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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 15, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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bit. marches to try to convince the new president of the united states that he should release his tax returns. those are going to.happen tomorrow, again, d.c. .around the country. that does it for us tonight. we will see you again next week. msnbc live is next. good morning, everyone. flexing its military muscle, north korea puts on a spectacular display and makes threats about an all-out war. president trump's new aggressive approach to military action. does it risk dragging the u.s. into a bigger conflict? new reaction this morning. the president has apparently flip-flopped on a number of issues. and visitors logged at the white house, what has been made public in recent years will now be kept secret so no one will know who is paying a visit to the president. all that right now live on
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msnbc. the u.s. is waking up to a new threat from north korea.. also new today, the secretary of homeland security weighing in. he says he does not see the threat from north korea as an active war threat. >> in the case of north korea, a kinetic threat against the united states right now i don't think is likely, but certainly a cyber threat. so we would raise various threat levels in the event that something happened and we telt as though there was a possible threat. you always want to caution on the side of -- or come down on the side of caution. >> nbc's janice mackey frayer is watching all of this for us from seoul, south korea.
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janice. >> dara, with tensions simmering in the region, there is a show of military strength in pyongyang. a massive parade of missiles and military hardware north korea had been warninger for days that this would be a big event. there were warnings from officials saying if the u.s. were to launch a preemptive strike, it would be all-out war and annihilation. there's been speculation for weeks that north korea may be carrying out a sixth nuclear test or maybe prepare something sort of missile launch, perhaps a test of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states. the president trump ordered the "uss carl vinson" carrier group toward the peninsula. but china is wading in and urging both sides to back down
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from this mutual provocation. they believe that it can only be resolved by talks. but today, it was very much a show of force in pyongyang and the suggestion from experts that even if north korea has not yet achieved all of its ambitions, it's certainly committed to building its arsenal. >> thank you for that. joining me on the phone is eric talmadge. eric, good morning to you. what is the mood in pyongyang and is there a sense that the country could engage in military action? >> good morning. the mood in pyongyang today is there's not as much tension as you might expect. instead, most people are focused on marking the anniversary/birthday of kim ho-son. that's the biggest holiday in north korea. the hundreds of thousands of people are mobilized for the
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military parade and the rally that went with it today. right now, in fact, instead of worry background the tensions that are growing between the united states and their country, many people in pyongyang are out having mass dances and there's going to be a fireworks display tonight. outwardly, it's a fairley normal celebratory day here. >> eric, we are seeing pictures of the parade. did we see new intercontinental ballistic missiles on display in today's parade? if so, what is the likelihood those weapons showing in the parade are actually operational? >> i think it will take a little time and analysis by the experts to determine whether those were actually icbms or whether they are operational or could be operational. but i think there's very little doubt that the north is making great strides towards having the kind of missiles that could strike u.s. bases, for instance, in japan or in the next few years possibly the u.s.
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mainland. and possibly even match those missiles with a nuclear warhead.. >> and how likely is north korea to conduct a sixth nuclear missile test in the near future? >> i spoke with a senior foreign ministry official yesterday. in response to that exact question, he said that that decision is to be made by the supreme headquarters in north korea and that they will make that decision whenever they deem fit. he said that could happen any time. so the north koreans claim that their nuclear program is in self-defense to protect their country against the u.s. and so because of that reasoning, they claim that they have the right to conduct nuclear tests anytime they want. >> eric, u.s. homeland security director john kelly says a cyber attack is more likely than a kinetic attack. what kind of damage can a cyber attack from north korea do to the united states? >> well, i think that's highly
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speculative and his comments, i thk, are very interesting. of course, we have the allegations of attack and more recent attacks perhaps on banks and other institutions. so that's one thing that is very unclear point right now, how strong the north's cyber capabilities really are. i think we'll have to watch out for that. but one thing i would say is although there were no nuclear the tests or ballistic missile launch is today, there's another big appear versery coming up on the 25th which is the founding of the north korean military. i would think there is a high likelihood that if something is going to happen along those lines, it could happen before or around the 25th. >> eric, thank you so much. >> thank you. joining me now is rieshd army colonel and military analyst jack jacobs. colonel, good morning. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> with u.s. warships in the
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region and direct nuclear threats today, is there any room for error from u.s. military? and if so, what would those consequences be? >> well, there's always room for error. i mean, tension res high. the likelihood of anything untoward happening involving u.s. forces is relatively low. i'm thinking that the north may try to launch a missile. you know, it's -- they've done it before. as a demonstration of capability and force. the chinese have recently, through the -- one of their state broadcasting arms, threatened the north that if they tested a nuclear weapon, not a missile, but if they tested add nuclear weapon, they would be in danger of losing their oil and gas that gets shipped, about 90% of it comes from china. this is very big news, indeed, because it means that the chinese are working hard and quite frankly they're working
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wind doorsed doors wou to make sure that the north koreans don't do anything to elevate tension tensions even further because it's in china's best interest that things remain relatively quiet. but involvement with our forces, unlikely. we've got about 30,000 american forces on the southern side of the demilitarized zone. and any kind of elevation of hostility, any hostilities at all will invariably involve our forces and will lead precipitously to the land conflict. neither we nor china and north korea are interested in that while the united states and china trying to figure out what to do with those missiles. >> south korea's military believes new intercontinental ballistic missiles were shown in
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today's parade. did you see anything new in that arsenal and are any of them possibly capable of clifring nuclear war heads to locations around the room? >> old missiles in new canisters, it's not entire clear what the origin of those canister res or what's inside of them. it will take some time before the intelligence 70s figure out what that is. but in addition to that, it was what appeared in the parade to be canisters for smaller nuclear weapons. and, of course, what happened here is that you have to be able to mate the nuclear weapon, which is quite substantial, to an intercontinental about ballistic missile. we think that they're about 18 months to two years away from being able to do that. it sounds like a long time, but it really isn't, which is one reason why we in china are working hard to work together to find some way to convince north
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korea to.stop its production of nuclear weapons. but there are nothing necessarily in that parade that appears to be substantially new or that would be a direct threat to the united states or its allies now. the war used a maib strike on syria this week. >> the decision to use that bomb was delegated down to the commander in the field, which is a very good idea and something very much different from the previous administration. because that bomb is a tactical weapon. it was used to destroy tunnels that isis was using on the border with pakistan and which we had tried to assault with the afghans have been trying to assault for some time without success. but the timing is everything. i think donald trump has a great
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deal of luck in timing. we did it at a time that president xi had just gotten back to beijing. and i think what -- the ancillary benefit of using it not just tactical on the ground and it did its job as tactical things typically do, but it came at a time when it was -- it had an impact on the thinking of xi and i think forced the united states and china closer together to try to solve a mutual problem, which is north korea, dara. >> journal jack jacobs, great to have your insight this morning. later this morning, vice president pence heads the to south korea for the a ten-day tour of the pacific. kelly o'donnell is with the president in florida. >> what counts as celebration in north korea, again, rattles nerves around the world.
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the north's nuclear capability tests pose a major problem to donald trump. >> north korea is a problem pro.. the problem will be taken care of. >> pence intends to deliver a message of unwavering support to the u.s. ally most vulnerable to a nouk here strike. >> really, the president's message, the vice president's message is to show our support with our allies and the fact that we are there with them and we'll confront this threat together. >> while president trump has a new frich with his chinese counterpart, in less than two weeks, with the pentagon's first ever use of what it calls the mother of all bombs. >> we are so proud of our military. and it was another successful event. >> the white house made use of
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an old washington play, releasing a controversy stirring documents on a holiday weekend. this time, the trump administration announced visitor logs, secret service records showing who gets inside the white house and, therefore, who might have influence will be kept secret. citing, grave national security risks and privacy concerns of the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. critics argue the decision undercuts transparrotsy & president's pledge to drain the swamp. but what is clearly visible is the president's d.c. to palm b beach. and here in palm beach, it has become customary for president trump to visit over the weekend. but what is different this time is that his senior team are not
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here this time. it is, of course, the easter holiday, but it suggests that there may not be any imminent plans for the president to take action related to the matters in north korea or other world hot spots over this next couple of days. at the same time, the president certainly has full capability to be in touch with the pentagon, with the white house from his mar-a-lago home. but it just gives you a accepts of the context in which all of this is playing out. we've seen the president talk about unpredictability being a strength in foreign policy, but certainly the signals we're getting from the white house is when it comes to north korea, caution and reassurance to allies is what they're focused on now. dara. >> kelly o'donnell, great to have you with us this morning. why one man on the outs inside the white house may be too dangerous to fire. you don't let anything
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the white house is pushing back on criticism after rolling back an obama administration president of releasing most visitor logs. the white house says grave national security risks and privacy concerns prompted its decision yesterday to keep these records private. president trump is at his mar-a-lago estate where he's spending easter weekend with his family. here is part of his weekly address. >> i also want to give a special message to those struggling americans who have felt for too long the bitter taste of hardship. i want you to know this white house is fighting for you.
4:19 am
we should fighting for every american who has been left behind. we have fighting for the right of all citizens to enjoy safety and peace and to work and live with the dignity that all children of god are entitled to know. >> the democrats are sending out a similar message this morning as two of its leaders put aside their differences for a so-called unity tour starting monday. here is dnc chair tom perez delivering this week's address. >> donald trump isn't shaking things up. he's shaking american families down. democrats won't let him get away with it. that's why i'm hitting the road next week with people across the country to talk about how we can come together and fight back with our shauld shawls. as president trump retreats to the golf course, bernie and i will be taking directly to the streets and talk to voters about how the democratic part is fighting for you. new today, a warning from president trump from onef s key supporters in congress on
4:20 am
the issue of immigration. >> i am not at the level of being happy with what so far donald trump hats done. he's gone some good things, but daca and dapa still exist. and i've told the president this. he day you don't address this, it gets harder and harder to do. his base is starting to get uneasy because they haven't seen his movement on daca and dapa. they're not confident on the wall. but the message clear on the white house, we'll build the wall. >> joining me now, jonathan allen and coauthor of the forthcoming book, shattered inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign. thank you both for joining me this morning. >> thanks, dara. >> a new article in "the washington post" suggests trump delights in the u.s. displaying its military strength. what's his motivation here?
4:21 am
>> i think people are trying to figure out exactly what all of these data points mean, if this is a pattern rather than a few isolated incidents. i think he was supported in the strikes against assad, but then the mother of all bombs gets dropped and at the same time we're saber rattling with north korea. i think there's a lot of concern that the president is going to fall in love with the idea of being the muscular guy on the block. >> and what about vice president pence head to go south korea today, jonathan? what should we read into that? >> this was a preplanned trip to asia. it has happened happens at a time when there's tension over the united states withdrawing from the trans-pacific partnership as president trump promised that he would do during his campaign. mike pence has several stops, one of them in south korea. i believe the first one there. so it is largely coincidental
4:22 am
and i -- you know, i think going south korea is a show of american support for that side loft line. and in recent days, it seems president trump has changed his position on number of issues. take a listen. >> i'll tell you about nato. it's obsolete and we're paying too much money. >> i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> they are grand masters of currency manipulation. >> president xi wants to do the right thing. we had a very good bonding. >> it's not just nato and china. he's taken a much harder line on russia. jane, how do you account pore these changes and is there any concrete policy behind these changes? >> we are seeing quite a few changes in that same interview that he first made newsn nato and china. he also said he supported janet yellen and could see her staying in the job at the federal reserve. he also said he had a favorable
4:23 am
view of the export/import bank. these are things he campaigned on strongly saying he would get rid of them. he came in with this economic policy that was different than the gop orthodox. but a as someone who covered the campaign, this is not surprising to me. in 510 days, i documented 141 policy changes, major policy changes during that campaign. as president we're seeing his positions continue to shift. and i think we may see them shift as the news shift. as the days shift, we're going to see new positions. but i think it does make it very unpredictable for his allies to work around him, for them to stay on the same side as him. and i think for congress to know where he stands on these issues. >> and there's been some coneverybodyive backlash on this with some of the campaign opens most ardent supporters. >> absolutely. he said i'm going to keep america focused on america's
4:24 am
issues and problems. america first was the slogan. this is a guy who is -- with the saber rattling in north korea, he's the mother of all bombs, syrian air strikes, no matter who supports these issues, it is not something he said he would do. and the very far right of his artery, the people who said they wanted to keep things internal, domestic focus region are very frustrated. these are people who rallied wind him in the campaign and now they're saying, wait, what's going on? this is a lot more mainstream. a lot more like jeb bush's dmrits politics than we thought we were getting with trump. >> and another headline that follows from trump's positions, one about so-called palace intrigue. steve banyan reportedly being sidelined for more moderate voices in the west wing, but not fired. is he too dangerous to fe? >> i'm not sure everybody is too dangerous to fire, but i think the's a connection obviously between steve banyan losing power and influence in the white house and donald trump's policy changes. donald trump is listen to go a
4:25 am
different set of advisers. he listened to banyan when he got into office and it failed him. he wasn't able to get his health care legislation done. the travel ban that he put up was blocked by a court not once but twice. so this is a situation where he's looking for a way forward to become more popular, to get some things done in the white house. he's listening more to his son-in-law, jared can kushner, he's listening more to gary cohen, the economic adviser he's put in there. there is some fear that if he gets rid of banyan, banyan will rally the troops against donald trump. but i think steve banyan feels that he's a bigger and stronger leader of the nationalist conservative leader, my guess is he has a second thing coming. >> we shall see. great to have you here this morning. >> take care. defense experts called it the right weapon for the right
4:26 am
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. welcome back. here is what we're monitoring. large ballistic missiles and rockets on display along sides thousands of troops and a parade through pyongyang. it marked the 105th birthday of the country's founder, so the grandfather of the current le. this happened amid high tensions with the u.s. kelly,reat to haveou this morning. so let's start with the events on the ground in pyongyang. there was no nuclear test as many expected. but there is new interest in
4:33 am
those missiles and rockets that they put on display. what can you tell us about that? >> that's right, dara, and probably some renewed concerns about north korea's missile program, as well. the north koreans were showing off two of their newest missiles today. a submarine launch ballistic missile and a land-based version. that second one, the land-based ballistic missile was test launched last month. the real question, though, is the icbms. abdomen list res still studying this video trying to identify all the hardware on parade in today's parade and trying to figure out whether or not the north koreans were showing off a prototype of an icbm, a missile that would be able, potentially, the to reach the united states. and some analysts have suggested that they were showing off this short of prototype. but, again, the question is at what stage of development are these in terms of an icbm and
4:34 am
that's unclear. most analysts agree that they are in the somewhat early stages, but they're making progress. then there was another interesting thing of note today, including solid fuel. suggestions that perhaps they were showing off this technology which would allow north korea to fire missiles quickly without loading liquid fuel first. that's usually an indicator via satellite that they're about to make a launch that allows those watching north korea to get an early heads up before north korea test launches. if they develop solid fuel, they would be able to launch without that early detection, that early warninging. so those are the two big things. again, analyst still lking at this video trying to figure out what exactly the north koreans have in their stockpile. dara. >> and what's been the reaction around the world to the parade
4:35 am
and the rhetoric between the north and the united states? >> well, really, pretty alarmist around the world. i suppose for good reason. you look at these headlines around the world ask there's talk of brinkmanship, with of nuclear war. here in britain, the times headline was step back its war and slightly more -- we're on the brink of nuclear war. in fact, interestingly, the editorial in the daily mail here in the uk called this week, quote, perhaps the darkest and most dangerous since the cuban missile crisis back in 1962. this morning, both china and russia are pleading for caution from both sides, from president trump and the north korean leader, king jong n. so the world really on a state of high alert at in this point,
4:36 am
dara. >> kelly, thanks for that report. joining me now, nbc news national security analyst jeremy bash. he's also the former chief of staff at the cia and pentagon under president obama. great you have to this morning. >> good morning, dara. >> tell me, what influence did china have on north korea? kelly was just talking about it. can if u.s. really rely on it? >> well, china does have enormous influence in pyongyang, the north korean capital. and so an objective of american foreign policy really for the last generation has been to use our influence to get china to use itself influence with the regime in north korea to back down from its destabilizing rhetoric and its advancement for nuclear capabilities. i think it's an interesting approach that the trump administration has taken with
4:37 am
china. i'm not sure it's going be complete effective. but there's also been a lot of talk, a lot of rhetoric. the president has used his own thumbs, his own twitter feed to compel china in an embarrass way and saying if you're tot going to take care of this problem, we will, and north korea could act badly. >> north korea has warned that a threat is clear. what would a u.s. response look like to a north korean nuclear test and is there any talk of launch ago prosecute emtive strike against north korea.? >> it's a great question. north korea has been testing its -- back to 2006. some of the tests have been, frankly, duds. some of them have shown that they have a nuclear weapons capability. they probably have about 20
4:38 am
bombs worth of material. so they are emerging as a nuclear power. s what's more concerning, dara, is really their ability to miniaturize that nuclear weapon on to a warhead and put it on top of a missile, an intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the united states. so i'm less worried about them doing a nuclear test. i'm much more worried about them able to miniaturize it and put it on top of a missile. as for a preemptive military strike, i think that would be a very bad idea. i'm not exactly sure what we would hit. would we hit the mountain where they're testing the nuclear weapon? that doesn't make much sense to me and that would provoke north korea into taking a conventional attack on seoul, 10 million people there will be very destabilizing and could create a breakout. >> this past thursday, the u.s. launched the 21,000 pound massive ordinance air blast on
4:39 am
caves used by isis in afghanistan. dozens of militants are reportly dead. what do you make of the timing of this bombing? my sense in having worked in the pentagon, a decision about what specific bomb to be used on a the target would be made by the military specialists as well as the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. so i don't read too much politically into this of a message that the white house will be trying to send to either adversaries around the world. i think if they tried to use this weapon for a strategic message purpose it would be a mistake. it would be a false message because i think it would create
4:40 am
the opposite effect. >> how much of a dent did this make into isis? >> it's a little bit difficult to know. the weapon is used primarily to decimate infrastructure underground .isis has been utilizing caves and tunnel infrastructure. if the weapon collapsed that cave and tunnel infrastructure, that would away big tactical benefit to our fighters in afghanistan. but, again, bl it's strategically can damage isis which also has a virtual caliphate, it can inspire and propagandize people online. we have to have a global effort to counter isis in a number of places. >> thanks for your insight. >> thanks, dara. and the backlash against congresswoman tulssy gabbert, was the rebuke deserve edz? and how democrats can turn the political tide.
4:41 am
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to instruct my they are england grand masters of currency manipulation. >> i'll tell but nato. it's obsolete and we're paying too much money. >> i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> whiplash in washington after a week of changing positions at the white house. joining me now, joe watkins, republican strategist and white house aide to president george h.w. bush. rick tyler, former campaign cruise spokesman. he's an mz nbc political analyst. and zarena, director of progressive programming for is i rius xm. thank you all for being here. this is great today. >> good morning. >> are these flip-flops or are these evolutions? >> well, some would call them
4:45 am
flip-flops, others would call it evolution. this is the reality of the white house. donald trump inot an ideaalog. he's not somebody who is tied toen a ideology. he is tied to practical politics and he's a pragmatist for the most part. so he'll do whatever he needs to do. and that's what he's doing. so yeah, he's flip-flopped. he's changed his stance on a whole host of issues. now that he's president of the united states and he sees what the job entails and he sees what's needed to move america forward. he's changed his position on nato, on china as a currency manipulator and a whole host of issues. and this may not be the end of it, either. >> and, rick, if these policies are so flip-flopble or changeable, can that imply that there's not much thought being put into them? >> maybe. i think this is more reality hitting the reality star. he's definitely taking on the more conventional view of presidents. he's -- and you can see it in the personnel changes that he's had. he's listen to go different voices than he was on the
4:46 am
campaign. and -- but most of these positions that he's moved toward, i would agree with. and so it's a good -- it's a good flip-flop. >> there is an article on the hill that has this headline. surprise, now the establishment is praising trump. but many of his supporters liked the isolationism e spoke of on the trail. what happens to his supporters now? >> i think that's a very good question. he's already at around 40% in terms of his approval rating. so that base that is so loyal to donald trump is shrinking and slippinging. as he moderates on some of these positions, which i think is a good thing, but i'm old enough to remember when flip-flopping was the ultimate deathnell to a particular county then john kerry in 2004. so it's interesting now that republicans are supporting shifting on positions to -- as more facts and more knowledge about the issue come out.
4:47 am
but i think with president trump, the real issue is that he doesn't really have a full grasp on the nuance ofany of these issues. and so, of course, he's going to be shifting on these serious issues because he essentially takes the opinion of the last person he spoke to about that particular topic and he come out and sort of repeats what they said. but that is really worrying because we need somebody in the commander in chief who actually has an understanding of policy and donald trump didn't demonstrate that in the campaign and he hasn't demonstrated that in what is a little under a hundred days. we're coming up on a hundred days very shortly.. >> and we saw lots of reporting this week about the future of chief strategist steve banyan, the president calling him, quote, a guy who works for me. what is your take away from hearing that? >> that steve banyan might want to clear out his desk or get it ready to leave quickly. because essentially, when the president is pretendings as if he doesn't really know the
4:48 am
person, we saw that with michael fin, we're seeing that with paul mamafort. and i think when the president doesn't confidently support you in public and in the press, you know, when he did did the new york post interview and essentially was like, well, i don't know steve, that definitely was a warning sign if you're a steve with banyan supporter or a core trump supporter who agrees with many of the things steve banyan has put forward in terms of policy and this administration. >> how do you read this split in the white house with steve banyan? >> well, look, you know, donald trump has given more and more to jared kushner, which may or may not be concerning. and with steve banyan web essentially -- i mean, he threw him turned bus. people are now seeing steve banyan in the hallway and walk in the other direction. they don't want to be seen with him. and the reason is when donald trump says i'm my own strategist and steve banyan's title is chief strategist, there is not a
4:49 am
purpose for him. >> joe, quick question here. did anyone try to avoid you when you were in the white house? did you ever experience anything like that? >> well, fortunately not, but i've seen it happen before to members of the white house staff. and when you get sloimted like that, especially if the president is starting to distance himself from you, that's good reason to start dusting off your resume. i mean, steve banyan is an ideaalog and donald trump is a pragmatist and donald trump is not going to get rid of his son-in-law. i said this last week. so in the battle between jared kushner and steve banyan, jared kushner is going to win every time, and especially because of the fact that donald trump is a practical guy and not an ideaalog. >> joe, rick, ze rlena, stay with me. next, could we see a woman run for president in 2020 on the early ticket? that's coming up next. anything, text me.
4:50 am
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we are back with joe watkins and rick tyler and zerlina maxwell. i want to talk about the 2020 elections in a moment, but tulsi gabbard. she wants proof that assad was behind the chemical weapons attack in syria. was ts a disgrace? >> yes. this was a disgrace. we have the intelligence community and all of the experts agreeing that assad was behind the attack. it is very disturbing to have elected member of congress put forward this position publicly. it was just serving when she met with assad. yes, this is a disgrace. certainly democrats are right to be outraged. >> rick, what is your reaction with this among the outrage among the democrats? >> i like when zerlina can tell the truth about her party. >> i do that every week. what are you talking about? >> i get a chance to point it
4:54 am
out. it was a disgrace. when these things happen, we should point them out. >> and going to talk to assad, just dug her in deeper there. joe, i want to turn to you. we have nikki haley for possible rise in the republican party. if donald trump doesn't run in 2020, and he declines to run, we are seeing articles about the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. she denied having presidential ambitions. you know denial. it is not just a river in egypt. >> nikki haley is an attractive candidate. anything can tell. 2020 is still a long way away. it depends where the economy is and the american people. what president the american people want. god forbid we are in a conflict with a country or our countries. america doesn't change leaders during conflict.
4:55 am
that would have the viability of anybody running for that office. clearly, nikki haley is capable and attractive as a candidate for national office going forward. >> rick, i know we are not 100 days in the trump administration. what is your take on nikki haley? >> she has bn very, very clear and articulate about american foreign policy. it is nice to see america engage in a world and take a leadership role. when they don't, unfortunately, the planet is dark and bloody as dictators fill the void. >> zerlina, tom perez. partnering with bernie sanders. they are hitting the road trying to rally democrats. what do you think? >> i think it is productive strategy and go and talk to americans and hear from him what their concerns are and worried about and what things are keeping them up at night other
4:56 am
than perhaps the threat of nuclear war that is currently happening. we are all too calm about that. i think it is important for us to go out into the country and talk to real people. the back and forth and the daily drama and intrigue that is happening in the administration is not what is important. the safety and prosperity is what is important. i think tom perez and senator sanders will go into the streets and listen. >> zerlina maxwell and rick tyler and joe watkins. thanks. that will do it for me this hour. i'm dara brown. thanks for watching. vice president mike pence about to leave for south korea. you don't let anything
4:57 am
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5:00 am
are they ratcheting up rhetoric against the u.s. as well? including new word from that country's second in charge that response from north korea would be all-out war. this as vice president mike pence heads to south korea. is he looking to green light military action against the north? we are showing you live pictures from joint base andrews. we will tell you there live. from the white house, new word on the comings and goings of visitors which are logged, but now officially private. why the shroud of secrecy? >> he will lose his base. that is an important message for the president to receive. >> the split in the west wing. will it create problems with the base? some of the people who voted trump in office and could it lead to a departure from the inner circle? we have the latest on msnbc live. we


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