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tv   MSNBC Live White House Correspondents Dinner  MSNBC  April 29, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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correspondents dinner we have. and i just got sound for you i want to play on msnbc. this is a reporter who recently interviewed president trump, also the president of the white house correspondents dinner. which means people were interested in what he had to say. this one is missing a president. again, moments ago what jeff mason said to that crowded ballroom. >> tonight looks a little different but the values that under-pin this dinner have not changed. in fact, i think they have been reinforced. we are here to celebrate good journalism and here to celebrate the press, not the presidency and i am happy to report for anyone who is interested that this dinner is called out. we are not fake news.
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we are not failing news organizations. and we are not the enemy of the american people. >> heartfelt applause there, our panel is back. dive right into it, what do you think of what we just heard there from jeff mason, i wonder on substance, him deciding to take arms and rebut the president. i wonder your views on the style, by denying these charges by repeating them, nixon, by saying i'm not a crook, not always the best way to make a point. >> well, it's what trump has gotten us to do again and again and again, we repeat his accusations, and the phrase just keeps bouncing around the universe. to me, that was sad that he felt compelled to defend these ridiculous comments by trump.
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not sad for him but a sad state of affairs that the free press is under attack from the president of the united states. not in disagreement, but under attack. a fierce attack. and that he felt compelled to defend himself. i just -- it just makes me think how sad a state of affairs we're in. >> claire, what did you think? >> actually, it reminded me a lot of the nixon administration. because what we have not talked about is nixon didn't go three out of six times and he, like trump, had a very thin skin. and he, like trump, attacked the press, he wiretapped the journalists and ultimately became the victim of his own dirty tricks. and tonight, woodward and
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bernstein, the legends who brought him down are giving out the awards. the other purpose of this night is to give out journalism awards. >> yeah, i mean, you know, the press -- i sort of agree with richard schiff. i don't think there is annoy ne -- any need to go out and respond to the charges on the president. i would have rather gone about their business. >> you understand where jeff is coming from, we have him up on the screen there, up on the dais, as you said you think be more confident? >> yes, as you said, never repeat the false charge about you. and look, trump said he may come back next time. he is hinting that he kind of wants to come and do it. >> it's almost, matt wilstein, try to stay with me on this,
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it's almost as if president trump is setting up another presentation for another made for television tense event. i don't know if i'm over-reading the situation. >> yeah, this season he is not going to the differenner, but n season, you never know, he may be there. >> seth? >> yeah, you never know, i feel like he may flip a table, set up a press screening, where he will reveal if he goes to the dinner or not at the screening, everybody tune in. very lebron james. >> very lebron james. >> ohio. well, the other thing that has been pointed out is that donald trump doesn't always know how to tell a joke or take a joke. he did do okay at times in the al smith dinner, which is the very famous political tradition in new york where he and hillary clinton both spoke. let's take a look at donald trump at last year's al smith
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dinner. >> hillary is so corrupt she got kicked off the watergate commission. how corrupt do you have to be? to get kicked off the watergate commission? pretty corrupt. we have learned so much from wikileaks. for example, hillary believes that it's vital to deceive the people by having one public policy -- and a totally different policy in private. that is okay. i don't know who they're angry at, hillary, you or i. here she is tonight, for example, in public, pretending not to hate catholics. >> seth, how funny was that? >> in retrospect i realize i should not have written those
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jokes for donald. in looking at it now i realize that was a mistake. to get booed at the al smith dinner -- >> right, well, almost any crappy joke is okay. >> every bad joke kills in that room. he was not even doing jokes, he was just saying mean things over and over and over again, i think if you look back at the tape he does okay at the beginning but then goes into this terribly mean-spirited rant. >> you think about -- if your laugh line is here she is tonight, quote, pretending not to hate catholics and then it says in the transcript, boo, that is not the best performance. >> in his thing it said pause for boos. >> you mentioned we did better, at the top he did have a couple of moments, let's play that also for al smith. >> the president told me to stop whining. but i really have to say the media is even more biased this
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year than even ever before, ever. you want to proof? michelle obama gave a speech, and everyone loves it, it's fantastic. they think she is absolutely great. my wife, melania gives the exact same speech. and people get on her case! and i don't get it! i don't know why. >> seth, how funny was that one? >> melania burn! he is like i'm not going to make fun of myself but i will throw my myself under the bus a little bit. it's great that he could at least joke about it. she seemed to be okay with it, you know, but after that line, he goes are we okay?
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are you going to be mad at me? he is sort of airing his public laundry in public, anyway. >> to be fair, i think out on the stump he can be pretty funny. he had a very funny stchics about the other presidential candidates who had been coming to see him, asking for money before the race, rand paul begged him to go golf with him. scott walker came to him with a plaque. >> and to be fair, one of the themes of the washington analysis, she was at that dinner as well, just the last time they come together. here is hillary clinton at the al smith dinner. >> you notice there is no teleprompter here tonight which is probably smart because maybe you saw donald dismantle his prompter the other day. i get that. they're hard to keep up with. and i'm sure it's even harder when you are translating from
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the original russian. >> now claire, that is funny because it's possible that a foreign adversary used the potential espionage to affect the election, you could see how funny it was. >> it was funny, way too close to the truth and little did we know how much more true it really is now. but the fact is hillary had a much better sense of humor about herself, and trump is so thin-skinned that he can never make fun of himself. and the only funny joke he had was the one that made fun of you know, his wife of course. typical, so typical. >> richard schiff, talk about the comedy styles and what you saw there, not to re-litigate the 2016 election, but we have time. what did you think of hillary clinton there being kind of more
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casual in that environment and some may say likeable, although that is a loaded term, than she seemed to come across in other settings? >> hillary is kind of wonderfully awkward no matter what she does. and being funny you know is not her strong suit, nor is you know just being alive. she is -- you know, she acknowledges that i'm awkward, i'm not obama, i'm not my husband. and you know, i watch the al smith dinner live, i thought she did the best that she could do and had a couple of nice moments there. and trump is the kind of guy who is going to be funny because he spits out what is in his brain so routinely and without editing, one of those things is going to be funny sooner or later. but the overall effect is this guy can't help but be mean and
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vicious and vitriolic. >> well, your observation of hillary being around her you spent time with her? >> no, i have heard the opposite -- i have not met her, i met her husband. i heard in person, she is quite present and very much personable and fun to be with actually. >> because -- that is the thing about when she is not in front of the camera or a large crowd there is this other smart more relaxed sort of conversational side to her and it changes. barack obama seemed to have both, he can be different on stage but is certainly gifted at this and since we're doing it around the horn, richard, take a listen to the barack obama 2012 al smith dinner. >> everyone please take your seats, otherwise clint eastwood will yell at them. in less than three weeks, voters in states like ouhio, virginia
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and florida will decide this incredibly important election. which begs the question, what are we doing here? of course, new yorkers also have a big choice to make. you have to decide which one of us you want holding up traffic for the next four years? >> richard, does that give you any insight to his abilities? go ahead. >> i think he was a brilliant orator and great humorist, as well. it brings to mind an essay i read years ago by arthur miller about politics and how politicians are actors in the end and that they put on a persona, a public face, and they act out that part. you know, obama did it
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beautifully. probably because it was closer to himself. and i think people like al gore and hillary, they separate themselves too much from that actor role they think is required and don't use -- they're not in their body as much, that is kind of an acting term. and then trump is so comfortable he could be sitting on a toilet like lbj and give a speech. >> solid lbj reference there. >> i think we have some pictures we want to show, we're not going to dip into sound yet because we have determined that this is not interesting enough per se. but it is a legend called bernstein, at this juncture he is handing out awards so it's more symbolic. but after the awards, we all know after that comes the party, then the after-party, and after that we get a daly show comic. so we'll fit in a break so we can carry it live, you're
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i want to talk about some serious issues such as -- okay, here it comes. nuclear proliferation. nuclear proliferation. nuclear proliferation. nu keer pro-liberation. and the guest of honor not showing up the first time since 1981. and of course there is plenty of room to make fun of this as with any other president. i want to bring back in our special panel, comedian seth hertzog, and also new to the
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panel, a los angeles-based writer and stand-up comic. and we have matt wilson still with us. so a lot of people, eden, you're new. let's start with you. what do you think is key to a comedian succeeding on a night like this? >> funny. you know, that is really all you can ask for, i mean, there is no like secret sauce, you just have to be funny all the time. the problem with presume trump he is a joke, so it's really hard to make a joke out of joke. i don't think he has been conducive to comedy, like a blessing to late night writers. so it's really being funny with what we got. i'm a little bit about north korea, our survival i guess on the line, we can make fun of like the impending doom that may come up, and the apocalypse.
7:21 pm
there is no other way to say it. you just have to be purely funny. you're not going to please a certain audience like trump's audience or the liberal audience, you just have to say it how it is. because trump is a joke, there is not much more you can do with him. >> and jessica to that end, it's a little different than a normal audience. it's a double layer, a lot of comedians don't want a live video or a social media performance, they want to stay in the room. and really, the sort of important technical dorks. and the tv audience, so there is that double effect. barack obama really liked to thread that needle by sort of referencing ridiculous things he wanted to cite or rebut which got laughs from both kinds of audiences, here is obama
7:22 pm
referencing one of the things said about him. >> being president is never easy, i still have to fix the broken immigration system, issue veto threats, negotiate with iran, all while finding time to pray five times a day. >> jessica, what do you think he is doing there? >> i just have to make a correction, i am not a comedian, i am a producer, i work with comedians. and it is so hard to be a comedian right now. and i just kind of wanted to make that correction. >> okay, sure, you're here -- >> thank you for having me. >> you're welcome, a person who works in comedy, better? >> that's great. >> i don't want to do the whole intro over again. >> can you ask the question again. >> sure, i was saying when you look at the way barack obama threaded the needle, speaking to two audiences in the room, and the larger sort of national audience that is different about this comedic performance?
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>> i can't really speak to that. i'm sorry. >> yeah, you know, it's interesting because there is the jokes that the people in the room are going to get that may be a little much for the people in the world. but then yet you have to be able to do that. we have to have the right script and writers and have the right temperament to make the jokes that everybody gets. it's funny, that joke was the joke that people said about him that people believed. he was making a joke about it, the people who believed it is he speaking about it or not? >> you're getting deep here, you're saying some people are going to believe the joke and so it reinforces that. >> maybe. >> patrick, we went after you earlier, anything you think of, when you look at this year different than others? >> it's interesting, in a lot of
7:24 pm
ways the dinner got better, even though trump is not going to be there. parties are being cancelled. i will say, though, it does seem like a little bit too late in a lot of regards. i mean, president obama was not great towards the press, but no one cancelled parties then. i know it's probably cooler not to like donald trump than it was under obama, but if the idea is you want to protest bad policies which doesn't mean that trumps are not worse, they could have done a better job. i think what is upsetting about the president not because there is the one good thing about the dinner is the only night that people maybe care about white house journalism. and it's a great opportunity to shine a light on their struggles which are real and unfortunate and autd to ought to be fixed a supported by the american people. and people are not going to tune in tonight. this is the one night of the year people may learn about freedom of information requests,
7:25 pm
which i know is totally boring. >> you're saying there will be less public interest because the president is not there? >> yeah, for sure. >> but do we know that, because sam bee did the alternative event this year, and a lot of discussion about maybe this weekend or the event needs to change. but a lot of discussion around it. >> totaling. you're right, we wouldn't know -- i mean, c-span doesn't put out numbers, we wouldn't know until the ratings come in. >> c-span has numbers? >> i don't know if i will watch it. if i were at home i may just go to bed. and that is no insult to the white house correspondent, but like trump or not like trump, it's always interesting to watch the president tell jokes. i always thought if you could use this night and that attention on trump to educate the american people on these really important issues, you can turn what i think could be a really unseemly evening to a
7:26 pm
really good educational moment. but without trump there, i think you will be missing some eyeballs. >> yeah, and without trump there you are not getting this camaraderie thing there, i think t the documentary proposes that people get together and have fun and have some drinks together. that is not going to happen this year. the white house press corps is actually more popular now than ever. they're being singled out on saturday night live, mostly because of sean spicer and how he treats them. but i think people are more than ever aware of these people, what they do, why their job is important. >> yeah, patrick, speak to that because the notion of the watergate style, investigative journalism, and car bernstein
7:27 pm
and would be woodward are giving out the word, white house correspondents are in their very weird box, without the power of balance and any beat you could be on. donald trump has not left the country yet in the first 100 days. but if the president goes to china, they let people on air force one or they don't. and when you work in the white house, for reasons that are not inappropriate for security reasons, you're down in the bowel. you're not just freely going down to break stories. that is why this dinner does shine a light on the very weird aspect of this kind of beat. >> it is a very tough job, although i think they're the reporters who know the president best, we should care about them and the kind of access they get and how much information is transpiring between the administration reporters. i mean i will say the single best thing about the dinner is that doesn't get talked about a
7:28 pm
lot because i think we take it for granted is you know, this idea that the president ideally and the white house press corps both for like 30 seconds acknowledge okay, like you do actually play an important role in this society and the president sort of acknowledges that and the press acknowledges that the president has a tough job, tough life, we respect everything he has to go through. that goes without saying. this dinner, by the way, is very popular in china, ironically on line. and there are a lot of places where both president and press can acknowledge that each other is very important, and also make fun of each other and not kill each other later. that is a really important thing for this country to broadcast to the world. so take away from the paparazzi, the red carpet. in the corners of the world, this very notion that we honor each other's role in a functioning democracy i think is awesome and we should support it. >> part two. >> great point, and we have been
7:29 pm
on air for three and a half hours and no one has made a point that deep. seth has not said anything like that. >> not even close. >> in fact, i will melania that in about two minutes. >> we'll take a quick break and be right back, with i'm told we're going to keep going. let's take a look. live tv. look at the corner box, who is up there? we're watching who is coming next, controller -- there we go. this is jeff mason and he is sort of talking about -- he is talking about the comedian tonight. jeff as i mentioned earlier is a reuters reporter who is also president of the white house correspondents dinner. they all sit on the dais together, the president is up there. good news, we're not going to do a commercial and go right in there to what we have been listening to. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome
7:30 pm
to the series finale of the white house correspondents dinner. oh, man. my name is hassan manage, or as i will be known in a few weeks, number 820187. who would have thought with everything going on in the country right now that a muslim would be standing on this stage for the ninth year in a row, baby! we had eight years of barack obama, what is another year? i see you barry, what you doing right now, you jet skiing while the world burns up? that's cool. that's cool. for those of you who don't know me i am a correspondent on the daily show on comedy central. now i see some of you whispering to each other, what is the comedy central? it's basically an internship for
7:31 pm
netflix. i would like to thank them for having me. i would say it is an honor to be here but that would be an alternative fact. it is not. no one wanted to do this. so of course it lands in the hands of an immigrant, it's how it always goes down. no one wanted this gig. no one. don riskckles died so he wouldn have to take this gig. the only one with thick skin enough to take this joke. i was told not to go after the administration, i promise you that is my only trump joke. >> you were not told that. >> believe me. it is amazing to be surrounded by some of the greatest journalists in the world. and yet when we all checked into the hilton on friday, we all got a usa today!
7:32 pm
every time a usa today flies underneath my door it's like they're saying hey, you're not that smart, right? usa today is what happens when the coupon section takes over the newspaper. is this an article about global warming or takes 50 cents off tide? either way the pictures are so pretty. tonight is about defending the first amendment and the free press. and i am truly honored to be here, even though all of hollywood pulled out now that king joffrey is president. it feels like the wedding here. for the record, it's a group of journalists who cover the white house. they're not king joffrey's goons. so i'm glad you guys are not here to honor the great american
7:33 pm
tradition. nobody loves the administration more than anthony weiner when he hears foot steps, so thank you for being here. okay, listen, i get it. we have to address the elephant that is not in the room. the leader of our country is not here. and that is because he lives in moscow, it is a very long flight. vladimir putin can't make it. it's a saturday. as for the other guy, i think he is in pennsylvania because he can't take a joke. now, for the nine people watching on c-span there also was another infant fa elephant room, but donald trump jr. shot him and cut off his tail. you know, a lot of people told me if you go after the administration, it would be petty and unfair, in other
7:34 pm
words, presidential. i get the reason why donald trump doesn't want to be roasted. he usually responds to the correspondent's dinner, i think i say for apeak for all of us wy he has done far too much bombing this month. now, a lot of people in the media say that donald trump goes golfing too much. they're like he goes golfing too much which raises a very important question, why do you care? do you want to do -- do you want to know what he is not doing when he is golfing? being president. let the man putt-putt. keep him distracted. teach him out to play badminton, tell him he has a great body for bobsledding. the longer he is golfing, we're not at war with korea. apocalypse delayed.
7:35 pm
take the w. this is great. i love this. even if you guys -- i have already hired kellyanne conway. she is going on tv monday telling everybody i killed. it really doesn't matter. but i love that everybody is drinking and has a good time. this is beautiful. donald trump doesn't drink, he doesn't touch alcohol. which is oddly respectable. but think about that. that means -- every statement -- every interview, every tweet completely sober. how is that possible? we've all had that excuse, haven't we? like i said what? no, listen, babe, i swear i was hammered. that is not who i really am. what does donald trump tell
7:36 pm
melania? last night on that bus, that is exactly who i am. he tweets at 3:00 a.m. sober. who is tweeting at 3:00 a.m. sober? donald trump. because it's 10:00 a.m. in russia, those are business hours. you know, now that a professional wrestler is our president, anything is possible. you know that statement anything is possible used to have a positive con ohatinotation, nowe all like, anything is possible, anything is possible. the news coming out of the white house is so stressful, i have been watching house of cards just to relax. it's just like oh, man, a congressman pushed a journalist in front of a moving train?
7:37 pm
that's quaint. now it's not just the president who decided not to show up. his entire administration is not here. betsy devos is going to be here? no, she is busy curating children's tears. a lot of people think she is out of touch with reality. every morning she is up at 5:00 a.m. putting children on their flight to school. so don't you tell me she is out of touch, okay? hey, has anyone seen rick perry since he became energy secretary? i have a feeling he is sitting in a roomful of plutonium, waiting to become spider-man. that is just my hunch. now a lot of people think steve bannon is the reason donald trump dodged the questions on racists, that is not true. ask steve bannon, is he here? i do not see steve bannon.
7:38 pm
i do not see steve ban. not see -- steve bannon. not see -- steve bannon. not see -- steve bannon. frederick douglas is not here and that is because he is dead. someone please tell the president. mike pence wanted to be here tonight but his wife would not let him because apparently one of you ladies is ovulating. so good job, ladies, because of you we could not hang out with mike pence. now, ivanka trump is not here either, but i wish she was, because if she was i would ask
7:39 pm
her the question we are all thinking. why do you support this man? because i get it, we all love our parents. but we would not endorse them for president. it's like hey, hassan, should your dad be president of the united states? i would be like my dad -- the guy who tries to return used underwear to costco? no! jeff sessions going to be here tonight? he was business doing an enactment. on his rvsvp, he just wrote no!
7:40 pm
which happens to be his second n favorite n word. hillary clinton was going to be here tonight, but somebody said she thought the event was in wisconsin and -- natue silver told me that joke would kill. we are here to talk about the truth. it is 2017 and we are living in the golden age of lying. now is the time to be a liar, and donald trump is liar-in-chief. and remember, you guys are public enemy number one. you are his biggest enemy. journalists, isis. normal length ties. and somehow, you're the bad
7:41 pm
guys. that is why you got to keep your foot on the gas, especially with sean spicer, who is not here tonight because i think he is at home googling how to fake his own death. but i lover it when you give i to sean spicer, he is giving press briefings like somebody is going through his information -- stop shaking your head, we'll talk about this tomorrow. it is the best. now, you guys are laughing but realize sean spicer has been doing pr since 1999. he has been doing his job for 18 years, and somehow after 18 years his go-to move when you ask him a tough question is denying the holocaust. that is insane, how many people
7:42 pm
do you know who can stop a press briefing? only the spice man. you know what is crazy? every day on "the daily show," we do these jokes all the time, the administration lies, trump flip-flops, it doesn't matter. his supporters still trust him. it has not stopped his momentum at all. it is like the daily show should be on c-span, it has zero impact. it was true. and i realized something, maybe it's because we're living in this strange time where trust is more important than truth. and supporters of president trump trust him. and i know journalists, you guys are definitely trying to do good work. i just think that a lot of people don't trust you right now. and can you blame them? i mean, unlike anderson cooper's
7:43 pm
bone structure, you guys have been far from perfect. remember election night? that was your steve harvey ms. universe moment, the look on your faces on election night, it was like walking into panera bread and finding out your teacher has a part-time job there. i was like what? mr. leddington? i guess you don't have all the answers, because it was all fun and games with obama, right, you were covering an adult who could speak english. and now you're covering trump, it's like a bunch of stripper cops had to solve a real life murder. fox news is here. i'm amazed you guys even showed up. how are you here in public? it's hard to trust you guys when you backed a guy like bill
7:44 pm
o'reilly for years. but it finally happened, bill o'reilly has been fired. but then -- you gave him a $25 million severance package, making it the only package he won't force a woman to touch. now in o'reilly's defense, he was told by his close friend when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything. you guys are having a hard time adjusting watters right now, he is on a break, he is on a break, just like my childhood dog is on a farm in upstate new york. i get that move, now i know some of you wonder, how do you like to watch fox news? sometimes i like to turn my brain off and watch strangers insult my family and heritage. msnbc is here tonight. and i'm glad you guys are here
7:45 pm
tonight. brian williams will describe it as stunning. it is hard to trust you guys when you send us so many mixed messages, on one hand you tell us the prison industrial complex is the problem, and then you air five straight hours of "lock-up." you can't get mad at corporations profiting off minorities in prison, when you're a corporation profiting off minorities in prison. i have one quick request. msnbc please tell rachel maddow to chill about president trump's tax returns, i don't know what you will find in there, but there will not be a line that says bribes from russia, you're like oh, i found a 1040! it doesn't work that way. i want to root your guys, but you're turning into conspiracy
7:46 pm
theorists every night, you're like the russians hacked our election, the russians hacked our election, meanwhile, the people elsewhere are saying oh, a foreign government hacked into the election? dude what is that like? just pump the breaks, we're only on day 100, by the end of the year you guys will have jars of urine and tin foil all over your desks. now, i have a lot more jokes, but i don't want to just ramble on, otherwise i may get a show on msnbc. last but not least, my favorite entertainment channel is in the building tonight. cnn is here, baby, now! you guys have some really weird trust issue going on with the public. i'm not going to call you fake news, but everything is not
7:47 pm
breaking news. you can't go to def con 1 just because sanjay gupta found a new moisturizer, every time a story breaks, you guys go to nine boxes on the news, i'm trying to watch the news, not pick a player in street fighter. it's giving me anxiety. if you have nine experts on the panel, what is your barrier of entry? here to talk about transportation infrastructure is my uber driver gary, gary, what do you got? it just says gary, 4.8 stars. i don't know, i got a mint. >> thanks, gary, let's go to the next countdown clock. all you guys do is soak up conflict, don, every time i watch your show it feels like i'm watching a reality tv show. cnn tonight should be just called wait a second, now hold on stop yelling at each other, with don lemon.
7:48 pm
you know your news, right? come on, but every time i watch cnn it feels like you're assigning me homework. is trump a russian spy? i don't know, you tell me, tweet us at "ac360." no, you tell me! i'm watching the news. but it feels like i'm watching cnn watch the news. just take an hour. figure out what you want to say, then go on the air. whenever i turn you guys on, it feels like a little kid just ran in the room and is trying to tell you a story.
7:49 pm
the world -- the -- paul ryan -- breathe! take a minute. drink some milk. then tell us the story, wolf! i know i'm busting balls. i don't have a solution on how to win back trust. i don't. but in the age of trump, i know that you guys have to be more perfect now more than ever. because you are how the president gets his news. not from advisers. not from experts. not from intelligence agencies. you guys. so that is why you got to be on your a game, and be good. you can't make any mistakes, because when one of you messes up he blames your entire group.
7:50 pm
and now you know what it feels like to be a minority. and -- i can see some you are a. you have a lot more experience than me. but i have got three decades of being brown. if you want to survive the age of trump, you have got to think like a mine audioity. now that you are a minor ipt. everyone is going to expect you to be the mouthpiece for the entire group. i hate to say it, but somewhere right now, all of you are being represented by geraldo rivera. see, now that you are truly minority there is a distorted version of you out there, you know, taco bell for mexican culture, panda express for chinese culture. huffington post for journalism. and then, when you actually manage to do great work you get hit with the most condescending line in the english language,
7:51 pm
hey, you are actually one of the good ones. then you have to smile and say thank you. kind of sucks, doesn't it? by the way, you guys aren't really minorities, you guys are super white. i can see msnbc saying, we got our minority card! no. but your work is invaluable. and i mean that as a fake journalist. i am rooting for you. we are 100 days in, 1360 days to go. you guys are running the marathon, and i am at the half mile mark giving you tape for your nipples. so i'm wishing you nothing but the best. you chafed, van? you look chafed? that's a long way to go.
7:52 pm
this has been one of the strangest events i have ever done in my life. i am being honest with you. like i feel like i am a tribute in the hunger games. like if this goes poorly, steve bannon gets to eat me. [ laughter ] but i was asked to not roast the president and the administration in their absentia. i completely understand that. we are in a very strange situation where there's a very combative relationship between the press and the president. but now that you guys are minorities, just for this moment, you might understand the position i was in. and it's the same position a lot of minority kids feel in this country. and it's -- you know, do i come up here and just try to fit in and not ruffle any festers?
7:53 pm
or do i say how i really feel? because this event is about celebrating the first amendment and free speech. free speech is the foundation of an open and liberal democracy. from college campuses to the white house. only in america can a first-generation indian american muslim kid get on this stage and make fun of the president. [ applause ] the orange man hypbehind the mum ban. and it's a a sign to rest of the word. an amazing tradition that shows the entire world that even the president is not beyond the reach of the first amendment. [ applause ] but the president didn't show up. because donald trump doesn't
7:54 pm
care about free speech. the man who tweets everything that enters his head refuses to acknowledge the amendment that allows him to do it. think about it. it's almost -- what is it 11:00? it's 11:00 p.m. right now. in four hours, donald trump will be tweeting about how bad nicki minaj bombed at this dinner. and he will be doing it completely sober. and that's his right. and i'm proud that all of us are here tonight to defend that right. even if the man in the white house never would. so i'd like to thank the white house correspondents' association for having me here. i want to thank all of you. i want to thank woodward and bernstein for inspiring a generation of journalists. and i i would like to thank donald trump for inspiring the
7:55 pm
next. thank you so much. it's been an honor. good night. i love you. thank you. >> has an minaj bringing down the house, taking aim at many different folks and colleagues in the press there, and getting what sounds like a warm response. let's go to our panel, seth who you did he do? >> i think he did great. he is so earnest and insear which i think is part of comedy is really meaning what you say. and no one conveys that more than him. thought he did great as well. the one thing i was missing the whole time were those cutaway shots to the president. whether it was last year cutting away to obama laughing or whatever trump would have been doing to cut away to this team. >> ian, what did you think? he definitely focused on the press more than the press. >> totally. i loved it. it was like a roast battle of the press. when usually it's kind of a roast of the president. but this was a cool take of the roasting of different press areas and different press
7:56 pm
channels. hey, he might have a job here at nbc. >> you never know. patrick, one of the things that jumped out -- to sound old, i would note he sounded young in his references, his casual nature. what would you focus on. >> if you don't like trump, that was red meat for you. i think the only democratic jokes, one against hillary. and ballsy to not so subtly criticize the association to sensor him a little bit bye-bye asking him to dial things down. he didn't take that advice. and secondly knocked them for asking him to do that in the first place. >> did he make news in your view. >> jeff may said he wanted someone who wouldn't roast the president in absentia. it's fair but i think that has an minaj viewed that as them trying to tell him not to be tough on trump, and he obviously said, as he said, he's like, i have to speak my truth.
7:57 pm
i'm not going to be censored. that was interesting, because specially because it's all the first amendment. >> and was it hassan minaj or nicki minaj. i want to say thank you to all the people who joined our coverage, and the staff that worked the weekend shift as we went from the rally to the dinner. thank you for watching msnbc. and have a good night. you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source.
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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. what's the youngest person you've been sexually involved with? >> 14. >> a sex offender gives way to his urges. >> he was found with 18 pictures of children from magazines and newspapers. >> just like that. >> oh, okay. >> a nightmarish assault on staff changes the prison


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