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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 29, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm thomas roberts in washington, d.c. this is msnbc live. this is what we are watching for you. president trump touting his accomplishments today as he hits the symbolic milestone. his first 100 days in office. >> i truly believe the first 100 days of my administration has been just about the most successful in our country's history. our country is going up and it's going up fast. >> he also does admit to frustrations in the first three months. especially with the continuing battle to reform health care. >> i'm disappointed. i'll tell you, paul ryan is trying very, very hard. i think everybody is trying very hard. it is a very tough system. we're dealing with obstructionists. the democrats. i don't have one democratic vote. i once said it is complicated.
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it is not complicated compared to other things being complicated. i was disappointed they did not have more in line by the time i walked in. >> okay. the man, the former president behind that law begs to differ. on thursday evening, president obama told the crowd the aca is more popular than the current president. polling supports 62% of americans wanting to keep his health care system in place, but 43% are backing president trump. president trump also weighed in on the bombshell news that the pentagon has opened an investigation into the former national security adviser michael flynn. >> i do feel badly for him. he certified the councserved th. he was a general. remember, he was approved by the obama administration at the highest level. and when they say we didn't vet. well, obama didn't vet. he was approved at the highest level of security by the obama
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administration. >> president trump is heading out on the road to tout his accomplishments in the his 100 days. he will be in pennsylvania at a rally tonight. on the heels of breaking news overnight. attempted ballistic missile test out of north korea. south korean military officials telling nbc news this launch was unsuccessful. president trump stopped e respo twitter. north korea disrespected the wishes of china when it launched unsuccessfully missile. bad. and trump works to rally enthusiasm for his administration making this benchmark of 100 days. i want to send to nbc's kelly o'donnell with more at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. the president is ready to get back into campaign mode. he heads to harrisburg for a big
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campaign rally and he is already shown strong words for democrats. despite all the attention around trump's 100 days in office, friday the national rifle association convention, the president relished his inner candidate. >> november 8th. wasn't that a great evening? you remember? >> reporter: embraced by the nra audience. president trump jabbed at a possible 2020 candidate. elizabeth warren. >> no sir. no, ma'am. it may be pocahontas. >> reporter: and president trump used the address to the gun lobby to criticize his predecessor. >> the eight-year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. >> reporter: the mix of confidence. >> a false standard, 100 days, i have to tell you i don't think
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anybody has done what we have been able to do in 100 days. >> reporter: and controversy. and after rolling out the outline for tax cuts, the president said critics are wrong. >> i will end up paying more than i pay right now in taxes. all right? i will pay more than i pay right now. the reason i'm going to pay more is i lose all the deductions. >> reporter: white house officials say the background checks were done on michael flynn, that did not turn up his payment related to a visit to russia. they say he had an obligation to disclose it and he did not. turning back to the day 100. vice president will travel with president trump to be part of the rally tonight. the white house said it is an artificial deadline and not a real measure of what they are able to accomplish. nevertheless, they are embracing to tell the story of the first 100 days and forecast some of the things they hope to get done in the months to come.
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thomas. >> kelly o'nnell, thank you very mh. more on e president's reflection on the first 100 days. and feelings he is expressing is frustration. take a listen. >> i think more than anything else, i'm a person of common sense. i understand what has to be done. i get things done. i always have been a closer. we don't have a lot of closers in politics. i understand why. very rough system. it's an archaic system. you look at the rules of the senate. the rules of the house. the rules of the senate and the things you have to go through. it is really a bad thing for the country in my opinion. >> so joining me now is sarah westwood with the washington examiner and mike willis of the hill. sarah, you sat down with the 100-day tour. he controls the house and senate. should he have a better record by this point? legislative accomplishment to talk about? >> the administration has struggled to get legislative
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efforts off the ground. they have not been able to shepard health care through the house. they barely put forward a tax reform blueprint. they struggled to get the lay of the land. like you mentioned republicans control both houses of congress. president trump touted the fact he was able to sign 32 bills. most passed congressional review act. pieces of legislation. they rolled back obama era rules. there is not a lot of accomplishments on the table for trump. that is troublesome, because the first 100 days are measured in accomplishments. there is not much there to hold on to. >> you want to come out of the gate hot. success breeds success. mike, i looked at the piece in the washington post. it talked about the 99 days trump has been in office. it clocked the falsehoods or misleading claims he has given out at over 452. is that adding to his inability
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to corral factions ? hinder his ability? >> it certainly doesn't help. he came in on the campaign trail. he set the bar very high is another reason he is very frustrated at this point. he is inexperienced at governing. did not understand washington all that well and workings of congress. he set the bar high on the campaign trail saying i can do immigration on day one. i can build the wall on day one. everything. two dozen things he would do on day one. what he realized quickly is that congress doesn't work at that pace. what you are seeing is the frustration with the way washington works. he said there are not a lot of closers here. i'm the closer. what he has done as sarah mentioned is focusing on executive orders and anti-regulation things. jam them through. doesn't need democratic support.
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it is an easy quote vicry for him. it looks like the wheels are turning and he can claim accomplishment. at the end of the day, there is not a lot of happening. he is undoing obama era things. all of his big promises, nothing has been done and the credibility gap you mentioned is not helping relationships with the democrats who don't trust him at all. >> meanwhile, mike, when we think about bipartisan support is after that syrian strike. right now, we saw that tweet that the president put out about the unsuccessful attempt by north korea to fire another ballistic missile. you wrote a piece yesterday about the bipartisan push for debate on the authorization of the use of military force in the middle east. do you think that the white house is going to be able to take that on as well as the north korean issue? especially if donald trump is interested in dealing with north korea in military engagement?
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>> that's a question for paul ryan. there is bipartisan support resolution since 2001. this is the resolution that allowed them to go into afghanistan. so the critics of that rightly say it is out dated. we have a new geography. we are in syria. we have a new enemy. isis. there is a growing bipartisan push for paul ryan to bring something to the floor and president trump to deliver something to congress. obama had done so a couple years ago. republicans did not want to take it up. democrats opposed it. this is one of those things which is very, very difficult vote after 15 years of war. the american people don't have an appetite for it. no leader of either party wants to put their especially vulnerable members to vote on a war resolution. bipartisan iss to get it done. it is bipartisan opposition. for that reason, ryan is not
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saying anything about it. trump is not saying anything about it. we'll have to wait and see if it escalates to a point where they have to do something. then they have to do something. until that happens, we don't anticipate a debate on the floor. >> it remains a fluid situation about that. he did get high praise after what he did with the syrian strike. sarah, let's listen to what the president said to reuters about working on the job. >> i loved my previous life. i loved my previous life. i had so many things going. i actually -- this is more work than my previous life. i thought it would be easier. i thought it was more -- i'm a details oriented person, i think you would say that. i do miss my old life. i like to work so that's not a problem. this is actually more work. >> so sarah, what do you make of that? the president must have understood there would be a
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degree of difficulty to go along with this and being a political novice. he also said he is a closer and he expects to come in and close the deals. there is more work in the sausage making here. >> absolutely. i think a lot of the skills that served donald trump well in the business world,oldns and caid nature and negotiating tactics that work in real estate don't translate well to the presidency. particularly with diplomacy. you see the negotiating tactics he has taken with nafta with threatening to pull out. the next day saying we're going to renegotiate. touting the good relationships with canada and mexico. those are the back and forth you would expect to see in the board room. with diplomacy, a light touch is required. that is something that president trump is not the best. >> he did give another interview in the week where he talked about the fact he has learned this is an instance of governing
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that takes heart. it is not just about business to close off the emotional feelings anahed human inmpact. it does have impact and it is best to leave heart out of business. we will see if there is a steep learning curve beyond the first 100 days. sarah westwood with the washington examiner and mike willis, senior reporter at the hill. good to see you both. happening now. more details about the missile test by north korea. we first got word of that test yesterday evening. launched from a site north of the capital city of pyongyang. this after north korea released a propaganda video showing the u.s. military and washington landmarks in the croshairs. nbc's kelly cobiell is in seoul, south korea with more on this story. kelly, what do we know about the tests and reaction in the region? >> reporter: sure, thomas. u.s. specific command tells us
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they detected the launch at 5:33 a.m. local time this morning at this launch site north of pyongyang, the capital as you mentioned. two u.s. military officials tell nbc thnews this is a medium ran ballistic missile. the kind of missile they suspect has be has been tested twice before. two apparent failures. this time around, the missile was launched and airborne for a couple of minutes and military officials tell nbc news it exploded in mid air 20 miles from the launch site. we understand it was non-nuclear. conventional piece of weaponry. the south korean military says that this missile stayed airborne for several minutes and reached maximum altitude of 44 miles before disdisintegrating. it did not leave north korean
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air space. it disintegrated over north korean land. we hear from the south koreans that this cannot stand. condemning the latest launch. it is another sign of the belidgerance of the north koreans. prime minister shinzo abe kme d commenting on this saying it cannot stand and go unanswered. calling north korea a grave threat. you said president trump tweeted overnight. saying north korea disrespected the wishes of china and highly respected predent when it launched unsuccessfully a missile today. bad. no comment yet at all. no mention from north korea. thomas. >> kelly cobiella reporting in seoul. kelly, thank you. back here at home, you heard president trump boasting about his first 100 days and
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you know, being presidential's easy. much easier than what i have to do. >> this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> it has been 100 days into the job. president trump changing his tune on what it is like to be president of the united states. he proudly promotes his accomplishments, so far he is frustrated by aspects of it. joining me now is historian michael bescloff. michael, the remarks are a familiar refrain from presidents in the past because there is so much of your freedom that is
5:21 am
given up. people are on you, following you, privacy is out the window. >> their life is different. especially in the case because he is not a national political life before as office holder. even people senators for a long time and become president go into the bubble. they find it confining. for instance, people who knew bill clinton well were shocked to find during the first year as president, he was in the white house bowling alley bowling alone which was different from the guy they knew. >> and trump is a social animal. we know this as we witnessed over the years from from his celebrity. and taking weekends to go to mar-a-lago and try to fit in comforts of routine of former life. the president may have wanted to do more in the first 100 days from the oval office. this is the look at how he has described the first 100 days.
5:22 am
>> i don't think there has ever been anything like this. a false standard. 100 days. i don't think anybody has done what we have been able to do in 100 dayss. >> it is a false standard when you have the gig and living through the 100 days when you are on the campaign trail and promoting the 100 days, it say differeis a differ. in context with the references in the past. where does he fall? >> low on the scale. that 100 days s is a measure o what you get through congress. elect me and i'll give you the 100-day plan of action. we will have republican congress. we will get all of this stuff through with healthcare reform. that didn't happen. that is one reason why i think he made that comment yesterday about his frustration with the archaic system. most people would look at this and say you know you have a great situation. you have both houses of congress. you have paul ryan saying we
5:23 am
have united republican government. there should have been a lot more. i think the best thing for him to do is a what did i not do during the first 100 days to take advantage of that opportunity. >> where does the 100 days come from? take us in his tore cautoric co. is it the indicator or a different name for the honeymoon period? d.c.? >> that is right. franklin roosevelt got a lot done in the first 100 days through congress. big crisis. banks failed and great depression. everyone since donald trump said this is a terrible measure. it doesn't tell us very much. other president s aside from trump tried to hold that off. president obama in 2008 said everything i want will not happen in the first year. >> we know what we witnessed over the time period since
5:24 am
inaugural, people galvanized under president trump like we have not seen before. i think folks that remember this is before my time, but being born in '72, protests for civil rights and those against the vietnam war. do you see that continuing this whole time with president trump in office? >> i think if anything, it will escalate. that social securiis his choice. he did something unlike most modern presidents. most presidents say all right. some people voted for me. i'll reach out to the other side. among the american people and congress. both because it is the right thing to do and also because it will give me more political strength. instead, donald trump did the opposite. he played to his base. gave a very divisive inaugural address. did not reach out. our nbc poll suggests that fewer people support him today than on election night. that is opposite of what you see.
5:25 am
doesn't make him politically strong. >> as we move ahead 20 years and look back, how much taint do you think the russia investigation of the campaign of donald trump and the early days of the administration will bear for the books? >> i think right now it is a low grade fever. everyone is aware of it. it is not to the point if it will ever impair the presidency or even jeopardize it. the great thing about my line of work is we usually look at the guys decades later and we know how the story turned out. it is fascinating and will be to look back on the 100 days and look at it through that lens. >> also decades later, people are more honest with reflection and perspective. >> in my experience, that's true. >> great to see you. nice in person. four straight failures. is north korea's missile testing
5:26 am
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let's[ whimpers ] dog. find ping-pong. okay, let's go. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that's amazing! hi, everybody. good morning. i'mhomas roberts here in washington, d.c. as we mark 100 days in office for president trump. a reset of stories here we have been witnessing across the country. thunderstorms and flash flooding and possibly tornadoes risking the midwest. the indianapolis area was hit
5:33 am
hard last night producing high winds and golf ball-sized hail. several weather systems may have spawned a tornado in noble, illinois. pope francis is wrapping up his visit to egypt. he held an outdoor mass in kcaio a little while ago. a live look at capitol hill. this is where the senate passed the bill on friday to fund the government averting the government shutdown. it would have gone into effect today. trump's 100th day in office. the stop-gap measure funds through may 5th. that gets everybody through friday. now both sides are going back to the drawing board to negotiate for a long term solution. joining me now is democratic congress member hakeem jeffries of new york who serves on the budget committee. sir, great to have you with me. democrats were happy with donald
5:34 am
trump backing off the demand to fund the wall and white house agreeing to keep subsidizing obamacare going forward. what will you do next week? can you get a long-term deal? >> i am hopeful, thomas. it is the responsibility of everybody in government to make sure we keep the trains running on time. particularly when you have republicans who control the house, senate and white house. we are prepared to find common grounds in terms of doing the right thing by the american people. as you pointed out in the open, thomas, we are not prepared to allow donald trump to do things like spending $3 billion in taxpayer money and building a wall and failing to subdize the affordable care act. as long as we continue down the track, we will get to something that is right for the american people. >> let's get more with the tax plan. he said the middle class is the one to benefit the most on this and he will probably end up paying more. take a look at this.
5:35 am
>> the biggest of all beneficiaries are middle income people. their taxes are going down to 10%. >> cbs news poll finds most americans think, congress member, this plan will raise taxes by 25%. or raise taxes. 25% think it will go down. what do you think about the plan and how does it effect the middle class? >> there is no evidence the plan will benefit in a meaningful way. the middle class or those aspiring to be the middle class. these are the individuals that donald trump promised he would help during the campaign. what we have seen time and time again and recently with the unveiling of the quote/unquote tax plan. i'm not sure you can call it that. it was two pages. not a complete sentence. in the paragraph in the document. what we know is it is designed to massively cut corporate tax rates from 35% all the way down to 15% and provide the richest
5:36 am
individuals in the country, millionaires and billionaires, with unprecedented tax cut. that's t wrong way to go. that's the wrong starting point in this country. >> we know that when it is spoken, we shouldn n'n't speak tax reform. that is sweeping and complex swipe at what our tax system is. this really is tax cuts that have been presented and put forward. when it comes to the marker of 100 days and president trump. you tweeted yesterday. two options. d for disaster or f or failure. as you look at this and admit president trump is your president. as you work with him, is there anything you see as a win over the last 100 days you support or feel positive about that he has done? >> the one thing i can say positively is donald trump has emerged as the best organizer for the democratic party in the 21st century. because of his actions, people
5:37 am
have risen up across the country and prepared to resist regressive policies he put forward. hethomas, to focus on jobs, infrastructure and education. his first 100 days are chaos, crisis and confusion. i hope he is willing to abandon the aggressive approach that he's taken where he's tried to just simply appeal to his base and not broaden his outreach as president of the united states to the communities that did not support him. we have not seeany sign of that today. >> i want to speak to something that the cbc did with sending a letter to the president asking for assurances and help in the wake of the flint water crisis. that still persists for people in flint. epa gave them $100 million for infrastructure upgrades. has the cbc received any assurance from the white house as they are committed to helping that city?
5:38 am
>> it is not clear. the cbc has made clear to the president that if we move forward with any significant transportation and infrastructure program that we cannot leave behind people like those in flint who the government failed. particularly the governor of michigan. all of us should bear responsibility in trying to rectify the situation. donald trump promised inner city america he would focus on the challenges in flint or detroit or chicago. we have seen no evidence of that to date. that is unfortunate. it is consistent with how he approached things over the first 100 days. he promised the american people a field of dreams. what we are left with is a graveyard of broken promises. >> congress member hakeem jeffries, thank you. we have heightened tensions overseas after new aggression from north korea. a ballistic missile launch yesterday and appeared to fail minutes later making it the
5:39 am
ninth missile launch since president trump took office. the fourth successive failure. we have steve joining us. steve, is this really a failure or something that could be u.s. cyber sabotage? >> it could be either or both. we have seen a lot of tests in the past with north korea with no meddling by the united states and those tes failed. nonetheless, they helped north korea learn something. there may be something going on. when the briefing of 100 senators at the white house happened the other day, i talked to a number of senators. they said they had classified briefing in which they were told that american capacity right now to penetrate north korea's weapons systems with malware and other controls is high. a degree of confidence in our ability to do that. this is the second missile test we have seen go bad and it is
5:40 am
raising interesting questions whether or not we have the capacity in the systems to make these things essentially fail. >> what do you think of the possibility this could be a rope-a-dope? north korea doesn't like failure and propaganda about being the best. a rope-a-dope. show the world we're failing at this. draw trump into some type of aggressive action and gets us on the hook as if we're the agitator. >> it looks like kim jong un and donald trump are on the collision course with each other. the first more calm measured comment on all of this was from rex tillerson. rex tillerson said we don't care about regime change. i don't think i heard a secretary of state or administration official say that about north korea before. we're interested in talks. two weeksgo we were not interested in talks. time for talk was over. we may have a good cop/bad cop
5:41 am
going on. kim jong un may be showing propaganda videos with the capitol in their sights and trying to as they always do flamboyantly give us the finger. i think that is what is going on. we have to see whether donald trump has a measured response. one thing about trump. when abe was with him in mar-a-lago, there was a missile test then. that was the first moment i saw donald trump be slightly more measured. he did not come out and react. that shows us someone around donald trump is tempering his overreacting tendencies. >> he said he had to behave about certain comments. when we think about donald trump and you say the good cop/bad cop with tillerson and trump. he gave a warning thursday. look at this. >> there is a chance we could end up having a major, major
5:42 am
conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> this would typically send hac hackles flying up. the president of the united states with that statement. >> in a normal situation, yes. >>y? why are we reacting this way? >> the real measure of whether this was perceived to be serious by the market place is to see people streaming out of seoul. that is not happening. at least in the field no matter what donald trump may be trying to convey and the fact he is trying to say we're on the edge of war, potential war, potential conflict with north korea. korea and south korea who are in the cross-hairs of all this, the real victims of any kind of war in my view, are not leaving seoul yet. they are not taking donald trump seriously. >> good to see you. we have the poll and americans
5:43 am
show evenly split if donald trump is keeping his promises in office. in the next hour, the trump family affair. more questions about nepotism. it only takes a second for an everyday item
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try new flonase sensimistgies. instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist. all right. we have president trump at the white house right now, but he will head to harrisburg, pennsylvania today to hold a rally to mark the 100th day in office. he is skipping the correspondent charity dinnern d.c. he is getting political comments across the spectrum. david brooks refers to donald trump as a political pond skater. hugh hewitt says he has a lot to celebrate. now look at the first 100 days in the totality.
5:47 am
♪ >> i do knnald john trump. >> this was the largest audience to witness an inauguration period. >> sean spicer gave alternative facts. >> i think we can disagree with the facts. >> 3 to 5 million people voting illegally? >> we will see where we go from here. >> we are going to get the bad ones out. >> president of mexico cancelling the visit to the united states. >> banning muslims. >> no ban. no wall. >> we put the seven countries initially in the executive order. >> the justice department would not defend the new trump muslim ban. >> donald trump fired the interim attorney general. >> we had a monday night massacre. sally yates. >> would not defend the trump administration travel ban. >> nominating judge neil
5:48 am
gorsuch. >> we are officially putting iran on notice. >> the new president attacked the australian prime minister. >> good robard's decision puts a halt to the kpoiexecutive order. >> this is soapy water and i'm washing that lying filthy mouth. >> you can choe your plan and you know what the plan is. this is the plan. >> g buy ivanka's stuff. >> the powers of the president will not be questioned. >> donald trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abe holding a meeting with their aides in the outdoor restaurant. >> national security adviser michael flynn handed in his resignation. >> not a legal issue, but rather a trust issue. >> we will make a deal. >> that's the art of the deal. >> the president trump's first solo press conference. >> epic rant today. >> i inherited a mess. it's all fake news. >> not good. >> quiet. quiet. >> the biggest electoral college
5:49 am
win since ronald reagan. >> everybody who is here illegally is subject to remove al. >> people here illegally. it is a military operation. >> raid in yemen. >> the mission was successful. >> everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. >> we will never forget ryan. [ applause ] >> he became president of the united states in that moment. [ applause ] >> i never had meetings with russian operatives. >> now accusing his predecessor of wiretapping him at trump tower. this is one of six tweets president trump fired off. >> no such wiretap activity. >> travel plan 2.0 is out today. >> t top officials to make the hard sell on behalf of the americ health care act. >> focused on repeal and replace of obamacare. >> are we going to do what we said we would do? >> white house accuses president
5:50 am
obama of getting britain's spy agency under surveillance. >> you are mischaracterizing what happened today. >> as far as wiretapping, we have have something in common perhaps. >> there is circumstantial evidence of collusion. >> the fbi is investigating the russian government, and that includes investigating the nature of any lejts between any individuals associated with the trump campaign. >> seems to me to be some level of surveillance. >> do you feel vindicated by chairman nunes? >> i somewhat do. >> the white house backed plan to repeal and replace obamacare is dead. >> we were very close to doing it. >> the republican plan to get rid of obamacare failed today. >> it would be worthwhile for the chairman to recuse himself. >> we never talked about sources or methods. >> former national security adviser michael flynn is requesting immunity. >> president trump goes after the freedom caucus. >> niche will be confirmed this week. >> asking would he g able to earn 60 votes. >> i leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would.
5:51 am
>> when you kill innocent children, innocent babies with a chemical gas, that crosses many, many lines. >> house intelligence chairman devin nunes will step aside from the russia investigation. >> tonight i orded a targeted military strike othe airfield in syria. >> the united states will no longer wait for assad to use chemical weapons without any consequences. >> the show of force by president trump does not seem to have deterred syria's president. >> if you gas a baby, if you put a bomb in, you will see a response from this president. >> associate justice of the supreme court of the united states. >> hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons -- >> i made a mistake. >> a change of heart when it comes to nato. >> i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> the u.s. brought the mother of all bombs. >> we are so proud of our military. >> a show of military might,
5:52 am
massive public display. >> a high profile missile failure for north korea. >> an unchecked iran with strategic patience is a failed approach. >> it looks like another terrorist attack. >> guarantee there will not be a government shutdown. >> i can't guarantee. >> the white house appears to be backing down from demands that the president's proposed border wall be funded immediately. >> the wall gets built 100%. >> a federal judge blocks the president. michael flynn is feeling the house. house republicans trying to figure out a way to repeal obamacare. >> this is going to be the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of our country. >> i love my previous life. had so many things, and i -- i actually -- this is mor work than my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> the first 100 days of president trump. good work to the editing team there. the fight to save the
5:53 am
environment. another climate march today, this one promising to be far more urgent than the one a few years ago. we'll have more on that next. break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one.
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new flonase sensimist.
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so another march is about to take place in washington, d.c. protesting president trump's policies. this time it's about climate change. new video into our newsroom where people are beginning to gather at the capitol building for what's being called the people's climate march. tens of thousands are expected to take part in this. dozens of marches are scheduled across the country, even the world today. nbc's anthony terrell is at the scene in d.c. we're expecting to see high profile folks turn out today including a former vice president. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. that's right. we'll have some elected officials speaking later. the goal of this is to build upon this climate movement we've seen. they're going to have tens of thousands after people here today. they want to challenge the policies of the trump administration like the executive order he signed on
5:57 am
friday opening up offshore drilling. joining me is the national coordinator of the march, paul getzos, he coordinated the previous march in new york city. what do you hope to accomplish here and how is this different? >> we want to show the trump administration and congress that there is a strong and vibrant and broad-based climate movement that includes labor unions, front line ej groups that will resist the attacks on our planet, the people and the communities that the trump administration is taking on right now. >> this march is supposed to suound the white house at the end. what is the message you're trying to send? >> we want to show president trump who is now going off to harrisburg, pennsylvania, to talk to what he calls real people, that the people are here in washington, d.c. from all across the country to tell him we need real solutions to the problems of our time, climate, jobs, good wages, family sustaining wages and really addressing racism and the immigrant issue in a really important and powerful way. >> paul, thank you.
5:58 am
thomas, the march is scheduled to end a at the washington monument behind me with rallies, music and even some amazing art. back to you. >> anthony, than bs so much. keep us posted. tens of thousands expected to show up today. weather is going to be nice but warm. we'll keep an eye on this. >> reporter: hot, yes. >> they voted for trump. 100 days in, what do they think of the accomplishments of him now? that's ahead. starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and.
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