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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 19, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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and that will do it on this wednesday afternoon for this hour of "msnbc live." my colleague katy tur picking things up right now. >> thank you, don. this hour on "msnbc live," they were they discovered the missile headed toward north korea was actually going the other direction. winners and losers. the white house is spinning the near win by the democrat in georgia as a big defeat. >> we want to win tuesday night with over 50%. they came up short of their goal. they put all the money they had in there, they put all their fire power, and they came up short. so it's a loss. >> this while a top republican says he's out. why is congressman jason
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chaffetz stepping down? >> it was a time to re-evaluate and recalibrate my life. fox news is set to let bill o'reilly go. so where this their star anchor during all of this? meeting the pope. we're just minutes away from the new england patriots meeting with the president after a surprise appearance by the one and only gronk. >> i think i got this, but thank you. maybe. all right. thanks, man. i'll see y in a minute. >> our team of correspondents and analysts are standing by, but let's go to the white house where we have nbc's chris jansing. chris, did we get any clarity today about why there was so much confusion about the position of carl vincen and why it was head to go the sea of
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japan? >> it wasn't heading where we were told it was heading, and it wasn't until a picture came out that that was not the case, and it was actually clarified. it seems when you listen to sean spicer today, we simply didn't ask the right question in spite of the fact the president himself said we're sending an armada, very powerful. his defense secretary talked about it as well. so every indication we got from this white house was, in fact, that's what was happening. what sean spicer said today was that while that was the ultimate destination, we had learned through the course of the last 24 hours or so, katy, that what had happened was there were exercises that were planned and that those exercises were never canceled. these are things that are planned months in advance. they're complex, so you had the carl vincent, you had a strike group going there. now apparently it is heading toward the korean peninsula. there are reports that the deployment has been extended for 30 days so it will be there for some time. but obviously the problem here
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is, one, it was meant to send a signal of strength. now you have south korean headlines saying it was trump's lie. you have concern among allies, you have concern, really, throughout the world that what was said was not, indeed, true. from sean spicer, what we got was that we never asked the question. we said it's heading there, it was heading there. he said the question that was asked was what signal did it send. he did answer that question, never indicating that that wasn't where it was or, at least, maybe where it was going eventually. >> yeah, he never said it was actually somewhere else. they all seemed to go along with the fact tha thearl vincent was on its way up to the north korean peninsula to, quote, as you said, send a message. so publicly they're not concerned about this. publicly they're not saying there is any problem with it, but privately, chris, are you hearing any concerns in the white house? >> reporter: privately,
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obviously, there is a big concern that this has caused another question about what exactly their foreign policy is. look, these -- when you have military might that's being shown, and let's be clear about what we're talking about here. north korea is a nuclear power. the concern is about the use of that nuclear power, and then you have what turn out to be, in the minds of critics, empty threats. what does that mean for the u.s. going forward? there are a lot of serious people who are concerned about this, and there should never be a question -- it's not as if the carrier doesn't know where it is or the defense department doesn't know where it is. whatever we find out really happened here, it's clear to, i think, serious people involved that this has to be fixed. something like this can't happen. >> chris jansing at the white house. appreciate it, chris. joining me now, michael o'hanlon, director of research and foreign policy fellow at the brookings institution.
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also colonel jack jacobs, msnbc analyst, and former adviser to senator rand paul's campaign. colonel jack, i want to start with you. the white house is saying that the question was not answered -- excuse me -- asked correctly, but the white house along with senior military officials all went along with this idea that this aircraft carrier was on its way, at the moment when they were saying it, to the korean peninsula to, quote, send a message. is the is their explanation now problematic to you? >> yes, there is, on two levels. they need to know where their assets are. i'm pretty sure if gu on tyou ge u.s. navy site, you can tell where all of our assets are located generally. so the defense department needs to articulate to the white house correctly where its assets are. and from the standpoint of the
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press secretary, nobody likes quibbling. and when the press secretary quibbles, it makes almost everything else he says, whether it has something to do with the use of the military issuing of power, or indeed, everything else, it makes it extremely difficult then for the real information to get delivered to the press. so quibbling is no good, and you got to know where your assets are, and yes, it's troubling. >> michael, presumably we did know where our assets were. given that, do you think this was intended somehow to mislead the american public or mislead our allies or potentially mislead someone like kim jong-un in north korea? what was the intention here? >> good question. first of all, i do agree with the colonel, that this was a mistake and needs to be fixed as well as your correspondent. but i think the best guess i have as to what happened is that donald trump, having made it clear that he likes to be unpredictable as a commander in
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chief, and having seen at least some limited success with that approach in syria and afghanistan -- i'm not trying to overstate the benefits of the cruise missile strike or the moab strike. i think they were both within their own parameters reasonably well done and quickly done and not advertised for a long time in advance. i thinkresident trump was getting in the mode of thinking a little bit of bluffing, a little bit of unpredictability may yield positive results. but there was hesitation on the part of everybody, not just donald trump, that sending a carrier around the world led to a major impact or a major decision. i think that's an instinct that presidents in general need to learn to restrain. when you send a carrier and you don't do anything, there is also a message there, that you weren't really necessarily prepared to do anything. >> that's my question, what is the risk of it being an empty threat, michael? >> i think it's not a big deal in and of itself in this situation. we still have more than 200
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combat aircraft in korea and japan that are within combat range all the time of north korea. but i do worry a little bit that when president trump is out there advertising the movement of the carrier, it weakens his personal credibility and makes the less bluff a little less credible. it's not a big deal, but it wasn't his best day. >> elise, lots of questions about credibility coming out of this white house, lots of times where they have to, i guess, reorder their sentences or try to fight over semantics in order to make what they had said in the past true. is this going to catch up with this white house? >> i think it already has started to, just because you see how just normal day-to-day credibility suffers when they have an important message to get out there. you're looking at the syria airstrikes and trying to, you know, he's escalating in syria. the eyes are pinned on the white house. what's their message about this imminent threat? and it's just not as viable as perhaps if they had had a track record of being more transparent
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and up front with the truth. and in this case it was simply bizarre that they picked this moment for deception. >> hold on, i'm so sorry, elise, but donald trump has earlied up his event with the patriots right now. there you see him talking. we're going to him live to find out what he's saying. >> what a great day it is to be with all of our friends at the white house. we celebrate the super bowl new england patriots world champions, super bowl champions, champions, period, and their historic win. [ cheers and applause ] >> and they are champions. before we get started, i want to acknowledge some special guests. we're proud to be joined by seven wounded warriors who have bravely served and sacrificed for our nation.
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specialist cameron greenstreet. [ applause ] >> staff sergeant frederick manning. [ applause ] >> specialist james matthews. [ applause ] >> sergeant christopher mcguinness. [ applause ] >> specialist stephanie morris. [ applause ] >> sergeant major james watson. [ applause ] >> staff sergeant sheldon warner. special people. [ applause ] >> america is very blessed to have you with us. thank you. the new england patriots are big supporters of our military and
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america's veterans. joe cardona -- where is joe? there he is, in his beautiful navy. thank you, joe. serves in the navy reserves and is a graduate of the naval academy. coach belichick is the son of a navy veteran and bob -- that's bob kraft. he's becoming a pretty famous guyor winning, between he and belichick. you've done so much to support the military. bob has been my friend for a long time, and he wants to support our military. when a group of champions, all of them. bob, i want to commend you for building such an extraordinary organization. five super bowl victories since 2002. really unbelievable. i'll say this right now, george steinbrenner, as you know, is a really good friend of mine, and
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george was a champ, too, but there was a little more turmoil in his victories, and that's okay. he was another great one. since bob bought the patriots in 1994, they've won more division titles, conference championships and super bowl wins than any other team. no team has been this good for this long. [ cheers and applause ] >> he's built a culture dedicated to winning. and he started it with his coach, and i want to tell you, that is some special man. it's called the patriot way, and that really starts with coach belichick. and i want to thank all of you for being with us. the patriots are an incredible organization and this super bowl victory was a complete team effort. that's the beauty of what ty do.
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they win as a team. [ applause ] >> with your backs against the wall and the pundits -- good old pundits. boy, they're wrong a lot, aren't they -- saying you couldn't do it, the game was over, you pulled off the greatest super bowl comeback of all time. but the greatest superbowl comeback of all time, and that was just special. i think i looked at odds and they gave you less than one-half of 1% of winning the game. then the coach said, let's go for three. he's losing by so much, he said, let's go for three, and they said, what is he doing? that was a great decision, coach. i tell him that all the time. the fourth down conversion by danny amendola -- where is danny? way to go, danny.
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the big sack by trey flowers. big sack. where is trey? come on, put your hand up, trey. see, he's shy a little bit. you weren't shy when you hit that guy, were you? he didn't mind hitting. thank you, trey. great job. the incredible catch by gillian edelman. what a tc we all said, no, that ball was dropped. isn't it good? you know, in the old days they might have said that was dropped. those replays are good. you're starting to like the replay, right? great going, julian. i think of guys like marcus cannon and the offensive line. marcus? [ applause ] >> that's some line. or matt slater, who was awarded the 2017 star award for
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character and leadership he has shown both on and off the field. malcolm mitchell -- [ applause ] >> malcolm mitchell who, as a rookie, handled the pressure of the super bowl like an absolute true veteran. way to go, malcolm. good job. ornate edner, who played on our olympic rugby team last summer -- pretty good athlete, right? and he was in brazil playing and doing really well and is an all-pro special team guy and player. so nate, congratulations. where is nate? [ applause ] >> which is a tougher sport, nate, football or rugby?
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[ inaudible ] >> i had a feeling you might say that. but everyone played a role and everyone played as champions. it was the first overtime game in super bowl history, and it ended with a legendary victory for this proud franchise and for these absolutely terrific players and coaches. you had the best record in football with 14 wins and only two losses, and that doesn't happen by accident. it takes hard rk, dedication and a commitment by every member of the team to work together in pursuit of the ultimate goal, a goal that very few people achieve. and you've achieved it five times, many of you. and our coach and our owner have achieved it five times. great, great talents, great, great people. whether you're trying to win a super bowl or rebuild our country, as coach belichick would say, there are no days
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off. and just a quick story about the coach. so i had won the primaries and i'm now in this rather heated election that a few of you have read about. he wrote me this beautiful letter after the primaries. congratulations, he said all sorts of things that were really good. it was really a beautiful letter. and it was very close to going before the election, and i called up and i said, coach, do you mind if i read the letter tonight to a stadium full of people in a very, very big and important state? and he said, you know what? i'd rather not have you do that. could you send it back to me? i'm going to give you another one. i said, no, that's okay. nope, i want to give you another one. now, immediately to me that means he's going to tone it down because what he said was so nice. and you know what he did? he toned it way up. it was much better.
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it was much better. he made that the greatest letter and i did very well in that state. thanyou, coach. that was very good. you know, he's just a very special guy. and he's tough. is he tough, fellows, or a nice guy? a little tough, right? he's tough, he's smart, and he's got a great heart. so the patriot coaches and these great players have delivered iconic american sports moments that will last foreveforever. we're going to watch that game over and over and over. that game will last forever. five super bowl winds in the era of free agency, which is really, really tough. what an achievement. so, again, congratulations to super bowl champion new england patriots. and with that i'd like to ask a very special and talented man, and a great friend of mine for a long time, bob kraft, to say a few words. thank you all very much.
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[ applause ] >> thank you, mr. president. it's a true honor to be here for the fifth time celebrating a world championship. and every time that we have the privilege of coming here to the white house, i think about the long odds that were faced by our country's forefathers who fought for our freedom and independence. overcoming long odds through hard work, perseverance, and most importantly, mental toughness is the foundation of everything that is great about this country. i am proud that the first time we came here as a team after winning a championship as 14-point underdogs, but infin e
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infinitely more important, it was in the season o 9/11, 2001 at a time in which our nation show its mental toughness to rally together and to rebound from an unthinkable tragedy. this year's championship was achieved after falling behind by 25 points. a deficit so great that in the 97-year history of the nfl, over 20,000 games, that deficit had only been overcome seven times. in that same year, a very good friend of mine for over 25 years, a man who was mentally tough and hard working as anybody i know, launched a campaign for the presidency against 16 career politicians.
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facing odds almost as long as we faced in the fourth quarter. he persevered to become the 45th president of the united states. [ applause ] >> it's a distinct honor for us to celebrate what was unequivocally our sweetest championship with a very good friend and somebody whose mental toughness and strength i greatly admire. and i would like to call upon our coach to say a few words, but before, we'd like to jointly present -- [ applause ]
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>> super bowl li championship jersey. [ applause ] >> thank you. on behalf of the team, the organization, i just want to thank president and his great staff for just, you know, a wonderful day, a wonderful opportunity here. we've had the great privilege to be here several times, but this one, the way we were treated and the opportunities to be in the oval office to meet with the president, see the inside of the white house has just been fabulous. along with the parade, the ring ceremony, as a team the opportunity and privilege of coming to the white house is just one of the great things about winning the super bowl, so we're very privileged to be here, and we thank the president and his great staff for the
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hospitality they've shown us. also our great patriot fans here and throughout patriot nation, thank you for coming out here today. as mr. kraft said, this is really a special team. these guys work incredibly hard all year, they put all the work in in advance when we didn't have anything to show for it. then as the year went along, a total of 17 victories, they were all tough. these guys are mentally tough, they're physically tough. they love to compete and they knew how to compete under pressure, and that's probably when we played our best football, as we saw in overtime in the super bowl. i'm incredibly proud and honored to coach this group with our coaching staff. our coaching staff did a tremus job this year. i'm so appreciative of them, and this day really is a great -- you know, it's a great day for us. it's a thrill to be here and we appreciate your support, and we appreciate the -- again, the great treatment that we received from the president and his staff. thank you very much. [ applause ]
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>> and we have one other presentation to make. super bowl li helmet. [ applause ] >> there you have it. president trump welcoming the new england patriots to the white house to celebrate their super bowl win. you heard him there talking about how they were able to defy the odds, almost using it as a metaphor for his own victory. we also heard from bob kraft, the owner, and from bill belichick, the team's coach. a number of notable absences, though, including tom brady, the team's star quarterback. donald trump a big fan of tom brady. said he had family matters to
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attend to. there were a number of other patriots who decided not to go to the white house, many of them saying their decision was political, that they did not feel welcome at this white house. for more on this, let's go to nbc's kristen welker there at the white house, dalton stalworth and christian page. obviously the president very excited to have this team there. it's a team he championed on the campaign trail, talked about them a lot. talked about how much of a fan he was of tom brady and how much of a phantfan tom brady told hi was of him. >> reporter: that's right, katy. in fact, tom brady was spotted wearing a "make america great again" hat, but his wife giselle said they didn't favor one candidate over another candidate. however, as you point out, there are six other teammates who didn't go for political reasons. now, the president,
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interestingly, didn't talk about tom brady today in his remarks, but he did, as you say, use this as a metaphor. everyone watched that incredible comeback during the super bowl. and at the time, as you'll recall, a lot of people took to twitter and said this was a lot like donald trump's victory. so he certainly did not shy away from drawing that parallel today. we know he's had a long relationship with bob kraft, and bob kraft is someone who is no stranger of being at the white house. he's been here about five times before. it's also important to say, as he noted, in past instances, teammates have sat out for one reason or another, including under president obama, former george w. bush. so this is something we've seen. but katy, look, this is a chance fo the president to celebrate american sports, and it's really one of these moments of lefty he -- levity which was a lot of serious talks.
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you see everybody smiling and just enjoying the super bowl, katy. >> talk to me a little bit about tom brady. he said he's attending to family matters. should we read anything into his absence? >> i don't think so. his mother has been diagnosed with cancer and she's been battling that for a while. she was able to make the trip to the super bowl this year to watch him play. if i'm not mistaken, it was the only game that he was actually able to attend in person. so i probably wouldn't speculate personally too far for that specific reason. but there are a number of other players that, as you've already noted, that are deciding not to go specifically for political reasons. but i want to remind everyone, this isn't the first time that players have decided not to go whether it's been under president obama or whether it's been under president bush. back in 2011, you would the goalie from the boston bruins after they won the championship
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in 2012, or in 2011. they visited the white house in 2012 and tim thomas specifically said he felt that the government was stripping the people of their libertieliberties, their and their rights. that was his moral decision not to make it, and he was chastised at that time. for me personally, i always feel like players should never allow their moral conscience to be something that takes a backseat to what they actually believe politically, so i applaud tim thomas for doing that, and i applaud these players for sticking up for their beliefs as well. >> running back gary blount said, i just don't feel welcome in that house. adam branch said he was spending time with family. linebacker high tower, been there, done that. martellus bennett, it is what it is. people know how i feel about it. follow me on twitter.
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he had a joke he might have to move to outer space after trump was elected. and alan branch, i don't feel welcome at the white house when there are so many prejudices. jason, there are always politics involved when anybody goes to the white house, period, even if they're there to celebrate something not political like a sports win. but is it really glaring to see this many players decide to sit this one out this year with donald trump in the white house? >> it absolutely is. i think it's very glaring. and look, i think it would be maybe a little too cynical to say it's interesting that you didn't hear donald trump mention tom brady's name. but with donald trump you never exactly know. >> it's a little surpring. he always mentions tom brady's name given the opportunity. >> never mentioned his name.
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with donte's comments, we've seen this, and get ready, in the next four years you'll see it more than we've ever seen it in the history of teams visiting the white house. you already have north carolina and roy williams, their head coach, saying we're not going to the white house. they just won college basketball's national championship. you have to wonder how many other teams are going to pull that same sort of -- to use the word "stunt" might be a little off base, but to pull that act saying, we're not going because as a team, we don't believe in things this president has espoused to. >> talk about the culture in the locker room of the patriots. was there any pushback for those who decided not to go? was there pressure for them to go? >> not at all, and there was some speculation surrounding mr. kraft's visit to mar-a-lago with president trump and the japanese prime minister.
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so i guess that was -- some speculation there that was trying to convince the players to go, and i know mr. kraft personally on a friend to friend level, and i know personally he would never try to pressure his players into doing something that they didn't believe in or, you know, voicing their own opinions. >> there's a bit of other news out of patriots' world today, and there's no eloquent way to segue into this, but former patriot aaron hernandez who has been in prison serving a life sentence for murder was found dead this morning in ms. cell. jason, what is the feeling right now about aaron hernandez? of course he was acquitted on two other murders but he was in jail at the time serving a life sentence. >> i'll tell you what upset me is the number of people i saw reacting on twitter today who -- whether patriot fans or not, but fans in general saying, well, he got his.
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i'm glad he's dead. or good riddance to bad garbage, that sort of mindset. and there is no happy ending to this story. if a happy ending to you is aaron hernandez offing himself, that's not a happy ending. this is still somebody who was a father. this is still somebody who has a family. they're obviously grieving, they're obviously mourning. what he did was heinous. what he was found guilty of doing to odon lloyd was atrocious. we can celebrate a guy who was a sister, father, brother and niece to somebody. the reaction i see in social media, maybe it shouldn't surprise me with what we see in social media, but it was a shock to me to see people almost celebrating his death. >> guys, thanks for joining me to talk a little bit of sports surrounding this white house. thank you for your time. we have some breaking news to report to you.
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fox news anchor bill o'reilly will not be returning to t"the o'reilly factor." cnbc reports fox news has severed ties with bill o'reilly. joining me to talk a little bit more about this is elise jordan who is still with me left over from the panel we were talking about a little bit earlier. elise, y'lle the personal expert on this stuff. bill o'reilly a ctrovsial figure. he's also the most popular figure at fox news, garnered the highest ratings. big supporter of donald trump. talked a few weeks ago how he supported bill o'reilly even amid these new reports that he had to spend and fox had to spend to settle a number of sexual harassment allegations. i think it was $11 million. fox having to say goodbye to him, what does that say about this culture? trump can get away with all sorts of stuff, he can get away
11:34 am
with allegations, but rules still apply to everyone else? >> corporate shareholders, i think, at the end of the day, are the reason o'reilly had to be forced out. when you have this many millions of dollars in payments going out and shareholders were not aware, it seemed -- there seemed no way that this was going to be the inevitable end of the road. and then just yesterday, the most recent spate of allegations that an african-american secretary had been called heinous names by mr. -- allegedly by mr. o'reilly. it just sealed the coffin, i think. >> that doesn't -- also on what's happening at fox news, roger ails getting pushed out for sexual allegations. he's in a big lawsuit right now with gretchen carlson. actually, that was settled. excuse me. we got this through nbc. after a careful and thorough
11:35 am
review of the allegations, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reiy will not be returng to the fox newschannel. that is eir statement. he's got a 21-year run at fox. this obviously stint tisn't the time that allegations have surfaced. it was in the news about 10 years ago when his producer said that there was a lawsuit about how she had -- he had called her and said all sorts of inappropriate things on the phone, things i don't want to repeat on television. there was reports that there could have been a recording involved in that and that's why her settlement was so large. obviously bill o'reilly has said repeatedly that he only settled in order to protect his family. elise, what does it mean going forward for fox news to have to say goodbye to somebody who was still garnering, despite all this, huge ratings? >> and making, i think, an estimated 100 million for the network every year. i think also at the end of the
11:36 am
day, something that's interesting about o'reilly being given the boot is that he just wasn't a popular figure within fox news. someone like gretchen carlson, sean hannity, they're just beloved figures in the newsroom, but everyone was scared of bill o'reilly and really feared the wrath that notoriously he was famous for. his tempers, as you could see, on his show. i think in the end that also factored into all these allegations that are just so many, too many, just spelled the end for o'reilly. >> elise, stay wh us. joining me now from los angeles, joe flint, a media reporter for the wall street journal. joe, your paper reported they were pretty close to this decision last night. talk to me about how this came down and how much involvement the murdoch sons may have had in this decision. >> certainly over the course since april 1st, a revelation
11:37 am
about the payments, there's been a back and forth in the company about how to proceed. initially it was thought that bill could ride this out, that the story would die down after a few days. clearly that wasn't happening. the advertiser boycott, the pressures that put increasing pressure and tension on fox news, on 21st century fox, and yes, the position mourdock held at the company. he was a big fan of bill o'reilly. they signed a new contract well aware that this story was coming, so they believed in him. i do believe the next generation of leadership at the company, along with other people inside the company, felt that it was going to be tough to keep going. when you did the pros and cons of keeping bill versus letting him loose, i think they came to a decision that perhaps it was time to move on. obviously, it was time to move on. >> joe, what is it like inside fox news right now? how much did the culture there contribute to this happening,
11:38 am
first of all, and now to bill o'reilly's ouster? what sort of role did the women at fox news play internally in making this decision that fox news felt like they had to make. >> i can't speak to specifics about what employees mayor may not have been thinking. but talking to people at fox news and the parent company, this is a network that feels under siege. management and people who have been there a long time. some feel under siege, and at the same time also a recognition that there has been, that perhaps is a little out of step or perhaps a little too old school, if you'll forgive that, for 21st century fox these days. >> we also have the director of
11:39 am
progressive programming for sirius xm radio. this has been in the news for a little while with bill o'reilly. it's gone back years with these allegations. it resurfaced when the "new york times" came out with an investigative report that showed just how much money fox and bill o'reilly have paid out over the years. now there's reports that women within fox news are questioning whether or not people were taking pay cuts or budgets were being slashed in order for these accusers to get paid out, because bill o'reilly being accused of acting inappropriately. this comes after roger ails who was fired after inappropriate behavior, and he settled a really big lawsuit with gretchen carlson. do things change now at fox news? is this the beginning of a new era? >> i hope so, i hope so. not just fox news, but more brightly in the world.
11:40 am
we have account, for assaulting women, and then this is where you have someone who did something wrong faced consequences. that is a rarity. >> if bill o'reilly goes quietly into this, does he land anywhere? >> i think so. i don't think his career possibilities are ending. he's certainly a successful author. he has a book out now about family values, ironically. and so i think that he's going to continue to write books and speak all around the country because he has an audience that's very loyal to him. his ratings have gone up 10% during this controversy, which is an interesting factoid. but i think to the larger picture, this is a moment that the country, since the 1990s with anita hill and clarence thomas, the conversation that is needed about sexual harassment and assault and the pervasiveness broadly, not just
11:41 am
in the workplace but college campuses and elsewhere -- this is a catalyst to having that real conversation. >> where is bill o'reilly right now? he left his show last week, said he was going on vacation. he is in italy. while in rome, he visited the vatican. stood in the vip le of the vatican and shook the hand of pope francis. . they had a spat over the election season. bill o'reilly said he would like to see the woman who was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant. he's been pretty defensive about his friend bill o'reilly. what should donald trump say about this? >> he shouldn't say anything and not weigh into it. will he do that? it's doubtful. the day before he launched new strikes in syria and he had to pipe up, really, o'reilly should
11:42 am
not have settled. no one ever settles. i think this is a moment, though, for women in america to look at gretchen carlson and say thank you. thank you for looking up in an environment where it was tough to go forward to make sure she had enough evidence that it was toeltsly overwhelming. nobody could deny she had been mistreated. >> is the general responsible for the door to be opened for these two high h-society filed lawsuit against these individuals, and that opened the door for his exit. you can't deny it definitely played a part here as well. >> roger ails is gone, bill o'reilly is about to be gone. what are the chances we'll see the two of them working together again in some sort of media venture in the future? >> i wouldn't want to speculate
11:43 am
about the two of them getting together, but as has already been said, bill o'reilly is 67. i don't see him ending up on another cable news network, but there are broadcasters and platforms out there that might happy to take him on. he brings a big audience. who knows, he could start the competitor to fox news, something they never had. >> he had a big audience. the audience we're talking about went up after this scandal. advertisers had left. if they just tlold out that eventually those advertisers would come back, especially since his audience was only growing. >> i think that was part of the debate, about how it didn't go quite the way he thought it would. bill is leaving. he'll probably leave with a large check. but from a financial stand popo,
11:44 am
bill has left, megyn kelly left. i don't think this is what fox wanted, but from a financial standpoint, they'll replace bill with someone making not nearly as much, but sure, ratings will go down but it may not be as bad as it may seem. >> they tried to buy skye in europe. does that play a factor at all? >> people who were concerned. i don't believe that was going to factor into the regulatory hurdles that fox faces there. they already had to reveal that once with the phone talking scandal. bringing resolution to this, could it hurt that situation at all? >> they have to think they're a
11:45 am
fit and proper company to own skooz. zs this could have been part of -- that's a reporting we're seeing, including the guardian, which is a u.k.-based wspaper. his ratings went up despite all this. zds that we live in a rape culture. he have a problem with young women. that's a lesson we need to impart this on them when they're young adults because we can't do it when they're adults or in college. this is a cultural problem that affects all aspects of american life. >> the murdochs just sent an e-mail to the people in fox news. we have ali velshi, our chief correspondent. ali, they lost a lot of
11:46 am
advertising dollars. >> reporter: one thing you can be fairly certain about as this was unfolding, if you look back at what happened to glen beck. similar, he didn't lose his audience but advertisers started to leave. the rape culture idea, the idea that the viewership is going up and viewers are stale loyal to bill o'reilly is really interesting, but it's a nightmare for a company when you're getting more people to consume your product and you can't monetize it. the advertisers, all of whom knew bill o'reilly had history with this sort of thing, didn't turn away from him before. but now because of the media consequence on this and the social media. the pressure was on them to. pull away from. a juggernaut, but it is fun in a
11:47 am
money-making business, and as that started to pull back, there was no obvious way this was going to turn around. as you know, this was an executive decision, but there was a board meeting scheduled for tomorrow, regularly scheduled board meeting. but this was likely going to come up, because when you make a decision to part ways with your single biggest ratings attractor, bill o'reilly, that may be a decision you have to explain to more people. but in the end the decision was made. this was just going to cost them too much money regardless of whether bill o'reilly's viewers stuck with him as they did. very interesting social commentary that the viewers stuck with him, but from an economic perspective, the money won out today. >> you can just see how many advertisers have dropped out of his show. we showed a full screen of it on your tv just moments ago. here it is once again. the vast number of
11:48 am
advertisers, the gold standard, car companies, lexus, hyundai, mitsubishi pulling their ad money out of bill o'reilly's show. let's parallel the viewership going up, becse this is fascinating to me. his viewership goes up despite these allegations. donald trump's poll numbers stayed pretty steady when he was facing allegations of his own. his poll numbers often rose when outrageous things were happening in the campaign, when controversial things were happening in the campaign. what does it say, elise, about bill o'reilly not being able to survive this but donald trump being able to survive? and i'm not saying donald trump has been convicted of anything and he hasn't made settlements for sexual harassment or anything like that, but he has been accused of it quite a bit, certainly towards the end of the campaign and there was an access hollywood tape. what does it say that we live in a culture where bill o'reilly gets pushed off the air and donald trump gets elected president. >> it shows corporate
11:49 am
shareholders have more accountability than the american public. the accountability of advertisers' dollars coming into the business are more influential to the business than to american voters. it's really crazy that in 2017, a man with this many allegations and an established track record of harassment was able to survive for this long just because he was bringing in so much money. and good for those advertisers for making their voices -- >> they're supporting him. >> i condemn that. donald trump is not a fan of being protective of women's autonomy and rights. not surprising. >> we have stephanie rule on the phone, the anchor of our9:00 a.m. broadcast on msnbc. steph stephanie, what's your take? >> this is a moment we rarely see but they're celebrated with money and power being aligned.
11:50 am
viewer ratings are as much as those ad ratings coming in, and they've gotten crucified with the way women have been projected and they have spent a huge amount of time, effort and research on how time, effort and research on how weapon are portrayed. for those advertisers to start to clue into the fact it is women who control more house hold income and spending than men do in their homes, they're starting to say, it doesn't make sense, what this program or this personality represents is not reflective of our brand. from a women's leadership perspective, it is a positive. as we are seeing dmurnlt administration, the rollback of equality legislation. women have worried, are we moving backwards? when you start to see companies, actual dollars say, this is not what we represent. we're moving and fox to do the same. it is a positive. well, fox has done it before. it is progress and progress
11:51 am
should be celebrated. >> who replaces bill o'reilly? >> that's a question i cannot answer. i will tell you this. mr. murdoch, when i interviewed him at the time said they have a strong bench whenhe was on the verng of leaving, they wt in and brought in tucker carlson which no one saw coming. it hasn't even been a blip. the ratings have gone one tucker. no one saw tucker coming. we'll see of they have tucker and hannity and a big hole to fill of. >> they had three white men in the their prime time lineup. do you think fox news has a responsibility to vary it up? maybe to bring in someone who is not a white man? >> do they have a responsibility? not necessarily of the but you have to think about foch and the next generation. they do embrace global
11:52 am
citizenship. they have a massive partnership with "national geographic." think of what it is like for them. we have the e.p.a. getting strict and more climate deniers than anyone saw coming rflt they suddenly going to have a diversity candidate filling that slot? that's unclear. it is a massive company. they want to make a lot more acquisitions. so what their brand is on a global scale matters. >> talk to me with the murdoch sons and what value they want to champion with this company and how much this company stands to change with them taking on larger leadership roles. >> it is somewhat unclear. but if you spend any time with these guys, they are thoughtful, they are global guys. they have a different perspective than the traditional fox news model. but fox news is a cash cow that
11:53 am
cannot denied. so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. when you saw someone like roger ailes get pushed out of the company. that was the influence of the murdoches, specifically james. i appreciate all of you. breaking news, fox news has decided to sever ties with their top rated host, bill o'reilly. a 20-year veteran of fox news, facing a lot of heat at the moment from a new report from "the new york times" that came out that said between bill o'reilly is that fox news, they had paid out $13 million to settle sexual harassment or other harassment lawsuits too'r. they've had a round robin of substitutes.
11:54 am
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that will wrap things up for me on another very busy day with all this breaking news we've been following of specifically that by o'reilly is no longer with fox news. they have severed ties with their very popular host.
11:58 am
you can follow me on facebook and twitter. kate snow has a live look at all the breaking news. >> thank you so much. here are the top stories at this hour, just breaking in the last few moments as katy said, bill o'reilly out. everything we know about it coming up. also about that u.s. aircraft carrier group. the one that we told you was headed to the korean peninsula in the opening days of recent tensions between the u.s. and north korea of the it turns out it is taking the long way. the white house is defending it, insisting they had the truth about where it was headed from the beginning. as the super bowl champion new england patriots visit the white house this afternoon, many of them anyway, one of the highest profile republicans in congress said he will not run for re-election if 2018. we begin with this breaking news. fox news confirming that long time host bill o'reilly is out. the company made the announcement internally and externally.
11:59 am
they released statement that read, after a careful and thorough review of the allegations, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel. this after bill o'reilly is that fox had settled a number of sexual harassment complaints against the host over the years, totalling $13 million. fox news has denied the merit, i should say, o'reilly has denied the merit of those claims. his attorney put out a statement on tuesday that read in part, bill o'reilly has been subjected to a brute campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in post mccarthyist america. this law firm has uncovered evidence that the smear campaign is being orchestrated by far left organizations bent on destroying o'reilly for political and financial reasons. that evidence will be put forth shortly and is irrefutable. the statement prior to us learning that he is now out at fox news. joining me now, msnbc political
12:00 pm
analyst heidi przybilla and daily news columnist, also, the media reporter for the "washington post" is with us. paul, let me start with you and the latest that we are learning. we've got this statement that fox news has put out officially so we know he is definitely gone. how do we get here? >> this goes back to the beginning of the month as you mentioned with "the new york times" report. it exposed five settlement that's bill o'reilly and fox had made to settle sexual harassment claims against hf the since then advertisers have left o'reilly's show. the publicity has not stopped and the murdoch family which controls fox news decided that the bleed hg to stop and that's where we are right now with bill o'reilly's long career at an end. >> surprising to you or not, given discussions you've learned about in recent days? >> very surprising


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