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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  April 27, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the president wants a vote and wants a health care system as soon as possible. but that's going to be dictated by the officer and majority leader and the majority whip in the house when they feel the have the votes. >> that was sean spicer today. tonight, the house has announced there will be no vote. because they don't have the votes. so, no repeal of obamacare in the first 100 days. "the 11th hour" tonight with joy reed starts right now. tonight, add another investigation to the list for donald trump's former national security adviser. general michael flynn faces new scrutiny from the pentagon. mean while trump says tonight there is a chance of a quote, major, major conflict with north korea. also a former republican white house chief of staff will be here to talk about what's missing in the new administration as the trump presidency nears 100 days. "the 11th hour" begins now.
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good evening from msnbc headquarters here in new york. i'm joy reed in for brian, who has the night off. it's the end of day 98 for the trump presidency, with one full day to go before day 100, russia remains the story the white house just can't shake off. once again tonight there are new questions involving the briefly serving former national security adviser michael flynn. at press conference on the trump administration's first 100 days the ranking member of the house oversight committee accused the white house of stonewalling congress on russia and flynn. >> i honestly do not understand why the white house is covering up for michael flynn. i don't get it. after the president fired him. for lying. they should be lending over backwards to help us. there's' obviously a paper trail, ladies and gentlemen. there is a paper trail, that the white house does not want our committee to follow.
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these guys are playing games. and when you see mr. spicer you can tell him i said that today. >> congressman elijah cummings also released documents today on flynn. the documents show the pentagon warned flynn about accepting foreign payments. the documents bolster the fact that flynn didn't report money he received from russian and turkish interests. what's mo, cummings today said michael flynn must have been seen the pentagon's warnings about foreign cash. >> this letter explicitly warned general flynn as he entered retirement that the constitution prohibited him from accepting any foreign government payments without advance permission. the pentagon's warning to general flynn was bold, italicized, and could not have been clearer. >> today the white house responded, inexplicably, by blaming the obama
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administration. the administration that fired flynn as head of the defense intelligence agency in 20 14rks nearly a year before donald trump even began running for president. and by repeatedly deploying the talking point that current president -- the current president made all the right decisions. >> general flynn was a career military officer who maintained a high level security clearance throughout his career in the military. his clearance was last reissued by the obama administration in 2016 with full knowledge of his activities that occurred in 2015, as you point out. but all of that clearance was made by the obama -- during the obama administration, and apparently with knowledge of the trip that he took. so that's how the process works. and i welcome the department of defense's ig's review. >> if he wasn't fired by the president for lying to the vice president, would he still have a job today at white house. >> i think the president made the right call at the right time
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and it has clearly paid off. >> i was wondering if you could provide more information about some of his financial dealings that have in particular now come to light. is that what led to his firing from thehite house? >> i think we addressed it at the time. no, no. that's right. i think th president made the right decision at the right time and he continues to stand by it. >> knowing what you know now, did you miss something and you regret bringing michael flynn -- >> i think the president made the right decision at the right time, and it's been pretty clear that -- >> he regrets bringing him in. >> no, i'm just saying he made the right decision. and i think we moved forward from the decision and the decision stands. breaking tonight in a new interview, donald trump in an apparent response to comingman cummings said quote we have given everything we can to the committees and the committees can come in and see whatever they want. tonight's banl, jeremy bash, chief of staff in the pentagon and cia, chief counsel to the house intelligence committee. michael crowley, politico's
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senior national affairs -- and -- thank you gentlemen for being here. jeremy i want to start with you on the rolling explanations from the white house that do not include the answer to the question whether they vetted michael flynn or whether they regret bringing them in. what do you make of today's explanations? >> critical differentiation between giving somebody security clearance, thousands and thousands of people have that. quite another to say vetting for the job of national security adviser. when trump won the election his team should have immediately vetted mike flynn and asked him a series of questions. first, general flynn, you wrote an op ed on november 8:th talk being how weeds to stand by the government of turkey. were you paid by turkey yes or no. he should have answered yes. secondly, were you registered by the justice department as a important agent. flynn should have registered. he did not.
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then finally, when you went to moscow, did you ask permission from the defense department to get paid there? again, he would have had to answer truthfully and finally did you put that payment on your serity clearance form when you got that security clearance earlier in the year? again, flynn did not do that. had the white house done a thorough job vetting flynn he would never have been at national security adviser. it was a breakdown in the vetting process. >> michael crowley, is it a breakdown in theet having process or evidence that maybe they got the michael flynn -- they wanted the flikal flynn that they get. there are many of the trump campaign that have ties. let's listen to one them, carter page, who was on cnn earlier today. and he was asked about his own ties to russia. take a ng listen. >> did you coordinator communicate the details of your trip or that you were going with
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any member of the trump campaigner administration? >> i never -- again, none of those details. they knew i was going, but nothing was -- >> how did they know? >> it was -- again, i don't talk about internal discussions. >> it matters. it matters, because the suggestion is they knew you were going. if they knew you were going, any must have had an interest in you going. if they had an interest in you go, did they coordinate anything that you said there which was inherently destructive to american policy? >> absolute will he not. and nothing i said was destructive to american policy. >> michael crowley it becomes more and more difficult to believe this is a series of coincidences, manafort with all these russia ties as campaign manager in march. page in july. jeff sessions meeting with kislyak. even kushner meeting with kislyak. and michael flynn. can this all be a series of whacky coincidences or do we
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need to start looking at the white house knowing all of this was going on? >> it can be a receivers whacky coincidences. it sure would be a big coincidence. the thing that i would add to that, joy, everyone that you just named in some way has proven evasive or less than total gal forthcoming about the facts, even jared kushner, let's not forget, failed to disclose his contacts with the russian ambassador on a background check or security clearance form that he filled out during the transition. now, i believe his lawyer said that was an oversight that was quickly corrected but i have not seen verification of that. you know, if nothing untoward is happening here why does everybody suddenly have this faulty memory, inaccurate recollection? you know, carter page's very strange circumstance up low accusings using the passive tense and saying i'm not going to talk about these conversations. it just -- there's -- it just smells really funny and then there's donald trump himself.
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i mean let's -- we get bogged down in the details here. the most important thing is the guy at the top of the heap here who has just inexplicably now for years refused to criticize vladimir putin even when presented with the most sort of compelling, damn damning evidence of putin's amorality and bad behavior, alleged assassinations of his political rivals and critics, russian involvement and culpability for the shootdown of a passenger jet over ukraine. and trump won't go there and criticize him. let's not lose sight of the big picture, which is trump himself. >> that is the point, richard painter, is you have donald trump who in another interview in the washington examiner that came out today called the russia story a faux story. it's made up. he goes back to his election obsession, democrats lost the election, it is a fake story to justify how the democrats lost the election. et cetera, et cetera.
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sally yates, who was the acting attorney general during their time when they came into the white house went to donald trump, to the white house, to the president and warned him that michael flynn was a problem that he was having these dealgs with russia that he wasn't mentioning. is it possible, probable in your view, this could all be something donald trump knew nothing at all about, meaning michael flynn's activities? >> i have no idea what president trump knew. but there are people high up in this administration who offensely know what's going on with the russians and aren't disclosing it. and we need to get that information. all of the relevant documents concerning flynn and the russians need to be turned over to congress right now. and if they are not turned over, congress needs to subpoena them and enforce the subpoena. it is critically important get all of the information out. i do not know what president trump knew about this, when he knew it. i do not know. but we need to find out. and we need to find out who in
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this administration was cooperating with the russians, and conducting espionage in the united states, and disseminating information that had been stolen from the democratic national committee and elsewhere last year. this is treason, what's going on here. we have an attempt -- a successful attempt by a foreign power to undermine the american democratic system. they are doing the same thing in france right now to try and elect an extreme. i government over there. and we cannot accept this in the united states. all of the facts have to come out. now congress has to insist upon it. the republicans need to join the democrats in a by part san effort to get to the bottom of this russia thing. what michael flynn did of taking money from the russians in violation of the emolument claws of constitution and lying about it is criminal. that needs to be dealt with. and the president him needs to stop taking emoluments from foreign governments.
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he needs to disclose his tax returns, we have a right to know who is financing his business. enough is enough and congress needs to demand that information right now. >> i want to go jeremy bash and see if you know the answer to this, one of the excuses being made today by sean spicer is that the current administration relied on the previous one to vet michael flynn. to the extent that michael flynn had any ethical dealings with foreign powers that was the obamacare administration's responsibility. >> presidential appointees, ie the leaders of an administration don't do the security clearance reviews. they are done by career national security professionals who are apolitical. for spicer to blame, quote, the obama administration is misleading the public about the way the process works. second and more fundamentally, joy, as i noted earlier, the grant of a security clearance is not the same thing as a vet for the job of national security
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adviser. they are two completely different things. thousands of people have security clearances. only one person is the president's number one national security adviser. and that's somebody who was this unvetted individual, mike flynn. want to shift to north korea before we run out of time, michael crowley. this comment by donald trump at a reuters interview saying there is a chance we could end up having a major major flick with north korea absolutely. that is obviously not a precedent statement coming out of the mouth of the president of the united states. >> trump is describing a pretty obvious reality that nobody with dispute which is that as north korea continues to develop nuclear helps and missiles that might be able to strike the united states, if at some point we can't change that behavior we may be in a conflict at the point where they might be able to threaten us with a nuclear weapon. i think a wide array of mainstream foreign policy thinkers who say you have to take the risk of a conflict with
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north korea. when it comes to trump and he talks that way it is not the way that a president normally communicates about this issue. it raises the temperature. there is uncertainty. he is talking about the long term or the nearer term, something much more rash, something the important policy community wouldn't counsel. that raises a degree of danger when there is uncertainty both in terms what have he means and what he is thinking. both our allies and adversaries are going to react in unpredictable ways. messages on this issue are crucial. donald trump doesn't seem to be able to learn it. >> richard painter earlier i was on with chris haze. we were talking about won of the complexities of donald trump when it comes to foreign policy it's not clear what splunss his thinking or who influences his thinking, is that why we need to
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be concerned about his foreign business entanglements. >> absolutely. we need to know who he owes money to. his business carries a lot of deb and we don't know who he owes money to. michael flynn was a obama administration reject. blaming that on them is absurd. we have other people still in the white house who have dubious credentials. sebastian gore could have been wearing medals from an organization tied to the national socialists. we have strange views on social poll see. we have no idea where the president is getting his advice in a very dangerous world. and this white house needs to get its act together on foreign policy, season predictable messages as to what we are going to do about countries like north korea. are we going to let everybody get nukes the way the president was talking in the campaign?
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are we going to return to the more traditional poll receive working with our allies to contain north korea? but we cannot have this type of foreign policy being conducted out of the white house where they say one thing one day and another thing the next. and we have no idea who is influencing the president. >> indeed. i think you speak for many people when you say that. jerr moo bash, michael crowley and richard painter thank you all. coming up i'll speak with one of the democrats at the podium today calling for further investigation into michael flynn. connecticut senator richard ble bloomenthal is my guest when "the 11th hour" continues. our fr network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday.
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there is not o shred of evidence that he -- that general flynn got permission to receive this foreign money or that he acknowledged receipt of it. >> welcome back to "the 11th hour." one of the democrats sharing that podium today with congressman elijah cummings was connecticut senior senator richard bloomenthal, he sits on the armed services committee and the jish rather committee. i had a chance to speak with him today. and we got a chance to talk about today's revelations regarding mike flynn and the white house pointing the finger at the obama administration. >> the revelations are mounting evidence that general flynn quite simply broke the law and may well be guilty of a serious criminal offense. and that evidence is that he took payments, half a million dollars, from the turkish and russian governments, that he concealed those payments in his
8:21 pm
security clearance forms in 2016, and that he acted as a registered foreign agent without permission from the department of defense, also a criminal violation. the evidence is incontrovertible of those facts. blaming it on the obama administration is a pretty doubtful to understate it effort to shift the blame from general flynn to the obama administration for general flynn's non-disclosures and potentially lies punishable by imprisonment. so why the administration is trying to defend general flynn by blaming the obama administration is one of the mysteries here. and in fact they are refusing to cooperate with the house and senate committees in disclosing documents. >> and of course one of the people who tried to warn the trump incoming trump white house about miael flynn and his
8:22 pm
major conflicts of interes t sa the least, was sally yates who was the acting attorney general at the time, who was fired by this administration. the judiciary committee on which you sit is going the talk to sally yates and james clapper on may 8th about russiagate. what do you want to know from sally yates. >> i would i'm like to know what the administration's response to her was when she brought these disclosures and potential violations of law, very, very serious information about his breaking the law, to the administration. by the way, i asked that his security clearance be reviewed in a letter that i wrote back in december, a long time ago. and others were aware of these kinds of evidence. so we really need to know from her as well as director clapper why the administration stone walled then and apparently is continuing to stonewall now. >> the thing i think a lot of people look at this and say wamtd you have a high who was fired by the intelligence agency
8:23 pm
by the previous administration. he was vetted thoroughly, turfed out of the previous administrati administration. he comes into the new administration without a lot of investigate. you asked for his security clearance to be revoked. you have paul manafort, and jared kushner who didn't tell the truth on his forms to get a security clearance. this pattern all seems to be pointing to connections to russia, dealings with russia. can all of that be a coins dent dense from your point of view, sir? >> it's a deeply troubling pattern that it defies the claim that it's completely coincidental. and that's why we need a special prosecutor because the trump administration can'ting investigating one of its own, general flynn or anybody else who was an associate of the trump administration or the transition team or the campaign who may be linked to the russian interference in our elections. there is no qution, joy, that there was interrence by the russians. it is unanimously and uniformly accepted by the intelligence
8:24 pm
community and by everybody who knows about it. the question is, what was the involvement, if any, of the trump associates? including general flynn. >> should jared kushner lose his security clearance as a result of not being honest on form he filled out? >> if this evidence and the facts are really pursued, where they lead, that is a possibility that not only jared kushner, but others may lose their security clearance. the question is, were they truthful? general flynn was knots when he submitted the information necessary for his security clearance. his lie to the federal government, if it was a deliberate deception s punishable by criminal conviction. >> and one last question, you have asked your fellow member of the democratic party to fund a lawsuit regarding trump's international business interests. describe what you want to see happen in that regard? >> what we're seeking is the truth about donald trump's
8:25 pm
unprecedented conflicts of interest. and one course of action may be to seek legal redress. but there are a variety of course of action that are open to us. and we are going to be pursuing the one that makes the most sent. the conflicts of interest are really our focus. and those conflicts of interest in the first hundred days certainly involved no draining of the swamp. if anything, more deepening of it. >> senator, we will definitely be watching for the progress on that. thank you very much, simple appreciate your time. >> thank you. coming up, i'll ask 43's chief of staff to tell us what is missing in the 100-day-old trump administration. when "the 11th hour" continues. working on my feet all day gave me pain here.
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that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. as we approach the much talked about 100th day of donald trump's presidency. it's important to remember it's not the president hitting a milestone. it's his staff, too. that group has several power centers, steven bannon, and the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. each of them at times tries to pull donald trump in different directions. politico interew nearly two dozen trump aides and allies and writes today so far trump has let a white house gripped by paranoia and insecurity, paralyzed by jockeying for power, and mistrutss for aides that runs so deep that many employ their own personal advisors.
8:30 pm
joining me now, andy card, he served as white house chief of staff under george w. bush. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here, thank you. >> when you read about that kind of dysfunction, isn't it the chief of staff's job to prevent that? doesn't it mean that reince priebus is not good at his job? >> it means that the president sets the tone at the white house. the chief of staff has a job to do but can't do what the president doesn't empower him to do. i happen to feel that the staff of the president should not be common in its thinking. there should be lots of different views there. should be a little tension. there should be a little friction. it's the chief of staff's job the make sure the friction doesn't disrupt the responsibility of the president having to make tough decisions but you don't want a white house that is monolithic in its thinking or in its advice or counsel to the president that would not be a good thing to happen. and there has been with every presentation that i'm familiar with tension between staff
8:31 pm
members. it's something that sometimes is very good and sometimes is not so good but it's always present. and it's kind of a reality. and it is a necessary reality so you don't fall into that monolittic, one mind at the white house thinking. you want lots of different minds there. >> isn't that the case that when you have a strong white house that have lots of views, a sort of team of rivals approach, i lincolnesque -- >> no -- >> let me finish the question. it works if you have a president that knows his mine that has a strongco of believes. if he doesn't then he is dragged around like a rag doll depending on who has the biggest voice in the room. that's the criticism of donald trump right now. >> that's the same criticism of barack obama. >> i never heard that with regard to barack obama, not at all. >> you weren't listening to the same people i was. >> same thing said of george w. bush, that he came in with no fixed ideology, and so he was
8:32 pm
sward by the loudest voice in the room, namely the neoconservatives, and that's why we wound up 234 iraq. isn't that a fair -- >> your creation is a myth. i worked with president bush. he had strong drowned values. >> was he a neoconservative? that's who wound up being the loudest voice in the room. >> he knew who they were. and he came to office with strong views and expectation. then he had to deal with the world as it was, now how he wanted it to be. that's what every president has to deal with. >> let's come back to the trump administration on one of the extraordinary piece of information that came out of the politicalo piece was the way that the staff present information to this current president. you don't walk in with a traditional presentation like a binder or a power point. he doesn't care, doesn't consume information that way said one senior administration. you tell him the pros and cons and what the media coverage is
8:33 pm
going to be like. they have to convince him to get good press. is that a sound decision making scheme? >> first of all i'm not sure that represents that's what really does happen. >> that's what a senior administration official said. >> some would do that. some others would not do that. that's why you don't want monolithic activity at the white house. reince priebus has a really tough job. the most important thing is to control the calendar, the clock, the schedule of the president. you want to make sure that the president never makes an easy decision, that he makes brutally tough decisions he does not get monolithic counsel and nobody bullies him into a decision. you want him to make an informed decision and want to make it in time. you also want to make sure that the space in the president's head is focused on what is important to the people of the country. >> would that include media. there are multiple quotes in this piece saying what's important to donald trump is what kind of headlines i'm going to get.
8:34 pm
he even says it himself, what kinds of headlines. >> every president that has been president do you remember my lifetime has worried about the press and the coverage and what happens. >> all the name. >> the big job is to pay attention to the responsibility. the oath of office. >> before you were chief of staff what job did you have. >> deputy us what chief of star, seth of transportation, and governmental affairs in the white house. worked for three presidents. >> do you think reince priebus who never worked for a white house in his life he walks in and easy supposed to make the trains arrive on time. matt mccarty didn't have experience and he did it. people have done it. i think reince knows washington well. this staff didn't know each other well before. it is players that never played together on the same team. they were put together on a team. they are finding the sea legs. i think it's up to the president
8:35 pm
to empower the chief of staff to give him the discipline permission to make sure that the white house functions well. jared kushner is someone who the president listens to. unfortunately, the president can't fire him. i think he is going to be there forever. that's a challenge but if the president is going to listen to people like that, acknowledge it, put him under the umbrella under the retics rules and that's how he comes into the white house. the white house has steve bannon who is not like people who worked in other associates. >> i don't think we have ever had anybody associated with what a lot of people believe is blan white nationalism. a lot of people? the white house are unique. any card, thank you for coming. coming up, how hard is it to be president, just ask donald trump, who reveals tonight it's tougher than he thought. that's next, when "the 11th hour" returns. and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension,
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if i, a guy who knows this business -- if i did a tenth, a tenth of what she did, i would be in jail today. >> former national security adviser michael flynn, once center stage at the republican national convention, taking iml aim at hillary clinton is now the center of a new investigation into the money he received from foreign interests. philip bump, heidi press bowla, and dana milliband join us now. let's start with you philip. this whole business of trying to find a way out of the michael flynn mess. you had something provocative to say inhe piece you did in the post today that maybe -- like you said, might as well jump it into. may be donald trump could pardon michael flynn. >> i think it could happen. if michael flynn finds himself sitting in front of a jury or a judge that's passing down a
8:40 pm
sentence i would not be surprised if donald trump came in to pouredan him or commute his steps. we saw it happen in the past, during watergate, we saw george w6789 bush's aide, libby. it could hatch i don't know if he will do it preemptively. that said, predicting what donald trump will do is always very hard. it wouldn't surprise me if he did do a preemptive pardon simply bus it's donald trump although it, extremely unusual. >> heidi, the administration can't shake the russiagate story. there are so many characters and so many developments that keep happening and happening and happening. one of the ways they tried to do it was sean spicer once again invoking the ghost of barack obama in order to get themselves out of trouble. let's listen to sean doing that. >> general flynn was a career military officer who maintained a high level security clearance throughout his career in the military. his clearance was last reissued
8:41 pm
by the obama administration in 2016 with full knowledge of his activities that occurred in 2015, as you pointed out. >> clearly that dog whistle works with donald trump's base, to say obama, obama, obama, but what is the utility at this point of really -- of again trying to drag the former president into their russiagate problem? >> i don't know. because it's just silly. right? even if he had a clearance under obama, as you've pointed out and has been pointed out numerous times on this network, he was fired. and clearances are technical matters and they are not the same as vetting. and the vetting failed in two important regards. it's not just during the administration when he was hired by trum but all throughout the campaign when he was actually a paid foreign agent. there are a lot of red flags, including that op ed from turkey. so putting this back onobama is going to be literally a 24 hour news cycle thing, if that. the more troubling thing i think about the developments today are that we are seeing a bit of a breakdown potentially in these
8:42 pm
investigations on the hill in terms of meps now squabbling over whether this is partisan or not in terms of cummings releasing this information. you are seeing this reporting now coming out on the senate side from michaelisa cough about democrats being frustrated that senator bird won't issue reports they need to get going. committees that are understaffed. as these reports start to come out i think that drum starts to pound harder in terms of getting an independent investigation going. >> one thing that the white house has going for it is the slow progress of the investigations. i have to play for you, and you in particular this extraordinary, let's put it that way interview. the latest interview donald trump did with reuter's. he talked about presidenting being hard, to use sort of a bushism. >> let's listen. >> i loved my previous life.
8:43 pm
i loved my previous life. i had several things going. i actually -- this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. i thought it was more of a -- i'm a details oriented person. i think you would say that. but i do miss my old life. this -- i like to work, so that's not a problem. but this is actually more work. >> dana, he thought being president would be easy, easier? >> you know, joy, i think we can all empathize here because having donald trump as president has been hard on all of us. so we can certainly understand where he's coming from. it is remarkable. we have this from the reuter's interview and a week ago he is telling the "associated press," wow, the federal government is so big. it's bigger than a company. it's just like this narve lous magical discovery that donald trump is having. but he does seem to be wistful and wishing to return to his old job. i suspect that could be arranged. >> philip, you know, i tried to get out of andy card in some sense, there are republicans who
8:44 pm
are trying to explain it's hard for every president who comes. they are neophytes, they don't know who being president is going to be like but there is no way to spin this as sort of a normal start to an administration, right. >> i think it's true of i think anyone who is -- >> did trump say he wasn't prepared. >> he said it's harder than he anticipat anticipated. that sort of says and he said in the past if i remember correctly it was a bigger job than he thought it was going to be. that was evident on the campaign trail. one would have hoped he would have come in and have a team of folks ready to go. but there has been squabbling and infighting. they didn't hit the ground running. they hit the ground in a pig pen from peanuts messy sprawl which hasn't been ideal. i think every american wants the president to do a good job and move forward and have a team that's getting the job done. the fact that he unstipulated how much work was going into
8:45 pm
this thing from the outset means he came into the office behind where other presidents would have come in and that's a disadvantage. >> how hard is it if you are watching tv six hours a day. we'll come back to that aftera we go to break. expressing buyers' remorse, when we come back. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help y every step of ty so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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sometimes i'd show up early; sometimes i was too late. and sometimes, even though i was there... i didn't really feel..."there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424 to learn more. welcome back. we talked a lot about donald trump's historically low approval ratings. but when you narrow it down to just trump supporters a new poll shows almost no movement. an overwhelming majority, 93% are still with them. if you are a student of american partisanship, you shouldn't be surprised. what about the voters who made the switch after backing barack obama twice? micolle wallace has been following trump voters since election in a special series
8:49 pm
called "in trump they trust". listen. >> reporter: brad knew he was taking a big leap when he voted for donald trump. >> i was a democrat. my grandpa, my dad, they were union guys so i never even thought about voting for a republican. >> reporter: but he never thought flipping sides would create this much chaos. >> it seems to be a real mess in washington. that's for sure. almost like they are playing childish games againstach other. >> reporter: since january we have been meeting americans just like brad, democrats, first-time voters. >> we need some changes made. >> reporter: and even bernie sanders supporters. they all ended up voting for donald trump. we've come back to bay county, michigan, which went red for the first time since ron reagan. none of you ever voted for a republican. >> correct. i never used to vote never. >> reporter: i met jason. a one time bernie supporter who at 29 years old cast his first ever presidential vote for donald trump. >> he has answers. we don't always like them.
8:50 pm
sometimes he offends the crap out of people but he has an answer. in less than two months his enthusiasm turns to anger. >> i feel bam i kind of feel dumb. >> the time has come. >> reporter: how did the president lose the support of a guy who cheered for him during his first speech to congress? >> it almost sounded progressionest, really open, really open to working both sides of the fence. >> four days he talks about being wire tapped and on twitter saying this about this person. >> reporter: jason says this was the deal breaker, the attack on syria, tough talk on north carolina and the massive bomb dropped on isis in afghanistan. >> i don't want to see the news special of a local saginaw teenager brought home in a casket. >> we are going to invade
8:51 pm
another country. there is going to be boots on the ground and he said it wasn't going to happen. it is one of the reasons i voted for him. he is putting us at danger and that is not okay. i am worried about the future of my family. >> i have to give the man some time to get things done. there is no way i can flip after 100 days and say he is a terrible president. >> reporter: brad, the guy who voted for president obama twice isn't ready to bail. >> i think he is stepping back a little bit from what he campaigned on. but i don't think it is a bad thing yet. >> reporter: would you support further action in syria? >> not right now. seeing those children dying on camera. that is terrible. i believe that would move anybody emotionally. we don't need to get in a war with syria. >> reporter: are you eager to see him turn in a more focussed way towards economic promises he made as a candidate? >> i would be pretty upset if he didn't do anything about nafta. that is why i wanted him was for trade. if he ignores it i don't think
8:52 pm
he will have a chance. >> if democrats are smelling blood in the water there is this warning. are democrats saying or doing anything that makes more sense to you now than hillary clinton did during the campaign? >> no. there is no middle anymore. nobody wants to work together. and it is just disappointing. just still can't believe that donald trump beat hillary clinton. they still can't deal with it. >> are you going to punish your senators or congress people if they don't back his agenda? >> definitely. there are things that democrats have preached about for years anyway. why they don't back it now is just pure hate for trump. >> reporter: if he sat down what advice would you give him? >> delete your twitter account until you can act like a grown up and stop trying to kill people in other countries. fix america. america first, donald. america first, donald, not
8:53 pm
syria. not anybody else. america. >> reporter: that is what he promised you? >> that is what he promised me and he is not doing that. >> our panel weighs in when we come back.
8:54 pm
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8:57 pm
voter. these are not people winnable for the democratic party. >> throughout the whole campaign there is this intersection of populism on the right and the left. that is the person that we are talking about. there is the issue of the foreign policy and people who just want us out of these foreig conflicts. and then there is the actual economic populism and people who thought donald trump, his welt and success and ability to cut good business deals would rub off on them. what they are seeing is many core populist principles have fallen to the way side in terms of labelling. we are only now getting on the nafta train and will see what happens with that. but i think with those people in terms of the populism that is his biggest challenge going forward is that we don't have like a big jobs program. we don't have a big infrastructure program. these folks what they are getting in exchange is obamacare
8:58 pm
plan at 17% like a dog with a bone and won't give up. these folks are not idee logical. >> at the end of the day for the democrats who crossed over and voted for donald trump isn't it more likely that if they don't get what they want from trump they drop out of the voter pool and go back to being democrats? >> not necessarily, joy. what has happened so far and so quickly is extraordinary. trump has really lost everybody but that core support that he had between 35% and 40%. you see in those elections in georgia and in kansas that some of them are going in the democrats' direction. there is no obvious sign that trump is finding a way to turn
8:59 pm
himself around. when people start to say wait a second, the coal jobs aren't coming back to appalachia and then you start to cut into that core support. i think they are very much up for grabs particularly in the off year election. >> you agree with . you wrote that the poll reinforces long term problem going past -- >> his core base support was barely enough for him to win november and tied three states. he has to change something. it may be the case democrats who voted for trump obviously a lot of personality in play here. we are still early. we could see a lot more people change down sth road. he doesn't have numbers holding his base to win in 2010. >> 90 million people didn't vote at all. thank you very much.
9:00 pm
that does it for this edition of the 11th hour. good night. i'm going to show you a piece of tape that i find funny. it's not funny, but i will admit that i find it funny. on march 31st, they did that thing in the oval office that they've gotten pretty good at now. they have the executive orders in big leather folders like men use. the president had his ceremonial pens. they had them laid out, they had the podium set up where he could make remarks ahead of time. you don't have to do them in this ornate, staged way, but they do. they want reporters and photographers to be there to witness these signings. and the problem with that system is that sometimes those reporters ask questions even when you don't want them to.


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