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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 20, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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period of time and someone has to deal with it later. we don't see that that is a prudent way to deal with iran, certainly not in the context of their other disruptive activities. >> we're going to speak up and we're going to act against their lawlessness. >> no longer a factor. even bill o'riley -- >> an end of an era here. bill o'riley is it leaving this network and this chair after over 20 years. and an oil deal with russia. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. iran is now being called a
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global security threat. while suggesting they may put north korea back on a path of terror. nbc kristin welker at the white house right now. he is most likely going to be ask about this line against iran as secretary tillerson is saying that iran is complying with this nuclear deal. they're not cheating. >> that's right the question for the president today, is he going to in fact move to rip up, as he put it, the iran nuclear deal. this is something that he vowed to do as a candidate. it is also somebody he talked about doing as a president. as you know, the united states is not the only country involved in this deal. it's not as simple as just pulling out, and it would raise serious questions about the united states level of commitment to these types of international agreements.
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having said that, the talk, as you point out and you were there yesterday for seccer tear tillerson was skwas tough sayin they're tough in their viewing of iran. the administration argues that b iran is not doing enough to scale back and break down their nuclear program. they say the country is still moving in that direction, but if you pull out of this deal, you're allowing them to have a green light to move forward. so a lot of debate about this on both sides, and this will be at the forefront when they hold a news conference here with the prime men stir of italy later on today. >> they suggest the they may put
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them back on the state sponsor terror list. they were taken off of the list in 2008 when they thought that north korea was coming back into the league of nations. >> this is them flexioning their muscles. we have seen the recent provocations including last weekend's failed attempt to launch a missile test. of course the big question there when it comes to north korea, would president trump move forward some type of preevenimp strike. with some hope that they have gotten tougher, but that there is a lot of space for room.
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he has been peppers with questions about this in the past, and he continues to insist that he is not going to tip his hand and show his strategy. >> certainly has enough crisis over seas and on his plate. joining me now. michael, great to see you, one of the issues that is being raised by secretary tillerson is that iran is a state sponsor of terror. it is very little -- the issue is was it appropriate for the obama administration and fei other world powers plus the eu to negotiate this deal arguing in a at least they would be able to contain, for a deck tad, the nuclear program, and then deal with the other issues hoping
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that as sanctions are lifted and iran does economic deals they can be reintegrated into the world? >> we know that eastern is doing all of these bad things, it was the lit any that i think were kwielt accurate and relatively objectionab objectionable. we would rather have them be bad without nukes than with nukes. the plan was that you're pushing this stuff aside and it is null to our relationship with iran. and they all view iran as not just a regional, but a global challenge to their power. i think he is right to list all of this out. how can we affect ryan in a way to drive them away from those
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things while keeping their nuclear program at bay. >> and there is one common thread that links this to another big issue, and that is oil. that is, competitive with saudi arabia and that takes us to exxon mobile. whether or not once lead by rex tillerson should get a waiver to get back into business with russia, sanctioned by the u.s., and europe because of the invasion of ukraine. >> we have them on the iran front -- let's be clear. they would be pap lar with u.s. exporters. it's not clear where the test
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ti -- domestic exports will go. i think more centrally, if we're serious about trying to pressure russia, and the bad behavior, if we want to do that, then clearly oild is a key area where sanctions have to stick. it is a petro economy. i think regardless of the optics, keeping up economic pressure on russia, this should be a very, very tough sell to the administration as long as we want to stay tough on russia. >> and as rex dillerson sa tille is rescueses himself for anything to do with the oil deal in russia, but the state department does weigh in and he
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is the top diplomat. >> i'm more defensive of the secretary on this one. i think the secretary's views on how american business involvement and countries can help shape their behavior, potentially russia, that is a good perspective to have. i don't see him -- he will rescues himself, he will do it and the state department will look at that. there are pretty trikt headlines about how these things are analyzed. they mentioned taking north korea out of the state sponsored terrorism. there is a lott of issues that we're looking at and what we looked at were the facts about terrorism. had they done it, and i think the state department can do the same thing with the exxon request. i think it is a matter of policy, probably not a great
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path to go down now. >> are they testing the administration when we have had two incidents where russian jets have gone very close to the alaska coastline, and at one time fighter jets were authorized to intercept. >> it's not completely new, it is knew because it is being covered, but there have been a series of provocative russian approaching towards u.s. navy ships, the baltics, aircrafts and various places and this is continuing that. i think it is likely that russia did take pause in doing that with hope that there would be an exacerbation of the obama era problems. i think those gloves are off. russia now sees the shift that started with the air strike in syria and the likelihood of a warning between the u.s. and
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russia -- i think it is a reversion back to what they were doing before and we're going to see this in the air and the sea, and not quite cold war era activity in this way, but it is dollar -- the possibility of collusion by some prump trump associations? >> i think putin is not particularly worried. is amazing how much that is already on the back burner. and t is real, problematic, and where the national security group has to focus. ir think putin knows exactly what he has been doing. it is part of the strategy to undermine democratic elements. and whether or not there is a -- what he wants is a greater russia with more authority, more
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freedom to operate, and u.s. authorities. >>. >> i don't think there is any doubt in our mines. this is what putin has done in many ways in many places using cyb cyber and noncyberer. we have to figure out if there was collaboration. we have to focus on u.s. interests and that is where we should keep our eye on the ball. >> thank you, coming up, the o riley factor. the fox news star fired after a conversation started about sexual harassment. how to win at business.
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foox news -- position news is cutting ties with bill o'riley. fox news is signaling a new era after they part ways after a series of sexual harassment
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claims and millions of dollars in bayopay outs. his stunning oust has reopened the debate about sexual harassment in the workplace. welcome all, it's so good to see you. fist to you, latisha james, you're still continuing the investigation into what is going on. headquartered in new york. tell me what you see as the bigger issue here. is it one company or is this a larger question for all of our workplaces. >> there appears to be systematic sexism and racism in fox news and there needs to be a full and complete investigation from top to bottom. we need a process upon which fox
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news is, has a zero tolerance policy for actualsexual harassm. it says a lot when they would continue to devalue and debase women. and more and more women are coming out and it appears this is a pervasive problem in fox news. as a public advocate, a trustee on the largest pension in this country. i asked that fcc see if they filed false reports and why they failed to investigate the amounts of incomes thmoney that considered incomes. and the additional hush money they issued to women that were sexually harassed.
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it is sad commentary about the corporation and their leaders. i'm so gad that women and individuals of consciousness rose up, closed our pocketbooks, and it spoke volumes. and the fact that he is visiting italy and trying to seek repentance before the pope, is too late. we're glad he is on a permanent vacation but it cannot stop here. >> we first covered the anita hill and clarence thomas, what are the legal aspects for this, and the cultural aspects. >> if you look at 1991 versus now, in some ways it is a very different world. in most workplaces this kind of
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behavior is not tolerated. most people are much more aware. bosses are more aware. employees are more aware of what is and what is not appropriate to do in the workplace. we all have actualneed sexual h training. i think it exposes a few more problematic things. there are workplaces where especially those in power, there is more tolerance for them than there is for people in lesser amounts of power. and also the real restrictions, both legal and cultural on women coming forward. you're still, if you go to a lawyer with a sexual harassment claim, they'll say "are you really ready for this?" if will cause you problems going forward in your profession and you need to be braced for that. you need an agreement that is subject to arbitration and keep
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it quiet. the settlement agreement may require you to keep it quiet. all of that conspires in a way to keep these issues from becoming public and from further educating us as the anita hill hearings did long ago now, and as this o'reilly episode has in the last year now. >> what we're being told now is that the agreement, the golden parachute, is that he will get no more than one year's salary, up wards of $20 million. >> i spoke to someone with knowledge of his contract today, andrea, and this person told me that bill o'reilly just signed a four-year deal for $25 million a year. under the terms of that contract that he will get what is
9:21 am
described as a large portion of that contract, which in total was $100 million, as he leaves the network. i asked if he would get more than roger ailes got, and roger ailes walked away with $40 million. the person that i spoke to said this person was not sure of that. there was reports earlier in the day that he would walk away with $60 million. then i was told that was way over the mark. now i'm told a years salary, and i'm being told with someone with direct knowledge of his contract that that annual salary was $25 million. >> latisha james, is that ruth? >> i just wanted to say one thing here, if i'm not mistaken this contract was negotiated after the ailes episode, and
9:22 am
also after fox was on notice that the "new york times" was investigating these things. they knew they had a potential problem on their hands and if there was a parachute in there, shame on fox for agreeing to that. >> i asked about that because in the new york time reporting, there was outs if you will for fox if the actually harassment alleg allegations came up again. the contract was not special about actually harassment, but rather the contract mentioned controversy in general. and soy, it appears that foxz did know that when they signed him there hads been two other claims and this new york times story was in the works and that raises the whole question about what fox said after roger ailes was dismissed. they were intent on creating a
9:23 am
corporate culture that respected women, and you sign a man who you know has a history of sexual harassment claims against him. >> and litisha james, i want your view on this. after roger ailes was fired for these kinds of issues, can there was no general clean up, no address -- they brought in a law firm when the new york times first starts investigating. weren't they under a moral and legal obligation to be more explicit about these payouts. >> let me just say a couple things, most have clauses that allow your base contract when there is a departure. most include these provisions
9:24 am
that allow you to have a golden parachu parachute. and the contracts ban you about talking about your contracts. and as someone represents shareholders in new york, we have a responsibility, a fiduciary responsibility to make sure that they disclose any information about settlements and income. lastly, let me just say right after roger ailes, there was a woman fired from fox news who was allegedly involved in krashl discrimination. there appears to be a hostile environment in foxx news which allows individuals of color to
9:25 am
be subjected to racial discrimination, and bill o'reilly, the ultimate predator was allowed to devalue and debase william because they butt the bottom line it is a sad congressmenation about fox news. >> how far have we come, if you're a woman with not the power or the celeb ri with an anchor like him. what recourse do you have? >> you a human resources department that should be but is not always responsive to your complaints. that will hear your complaints, look into the facts, will council the salesperson behaving
9:26 am
in an inappropriate way, allows the things to be resolved in an appropriate way. it opens you up to sort of all sorts of reputational questions and continuing questions about further jobs, finding all of this out, but that is an ideal world. it works that way in some places. it works better now than i think it did 20 or 25 years ago, but there are still a lot of places especially where you have high performing people on wall street, silicon valley, hollywood, or television or any place, where they will be treated in a different way and you're really risking yourt coming forward to hr or taking
9:27 am
the extreme step of filing a suit. we need to have these laws. people should come forward and assert their rights, but it is also a risk and that's just reality. >> thank you all, thank you so much for joining us today. and bill o'reilly's ousting especially for stephen colbert. >> we, at the late show, are proud to issue a statement from bill o'reilly's biggest fan, stephen colbert. >> you failed bill o'reilly. what, suddenly sex ual harassmet is a crime? that is the country we live in
9:28 am
now, baobama's trump's america. when i first saw bill on tv, i knew in my heart that no one could possibly sus stain such a broad character for that long. bill, i invite you to come live in the mountain cabin with me and jon stewart. it's fun, you'll like it. stay strong, papa bear. oh, god, is this really happening? >> conservative pundant steven colbert making a brief come back. [ thomson ] imagine what you wear every day
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rex tillerson was a lifer at exxon mobile rising to become a powerful ceo. now he is navigating a tense relationship with russia. his former company wants permission for a major oil deal sanctions by the obama administration after russian backed forced occupied crimcrimn
9:33 am
2014. joining us is david cones, as secretary of treasury, you were involved in the ukraine sanctions. you were in charge, in fact. why should treasury now give a waiver to exxonmobile to start doing business. >> they shouldn't, the sanctions were put in place because of the russian military intervention. the very idea, like all of our sanctions program, is to change the behavior of the target of the sanctions. we should provide sanctions relief and make no mistake, giving this waiver to exxonmobile, we should crank that sanctions relief only when
9:34 am
the behavior of the russians change. only when they release their grip on crimea. >> the key here is that putin should. >> you have seen it repeatedly over the last several months. they're looking for sanctions release and in familiar for this kind of sanctions relief that will allow them to explore in the arctic. they need, they need particular exx exxonmobile technology. and they're looking for the sanctions relief, the waiver request, if granted, will be a boom. >> they would have to justify it
9:35 am
despite the fact that the russian back forces are so very actively involved. >> exactly. we have seen in recent weeks a uptick in violence. it eps and flows, but they're still supporting the separatists there. i don't think there is any justification for this. there is some disparity between the russian and the eu sanctions, but by and large they are aligned, and even to the extent that exxonmobile is disadvantaged to european competitors, the answer ought to be the same thing that the administration did with nato, to lean on the eu to tighten sanctions, to come on board, and to insist that russia get out of
9:36 am
eastern ukraine. insist they leave crimea, and not to dismantle the sanctions program. >> john mccain's tweet was to the point. he tweeted "are they crazy" over all of this. the secretary of state is rescuesing himself. and it is up to the treasury. would there be an informal "what do you think many. >> i think if the recusal is respected he should have no impact, but the decision to grant or not grant this decision should be made by the treasury department. treasury seeks what is called foreign policy guidance, and there is a regular process. people in the state department that work for rex tillerson are providing input and making this decision. >> of course there are no people
9:37 am
because they don't have any deputys or -- >> all of the career staff there, and these decisions are often, you know, at least the initial decisions. it would be up to them, but those in the accounting roles will be consults. >> president trump is facing off one again that the judge he slammed for bias because of mix medical examiner kal heritage in the trump university case. this is andrea mitchell reports. . in body, in spirit, in the now. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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president trump will once again face off with a judge he accused of being biensed because -- biassed because of his mexican heritage. i have been treating very unfairly. >> in a random selection process, he was chosen to oversee an immigration case involving a so-called dreamer. explaining why he was recently desported. so it just happens, it's
9:42 am
complete coincidence that he is on this case, but it is an important case. >> yeah, it is complete coincidence. the original comments over the summer were as house speaker paul ryan called them the textbook definition of racism. now it seems when every time this happens, we have to go revisit this context, and there will be people who take cues from what the president said and wonder if he is bieassed becaus of mexican heritage. a judge can be a judge and impartial regardless of where his parents are from, he was born in indiana, this is the controversy of the summer.
9:43 am
>> this is just another example of the fallout over the campaign that we're now dealing with, watching on foreign and december tick policy. >> yes, this case was randomly assigned to the judge and it is certainly ironic. having said that he handles cases across the u.s. government, they don't see any issue with him overseeing this particular case and what we know is that he has a history questions of judicial branch not just because of his qualifications. so we can fully expect that he might try to raise this as a bias against him. they have a conspiracy and
9:44 am
trying to undermind that judge or ruling. >> we heard a number of high profile resignations and departures. the latest is jason chaffetz may not even out this term. yesterday when the happened, the con jengs that wisconsin is that he want the to get out of washington. that was bolstered by domain name purchases from a committee associated with him. that was the conventional business done, but he didn't have to step down. this comment from him today on a radio station that he may consider leaving before his team is up suggests something entirely different. main they that the climate in dc
9:45 am
is toxic and you don't want to be part of it at all. he holds a very powerful position as chair of the oversight committee. he is a hawaiiing star on the hill if is curious that he is potentially jumping ship before his firm is up. >> we have seen that and in town hall meeting after town hall meeting, they are facing push back. the atmosphere is so energized out there. we saw that in california, but the republicans are being more targeted. >> when they go home to face constituents, and utah is a red leaning state it is a place where president trump has been more popular. and he is one of the first house
9:46 am
republicans, amid the access ollywood tape release, tried to weigh is support, and he is talking about the political ramifications as a top republican on capitol hill. >> thank you for being with us. >> and a news conference this afternoon, president trump's next target. how will he echo the tough talk about iran at his press conference, that is next on " "andrea mitchell reports". in is time for for the why the your business" entrepreneur of the week. she started makeup geek, and does $20 million in sales every
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even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. and we'll hear from president trump this afternoon at a press conference with the italian prime minister. this is the administration takes a hard line on iran and north korea. joining me now for a preview, msnbc political analyst and "time" magazine contributor elise jordan and jeremy bash, nbc news national security analyst and former chief of staff to leon panetta. thanks both to you. elise, what do we expect from the president? you've already heard rex tillerson really dialing it up on iran. this is going to be ant opportunity to ask him whether or not he wants to rip up that iran deal and the implications
9:51 am
of that with the iranian election next month it's profound. >> the same just a day after the state department certifies that iran is complying with the nuclear deal, secretary tillerson, you know, makes clear that he doesn't plan on passing the buck regarding iran to the next administration, and this comes in the aftermath of secretary tillerson participating in a business summit with the saudis this week and secretary mattis also dropping down in riyadh. so looking at how the administration is, you know, looking to revitalize their ties at saudi arabia over a time of still continuing debate over whether or not the trump administration does, in fact, want to continue with this agreement. >> at the same time rex tillerson, jeremy, criticizing iran for its support of assad. but silent on the subject of russia and their support for assad. the whole question of russia, which is also wrapped up, of course, in the investigation
9:52 am
into the russian hacking, what do we know now about how that all got started? >> we know a couple things. first of all we now have seen reporting that the fbi has had a foreign intelligence surveillance act warrant up on carter page, the trump foreign policy adviser who traveled to moscow and then advised the trump campaign. second we have seen reporting that fbi and justice department based their application to the fisa court in part on two things, one carter paige's travel to moscow while he was a campaign adviser and second and more interestingly on the dossier compiled by chris steel, the former mi 6 operative. that to me suggests the justice department and federal judge found there was probable cause to believe aspects of that dossier was accurate and opens the aperture into what the investigation will show. >> which could be explosive because the dossier was filled with all sort of unproved
9:53 am
accusations. >> there were numerous things and some things we know to be accurate like the fact that russia tried to effect the election in 2016, there was also an interesting report from reuters also featured on msnbc last night, about the basis for that consensus view of the intelligence community on the russia assessment, basically saying that putin ordered an internal think tank to develop a program to undermine confidence in the american election system to undercut trump's opposition, also to throw around this idea of fake news and to inject the concept of voter fraud. that is a russian propaganda element that was ordered by the kremlin. it's interesting to hear and disturbing to hear the president himself now echoing those points. >> echoing it on twitter, echoing it at news conferences. elise, the white house announced that they are going to go to the -- the president will go to the philippines where due warranty, enrico duterte this
9:54 am
leader has been saying outrageous things, cracking down on his people, telling obama go to hell and telling him this is a quote from this leader "the son of a whore." most likely president obama would not accept an invitation from duterte, why would president trump? >> i think it's a difficult time given that president trump has pulled out of the transpacific partnership and upset a lot of our asian allies and needs to provide some kind of reassurance he is engaged in the region. so the fact that it is in the philippines is unfortunate but at same time i do think that president trump needs to be reassuring our asian allies that we do want to still continue our strong trade ties. >> what about to both of you, the mixed messages or the confusing signals with the whole where is the "uss carl vinson" and the confusion over that. first jeremy, you used to be the chief of staff at the pentagon.
9:55 am
>> the "vinson" was 3500 miles away when he said an armada was headed there, it's like saying a ship off san diego was headed to new york. if it went across the globe it's, quote, headed to new york. it was inaccurate. i don't blame the pentagon, i don't blame secretary mattis, i think the larger point is the "vinson" was going to be headed towards north korea but an important point because the purpose of deterrence is to change the calculus on the part of the north koreans. if it turns out that our force posture undergirts that deterrence isn't there that can weaken our deterrence and make our objectives less likely to succeed. >> jeremy bash and elise jordan, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. >> and coming up, it's love all for serena williams. how she has wowed us this time next on "andrea mitchell reports."
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super woman. we know her latest dominant performance not dropping a single set to win the australian open in january was done while she was nearly two months pregnant. williams shared this image on snapchat yesterday and her spokeswoman confirms the 35-year-old tennis star is expecting her first child this fall. and plans to return to the court in 2018. congratulations. we are thrilled. and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports" follow the show on-line
10:00 am
at facebook and twitter @mitchellreports. craig melvin is up next. >> good to see you. good thursday afternoon. craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york. some of the top stories we're following this hour on a thursday the republican health care bill, it was on life support. word, though, a short time ago, that congress a.m. leaders and the white house say they are close to having an obamacare replacement ready for a vote perhaps as early as next week. also, mixed signals, the trump administration taking hardlines on iran and north korea, but are their words actually matching their actions and is everyone in the administration in lockstep on foreign policy? fox fallout, bill o'reilly pushed out at fox news as concern grows there may be more women. details this afternoon on that and his golden parachute. a really golden parachute. but we start with president trump's mixed signals at home


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