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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  April 19, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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dollars from something left over that wasn't that big and that expensive. what are they going to do with it? all we have is this vague statement from the inaugural committee that we will identify and evaluate charities that will receive contribution left from the excess moneys that were raised. they've had this money for months. they couldn't find anybody yet? so there is a slush fund in the middle of the trump administration left over from the inauguration. it's sitting around. historically speaking, unearmarked funds for nothing from corporations and friends that presidents get to control however they like generally speaking that's not a good thing for any government. what has happened to the trump slush fund from the inauguration? when do we get an explanation for it, and how big is it? in the meantime, we're taking bets how this particular fund is being used internally. if anybody wins the bet, i'll share it with you on the air. that's it for tonight. now it's time for "the last word
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with lawrence o'donnell." >> there you go giving trump ideas. he might not have known he had this slush fund. now lookhat you have done. >> anybody in government who is sitting on tens of millions of dollars that isn't earmarked for anything that they don't have to answer for but that they can control without anybody knowing? that's always the first chapter of a book that ends with something very bad. >> well, and you have written that first chapter force, rachel. >> sorry. >> as usual. >> sorry. thanks, lawrence. appreciate it. lisa bloom is known as the woman who drove bill o'reilly out of fox news. many women drove bill o'reilly out, including of course the women who brought sexual charges against him. wendy walsh drove bill o'reilly out because she was one of the few women who could tell her story publicly because she had not entered a legal settlement with bill o'reilly in which o'reilly purchased her silence for millions of dollars. wendy walsh was guided in telling her story first to "the new york times," and then on
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this program and others by lisa bloom. lisa bloom was the last lawyer standing against bill o'reilly when he got kicked out the door at fox news today. that boot kick bill o'reilly out the door was on lisa bloom's foot. when bill o'reilly suddenly left on a vacation in the middle of this controversy, in the middle of the week, we wondered on this program whether he would ever be coming back. >> often this time of year i grab some vacation because it's spring and easter time. last year i booked a trip that should be terrific. not going to tell you where it is. but we have a contest on billo' but guess where bill is going. i'll have a full report when i return. >> now we know where he went and now we know he is never coming back. 18 days. that's how long it took for bill o'reilly to be fired by fox news. after "the new york times"
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devastating report on at least $13 million fox news and bill o'reilly paid to at least five women who brought sexual harassment claims bill o'reilly. when "the new york times" story broke, advertisers started leaving o'reilly's show. protesters then instantly activated on social media and elsewhere and convinced dozens and dozens of more advertisers to leave bill o'reilly's show. and advertisers left every day. the voices of those protesters were heard by the advertisers. and today that voice of protest won. they rose up against bill o'reilly and they won. the parent company of fox news issued this statement today. after a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel. much of the information in "the
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new york times" report about bill o'reilly was already known, including the most devastating case against him from 2004 which included transcripts of phone calls bill o'reilly made to a fox news employee. the woman receiving those calls said it sounded as if bill o'reilly was doing something other than just talking on the phone when he was telling her about all of the sexual things he wanted to do to her. those phone calls cost fox news $9 million. and they occurred 13 years ago. fox news knew everything it needed to know to fire bill o'reilly 13 years ago. and they didn't do it. because it wasn't in the value system of fo news, and bill o'reilly was their big star making more than any other host on fox news with bigger ratings than anyone else on fox news. we now know the man running fox news roger ailes was at least as bad as bill o'reilly and possibly much, much worse.
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he was driven out of fox news last year once the basic outlines of his multiple offense sexual harassment lifestyle at fox news was revealed. it was impossible to get fired for sexual harassment at fox news under roger ailes running fox news. he was the sexual harasser in chief at fox news. it was also impossible to file a complaint for sexual harassment through the hr department. no one did. no woman during the time of roger ailes and bill o'reilly filed a formal complaint for the fox news complaint system, not one. because obviously no one trusted it. and they were right not to trust that system. run by roger ailes. lisa bloom advised her client wendy walsh to tell her story to "the new york times" before she told her story to fox news. and when wendy walsh's story of
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sexual harassment was published in the new york time, one of bill o'reilly's lawyers threatened to sue wendy walsh for defamation of character. and that's when you stepped in and helped deliver a message to fox news. i put out this tweeting "hey, bill o'reilly, please sue me too because i believe wendy walsh." and i asked you to retweet so it fox news would see you response. and 53,000 of you retweeted that to fox news. 53,000. and just by comparison to the tweeter in chief, donald trump's biggest tweet today got 12,900 retweets. fox news got your message. in that tweet and in many, many others and protesters outside of the building, fox news got the message. 18 days. lisa bloom wasn't finished after she helped wendy walsh tell her story. lisa bloom kept cop asking at bill o'reilly with more women's stories. yesterday lisa bloom revealed the story of a black woman at
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fox news who says she was sexually harsd by bill o'reilly. and fox news decided they just couldn't take another day, after what lisa bloom did to fox news last night, i asked, how many more bad news days will fox endure? and i speculated that o'reilly would be out by friday. i was wrong. fox news couldn't take another day of what lisa bloom was doing to them. bill o'reilly's lawyers threatened lisa bloom and her client. and in the immortal words of mitch mcconnell, nevertheless, she persisted. joining us now, lisa bloom, managing attorney at the bloom firm. she represents wendy walsh and two other women who have accused bill o'reilly of sexual harassment. lisa, before "the new york times" story came out, you knew that saturday, that friday that it was going to be out in the sunday times. we didn't. we got the sunday times. we read it. what did you think was going to
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happen when i and millions of others read that story? >> well, i knew people were going to be very affected by the story. but that wasn't going to be enough. we had to keep the story alive in the media. and we had to get other accusers. and we had to have a game plan. so i'm an attorney, but i also do a lot ofmedia. an i understand how both the law and miawork. i also understand how the attorneys for fox news work because i've had other cases against them. and so i came up with plan with wendy walsh. and god bless her, she was willing to do it. she was very, very scared. and you see her on tv. she is very good. but behind the scenes she was very nervous. and i told her i would fight with her. we were going to win this. >> what was she afraid of? >> she was afraid of bill o'reilly coming after her, taking her home, suing her. she is a single mom. >> the threats from bill o'reilly's lawyers. >> yes. >> she anticipated that. >> the first thing was she got that letter. she sent to it me. i wrote a strong letter back saying don't you dare ever contact her again. i represent her. all condolence should be to me. >> to her after she went public.
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>> immediately when "the new york times" story broke. nasty lawyer's letter. which doesn't mean anything to me. i get a lot of nasty lawyers letters. but to a single mom who is not a wealthy person, that was very scary. i told him basically drop dead and talk to me if you have anything to say. and miraculously, i never heard anything further. but we came up with a plan. and the plan was we have got to keep the story alive in the news. this cannot be a one-day story that blows over. that's what fox news wants. and so wendy, we need to do a press conference. of course, she was very nervous about that. but i walked her through everything we were going to do. we had the press conference. i had already gone over with her witnesses, her evidence. my entire law firm has been devoted to this for many weeks. we've really put aside everything else. the plan was we got to bring down bill o'reilly, and we know how to do it. so we then had a conundrum, which was her claims were time barred. she can't sue. what can we do?
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as i was scratching my head and trying to figure out -- >> the statute of limitations had passed, they were from 2013. and in new york it's a three-year statute of limitation. but then a wonderful gift came out of heaven. and that was fox news saying none of these women have ever called the hotline. and i thought to myself, ah-ha, the hotline. i happen to have a copy of the fox news handbook in my file from a previous case. i pulled it out. and there was the number for the hotline. and also all of the internal rules, which were no time deadlines for calling the hotline, and no requirement that you have to be a current employee. >> that's the video of you and wendy calling the fox news hotline. >> right. i was concerned that they might say we didn't do it. so we made a video. >> we all had that video to show on these programs which we did. >> i thought you might like it. >> yes. so you were confident from the start that this could be, that wendy walsh's story and the aftermath of it handled correctly could bring down bill o'reilly? this is someone who survived 13
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years ago a worse case where there were tapes that become public. >> i knew andrea mackris in 2004. i knew about the allegations of the tapes. i knew what she went through. i know that bill o'reilly sued her. how dare he. and i have been angry ever since, frankly. and to discover that more women have come out with similar tapes of him and his sexually disgusting activities he was doing on those tapes which i probably can't say on your show, this is appalling that he was still there. i was very motived to bring him down. somebody had to do it. and that had to be us, right? so i had wendy call into the hotline. and i knew uthat that would trig their legal obligation to do an investigation. and we made the video to protect ourselves to make sure that it was recorded. we released the video publicly so they would be shamed into doing the investigation immediately. a day went by. i tweeted it's been a day. we still haven't heard from you, fox news. and a couple of days later, they did contact us. they asked wendy for an
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interview. she did an interview. i had other accusers reaching out the me already, which i also knew would happen. because these guys who are so arrogant and powerful, there is also multiple accusers. and they're always afraid -- >> these are not women you knew about before wendy went public. >> right. >> but you believe when wendy goes public, others will call, you have to come out publicly in a big way so they will call you. i as an attorney cannot call people. i wouldn't have known who to call anyway. they have to call us. it also takes time to vet their stories. we as attorneys have to talk to their witnesses, get e-mails, get any kind of evidence that exists. you call witnesses, most of the time they don't call you back. you have to bug them. it takes time. >> even right after it was announced today that bill o'reilly was out, you then revealed that you had yet another woman with the complaint against bill o'reilly. take me through the complaint that you referred to today. i'd like to hear that one, and i'd like to hear the complaint that you revealed yesterday. what strikes us, if we look at the history of this, the rea
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final straw was the complaint you released yesterday. >> yes. >> fox news did not attempt to survive another day after that one. so in fact let's begin with that one, the one that you revealed publicly yesterday. tell us that story that woman has not revealed herself publicly. >> yes. >> so you're the only one who can tell thus story. >> yes. immediately after the story came out with wendy, i got an e-mail from this african american woman who lives in north carolina who said that she too had been sexually harassed by bill o'reilly, but she was very, very scared. she was a clerical worker. she is not somebody like us who are comfortable talk okay tv. she is absolutely terrified to come forward. but she has been living with this angst and anguish since 2008. as an attorney, i knew that we had to get emotional support for her. i asked her who is your emotional support person? my sister. great. we reached out to her sister, made contact. got the sister give her the emotional support. we've been talking to her for about a week. finally i realize individual to go out to north carolina and meet with her in person.
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so that's what i did. >> what was her experience? what happened with bill o'reilly? >> her experience was she was a clerical worker for six months at fox news, she says. she worked for a different individual who she said was a very good boss, but bill o'reilly was on the same floor. and she said he would never speak to her in any way. not a hi, not a how you doing. the only comments he would make to her were mm-hmm, oh, yeah, looking good. he would very noticeably leer and stare at her cleavage, look at her legs if she was standing up and walk big. he had a nickname for her which is hot chocolate. as an african american woman, she found that very offensive. it got to the point where she was afraid to be alone on the floor. >> he would say that repeatedly to her? hot chocolate? >> he would say ate couple of times to her. and she was afraid of him. people might say -- he is very tall and he is very powerful and he would also yell and scream at people this the office
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everybody know she's a very temperamental person. >> screaming off camera and things. >> right. so she was really afraid. she needed this job. she did not want to lose the job. and other than bill o'reilly, she said she liked the job. she thought she could rise up at fox news and do well there. so she just didn't say anything. but she lived with the stress. and i talked to her sister, her boyfriend at the time and her roommate at the time. and they all a corroborate she started the job as a happy-go-lucky person, very optimistic. and as the months went by, she would come home constantly complaining about bill o'reilly sexually harassing her. and she became very depressed and withdrawn. and it really changed her as a person. and that change continues today. >> and tell us about the story that the woman that you had today that you talked about after o'reilly was already out the door. >> caroline heldman. i can release her name. she was a regular unpaid contributor on o'reilly's show
7:16 pm
from 2008 to 2011. she doesn't have a sexual harassment claim. she has a sex discrimination claim. she says that she did a pretaped interview with him. he always pretapes, patiently. and they got into an argument, as one does on cable news. he called her hysterical. don't be hysterical. and she gave it back to him and said you know, that's a very sexist term. and he said no it isn't. and she said yes, it is a gendered history to call woman hysterical. that's a very sexist thing. please don't say that to me. well, that part of the interview was cut out, and she was frozen out and she was never on the show again. and this is after years of being on the show. and so i explained to her that i felt that that was retaliation for complaining about sex discrimination. and that was worthy of calling in to the complaint line. so we were literally calling into the complaint line on that call today when the news broke that bill o'reilly had been fired. >> lisa, this is a show that has not lost its advertisers. so we're going have to squeeze a break in here. please stay with us there is so
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much more to cover on this. we're going to be back with gabe sherman, who actually wrote the book on fox news and more from lisa bloom about what's happened at fox news and the end of bill o'reilly. later, we're going to have new details tonight about russia's plans to affect the election. this is a new report tonight with new information. there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah. hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. same here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does.
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we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ hi, i'm dana perino. thanks for watching us tonight. before we get to the other big stories of the day, we want to address a situation many of you may already be aware of. bill o'reilly, who hosted this program for 20 years, is leaving the fox news channel. we know that you, his very loyal viewers will have a lot of feelings about this, and we will talk more about it later on in the program. >> notice that graphic, "the factor." the show is not called "the o'reilly factor" tonight. joining us now, gabriel sherman, the first reporter to break the news of the decision by the murdoch family to fire bill o'reilly. he is the author of the definitive book on fox news and is the national affairs editor
7:22 pm
at "new york" magazine and msnbc contributor. also joining us now angela carazon. lisa bloom is still with us. what did it? what was the decision made yesterday and what was the final straw? >> this has been evolving over several days. the murdoch family was divided. this is probably the most complicated decision they'll have made, possibly harder than getting rid of roger ailes because bill o'reilly is the public face. rupert murdoch wanted to keep bill o'reilly. his two sons were split. lock lan moved into his brother james' corner to decide they needed to move him out. they made a decision today in advance of tomorrow's board meeting of the parent company 21stenry fox. >> is there a way to track lisa's strategy against their decision making and say, look, on this day, you know, this is when this brother switched. >> yes. and we'll learn more coming out.
7:23 pm
i think what is striking here is that this is a company that has failed to clean up the culture since roger ailes was forced out. fox news, let's just put into perspective. this was sexual harassment on an industrial scale. women who walked in the door at this company were subjected to serial sexual harassment. james murdoch, rupert murdoch's son wanted to clean up after aisles was forced out. rupert murdoch resisted. fox news's most profitable asset of their media empire. we're seeing the aftereffects of that where they did not clean house. so we're going continue to deal with this crisis until they really come in and clear out this entire culture that roger ailes built over 20 years. >> angelo, you were part of the movement to push bill o'reilly out. you expressed confidence about that on this show. i have to say i didn't share that confidence because i've seen this guy survive this stuff in the past. so i was sitting here in complete suspense what they were going to do. i would say until the last 48
7:24 pm
hours and gabe's report starts coming out and you could feel the end coming, when did you first feel tend coming here? >> about a week ago. there was a shift in the advertising community. and what happened is that advertisers were actually responding not so much to the o'reilly stories, but actually to what gabe had just pointed out and what lisa has so effectively laid out in first segment that they recognized this was a bigger cultural problem at fox news. they no longer had confidence that fox news had handled it appropriately or would continue to handle it appropriately at all. and they were gearing to drop all of fox news that was the feedback that i knew fox executives were getting was that they were potentially dealing with selling not just the remainder of this year's inventory, but also 2018 inventory where a very large contingent of advertisers were preparing to walk away from the entire network. i actually think that fear is still there for what gabe has ill straight before. i don't think this ends with bill o'reilly. i think tomorrow's board meeting is going to take some additional
7:25 pm
actions in order to address that culture specifically because of the advertiser issue that i just identified. >> and lawrence, i also wanted to say i tweeted something that has gotten more retweets for me than anything else i ever tweeted which is something like to the murdochs, we are not giving up. my phone is ringing off the hook. i am representing them all for free. this does not end until bill o'reilly is fired. and i think they knew that we are not going away. that more and more women would continue to come forward. it would be in the news every day, every week until this was over. and i want to thank you and everybody else in the media who thought this was an important story and covered it. yes, because it was bill o'reilly. but also this is an important story about women and women's rights in the workplace. and a lot of women rally around this story because we could all relate to it. we've all experienced it. and enough is enough. >> one of the suspense factors for me was howse how was the rest of the media going to treat. this it really was question if the media doesn't keep the story alive, then it disappears. i knew what i was going do.
7:26 pm
but i wasn't sure what everyone else was going to do about it. this is a west coast question. and i know, lisa, you live there. most of the people working in the fox media empire are in los angeles in show business. and it is the fox network broadcast channel. it is fx. it is tv studio. it is more than one tv studio. it is a movie studio with more than one components of the movie studio. they were getting word to the murdochs that if it was any of us, if it was any of us movie executives, any one of us, we would be out. there is another dynamic, which is they started to fear that creative people who have a show to pitch might think well, i like john linegraph at fx, but i'm going some place else. lisa, did you hr tt taln the creative community? >> i d. i reported that this morning
7:27 pm
that other executives within the 21st century fox empire were telling the murdochs that if this happened on our watch at our company, we would fire this person immediately. and net fox news seemed to operate by a different set of rules. bill o'reilly's firing shows possibly fox news is not going to be the rogue pirate ship that roger ailes ran it as. it will have to be run like a modern media company. >> we're going have to leave it there. lisa bloom, gabe sherman, angelo karusones. it has been something to watch. 18 days. amazing. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump, sexual harassment -- donald trump's reaction to the bulk billi -- bill o'reilly case. this is a really important part of the story. those two guys are best friends. bill o'reilly bragged about how often they shared milk shakes. how much that of is a part of this story going forward. (gasp)
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7:32 pm
involved with the report, david ferranholt has taught to make a campaign issue out of his opponent's marriage. he has criticized bill clinton for his past infidelity and criticized hillary clinton as her husband's enabler. what all the editors apparently missed with most of president trump's comments about the clintons came after he was branded a woman hater by his opponent. also, trump reframed from mentioning the marriage in the last debate. now it seems to me that any fair-minded news operation would have included those two facts in the article, or am i wrong? >> that's everything you know than if you were just watching the o'reilly factor. joining us is letitia james. also joining us joan walsh, national affairs correspondent at the nation and msnbc political analyst. and i want to show how donald trump paid that back, how he paid this back with bill o'reilly talking to "the new
7:33 pm
york times" about o'reilly's, the accusations against o'reilly recently. let's watch this. >> i think he is a person i know well. he is a good person. i think he may -- i think he shouldn't have settled. personally, he shouldn't have settled. >> how come? >> because he should have taken it all the way. no, i know bill. bill is a good person. i don't think bill would do anything wrong. >> can we get to infrastructure? because i'm sensitive about time. >> leticia james, your reaction to the president's comments about this case, which ultimately drove bill o'reilly out of his job. >> listen, president trump and bill o'reilly are like mind individuals, and they play to the same audience. and the bottom line is they both devalue women. they both demean women. they both objectify women, and it's really unacceptable. and i'm so glad women spoke with their pocketbooks and i'm glad they paid attention to the individuals and groundswell of support from women and
7:34 pm
conscientious men who wanted bill o'reilly to be permanently fired. and although i'm not celebrating, i'm not prepared to give you a high-five or a fist bump because there is a culture that continues to exist that is pervasive at fox five and that needs to be addressed from the top to the bottom. a full reform, a zero tolerance policy with regards to sexual harassment. and against racial discrimination. >> joan, here is a sexual harasser who had the president of the united states as his defender. he had his high-priced lawyers who threatened wendy walsh as soon as she went public. >> yes. >> if you're wondering how intimidating it might be come out against somebody like bill o'reilly, he just has the president on his side to attack you if you do come out against him. >> right. and he has been part. o'reilly and roger ailes were part of this culture of creating this sort of fantasy male dominated oasis where women were just arm candy or decoration and
7:35 pm
where women were degraded. the idea for so many of us at this point why we're not popping champagne, although maybe later, is that we have a man in the white house who did -- who boasted of doing the things that bill o'reilly and roger ailes have now been brought down for. i'm thrilled that they have been brought down. but it's still kind of galling to know that they created a culture that el gate valevated and he is still there. >> the investigation should continue. because before bill o'reilly, there was roger ailes. and there was also slater. so there is this pervasive culture that continues to exist fox 5 where women each and every day when they go to work are afraid whether or t they're going to be subjected to harassment. whether they're going to be victimized by individuals at fox news. so they need accountability. they need transparence it is. they need a process. they need penalties. and they need oversight. and they need a firm that is independent that can conduct this investigation, and not one
7:36 pm
that is connected to fox 5 where there is an inherent conflict of interest. >> fox 5 is the local fox news affiliate here. fox news is technically a different thing. they're all housed in the same spot over there. so who knows what's happening in those various hallways. joan, if you could get one question to the president of the united states about this, and about his friend bill o'reilly and his defense of his friend bill o'reilly, a defense that his friend rupert murdoch did not accept, what would you say to the president tonight if you could? >> i might say mr. trump, how many millions of dollars have you paid to settle complaints against you that you think this is normal behavior, that you think this is a good man, this is a good person, i know he is a good man? if you say that, maybe you've signed a lot of check took place. maybe that's impertinent of me, laurence. >> we're going have to leave it there tonight. letitia james, joan walsh, thank
7:37 pm
you both. we really appreciate it. coming up, documents show the russian government changed its strategy to affect the presidential election. when they thought hillary clinton was winning. ♪ ♪
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functional and pragmatic. tonight's breaking news, reuters repting that a russian government think tank controlled by vladimir putin developed a plo swing the 2016 u.s. presidential election to donald trump and undermine voters' faith in the american electoral system. three current and four former u.s. officials told reuters they described two confidential documents from the think tank as providing the framework and rationale for what u.s. intelligence agencies have concluded was an intensive effort by russia to interfere with the november 8th election. the documents were central to the obama administration's conclusion that russia mounted a fake news campaign and launched cyber attacks against democratic
7:41 pm
party groups and clinton's campaign, the current and former officials said. joining us now, reuters reporter ned parker, a co-author of that article. ned, so this is part of the evidence base that the obama administration was using in issuing their public warnings about this back last year. >> right. it would be the one that there was the report published on january 6th by the intelligence community that said the u.s. government believed that the russian government of vladimir putin intended to assist donald trump's then candidacy for presidency in 2016. >> oh, this is the one that took us into the specific objective to elect trump, not just interfere with the election? >> exactly. >> big difference. >> the first was in october. this w the one in january. and the documents were actually obtained after the november election. >> and do the documents indicate a change of strategy by the russians as the campaign was
7:42 pm
recognizing? >> right. i think it's very fluid. and what you see, these documents, the significance of them are that they are russian government documents written by an internal kremlin think tank that reports to vladimir putin, whose directors are appointed by the russian president and whose directors, the last two have both been former senior leaders of the russian foreign intelligence service. >> and do these documents outline their techniques? >> well, what they do in effect, the first one is from june 2016. and it is -- it's a document that circulated at the highest levels of the russian government. and what it says is that the russian government should work through a media campaign through media outlets that it has influence with, such as russia today and sputnik and others, and also through social media to influence the u.s. electorate to pick a new u.s. administration that will have policies that are
7:43 pm
beneficial to both russia and the united states and not carry on the current -- the then current policies of the obama administration, which this paper described as harmful to russian and the united states. >> did the documents get into specifics about friendly media? because during the campaign, sean hannity, for example, at fox news could not have been more friendly to this kind of information from russia or anywhere else. >> well, i think the document is very concise in its language, according to the interviews that we have done. and what it refers to, though, are outlets that it has influence over so that would be russian outlets. so russia today, sputnik and others. one of the other things that helped frame this first document was the united states was aware that there w a march meeting of the putin presidential administration with russia outlets such as russia today, sputnik and others in which the
7:44 pm
putin administration told those outlets to start reporting favorably on donald trump's candidacy for the presidency. so you have knowledge of that meeting. and then when this document and the second document come in november after the election, the first one spelling out let's advance a campaign in media, both social media and other media platforms to influence the u.s. electorate to choose an administration that is more beneficial to russia, that coupled with the previous knowledge of this meeting in march and also the awareness that russia had hacked into the dnc and into clinton campaign officials' e-mails, all of this kind of created a broader picture. and then there is a second document that was written by this institute. and the second document talked about in october, it was written in october. and it basically said hillary clinton's probably going to win. so let's work to make sure her candidacy is weak through media
7:45 pm
and social media campaign. >> this takes the specificity to a whole another level. we now know what was behind the public reports about this interference. ned parker, thank you very much for joining us tonight with this breaking news. we really appreciate it. coming up, the man who has ruined washington for ruins. there he is sitting right there. it is paul ryan or it is donald trump? it's one of those guys. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends.
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on this, the 90th day of the trump presidency, donald trump lost his best friend in the news media, bill o'reilly. now that o'reilly can do nothing for donald trump, they probably won't be sharing as many milkshakes as they used to. and on this 90th day of the trump presidency, republican congressman jason chaffetz has decided he has had enough of it. he can't take anymore. jason chaffetz is the first of what will surely be many republicans who has figured out there is no political future for a republican in washington, not
7:49 pm
in donald trump's washington. he will now be available to run for governor of utah in 2020 if he wants to stay in politics. this is what the trump presidency has done to jason chaffetz and other republicans. >> answer the question! answer the question! answer the question! >> so do your job! >> yeah, do your job! do your job! >> do your job! >> also on the 90th day of the trump presidency, a new poll out of texas shows ted cruz behind democratic congressman joaquin castro. paul ryan had every right to think he had a future in politics until this happened. >> i don't know what else to say
7:50 pm
other than obamacare is the law of the land. it's going to remain the law of the land until it's replaced. >> that's what paul ryan got for teenage up with donald trump on health care legislation. and then there is the problem of washington republicans attempting to defend the unique abnormalities of donald trump. >> i'm wondering if you'll take the initiative to have him release those returns. >> as far as i'm aware the president says he's still under audit. and he says -- >> jas has had it with all of that. he's out. and oh, by the way, he's what jason chaffetz has to sigh about donald trump's tax returns today. >> when donald trump was campaigning i said very clearly if you're going to run for president, you should have to open up your kimono and show everybody everything, including
7:51 pm
your tax returns. it should be a law to do that and i'm actually working on that and i think they should have to disclose their medical background and have to disclose their taxes. >> i can't. there's a script in the teleprompter but i just can't do it. donald trump in a kimono. no? jason chaffetz don't say that. don't make us think about that. when we come back, charley psychos, i will ask them who's next? who's the next republican to give up on donald trump's washington? you don't let anything
7:52 pm
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there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah. we're joined now by senior editor for the atlantic and co host of wnyc's "indevisible." you've worked in government and before i worked in government i assumed it was a lie when people said they were leaving for family reasons. having worked in goverent i realize it's only a lie half the time. and most of the people i know when they've left and said it was for family reasons, it
7:56 pm
really was because you're balancing the strain and difficulty of doing this thing against what you're sacrificing on the family side and at some point if what you're doing becomes pointless or impossible or ruled by a crazy man like donald trump, you might just say i'm out, as jason chaffetz has done. >> when you walk on the sidewalks of washington and see somebody who's been out of government for a while, you say you look good and they really do. because they look horrible while they're working in government. they have health reasons. but the resignation that is out there, if you're talking about res ugnations, the one that is the thermo nuclear resignation, and there are two. they are so much a force of confidence in this administration. a lot of people assume they're in charge. if either of them goes -- and the events in north korea are worrying in that regard. that's the seismic event.
7:57 pm
>> take a look at paul ryan whose career you faollowed. when he was chairman of ways and means committee had his dream job. i believed him when he said he didn't want to go above it. i don't see what his political future is when you look at what he's doing now. prior to the trump presidency i could imagine a political future for paul ryan. >> you look at jason chaffetz in the past year, what he had to do after the access hollywood video. they're carving out bits of their souls and at some point the soul crushing compromise for what? for donald trump. when they begin to realize if i do my job, i'm going to have the flying monkeys and the trolls attack me. i think the discouragement factor is going to spread particularly when people begin to realize what if you go through an entire year and you
7:58 pm
have no legislative accomplishment. the great faustian bargain is we'll get our legislate v agenda signed. what happens if there's no tax reform, no repeal and replace? what have you gotten for that? >> and the tresasury secretary doesn't expect the tax bill to be taken up before september and the way these things are scheduled, that could be kicking the can so far down the road it disappears and jason chaffetz was on this program. 24 last time he was on it was the night the access hollywood tape broke. at about 11:00 p.m., he had an emotional statement about how he couldn't possibly defend supporting this candidate to his daughters and it was a very, very convincing statement that he made. within weeks he was back to supporting that candidate for president.
7:59 pm
this is what's happened to these people in the age of trump. >> well too, pick up on what charley just said. george bush's tax cut was law by the last day of may. >> exactly. >> donald trump's tax cut doesn't exist. we can't even begin to discuss it. some of us for it, against it, if we knew what it was. it doesn't exist. >> and bill clinton's tax increase had to be done by memorial day. you have this very short runway to get these things done. they got it done right at the beginning of the summer so they could move on beyond it. and they've -- trump's got these dreams of tax cutting, inf infrastructu infrastructure, building walls he can't pay for. >> there are no plans. there is no tax plan. there are not selling anything. the president is not out there as the salesman and chief. there are not presidential addresses about tax reform, on
8:00 pm
health care. so there's pretty much a lot of nothing. >> he said something very angry the other day about canadian dairy cows and we're going to have you speak for canada next time we have time to do that. charl aey sykes gets the last word. where an aircraft carrier is headed in response to north korea. with so many distractions around the world, what ever happened to the russia investigation at home? there's been a new development tonight. and a seismic shift in cable news as fox news parts ways with its number one star. "the 11th hour" begins now.


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