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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  April 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the room where that xroempbs is expected to happen. we'll take it to you live. that wraps things up for me on this monday. kate snow picks things up of. >> good to see you. we start with fast developing news on north koreaier today. president trump was asked if he had a mention for north korea. he simply said, got to behave. this as a senior north korean official said the north will conduct missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis adding all out war would result if the u.s. took military action. meanwhile, vice president pence sent a strong message to north korea during his trip to south korea. we'll break down all the day's developments. a massive manhunt is underway for a man who police say filmed himself killing an elderly man and then uploaded to it facebook. ohio and surrounding states on
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edge including pennsylvania. police stay suspect who has been identified as steve stevens should be considered armed and dangerous. and we hope to bring you an update. we're learning new details about the death of superstar prince. prescription medications were found you a over his home. we'll bring you a full report on that. we begin with the latest on the evolving situation on the korean peninsula as vice president mike pence continues his visit to the region. i want to bring in my colleague chris janicing who is following latest from the white house. also our pentagon correspondent, and victor cha, director of asia studies for georgetown university. good to have all of you with us. we just had the briefing with sean spicer last hour. talk about what the white house is saying. he talked about urging china to continue to pressure north
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korea. >> yeah. and i think the other big headline is nothing is off the table. while they have them working that aspect of it. we've heard a lot from the president including the relationship that he has developed with president xi. and the belief by a lot of people, you heard it from sean spicer. when we didn't see a nuclear test, even though one was potentially expected this weekend from the north, that was the influence of xi via president trump and the relationship they've developed. having said that, it didn't stop the comments from the demilitarized zone. you quoted the president who said they have on behave and it didn't stop sean spicer from again saying, nothing is off the table. here's a little more from what we heard at the press secretary. >> the error of strategic patience was a boss that the
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obama administration enacted to basically sgat see. i think we have now understood that policy is not one that is prudent for the united states. and i think that's why you've seen stepped up efforts, marchly with respect to china of the and i think the relationship with the president is really building on from the time he spent in mar-a-lago with president xi will hopefully produce results. >> the drawing of red lines hasn't worked in the past. so you have this tough talk. on the other hand you have a move toward trying on get some of this in the hands of the chinese to see the influence that they can have on north korea even as we hear about all options being on the table. >> all right. stay with us. i would like to play a little had sound from vice president mike pence on his visit to south korea a little earlier. >> you a options are on the
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table. just in the past two weeks, the word witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in syria and afghanistan. north korea would do well not to test his resolve. the era of strategic patience is over. >> so what is the pentagon saying about what those options are? >> they have options. they won't read them out to us but it is clear they do a lot of planning. they are planning for virtuely everything at the pentagon. one quick note, they pride themselves on the speed with which they can come up with options. you saw that on the syria strike. 72 hours. the very will os at this is something they're quite proud of. at one moment it seems sean spicer was telling us not to read too much into the sequencing had, drawing a connection between what happened in syria, what happened in afghanistan, the mother of all
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bombs, and his rhetoric on north korea. then a moment later, sean spicer steamed draw that back, well, don't read too much into it. all options are on the table and he cited the speed with which the president made his decision. >> hans, i know we're lucky to have you. you have a plane to catch to go to the middle east. >> well, mattis will be checking with allies and sending the strong signal to the pentagon saying this is an administration, the signal they want to send is that they nidalize. so mattis looks forward to these trips off the these conversations. israel, egypt, qatar, and down to the horn of africa. right by those narrow straits right there and you have yemen where you have an ongoing siave
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war. very interesting places. a lot of conversations taking place. one quick note, you talk about what's happening with china. j jabuti is the one place, it will be, to see how mattis deals with the counter parts and what he says he about the chinese. especially we go in the peninsula. >> vice president pence also speaking about redoning economic and diplomatic pressure. let me play that clip and ask you about it. >> we're going to redouble our efforts to bring diplomatic and economic effort to bear. our hope is that we can resolve this peacefully. we've seen china begin to take some tookss bring pressure on north korea. there needs to be more. >> so in your assessment, how likely is it that some sort of
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diplomatic solution can be found and how like i is it that china helps with that? >> with, i don't think a diplomatic solution can be found unless clean puts more economic pressure on north korea. they have very little political influence on the country. there have been in fact almost all visits between two countries during kim jong-un's leadership. allow, 85% is with china. they have a lot of material influence. the purpose of the pressure wouldn't be to collapse the regime that you to cause the north koreans to feel enough page so they feel there is a cost to pursuing the nuclear weapons program will drive them pack to the negotiating table. so clean is part of solution in terms of trying get the diplomacy going again. if they don't do it, i think they feel like they're part of problem and there will be other things they might do dlikt against china. >> could you think north korea
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is feeling threatened at all? there was all that talk and then today the bbc talking to a north korean official saying they're going to continue testing, weekly, monthly and yearly. that seems like tough talk thrown right back at president trump. >> first norths koreans always feer threatened. no matter how many weapons, they are an illegitimate dictatorship. with regard to the back ask forthwith vice president pence's words, i think what that is trying to signal, a more muscular posture but at the same time some unpredictability in terms of how trump will react. and this is juxtaposed, so you see the balancing back ask forth. they're trying on convey two things at the same time. strength and at the same time
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unpredictability of the. >> we've been showing that really superb video of the parade that happened on saturday in north korea. all the weaponry and military gear going down street. and then they had that failed missile launch. there's been speculation that perhaps the hus something 22nd the failure of that launch of that by hacking, the u.s. was able to stop it from succeedingful are they talking about that in. >> they're dismissing that. if they did have this capability, i would expect that. for the pentagon to acknowledge this kind of cyber capability would rae change it. not just in north korea but across the entire globe. i will say, i've run it by several officials at the pentagon. they're sort of shaking their head staying important part of failure is that it failed. now i will say, and this is a general take you get. they do think the north koreans learn something every time they test and they get closer to
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their goal of launching an the incontinental ballistic missile. >> i want to change gears and talk about tomorrow of president trump will be going to wisconsin to hold a rally. he's visited seven states since being in office. by this point in his presidey, barack obama had already visited then states and taken tee trips abroad with plans for a fourth trip in place. george w. bush by contrast visited nearly half the country, 23 states by this point and had made a trip on canada. vice president pence is overseas a ten-day trip to asia. secretary tillerson visited russia last week and defense secretary mattis is on his way to the middle east miflt question is what are we hearing from the white house about the president's relative lack of travel? >> well, remember during the campaign, and these interesting noums dig up.
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how many nights away the president versus he hillary clinton. if it were at all humans possible, and it help when's you have your own private jet. but he went home to new york and that's where he elementary school -- where he slept night after night. when did he do the rallies, it was something brought energy, brought him that energy. we haven't seen that here. he is as you said going to be talking about jobs, with the economy. that is a pivot the white house has wanted to make. there's been so much focus on foreign affairs. they know tlb bread and butter for their base is about jobs. that's what he is going to be talking about. he is going to make always foreign trip. he has decided to go to the g-7 which is in sicily. the visit by the prime minister of italy the week, they will
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have had meetings here with all of the world leaders except one and that's france. he is doing this in a very different way. staying at the white house right behind those doors into the oval office. meeting with world leaders here and not traveling the way others have. also worth noting that a lot of these countries where the leaders coming here, they're not countries where he is particularly popular. something that was very different for president obama who was incredibly popular throughout europe. >> thank you all very much. appreciate it. we continue to wait for the press conference that we expect any minute now in cleveland. when we come back, armed, zpags on the run. the search for a man who killed an elderly man and posted to it facebook.
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he. happening now, awaiting the update from cleveland authorities on a massive manhunt underway for steve stevens. the 37-year-old suspect accused of killing a man in cold blood, posting that video of the act on facebook. police say he randomly close his victim, a 74-year-old grandfather, and claimed to have killed at leaf 14 other people. stevens is considered armed and dangerous. the search has spread to least
12:17 pm
five states. authorities vowing to find him. >> first we're asking him to turn himself in. if he doesn't, we'll find him. we won't stop until he's in custody. >> for the latest, i bring in ron allen, live in cleveland. also,ari is here. ron, i'll start with you. just at the top of this hour, katy tur was reporting the philadelphia police have put out a tweet. what do we know about whether there might be any connection to philadelphia? >> well, the police are saying there's nothing related to it. he might be. there there have been annul of cause to the philadelphia police saying they spotted the suspect or his car near a park this philadelphia buthe police are saying there's nothing to indicate he is in the city. so back here in cleveland, waiting for this 3:00 press
12:18 pm
conference. and the fbi has added him to the list of the ten most wanted. the search is on for more than 24 hours. we've learned at the start of the search, sometime early in the investigation, the police were able to have a conversation with stephens via cell phone as he was on the run but that did not result in his apprehension. we heard there were reports that his phone had been detected or ping in the erie, pennsylvania. that has not been confirmed. the best lead all day was this notion that he might be in if i if i will but that has been debunked. the hunt continues. it is ever expanding. we should clarify at this point there is been a thorough search around cleveland and other areas and there are no other murders
12:19 pm
linked to this individual. only this one case, mr. godwin, the 74-year-old killed yesterday on easter sunday. >> ron, let's pause. they're starting now in cleveland. >> we want to announce that there is an award of up to $50,000 for the arrest of mr. steve stephens. the money comes from the fbi, atf and marshal service. we also want to emphasize that we are still engaged in a very aggressive and very focused attempt to find steve stephens and bring him to justice. we will emphasize again the need for the community to give us support. they've been very supportive
12:20 pm
during this incident. and we ask for them to be supportive. i'll turn it over to the chief who will give you more details. >> thank you. as the mayor stated, the new developments are the reward that's being offered. thanks to crime stoppers. we're still employing steve to turn himself in. definitely to contact a relative or friend. there are a lot of folks out there that want to talk to him. want to get this resolve peacefully. so steve, if you're out there listening, call someone. whether it is a friend or family member or pastor. give them a call. their waiting on you to call them. we're a little over 24 hours away from when this incident started. and we definitely want to get it
12:21 pm
resolved as fast as possib. the victim's fami, they deserve that. and the community deserves it. our reach now is basically all over this country. our federal partners, our local partners have reached out to their contacts all over the country and this is what we would consider a national search. for steve. so we are not going to leave any stone unturned. the tips, we want them to keep coming in. the fbi line, please call that if you have something out of the area. if you're calling locally, please call 911. the mayor has conversed with the family. this administration has talked with them. we know their hearts are heavy and we're trying get this
12:22 pm
resolved. so if there are any questions, we'll open it up. >> is there any reason to believe he is still in that vehicle? >> well, we don't have any reason to believe he's not in that vehicle. when these things evolve and maybe sports vehicles, things like that, he is not going to go out and buy a vehicle. usually there's some kind of crime involved in securing a new vehicle. and we haven't had any reports like that. >> is there any truth that he's been spotted in philadelphia? >> no. we're receiving dozen and dozens of dips. and we follow up on all leads he. >> can you describe the emotion you, the federal partners, how difficult -- >> i think we're all standing here because of, you know, what
12:23 pm
unfortunately happened to one of our citizens in the city, minding his own business. going about his day on easter. it is personal. definitely. >> what have you been able to determine -- [ inaudible ]. >> to be honest, we've interviewed several people involved and i don't think there's any rhyme or reason. there's nothing that we can say sparked this. only steve knows that. hopefully we can find him soon and then we'll get to talk to him and find out why he did this. we've located a lot of people he's been talking to. >> how long was the post up on
12:24 pm
facebook? >> i can't give you the exact time frame. but it was sometime yesterday. >> but was it up for minutes? hours? >> i couldn't tell you exactly. >> do you believe stevens is still in the cleveland area? >> we don't know. there are a couple scenario that's played themselves out. i don't want to speculate on any of those scenarios. of course we in law enforcement look to all of them. and govern the investigation according to things that have happened in the past and the future. but i can't can tell you one way or the other. we're trying to follow any investigative lead. we're trying to make sure that we in law enforcement kind of look in the past and really bring something in this case that will locate them.
12:25 pm
and all that is being done. >> is there any evidence that he's outside of ohio? >> no. >> what about parents trying to deal with this and having to talk to their children? >> well, our message to the community at large is to be careful. unfortunately, we're in an era when things like the happen. may be not to this degree or this publicly. as was done. but we have to be care have. we have to be vigilant. we have to watch over each. >> are you doing anything different? >> to further comment your question, it is traumatizing to our community, to everybody. not just our kids. and you know, the police, law enforcement, we have counsellors for the family and if there is a
12:26 pm
need throughout, a school or an institution, we can arrange for counsellors to talk to folks. i can't give an exact send on that sis of all that but we've searched he have location, there have been items recovered, yes. >> some were weapons. some were other things pertinent to the investigation. >> and they were his? >> i can't vaerify who they belong to. yes, we can say without a doubt he is armed. do you know what the murder weapon was? >> it was a pistol i can't. give you the caliber and things like that but yes, he's armed. >> did you have video or pictureser --
12:27 pm
>> we've been looking at video throughout the area. our investigators would have to talk to that. if we found the video within the video. it is very hard. it is a white 2016 vehicle, four door. and there are thousands that travel throughout northeast ohio. >> do you think you will released 911 tapes? >> those will be processed. we'll get the tapes out. we want to concentrate on finding steve and bringing closu closure. >> is there anything that you can talk about, did he have financial problems, anything? >> there are a lot of things that go on in people's lives.
12:28 pm
we cannot focus on that. we can't pinpoint a specific they know and say that's what triggered this. we don't know. when we talk to him, wee be a'l able to find out more. >> thank you. >> can you tell us anything about what gave rise to have it in philadelphia? again, we are following up on every since lead that comes is of. >> yes. >> we've been watching this press conference in cleveland, ohio. more than anything what we just heard was a plea for help from the community, from the nation at this point in finding that
12:29 pm
man that you see on the screen accused by police of killing someone in cold blood. his name is steve stephens. he posted the video to his facebook page. authorities saying they don't any idea where he is. they've said they've had hundreds of leads coming in. their now offering a reward for his capture. a $50,000 reward. the chief of police saying this is what we would consider now a national search. beyond just ohio and beyond the states they had identified earlier. now they're saying this is nationwide. ari, this is breath taking that they have to call for the nation to help. they're basically pleading for him to turn himself in. >> they're pleading at the local
12:30 pm
level. it is nothing to be on the fbi top ten wanted list. someone who could kill out of blue, a random targeting, is obviously a very dangerous person ask that goes into the calculation there's. i would flag a couple other things. something we're seeing with some frequency. this time of broadcast or social media crime. in the search they call this a performance krip. not just a traditional murder but one designed with the spectacle of recording, sharing and uploading the crime to this new media. it is something we struggle with. too much attention or celebrity countries. they look at people like o.j. simpson or aaron hernandez. this is not the first time we've seen this. back this march we reported on
12:31 pm
it. a half dozen men that viciously assaulted young women. the same platform, had charged with hate crimes and torture for that distribution of a, a vicious tike a disabled man and isis with an international flavor. clearly this individual clearly wanted to put it online. >> and it is so disturbing. i anchored nightly news. i said that we don't want to have to tell thesestories. it just adds to the attraction for people to do heinous things online. what position does facebook find itself in? how many millions of prags throughout? >>s about. they find themselves in a really difficult had position. you're dealing with a double edged sword. they're giving everyone the ability the broadcast at any hour. but that's also enabling had bad
12:32 pm
actors to broadcast things graphic in nature or something as heinous or a murder. for facebook, they're not god. they can't watch 1 billion users all at once. although they're knowal goal rith ins to detect this. they're relyinger on the users. >> you heard them. how long was that video up? last night we posted it live. then it turned out, he to know a video and posted it sometime after the crime. but nobody is saying how long the video was up on facebook of we think maybe hours? >> i think there was an npr report saying it was on for three hours. it is safe to say this was up a long time. just as some of the previous incidents. it takes facebook a really long time to respond to these claims.
12:33 pm
and they're dealing with thousands every hour. >> would you hope that some of them called 911. had i think they'll start releasing some tapes but right now they just want to find this man. >> and asking everyone, if you see anything, hear anything, call it in. there may have been false cause in philadelphia. they prefer false positives to people being silent. >> thank you. just ahead, new information surrounding the death of home run prince. almost aea aft his death. what they found all over his house.
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new details about the swes the nape of his long type bodyguard of the he died from an accident a overdose of fenanyl.
12:38 pm
a lot of controlled substances. some even a suitcase full of drugs. what does the quantity tell you about it? >> it tells me that he had an addiction and he was a hard time dealing with it. he had these medications that were in someone else's name. extremely illegal. he had medications and pills from someone outside the medical community. he got them illegally. not only was he hiding then around the house from other p will but also fromerhaps himself as well, trying to deal with the addiction. >> the idea that they were in
12:39 pm
oth other people's names. it might have been for privacy reasons buzz it del us that people around the star knew what was happening? >> i think many did of he know this for a fact. he was ready to go get some help. to go away for a while and take care of that problem. i know some insiders involved with prince. he knew he had a problem. he was trying to deal with it. take care of his responsibilities and go. the problem with pain and addiction and those substances, people like to keep then around. they get to where they fear the pain that they're in. they try to make sure they have enough medication around. and you know oxycodone he, it is an epidemic now. because prescription drugs lead people, young people who suffer
12:40 pm
with pain to street drugs because they can't get the prescriptions anymore. i'm sure that had to do with how he felt. >> and a big part of this mystery surrounding his death. he died of an overdose of fentanyl. for people who don't know, it is strong, strong stuff of. >> a very strong drug. most experts say it is 50 times stronger than more fien. it's been around since the 1990s for people with cancer pain of and it is used in hospitals. it is extremely strong. the problem is it is extremely addictive of the. >> we don't know where he got it from b it would be in the same category as the other painkillers? >> it is in the same category.
12:41 pm
and right now it is an epidemic. a lot of heroin is tainted with illegal fentanyl. they're using the heroin that is much, much stronger of. >> we know the doctor who treated him before he died. he did not immediately return requests for comment from us at nbc news, for the record. are you surprise that had a doctor's name would be on these prescriptions? >> what i think surprises me is that he didn't think he would get caught doing this. the dea is very careful about informing prescriptions of the the fact it was in someone else's name and that there were so many. >> i can't so many of us can't believe it has been a year are. talk about paisley park. it is open for tours, right? >> yes. and they uncovered so much music
12:42 pm
in the last year. he was prolific. he would run tape day and night. they found so much stuff. a lot of it will start coming out this year. you will find more and more material that he recorded at paisley park. it is amazing that it is a year ago friday night. he did his last ever live po performance in san francisco. it used to be extremely quiet there. he would let people come there. it was on invitation and he was very, very careful at who he let visit him or be on the property. he used a lot of discretion. yeah. s he interesting. >> great to be with you.
12:43 pm
>> saturday night live was poking fun at the recorded drama inside the white house between the president's two top advisers, jared cushner and steve bannon. >> the person who stayed on as my top adviser is? jared. have a seat at your new desk. i would like you to fix everything, okay? >> that's "snl." on the real drama, i'm joined by axios. author of thegate keepers. how they defined every presidency. let me start with you, mike. the latest from the white house. is there even the slightest bit of truth? >> well, sure. this white house has multiple get a keepers. the president is hoping to get
12:44 pm
more from his staff. he had a sort of, let's get along ckumbaya. this president's style to have multiple gate keepers. it worked in the private sector. kit work for him in the free world? >> your book is called the gate keepers. how they define a presidency. who do you see as the primary gate keeper? >> i think right now it is not clear that anybody is in charge. that anyone speaks for the president. and modern history has shown that every president learns often the hard way that you have to he said power a white house chief as first among equals to execute your agenda and tell you what you don't want to hear.
12:45 pm
>> we're less than two weeks away from the 100-day mark. is it how you expected it would be? how would you rate it? >> yeah. so this white house will tell you the two huge achievements are, a, the confirmation of the supreme court justice, and b, the optimism in the financial sector. the stockt market is up. clearly they hoped he to have more on capitol hill. the white house is now put up tax reform. they talked about an optimistic path of august. now secretary mnuchin is saying that's an aggressive to unrealistic time frame. that's has been clear for a while. q-4 is now optimistic and we're even hearing about putting it off to next year or over the weekend axios put out a story
12:46 pm
what they call the candy option. that's just the goodies. none of the painful you lower rates but you do deficit spending. you don't do the tax code which so many people say needs to be done. one person's tax break is another person's outrage. one person said if health reform is rewriting a third of the economy, tax reform is the whole enchilada. >> so you're saying it won't happen until at least the fourth quarter of this year. we've been talking about, you've been talking about gate keepers but also the white house lately. they won't be releasing the list of logs, who visits the white house. does that concern you? >> not as much as the way the white house has been completely dysfunctional for n 90 days or
12:47 pm
however many and it is really, in some respects, we've seen this movie before. it's not the first white house had with this. trump has learned the lesson that jimill carter learned two and a half years in when he finallier hired an empowered chief of staff. or leon panetta learned. they turned the white house around. until he learns that lesson, if donald trump wants to be jimmy carter and serve one term, he is well on his way. all he has stood continue doing what he's doing. >> thank you so much. after the break, president trump says the american people don't care about his tax returns. right now fireworks at a town
12:48 pm
hall for senator tom cotton.
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so i know how important that is. thithis is the new new york.e? think again. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at as far as i'm aware the president says he is still under
12:52 pm
audit. >> if you didn't catch that, that was senator tom cotton as far as i'm aware the president is still under audit. and that's not- that's why he is not releasing his tax returns. that heated moment happening moments ago at a townhall for senator cotton hold being it right now in little rock, arkansas. for more on all this i want to bring in a senior adviser and spokesperson for move on .org as chris wilson a republican police sister with us thanks for be being with us. chris let me start with what we saw. we're seeing that not he everywhere quite a lot of republican you townhalls lately democrats organized and out in force. >> they are and you know the -- the thing about tom cotton my heart goes out to imhe has as much to with drurp releasing tax returns as elizabeth warp rn he is having to answer for it when the fact is he is having the townhalls where a lot of senators aren't. he is there to actually communicate with his constituent base things he has -- he can do
12:53 pm
something about which if they want to ask about health care fair game wsh their taxes thaeks fair game. infrastructure bill but that's fair game many donald trump's tax return is a waist of time and senator's team they're time theye taken to go out on turn out the events. >>hy is as waste of time. >> why don't you have the president put it out there judge it so everybody can be done. >> i'm sure tom cotton if he were here would say that's up to the president he has nothing to do with it. that's why. they can protects the president about it that's not a waste of time but tom on then has nothing to do with it. >> mike huckabee had something to say about the tax returns issue a little bit earlier today. >> i think it's really died out already but some people can't leave the funeral. that very large sucking sound is the sound of a collective yawn of about 3 oh oh million americans who don't care about donald trump's tax returns.
12:54 pm
>> kind the same argument that president trump made in tweets was that this morning? yesterday when he said -- it was yesterday when he said why are you even relitigating the election i won. nobody cares. >> which is not true. it's so not based on facts which is not surprising when it comes to donald trump. look, the police after police show that the american people actually care. and overwhelming number. i think i've seen a number of as high as 74% that they want to see hits tax return and it's just a basic traerpcy. the people have the right to know we need to know does he owe any money to russia or anybody else, who has influence on donald trump we don't know. there is a reason why every president since nixon has done this. so that we can have a sense of complete traerpscy, he shall with a pr president under fisher investigation. >> chris i want to turn if we can to the special election everybody is paying attention to in georgia outside atlanta which happens tomorrow as you know republicans really hoping to hold on to that one. democrats see the wonder kid
12:55 pm
think they might be able to pull something off. democrats are saying this could be kind of a turn of the tide. do you see that that? >> well tl be interesting to see. i hesitate to every make predictions i was wrong so much during the if the 2006 presidential campaign. having said that i do feel good about the fact that this is going to runoff p. rebukings are going to keep the democratic nominee under 50%. when you get into head to head whether karen hannah, bob gray, probably one of the two. you could are have dark horse 36789 it's a far more realistic representation what wree dealing withy about nerjs of democrat and republican enthusiasm. if they're right enacts are all upset with, all going to turn out because donald trump hasn't released tax return i guess we'll find out. but i think it's highly unlikely that anybody wins gets above 50 tomorrow. and we'll regroup on wednesday i think. >> i think republicaning expect to hold the sheet i'd be shocked if they didn't.
12:56 pm
>> it's newt ginrich's old seat. president trump weighed a. president trump weighed in on twitter and said the superliberal democrat in the. lourl illegal he immigration, raise taxes is that going to take democrats turn out more? >> look, who -- here is what i will say. i agree with chris. we all got it wrong in november. so i agree with you there, chris. but look we' talking abo as you mentioned a dtrict - a red district that nt ginrich won was time price's district and the democrat could potentially get the most votes tomorrow? that is serious. we are just shy of 100 days. and this is supposed to be his honeymoon period. he has to be fighting in kansas and georgia in congressional seats. >> we'll see wlaps. korean. >> it's sort of when republican's won tedy kennedy. >> we're getting cut off by the clock p big thanks to both of you be right back. >> thank you. >> thank you.
12:57 pm
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that's going to do it for this hour on msnbc. i'm kate snow. up next kristin welkerer on white house north line. >> kate good to see you. good afternoon i'm in for steve corny why from the white house nichlt. today day 88 of donald trump's first 100 day tensions in north korea. >> when appropriate this president will take decisive action. >> aor


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