to do. >> and bruno got a job there, and after one month, he actually got a job there. and we just save and saved for the journey overseas. one afternoon, bruno and i were sitting on the boat, and this guy peter asked if he could come to visit. >> permission to come aboard? >> he was one of the people at
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the yacht club. he was south african, ex-policeman. after his wife left him, i think that he was very lonely. and peter had been staying at that club for about 17 years. >> i have a proposition for you. i need someone to help me sail my boat back to south africa. >> he was offering us $1,000 apiece, and just a bonus if we make it in good times and a flat back. >> what do you think? >> i don't need to think about it. i think it is excellent. >> we have a chance now to go back to south africa and paid for and get money for it. >> this is great. it is ail working out perfectly. everything was too good to be true true. >> peter said to us, we don't have to worry about food or anything like that, because he would supply all of that.
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we knew that he had been earning a very good salary working for the gold mines there, and he had a lot of money that he was taking back with him. >> i took this old panel out, and he had redone the instrument panel on the boat. >> i stashed it all behind there. >> and he had hidden all of his money inside of there. >> and at least it insured that we will get paid in the end, there is money. great. >> no one is ever going to find it. >> it is an excellent hiding place. >> take a look. >> he opened the briefcase, and he said, this money here, in case we get caught by pirates. i want them to think that this is all of the money that we have got. okay. and the last thing on my mind was that we would be caught by pirates. >> before leaving dar es salam, this one skiff came past. >> this man had a crooked mouth.
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his boat had a name written on it. it said alfakir. this is a yacht club and you had to be a member of the yacht club and what was this guy doing? why was he there? >> and then on the friday morning we were ready to go. >> we were on the way, and to let us know that we were going to be heading out to sea again. and you miss it just that feeling. it was great. after we left, it was beautiful weather. we were keeping good speed, and everything was going according to plan and we thought that we were definitely going to get
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there in three weeks. about three days later, i just finished my shift. >> morning. >> morning. you are going to to get some sleep? >> no, i am going to looker for whale. >> so he took over the boat and i was looking out to sea, scanning the ocean and behind us. it looked like whales bashing the tails in the water and straight away i said to peter, look, there is whales. >> pete, look. whale whales. >> and he said, no they are not whales. >> they are pirates. >> those are pirates. >> and the next minute they were even closer and i saw that peter was right. they were definitely pirates.
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♪ >> i saw them coming up closer and closer and they were speeding. they were coming at such a speed. peter. >> go wake up bruno. i will make a mayday call. >> peter. >> i get woken up by debbie. >> bruno, we have been boarded and i think that they are pirates. >> i didn't know, because my mind was pirates were coming. i went upstairs and then there were 200 or 300 meters away. >> they were go ing to be upon s any second now. >> can we go faster? >> i am pushing as fast as we
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c can. >> and it is nothing that we could do. we had no weapons. we couldn't hide anywhere. >> and i say stop the boat. stop the boat. >> stop the boat. >> sop the boat. >> i looked into their eyes, and they were wild. >> if you move, i will kill you. >> stop the boat. move up. mo up. >> he told us, sit. >> get down. >> get down. >> sit down. >> okay. okay. we are sitting down. >> you got this. this is our boat. only we can work here. we are serious. where is the money? >> adrenaline must have kicked in, because i saw everything slow and i thought to myself, these people can panic at any minute now, and if they panic, we can be dead. >> stop the boat. i say stop the boat. >> they were shouting stop the boat. >> so peter got up to pull the sails down. but he was doing it very slowly.
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he was making them agitated. >> you have to stop until i drop the sails down. >> i thought, gee, it is a dangerous situation, and don't make it worse, okay. >> i thought, no use to go against them. one of us can get killed at any time time. >> get down. get down. >> one of the pirates, he looked about 17 years old. he said to us -- >> money. >> i want money. i want jewelry. i want cell phone. >> no sh, no cell phone. >> i have got no money. we have got no money. >> and they went downstairs and they started searching. when i looked back, saw the guy
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driving the last skiff. he looked familiar to me from somewhere. and then i realized that i had seen him in dar es is a sallan >> unmistakably, the same boat, the same man and that told me that we have been setup. >> and then one guy came up with the cell phone. >> whose phone is this? >> it is mine. >> no, no, please. >> debbie jumps up. >> very sorry, okay. please, don't do that again.
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>> and no thoughts for herself. >> you lied to me again. >> what do you do? >> i am sorry, it won't happen again. do as you are told, and don't push them off. it is retribution for it. >> and they found peter's briefcase. there was peter's wad of cash that he stashed. they found it. it worked. they were excited. >> when they found the money, i thought, oh, this is good. they found it, and now they will let us go. i thought that is what the pirates do, they come on to the boat, they take whatever they want, and then they leave you. but that is not the case.
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>> you are kidnapped. >> and the vessel turns 60 degrees. and that is the course to somalia. the hopes of just a robbery had gone. it is not the ship they were after. we are the stock. we are the livestock. they wanted to get us to somalia somalia. >> two days after we had been boarded they were all looking at something. they said, there. >> the next thing, they were getting prepared for the boarding. getting the rifles and the are
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rpgs to cover themselves, and off they went. >> they were going to use peter's boat as another boat the go get another ship, and they would not stick to the yachts you see, and they left the younger ones with us, but at all times we had guns on us. and we were watched constantly, and they never let their guard down. >> good couple of hours later, they arrived back. >> there was a big commotion. i asked one of them what is wrong, and he said that he has hurt his hand, and i said, let me see. >> can i see your hand? the cut was really deep. >> i don't know how he got injured, but we were on the boat with an injured leader. his thumb was torn open badly.
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he needed medical attention, and it is bad. >> i thought, this is a very good opportunity to show him that he can trust me. and if they get to know us, they might just let us go. and i bandaged each finger up as gently as i could. i said to him, these are strong tablets, and very strong, and they will take the pain away. he says to me -- >> you like a -- you are like our mother. >> and you are like our mother, so i thought that i must have gotten through to these people in some way. early in morning i heard them talking differently. there was something going on. and u slying on the bed. >> is everything okay? >> u u went to him and i said,
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no. >> no, no, don't go near him. >> his throat was swollen and the lips were huge and his whole face. >> just wait. so i thought that i need to look at those tablets again. and then i knew. this man has an allergic reaction to penicillin. >> why you did this to me. >> and the first thing that i thought was oh, no, this man might die. >> his throat was closing up, and he was going to suffocate, and he was going the die. he needed a doctor now. the pirates had worked out that we were going to northern kenya. they prepared a skiff. one pirate and a leader gone.
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we were traveling on the somali coast, a couple of hundred meters off of the beach. >> come up. come up. i need you here. come up. >> then they say, come up, upstai upstairs, all of you, upstairs. >> up, up, up. >>ing something was happen iing >> we looked and we saw this, and we thought at last somebody knows that we are kidnap ped by these people. they have to rescue us, they have to. they made us put our hands like to wave like this at the warship so they wouldn't shoot. the next thing, the helicopter
6:26 pm
came from the washer. and then they started shooting. >> they seen all of the pirates firing at the helicopter. >> all ki see is the rpgs are inaccurate and unbalance and it goes off swirling. the helicopter just sat there out of range watching us. the helicopter leaves, and they can't do anything, but at least they know that we have been pirated. the next thing, i realize that he is headed for the sand bank. >> going towards the sea. >> and we knew that at any moment now sh, we are going to
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hitting land. >> and we will run aground. turn it. >> and the pirate was arguing with him telling him no, he must go to other way. >> turn it around. turn starboard now. >> and until eventually he shot into the air. >> the next thing we felt was a thud. and he said to us -- >> into the sea. into the sea. jump, jump. >> and peter said, i am not leaving this boat. >> i am staying with my boat. >> no, no, jump into the sea. into the sea. >> he kept shouting at me, jump, go. >> toip sea. >> and we knew that now he is getting serious. >> into the sea. >> he said, okay, jump. just before i jumped i was watching him and he turned to face the gun right at peter. and he shot three times.
6:28 pm
>> that was the last we saw of peter. >> jump into the sea. >> as we got to the beach, and they said don't look back. you are not allowed the look back. just go. one pirate had the gun behind bruno and me and he was pushing us. he was scared that the helicopter would come to see us, and he kept on trying to push us to make us march or walk faster. >> we were marched off into the desert. guns pointed in our backs, and
6:29 pm
told us to get faster, and they wanted to get us under cover at the top of the hill. >> i heard the helicopter coming. and i thought if i run now, they might see me. we then reached a place where there was a little bit of the brush and the trees and he said, get under there. they said keep still. don't move. we looked up, and i saw the helicopter. and it stopped right above us. so i thought, oh, good, they have seen us. i am sure that we will be rescued soon. and then the helicopter just flew off and disappeared.
6:30 pm
we thought, no, this is our last chance. it was so disheartening. and then they said to us, come, we must go. >> come on, let's go. we must carry on. >> the whole night they marched us through that desert, and we were so tired. >> let's go. >> they marched us to the road finally, and in the early hours of the next morning, we get there. >> and there was somebody waiting for us there. >> come, come. move, move, move. >> and they puts us in the boot. >> come, come.
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hi. i'm richard lui the hour's top stories. another west wing shake-up may be around the corner for the trump administration. k.t. mcfarland is ex pepected t leave her job. she worked in nixon, ford and reagan administrations. and now, grass root efforts to see the president's tax returns on april 15th, and more than 140 groups will gather in washington for a tax march to have the president to release them. now, back the "lockup."
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eventually, early hours of the morning, we stopped. it was so stressful because we thought now where are they taking us? are they taking us to kill us now? [ speaking foreign language ] it was dark and it was stale. the room was empty, and it wast we thought that this is the regular places that they bring the hostages to, because they were marking the days that they
6:36 pm
had been in this place. definitely there has been hostages in here before. they gave us a pan. we said what is that for, and they said toilet. and then they brought in a mattress. and as soon as we got near the mattress, we could smell it. it was full of dried blood, dirt, sweat, everything. i was not even sure if somebody had been killed or hurt on that mattress. we were so tired, and we just lay down and we went to sleep. it was such a dark desolate place, and no light. just darkness there. and the next thing --
6:37 pm
>> move, move, move! get up. >> they came and told us to get up. we thought, now what is going to happen? what are they going to do now? they handcuffed bruno. and then they started to search us. >> hands up, hands up. >> they felt over my boobs and went down and he felt underneath my dress. and he started to sticking his finger inside of my pants and started to touch me, and i said, there is nothing there. there is nothing there. >> shut up. shut up. be quiet. >> i tried to squirm and i was squirming out of the way. >> there is nothing there! >> shut up. don't look at me. shut up. okay. shut up. >> helpless, helpless, helpless.
6:38 pm
totally helpless. >> i said shut up. don't make me tell you again. shut up. >> it is feeling terrible. you can't -- >> and then he walked out. and i thought, what now? >> two days of handcuffs started to cut into me. my wrist was going septic.
6:39 pm
i have to get these things off of me. hey! hey! i want the handcuffs off now. you are not supposed to knock on the door. hey, i want these off now. >> what you want? >> i said my handcuffs, take them off. look at this. you can't do this. you can't do this. look at this. i can't -- the handcuffs are st staying on and you are never taking them off. you have a problem? >> what you want? >> we want money. >> how much money do you want? >> $20 million. >> are you mad? we haven't got that kind of money. where are we supposed to get that money? >> if we don't get our money, we will kill you.
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we are worth nothing to anybody. no one will ever pay that money for us. >> give me the name and the number of someone in your family. >> our family doesn't have the money that you want. >> your government is rich. your family have to get the money from the government. >> you see the policy of south africa is that they don't support terrorism in any way. they don't pay ransoms, and there is no ways that south african government would help us.
6:44 pm
they were starving us during the day, and then in the evenings they would come to bring us just rice. plain rice. >> your mind starts going, and your dreams become vivid and you dream of food, and you never get to taste it. it was a rule. you did not mention food. the slow starvation. >> i was always hoping that there was an opportunity so
6:45 pm
somewhere that we could perhaps escape. >> debbie used to look to see out, and see what they looked like, and what they were doing. >> debbie, debbie. leave it. >> he would say, leave it. don't go there because they might hear you or they might come in. >> don't worry. >> i could see that there was like a courtyard there. they were very close. they were sitting there talking, and he was looking in my direction looking at his friend. and he could see me clearly and i was watching him. and i think that he felt my eyes looking at him, because he looked straight at me. my heart skipped a beat. i think that he saw me. he said, i told you not to do that. how many times have i told you
6:46 pm
to stay away. >> why don't you listen to what i say. ooh, now, we don't know what is going to happen. next thing. >> you are look, and i see you. come here. >> i was not looking. >> come here. come here. >> and he said, put your hands, and give me your hands. >> no, no, no. you don't have to do that >> and i put the hands out and he put the handcuffs on. it was just no chance to escape. we were too well guarded and locked all of the time. handcuffed all of the time. it must have been six, eight months later. we had been so starved i thought that at one stage, i was dead. we thought that this nightmare is never going to end. you know what, maybe we did.
6:47 pm
that is what has happened to us. >> we really thought that we were dead. >> get up. get up. >> one day, they blindfolded us, and put us in the boot of the car. i was looking through my blindfold. they didn't seem to drive very far. and they opened up this garage doors. we were nervous then, because we did not understand what was going on nor why. and then a guy said to us. >> your government they refuse to pay the ransom. >> we have to make an example of
6:48 pm
you to the world. >> you have one minute the decide who can die first. >> one of you is going to die. you must choose who s gois goin die. w will die. me and debbie start arguing who is it going to be. >> listen to me. >> i am going to go. >> no, no. >> let me go. >> and the guard grabbed bruno, and i thought, well, maybe this is really it. >> sit down. and then i saw a little petro can. >> why the petro can? >> instincts tells us that they are going to burn us. >> i thought flashed into my
6:49 pm
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holy. [ laughs ] get the fastest internet and the best in-home wi-fi from xfinity. and stream on speeds so fast you can catch up on the fast saga before the fate of the furious hits theaters april 14. xfinity. the future of awesome. . what i see is this petrol can in front of me. this time i thought i was really going to die. he hands me a cellphone, says your sister's on the line. >> tell her the situation. speak to the phone. >> tell your sister one of you
6:53 pm
is going to die if your government does not cooperate. >> are you okay? what are they feeding you? >> if the government doesn't cooperate, they're going to kill us. hello. to hear someone, great. not being able to answer the questions was the difficult part. just get the money. that's all they want is money. i love you. >> bring the phone. >> and the next thing is they made bruno stand up and they brought imhhim to the car. but i was just so happy he was alive. it felt like i was living in
6:54 pm
hell. in darkness you're thirsty, you're hungry. you're far from god. i couldn't talk to bruno. we were fighting. i would wake up crying in the morning. i felt so alone. when i felt myself going into a depression, i felt if i go there in that dark place, i'll never get out of it, i'll never come out of it. i'll disappear somewhere and never come back. i'd force myself to get up and i'd try and get my mind on something else. and i thought no matter what happens, i will see my children again.
6:55 pm
and i will tell them how much i love them. i had to do that. they were the ones that just kept me going. they were the ones that just gave me the courage, the will no matter what to survive. >> we were taken outside. >> get in one by one. >> thrown into the hatch again, the dog box. >> but something different was happening. you could feel it in the air. >> we traveled on this road for six hours until they veered off into the desert. this was strange. why would they now take us into the desert?
6:56 pm
they switched off the car, and we just sat there in silence. and about ten minutes later another car arrived. we thought maybe the ransom is being exchanged. and then we heard them arguing, cocking their guns. we thought, no, this is why they brought us into the desert now. they didn't get the money and now they're really going to kill us, bruno. this is the end. this is our last night on this earth. and they said to us get out. >> we get taken to another vehicle. we get told to get in. >> get in. >> next thing we hear english voice. >> you can take your blindfolds
6:57 pm
off now. >> perfect english, you can take your blindfolds off. i'm mr. adams. >> don't worry you're with the good guys now. >> you're with the good guys now. you're being rescued. how can that be? >> we thought maybe, maybe. but we didn't want to raise our hopes again. he said -- >> we have to go through the checkpoint. >> when we get through that checkpoint, you'll be safe on the other side. we came to the checkpoint. we saw the torches and the people standing there. it could have very well been bad guys at this checkpoint because we didn't know who they were. suddenly mr. adams drove fast.
6:58 pm
and i thought oh, my god, now they're going to be following us. but we were completely alone. >> at that stage we realized we were safe. there's no words for the kind of relief experienced. >> and we'd been away almost two
6:59 pm
years. it felt like such a long time. and at long last we were now free. i now had a new beginning, a second chance at life again. how many people get that, a second chance after going through very, very difficult things to get through it alive. i think it's all the people. i'm sorry. thank you. thank you for not giving up on us. we appreciate it. >> debbie, she's the love of my love. she's special.
7:00 pm
proud to have gone through something like that with her. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> one inmate makes himself at home in very familiar surroundings. >> i've been in this jail more than 12 times. >> but that doesn't keep him off the jail's radar. >> why they would think me, i really don't know. >> accused of possessing a huge child porn collection, another


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