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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  April 25, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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environments -- [ laughter >> there is only one -- only two people have this number, they're both related to me. >> so, there you go. justice briar, red faced and all, you're in good company. that's all for tonight. for the record with greta starts right now. greta, what happens' your ring tone? >> i'm not telling. thank you, chuck. and we have breaking news tonight. president trump just dealt another legal blow. a federal judge in san francisco blocking nationwide president trump's executive order threatening to stop federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities. now, those are the cities that refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities. the federal judge in issuing the nationwide preliminary injunction held that president trump's executive order could cause immediate irreparable harm if not blocked now. the san francisco city attorney saying, this is why we have courts, to halt the overreach of a president and an attorney general who either does not understand the constitution or chose to ignore it.
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and as americans, we all have uh duty to confront injustice even when it i am nats from the white house. as of now, no comment from the white house. dwrojoining me, nbc correspondent pete williams. pete, any word at the justice department? >> no, they say they'll have a statement sometime later, greta. this is surprising given the president hasn't done anything here yet on sanctuary cities, and for that reason there was a question about whether this lawsuit is too soon or whether the cities had to wait until something actually happened. but the cities argued the city of san francisco and nearby santa clara county argued they were already being harmed merely by the threat that they would lose money because they have budget uncinty and the judge said that's good enough for me. so, this goes back to the president's january 25th executive order, one of the ones on immigration, it directed the department of homeland security to in essence draw up a list of
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sanctuary cities and then directed the attorney general to take steps that withhold federal funds from them. the judge said, here's the problem with that. number one, the president can't make decisions about who gets money or not. that's up to congress. secondly, you can't put conditions on federal funds after the funding mechanism is already in place. and thirdly, he said that the problem here is that if this went ahead, cities would potentially lose federal funds from programs that have nothing to do with immigration. so, that's the essence of what's happened here. it's a nationwide injunction. the judge does say, though, the department of homeland security can go ahead and do whatever it wants to do to try to draw up a list of sanctuary cities and sort of what the criteria for that will be, but they can't withhold any federal money from them. now, there is one little asterisk on this. the judge also said that his order has nothing to do with a whole separate thing. there is a federal law that's been on the books and the obama
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administration was relatively tough about it, too. it said that cities -- that local governments can't pass laws that restrict the kind of immigration information that local law enforcement can give to the federal government. and the judge said that the justice department can continue to withhold funds from cities that don't honor that. that is something that actually startein the obama administration with saying that citi he to conform with this or they could risk losing their money. the justice department under the trump administration has amped that up. so, in summary what this order does is blunt the effectiveness of the executive order in terms of sanctuary cities. it doesn't totally stop the government from using this stick to try to get local governments to conform. >> pete, thank you. >> you bet. >> joining me on the phone, david cortese, a party in this lawsuit. good evening, sir. >> good evening. how are you? >> i'm very well. your reaction to this order,
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this temporary injunction by the federal judge? >> well, it was an absolutely sweeping victory by our legal counsel and our county here today. the politics of fear suffered a major set back today thanks to judge york in our district and thanks to the support of cities and counties across the country that joined in by way of amicus. >> sir, is it in your jurisdiction that law enforcement, if they pickup someone who is not in the country, with documentation here illegally, they will not provide any of the information that the federal government wants as to that person, is that the way it works? >> no, it's not the way it works. i know that previous interviewee was just talking about the united states code and whether or not so-called sanctuary communities are not in compliance because they don't give information.
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i will tell you that homeland security and i.c.e. have access to information to the department of justice here in california foevery city and county and for anyone with a criminal record, they have direct access into that database, into that data bank and they always have. >> what is it the federal government wants from you, then? >> what they want us to do, they want to try to resurrect a program called the secure committees program which basically says that folks that i.c.e. would like to interview should be held in criminal jails without probable cause, without due process, and without warrants, and without a judge's order for any crime committed that they should be held, nevertheless, in jail for as long as it takes for an i.c.e. representative to get there and interview them to try to determine if they have a status issue. that's a voluntary request. the federal courts throughout the northwest in many areas of the country have struck down the constitutionality of this
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so-called secure communities program. the department of homeland security dismantled it last year. they notified us all that they were dismantling it and this president on january 25th, 2017, signs an executive order that says i'm bringing it back, i don't care if it's unconstitutional, i'm doing it anyway. if you don't do it we're going to take a lot of money from you. in our case that would be $1.7 billion of federal funding. >> that is a significant amount of money. i imagine there will be a showdown in another court because i suspect the president and the attorney general are not going to let this one lie. we'll see what the next judge has to say or what develops. thank you for joining us, sir. >> thank you for your interest. >> otour other major national security story that's rocking washington tonight, did president trump's first national security advisor general michael flynn break the law? a top house republican saying sure looks like it. >> personally, i see no information or no data to support the notion that general flynn complied with the law.
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>> house oversight chairman jason chaffetz says national security advisor michael flynn likely violated federal law by failing to disclose his business dealings with russia and turkey. >> as a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from russia, turkey, or anybody else. and it appears as if he did take that money. it was inappropriate. and there are repercussions for the violation of law. >> clearly, i agree with the chairman. i mean, he was supposed to get permission and he was supposed to report and he didn't period. >> flynn received $45,000 for attending a gala celebrating r.t. russian state-run news channel december of 2015. and he earned more than $500,000 for lobbying on behalf of turkey. now, in a statement to nbc news today general flynn's lawyer said in part that flynn had briefed the defense intelligence agency, a component agency of d.o.d. extensively, regarding the r.t. speaking event trip. and today the top democrat on
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the oversight committee, congressman elijah cummings, also faulting the white house fo refusing to release documents related to flynn. >> in short, the white house has refused to provide this committee with a single piece of paper in response to our bipartisan request, and that is simply unacceptable. >> white house press secretary sean spicer getting rapid fire questions about general flynn and asked if the white house should have provided the oversight committee with the information it wanted. >> does the white house believe that lieutenant general flynn might have broken the law when he filled out s.f.-86? >> i don't -- that would be a question for him and the law enforcement agency. when you ask for -- no, that's a pretty -- to ask for every call or contact that a national security advisor made is pretty outlandish, if you will. >> how important is it to the
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president that everyone working for this administration is honest on their security clearance forms? >> very. >> does the white house consider mike flynn's payment from russia today to be a payment from a foreign government? >> i don't know. that was, again -- all of that occurred prior to his service. >> does the president feel that he was misled by general flynn? >> i think the president made a decision a while ago, because general flynn was not straight with the vice-president at the time and let him go. i think he stands by that decision. >> now, remember, general flynn ask a key figure in the investigations between the trump campaign and russia. and in february flynn was fired for misleading or maybe even lying to vice-president mike pence about his conversations with the russian ambassador. former acting attorney general sally yates had warned the white house flynn could be subject to blackmail because of his russian ties and today a senate judiciary subcommittee led by senator lindsey graham of south carolina announced yates will be testifying in public about russian election meddling. that's next month.
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jason chaffetz house of the oversight committee and republican congressman of utah joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> so, has the white house been cooperative with you on this investigation? >> yes. look, we had sought information wondering and inquiring as to whether or not general flynn had sought the proper clearances. now, remember, this goes back to 2015. and what he was required to do by law is get permission, not only seek, but get permission from the secretary of state as well as the secretary of the army. we don't see any paperwork there. so, if there is a nonresponse, if you will, from those agencies about the lack of paperwork, it goes to our suspicion that general flynn failed to seek and get permission prior to accepting money from foreign entities. that is the violation. but i do think the white house, a, has been cooperative. b, it was the obama white house that this would have fallen under. i don't think what happened here is really the fault of donald trump. >> okay. except it's notable that the
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letter that you sent over to the white house was sent long after president obama had vacated the white house. all right. now, you say that general flynn probably broke the law. and you used the terms "inappropriate." either he broke the law or he didn't break the law. are you making a criminal referral to the department of justice? >> so, the final determination needs to be made by the secretary of army, the comptroller at the army would also be involved as well as the inspector general. they need to make that final determination. as a member of congress and a committee, the oversight committee, we find no evidence that actually general flynn complied with the law which requires him to proactively seek and be granted permission. they don't have that at the department of defense. we don't see that at the secretary of state's office, nor do we see anything at the white house that would lead us to believe that he actually was in full compliance. we do believe that he did accept
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what is north of $500,000, but that letter or that final determination needs to come from the department of the army. >> all right. his lawyer says that he briefed the defense -- the dni, he did that. he just didn't tell d.o.d. is that enough for you or not? >> that's not what the law says. that may very well be true, but the law is pretty clear and very simple and basically saying, you have to seek and get permission in order to be in compliance. we don't see that he did that. >> all right. so, just telling dia would not be enough, he's got to get actual permission from d.o.d.? >> i'm sure as a good gesture and i'm sure it was maybe perhaps even done in the spirit of being cooperative and open, but that's not what the law requires. >> all right. have you had any indication that he actually did tell dia? >> he may very well have done that. the fact that his attorney is saying that, you know, i'll take him at his word that that did happen, but there is no paperwork and we've been trying
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for months now to get paperwork. but we just don't see any paperwork properly filed seeking permission or being granted that permission. >> have you tried to summon flynn formally like with a subpoena or informally to come testify before your committee? >> look, the bigger, broader inquiry will be spearheaded by the select committee on intelligence. i don't necessarily need to hear directly from general flynn. i'm looking for paperwork. i'm looking for a paper trail. i'm looking for evidence. i'm looking for something that shows and demonstrates that he did this by the letter of the law. i see none of that and that's why i know the inspector general, the department of defense, is engaged. the comp controller is going to have to get involved. somebody needs to make a final determination. once they've made that final determination, he likely will have to repay that amount through the treasury. there is precedent for that. and above and beyond that, i don't know what the department of justice may or may not do.
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>> in listening to both you and congressman elijah cummings, the ranking member, it looks like you're both on the same page of this. do you have any differences with him on this? >> i think we're pretty much on the same page. i think as i heard mr. cummings is seeking more information from the white house, but obviously we came together today to do this joiptly. we've got a letter that we're going to do jointly to the department of defense, specifically the secretary of the army seeking final determination. but as the oversight committee is concerned on this particular topic, we've pretty much exhausted it. now the department of defense, specifically the army, they've got to make this final determination. >> all right. to shorthand this, would you say after what you reviewed today that general flynn is in a heap of trouble? >> yes, yes. clearly -- you can't do this. you can't as a former military officer -- there is nothing specifically with mr. flynn or general flynn, it has everything to do with former military officers. they can't go and take money from a foreign government.
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you can't get a direct payment like that because former military officers can be called up and into duty at any given time. that's why they've got to be a little bit clear her, a little more pure. that's why there are laws on the books that prevent this type of thing from hang yet it does appear it happened in the case of mr. flynn. now, that does beg another question, which is how did he get a security clearance. if he did all those things, we could easily figure out how did he get a security clearance. another bigger, broader question, but certainly i wouldn't fault the trump administration. but i do have some questions for the dia. why was he given a security clearance if he obviously did what i think, at least the even points to, violated this statute. >> mr. chair man, thank you shall, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> moments ago the chairman of the senate intelligence committee spoke to reporters about general michael flynn. he did not comment whether he thought flynn broke the law but said he would not grant him immunity to testify. >> is there any way you give flynn immunity to testify?
3:16 pm
>> no. there's no way? >> no. i don't see the need for any type of subpoena process. but when we are interested in having individuals in for interviews, we'll go through the process of inviting them, working with legal counsel if in fact they have them like general flynn and try to accommodate the needs. >> with me political senior foreign affairs correspondent michael crowly, founder and editor of the weekly standard bill crystal. bill, first to you. the concept of granting general flynn immunity is borderline insa insane because he's in a heap of problems. he can't go through the criminal justice process. >> unless the proffer i guess would be that he would reveal things that would be very interesting about russia's -- >> deal with justice on that, not with capitol hill. >> we've learned a lot in past investigations with immunity grants i think from capitol hill. they can be coordinated with the justice department if it's cooperating. the question of the paperwork he filed in 2015 and 2016 is a
3:17 pm
little maybe neglectful. he should be punished. it wasn't a secret that he went -- that he went to that dinner. there are photos of him sitting next to putin. they were commented on during the campaign. i think the tushlg turkey issue. that was while he was national security advisor by trump campaign. quasi-islamist government, doesn't reveal that the day after trump wins he puts the op-ed in one of the washington newspapers making a pro-turkey case. then president trump hires him as national security advisor. i sort of -- that's i think the more interesting story, right, what influence he had in that first month. it really does bring home and i said this before, if the trump administration is nondisastrous, the replacement of mike flynn by h.r. mcmaster 27 days in, historians will look back and say that was a huge moment. >> michael, i don't think we can leave out of the equation the comment bill made, suspicious of general flynn, at least me, we use the term misled, that he
3:18 pm
misled vice-president pence who then went on television to make a misstatement whatever you want to call it. the fact is that he has unfortunately demonstrated some very poor judgment, to put it bluntly, or to put it lightly. your thoughts on general flynn tonight? >> yeah, greta, there is actually a pattern here. i think a question you have to ask about michael flynn is if he has nothing to hide and he was acting aboveboard, why does he keep acting like somebody who is hiding things. you know, he misled mike pence, possibly flat out lied to him. he didn't fully disclose on this security clearance form. he didn't register to declare that he was doing the kind of work that bill just described for the turkish government. and in an interview, i believe at the republican convention back in the summer with michael issa cough of yahoo! he denied in a very technical way dodged,
3:19 pm
admitting he received payment at r.t. for the appearance he made in moscow. there is just this repeated pattern of flynn, you know, seeming to dodge and dissimible and mislead at best. that reflects terribly on him and at some point you have to ask how does it reflect on the president of the united states giving this guy one of the very most sensitive jobs in our entire government. bill is right the picture has dramatically changed with h.r. mcmaster in there. but i think there is still a lot of questions to be asked and fundamentally at the end of the day, the most important one is was flynn acting in any way at the behest of the russians. and we just don't know that and that will be the most interesting part of this investigation. >> and i have two points to make on that. first of all, i blame more whoever did the security clearance than i do the president on this because the president doesn't do the security clearances. whoever cleared him, that's the first thing. the second thing is i don't know if you know there is this video of former cia director woolsey being interviewed by "the wall
3:20 pm
street journal" in which he talks about a meeting he had in new york. and he talks very cryptically about with flynn and there was some turks there. and there was suggestion they were trying to figure out a way to get a dissident, someone here in the united states, how to get them out without using extradition. >> yeah, i think that came out before the official appointment, before president trump became president and therefore before michael flynn became national security advisor and president trump went ahead with that appointment. that i think is a legitimately interesting question. it's not ridiculous for mr. cummings to ask, what did mr. flynn do while he was national security advisor, especially with respect to these two particular countries that he had, let's say, a special relationship with apparently over the preceding year maybe, a relationship that was inappropriate. and the effect going forward, there are people in the national security council brought there by michael flynn and they're still there. h.r. mcmaster has been trying to get some of them out. i expect this will strengthen mcmaster's hand and weaken flynn hold overs. >> didn't president obama elect
3:21 pm
general flynn, michael? >> yeah. he was denied, i believe, a promotion when he was dia to essentially run the place. i don't know that that was obama's decision. i actually think i was director of national intelligence james clapper. and you know, flynn ruffled a lot of feathers the wrong way when he was there. flynn afterwards turned on obama and there is a narrative of flynn having snapped or changed a certain degree and started venting at obama in an emotional way they said didn't resemble the flynn they used to know. i don't think it was obama's call to push him out, greta. >> and, of course, he was partisan during the run up of the election in the chant against secretary clinton, lock her up. >> on the lap point, i wouldn't expect president trump to be looking at the security clearance forms himself. there was a funky odor around flynn by the time of the transition. i think trump -- a lot of people would have known better than to
3:22 pm
put flynn in that national security advisor job. it wasn't that surprising see him smash on the rocks. so, i do think to a significant degree this is on trump him several. >> bill, michael, thank you both. up next, can north korea really make nuclear bomb every six or seven weeks? you will hear from a top u.s. senator bhol be at the white house tomorrow for a key briefing on the north korea threat. also as president trump lost rush limb baugh? the conservative radio host worried about democrats winning on the border wall. >> it looks like president trump is caving on his demand for a measly $1 billion in the budget for his wall on the border with mexico. >> and ivanka trump overseas pressed on her role in the white house. her business dealings and of course her father. all that plus an nbc news exclusive investigation, new video audio and security reports from united airlines controversy. does it really look like the passenger was flailing and
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would you say after what you reviewed today that general flynn is in a heap of trouble? >> yes, yes. clearly -- you can't do this. you can't as a former military officer -- there is nothing specifically with mr. flynn or general flynn, it has everything to do with former military officers. they can't go and take money from a foreign government. you can't get a direct payment like that. >> that is house oversight chairman jason chaffetz moments ago on this show explaining why he believes former national security advisor michael flynn may have broken the law by failing to disclose his business dealings with foreign governments. senator ben card en, democrat of the great state of maryland on the foreign relations committee. good evening, sir. your thoughts on the news of general flynn. senator chaffetz on the other
3:27 pm
side of the hill says general flynn is in trouble. >> greta, it's good to be with you. it points out one more example of problems we have with foreign governments in the united states, with russia particularly. we need a complete independent investigation of everything that russia was doing in the united states. general flynn is in trouble. there's no question about that. that investigation will lead to whatever results it should for general flynn. but we need to know exactly what methods are being deployed that could compromise america's national security. it is important to do the congressional investigations but we need an independent commission that does not have the constraints of a congressional committee. >> how are these -- how are candidates for these high posts checked out? what is the security clearance like? who does th? ist e fbi? who is thene who dropped the ball on all this besides of course flynn not providing information? >> there is a regular process that you go through that's a questionnaire that you've got to fill out. there's interviews that you -- that the fbi does in regards to individuals who are seeking
3:28 pm
clearance. there is a whole process we go through. but it relies upon the information being supplied by that individual and if that is not accurate and there is no way of knowing about income received from a foreign government, it can go unnoticed. but it's against the law to give misinformation during the process of getting clearance. >> and, of course, the thing that chairman chaffetz said i hadn't thought about, as a former military he can be called back into service and why it is a different rule for people in the military having to inform the department of defense. let me move on, senator. i want to turn to north korea. today north korea staged a massive artillery exercise like the one seen here highlighting their ability to hammer south korea with conventional weapons. meanwhile, "the new york times" reporting that intelligence reports estimate that north korea could be capable of producing a nuclear bomb every six or seven weeks. also today, u.s. guided missile sub arrived for a routine
3:29 pm
visits. it is doubtful north korea sees this as routine. and tomorrow, all 1 00 senators are invited to the white house for an unusual briefing on north korea. >> just to be clear, that meeting is a senate meeting led by leader mcconnell just utilizing our space. so, that is their meeting. >> now, sean spicer says it's a senate meeting utilizing our space. okay, that's when all of a dden i thought, what in the world is that all about? you have plenty of space on capitol hill. why are 100 senators traipsing 16 blocks and we're paying for the cars to get them there. you have your own space. why is he saying this is just senators using white house space? >> quite frankly it is a little puzzling. we have adequate space in the capital that is known as a skiff, which means you can have top secret briefings. we have security. we have ways of preventing anyone from eavesdropping on what goes on. there is no recording allowed in that type of facility. so, we're not exactly sure how
3:30 pm
that type of venue can be provided in the eisenhower theater as i understand we're using that. so, it is a little strange that we're going up to the white house for the briefing. but quite frankly, the important thing is whether we can find out from the trump administration whether they have a coordinated strategy that will reduce the pressure that we currently see in north korea. this is a very unstable leader that has nuclear capacity, that has no compunctions about using force. how do we change the equation from north korea? how do we get china to be more engaged? that's what i hope we'll hear tomorrow. >> you say a little strange. i think it's big strange. i can't get over why the white house is giving you space when you have it on capitol hill. there is a story behind that. i don't know what it is, but i think it's big strange. now turning to the strategy the u.s. senate foreign relations, what would you recommend the president do about north korea?
3:31 pm
>> what we need to do through u.s. leadership is change the equation on north korea. that means we need to get china much more engaged on the economic front so north korea knows that they're going to be truly isolated unless they give up their nuclear weapons and their ballistic missile programs. what north korea needs is the way to become a stronger diversified economy. i think the global community can help work with north korea if they give up their nuclear weapons and their ballistic missile programs. so, we've got to change the equation for north korea. >> all right. they're never going to give up the nuclear weapons. they'll probably cite what happened in libya with qaddafi. he gave up his and he turned up dead. in terms of china, how do you get the economic pressure on north korea? they haven't done it so far. the president has labelled them a currency manipulator. what can they do about north korea? >> the premiere we met, we have a lot of issues with china. we have issues concerning security on the south china
3:32 pm
seas. we have economic issues between china and the united states. we have the human rights issues that we raised with china. there is a lot that we can talk about. it's in china's interest that north korea give up its nuclear weapons. the korean peninsula being a nonnuclear zone, it's in their interest. >> but it's in north korea's interest to give up the weapons. we look through our eyes and say yes, it's in your interest, but the fact is china is not doing it, north korea is not doing anything, and they're inching forward with more and more tests. they're going to do a sixth test and more practice with artillery. >> china can exert a great deal more economic pressure on north korea. north korea's economy cannot exist without china's help. china can negotiate the end of the north korean nuclear program, can work to provide the security that north korea wants, and can open up north korea to more economic activities. that's what china can do if it wants to. so, they can exert a lot more
3:33 pm
pressure. look, it's a very difficult circumstance, and the best solution or diplomatic solution is not military solutions. and china and the united states can play a key role in making that happen. >> senator, thank you for joining me. >> my pleasure. >> tonight president trump hit with a new legal set back from a federal judge and accusations from the right that he's caving on the border wall. that's next. say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪ hey richard, check out this fresh roasted flavor. looks delicious, huh? -yeah. -and how about that aroma?
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we are back with more of tonight's breaking news. a new and significant legal set back for the trump administration. a federal judge in san francisco blocking an order to withhold funding to sanctuary cities, and just hours earlier president trump making big promises on the subject of immigration, vowing the border wall will get built. >> the wall is going to get built. >> when will the wall get built? >> soon. we're already preparing, we're doing plans, we're doing specifications. we're doing a lot of work on the wall. and the wall gets built.
3:37 pm
the wall is -- the wall is very, very important. >> in your first term? >> well, it's certainly going to -- yeah, yeah, sure. we have plenty of time. got a lot of time. >> but someone on the right, a very, very well known and very influential conservative, seems to be getting antsy with president trump. >> it looks like president trump is caving on his demand for a measly $1 billion in the budget for his wall on the border with mexico. the democrats are threatening a government shut down. it's the same old, same old, and i will was hoping that trump would throw this shut down thing right back in their face. >> nbc news reporting republicans have a spending deal on the table and it does not include funding for the border wall. with me, kentucky congressman thomas massy. nice to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me this evening, greta. >> do you agree with rush
3:38 pm
limbaugh that trump is caving on the wall or getting $1 billion for starters? >> this is the first inning. i think it's too early to say he's caving. this is his first 100 days. i would say be patient. when he decides to fight for this, there will be a lot of us here on the hill fighting with him and for him. >> all right. well, the problem is, if you go back to the campaign, he said he's going to do this within the first 100 days. so, i think that's what has rush limbaugh and some others who have been supporting him on this saying that he's caving. what do you say about that? >> well, you know, that window is closing to meet the first 100 days, but i will say this. that illegal immigration has slowed dramatically according to all the statistics we have. so, he has had some effect. >> are you saying we don't need a wall? i mean, how do you attribute the slowing of immigration to the president? >> well, i mean, i think they're taking him seriously. you know, he had a set back in the courts today on his executive order, but frankly, greta, it's congress's job to use the power of the purse to
3:39 pm
effect changes like that. i give the president credit for trying to use his pen and his phone as obama did. but really it's our job here to withhold that funding if we want to change behavior. and we're going to have to act in congress. >> so, you agree with the federal judge, you would have ruled the same way as the federal judge? you would say that president trump and attorney general sessions they didn't have the authority to do what they wanted to do? >> i don't think one judge should be able to change the policy for the whole count at that level. and i'm not necessarily -- >> he certainly has the power. he's a federal judge. they strike laws or don't strike laws. >> right. he's not the supreme court, but you're the lawyer, greta, i'm the engineer so i have to give you that. but i will say this. whether you agree with that judge or not, i think a reading, a clear reading of the constitution says that congress weel wields the power of the purse. that's what i think the president was trying to do there. i give him credit for trying. now we need to step up to the plate and use our constitutional power of the purse. >> congressman, thank you for
3:40 pm
joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> still ahead, ivanka trump on the world stage, she got some tough questions about her role at the white house and of course her father. new evidence tonight and new video from the united airlines controversy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ sfx: engine revving ♪ (silence) ♪ you need to eat this special. ♪ ♪ i love it start your day with crunchy whole-grain flakes... and real strawberries. special k. eat special. feel special. that just tastes better.
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fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your health care provider if you're tresiba® ready. covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ ivanka trump booed in berlin. the first daughter in germany invited bring german chancellor angela merkel to speak on a panel for women's empower many. he should was heckled when she
3:44 pm
spoke about her father's record on women. >> he's been a tremendous ampion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive. and the new reality of -- >> you hear the reaction from the audience. >> i certainly heard the criticism from the media and that's been perpetuated. i think the thousands of women who have worked with and for my father for decades when he was in the private sector are a testament to his belief and solid conviction in the potential of women. >> this is ivanka's first major public appearance since becoming an official white house advisor role. she was asked to explain. >> what is your role and whom are you representing, your father as the president of the united states, the american people, or your business? >> well, certainly not the latter. and i am rather unfamiliar with
3:45 pm
this role as well as it is quite new to me. the opportunity to have an elevated platform to be able to sit here on this stage and to hopefully that will bring about incremental positive change, and that is my goal. >> joining me, chief national correspondent for the boston globe and correspondent for the independent journal review. >> annie, this is going to be unpopular but i think it was terribly rude to boo ivanka trump when she spoke about her father. i think that was terrible. >> well, she is a white house advisor. yes, she's a first daughr, but i in it's fair to be asking those questions. >> i didn't say the questions were bad. i said i thought it was rude. she's invited on a panel and she travels across the ocean and she does that and that's the reception she gets, booed. you expect everyone to get booed something said people don't like? >> i think you get to have the reaction. i think it's important for her to hear it and understand this is how her father's --
3:46 pm
>> you're getting the trap door. >> all right. erin, are you going to get the trap door? >> here's the thing. i actually think she handled it quite well. we haven't seen a whole lot of her since the inauguration. she did two interviews, one with halle and one with cbs. it shows why they should put her out more because she handled it so well. she said, this is new to me, the role is now to me, politics is new to me. she's honest and she's calm. >> people are upset, you know, the fact that she's a white house advisor and that -- actually now that she has a, quote, more formal position, we have more control. we can find out, she has certain rules she has to comply with and we get more information. >> that's true. she has a bunch of disclosures she has to comply with some of the conflicts of interest laws that in fact her father does not have to comply with. but the other thing about ivanka, when you talk to people who are in the white house or close to the white house, there is a concern that she represents the side of trump who wants to
3:47 pm
be popular and not the side of him that is a populist. and those are two competing interests in the white house right now. and some of the populists are quite skeptical of ivanka and her desire to prop up her father's popularity rather than some of the more difficult decisions that the populists ironically kind of want to make. >> she has to walk a very fine line because she was at an event today talking about entrepreneurship among women whicis a really important topic and she is a female entrepreneur. but in that clip you just played, she had to say, i am not representing myself as a business woman, but that's too bad in a way because she has that experience. >> but what would it mean, we want women -- she's obviously a high profile woman and we want the world to see successful -- we want women to be part of commerce internationally. somebody had to go. who do you send besides? do you have a better idea? >> i'm not saying somebody else should have gone. erin and i completely agree with you. she acquitted herself beautifully and she's a great
3:48 pm
spokesperson for this president and i'm surprised you don't see her on sunday shows, on your show. i'm surprised -- >> surprised you don't see her here, too, especially after i just offended her, she should come here. i'm teasing. >> i think they're rolling her out very slowly on purpose because the first 100 days so far has been pretty rocky. but i think they are trying to save her from that fire because she is going to be such an important force in the white house. >> i think that's right. >> and she does have influence. she has an awful lot of influence. >> she does. >> a lot of issues she tempers her father. anyway, thank you both. >> thank you. >> i'm not pulling the trap door on you. i'm just teasing. new video surfaced of the united airlines passenger surfaced. was this passenger fighting and flailing before this video went viral? that's ahead. the nbc report with tom costello is next. ugh! heartburn!
3:49 pm
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3:51 pm
more breaking news tonight
3:52 pm
about the tensions on our other border. reuters reporting that canadian prime minister justin trudeau is calling president trump tonight amid new concerns over a possible trade war. nbc news has not independently confirmed the call. earlier today, president trump signing an executive order slapping a 20% tax on all lumber coming to the united states from canada. >> canada has been very rough on the united states. everyone thinks of canada being wonderful and so do i. i love canada. baugh they've outsmarted our politicians for many years. >> president trump also saying there is no reason to fear a trade war with canada. ahead, new surveillance video from moments before this man was dragged off a flight. you will hear, and you'll want to hear what those security guards are fou clanow claiming the incident. a live report from nbc's tom costello. that's next.
3:53 pm
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3:56 pm
now to new video and new fallout for united airlines in the wake of that violent passenger dragging. the tribeca film festival is pulling united airline ads because theater goers were laughing at them. now nbc news has obtained surveillance video, audio recordings and official statements from the security officers involved in the incident. nbc's tom costello has the nbc exclusive. tom? >> reporter: i'd like to say it's an exclusive, but just to be clear, this was a freeze dom of information act request that we put in, and so did the associated press. but the findings are really quite important. this incident, as you know, happened two weeks ago, greta,
3:57 pm
and that video went viral showing dr. dao being violently pulled off the plane. now we're getting to see the surveillance video and incident reports written by those security officers. the surveillance camera appears to capture a routine boarding for flight 3411. we see dr. david dao wearing a baseball hat, walking on board. a short time later -- >> two passengers are refusing to get off the aircraft. >> reporter: united airlines called airport security. >> any information on were they drinking, doing anything like that? >> no. it's something with -- >> oh, you guys over booked a flight? this is a departing flight? >> yeah. [ screaming ] >> reporter: minutes later, dao allegedly suffered serious injuries as he was drged from his seat. dr. dao's wife is seen frantically running off the plane, then back on again. >> just kill me. >> reporter: soon after, an ambulance arrives. in an incident report, the security officer who grabbed dr. dao, james long, reported that dao had refused to leave and folded his arms tightly.
3:58 pm
when he grabbed dao, long reported dao began flailing and fighting. long says dao then fell and injured his mouth on the arm rest. dr. dao's attorney calls that utter nonsense. >> no, i'm not going. i am not going. >> reporter: video shows dr. dao refusing to leave his seat before being grabbed but not being violent. four security officers have now been suspended. the united incident and another involving american airlines bringing scrutiny to the entire industry. now, with the major airlines announcing policy changes, several members of congress are calling for federal investigations, even a new passenger bill of rights. meanwhile, united, you may recall, promised an investigation, an internal investigation, and they would report the results of that by the end of the month. they've now just got a few more days before they are going to do that. we expect it could be by the end of the week. greta? >> tom, what's the most significant inconsistency do you see in all this? >> reporter: so as you know, passengers said when this incident began, dr. dao was adamant he was not going to get
3:59 pm
out of the seat because he had to go on, and he had to see patients the next morning. it wasn't until security officers showed up, two of them tried to talk him out of the seat. he said no. the third one suddenly grabbed him and dragged him out of the seat, and the security officer's report said that dr. dao slipped and hit his head on the arm rest. in fact, that officer was pulling dr. dao out and violently pulling him out, and that's when he hit his head on the arm rest. he said that dr. dao was resisting, but the evidence does not suggest that, at least in the video we've seen, and according to the witnesses we've talked to. we do have multiple security officers all saying that they are filing reports under duress, involuntarily. they said that the only reason they wrote up a report is because they feared getting fired if they didn't. and now i think you could make the claim that some of their reports may be inconsistent with what witnesses have said. >> tom, one other quick question. who did those security work for,
4:00 pm
for the airline or someone else? >> reporter: let's make it very clear. these were airport security officers. they were wearing jackets that said "police." they were not police officers. they had been told in january, stop wearing those jackets. they were still wearing them in april. >> and with that, thank you very much for watching. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. from russia with money. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. it looks likely that former trump nasht security adviser michael flynn broke the law when he failed to disclose on security clearance forms the money he earned from russia and turkey in 2015 and 2016. at issue is that now infamous dinner flynn attended with russian president vladimir putin, where he made $45,000 for a speech he delivered for the


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