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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  April 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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rhetoric hell and that's very depressing. >> the sean spicer moment was a rough one for all of us, i think. really rough. all right. that does it for us this morning. it ends right here, "morning joe". we're done. no one talks. thank you. live in washington, d.c. overlooking the white house. this morning, worldwide whiplash, president trump with unprecedented reversals on multiple issues all in the past 24 hours from nato. >> i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> to his position on china. >> president xi wants to do the right thing. we had a very good bonding. at this hour syria's president giving his first
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interview since the air strikes. will he change course our fight back? is a white house shake up coming? the president hangs steve bannon out to dry again and a republican congressman says this about sean spicer. >> he needs to go. i just don't think he's serving the president well. we begin this morning with president trump and the changing positions in the past day alone. it's hard to remember any politician in recent memory shifting positions on so many issues so fast. allies are trying to keep up. before we get to them i want to take you through four major reversals in the past 24 hours. china, candidate trump had been consistent. >> to instruct my treasury secretary to label china a currency manipulator. they are a currency manipulator
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they are grand masters of currency manipulation. >> but after meeting with the chinese president, trump said the opposite, they are not currency manipulators. then nato. >> nato is obsolete and we're paying too much money. >> i said it's obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> fed chair yellen had to figure her days were numbered based on trump's remarks last year and now he says he might keep her on. what about the import/export bank? last year the president said it was unnecessary and now he said it's a good thing. let me bring in our panelist. good to have you all. i didn't even mention prior to
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the last 24 hours or aually some of it in the last 24 hours some changes in health care and tax reform. how is the administration explaining these shifts? >> reporter: they're down playing these are shifts. they're saying the president is following through with his main campaign promises and that's what they think the focus should be. this is what president trump had to say about this in a recent tweet to give you a sense of how their casting it. one by one we are keeping our promises on the boarder, energy, jobs, regulations. big changes are happening. really trying to stress the areas where he has been consistent, but as you point out there a whole host of areas where he is shifting. that was on display yesterday during that joint news conference. striking that he said nato is no longer obsolete in his opinion. that had been one of his big talking points on the campaign
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trail to rally the base and then on china and currency manipulation, he vowed to label china as a currency manipulator and then backing off that. a lot of his supporters voted for him for those reasons. union workers who want him to get tough on china. but that would make it tougher to get china on board with helping the u.s. to pressure north korea to stop its nuclear provocations. that's what the president told the wall street journal. what we're witnessing is the evolution from a candidate to a president. a lot of supporters said we don't take him literally so it's going to be interesting to see the reaction from some of his base today. we'll get to ask him. he has an event later today and then press secretary sean spicer has his daily briefing at 1:00. >> thanks for that. ambassador, let me go to you first because we can talk a lot about what this means to his
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political base and we will, but because there's so much going on, hincluding the reat potentially of another north korea nuclear test, when there is a lack of skiconsistency andu have russia saying this is just too much, what are the implications of this? >> every president goes through a learning curve, but donald trump has been a nationalist for over 30 years. this is a change. it's not just a change from the campaign. what it says to foreigners and other countries is what is our credibility? can we trust this president? is what he says what he's going to do or does he just pop off depending on the last person with whom he spoke? it's very, very tough. i think there's some triangleation going on here where he's making up with china in hopes to put the russian investigations behind him and he's going to focus on something
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that's really tough to get to his people and that is the refugee crisis. i think the extreme vetting, what he's going to do on deportations is the way he's going to try to hold on to his base and internationally coming to understand what the market understood in 2008 which is we are not decoupled from each other. you can't go it alone anymore. >> i heard a chuckle on this set when we played that sound bite of the president saying he was bonding with president xi. here's a quote from the wall street journal article where he says the president explained the history of china and north korea to him during the meeting, quote, after listening for ten minutes, i realized it's not so easy. i felt pretty strongly they had a tremendous power over north korea, he said, but it's not what you would think. what do you make of that? >> i think that the president to the ambassador's point is really absorbing a lot of very serious
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and important information all at the same time. he's working through that, how it translates into policy. everyone at the beginning of this week was talking aut on the heels of the chinese president's visit, what is the trump doctrine. there is no trump doctrine. it is still in infancy. that tells me a lot about the man in the moment sitting across from another world leader and hearing his side of the story. it's not a sound bite. it's not some rhetoric that you can throw on the campaign trail. this is real and there are real life consequences. if you want a tposition with yo can't do that. >> is there good news for
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democrats? can they look at this objectively and say he realizes if he's going to do anything about north korea, he needs china. he needs to try to figure out a way to make this work and he's learning? >> look, in terms of china, a lot of democratic voters from the blue wall in michigan and other places in fact voted for trump because he was going to be tough on foreign competitors. the fact that now that trump is taking a more traditional republican view on trade i think is going to hurt him severely with working class voters. >> we're getting what we have been working for, this breaking news with syrian president bashar al assad speaking for the first time since president trump launched that missile attack last week. he says that the chemical attack that prompted it was a 100% fabrication. let's take a listen right now. >> it's not clear whether it
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happened or not. you have a lot of fake videos now and you have the proof that those videos were fake. they're al qaeda who wear worldwide hats and appeared as humanitarian heros, which is not the case. the same people were killing syrian soldiers and you have the proof on the internet. so the same thing for that chemical attack, we don't know whether those dead, the children, were they dead at all? who committed the attack if there was attack? what material? you have no information at all. nothing at all. no investigator. >> you're saying it's a fabrication? >> definitely. 100% for us it's fabrication. we don't have arsenal and we're not going to use it and you have many indications if you have no proof because no one has
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concrete evidence, but you have indications. for example, less than two weeks -- around ten days before that attack, the terrorists were advancing on many fronts, including damascus. let's suppose we have this arsenal and let's suppose that we have the will to use it, why don't we use it when they were advancing. actually, the timing of that attack or alleged attack was when the syrian army was advancing very fast and actually the terrorists were collapsing. so why to use it if you have it, why to use it at that timing, not when you are in a difficult situation? logically, for a second, if you want to use and if you want to use it, again, if we suppose, why use it against civilians and not use it against the terrorists we are fighting?
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third, in that area we don't have army. we don't have any object and it's not strategic area. why to attack it? what reason? militarily. i'm talking about militarily from a militarily point of view. of course, the foundation for us morally we wouldn't do it if we have it. we wouldn't have the will because morally it's not acceptable. we won't have the support of the public. every indication is against the whole story. we can say that this play that they staged doesn't hold together. the story is not convincing by any means. >> with the uss air strike trump seems to have changed his position on syria drastically. do you have the feeling that you lost what you have called a potential partner? >> i said if it was conditional.
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>> yeah. >> if they are serious in fighting terrorists, we're going to be partners. not only the united states. whoever wants to fight the terrorists, we are partner. this is basic for us, basic principal les say. actually, what has been proven rently as i said earlier, the laws with those terrorists. the united states and the west are not serious in fighting the terrorists and yesterday some of their statements were defending isis. they were saying that isis doesn't have chemical weapons. they are defending isis against the syrian government and the syrian army. actually you cannot talk about partnership between us, who work against the terrorists and fight the terrorism, and the others who are supporting explicitly the terrorists. >> wow, that was extraordinary. i want to bring in chief foreign
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correspondent. we expected bashar al assad to come out and say i did this, deal with it, but he said basically were the children even dead at all? there are a lot of fake videos out there. there's absolutely no evidence. if we're to believe him, we're to believe, i suppose, richard, that much of the world has been duped by this. what do you take away from it? >> reporter: he was saying that. he was says that this is all a fabrication, that the videos are not real, that there are a lot of fake videos and this was a manipulation by a terrorist group and i was struck by the same that he says maybe the children in the videos weren't even dead at all. it would be very hard to convince children to play dead. i can't imagine how anyone would manipulate that. you have to understand the context. the province where this attack took place is in rebel hands. a lot of rebels in that group
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are or were associated with al qaeda. so from the u.s. perspective and from certainly the syrian regime perspective that is an area it considers in terrorist hands. the people who were killed by all accounts and if you look at the video, although bashar al assad is questioning if they were killed at all, they were civilians who happened to live in that area. if you listen to what bashar al assad says and he's been saying this and his regime have been saying this for years, that he is a force against terrorists and the world should line up behind him because only through his leadership and his military campaign will syria rid itself of this scourge of terrorists. the u.s. position and the international position save the positions of russia and iran is that assad is part of the problem because he's using such
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brutality and it allows terrorists to find ground. a denial. he came out and said it was fake and maybe the kids weren't dead and if we did have chemical weapons, it wouldn't make sense for us to use it at that particular time and place. i think it will get some attention. >> stay with us. 100% fabrication is what he said. this is a man who the president in a very public forum called him a butcher multiple times. what to do about assad and we also have the news from yesterday where you have rex tillerson suggesting maybe it's time to prosecute him as a war criminal. there is no question that bashar al assad is a brutal dictator and a butcher and i would be horrified by the statement he made except it's the same statement he made in 2013 when he had the first chemical attack.
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he's going to deny it. russia is going to deny it. it vetoed a resolution yesterday about the chemical weapons. i didn't expect anything else but this, but it is a horrifying statement and a denial of a reality that our intelligence community as asserted and i believe know quite concretely that assad was behind this chemical attack and it had the effect that it did. i think that president trump has some very tough decisions to make. indeed he is a war criminal. we have to find a way to prosecute this forward, but we still don't have a policy around syria from the trump administration. how is he going to balance getting rid of this dictator who indeed as richard has said created a vacuum for isis and al qaeda and other terrorist groups to come in his country and seek safe haven. how do you deal with the terrorist threat and deal with bashar al assad at the same time. it is is a very difficult policy to execute and at the same time
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this morning i've heard that the trump administration is getting more engaged in yemen. they have a lot of thinking to do about how to proceed forward. it is such a sis rvisceral reac you have after having seeing the video that those kids weren't dead. we have more to talk about and they'll be staying with us. up next, president trump seemingly distancing himself even more from steve bannon calling him simply a guy who works for me. how much longer can he last in the white house? we are live in washington, d.c. stay with us. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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for the second day in a row president trump is firing warning shots at his chief strategist steve bannon. trump is telling the wall street journal he is his own strategist and bannon is a guy who works for me. wednesday we saw trump move away from some of his bannon favored policies and bannon allies are discussing his possible post white house future. one of the reporters behind that terrific "new york times" story. a guy who works for me. that's not ouch. that's i just got shot at point blank range. what is your reporting about what's going on back there? >> there is no doubt that steve
6:22 am
bannon is a man who is isolated in the west wing. a comment like that, just a guy who works for me, is vintage trump. he loves playing psychological warfare not just political opponents, but the people who work for him. >> i was like that's cold. >> it's not what you want to hear your boss saying about, however i do think to deny the fact that the more nationalist policies that steve bannon really favors and got donald trump elected have been on the wayne in the lastew years. you can't overlook that. i don't know that i wou draw a direct line between steve bannon's isolation and those policies. i think the strike in syria was very limited and it's not like we're sending ground troops in there so i wouldn't call that a defeat for the nationalist wing of the white house right now, but on trade and taxes and china, these issues -- remember
6:23 am
there are a lot of issues coming from the budget that will rile up the far right, everything from planned parenthood and the debt ceiling and the way the administration is able with steve bannon's help will coral the right. >> what does it mean for those folks who have been so pro-trump. >> it's all a set up for 2018. everybody is feeling out how far they can go and will the base stay with the president. that's really what a lot of this is about. i kind of laugh at the drama around bannon and trump because they are muses for each other. as much as he goes out and says he's a guy that works for me, bannon is laughing about it because they have that kind of relationship. these guys know -- they have been forged together in this battle. >> you don't think that he's
6:24 am
seriously considering whether steve bannon is serving him well? >> he's a guy who is behind the scenes. he's not a guy who is out front of the press every day like sean spicer or talking about the policy and the direction of the administration. he's the guy in the area of the president saying i believe we need to move in this direction and this is an attack we need to take here. this is the emphasis you should place on this policy. he's the connection to this base that he awakened in 2016. if they begin to throw bannon out, the risk is does that base follow bannon and if bannon goes out, what is he saying about the administration then? >> he has a forum called breitbart. are democrats maybe celebrating a little bit right now getting ahead of themselves? >> i think they are. this assumes the president had positions on these issues before. he has a chaotic environment at the white house.
6:25 am
there's a crisis of confidence, bu but we know from trump's history he likes this chaotic stew from which he pulls ideas and can control other people. he's running around and gets his ego in the way. the guy doesn't know the first thing about health care or anything else. he does rely on these guys, but his ego gets in the way is this thank you so much, guys. you're staying with us. up next, the stock market about to open a day after president trump's comments on the dollar sent the value going down. will it recover today. look at this, amazing. two bullets just missing a small girl's head. we're talking inches. the story behind the video next live from washington, d.c.
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happening now, we're watching wall street kick off the day after the markets closed down after president trump said he thinks the u.s. dollar is too strong. it's a segment we like to call
6:30 am
for facts sake. did they react. >> we've had a wild general upward swing in the dollar since the election. i waant the reason why the dollar goes up or down is because people want the u.s. dollar. you want a currency because the economy that underlies that currency is stable. sometimes it does well because everybody else is having too many problems around the world. that's one of the reasons why you see the increase in demand for the u.s. dollar. there's good and bad to that. the good of having a strong u.s. dollar is that it's good for consumers. you can buy -- your dollar's worth more. we import so much stuff from other countries so that becomes more valuable because you can buy more stuff from other countries, but it becomes hard for exporters. when we're talking about getting into exporting more and manufacturing more, if your dollar is high, then let's talk
6:31 am
about these air conditioners we make in indiana versus somebody who makes it at a low currency, somebody will buy theirs. that means that things become more expensive, but we are likely to develop more manufacturing jobs. that's a little tricky when the president starts to talk down the dollar. >> that was my question. our economy is still strong. when you looking at the numbers overall we're doing well so why such a quick reaction? >> that question can be applied -- >> markets down 52. >> right now we have markets in a place where anything that isn't terrific will hurt them. oil prices are going up a little bit. you sometimes talk down the economy when you talk down the dollar. the dollar is strong because the u.s. economy is safe. if you're a u.s. russian or somewherfrom some part of the
6:32 am
world where the economy isn't going well and you have money, you want to park it in u.s. dollars. that's how you park your money in a safe place. that's what's happening. when you talk down, people say maybe my money should be elsewhere. it sometimes has the effect of weakening the economy. >> if you're planning a vacation abroad. >> if you've been traveling as an american in the last three months the dollar is strong. if you're headed for a tripov overseas this weekend it won't buy as much. >> is that allowed? >> i'll be having water and coffee. >> what should we watch for today. >> we have to find out what he meant when he said the dollar is too strong. there has to be an economic response and nobody knows what that is. >> thank you. time now for the morning primer. everything you need to know to start your day.
6:33 am
we begin with syrian president bashar al assad who just spoke for the first time since the u.s. missile strikes. he says the chemical attack that prompted those strikes was 100% fabrication. >> there was no order to make any attack. we don't have any chemical weapons. we gave up our arsenals three years ago. even if we had them, we wouldn't use and we have never used our chemical arsenal in our history. according to an american group that monitors north korea, new satellite images show the state is primed and ready for another nuclear test as the country prepares to celebrate the birth of the state's founder, an event marked by missile tests and other shows of force. the sacramento police department announced it will conduct a criminal investigation into an officer seen on camera ordering a man to stop and get on the ground before tackling and punching him in the face for
6:34 am
jaywalking the officer is on administrative leavand thean who was arrested has had his charges dropped. in 90 minutes for the first time we will hear from the attorney and the family of the united airlines passenger dragged off his flight. that will brought to you live at 11:00 eastern time. check this out, incredible video of arizona security footage inside a store. a 4-year-old girl playing when two bullets come flying through the window. they missed the girl, but she had minor injuries from glass. the two men are in custody. up next, president trump could spend more on travel this year alone than president obama in his entire two terms. an official trying to get back some of the money he spent protecting mar-a-lago. republicans met with angry constituents when they hold town
6:35 am
halls, but will it make a difference when they return to d.c.? . ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the valiant taste times of death, but once!! uh, excuse me, waiter. i ordered the soup... of course, ma'am. my apologies. c'mon, caesar. let's go. caesar on a caesar salad? surprising. excuse me, pardon me. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. could i get my parking validated? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. the white house is like this incredible place. it represents so much. you're there for a limited period of time. if you're at the white house and you have so much work to do, why do you fly -- why do you leave so much? you think you'd want to work, work, work. >> that was then candidate
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donald trump back in march of 2016 criticizing then president obama's travel schedule. but fast forward to today and trump is about to take his seventh trip to his mar-a-lago resort in palm beach, florida and it doesn't come cheap. a similar trip by obama cost about $3.5 million -- $3.6 million. so far trump has spent 21 days at the winter white house. the frequent travel leaves him on track on spend more money in the first year than the money obama spent over eight years in travel expenses. the sheriff says that the chinese president's visit alone cost the county $2 million. the palm beach county commissioner wants to turn the resort into a special taxing district to offset the costs.
6:40 am
he joins me now. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning, from sunny, beautiful palm beach county. >> how big a hit is the country taking and who should pay for it. >> it's a substantial hit and we're a local government. palm beach county is a large county, but we're a local govement and at the end of the day it has an impact on our budget. we're working all channels, but i did put forth the benefit unit and it's a conversation that the county commission will need to have. >> here's some of the other figures that have been thrown out there. since he bought the property in '85 trump has gotten a tax break and part of the reason is because it's classified mar-a-lago as a club instead of a hotel, but he also collects $200,000 initiation fees and $400,000 a year in membership
6:41 am
fees. how complicated would it be to change the status? >> well, it certainly would be a case of first impression as we say. it's probably never been done in the united states before, but multiple local governments throughout the state of florida have what's known as a taxing unit as well. it would take some political will, but at the end of the day i need to protect the taxpayers. it's not about trump, it's about protecting our budget. so however hard it is, i'm willing to make that fight. >> so on one happened ynd you ca local push, but the county has explained this to the federal government. you're in a similar position to the mayor in new york city who said this is costing us too much money. what kind of response has the county gotten from the feds? >> no response. president trump has communicated that aid would be forthcoming,
6:42 am
but there's been no indication that aid is forthcoming. >> are you saying that they're ignoring you? >> ignoring maybe is a strong word. i think there are other things going on in the administration and there are other priorities that congress is dealing with right now and we remain hopeful, but as an elected official if that doesn't pan out, i have an obligation to protect our dollars. >> on the other side an argument that has been made is aren't you make ing a lot of money. the media is spending money. his staff are spending money. are you losg as much money as those straightforward numbers on overtime and security would indicate? >> that's a difficult question to answer. i'll answer that by saying whether it's president trump or any other president, it's an
6:43 am
honor to have the president so often, but the costs are real. there's some value to it and we're lucky to have that, but we're going to approach $10 million over one year. that's a massive hit out of our general revenue. you don't make that back in value. >> you'll see him later today. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. up next, more republicans greeted with jeers in their home districts. we are live in washington, d.c.
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make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. i'm concerned you don't understand how medicaid work. >> some of us have a concern about transparency as it relates to donald trump's taxes. >> that republican getting an earful from his constituents last night. a lot of folks stood united with a message, go back to washington and stand up to president trump.
6:48 am
in new jersey a republican took the stage with two police officers and endured jeers and standing ovations. in oregon the state's only republican congressman, who helped push the house leadership to overhaul the affordable care act, found himself being shouted down as well. my panel is back with me. these republican lawmakers are having a pretty hard time of it honestly. i will say i give them credit for doing it because some are avoiding it all together. there were strict rules, but a lot of people did get to ask questions. they might not have liked the answer. what do you make of this because it's kind of chaotic out there? >> it is chaotic and these are their constituents. let's keep in mind that in a lot of town halls they are weighted towards progressives. on a number of issues that the congressmen have been talking about from health care to trade policy, you're not going to find
6:49 am
republicans standing up and jeering them and shouting them down. so i think we have to keep that in context. i think it's good that they're doing it, that they're having the conversation. it's important to show they're willing to go out there and make the case to their constituents. their constituents making the case we want you to fight for us and not stand with the president or your party. that's great, but it's not politics. it's a delicate dance for those out there having town halls. >> there is a debate about are people brought in from outside the congressional district and all this. i know from jeff being on the road with you that progressives can get vocal. i guess the question really is is that okay or what role now do those town halls play because i think most members of congress will tell you that it's important for them to get back
6:50 am
there from a political perspective they want their face out there and to here from constituents. >> i think what's going on around the country is fantastic. people are outrages. the republicans tried to throw tens of it's fantastic that people are out there, sort of in the face of some of these congresspeople. this is politics. what the politics is, you throw these people out of office in 2018. that's what has to happen. >> yeah, but that's not what's going to happen. no many instances these are very strong districts for these members. >> jergerrymandered districts. >> don't act like you guys never gerrymandered a district. i'm from maryland. we have a teradactyl shaped district. that's part of the process. we lived through this in 2008 and certainly in 2009 and '10. we saw this rise up of constituencies and voices. the question for democrats is how do you translate that into
6:51 am
somethg that independent and like-minded republic voter also get behind in next year's elections? because it's one thing to show up and jeer down a congressman. it's a whole other thing to translate it not just into a movement but around a set of ideas and policies. >> a lot of moments from mike hoffman's town hall but i want to play one of them because it really shows you sort of what people are feeling. take a listen. >> trump's war on facts and war on science and the war against climate change. >> i had my bag checked three times to enter this venue. i assume that was to protect you. what are you doing to protect me? [ cheers and applause ] >> i mean that's kind of what it's come to, when you have some of these members of congress actually walking out onto the stage, frankly, with members of the police force. when have you seen that before? >> i know but in many cases it's
6:52 am
aen overreaction. unless there's a threat. i worked for some people call a controversial political figure for three decades and you know, other than the presidential campaign, which is a different sort of animal, i mean, you know, bernie sanders goes out, today works rope lines, talks to people, walks home. i think it's a little bit of a drama and theater on their part to having police out there. >> i'm going to get in trouble with the control room but coffman was pressed on sean spicer's hitler comments and the first republican to call home run foim this step down. were you surprised? >> not really. sean is not going anywhere until the president decides. he admitted it was a mistake and cleaned it up and i think the white house is ready to move on. >> jeff, michael, thank you. coming up, united's public relations nightmare not ending any time soon. lawyers for the man dragged off the plane will speak about it in an hour. what we expect to hear, we're live in washington, d.c.
6:53 am
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[ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] we're back live and boy does this have the potential to be high drama. the family and the lawyers for the man who was dragged off that united flight going to have a press conference at 11:00. tom costello is standing by. what are we expecting to learn? >> exactly what are the lawyers planning. will they be seeking compensation from the airline as well as from the city that seems at this point to be a foregone
6:57 am
conclusion. how much are they seeking, also what are dr. dao's injuries, what are the extent of his injuries? we've not had a good clear picture of that. heard rumors but nothing definitive, looking for all of that and i think it's highly unlikely at this point given this pr debacle that united airlines would ever go to court. it seems much more likely they're going to settle. the question is going to be all right, how mis this goi t cost them. they've already lost hundreds of millions of dollars in their stock market valuation alone. take a look at the cover of "pr" magazine. they had just named oscar munoz the communicator of the year. the ceo of united airlines and now the magazine is saying listen, in light of what has just happened, and what is widely described as an absolute pr nightmare and probably a textbook case on how you don't handle any sort of a situation like this, the magazine is saying in light of all that, they would not be awarding him,
6:58 am
if they had to do it over again would not award him the title of communicator of the year. most pr experts will say this will go down as a harvard business study how you don't handle a company crisis. we expect all of that to transpire in the next couple of hours. >> i expect they're already teaching it in some of the classes. tom costello, thank you. we'll have that for you live. that's going to do it for me, i'm chris jansing. hallie jackson picks up the coverage. breaking news here, syria's president saying the chemical weapons atack that prompted the u.s. air strike never happened. in fact he says the white house is working with terrorists and made the whole thing up. these are his first comments since the u.s. intervention. listen. >> there was no order to make any attack. we don't have any chemical weapons. we gave up our arsenal three years ago. >> facts on the ground show that is not true. this all comes during a cooldown
6:59 am
with russia and a warmup with china, part of a flurry of flip-flops for the president. reversals in the face of political realities. here is one disturbing reality. the va is in disarray. bombshell report highlighting a watchdog warning that the government is not doing enough for vets who stepped up to serve this country. the hospital right here in d.c. reportedly running out of lifesaving supplies, the reporter behind that scoop is joining us on set. in the meantime they're fueng up air force one for another movement to mar-a-lago. the prident's seventh trip since becoming president. not free for the leader of the free world. our investigative team runs the numbers to find out the cost to you and presidents in the past. our team has it from the nation's capital and around the world. richard engel in london, bill neely in moscow. richard, i want to talk about this new interview with bashar al is asad. what are the highlights and what is your takeaway. >> this goes to the problem of user generated video.
7:00 am
we have this video by now everyone has seen of the chemicals weapons attack the white house said was directly linked to bashar al assad's regime. the u.s. official said they have radar images of a syrian jet taking off from a base, dropping a bomb and then they see people reacting in ways that are consistent with the chemical weapons attack. that's the u.s. narrative. and in response to that, the u.s. launched those 59 cruise missiles. today, bashar al assad is saying the video might not be true. these people who live in the area that was attacked are terrorists. they could have staged it. syria would never carry out a chemical weapons atack, doesn't have chemical weapons t gave them up a couple of years ago and that this is all 100% fabricati fabrication. it goes back to the credibility of the video. do you believe the images are true, do you believe they are genuine? president assad in the this interview speaking with


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