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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 22, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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apparently, i kept her up all night. she said the future freaks her out. how come no one likes me, jim? intel does! just think of everything intel's doing right now with artificial intelligence. and pretty soon ai is going to help executives like her see trends to stay ahead of her competition. no more sleepless nights. - we're going to be friends! - i'm sorry about this. don't be embarrassed of me, jim. i'm getting excited about this! we know the future. we're going to be friends! because we're building it. i'm sheinelle jones in new york. high noon in the east. day 93 of the trump administration and earth day being marked in cities around the nation and across the globe today. tens of thousands in the nation's capital with a very pointed message. live reports ahead. and the president is down
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playing the 100 day benchmark, but at the same time makg a new promise. >> we'll beavin big announcement on wednesday having do with tax reform. >> jump-starting talk of tax cuts and another swing at a health care plant. what does he hope he gets accomplished by day 100. and new word today from one of the central figures in the fbi russia tampering investigation. what is the latest word from him. plus i'll talk with the man who put a scar in a deep red state district. democrat john off n ossoff on w he has chance to win and what bernie sanders said about him. we begin with hundreds of marches marking ertz darth day. their goal, to support scientific research and development. and the usz isn.s. isn't missin. we have reporters at the events in washington and new york. first let's go to the national mall in d.c. tell us what you're seeing and what activists are saying today.
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i see it's raining and it hasn't stopped the crowd. >> reporter: hi here in a very wet washington, but there are definitely thousands of people still here. and to give you a sense of the vibe here, ooifit's definitely celebration, a lot of people celebratiing science, tents wit astrophysics and chemistry lessons. but on the political end, we've heard mentions from the stage behind me about alternative facts obviously referencing kellyanne conway's note of alternative facts a few months ago. and of course the idea that the administration is defunding things like the national institutes of health, cdc, things like that that promote research and disease control, that is definitely front of mind here for a lot of the protest protesters. but i want you to give a listen to folks that i talked to, sandy and gene.
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take a listen to what they had to say this morning. >> science is the future for children. they love it, actually having taught fifth grade, that is the age when they are inspired to choose something to do in their futures. and science is so important at that age level. >> i grew up in the '60s and '70s and saw our environment and what was happening. and have seen the improvements and just wanted to be here to make sure that we can continue those improvements. >> reporter: so that is a little bit of the sense that you have here. people are out here for a love of science and because of what they are seeing in the trump administration. you can hear the crowd getting excited. i'll pitch it back to you. >> we'll continue to check in with you overs next couple hours. now to politics and new reaction from former trump adviser carter page. he appeared on cnn this morning to push back on the reporting that he was one of the advisers russian operatives tried to use to in-fill freight the trump
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campaign. >> nothing i was ever asked for do or no information that i was ever asked for was anything beyond what you could see on cnn. nothing i ever talked about with any russian official extends beyond that publicly available immaterial information. >> meanwhile president trump today ramping up one of his america first promises, days after signing the so-called buy american hire american executive order. >> no longer will the concerns of these hard working americans go unanswered. by making government answer to ourcitizens, we are removing the limits on our future and setting free the dreams of our people. >> also new reaction from president trump on the eve of the presidential election in france, telling the associated press that thursday's terrorist attack in paris will probably help far right candidate marine le pen win because she's the candidate who is, quote, strongest on borders.
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but president trump stopped short of a formal endorsement. also new day a warning for north korea. mike pence is in australia wrapping up his overseas trip where he made these remarks this morning. >> the president trump and i have great confidence that china will properly deal with korea. but as president trump made clear just a few shorts days ago, if china is unable to deal with north korea, the united states and our allies will. >> meanwhile fwhak back in washington president trump doesn't seem too worried about the looming 100 day milestone. here's what he told roerlt repn friday. >> health care and taxes? >> it will happen. we'll see what happens. no particular rush, but we'll see what happens. didn't matter if it's next week. next week didn't matter. >> kelly, this tone is something of a departure for the president. do you think he's feeling the
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pressure to prove his accomplishments so far? >> i think it's a case where there is both reality and a little bit of down playing expectations. i think inside the white house they understand that some of the items on the to-do list which they would like to accomplish before the 100 day mark are probably out of reach simply because of the mechanisms of twriing to get another shot at repeal and replace for obamacare or just beginning the tax reform ideas. it's just not reasonable to expect they can get a lot of that done in just the few days we have. so part of it is the reality and part is down playing expectations. i think that you will find the white house will use the 100 day marker, which is sort of a tradition, it is arbitrary, it is a time that we have always judged presidents by. and in many cases there is a honeymoon for presidents where they have a period of time where congress is working with them, they are able to act on some initial priorities. and for the trump white house, fwhaec they have been able to do that
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through executive orders and policy ideas and some of the way the president had interacted on the world stage. but not in legislation. so they are trying to make it work on the repeal, they believe that still is important. and a campaign promise to be fulfilled. but how quickly it could happen and there are still the ongoing differences among house on republicans. so there are real hurdles ahead. but they are trying to move forward on it, trying to make a break through if they can. >> talk more about what you were pretty much alluding to, the talk that the health care bill could be released as early today. any indications it has more support than the previous go round? >> what i'm hearing from sources is that there have been some adjustments made to the legislation. and that will continue to happen. and that is intended to try to answer concerns from members who have particular worries, but you have to balance the most conservative known as the freedom caucus without losing too much of the moderates, the tuesday group. so there has been a bit of a partnership between the heads of those two small groups within
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the republican conference. and they are trying to make head way there. is it enough? some sources say the issue of fatigue over dealing with it, not wanting to be a ongoing question left unfulfilled may be enough to get some members to move forward knowing there would be further changes when it goes to the senate. so some of it is substantive, some of it is simply trying to get something going and we expect that there are other priorities that the president wants to move on like tax reform and the math of washington, it would be helpful to do health care before tax reform because there are taxes in the obama care law that would be adjusted. so washington math makes going to health care first perhaps better in the long run. we'll see how it plays out. nothing will be easy. >> that is for sure. the one thing we can count on. kelly o'donnell, thank you. on the other side of the aisle, senator bernie sanders is
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out with a new statement on georgia congressional candidate jon ossoff after being criticized for saying he's not a progressive. he says i applaud the grass roots activism. his victory would be an important step forward in nig fighting back. and joining me now is jon ossoff who is heading to a runoff election against karen handel after landing 48% of the vote on tuesday. we also invited karen handel to join us, but didn't receive a response. good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. thanks for having me. >> what is your response to senator sanders? >> i think he's exactly right about the grass roots energy and activism around the campaign. this is an strard extraordinary to be a part of, with so many thousands getting involved. we'll keep growing the money men
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du momentum. >> would you call yourself a progressive? >> i really have no interest in ideological lafbels. i'm happy to talk you through the issues. my commitment to a right to choose, my commitment to the lgbt community and to figt climate change, to a tough foreign policy that takes to our enemies without getting us bogged down in foreign land wars. i'll leave to commentators to decide what label if it's me best. >> so all of this comes as sanders and perez aiming to unite democratic party. who do you see as the leader of the democratic party right now? >> right now it's the grass roots organizers and activistsc organizing to win elections. if you had asked anyone six weeks ago whether a democratic candidate in a district that hasn't been competitive in
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decades that could pup ultimate o up our number, they would be skeptical.reason we notched the win is because of the folks getting involved for the first time. >> let me ask you about the president's reaction to the outcome of the election. he called it a big "r" win and said he was glad to be able to help. of course he participated in a robo call and he called for voters not to let you win. bounk do you think he stopped you winning outright? >> i think voters are not interested in what political figures think and more interested in what the candidates can deliver. to cut wasteful spending, to groel our high tech biotech medical research sector, create more jobs, pursue higher standards of living. that's what i'm focused on, not the national political circus. >> you say that and tell me if this is right, $8.3 million of your money was from outside of the state. there are so many people paying attention to this race.
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how do you respond to that? i know there has been some criticism about that. >> well, many more georgians have contributed to my campaign than my opponents. and i'm proud that it's powed by small dollar fundraising. average contribution is less than $50. and when you have unaccountable special interested funded super pacs attacking candidate like me with millions of attack ads, you need those resources to defend yourself. i'm glad it's been powered by small dollar fundraising. but i'm accountable to people who have much more in common with the voters across my district than special interests. >> and i know you've received criticism over the fact that you don't live in the district you're running in. do you have any regrets about that or any plans to move? >> i grew up in this district. i grew up in this community. my family is here in this district. i'm about ten minutes down the street to support my girlfriend while she concludes medical school. she has to walk to work for 4:00 a.m. shifts. i don't think be it's a major
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issue. the question is does the candidate have the deep roots and connections to the district and i do. >> let me play a clip, sean spicer was asked about whether president trump would be heading to georgia to get out the vote for your opponent. let's take a listen. >> i don't know. if needed. i think the president will make sure that he does everything he can to maintain majorities and further the party, but we'll see if we're needed. >> if president trump comes to georgia, would you consider bringing out maybe some people on your end? i know there have been celeb briltities who endorsed you. samuel jackson did a radio ad for you, chelsea handler, debra messing, so many publicly pish position f push foug. would you turn up the volume on your end? >> i appreciate everyone's interest. but this really comes down to who can present a compelling vision for the economic development of metro atlanta. we have the busiest airport in the world in the area. we have a deep water port.
9:14 am
bright young workforce ready to grow productivity and wages. it's about pocket book issues for families, not which big name personalities from washington or elsewhere are coming through to campaign. >> i guess the last question here, put it in perspective, you started out in a crowded contest, now down to two. you know your opponent now. in the weeks ahead, does it change your strategy moving forward or what do you do now to try to seal the win? >> the contrast here is pretty clear. and with august due respect to my opponent, this is going to come down to a choice between fresh energetic leeadership tha can deliver real results for our local economy here in georgia, or a career politician who again with all due respect to karen handel has run perennially for office and rarely elected because she doesn't present that kind of compelling advice for the future. >> jon ossoff, i have to leave it there. thank you. still ahead, how a few words written in a letter to the new york city mayor and police chief have them upset with the justice
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on capitol hill, a potential government shutdown awaits lawmakers when they return monday. but house republicans are also looking to make another run at health care. in fact they will hold a conference call today likely to focus on change cans to the obamacare replacement deal. joining me now, molly hooper and jeremy peters. let's dig in. molly, is this health care reboot an attempt to help president trump achieve a major legislative accomplishment in his first 100 dies? >> the interesting thing is that it won't be accomplished within the first 100 days even if the house does pass something next week. that doesn't mean the senate will pass it, that didn't mean the entire congress will send him a bill to sign.
9:19 am
so it's unclear to me what is going on within the republican conference because what is going to happen next week is the government will shut down inside congressional leaders come to an agreement on government spending and that it seems like could pose a lot of problems for the party. so we'll see. >> jeremy, with the president promising a big announcement on tax reform, is there enough time for action on tax cuts in the next 7 days? >> it does sound like they are biting off a lot more than they can chew. i don't think this that they expect to get all of this done, the government funding resolution, health care are repeal and tax cuts. i don't think anyone in the white house is saying that. i think what they are trying to do though is project a sense of urgency. and the clock -- symbolic clock at least is ticking. you get up to this 100 day deadlinend president trump, if he's nothing else, he is very
9:20 am
much aware and cognizant of symbols and how things appear. so he wants to be able to claim some victories going forward, and i think at this point you don't hear him saying yes, we will get this absolutely done by the 100 day deadline on health care or tax reform. but they are stacking the deck to make sure that we have an active spring and summer. >> and molly, trump's announcement on tax reform came just hours after lhis treasury secretary told reporters he couldn't say how soon a proposal would come. if we get to the root of it, what is it going on here? >> i do think it's what jeremy was alluding to and it is setting up another couple of sleepless months for the folks on capitol hill which is sort of interesting because usually not as much gets done so being a definitely. a lot of people with bags under
9:21 am
the eyes. but i think the white house was clarifying that what we'll see next week is probably something more along the lines of broad principles and an outline. i had talked to lawmakers on capitol hill who are saying that it would be feasible or plausible to see something in terms of tax reform in may. so that time line isn't so off. it's just a matter of whether congress will be able to pass something by the august recess which is really the date that they were shooting for. keep in mind the government funding sue this week is a big deal and because president trump has not had a lot of legislative successes, he's going to try to add items like the border wall funding and sanctuary cities that could cause a lot of problems for democrats. and so even with the tax reform issue out there and the health care issue, it's still whether or not we will have a government shutdown next week. >> we mentioned tax reform, tax reduction. i sat down about 21 minutes ago and president trump has tweeted three times.
9:22 am
so this is hot off the presses. we'll have for you pop tyou. first one, big tax reform and tax reduction will be announced next wednesday. so he's putting that day in there again. i'm wondering what could he possibly add. >> this is the area i think on which he probably has the most chance for getting democrats to work with him. and i would point out that this is not happening in a vacuum. just because republicans control the white house, house and senate, does not mean that this is done, that tax reform is a fait accompli. there are divisions in the republican are party about certain issues like the controversial border adjustment tax and also a question of just how much democrats feel need to cooperate with this president. a week ago i would have said that probably the chance was very slim. the president's popularity had been on a steep downward slide.
9:23 am
i think if he is politically stronger later in the summer, if he somewhat comes back toward the center on a number of his signature issues like immigration and tones down his rhetoric, then maybe you could bring some democrats along. but right now frankly, none of them -- well, very few of them feel a political incentive to work with him. >> you used the phrase tone down which leads me to the second tweet. it says next saturday night i will be holding a big rally in pennsylvania. so a couple things. first of all, saturday is the white house correspondents dinner which you know is a big to-do for a lot of folks and he will clearly not be there. and second of all when he says big rally in pennsylvania, i have no doubt that he can can pull the crowd, but i'll be interested in the tone because you're right, people expect what we normally expect which is not turning down the volume at all. so i'm wondering what we can read from the fact that he's
9:24 am
doing it on that saturday. >> isn't that the 100th day? i think that is his actual 100th day in office. >> i think you're right. >> and so it's going to be interesting to see how many of the correspondents are pulled away from the dinner to cover the rally. but no, it will be interesting to see it happen in pennsylvania especially because leading up to this health care vote, it was the pennsylvanians quite a few in the centrist group in the republican faction that withheld their support for the aaca that the republicans put out to repeal obamacare. and so it will be interested to see what he tells the folks in pennsylvania as to the accomplishments he's had, you kn, leading up to h 100th day. but clearly they haven't been legislat as much as he would have liked them to have been. >> he also talked about the fact that he is getting ready to visit walter reed medical center with melania. you know they called out new york on city on soft on crime, a
9:25 am
few cities and counties have sued the federal government over these threats. but let's take a look at new york city. grants cover $9 million of the $80 million budget. what is the point of these warnings? could this intimidate other sanctuary cities? >> this is i think really above all else about one thing and that is keeping his central campaign promises. immigration was more central to donald trump's election than any other issue. and we talked earlier about whether or not he is able to moderate his tone. don't expect too much. and this is a classic can exam that. he needs to remind his base and he's very aware that he is not backing down from his key promises on immigration like building the wall and cracking down on sanctuary cities. >> and that goes to the point where if the republicans and democrats can't come up with a deal to keep the government funding because the white house insists to having funding for the border wall, he may be having a. rally in pennsylvania quhil the government is shut down. so that could be a very
9:26 am
interesting confluence of events. >> i have to leave it there. the president kind of set the tone for us with bullet points for this conferenversation. thank you. a live look at a rally as thousands gather across the country and around the world in the name of science. we'll talk about what demonstrators are hoping to accomplish. ♪
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why did the trump administration pick this week to talk tough on iran and the consequences of that decision?
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welcome back. at the half hour, here's what we're monitoring. we're certainly keeping an eye on the national mall where people are gathering for today's march r science even in the rain. organizers expect the turnout of some 50,000. similar marches are planned in more than 600 other cities
9:33 am
across the country and around the world. the march to the capitol set to begin at 2:00 and we'll take you there live coming up. in the meantime overseas today, vice president mike pence wraps up a trip to australia in a visit seemingly dominated by the threat of north korea. in a news conference, he issued new vows to take action if china isn't able to rein in the threat and he called on ale li allies ramp up pressure. >>s united states will continue to work closely with our allies including australia and other allies across the region and with china to bring economic and diplomatic pressure to bear on the regime in pyongyang until they finally and permanently abandon their nuclear and ballistic missile promises. >> let's dig in here. darrel kimble joining me. let's talk about how real is the nuclear threat here from north
9:34 am
korea? put it in perspective and how much of what the trump administration has been saying is tough talk. is this appreciably different than the obama administration? >> well, what we see from north korea is an increasing threat. they have more ballistic missiles are that are increasingly capable, they may conduct theirixth nuclear weapon test explosion. they have the capability to strike south korea and japan with a very limited number of nuclear warheads. this is a real aeal and groeg gg threat. unfortunately, i think vice president pence is outlining a policy that is very much like the obama administration's policy which was not effective. pressure alone is not going to intimidate the north koreans into abandoning their nuclear weapons program. they see this as their insurance policy against a hostile u.s. aggressor, that is their view.
9:35 am
so pressure through better enforcement of existing sanctions is important. china is the key. but we also have to be ready to engage with the north koreans, pressure and engagement. >> but is that exactly what the trump administration is coming, turning up the volume especially on the rhetoric? >> she are turning until volume on the rhetoric, but what is not clear is when and how they seek to engage with north korea. if vice president pence is saying you must declare that you will abandon all of your nuclear weapons before we sit down and talk with you, north korea is not going to do that. we saw that over the last eight years with the obama administration. what we need to do is get to the table, we need to talk about what needs to be done immediately in order to continue talking and to avoid additional pressure on north korea. and that is to halt their nuclear testing, their ballistic missile testing. >> let's talk about solutions then. the administration is leaning on china for example to forge an economic or diplomac solution. in your opinion, how far is
9:36 am
china willing togo? we know they are not in favor of a bigger military presence in the region. would they be willing to take some type of military action against north korea? >> i don't think they will support military action against north korea. they feel not only an increasingly capable nuclear-armed north korea, but they also fear the collapse of the north, a refugee crisis and economic disaster. that's what they are looking at. so they are willing to put more pressure on the north to excerpt more sanctions pressure. they have to enforce their existing sarnnctions better. they are still leaking like a sif sif. but they won't do that unless the trump administration makes it clear that we're willing to engage in talks with the north. and i would also add that the all options on the table rhetoric is also troubling because what this seems to be is the trump administration trying to intimidate china or north korea through the implied threat
9:37 am
of military force to do what we want. and we have to remember the north korean regime, these are tough guys, they are mean and they are not going to be intimidated. this is going to increase their commitment to pursue nuclear weapons. >> and earlier this week the administration essentially kind of grudge aingly upheld sanctio relief but rampd up the rhetoric. listen to this and then we'll talk >> ira the world's leading state snsor of terrorism and is responsible for intensifying multiple conflicts and undermining u.s. interests in countries such as syria, yemen, iraq and lebanon, and continuing to support attacks against israel. >> if we are speaking honestly about conflict in the middle east, we need to start with the chief culprit, iran and its partner militia hezbollah. while this council has paid too little attention to this growing menace, the united states will not. we are going to speak up about
9:38 am
iran and hezbollah and we will act against their lawlessness. >> so what is behind this kind of ratcheting up this week? >> well, i think one other thing that happened this week is secretary of state rex tillerson certified that iran is complying with the 2015 nuclear deal that restricts its nuclear capabilities. it has prevented them from pursuing the nuclear bomb, verification provisions are in place. they certified that this week. there was a deadline. and so i think what is happening here is this is a subtle strategy of reminding the united states partners in the region, we're still concerned about iran's other activities in the region, even though we are -- we the trump administration are acknowledging that the nuclear deal of 2015 is working to restrict iran's nuclear capabilities. >> didn't candidate trump say it was a terrible deal? >> he did. and i think what he's realizing now that he's in office is that
9:39 am
it's actually a very good deal. it was focused on the nuclear issue, this was not a stregy intended to lv every difference of opinion, every problem we have with iran in the middle east region. it was focused on the most urgent and dangerous problem which was that iran might be acquiring enough nuclear material to produce nuclear weapons in short order. they can't do that for over a decade and i think he's recognizing now that he has the responsibility of governing that he needs to leave this in place, he needs to enforce it, but he's not going to tear it apart. >> i was going to ask you about the prospects for a better deal with iran given upcoming elections there may the a9 and possibility that a more hard line administration could be elected. people say who knows what you will get next, perhaps something even more extreme. is that a fair concern? >> well, it is a concern. we don't know exactly what will happen with the iranian elections in may. but one thing that we do know is that we want to keep the
9:40 am
restrictions on their capabilities in place for the duration of the nuclear deal. and what i think the trump administration needs to do is need to con send state on implementing this agreement, supporting the international atomic international agency to verify it and also to begin thinking to begin hard to work with our allies israel and others about how to maintain nuclear restrictions throughout the middle east region in the years ahead after some of the limits in the nuclear deal will expire. they need to make sure this deal remains in place otherwise we have another international security problem on our has. >> the last thing we want. darrel kimkimble, thank you for your time. another weekend of political demonstrations. the cut in federal funding, these supporters are trying to stop. and in the next hour, how this week's terror attack in paris is impacting france's election hours before voters head to the polls. a daily struggle,
9:41 am
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we took you to the march for sigh inside science in the capital and let's go now to new york city. morgan, what is going on? >> reporter: frankly, we did not expect this march to be this large. we already have thousands in the street. it started right here outside of trump hotel international and people are yelling dump trump and impeach him. but people are out here for a variety of reasons. some say it's really not partisan, this is about funding, this is about the sciences. i want to introduce you to a couple of people we're walking with. you are an immigrant from malaysia, you are a graduate student at cornell, studying molecular biology. why is it important to walk? >> i think it's important to voice our distress over the current situation over immigration and -- >> why is that so important? >> because it affects science in the a. way that many people don't know. i know a lot of muslim
9:45 am
scientists, muslim graduate students, they are affected by this in a way that is bigger than us which is science. >> and immigration is one of the causes you hear. and what is your name? >> abby. >> you are walking with this handsome person right here. and this says science for our future. why did you think it was so important to bring your child out here today? >> i'm a nurse scientist at columbia university. and i believe that science is extremely important for our future. it's extremely important to listen to scientist experts in order to inform policy and have evidence based decision making. >> and is this a partisan issue? >> there are people on the left, people on the right who don't believe in some science, for example touched by hot button issue, proposed the left and right. and it's the sciences are proven that it's there. scientic theories don't need to be -- they are not of opinions. >> and that is a lot of what we're hearing. this isn't partisan, this is
9:46 am
about a rational approach to understanding our universe. in fact someone here made the point that without funding for science, we wouldn't have the internet. so people are saying this type of funding is necessary for advancement and you can hear people chanting this is what democracy looks like. >> i have to tell you, on a saturday afternoon withins span of a minute, i've never heard from a molecular biologist and neuroscientist all in one swoop. interesting smart bunch. >> they're super smart. making me feel a little dumb. >> thank you, morgan. still ahead, was with it a leftist conspiracy that led to the down fall of bill owe reallireall o'reilly as he claims? box 365, the calendar. everyone knows my paperless, safe driver, and multi-car discounts, but they're about to see a whole new side of me. heck, i can get you over $600 in savings. chop, chop. do i look like i've been hurt before?
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with cream, sugar, and a reusable mug. each year we waste 25 billion styrofoam cups that can't be recycled. fill up a mug, not a landfill. the more you know. did you ever witness or experience god forbid anything like that at fox? >> i wouldn't put up with anything that would be perceived as intimidating or harassing. >> but you said your former, so
9:50 am
was that part of the reason you left? >> you can ask them why i'm no longer with fox. you know, i'm not going to speak for them. my contract wasn't that's -- that's -- that's the line. >> that's of course former fox news contributor sara pail lin sharing her own experience of the network which this weerk lost its highest profile host bill o'reilly. o'reilly denies the claims calling them completely unfounded but s agreed to lee fox news. peter erm son, huffington post contributor who's worked for three democrat administrations. good afternoon to both of you. gene, i'll start with you what do you make of pail lin's reaction and seechb she won't defend o'reilly. do you think it's a breach within the party or what's your take? >> i think it's hard to discuss something that you weren't a part of. i've been asked repeatedly to
9:51 am
comment on this and of course when you don't have the information, you weren't there, it's very hard to comment on it. and when we, you know, it's not as if we've seen a court case proceed and as if there's been a conviction some of sort. we have none of that. so we're all sort of speculating, necessarying, and it's very hard to comment on that. so i could understand why she would sort of hem haw on that. >> i think it's because it's $13 million and several women. let me go into this. in a new oped writer and activist margaret hooper she argues that his alleged behavior and the reaction is unconservative. she says one of the court pillars of the modern american conservative movement is its emphasis on personal spongs ability. mr. row lylely blamed others embracing the victim my zation he so ril ridiculed of the american left. he claimed it was no fault of his own but as a high profile media personality. do you agree and are you satisfied with the response from other conservatives?
9:52 am
>> you know, i think we have to take a really hard look at this. this isn't a partisan issue, this isn't a conservative issue or liberal issue, republica or democrat, this is really -- and it really cuts across all gender lines as well. this is something that we need to have a conversation about in our culture and so for that reason i'm glad these -- these conversations are starting to happen now. but i think that we have to take a look, especially as women, at what -- what lines we want to draw when we discuss things like sexual harassment, because some of the accusations that we'll hear thrown around are base being maybe name calling or improper comments. i don't want to equate that with rape and the i want to be very careful as we have these conversations that we distinguish those sorts of things and we don't try to pin this on one party or another. >> you know what if is. >> even the challenges. >> sorry to interrupt you. i think the challenges even bill
9:53 am
o'reilly, peter o'reilly's lawyer called the accusations a smear campaign from the far left. so they brought up the partisan issue. peter i'll let you weigh in here. how do you respond to that? it's not that the public at large is making it partisan he's saying it's a campaign from the far left. >> i happen to agree with jean it shouldn't be part sab at all. we need to be absolutely intolerant of it, it's despicable. the fact is that women got $13 million who were harassed who were the victims and the bhoen did the ha ration got 65 million, that's five times as much money. thersomethg ry skewed and those are the facts. we don't have to wait for a trial to see what was ultimately decided behind closed doors no order to clear up, quote, the mess. so i find this all absolutely nonpartisan. it's something that needs to be continually exposed because it's happening all the time. and my concern is that when you have the president of the united
9:54 am
states leading a lot of this with the vile and unacceptable language that he used in the access hollywood billy bush situation, then we've got a very poor example leading this country. >> i should say both men obviously deny those allegations and say they were unfound. this morning author jonathan told my colleague that the claim against bill o'reilly could have a wide-reaching impact. let's listen to what he had to say. >> fox problem is going to spread to the white house because there are these outstanding cases among women who say that they were harassed by donald trump. some of the same lawyers who are representing some of the fox people are representing some of these women. trump said during the campaign that he would sue them for what they have said. he has not done so. these sass are moving forward and you're going to hear a lot about them. >> what do you say about that that he says it's coming down the pipeline. you think it could be a problem for the president? >> you know, i think that probably sexual harassment
9:55 am
happens, you know, in most huge workplaces. i don't think that it's a particular problem at the white house or ink we certainly would have heard about it. certainly facton the campaign, i talked a lot even on this network about -- about what happened in that moment that access hollywood video and nobody liked that, nobody liked that. everyone rebuked that. again, it isn't a partisan issue and i think it's really important to note that. but i also wish, and i hope i guess that as these -- as these sorts of issues start to come to the surface that we take a really hard look, too, at things that are happening in our culture that are going largely buried. like forexample this week two doctors were convict the of genital mutilation of 7-year-old girls and it's been virtually buried. >> i hear what you're saying, but i have to be careful because i'm steering the ship here. we have to stay with the matter at hand. i'm in the news business i can tell you a number of stories that aren't covered day in and
9:56 am
day out. but in this moment this is a story, it's i big story and if you think about the hyper partisan tone and the months around the election, bill o'reilly's influence and his roll in all of it. the fact that he's not there is a story. i mean, people want to know and peter i'll let you weigh in here pla politically now that he's not a player at least every night, what happens? it's a fair question and not a slight against whatever happened to that child, goodness for bid. you hear what i'm saying. go ahead, peter. >> there's a com pendium of fox news personalities on various programs making very degrading and sem sexually innuendo comments to women. so obviously the departure of roger aelz, nought departure of bill o'reillyoesn't seem to have changed the environment at fox news. i don't think it's going to have a big impact on their audience. but continuing the conversation and when there is any form of sexual harassment in the workplace, wherever, it needs to be brought to the floor.
9:57 am
but the challenge is in this kpierjt when y environment when you have the president of the united states, totally inappropriate, just into leshl, dishonor able language about women and a particular woman in particular, the access hollywood type, that's a difficult thing because the president is in theory nonpartisan, he represents all of us and he's supposed to set a moral, ethical standard for this country. >> i should say and as jeana as you mentioned. >> if i could -- >> no one fwoopts see something happen, inappropriate action. go ahead keep it short and i've got leave it there. >> sure. if i can just add to that that bill clinton sort of set the tone, what he did in the white house i think has really penetrated our society. and it is a conversationing that we need to continue to have going forward because we do need to make sure both things, that women are not victimized and also that people are not falsely
9:58 am
asuese accused. both of those need to be carefully observed. >> you didn't want to make it political but you brought up clinton is it never zplends jonathan alter is correct because of the lawsuit against bill clinton, that's why donald trump is now in trouble. >> good discussion today, guys. tough but good. thank you for your time on this saturday. >> thank you. >> coming up the next hour, could be a cautionary tale for dreamers across america or a flat-out warning from the federal government.
9:59 am
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