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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  April 28, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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addition of "andrea mitchell reports." good to see you, and enjoy your weekend. craig melvin here from msnbc headquarters in new york. another jam packed day. crisis delayed. house lawmakers voting to extend government funding for one week. and taking the stand. president trump said to speak at the nra's annual gathering in atlanta at this hour on the eve of his 100th day in office. why he becomes the first sitting president in more than 30 years to address the gun rights group. major, major conflict. the dire warning about a face-off with north korea. we start with that which came in an interview with reuters. >> there's a chance we could end up having a major, major
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conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> a short time ago secretary of state, rex tillerson, echoed the substance if not the tone of the comments during a meeting of the u.n. security counsel and the secretary said all options are on the table while applying pressure to u.n. member states to keep up the economic and deposit l diplomatic pressure. and we go to our panel. jacob rascon and kasie hunt is on capitol hill with the votes in the house that did and did not happen. let's start with you, and tell us more about the comments about the president and secretary of state? >> reporter: we saw the secretary of state is in a setting where using the words of diplomacy has a lot of weight, and when the president is in the oval office with reporters, there's a different tone here and so you see that the
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president is warning that there could be a conflict, and he has in recent weeks been trying to send a message to north korea of u.s. strength of a willingness to act with allies, preferably with the help of china but the willingness to stop north korea from expanding its nuclear capability. obviously past presidents have had this issue and barack obama on his way out of office repeatedly warned now president donald trump that north korea was one of the most grave and complicated threats he would face, and tillerson beginning to come into his own as a public official and grow into the office was much more about the urgency of using diplomacy but something must be done quickly. there's a sense of an amped up concern with north korea. the obvious threat to the region
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where we have so many allies, so the president is in some ways playing the bad cop and the secretary of state a bit more of the good cop and they represent a range of the u.s. policy and thinking right now when it comes to north korea. stern and willing to move, i think, are the under pinings of what that is with the help of china as president trump has urged the chinese president to intervene. >> jacob, let me come to you. trump in atlanta here. the next 30 or 45 minutes or so the day before his 100 days in office. tell us about this nra event. >> reporter: craig, this is their biggest event of the year. they expect 80,000 or more people to attend and the people you talk to here are thrilled he would show up. no president has been here since ronald reagan, more than 30 years ago. and the people i talked to they
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feel they have the fullport of their president. last year when the nra endorsed candidate trump and he spoke, it was more of an anti-hillary clinton event more than anything, and he promised if hillary clinton were elected he would take away every gun and put all their names on the government registration and the only way to save the second amendment was to elect him and here he's back for this event and he will congratulate himself and them and say they helped to put him over the top, and there are a few protests planned for outside. we know one going on now has about 200 people and may be a couple others also planned. after the event, we know the president is planning on holding a fund-raiser, the first of his kind as the congressional hopeful that has a runoff coming up in late june. craig? kasie hunt, there on the
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hill, two different outcomes for the budget and health care votes. tell us about those. >> reporter: that is right. all of the members already straerp streamed out of the capitol billing to go home. the story, the caucus members decided they could get behind the health care bill if they had a package of changes and one which was allowing states to charge people with pre-existing conditions more money for health conditions and that caused a lot of headaches along moderate republicans that are worried this is something that is going to be a nonstarter, and a lot of them are worried about democratic challenges in their districts, and so leadership had been counting those votes and they came up short. they are still looking at whether or not they could have a vote on this potentially next week but for the moment that has been tabled. meanwhile they are trying to get to an over all broad compromise on the spending bill.
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we have been talking about a potential for a government shutdown and that has been officially overted at least for the next week. and they have a resolution to keep the government doors open while they finish the negotiations, and we expect that they will do that next week and i would not describe it as a crisis situation. there's nobody on either side of the hill that thinks the government will shut down over it, and that's an agenda item for next week. >> the reuters interview we referenced a short time ago, the president also admitting something there that i think caught a lot of folks by surprise, admitting eventually that this job a little harder than he expected, perhaps. >> yes, he was asked about making the transition from private citizen to president of the united states and he talked about loving his former life,
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and loving the ability to drive and realizing that even as a famous person he now has far less privacy, and he acknowledged the job is much harder than he thought. that may be jarring to some people that say why did you aspire to be president if you would not be a difficult job, and i went back in my notes and in 2007 president bush talked about even as the son of a president and vice president he could not know the difficulty of the job until it was his own. and you are preparing and when it's your job, it changes. a bit of candor, perhaps, from donald trump in the interview with reuters marking the 100 days where he talked about life as a very famous person and life as the leader of the free world. craig? >> thank you. a big thanks to jacob rascon and
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kasie hunt. jacob stick around. the house and senate this morning voted to avert a government shut down and kicking the can down the road for a few more days, and i want to bring in pennsylvania republican and a member of the house weighs and means committee as well. congressman, thank you for your time this afternoon. >> great to be with you, craig. >> what is next? will there be another budget or continued resolution next week? >> no, i don't think so. the continued resolution will probably take us into next week and i think set us up to get a budget to go well into september. i am encouraged by the way we got out of here this weekend and looked forward to what will be a successful conclusion by the end of next week. >> what needs to happen for there to be a long-term budget
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deal? >> the important thing is what is not happening, and that's the introduction of the deal breakers that can get into a thing like that at budget closing time, nor do we have any groups that seem to be insisting on the kinds of riders that would be problems, and it's just the appropriators finding the right balance in the discretionary spending, and those are tough choices. >> some folks suspected a compromise still did not give speaker ryan enough votes to get the bill through. why can't your party reach an agreement on health care? >> because it's a big lift. we are doing very difficult things. there's the other side, too, whenever you are talking about health care and trying to get consensus and you get no help from the other side. republicans didn't help democrats and democrats aren't helping the republicans so you have a broad swath of opinions
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coming in and i think they were close and there's a lot of good things in that, and i am not supporting it because i am worried about what it will do to pre-existing conditions and other essential health benefits but a lot think they were close. >> let's talk about pre-existing conditions, and the web page attempts to reassure americans they will not lose coverage under the gop plan and there's a q & a part of the page and we want to pull it up for the viewers. our plan ensured all americans cannot be denied on the basis of their medical conditions. this is on the website. is that true under the new resized plan the freedom caucus accepted? >> yeah, with those kinds of caveats, the problem is always delivering the cost of the care, and sometimes that will mean that there's a chance for some
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of them to be put into plans where they will still get coverage, and the loophole may be when they put together a high risk pool and that could change some of the costs for those people. those were some of the r reservations i had, and there will be a number of people, as long as they stay in the system, that was one of the real problems as you well know, young people not signing up and getting in and out or people not getting signed up until they get sick. so this is designed to try and address that issue, but there's always a loophole that can change some of the dynamics. >> the president, as you know, and just a few minutes from now, set to address the largest annual gathering of the nra there in atlanta, and you were a co-sponsor of legislation expanding background checks in the wake of the mass shooting in 2012 in newtown, connecticut, 20 kids and six adults killed. the nra opposed that legislation
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as you well know with the president's open and enjoyious embrace of the group, do you see any way that there could be a move toward tightening any sort of gun regulations in this country? >> that could be one that could be re-introduced that could get us bipartisan support. i am working with some colleagues on the other side of the aisle on things that would make it a federal crime for the gun traffickers, and as a former usa attorney i newsom of the loopholes and the system that would allow us to inform local police departments when unqualified people tried to purchase a weapon. all the legislation i worked with on the other side of the aisle, and we will see what gets introduced and we can get through. we can get some of that up on the table in this session. >> how optimistic do you think
10:13 am
this president would sign legislation like that? >> i think he's demonstrated a reasonableness. we have to see what we can get to his desk. the question would be if we can get something to him. >> congressman, thank you for sticking around. i know you are going away on your weekend and appreciate you hanging out. >> thank you for having me. we have good news to report on the health of the former president w.h. bush, and he is home and recovering with family and friends the 41st president was discharged today from houston methodist hospital. he was being treated for a mild case of pneumonia and chronic bronchit bronchitis. live pictures from atlanta where president trump will touch down shortly and become the first sitting president to address the nra in 30 years. and we will hash out why he picked his 100th day in office
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to address that group. ready or not, here i come. ♪ anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us.
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president trump has touched down in atlanta, we're told, and president trump there to address the national rival association's annual gathering, roughly 80,000 packed in the room to hear from the president and we are told he could take the podium roughly in the next 30 minutes or so and
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it's the first time a sitting president addressed that group since ronald reagan did it back in 1983. more on that, but first on the eve of his 100th day in office president trump warning of a, quote, major, major conflict with north korea. and we have the former assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs, and john finer was chief of staff to former secretary of state, john kerry. mr. ambassador, let me start with you. that warning, major, major conflict. what do those words mean to you? >> well, major, major conflict would be something on the order of a second korean war, and if there were a preemptive strike and if north korea were to respond by lobbing one of its 14,000 artillery tubes into
10:19 am
south korea, we would be in a war. that's heavy stuff. on the other hand what is really going on we have a president that is pulling out all of the stops to get the north koreans to understand the gig is up and they need to come back to the table and do it on the basis of deno tphaobnukizin denukizing. he is working on the chinese and north koreans now. >> you have the secretary of state using a different tone when talking about the north korea threat today. here's rex tillerson talking to npr? >> do you intend to direct talks to north korea, is that your goal? >> obviously that would be the way we would like to solve this. but north korea has to decide they are ready to talk to us about the right agenda and the right agenda is ntphaunot simpl
10:20 am
stopping where they are for a few months and then resuming things. >> what do you take of the two different messages coming out of the executive branch? >> thanks, craig. i have been paying close attention to what secretary tillerson has been saying and i think he struck the right cord, a tough message on what the north koreans need to do and not closing the door to the diplomacy, and the big question will be what terms would the united states agree allowing diplomatic conversations to occur, and tillerson said they would need to dismantle their nuclear program to get into the conversation, and the administration has a propensity for making big terms at the beginning of a conversation as a negotiating position, but i think two other things are very important. what was said by the administration in the last 24 hours, and it involves the country ambassador hill was
10:21 am
ambassador to, south korea. the u.s./south korea free-trade agreement, and the second implying that south korea -- putting these things in play is at a time when the southerne kos are going through a president transition, and it's an alliance that needs to be rock solid before we consider anything military with the north koreans. >> that report that john is talking about, this idea that president trump would actively work to renegotiate a trade deal with south korea, and i believe south korea is our fifth or sixth largest trading partner in terms of goods. what is the logic there? why try that right now? >> i don't think there's any rhyme or reason to bring that up right now. south korea is going through a difficult time. they have a president that is in jail awaiting corruption trial,
10:22 am
and they have a new election coming up on may 9th and it's anybody's guess who will win, and one of the candidates is one who has not been enthusiastic about the u.s. in general, and in fact about the free-trade agreement in particular, and i don't think that's particularly good timing. i think the real issue is to hold them close and hold the japanese close why we try to work with the chinese as well and make sure that in talking to the chinese we don't appear to be doing it over the heads of the south koreans, so it's a very delicate moment, and certainly when you look at the agreement that is the korea and u.s. free-trade agreement, that took a lot of work and there was a lot of opposition to it, not just in the u.s. but especially in south korea, and so it was a heavy lyift to get it done and don't think any random discussion about relooki-lookin it is helpful at this time.
10:23 am
>> president trump, as you can see here, has touched down in the a, as it's called by many, atlanta, georgia, and you can see that at the international airport, and he will be heading to the nra convention here, and when he deplanes in just a few moments, he will be going to a fund-raiser for karen handle. "the wall street journal" a couple days ago described the president as a nationalist and globalist and it seemed contradictory to a lot of folks. how would you define this president's approach to foreign policy as we approach 100 days? >> well, you know, that's a question that i think would be best addressed to the administration. they have had a very hard time doing it themselves. i have read a lot of commentary around the 100-day mark how the foreign policy should be
10:24 am
characterized. all of those outside commentaries tend to sound more organized than the administration's own presentation. one thing that would be helpful for them and you can consider it free advice they are unlikely to take, and somebody should give a big speech, the secretary of state or the president or secretary of defense laying out what their foreign policy approach is. at this point, most administrations have done that already and we have not seen that from the trump administrations and those speeches tend to force organized thinking and messaging that i think will be useful for them. >> thank you and enjoy the weekend, gentlemen. president trump there in atlanta air force one making its way across the tarmac, and the president going to be addressing the official title of the nra leadership forum that is going to happen in the next few
10:25 am
minutes but this is their annual convention, 80,000 gathered there in atlanta, georgia. they will be getting a friendly message, and that is a tprefrie crowd for the president. they helped donald trump become president of the united states. and here's a look at what is happening outside that venue. protesters have been gathering to voice their opposition to this president and to the gun rights group in general. one of the mothers of that movement whose son was shot and killed in florida will share why she's in the middle of all that protesting this afternoon. that's going to happen on the other side of this break. tyler hicks: i see fear. i see desperation. but i also see hope.
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the steps of air force one there in atlanta, georgia. he just touched down a few moments ago. president trump on his way to that nra convention, and roughly 80,000 have assembled to hear him speak and that speech expected to happen roughly 15 minutes or so from now, and president trump being greeted on the tarmac and he will get in the limo and go to the event and
10:30 am
after that he will stick around the atlanta area for a fund-raiser for karen handel, the republican nominee in the race in the runoff next month, and we see senator ted cruz there and he will be one of the folks addressing the convention as well, and along with the interior secretary, ryan zinke as well, and a number of speakers expected but the biggest, of course, coming from president trump. this is not a group that has seen a sitting president since ronald reagan back in 1983. meanwhile, 80,000 gun supporters inside, protesters outside. that event not coming without opposition. protesters are outside the venue and around the city, we are told, as well. these protesters calling among other things tighter gun laws in the country. joining me now from atlanta, the faith and outreach leader of moms demand action for guns in
10:31 am
america, and her son was shot and killed during an argument over loud music back in 2012 in florida and the killer was sentenced to life in prison for that shooting. thank you for being with me this afternoon. >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> the protesters who gathered outside that nra convention, what do they want to see? >> i am outside the congress center, and in opposition to the gun lobby's leadership and all the other gun violence survivors, such as myself, and community leaders and legislators and gun owners themselves will be in opposition to the nra extremist aen duhs, guns anytime and no questions asked here in georgia. >> what part of the nra's agenda specifically do you have a problem with? >> oh, definitely have a problem with, you know, not having a
10:32 am
background check for every gun in the united states, and basically under the extremist agenda right there anybody from any state would be able to carry their guns into another state, and even states that don't have as strong of a concealed carry laws and rules, they will be able to carry their guns across state lines, and that affords the domestic abusers and the ill to bring their guns in the state of georgia, and making sure that people are not in fear of being able to walk in their own cities and live in their own cities without the fear of being gunned down. these are just a few of the extremist metrics we are in opposition to. we want to make sure the gun lobby knows we are here and not going away and there are a
10:33 am
growing number of people in the country that are going to stand by and watch them push the extremist agenda of guns everywhere. >> we saw the president's motorcade make its way to where you are for this address to the nra. what would you like to hear from president trump this afternoon? what do you think we will likely hear from this president? >> well, what i would like to hear -- what we would like to hear is activists from president trump is he would be willing to sit down and listen to common sense measures we can put into our existing gun laws to protect citizens so we can close loopholes on existing gun laws and change the dangerous culture we are living in. we know that as you expressed earlier, the nra gun lobbyist put $30 million putting into the campaign for president trump to be elected so we know they have
10:34 am
a seat at the table in the white house and they truly expect to carry out their guns everywhere agenda. >> good to have you on. thank you for your time. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> again, we are all waiting for president trump to take the stage there at the nra's leadership forum. he is en route, we are told. we just saw the motorcade making its way from atlanta heartsfield in jackson to that venue. more on the significance of the president's speech today, again, the eve of his 100th day in office. beyond is a natural pet food
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it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ this morning the house approved a continuing resolution to keep the lights on for another week, and hammer out a budget deal. the senate approving a short time later. the fight is far from over. republicans hope to revive their health care plan and also hope to make a run at president trump's tax proposal or a variation of it. congresswoman jackie speier joins me. is the house close to a budget deal? >> i think the cr will be voted on next week and we will have the requisite number of votes. the last thing the president wants is a shutdown. it would really spell a demise
10:39 am
of his first 100 days. as long as it's a clean cr, i think we will have the votes necessary next week. >> but even if you guys pass something next week, we are looking at five months, maybe, i think, until we have to go through all of this again. what's keeping you guys from putting a long-term deal in place? >> oh, good question. we have not been able to put a long-term deal together for many years. i have been here nine years and i think i can count on two fingers the number of times we have had budgets that were comprehensive in nature on the bill, so we are an expert at kicking the can down the road. >> the affordable care act, as you know, there's talk of a vote happening as early as next week. are democrats concerned the
10:40 am
affordable care act aka obamacare is going to go away sooner rather than later? >> i don't think they have the votes. they can only lose 21 votes. it will be dead on arrival in the senate. i think the republicans in the house are thinking long and hard on whether or not they want to be recorded as voting for this measure. this measure is an absolute repeal. it does not protect pre-existing conditions. it doesn't protest kids staying on your plan. it does not have the protections from annual limits, caps and lifetime caps. and it gets rid of all of the age bans, so that means you can charge people far more depending on what age they are. it's a horrible bill. i think they all realize the freedom caucus is trying to make up for the fact that they got a lot of heat for not supporting the president and so they are trying to show that they are cooperating, but it is not a bill that will ever see the light of day.
10:41 am
>> as we are having this conversation on the other side of the screen, a live look there in atlanta, georgia. president trump set to address the nra's annual gathering any moment now, we are told. you have been an outspoken supporter of gun control, a victim of gun violence yourself. is there anything that you can see yourself working with this president and this congress that will address your concerns as they relate to gun violence in this country? >> outside my door i have the pictures of all the people that were killed in mass shootings last year. all the people that aren't mentioned with moments of silence on the floor. i think we all, who are very concerned about the gun violence in the country, are very anguished right now because what is being presented in congress is the nra wish list. the bills that will allow conceal carry anywhere in the
10:42 am
country regardless of whether the state has a strong opposition against conceal and carr carry. the background checks not required for internet sales and gun shows, simple laws that we can put on the books to close loopholes in the existing law and yet there's an unwillingness to do even that. our best offense this year is going to be a really strong defense, because there's going to be an effort for the nra to undermine what little laws we do have on the books. >> congresswoman, enjoy your time and have a good weekend. >> thank you. again, we are waiting for president trump to take the stage at the nra leadership forum and we will bring that to you as soon as it happens here. more again on the significance of the president's speech on the eve of his 100th day in office. sugar to stay in control. i need to cut my a1c. weekends are my time.
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a live look at atlanta, georgia. there's a familiar face. he is for a lot of folks the face of the national rival association. his title is not that, but he is
10:47 am
addressing the group there ahead of president trump's remarks expected to happen here in the next few minutes. in addition to president trump, also senator ted cruz, and ryan zinke, and donald trump becoming the first sitting president to address that group since ronald reag reagan. and joining us is our panel. mr. tyler, let me start with you, although i should probably start with mr. michael bessloss on. he classes up the joint in such a way -- >> i wish that were true. thank you. >> i am going to start with you. i was going to start with rick tyler, but let's start with you. we have not seen a sitting president do this since 1983. why is that? why haven't more republican
10:48 am
presidents whether it was h.w. bush or his son, why didn't they do what donald trump is doing today? >> well, they probably did not have the need, the political need that donald trump probably feels today which is that there have been 100 days and a number of things where he back slid from positions that he took during the campaign, and maybe most recently nafta this week, and probably this is a way of showing his base, i have not forgotten you and so much do i want to show you that i have not forgotten you that i want to do something no president has done since our hero, ronald reagan, had done in the 1980s. >> this is going to be a friendly audience for the president and is that going to let him go off script? >> he will probably go off script. i would look out for that for sure. >> what else are you hrlistenin
10:49 am
for? >> i am listening for how much he understands the gun issues and if he supports what the nra reports. they don't support illegal gun owners or criminals and they worked with congress and they are a model organization here in town. if you want to know how to move an issue in congress and not have congress touch your issue in a negative way study the nra, because if they don't run everybody telling everybody you have to own a gun, but if you are a member and you want to take away peoples' rights to protect themselves, they will come after you and they are affective at doing that. >> the president doesn't have a single legislative victory so far. what kind of speech do you expect to hear in the context of that? is that something that he's even going to dress? >> i wonder if he takes this speech to lay down a marker of some policy he might purseursuet
10:50 am
the nra is seeking, and concealed carry across different states, and i wonder if we will see an echo of support for sile. but this is their chance to get behind donald trump since the campaign. people were signing letters saying he was unqualified, and the nra was spending hard money to get him elected. this is an important ally for him, and we've seen so far that he has governed for the most part to get them behind him. >> they endorsed this president earlier than any president they've ever endorsed. more than $30 million they pumped into the campaign directly and indirectly to help get him elected. president trump in the building, we're told, by the way, in atlanta. when he starts his speech, we'll certainly go to it.
10:51 am
michael, i want to real quickly talk about the first 100 days. this is president trump in an interview talking about the difficulties of this job. here's part of what he said. >> i loved my previous life. i had so many things going. i -- i actually, this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> really? really, michael? he thought it would be easier? >> well, he really has given every sign that that's true. he gave an interview to the "new york times" just after the election where he said, you know, it would be quite easy for me to run the country perfectly. he's now realizing what a 24-hour-a-day backbreaking job this is. john kennedy said the problems are more difficult than i imagine them to be. kennedy had been in public life at that point for 14 years. so donald trump never having
10:52 am
held political office, probably not a surprise. >> from an objective standpoint here, mr. beslos, when you look at this from the first 100 days with this administration, how would characterize it? >> the biggest thing that knocks me over is i would have figured he has a republican congress, he has touted his ability to make deals, especially with people who don't agree. i never would have expected that it would be the end of these 100 days and there would not be a single piece of really consequential legislation he would have gotten through congress. that's a big surprise to me. >> rick, how surprising is it? keep in mind for folks who might have forgotten that pledgewise on day one, i will repeal and replace. >> well, look, by donald trump's own standards, he probably gets a failing grade. but i think by historical standards, he does pretty well. i would give him somewhere around a b, and that is the things that are within his
10:53 am
purview. he spent a lot on energy and pi pipelines and business regulation and health care regulation, even though he hasn't gotten the health care done. what he doesn't speak to is why the leaders in congress haven't gotten a room and said, what can we get done? stop swinging from the fences. let's get some base hits and then we'll get some runs in. instead they keep going for big home runs and they have come up short. >> it's really surprising wii se -- we've heard very little or seen very little about infrastructure so far. wayne lapierre, executive vice president, ceo of the nra. it was wayne lapierre, actually, that sent president george h.w. bush to the hills for a certain extent. if i remember correctly, it was a letter he had written or something that he said about federal agents? >> i think it was the time of the 1995 oklahoma city bombing, if i remember, craig, and george h.w. bush, who had had a
10:54 am
friendly relationship with the nra, said that this is really beyond -- this is my language, not his -- my ability to sort of hang with you, and that was the time that he parted company. >> we're having this conversation and a lot of folks paying attention to what's happening at the united nations, the talk from rex tillerson, the talk from president trump in that interview where he had a dire warning. this is what was said in that same interview that president trump had. here's what he said about north korea. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> is this shaping up to be the first critical test of the trump foreign policy? >> absolutely. and it was the first critical test for past presidents as well. they always test new presidents to see what's going to happen. and, look, how he manages this is -- will echo through his
10:55 am
presidency for years. i think it's odd for us to have a president who speaks so freely about the risks. usually it's cloaked in euphimisms and indirection, and the president speaks very bluntly about these things, perhaps too bluntly, and how he handles the nuclear program for north korea, it's been a problem for the last three presidents. it's going to be his problem now. >> has the first 100 days been what you expected, more than what you expected, less than what you expected? >> it's less. honestly, i started as a reporter in the bush years, pretty much, the end of the clinton administration in the bush years. in the bush years, there was much more of a lockstep approach on the hill on tax cuts for republicans. they got a lot done by being unified. i think what we're seeing right now with trump in congress is a product of all the divisions that they have written about and reported on in the last year or two. the fact that trump is a
10:56 am
different kind of president with a different agenda, the hill and republicans have a different agenda, and it's not as difficult as it looks. we're seeing the policy and substance on display and the difficulty in moving things, as well as the basic problem that the trump guys came into office not being quite prepared to win. >> nick, rick tyler, and michael on this friday afternoon. a big thanks to all of you for joining me. again, we are just moments away from president trump's address here in atlanta, georgia. 80,000 have gathered to hear the president address the national rifle association. that brings us to our microsoft polls question unrelated to what we've been talking about, but our question nonetheless. former president obama has been criticized by a lot of folks for taking in $400,000 for a wall street-sponsored speech. should he accept big fees for corporate speeches? that's our polls question todul.
10:57 am
the pulse is live. as soon as he takes the stage, we'll bring it to you live here on msnbc.
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