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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 22, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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happening on sunday. and the continued legal wrangling around the arkansas execution scheduled, a back-to-back execution scheduled for monday night. this is the start of the weekend, but there's going to be a lot of things happening this weekend. no sleem for the wicked. msnbc live is next. good morning, everyone. i'm dara it's 7:00 a.m. in the east and 4:00 a.m. out west.. here is what's happening. moving toward 100, president trump hinting at big dhix to come in the next week, but dismissing that traditional water mark. caught on tape, the moments of terror in the heart of paris. new information on the attack and the man behind it. the teacher/student saga that ended in a northern california cabin. new details on how he alluded capture for so long. and the march for science,
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tens of thousands expecting to rally about climate change .this administration's approach to environmental protection. but we begin on capitol hill. a potential government shutdown awaits lawmakers when they return monday. house republicans are looking to make another run at health care. they'll hold a conference call today likely to focus on changes to the obamacare replacement bill and the spending bill. meanwhile, president trump this morning ramping up one of his america first promises days after signing the so-called buy american hire american executive order. >> whether it's removing job killing regulations, protecting our borders or unleashing american energy, we are keeping our promises and delivering for the american worker. no longer will the concerns of these hard working americans go unanswered. but making government answer to our citizens, we are removing the limits on our future and setting free the dreams of our people.
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>> also new reaction from president trump on the eve of the presidential election in france. telling the associated press that thursday's terrorist attack in paris will probably help far right candidate marine le pen win because she is the candidate who is, the quote, strongest on borders, but president trump stopped short of a formal endorsement. also today, a new warning for the trump administration for north korea. vice president mike pence is in korea where he made these remarks this morning. >> the president and i have great confidence that china will properly deal with korea. but as president trump made clear just a few short days ago, if china is unable to deal with north korea, the united states and our alleys will. >> let's go to nbc's sara james in melbourne with more on the vice president in australia. good morning to you. there was a lot of tough talk on north korea today during these
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meetings. what else did the vice president say? >> what he had to say is that the era of strategic patience is over. reiterating, of course, what the trump administration has had to say. he held a news conference wit malcolm turnbull and he said again all options are on the table. australia is in lock step with the united states. this nation has fought alongside the united states in every battle, in every field in the world since world war i. and the vice president also said that the "uss carl vinson," that aircraft carrier, is en route and will be in the area of the korean peninsula within the next few days. the vice president saying that it is important to the united states that the north korean peninsula be a nuclear free zone. one other thing to note is that about 1250 marines from camp pendleton is in the north of this country training alongside australian soldieres and they're obviously part of the mix, as
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well. >> sara, the refugee agreement made by the obama administration came up during his talks with the australian prime minister. what was the vice president's response? >> well, that was an interesting one because, of course, everyone here in australia was waiting for that answer, that january 28th phone call made a lot of headlines here. the u.s. president dressing down the australian prime minister calling it a dumb deal that was set up by his predecessor, president obama. so he said the u.s.-australian alliance was so important, the deal will go ahead. >> reporting live from australia for us, sara, thanks so much. meanwhile, president trump approaching 100 days and dismissing that as a marker to gauge achievement. >> you're going to do health care and tax reform? >> we'll see what happens. no particular rush, but we'll see what happens. but health care is coming along way. you're going to get health care next week?
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>> 100 days? >> it doesn't matter if it's next week. next week doesn't matter. >> joining me now, great to have you both here. the president also teted n matter how much i accomplish during this ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, and it has been a lot, including s.c., meaning the supreme court, that media will kill it. jeff greenfield wrote, quote, it's a massive media exercise in premature evaluation. so, jane with, what is your sense here? >> the first hundred days only matters for how much it sets the tone for the rest of the administration. if it ends up being a total flip, it doesn't matter. if it sets a tone for the administration, setting a tone for how he works with congress, setting the tone for how he stays on target with policy, i think this will be a big one as we've seen the president struggle to get his goals done. he said we can do health care and then he said wow, it's more complicated than i expected and then it falls apart on the floor
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at the hands of his own party. i think this hundred days is going to mean a lot. if he can start getting the the legislative goals done, yoj it will matter as much. >> well, he talked about the 100 days and the white house setting a little bit of a victory for this 100 days. congress returns on monday. what do you think that's going to -- how that's going to affect the administration getting anything through, maybe tax cuts. what they going to do? >> i think any 100 days have ever felt as long as these past ones. i think the administration wants to show some accomplishments while saying don't measure us just by this first hundred days. i think what the president is trying to do is put forward something that republicans can agree on just to show the bub that even though his party control tess congress, they've gotten something done. as you said with health care, just because they all are in the same party doesn't mean they all agree. and democrats are more than happy to step back and see the republican party implode from within. >> and azi, yesterday the justice department set out
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another warning about these sanctuary cities and one in particular was new york saying they were soft on crime. how is this going to affect things if they withhold the general justice grants? it's only $9 million out of the $80 million that they get. >> that was a head scratching moment. every indicator in new york city that crime is going down. and for jeff sessions and the trump white house to try to pick a fight with new york city on a topic where the numbers are clearly not on their side and there's no evidence to support anything of what they have said was bizarre. and then this is also coming at bill de blasio, the mayor, is running for re-election. this is a fight that he wants to have, that makes it easier for him to turn around to democrats and new yorkers to say look what i'm up against, come around to support me. >> and president obama seems to be making a comeback now. let's listen in to part of the phone call he had with emmanuel macon, a candidate in frae. >> the main message i had was to
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wish you all the best in the coming days. and make sure that, as you said, you work hard all the way through. because you never know, it might be that last day of campaigning that -- >> yeah, do i agree. >> -- makes all the difference. >> and yesterday, president trump tweeted about le pen, so what are we going to expect here with president obama, former president obama coming back into the spotlight? >> we have a bit of a proxy fight we have here in the french election. and i think at the end of the hundred days, it's a self-imposed vacation that president obama took. i think we'll see him start to come out as a spokesperson for the other side, hillary clinton coming out, it's always going to seem like a sore loser situation here. the president is the youngest living former president that we've ever had and i think he's not going anywhere. he's going keep pushing the issues he cares about and i think we're going to see him as a strong voice. he's also incredibly popular at a time when the sitting president is not very popular. president trump has historic low kafrgs.
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since gallop has been doing the poll, this is the lowest approval rating for the president whereas president obama went out looking pretty good. >> well, that hundred days certainly is a marker in many different scenarios here. what about the second hundred days? azi, what do you think? >> i agree with jane i think we're going to see obama come out sort of as a voice for people that want more direction. i think bernie sanders threw a curveball to some people when he was appearing with the new dnc chairman, hillary clinton when she comes out. people see her, they think about 2016 and not about 2018 or 2020. i think obama coming out is going to be a way for one of the parties' best known spokes people, particularly of a vision is going to be able to come out and accept more unifying framework for the next generations of the vote. >> and legislating may have been tough when you're president obama, but he can give a speech and this is an opportunity that's going give some speeches. >> interesting days ahead, jane, azi, thank you so much for being here this morning. great to have you here. now to the fallout from that
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terror attack in paris where new video and new questions about the political impact it could have there. and here. nbc's richard engle now joining us from the french capital. >> good morning. the attack that took place here on thursday night has once again put terrorism at the top of the agenda. just hours before polls open in this country for a critical presidential election. security forces are concerned that there could be more violence. there is a state of emergency in place in this country and security forces nationwide are now on high alert. >> set polling sfagzs campaigning is now officially over. with just hours to go before the first round of the most pivotal election for recent french history. hanging in the balance is not the history of france, the candidates couldn't be more
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different. emmanuel macon, he says he wants to make france more dynamic and not radically change sides. and marine le pen from the far right, she wants out of the eu. a critical american partner and could set international currencies into a tailspin. >> the idea that stands for an open society and that it is one of the leaders of liberal democracy in the world. terrorist attacks france's deployment, thousand police and soldiers. police gathered last night to mourn a fellow officer.
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a 37-year-old shot thursday by a fellow frenchman identified by police as a career criminal who police say declared his support for isis in a note found with his body. the president tweet today attack will have a big effect on the election and will benefit le pen because she is, quote, sfrongest on immigration. le pen is trying to capitalize on the attack saying her brand of anti-immigration and racist nationalism will make france great again. the presidential elections here take place in two stages. the first vote on sunday, the next two weeks after that. dara, back to you. >> richard engle reporting from paris, thank you, richard. the first hundred days, a former key member of president obama's cabinet grades president
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everything computes.
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back to washington now where president trump is gearing up for an important milestone marking his first 100 days in office. let's bring in nbc's kelly o'donnell. good morning to you. how is the white house framing this occasion? >> well, good morning, dara. they are both drawing attention to the 1 4u7b days mark and at the same time trying to down play its significance. it is an arbitrary date. it doesn't carry any particular importance except for the bit of history. it's one way to look at how has a new presidency begun. for president trump who likes to talk about winning, there is a real push going on here to
4:17 am
identify tangible victories it can associate with this 100 day mark. but at the same time, we've seen, there has been no typical honeymoon for president trump with easy legislative victories to start off his presidency. >> rarely does the president simply walk to an event with no motorcade. but his first visit to the treasury department next door to the white house made that easy. while there, the president teed up an unexpected new headlines for next week. >> we'll be having a big announcement on wednesday having to do with tax reform. >> the president described his tax cut proposal in an interview with the associated press as bigger, i believe, than any tax cut ever. the president's plate is full, closing in on the 100 day mark next saturday. with no legislative achievements yet, the white house is reviving an effort to repeal obamacare when congress return these week. >> it's going to be great.. it will happen. >> you're going to do health care and tax --
4:18 am
>> we'll see what happens. no particular rush, but we'll see what happens. >> white house sources acknowledge that a second attempt at repeal is still a tall order, given lingering differences among house republicans, the president brushed off expectations about meeting the symbolic 100 day deadline. >> it doesn't matter if it's next week. next week doesn't matter. >> but the calendar does count to avoid a government shutdown. the trump team is negotiating a sweeping spending package that would beef up defense .fund a border wall. despite the president's tough stand on immigration, he told the associated press that undocumented minors, known as dreamers who fear deportation can rest easy. he says his administration is not after the dreamers, we are after the criminals. after a tour of the border near el paso, attorney general jeff sessions answered critics who called him dismissive when he referred to the hawaii based federal judge who blocked the immigration travel ban as being from an island in the pacific.
4:19 am
>> i wasn't diminishing the judge or the island of hawaii, that beautiful place. give me a break. i was just making the point, there's a very real, one judge out of 700 has stopped the president of the united states from doing what he believes is necessary. >> and so what we expect coming up this week is a flurry of activity where the white house will talk about promises kept by the president. many of those through executive actions or proposals the president wants to see go forward. still needing congress's help and it will be difficult to try to do more than one thing in the upcoming week for congress just because of the scope of what we're talking about. attempting another repeal, getting a funding package to keep the government open. those are big ticket items that are critical for the trump presidency and he'll need a partner in congress. and we've seen how that hasn't always been so easy in the early days of this trump administration. dara. >> kelly, you're certainly face ago busy week ahead.
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a 15-year-old girl is back home, safe with her family this morning after being kidnapped by her former teacher for a month. the family of elizabeth thomas says they are thankful the ordeal is over. the teenager was found in a rural cabin thursday. with her was her 50-year-old middle school teacher tad cummins. mya, good morning to you. what charges does the teacher face now? >> well, at this point, he is in federal custody. he will have an arrangement on monday. for now, though, elizabeth thomas is here in tennessee, back home safe with her family. they say she's being treated for the emotional distress she went through during her nearly six weeks on the run. in the meantime, we're learning
4:24 am
more about her dramatic rescue and her alleged captor's state of mind. tactical teams arrived in the early morning hours and waited until tad cummins walked outside to make the arrest. >> he was laughing, he was i'm going to be very cooperative with you, whatever you guys need, i'm here to help you. he pulled me aside at one point and made a statement that he was glad this was all over. >> 15-year-old elizabeth thomas found safe. >> police recovering two loaded handguns and maps from a suspect on the run 39 days. >> someone showed me a picture..i was telling them, i was like, that's the guy. >> the cabin caretaker, griffin berry made the call to police. >> they said they were from colorado and he said he had a house fire. >> with cummins facing several federal charges including kidnapping and taking a minor
4:25 am
across state lines to have sex, thomas's parents are grateful. >> i'm just so overjoyed to have her home, that she's safe. >> as investigators build their case, they say the toorch groomed and manipulated the student. new court documents contend before the pair vanished, cummins left his wife a note saying he left to, quote, clear his head. he filled a prescription for cialis and took out a loan for $4,500. caught on surveillance at walmart two days after the alleged kidnapping, police say they stayed at cheap motels with one bed. today, elizabeth thomas is back in tennessee. her family says she is comfortable and resting, but as suffered severe emotional trauma. >> she has to go back home and face the reality of school, family, friends, it's probably going be difficult for her. >> now tad cummins, again, remains in federal custody. he is set to be arraigned on monday. dara, that's when we expect to
4:26 am
learn more about these particular charges he might be facing. >> mya rodriguez, thank you so much and it's such good news that she's back home safe. thank you, maya. once again saying all options are on the table when it comes to north korea. what vice president mike pence said in australia this morning that is key to solving tensions on the korean peninsula. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me,
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this is humira at work.
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welcome back. approaching the half hour, here is what we're monitoring. happening now, severe weather across the country. heavy rain flooded parts of oklahoma and texas. the system now moving east today with threats of damaging winds and possible toronto tornados in the deep south and tennessee valley. in florida, thousands of homes have been evacuated as more than 90 separate wildfires are burning. this is video from two fires raging in pulk county. that's between tampa and orlando. officials say some structures are already burned. we turn now to the latest
4:30 am
threats from north korea and a new warning from the trump administration. here is vice president mike pence in sydney, australia, at a joint press conference praising china for its efforts to pressure north korea. >> they've already taken steps which we greatly welcome. intervening in coal shipments and entintervening in commercia travel. but we believe china can do more. we're incuraged by the steps that china has taken thus far. that being said, we also wanted to make it clear that all options are on the table. >> nbc's kelly is in seoul, south korea. kelly, thanks for being here. how seriously is the u.s. taking these new slets by north korea? >> well, when it comes to north korea's words, their threats, the u.s. frankly has said they don't take them very seriously. the secretary of defense saying yesterday that north korea never really lives up to its word when
4:31 am
it comes to these threats, never really follows through. that said, there is a lot of concern surrounding this potentially sixth nuclear test that everybody is keeping their eyes on. the u.s. officials, in fact, telling nbc news that they're watching the nuclear test site. they saw no notable movement or signs of an imminent test this morning. but those same officials tell nbc news that north korea could conduct a nuclear test or a missile test, really, at any time with very little warning. they say that the north koreans may be using solid fueled missiles which makes it much more difficult to detect a missile test launch in advance. now, all of this comes amid a context of military exercises in south korea, south korea's military on alert as well. the "uss carl vinson" due to arrive in a couple of days, according to the vice president. and also some very interesting
4:32 am
video coming out of north korea today. pictures of drivers lining up at gas stations, waiting for fuel. there is some rationing, apparently, of fuel in north korea right now and some price spikes, as well. china is the main supplier of fuel to north korea, but it's not yet clear whether this is a result of china restricting supplies of gas to north korea. also today, yet another threat from north korea. the country promising a great war of justice if provoked. dara. >> kelly with an swrup date on north korea, thanks so much, kelly. turning now to the nation's capital where today is earth day and activists are gathering for the march for science. the one in washington is one of more than 600 marches being held throughout the country and the world. here in the u.s., the fight against proposed budget cuts by the trump administration.
4:33 am
joining me now is democratic congress theman bill foster. he is a scientist who serves on the house science base and technology committee as well as the financial services committee. welcome. congressman foster, what was the tipping point which led organizerses to put this march together? >> well, scientists have been getting more and more upset about politicians standing up and saying things that they know are not true. if you stand up -- if you're a scientist and you stand up and say something that you know is false, it is a career ending move. and more and more in politics, we're seeing people stand up and say things and actually not have their career hurt in any way. we're also seeing huge threats to the science enterprise by the proposed budget cuts of the trump administration. so both of those things have gotten scientists on high edge. >> congressman, what are the biggest truths that are being untold? and who is saying it? >> well, there ever k356r78s of
4:34 am
this that have been going on long before the trump administration took over. a recent example of this in congress is that the republicans september up a select committee to set up the rationale for defunding planned parenthood. and one of the statements they made in their report was that in a hundred years of research, fetal tissue has not resulted in any cures or any treatments for any diseases, which will come as a surprise for those who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis or hemophilia or other diseases whose research and cures have depend completely on fetal tissue research. >> and another question about the trump administration's budget cuts here. they're cut to go agencies like the epa and that's what's driving today's rch. what else are scientists like yourself trying to bring toengz to? >> it's not just the epa. i think the proposal is to cut the epa by 30%. the doa office of science is facing about a 20% cut, in large
4:35 am
part for green energy research. nasa earth science is being cut significantly and the national institute of health is facing an 18% cut in their budget proposal. and that is something where there is bipartisan outrage over that because, you know, it turns out that republicans as well as democrats get cancer. >> and along with these cuts to the epa and the other organizations, there are also jobs that are being cut, which is going to be an interesting way to see how they balance that out. i want to go to your op-ed piece because you wrote that march sg a scientist. are there any glimmers of hope that there will be a turning point by some of your colleagues who will take heed to the warnings by scientists? >> i think it's going to happen on an issue by issue basis. as i mentioned, i think the cuts to the national institute of health will not stand. we're just a golden age for biological research and what
4:36 am
this means is drug developed. we're going to be seeing miraculous cures for cancers that used to be a dealt sentence. so this is something known to members on both sides of the aisle. i think it's going to away tougher slog on things like climate change and -- because frankly, the fossil fuel industry has a big part of congress by the throat. >> and congressman, is there one issue that you in particular would like to hhlight that your constituents are very concerned about? >> well, if you think about the long-term budget situation in our country, which is very serious, the two big drivers of that, the single big driver of that is health care costs. and the two big drivers of that are diabetes and alzheimer's. almost everyone knows someone whose lives have been touched by one of those two diseases and they together are going account for more than half of all our health care spending by the time the boomers reach retirement age. and so if we can come up with a
4:37 am
low cost care for that through federally funded research, it will save really the long-term fiscal situation in our country and allow us to provide a dig phied retirement for all americans. >> definitely things to march for and to fight for. congressman, thank you so much for your time. i appreciate you taking the time to be with us this morning. >> thank you. look forward to it. the first 100 days, a former key members of president obama's cabinet grades president trump. you might be surprised by what he said. and next hour, new reaction from one of the key figures in the fbi's investigation into possible links between the trump administration and russia. what he's saying about another report on his alleged involvement.
4:38 am
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i think generally with regard to at least foreign affairs a up to this point, we he probably gets a b. with regards to domestic affairs, the failure of the affordable care act, a lot of
4:41 am
the inability to try to get things done within the congress, some of his executive orders that have run into barriers with the courts, i think he probably is getting a d. so at this point, i'd probably say a "c" is what this administration is entitled to. >> former defense secretary and clinton chief of staff leon panetta offering a not so great evaluation of president trump's first 100 days in office. the milestone is still a week away, but the president is already on the defensive tweeting, no mattew much i accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, and it has been a lot, media will kill. let's bring in rick tyler, nbc analyst and former national spokesman for ted cruz. joe watkins, aide to president george h.w. bush and zelina maxwell, great to have you three here this morning. >> good morning. >> thanks, dara. >> zelina, does he have a point
4:42 am
here, is this ridiculous or unfair to judge any president on the first 100 days in office? >> we've been doing this since fdr, so it's interesting that prp president trump now has a problem with it. he was so confident that we're going to win so much when he's president that we're going to get sick of winning. it turns out after just under a hundred days, it will be a hundred next saturday, he doesn't have any legislative accomplishments to point to to say look what we've done in the first hundred days. look how i kept all my promises. in fact, fact checks that looked at his promises, campaign promises are saying that he's actually broken five and many of them, 60 or so, he hasn't even begun working on. so he has a lot of work to do in terms of getting away from tweeting ridiculous things that distract us all from the real issues and actually get to go a legislative agenda. but that's always going to be trouble for him because he's a political novice and i think that's what you're seeing here in the first 100 days of the lack of real legislative
4:43 am
accomplishments. >> and we just heard leon panetta saying he got a "c" agreed between the "b" and the "d." do you agree with that grade? >> yeah, i think leon panetta is exactly right. it's nice to see america engage in the world. i think we need to do that. he also opened up the two pipelines, so energy policies have been very good, but as zirulina pointed out in legislative accomplishments, no, he hasn't gotten anything major done. >> joe, i want to ask you, the president's first 100 days could close with a government shutdown. so if congress can't agree on a budget by friday, how damaging is this going to be for him? >> well, that would hurt him, clearly, if that happened. if he had a government shutdown because they couldn't come to an agreement next week, that would really hurt him. . i think the government doesn't shut down. i think they won't have a budget deal, but clearly they'll probably extend the current continuing resolution. so i can they'll be okay. but he's got a lot of work to do. the presidency and running the
4:44 am
country is a lot harder than anybody can imagine. i think donald trump is finding that out. >> and how much scrambling is he going to have to do to make this happen. >> he's going to have to work hard, i think, to make sure that members of congress know what hesitate agenda is going forward. one of the smartest things that i heard this week in my meetings on capitol hill is he's looking to beef up his legislative team at the white house with democrats. that's actually a smart move. it's maybe a counterintuitive move, but it's a smart move because it gives him the possibility of being able to accomplish some things legislatively with help from democrats. >> and it looks like the hold up with the budget, with the proposed border wall, as joe was saying, if he can get the democrats on side because for that it would take eight democrats to get that funding to go through the senate. do you think it could happen? >> no, i don't think so. i think the problem right now for the trump administration is that the things that they want to do are very extreme. so there's very little room for compromising when you're coming to the table as a democrat. we're not going to dismantle our
4:45 am
signure piece ofegislation in terms of obama care. are knotting going to help you fund a border wall that will essentially create more debt along the american border and more chaos in that particular region of the country and damage and separate families, right, as democrats. we don't want to put the walls up in between families which is what this border wall would do, so we're not going to pay for it. plus he said mexico is going to pay for it. so, again, i think there is very little room for compromise when you're coming to the table with such an extreme position and democrats are -- there's just nothing to point to that we're going to agree with. >> let's turn to health care because house republicans are expected to release a new version of this health care bill and it could be as soon as today. rick, the last time they couldn't whip up enough votes to pass it. they had to pull it. that was embarrassing enough. so why try again? >> well, because trump wants a legislative accomplishment in
4:46 am
the first hundred days. i think that's what this is all about. unfortunately, i just don't see how they're going to move a bill, which is essentially the same. and they said it's essentially the same. it has some new things in it, new provisions that both the freedom caucus and the moderates like. that bill they produced had 17% public support. and until you can get public support over 50%, i think it's difficult to move major pieces of legislation. >> you just mentioned his public support here. do you think the president is being assessed fairley? >> well, i was -- >> 60 things couldn't be done. they're not done. how does he stand out? >> yeah. i was mentioning the public support for the health care reform bill, but you bring up a good point, and that is when presidents have large scale support and people find them trustworthy when they speak about, you know, their vision for the country and moving legislation, people will listen and they'll put pressure on the congress to pass it. that's really how large scale reform gets a pass. none of that is going on. i would say the -- i have to rate the communications coming out of the white house with the
4:47 am
american people is really almost a failure. that's why things are not getting done the. >> and, joe, what's your take on that? do you think he's being assessed fairley or do you think there were too many expectations? >> well, i agree with rick. and also with zirlena. i think leon panetta's judgment of him or grading of him is pretty fair. i think he's being assessed pretty fairley. it's hard to run the country. you've got to be careful about what you say and how you say it. i'm not sure that the tweet sg helping him. even trump supporters are saying they wish he would tweet a lot less and govern a lot more. so i'm agreesing with the assessment right now. i think this has been a tough first 100 days. he has some distance to travel. i think he can succeed in some of his things, but there are some measures like the border wall that is are going to be really, really hard if he ties it to his budget. >> let's talk about that being really difficult. you mentioned the 60 items that he hasn't done yet in a hundred days. do you think make it was too much?
4:48 am
is it difficult to do 60 items in a hundred days? are you holding him to a higher standard? >> no, i don't think so. i think we're going on what president trump said during the campaign which is we're going to win so much when i'm president that you're going to get sick of winning. we're waiting for the winning to start. what we've seen are plenty of distractions, information coming out about the campaign's ties to russia which hacked the hillary campaign, as you know, and tweeting. so there's been a lot to look out that distracts from the real issues. i don't think we're holding him to a higher standard. i think we're holdi him to the same standards that we have a presidents since fdr, including president obama and it turns out that talk trash on twitter about what president obama should be doing or is not doing is a lot easier than actual being president yourself. >> well, and as you mentioned, there are a lot of things said in the campaign that don't necessarily translate to once you get into office. so we're going to continue our conversations. stay with me because i want to get your thoughts on fox news
4:49 am
dropping bill o'reiley and whether it opens the door for a new voice to take over. we'll be right back. nosy neighbor with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad.
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as i was walking out the elevator, he said looking good there, girl. i keep saying plantation al because that is how it felt. i had all manner of men hit on me. i don't care. there's a way that it can be done where there's a very racialistic tone. >> that is a former worker at fox news and one of several accusing bill o'reilly of sexual harassment. o'reilly has agreed to leave the network. let's bring back the panel. rick tyler, joe watkins and zerlina maxwell. zerlina, let's talk about the o'reilly lawyer saying this is part of a quote smear campaign from the far left.
4:53 am
how do you respond to that and are they happy he is off the air ? >> of course we are happy. i think it is interesting that it is a left wing smear campaign when fox news paid out millions of dollars as a result of the allegatio allegations. i think there is a two-prong issue. one is the economic pressure that the public put on the advertisers to withdraw from o'reilly's program. that is what caused fox news to make the decision. the public pressure is there because i think we had made a lot of progress in terms of the cultural movement to essentially educate people about sexual harassment and sexual assault and unwanted advances and consent. donald trump did a lot to understand consent. he did not have it when he allegedly touched women without permission.
4:54 am
we have come a long way and fox news' decision was a big one. >> rick, what happens now? could we see a possible realignment of power? maybe someone behind somebody else? >> i don't think so. look, bill's opinion -- bill isn't really a conservative. he is a ckocontrarian. fox has redone the lineup. he attracted millions of viewers. i think stephanie ruhle has this right. i think this is more about the murdock sons running news corp and getting bill out of the way because they are trying to acquire skynews and they don't need the distraction. >> let's talk about that. there was a big gap in time. joe, were you surprised by how swiftly this seemed to have happened or possibly why it didn't happen earlier? >> well, these things take time,
4:55 am
of course. i think this is the decision that the murdock sons had to make. i agree with what rick is saying. they have other future acquisitions to consider. the good thing for fox is they are considering the fact we are in the 21st century. in a perfect world, you are supposed to treat people the way yont to be treated. you cannot turn a blind eye of sexual harassment. this move shows they are making an effort to do the right thing by human beings, by women. >> and zerlina, do you think o'reilly was given too much credit by influence by the left and right? >> i think he has a considerable amount of influence. that is true. the allegations were always circulating. these are not new allegations or we don't know about previous allegations which were on tape. in terms of o'reilly's influence, it is clear he has a
4:56 am
very large influence. his audience went up during the time of allegations back in the news. i don't think it was overplayed. i think as joe said we're in the 21st century. we have to treat everyone, no matter the gender, like they are full human beings deserving of equal rights. that is the mission of feminists like myself. i think we're just moving forward and progressing in a direction in which we will not treat women or anyone like they are not human any longer. >> dara, i think joe and i might agree the next conservative voice rise here on msnbc. >> that sounds good. rick, i want to ask you quickly. do you think this is less about the corporate environment and more about the fact that the advertisers left en masse? >> fox had a problem. it started with roger ailes on down. they didn't clean it up. they didn't fix it. they are going through a shakeup. clearly cost them money. it may cost viewers.
4:57 am
that remains to be seen. you know, it's processed out now. we will see what happens. again, this is my network. i'm loyal to this network. i don't want to criticize anybody's network. i hope conservative voices can rise on msnbc. >> time will tell. rick tyler, joe watkins and zerlina maxwell. thank you. that does it for this hour. i'm dara brown. thank you for watching. in the next hour, taking an interest in the french elections this weekend. we will play a phone call former president obama has with a potential candidate and what he tells him on how to win. thomas roberts is up next. flonase allergy relief delivers more complete relief. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause all your symptoms, including nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. flonase is an allergy nasal spray that works even beyond the nose.
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