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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  April 19, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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republicans. can they go to the ballot box in 2018 and ask voters to send them back to control congress if they don't fulfill the pledge on health care. that's all we have for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. for the record with greta starts right now. greta, there are so many places you can go today. good luck. >> i don't even know -- you're right. where do you go today? thank you, chuck. >> you got it. >> in a surprise news conference, secretary of state rex tillerson slamming iran including explicit comparisons to north korea. >> an unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea and take the world along with it. united states is keen to avoid a second piece of evidence that strategic patience is a failed approach. the jcpoa fails to achieve the objective of a nonnuclear iran. it only delays their goal of becoming a nuclear state.
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this deal represents the same failed approach of the past that brought us to the current imminent threat we face from north korea. >> secretary tillerson stating that the iran nuclear deal negotiated under president obama's, quote, failed approach. but his own state department just confirmed that iran is complying with the terms of the obama negotiated deal. nbc's andrea mitchell asked the secretary about that today. >> mr. secretary, by your own letter to the speaker of the house, iran is complying with the terms of the nuclear deal. if you break out of that deal, won't that send a signal to north korea and other rogue nations that the u.s. can't be trusted to keep its end of the bargain? >> i think it's important in any conversation on jcpoa and i think this was one of the mistakes in how that agreement was put together, is that it completely ignored all of the other serious threats that iran poses. it is another example of buying
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off a power who has nuclear ambitions. we buy them off for a short period of time and then someone has to deal with it later. we just don't -- we just don't see that that's a prudent way to be dealing with iran. certainly not in the context of all of their other disruptive activities. >> and overseas in london today, speaker paul ryan confirming that he thinks a nuclear deal with iran is here to stay. >> you said the iran deal will probably stay in place back in february. given the announcement, do you stand by what you said? >> absolutely. the law requires that, by the way. i got a letter from rex today, our secretary of state. the law requires these reviews. what i said in february and i'll say today is we have to make sure that we hold them to the letter of this law. >> so, what was secretary tillerson's statement all about? was it anything more than a repeat of his -- back in february? >> instead of being thankful to the united states in these agreements, iran is now feeling
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emboldened. as of today we are officially putting iran on notice. >> that, of course, is now ex-national security advisor general flynn. one goal secretary tillerson seems to be a warning to iran to stop meddling in iraq and syria. >> in iraq, iran provides support to some iraqi militant glupz which has been undermining security in iraq for dwreeyears. iran continues to support the brutal assad regime in syria. it has killed approximately half a million syrians and displaced millions more. iran supports the assad regime even as it commits atrocities against its own people, including with chemical weapons. >> nbc's ali arouzi is on the phone in tehran. wendy sherman, former secretary of state for political affairs, she was the lead negotiator of iran nurk leer deal. and eugene from the washington
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post. welcome to you. ali, has there been a response, what are people saying in iran to what secretary tillerson said or is it too soon to get anything from them? >> well, greta, it is evening here. when america talks tough to iran, it doesn't usually go down very well here. secretary tillerson certainly had strong words. also any talk of sanctions or renegotiating the jcpoa, especially with elections here next month is going to deeply disturb the regime and speak directly to the hard narrative that the nuclear deal was a bad one, being a deal with america isn't a good idea because it's going to backfire and america can't be trusted. also very doubtful iran would ever embark on any type of negotiation. none of it bodes well for the president, a moderate with successor relations with the west and seeking a second term in office. he has invested all of his political capital in this nuclear deal. if it's in trouble, he'sn trouble. now he faces the possibility of
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becoming a one-term president. if he's replaced by staunch hard liner, then most of the -- we've seen in iran since the deal will probably be rolled back making the negotiating process with iran very difficult again. but the man who holds all the cards in the country, iran's supreme leader, he reluctantly endorsed this deal. he continued to criticize the lack of benefits it brings. he endured with america and he wants to harm iran and could never be trusted. he's warned the consequences if the u.s. violates the terms of the deal, his reaction would be furious if any sort of sanctions were imposed related to jcpoa and/or anything else which is human rights or the missile program. the question is if america keeps pressuring iran, does he pull out of the deal and fire off the program again? does he try different strategy of trying to put a wedge between
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america and the people who want the deal to stay in place. it's all still in play, greta. >> ali, thank you very much. ambassador, to you. first the simple question, do you believe that iran is a state sponsor of terrorism? >> absolutely. it's the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. >> and i think from listening to secretary tillerson that he was trying to reconcile the fact that they may be complying, he admits there complying with the nuclear de, yet they're still doing horrible things around the world whether it's in iraq or syria. so, what do we do? >> so, this was in front of president obama when we went down the path of trying to make a deal. we thought, and the world thought, that if iran had a nuclear weapon and was able to project that power into the region, it would deter our actions, the actions of our allies and friends, and make things even more difficult. so, the first step was to make sure they couldn't obtain a nuclear weapon. and then work with our allies and partners in the region to take on terrorism. we have terrorism sanctions.
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they are still in place. the congress is looking at whether there should be additional sanctions -- >> iran for the terrorism sanctions and iran for this? >> there are current terrorism sanctions against iran. and everybody has to remember that at the beginning of the negotiation, all of our allies and partners in the region said only make it about the nuclear weapon. because we're not in the room, and we don't want you deciding our interests would you tell us there. and as you know, this was a multi lateral agreement. this wasn't just a u.s. agreement. it was all the permanent members of the security council plus the european union and germany. so, this was a very serious undertaking. there weren't great choices here, but keeping iran from getting a nuclear weapon is certainly in our national security interest. >> eugene, it does seem -- you can't miss sort of the oddity of the fact there is admission that iran is complying with the agreement. >> right. >> on the other hand, you know, we do have this catastrophic issue and i even just took a trip to iraq last week. we have this catastrophic issue
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with iran being a sponsor of terrorism. so, what do we do? >> well, as the ambassador said, the agreement, the negotiation that led to the agreement was strictly limited to the issue of a nuclear weapon. and there is no up side that i can see from abrogating that agreement because -- in fact, iran kind of got a lot of its benefits at the beginning of the time period because they got sanctions lifted. they got a bunch of money freed. whereas we get our benefits over time. we get to inspect the nucle program really minutely, we g to learn much more about it. we get to make sure they don't have a bomb in ten years. so, why would you cut that off? after they've gotten their goodies, we haven't gotten ours. >> that's the complex part, they did get money out of this. there are no good solutions but they have taken some of that money, i assume, because they are still sponsoring terrorism doing horrible things around the world.
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>> right. we said to everybody and we said to capitol hill, they will undoubtsedly take some of the money though it is not the billions everybody said it is. most of it was frozen iranian money in foreign accounts that then got freed up, though a lot of that was chinese loans. they got some money into their hands and some of it will go to the iranian guard corps. they were doing nefarious things with little money. it doesn't take a lot to be a terrorist as we have unfortunately seen in this world. everybody has to remember, greta, if you look at the north korea situation which we're all looking at these days as well, you want to make sure that people don't have a nuclear weapon. but nobody is suggesting we're going to solve all of the iran's problems and all of north korea's problems unless you want to go all the way to a regime change, which means war and no one has the appetite, nor wants the consequences of the catastrophe of war. >> you bring up north korea. there is another policy question playing in the trump administration today. trump administration now stating that the united states aircraft
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carrier was not actually heading towards north korea. the administration had previously said it was. here's what the president said last week. >> we are sending an armada, very powerful. we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. that i can tell you. >> now, that same day i repeated that point what the administration had said in an interview with sean spicer, and spicer did not correct the record. the uss carl vinson is steaming its way towards the coast of north korea. we're just waiting for saturday to see if kim jong-un does something, has another missile launch on the birth date of kim ill sun his grandfather. what's the program? >> we need to get the world community in agreement, particularly china -- >> today sean spicer tried to clear up the confusion.
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>> the president said we have an armada going towards the peninsula. that's a fact. it happened -- it is happening, rather. it is headed to the korean peninsula. it will arrive there. what is tlap? >> it's headed there now. it wasn't -- >> that's not what we ever said. it was heading there. it was heading there, it is heading there so that remains -- >> the allies have -- >> if there is an impression then that's not -- there should have been clarification from people who were seeking it. >> eugene, okay. before we get to the substance of it, it appears that the pentagon and the white house are not speaking to each other because what the white house says, this came out of the pentagon essentially. and this is just across the river. >> right. it's just across the river. there has to be a lot of communication. the white house has to know where our aircraft carriers are and it doesn't. so, i mean, there is no sort of rational explanation for this. but -- >> but it's disturbing. we're talking about north korea
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and we're telling north korea that we're sending them there and who knows what they're going to do. >> and we're not. so, look, you can't -- the white house, the president can't just say random stuff that's not true over and over and over again. no one will believe what he says. >> i don't know if he said it was true if that's what he was told. i mean, that was there was some statement that came out that i think misled the president. >> well, i think, you know, gene is making the important point here which is the credibility of the president of the united states. if we get to a very tough place with north korea and we have to take real military action, will anybody believe us if our allies constantly don't believe and can't believe what the president of the united states says? that's what's really at stake here. >> i share your incredulity. >> we could send a carrier pigeon across the river. >> we're talking about a
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president who says he delegated authority to the commanders which means he trusts them to know what they're doing. >> they have to tell -- >> we do believe in control. >> yes, we have to tell them. >> that's what i find -- look, mistakes can be made, but something as big as this, you know, and i don't know why we don't know where our ships are going or not going. >> for a week nobody raised their hand. >> anyway. >> you've been on a carrier. >> thank you both. thank you both. and as you have probably heard, there is a major shake up today in tv news. bill o'reilly is officially out at fox news as he faces multiple claims of sexual harassment. 21st cenry faid, quote, after a thorough and careful review of the allegations the company and bill o'reiy have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel. and late today, bill o'reilly releasing a statement saying in part, it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. now everyone wants to know what i have to say since i worked there. all i can say is this. what a difference a year can make for a lot of us.
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that's all i'm going to say. still ahead, congressman jason chaffetz and why he is not seeking reelection and whether it's anything to do with president trump. also the special election in georgia heading to a runoff, but will president trump hit the campaign trail, could that actually hurt the republican in the race? plus isis fighters wiping out homes and churches in the middle east. new information from my easter trip to iraq. i never miss an early morning market.
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now to political news. it is rocking capitol hill, house oversight committee chairman utah congressman jason chaffetz dropping the bomb he is not going to run for reelection come 2018. meanwhile, as chairman of the oversight committee, he has been in the hot seat with complaints about president trump and he has been critical of president trump in the past. >> the president said that he thought there was widespread, you know, voter fraud. i don't see any evidence of that. we're not doing an investigation of that. thus far, i have not seen
3:18 pm
anything directly that would support what the president has said. >> you're recusing yourself? >> i do think he needs to clarify and i think he should recuse himself absolutely. >> joining me, utah congressman and chairman of the house oversight committee jason chaffetz making news today announcing he won't run for reelection. nice to see you, mr. chairman. >> hi, greta. >> so, why? why are you walking away from all this power? >> well, you know what, i just turned 50. i'm sleeping on a cot in my office. i've spent more than 1500 nights away from my family and, you know what, i happen to love my wife and adore our kids. my life has changed over the last year. two of three of my kids are married. we're soon going to be empty nesters. i really, really like the work in congress, i really do, but i love my family more. people may try to make it more than that, but it's really that simple. >> have you spoken to speaker
3:19 pm
ryan about it? >> i did. i called him last night and he said, boy, i didn't see that coming. and then he said, please don't do that yet. and i said, well, i didn't call to ask permission. i called to inform you that jul julie and i have made that decision. he was very nice. i'm very good friends with the speaker. i like paul ryan as a person and i listened to him, but i let him know where i was at. >> all right. the chairman of the house oversight committee is a very powerful position. you have taken president trump to task a bit. does that have any bearing on your decision? >> no, no. look, the contention that is -- the tension that is between the executive branch, the legislative branch, i thrive on that. i like it. you know, we're very contentious with the obama administration, we have been with the trump administration and, no, i worry that i'm going to miss that a little bit. you know, i was a place kicker once upon a time in college and
3:20 pm
i don't mind being in the fire storm. in fact, i kind of thrive to. i'm kind of attracted to it. but, you know, stepping back and saying, hey, there's more to life than being a member of congress, i'm doing what i said i was going to do, serve, and then get out. >> one of the controversies is president trump's tax returns. everyone is clamoring for them. what's your position on that? >> m position is it's not against e law, you know. i disagreed with the president. when donald trump was campaigning, i said very clearly, if you're going to run for president, you should have to open up your kimono and show everybody everything, including your tax returns. so, i was very critical of him. but it is not required by law. and i've had democrats and others who want to have me issue a subpoena to get those tax reforms. it's just not going to -- the country isn't going to operate based on what jason chaffetz believes. they should actually be a law to do that. and i'm actually working on that and i think they should have to
3:21 pm
disclose their medical background and i think they should also have to disclose their taxes. but given that it's not in the code, i don't think it's right to just force somebody to have to do that. >> so, what about your future? is politics over? >> well, i'm just saying i'm not going to be a candidate for the senate seat that's up in 2018 nor am i going to run for the house again. i very well may come back into politics at some point. i'm not going to close the door on that. i'd like to be a vocal voice in politics. but i've got to find the right balance in my life, and that balance has gotten a little out of whack. i've got to get a bit more with my family. >> a lot of people are addicted to this. it's hard to walk away from this. i've known you a number of years. i believe you. i believe it's your family and it's time, i got that. but a lot of people, it's hard to walk away from washington. >> well, they call it potomac fever for a reason, and it is contagious and it is excitin and dynamic and you can do things that others can't do.
3:22 pm
but, you know, it does take a bit of a strong will to say, you're willing to give that up. but my priority is my family and my hierarchy of needs, the family is first and we'll do other things. we'll be engaged. we'll be out there publicly. but it's just -- i wish more people would actually get in, serve, and get out. that's what you're supposed to do. >> congress says republicans couldn't get health care passed. what is going on -- obviously i see at the freedom caucus, i see the dissension. why can't things get passed? >> look, republicans have the house, the senate and the presidency. we have to look to ourselves in the mirror. we have two big tasks this year. one is to repeal and replace obamacare and the other is to engage in meaningful tax reform. and i still think we can accomplish both, but we're on the clock. time is passing and we've got to get those things done or we're going to spell doom for ourselves in many fronts. >> are you disappointed in
3:23 pm
congress? >> it is frustrating. i mean, when you have 535 people who are all want to control the lever and do their thing individually, it is a bit frustrating, but i bet it's been frustrating the last couple hundred years, you know. at some point i wish others would say, hey, look, i'm not going to get everything i want, take the sort of ronald reagan approach to say i'm not going to get 100% of what i want if i can move and get 80%, is that good enough? and i do wish there was more coming together on stuff. we've done that in the oversight committee. elijah cummings and i. the majority of letters we've sent this year, we've done together. we passed meaningful bipartisan postal reform. i know that's not on the top of everybody's list, but we did it in a bipartisan way. it passed out of our committee unanimously, but you never hear about those things. yeah, i get frustrated with congress and i think the country does. >> it's usually people leave in the minority. you're the maty. you're the chairman so there's
3:24 pm
been much attention on it. i wish you the best of luck and i hope to get over the camera see that cot that you sleep in your office with. >> come on over, i'd love to show you. >> anyway, nice to talk to you. >> thanks, greta. >> will president trump get back on the campaign trail, or could that hurt candidates running in tight races? i'll talk to the new chair of the rnc. and suing a knee owe nazi, this woman says a knee owe nazi website publisher sent hundreds of online trolls after her. the antisemitic attacks are heinous and hateful but does she have a legal case? she joins me live. and more of my exclusive reporting from mosul, iraq. the persecution of christians of children that i saw with my own eyes, how can we stop this blood shed?
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house and republicans running for president trump or not? today republicans claiming victory in the georgia runoff because democrat jon ossoff couldn't clear 50%. karen handel got 48%.
3:28 pm
trump responded tweeting big republican runoff in georgia. glad to be of help. she never mention the the president but was asked about his help. >> do you think president trump will come to georgia and campaign with you? >> i would hope so. look, all republicans, it's all hands on deck for us. >> very quickly, president trump only won there by 1 percentage point. are you certain that he will be an asset for you in the district? >> again, it is all republicans, all hands on deck. so, we are going to be united. >> there is intense fork us on this race in georgia. it is a republican district but it's not known as trump country. trump won the district by a mere 1 point. >> is the president planning to campaign for the republican challenger there? will he go to georgia to get out
3:29 pm
the vote? >> i don't know. if needed, i think the president is going to make sure that he does everything he can to maintain majorities and further the party, but we'll see if we're needed. >> is he expending too much political capital on a race republicans should be winning easily? >> you know, it's interesting. i thought that some of the coverage was a little intriguing as i watched it. suddenly -- the democrats went all in on this race. they spent over $8.3 million. they said on the record that their goal was to win this race. they lost and the reaction has somewhat been, you know, that they almost won. no, they lost. >> with me, the chairwoman of th republican national committee rhonda. she happens to be mitt romney's niece. i said it once, i won't say it again. also she brought me a hat. i love when guests bring me presents. it's a tiger's hat. welcome to washington. >> thanks for having me. i have to represent the detroit tigers having a great season so far. >> it's early.
3:30 pm
just wait. so, tell me, this race down in georgia, democrats and republicans both claiming victory. >> the democrats were all in. they spent 8.3 million. they had one candidate they alcoa less all coalesced around. they had samuel l. jackson. they said we want to get to 50, win it outright. they missed their goal. >> does that mean republican victory? >> yes, because we knew we would go to a runoff. >> they're not saying that, go ahead. >> we were shooting for the runoff. now we'll coalesce around our base. you have to look at the vote totals last night even with our divided base. our vote total among republicans surpassed what jon ossoff gained in the election. >> between now and june 20th, how much -- i assume the republican party just like the democratic party is going to go hog wild over the candidate. for whatever reason, we're using this as some sort of test for the midterms. >> yeah, we're all in.
3:31 pm
we've been in that district, the rncs had five offices open. we've been getting out our vote even though we couldn't engage in the primary and support a candidate. we're going to continue to do that. we want to bring people to washington who are going to help the president govern and accomplish his agenda. and i think the voters of georgia as they get to know jon ossoff more they're liking him less. he couldn't even vote in his own election, he doesn't live in the district. 97% of his money comes from outside the district. he's bringing hollywood into the district. they're recognizing he's not well suited to represent them. >> we'll see what happens. between now and june 20 has a lot to do with it. some of the town halls have been pretty rugged for the republicans. senator joni ernst the other day, she got clobbered by some of them and i assume there are democrats coming in the town halls just like republicans going to democratic town halls. she backed away from the president. >> they're taking their message to their voters. they're listening to them. they're going to have differences of opinion with the president. >> she said he had flaws.
3:32 pm
someone said he has flaws, she said yes. she was put in the hot seat. >> i think everyone has flaws. we're not always going to be in lockstep. that's okay. that's what makes our party great. we don't have a top dow philosophy. president obama and the democrats were always aligned on everything and they didn't have a discussion, they didn't have a dialogue, they didn't tick it to their constituents. we're going to do that it's in the end it will help us govern better. >> you were head of the rnc in michigan and now it's the national, bigger, bigger picture. >> much bigger, it's great. reince left me big shoes to fill. i hear that all the time. he did a great job. i understand what it means to run a state party, to build a ground game, to turnout your vote. the mechanics of the election is what the rnc is going to if not to focus on. >> you have a big surprise with jason chaffetz. that's been typically a pretty secure republican seat so not too much to worry -- >> i went to college in his district so i think it should be okay. >> anyway, welcome to washington. good luck in your new job and thanks for the hat. >> thanks for having me.
3:33 pm
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3:37 pm
retired russian intelligence officials appointed by putin. reuters says that in june they circulated a plan that recommended the kremlin launch a propaganda campaign to encourage u.s. voters to elect a president who would take a softer line toward russia. david is senior politics writer for u.s. news and world report and francesca chambers is white house correspondent for the daily mail. david, do you know we have been talking about this and saying this, but these documents which i have not seen myself, but the documents certainly -- the plot thickens. >> a new piece of evidence emerges that russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. i think we're all aware of that now. we know that russians meddled in the 2016 election. >> but they denied it. if we now say, aha, see it to the russians. >> we do this in other people's elections. the u.s. government meddles in other people's elections through social media. i don't think it's that shocking
3:38 pm
they would. the extent of it is interesting and what we're trying to figure out here in washington, was there any collusion with the trump administration, which would be a crime, which would be treason. that's the big question that we still don't know. but it's pretty well established that they attempted to swing the election. we know that. >> we do know that. we did know that. but because of classified doments an whatnot, we haven't be presented with the sort of evidence that we're seeing today and that's part of the reason why russia has said, like provide us the evidence. we're not going to admit to anything until you provide us some evidence. of course they're going to deny this as well. but i'm not surprised that an organization that's staffed by former officials from russia would have wanted to elect a president of the united states that would take a softer stance towards russia. given all the sanctions that the united states has put on russia. >> does want be someone who is going to be more favorable to and actually meddling in and
3:39 pm
interfering with an election? i don't know what these papers show they did. >> what does meddling mean? social media propaganda, that means they're trying to change public opinion. we don't know if they did, right? that's an inference we're making. >> we don't know that and i don't know exactly to take your point what meddling means. meddling is a vague term and i haven't seen these documents. >> i think that's exactly -- we haven't seen the documents so i would like to see a little bit more from them beforehand. yes, it does say social media propaganda. >> on social media. >> on social media. >> how is the white house responding to all this? they think this is now behind them? >> well, we haven't been talking about russia yet for a while, so i will be very interested to see potentially what the white house has to say about this new piece of evidence tomorrow. but i would assume that they will kind of take the same exact line, which is, numr e, this is something we knew about already. and number two, there weren't any trump officials mentioned in
3:40 pm
it. it's not an example of collusion between russia and the trump campaign. >> we have been seeing more and more republicans calling for the returns to be released. >> you're running for president, you're president, you should release your tax returns. >> do you think the president should release his tax returns so that we know whether he's acting in the best interest of the american people? >> i think he should. i think he should. [cheering and applauding] >> as far as i'm aware, the president says he's still under audit and said -- [ booing ] >> and now republican senator, not democrat, but republican senator james lang ford also saying, quote, he promised he would release his taxes. he should keep his promise. the tax return issue even following vice-president mike pence on his trip to asia. >> well, during the course of
3:41 pm
the campaign we released our taxes. >> and you'll continue to do that as vice-president? >> as i told you, it was a pretty short read. we're a family of pretty modest income. i expect we'll continue that tradition. the president will make his own decision about how to handle that issue. >> david, i don't think anyone is going to change his or her vote based on this, on the tax return thing. and it's almost like it's a great fund-raising vehicle for both sides. for president trump they're picking on me, and for the democrats he's hiding something. >> i think most republicans would say that they believe donald trump should have released his tax returns. >> but they don't care. >> they don't really care. they'll say that in answer to a question. i think for democrats it is a fund-raising mechanism. it is a way to jen up their base. i also think they're beating a dead horse. with everything else going on in the world right now, this issue was litigated during the campaign. we thought it might hurt him. people ended up not caring. they'll tell you in a poll they care, but it's not going to be a
3:42 pm
defining issue given everything else going on in the world for them. >> so, chuck schumer said something really interesting about this on a call with the reporters sort of previewing the next democratic line of attack, which is that when trump comes to them and tries to get his tax deal, that the line is essentially going to be, well, we don't want to negotiate with you because how do we know that what you're proposing won't benefit you and it won't benefit your businesses so you should release your taxes to prove that that's not true. >> donald trump, president trump will say he doesn't care. once again, we're back to the fund-raising issue. >> and no republican will abandon him on tax reform if they can get that because trump won't release his -- joni ernst and these people coming out and saying that, they're not going to not vote for tax reform package just because of that. the democrats are going to do this the entire time. they're going to oppose trump at every turn. >> of course. but i do find it to be interesting that he's already
3:43 pm
putting that out there. this is how we're going to fight you on your tax plan. we're going to make this not out to be a tax break for all the millionaires and the billionaires. we're going to point out this is probably a tax break for you. how can we know? we don't know that. we haven't seen your taxes. so, i think that's what republicans should be be preparing for as they go into -- we haven't seen, by the way. >> democrats will be saying that, but i think it will be of no moment. i don't think it will make any difference. >> they want to keep it in the news which is what they're doing. >> thank you both. still ahead, this montana woman satz a neo-nazi sent an army of online trolls to attack her. does she have a legal case? she joins me next. in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind
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after being bombarded by a disgusting flood of anti-semitic hate, the self proclaimed leader of the alt-right. >> hail trump. hail our people. hail victory. [cheering and applauding]
3:47 pm
>> the story begins with richard and his mother sherri spencer y person in the story. the mother, sherri, owns his building in white fish montana renting to local businesses and then there is tanya gursh, a jewish realtor who also lives at white fish. at the heart of this case sherri. she was interested in selling the building after groups threatened to protest because of her son's white supremacy views. tanya the realtor was advising her but she backed out and claimed sherri was trying to extort her. enter andrew england. after hearing about this published this article calling for a troll storm against tanya, even telling people to go and see tanya in person. what came next was down right heinous. tanya was called everything. an oven dodging christ killer, a slimy jewest. they told her 12-year-old son he
3:48 pm
should kill himself. time was also told, she should have died in the holocaust with the rest of your peopleful. now tanya is fighting back for invasion of privacy and emotional distress and violating montana's antiintimidation act. he denies he incited any violence. joining me is tanya and her attorney from the law center. tanya, i read some of the things that are said, reading the complaint, there are far worse thin things. and the people that tweeted your 12-year-old son is unthinkable. shouldn't have said it to you as an adult, but to your son is even more horrifying. just to get the sics, the woman, the mother of mr. spencer says you threatened her, they extorted. did you ever threaten her? >> never, absolutely not. >> let me ask you, how did you meet her? >> you know what, i actually have never met sherri spencer. she called me one day and i answered the phone call.
3:49 pm
>> and why did she call you? >> she called me because i reached out to the tenants in her building, which are great friends of mine, out of concern for them. after richard spencer's hailing. and she called me shortly after that and she asked me what she should do. and i just can't imagine that by me trying to help that this situation would have -- i would have ended up in this situation. it's unfathomable. >> let me get a little more background context. this white supremacist was in washington, he said horrible things, the video went viral, his mother was getting heat back in mont moana and that's where s gets going a little bit. in filing suit, filed in montana, you know, what was done is awful. but you've got to have a cause
3:50 pm
of action. is this -- do you have a strong cause of action? >> i think we have a really strong cause of action, greta. andrew england intended to make tanya's life miserable in in ev way that he could. he provided his followers with the tools to do it, gave him all their contact information, suggested that they go after her son as well. this was an orchestrated campaign of harassment. if there's ever been a case of intentional infliction of emotional distress, this is it. >> it's like i go through this list. i'm not even sure i can read some of this stuff on the air, some of the stuff that was said to you. i mean just horrible things. have you ever spoken at all, tanya, to mr. englund? >> i have not, no. just the endless amounts of communications from him and his followers at all hours of the day and night for months and months straight, and the terrorism still has not stopped. >> do you feel unsafe? i mean these people are doing it
3:51 pm
on the internet, but is it -- do you feel unsafe? >> i absolutely feel unsafe. he encouraged his followers, his hundreds of thousands of followers to come and visit me and tell me what they think of me. he encouraged them to call me up and have me take them on a tour of real estate so they can get me alone. i look in both directions every time i leave my house. >> richard, if you win the lawsuit, she gets money, but that's -- i mean like, you know, you still got the problem. >> yeah. no, look -- >> i don't know what other solution you have, but tell me. >> well, look, you're right, greta. the civil system provides for damages. we're going to look for punitive damages as well as compensatory damages, and the punitive damages hopefully will be a large one that will punish england and really send a message to other people who might follow in his footsteps that they're going to be held accountable for launching a troll storm on anyone. >> this is -- i tell you, most
3:52 pm
of the stuff i can't even read it's so heinous and terrifying and to a 12-year-old kid to boot, not that it's okay to do to adults. we'll be following it. thank you both for joining me. um canning up, the fight against isis rages on. what can we do to help the people most atrisk. my report from mosul. that's next. ♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here. there'try phillips' fiberway to ggood gummies.. they're delicious... and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmm. these are good. nice work, phillips'! try phillips' fiber good gummies!
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as the fight against isis rages on, the atrocities continue. i want to again highlight the
3:56 pm
persecution of christians at the hands of isis. they are targeted, their homes destroyed. some are tortured and viciously murdered only because of their faith. this is a humanitarian crisis that i've seen with my own eyes during my recent trip to iraq. >> this is a church. >> reporter: catholics worshipped and was burned by isis. you can just see how it was destroy destroyed. that's the seat of isis they painted on the wall. this is after they desecrated it, burned it down. i've never seen anything like this. i've been all over the world. i've seen everything. i've been to refugee camps. but when you see the utter destruction here and as terrible as these buildings look, just think what it did to the people. >> with me, national security reporter ben kessler. he recently turned from a month-long reporting trip to iraq. i was there wit samaritan's purse. every time i go to something like this, it's stunning. it's hard to believe the. >> the humanitarian pricis on
3:57 pm
both the east and west site of mosul is something that the u.n., human rights watch, even the iraqi government is -- they consistently put out new numbers. it's hundreds of thousands of people coming out of mosul. >> i read an article you wrote about a march 17 air strike. tell the viewers about that. >> this was an air strike that the u.s. likely caused civilian casualties by hitting a building where they had taken civilians, put them into the second floor of a house, and then essentially taunt the u.s. into dropping a bomb on them likely caused about 250 civilian casualties. >> it's just stunning, things you can't imagine. when i was there, we were shown what isis does is they take like human toys and booby trap them,
3:58 pm
and the kids will pick them up. >> isis is known for putting -- for booby trapping a number of things, but one of the things they're doing extensively in western mosul now is knocking out walls in between buildings, and they're pushing civilians, essentiallherding them into groups, 40, 50, and then drawing fire from coalition air strikes. >> the story is so underreported because it's so profoundly dangerous. >> i mean the thing about underreporting is that isis has -- they have sort of a litany of horrible things that are happening. and you can't cover every single part of the atrocities that are happening. you have to take in the entire picture. you talk about what they're doing to religious minorities at one point. you can talk about what they're doing to civilians at another point. but it's almost too much to wrap it into a comprehensive package to talk about every night as to what they're doing to a particular group of people. >> the towns around there are
3:59 pm
like a ghost town. they've run the christians out of there, but they have in mosul, as the iraqi forces are coming in, they've trapped civilians in there, using them as human shields. >> that's right. a christian town on the way to mosul is completely burned out when you drive through there. they've essentially set fire to all the buildings, and when you drive through there on the way to western mosul, there's no one there anymore. i mean an entire village that was populated largely by christians, now there's just a couple families that are tending to shops on the road there. now, they have consistently pushed civilians into the city and driven them in using them as human shields and they've essentially perfected that technique at this point. >> ben, great reporting. thk you. >> thank you. it's just incredible what happens, you know. it's jus hard to believe. anyway, thank you for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. eastern.
4:00 pm
if you can't watch live, set your dvr. follow me on twitter @greta. i'm also on facebook. i put a lot of pictures and video from what's going on in iraq right now. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. o'reilly out. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. 21st century fox announced today that bill o'reilly, tv host and best selling author who has dominated political television for 21 years as the nis officia. it was reported o'reilly or fox had paid out for five cases of sexual harassment against the popular host for a total of $13 million. the women who made the allegations either worked for him or appeared on


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