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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ to err is human. to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard. experience amazing. hi, everybody. good sunday morning, i'm thomas roberts. 9:00 in the east and 6:00 a.m. out west. at least seven people killed from storms. a twister in texas created
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widespre damage tell us what you hear. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. people in east texas were expecting bad weather and they got it. as many as four tornadoes touched down, including this one in canton, texas where several were hurt and at least one person here in canton was killed. a car dealership was taken down. the dialership we are flying over with a drone was wiped out. it opened four months ago. as many as five people have been killed in this storm. the search continues for more victims today. this morning, first responders assessing the damage after a series of powerful tornadoes tore through east texas last night. >> the top off on top of us. the roof and everything collapsed on us. >> reporter: leaving a path of destruction. >> i don't remember much except watching the walls of the house
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fall off and everything around me gone. >> reporter: cars were spun off the highway. this dodge dealership destroyed. >> hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. >> reporter: firefighters raced from house-to-house to search for victims. >> every last one walked away. we have nothing left. >> loud winds, got really dark. everything was getting thrown at the house. >> reporter: the twisters, part of a massive storm system racing across the country this weekend, causing devastating flash flooding for tens of millions. in missouri, a state of emergency, at least one person dead, dozens of others picking up the pieces. >> this is all we have left. we built the house in 2011. that creek out there was just a peacefulabblg brook. >> i came over here and the water receded quite a bit. i was able to wade through it and get my animals and take them back to the car and take them to my parents house.
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>> first responders shocked at what they are seeing. >> been here 37 years. this is the first time i have seen the water this high. >> reporter: so, in this three-county area, about 60 miles east of dallas, there have been five fatalities, more than 50 people injured. with the sun coming up, people are beginning to clean up as the entire storm system moves east. thomas? >> amazing as we look at the drone images in canton, texas. thank you. we appreciate it. we turn to politics. in my first 100 days, i kept my promise to americans. 100 days ago, i took oath of office and made a pledge, we are not going to transfer political power from one power to another instead from washington, d.c., and give it back to the people. that comes on day marked 100. we have gotten this op-ed on the
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day after. last night, the president in harrisburg at a rally he threw for himself in pennsylvania. there, he struck many of the same themes from t white house. >> year after year, you pleaded for washington to enforce our laws as illegal immigration surged, refugees flooded in and lax vetting threatened your family's safety and security. your pleas have finally been -- don't worry, we are going to have the wall. don't worry about it. [ cheers and applause ] >> that, in sharp contrast to the big event, the washington correspondent's dinner, usually attended by the president and his administration. trump rebuffed to attend. the holder of the ovl office still the brunt of many jokes. >> historically, the president
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performs at the correspondent's dinner. he's done far too much bombing this month. >> meanwhile, in an interview later today, reaction from president trump to north korea's latest failed missile test. he says the move by north korea doesn't mean increased pressure isn't working. >> it has. this was a small missile. this was not a big missile. this was not a nuclear test, which he was expected to do three days ago. if he does a nuclear test, i will not be happy. i can tell you, also, i don't believe the president of china, who is a very respected man, will be happy either. >> not happy meaning military action? >> i don't know, we'll see. president trump spoke by phone with the philippine president and invited him to washington now. a statement has been issued saying the white houseaithe two discussed the fact the philippines is fighting hard to
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rid its country of drugs. i want to go to kelly o'donnell at the white house. it was a tale of two americas last night. if people were tuning in at home and seeing what's taking place in d.c. at the correspondent's dinner and donald trump at a rally in harrisburg, p.a., refusing to attend this typical truce night. >> reporter: it is a tradition about having the presidency and adversarial press take a night where they acknowledge each other, respect, humor. it's meant to celebrate these institutions. typically, president trump loves ceremonial things related to his office. in some ways it's surprising he didn't want to be part of that. it is a toast to the president and to the freedom of speech, of reporting, of the first amendment. so, he didn't attend and he really framed it politically by being in pennsylvania state, many thought he could not win and he did. as an anti-washington outsider
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night, he wanted to share with the voters in a washington ballroom. that can be appealing to some people. the president is the first in decades not to attend this dinner and poke fun at himself and us. it was ronald reagan who could not attend, but he had been recovering from a gunshot, assassination attempt. he called into the dinner. it's a very, very long tradition meant to be in good spirit for the institutions. president trump sort of not only skipped it but said all his cabinet officials would not attend either. it was a different night. you played the clips where he talked about the biggest ideas he wants to achieve. he spent time doing that from the wall to nafta and so forth. when you look alt his remarks, the biggest chunk of what he wanted to talk about was hitting the media. greeting thousands of fired up
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supporters in harrisburg, pennsylvania, saturday night, president trump revelled in running another type of campaign, an attack on the national media. >> they are gathered together for the white house correspondent's dinner without the president. >> reporter: bucking decades of presidential tradition, dishing out his own 100 day report card. >> i think we would all agree the media deserves a very, very big fat failing grade. >> reporter: back in washington, the black tie event went on to celebrate the first amendment and refute accusations made by the president. >> we are not fake news. and we are not the enemy of the american people. >> reporter: but the dinner is best known for being funny. the show went on, this year, featuring comedy centrals ma
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nanlg. >> i would say it is an honor to be here, but that would be an alternative fact. it is not. no one wanted to do this. >> usually, the president is on stage when jokes are made at his expense. who is tweeting at 3:00 a.m. sober? >> reporter: zinging the president, he said was his free speech. >> the leader of our country is not here. that's because he lives in moscow, it is a very long flight. it would be hard for vlad to make it on a saturday. it's a saturday. >> reporter: this morning, not 3:00 a.m. tweets, but 8:00 a.m. tweets, a series of them from president trump talking about an appearance on "face the nation" this morning, reviewing the excitement he felt at last night's rally and hitting democrats for being obstructionists, as he claims, and talking about obamacare. a series of tweets from the president this morning. interesting, tom, he told an
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interviewer and that rally crowd that maybe next year he will attend that dinner. we will see if the president's mind is changed. the idea is to celebrate journalism, give scholarships to up and coming journalists and have a pleasant evening in washington in what is often a tough town. he skipped this year. >> the star last night was manaj. >> he pobed fun as all of us, too, right? >> there was nobody safe in that room. it wasn't just the oval office. kelly, thank you very much. joining me now, gabrielle, political reporter for u.s. news and world report and molly, reporter for the hill. great to have you with me. it was a great night. i'm very tired today. i'll admit this. i've been passing notes to try to explain and apologize for why i'm so tired. molly, since you are not with us
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and you are the odd friend out right now, you get to go first on who won the night, donald or the media? >> i actually think both. i think donald and the media won the night. if you think about it, the media likes to go after donald trump. donald trump loves to go after the media. guess what? donald trump has been so accessible to the media, inviting members of press corps to his office at random times to have a chat, do an impromptu interview. he's had press conferences that americans have seen firsthand. the media broadcast that. it's kind of a love/hate relationship. really, donald trump, he won the hearts of americans out there. that's how he was elected to be president. it wasn't the media that voted for him. perhaps, i mean in recent years, the dinners, the white house correspondents dinners have been getting really grand and a lot of celebrities and hollywood. it becomes this, this big event
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that is almost bigger than the white house correspondents association. so, perhaps maybe this cooling off year was appropriate. i think that, you know, toup this point, both donald trump and the media have won. >> yeah, he came to d.c. elected on this disrupter status. obviously, gabrielle, last night, not having anything from the president or his administration there is certainly a disruption. to molly's point, he sat down with john dickerson for "face the nation." he called it deface the nation calling out john and the name of the show. he was in campaign mode. do you think that's going to buy him credence and time based on what he's done the first 100 days as opposed to what he delivered for the american people? the two don't line up. >> as we have seen, this is the president who is historically unpopular except with his own voters, the people who supported him in november have not
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abandoned him. they love him, they hate the media. for him, this is the kind of thing that, you know, goi to the rrespondent's dinner was a lose/lose scenario. going out and talking to the people that already love him, that's a win for him. they believe he is coming through on the things he says and the things he hasn't gotten to. well, it's paul ryan's fault or the media's fault or whoever. >> the democrats this morning. >> exactly. but, they love him. they think he is doing what he says. they think the media is lying. it was a win/win for him. >> the president doing that "washington post" op-ed and he really puts out this populous theme, continuing it, saying no longer will we listen to the voice that brought us nothing, but more in the wealth of countries that took advantage of the united states. when we think about those are themes that got him into office, but he has bombed syria.
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you know, we are engaged overseas. we are talking escalation of threats with north korea. we are still adding issues with the tax cut plan he wants to kick back to the big guys, not so much thinking about the little guys. that would only help keep poverty where it is. >> the interesting thing, also, he recently would not call china a currency manipulator, which is something he had been going after during his whole campaign lead up to, obviously, the election, china. now he's good friends with president xi, who is a good guy, doing what he needs to do. i think it's interesting because president trump did talk to reuters. one thing i heard from republicans and democrats and the hollywood celebs this weekend, they refer to the reuters interview he did on friday or thursday night, which he said, hey, this job is a lot more difficult than i thought.
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than i anticipated it to be. you have to make deals. he was talking about not calling china a currency manipulator. he did so, mentioning the fact they are helping us out with north korea. you can have these populous themes and those nationalist kind of themes. when it comes down to it, when you are dealing with a very, you know, unpredictable north korea and you need china's help, probably you are not going to call them a currency manipulator. he's learning on the job. it's an interesting process to watch unfold. >> talk about the reuters interview, the president of the white house correspondents association. he gave remarks that really stuck out to me. take a listen. >> we are not fake news. [ applause ] >> we are not failing news organizations. and we are not the enemy of the american people.
6:16 am
>> really, you know, laying it down right there about re-examining what we are. should he have dignified the fake news moniker with those types of remarks? does that help justify them in any way? >> i think the media is trying to push back in any way we can. i think we are trying to justify our existence well before trump came on to the scene as a politician. certainly he's been around for a long time. we are trying to deal with all of the other things that are making life a little bit harder, the fact that the internet means that the -- the whole industry is under a completely different -- we are trying to figure out how we are going to go forward. >> they are growing phases? >> for a while now. >> the big examination for the media and the onous is on us. when you make a mistake, you get
6:17 am
all the blame, all of you. welcome to the minorities, how the minorities feel. that's true because the thing is, we are not trying to tell a story and find facts to back it up later. we are finding the facts first. that's our intent, to tell everybody the story. >> that's right. he also said, you know, who is watching all of us? president trump. he's watching the news. we have to get it right. we have to get it right 110% we have to get it right because president trump is looking at this in the morning. he watches before he goes out and does a press conference. he refers to it, tweets and respds to things on the various cable channels. it's imperative the media gets things right. when you are living in a 24-hour news cycle with twitter, facebook, it's difficult to make sure you get it right, fast and broadcast 110% correct. >> it's not like he's hate watching "the bachelor." he's watching the news to be
6:18 am
informed because he respects the information and he does trust news sources. great to have you both on. thank you so much. molly, gabrielle, great to have you with me. president trump had a lot to say last night. i'm going to get a reaction from a congressman with a message for the president. will he be watching and listening? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist [fbi agent] you're a brave man, your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv.
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the world is getting the message. if you try to illegally enter the united states, you will be caught detained, deported or put in prison. >> there we have part of what president trump said last night about immigration. he spent eight minutes on that topic last evening in pennsylvania reassuring the crowd he's going to build a border wall, protect americans from crimes by undocumented
6:22 am
immigrants, saying he's taking the fight to sanctuary cities. we know that you are a passionate advocate for immigration rights, documented and undocumented. what is your number one concern with president trump and his ag, jeff sessions and what they are doing currently. >> one thing that started is a horrible propaganda effort called voice, highlighting crimes by immigrants even though they commit them objectively, at lower rates than those born here. >> you think they are being unfairly highlighted? >> unfairly pointed out. it makes it seem as if, somehow, if you are robbed or you are beaten by somebody who happens to be an immigrant, is that worse than if your perpetrator is an american citizen. >> president trump, his administration, people supporting what he has done would say because of this election and the apprehension of
6:23 am
undocumented immigrants is lower because of the language and tone that fewer people are trying to enter the u.s. do you think they can take credit for that? >> we have 10-15 million people here without documentation. we don't know the number. a wall wouldn't stop them. there's not going to be a wall, he keeps saying that. >> this is about the apprehension of undocumented immigrants trying to come into the country since the election. they say it's dropped. they say it's because of the fact he's in the white house and he used this language. can they say it's a success? >> there's not more border security than before. whether there's more or less immigrants relates to how many jobs there are. as long as we have a need in the economy and a role for people to come and play and create value, we are going to have an
6:24 am
immigration problem. those with a problem are where those that are the best and brighter are fleeing from. what a great thing. >> it's part of the american dream. they are saying the language itself, the tone president trump set is making folks think twice before they attempt it in the first place. your state, colorado, denver, recogni recognized as a sanctuary city. they say it's breaking the law. we have a judge attempting to with hold the funding there. that could change. what is your greatest fear and hope, if the administration continues with this and they are trying to attack sanctuary cities? >> the tone is scared and underground the immigrant families. ice going to be harder to get statistics and numbers. fewer are afraid to report and send kids to schools.
6:25 am
the good news is are cities are resisting, denver, boulder, cities across the country are saying we value our relationship and we want them cooperating. until the folks in washington can fix the system, we are going to do the best we can with what we have. >> does the administration have the right to go after those in our country who are here illegally and undocumented? >> they don't have the capability to do a mass deportation. there's no lodgist cal way 10 million or 15 million people can be deported. he has stepped it up. it's created fear in the latino and arab communities as well. >> great to see you, especially in person in washington, d.c. thank you for your time. >> always a pleasure. the president marked the 100 days in office period yesterday. is there a protest clash that
6:26 am
will dog this president until his last day in office? if so, what is it going to accomplish? we are back after this break. we've done well in life, with help from our advisor, we made it through many market swings. sure we could travel, take it easy... but we've never been the type to just sit back... not when we've got so much me to give
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hi, everybody. welcome back, i'm thomas roberts at msnbc world headquarters, our d.c. bureau. this is what we are watching for you this morning. the state of texas reeling after a series of twisters hitting east of dallas killing five and injuring 50 others. this trail of destruction was left behind. the death toll could rise. storms swept through parts of the mid wesz. also, new reaction moments ago from senator john mccain to north korea's last missile
6:33 am
launch. take a listen. >> somebody said this could be a missile crisis in slow motion. i disagreed with the president's tweet about north korea by continuing to test this disrespected china. they disrespected us. the agreement by three previous presidents that was supposed to bring this process of acquiring nuclear weapons and delivering them to a halt. >> vice president mike pence is seeking to clarify trump's comment that he thought the presidency would be sooner that is happening with chuck todd on "meet the press." >> i don't know that he's found it harder. i think he found the range of issues, as president of the united states at home and abroad, given the past of the last administration to be challenging. in many ways, as the president said, the world is a mess. he spent a lot of time
6:34 am
reengaging the world. >> meanwhile, a study in contrast last night. you probably watched this here in washington, a toned down white house correspondent's dinner because the president and folks from the ovl administration did not attend. donald trump went to harrisburg, pennsylvania where the president held a rally with supporters. >> we willakemerica song again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america prosper again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. >> joining me now, crystal ball, democratic strategist and author of "reversing the apocalypse and robber, former bush-cheney advi adviser. crystal, you are missing out.
6:35 am
we are in washington, d.c. if you stick around, i'm going to tell you a secret about robert. okay? >> my goodness, that's a great tease. >> this is where you cut to robert to show him blushing. we were hearing and watching the big contrast we had in d.c. with the media and certain member, elected members of congress. the president taking to p.a., to hold this rally. it's not so much about who won the night. president trump will be class cheerleader. he gets best cheerleader. who is winning the actual narrative of, who is telling the truth? is it the media or this white house? >> i mean -- >> sorry, crystal, that's to robert. >> good morning, thomas. welcome to my hometown. that's an interesting question, i'm not sure who is really winning. here is why. i think the white house would clearly say they are winning the narrative. they have people such as the
6:36 am
tens of thousands of people in harrisburg that are following the president. i think the president would s his followers are more be him than ever before. the pres artfully, will say our subscriptions are up, readership is up. look at the feedback, the viewers and readers are saying keep it up, the first amendment is more important than ever. it's a draw. it's unfortunate we are having this conversation. we need a shared set of facts. the reality is we need unvarnished truth with elected officials. >> the last thing, crystal, should have been a reset moment. you have been here many times, it's truce night where everybody comes together in one space and folks make jokes and take sholts at each other. it reminds people that we are all here in one effort, one room together and we can get along. it really remains an us against them strategy. >> i think that's exactly right, thomas. last night was, in ways, a perfect distillation of the
6:37 am
problems and divide in the country. the speech that president trump gave last night in pennsylvania, it was a speech for part of the country. it was not a speech to all of america. as president, you are supposed to speak to all of america. you are supposed to be representing the entire country, not go back into campaign mode to rally the base, which is what he did last night. on the other hand, with him not there at the correspondent dinner, sam bee ding his piece and manaj doing his piece. again, speaking to a different part of america. i think it's a perfect distillation of where we are. in terms of who is winning the narrative. robert points out something important here, i don't think any of us are winning. we are in a divided place where we are not even agreeing on a shared basis of reality. look, i think sam bee and manaj has great nights last night. they are going to be
6:38 am
increasingly important voices in terms of resis tense. comedy is an important part of critiquing this administration. even though i enjoyed watching, it's sad we are at this place where the country is not looking at facts the same way or sharing the same sense of reality. >> right. the same baseline beginning point is being questioned about facts. robert, we know in the speech last night from the president, a lot of the same populous themes we heard from the campaign trail. does the 10 days in office for this president, really reflect a stand and deliver on that? >> well, the real question is, is there really any proof in the pudding? the reality is no except gorsuch. the president nominated a very qualified individual for supreme court. when you look at affordable health care act, the turn on nafta, the u-turn on nato and so forth, there's not a lot there. the question is whether or not he can pivot for the next three
6:39 am
years in delivering on the promises he got ea elected to do and unifying the country, bringing democrats and republicans together to look at the same set of facts. wait, we can agree there's a problem. we may disagree on the solution, but let's agree on the problem. >> unification is an interesting route to see if we can achieve that. we see again and again, activists and grass roots organizers finding a purpose with president trump. they have galvanized with this administration. can you say this is a permanent class. can folks give this president a chance? >> well, i think folks have given this president a chance, which is more than he deserved based on the rhetoric that he ran on during the campaign. but, you know, he made a huge mistake, president trump did right out of the gates with leading with the most divisive
6:40 am
part of his agenda with the muslim ban. we had people that served alongside our men and women in iraq and interpreters and protected them. that really unleashed a title wave of sentiment. there's no putting that genie back in the bottle. i don't know if you call it a permanent protest class, but people have really woken up and they realize they need to be vocal. they need to be in the faces of their representatives. bottom line, they have to vote. so, i see 2018 with a lot of energy and momentum on democrats side. i'm critical of the democratic party. i think it is not enough just to resist trump. you have to offer an affirmative message as well. looking forward to 2020, we could lose to president trump again if we don't offer that affirmative message. for the midterms where it's all about base energy, i say democrats are in good shape there. >> robert, for you, do you think
6:41 am
crystal has a point there? you know, the rhetoric that got him into office, he doesn't deserve to be there. folks don't need to give him a chance. this is going to continue because they have faltered out of the gate and can't seem to get their act together? >> i strongly disagree with part. the president won. you can disagree with the tactics and policies but he won. >> i know. he will go over the electoral map with you when he meets you. >> i don't deny that. >> it's valid he won. now what? >> right. the pivot is now what? what is that phase two look like? crystal has a point, the president is doing a good job of energizing the democratic base. he came out of the gate swinging and with stumbles. there's no doubt about it. can he deliver on campaign promises? i need to remind people, he is not an id log. when you see him do a u-turn on nato and nafta, that is scary in some ways, but also is
6:42 am
enlightening to me he's willing to listen and be persuaded based on the facts. this president has the ability to make major, major change when it comes to infrastructure and when it comes to fixing the affordable health care act. ere's significant things he can do if he chooses to pivot. i think democrats will be smart to work with him on issues where they could find common ground. >> the president has been tweeting this morning. >> really? >> yes, he is. can i tell crystal the secret? >> you can. >> crystal, the secret is, robert is a great dresser. that's the big secret. >> a great dresser? >> yes. >> i think i already knew that. >> can you see those good kicks? >> i can't see anything. >> oh. >> i have no return, sorry. i'll look for it later. >> he's all business above camera and he is ready to go have a great sunday with shorts and sneaks on.
6:43 am
>> like most americans. happy sunday, america. >> get out and have a good sunday. >> that's the way to do it. >> crystal, great to see you. robert, tweet to people. >> i will. >> what happened to you here. >> i will. >> thank you very much. 25 years later, recalling the l.a. riots. hard to believe it's 25 years later. i'm going to speak to a reporter that covered it. next dollars and digits, adding up the trump tax cut and the plans for a pay off for president trump and his wallet. ♪
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6:46 am
what has happened to those accused of beating rodney king stunned the nation. >> this is a frustration, an injustice. >> we often get along.
6:47 am
we have to, you know, i mean, we are all stuck here for a while. let's try to work it out. >> the rodney king verdict flipped the match, but they were more than ready to explode. tom brokaw anchoring the "nightly news" coverage of the riots in 1992. this weekend marks the 25th anniversary of the riots since they overtook l.a. four police officers acquitted in the beating of rodney king, one of the first beatings caught on video tape. the event lasted days in los angeles with 50 killed, more than 2000 injured and 12,000 arrested. ron allen covered the events 25 years ago. let's start with the verdict. as a reporter, what you needed to cover, how surprised were you by the outcome of that? >> well, i was surprised, thomas and i wasn't surprised. when you watch the trial happen on a day-to-day basis, it was
6:48 am
skillful and taking the emotion out of the video tape, they slowed down and paused it. they made rodney king the demon and the officers were just doing their jobs as they kept saying. so, i could see how it could happen. l.a., however, was just stunned. there were preparations leading up to the verdict because people in the community knew there could be trouble. remember, this was a really, really powerful video tape and the country had not seen anything like this before. we see a lot of it now in other cases on social media. then, it was stunning. so, while no one predicted that the worst riot, if you will, in u.s. history would follow this, i don't think a lot of people were surprised there was a very, very negative and violent reaction. >> when we look 25 years back, what would you say the impact has been on the los angeles area and how it was able or not able to properly rebound in light of
6:49 am
what happened? >> i think the biggest change is that the police department in l.a. changed. it was reformed by most accounts, forced to by the federal government by a decree. all that sounds familiar with what we are talking about in ferguson, baltimore, cleveland and elsewhere. back then, there was an impact on los angeles. i think a lot of people are concerned 25 years later, some of the same things seem to be happening in different places and some of the same problems persist. a lot of people called the riots a rebellion, an uprising. this was not a positive statement, but a reaction to things going on in the community, poverty, unemployment, terrible schools, poor housing. that's what caused that to happen, people say. yes, the rodney king verdict was the spark and the underlying problems with the police were simmering. it's the structural inequalities
6:50 am
that persist in many places that caused the problem then and arguably cause problems now, in places like ferguson, baltimore and elsewhere. >> we know and the issue remains of proper accountability and there is an equality where most people have a device where they could capture this as opposed to the aerial footage we have of what happened to rodney king. have we made better progress in the accountability aspect of judicial reform when it comes to the overreach of police? >> well, one of the legacies of the obama administration is they initiated more investigations of police departments than anyone probably had ever. there are so many departments under consent decrees, where there were investigations of police departments and this notion of community based policing is now the mantra in law enforcement. but have we come that far? i would say probably yes in many
6:51 am
respects. but now, frankly in the year of donald trump as president, there is a lot of concern about whether, in fact, these changes will continue to go forward. we have heard the attorney general jeff sessions speak negatively about decent degrees and the oversight of police departments as strangling them or restraining them from doing their jobs. so there is a lot of concern about whether in fact the reforms that were started will continue. >> ron allen who was there 25 years ago covering the rodney king verdict and the aftermath of all of that in l.a., thank you. we appreciate your time and insights 25 years later. >> it is a twitter nightmare how all the president's tweeting may be putting him in danger and causing a security challenge for the secret service. more on that after this. just . they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled.
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all right. so we know that since taking office, president trump keeps
6:55 am
the tweets coming. we had fresh ones this morning, just a couple hours ago, all coming from his@realdonald trump handle. a report says all the tweeting has drawn a title wave of threats. sir, it is great to have you with me as we talk about this. and as a former secret service agent, i want to get your reaction to the service agent -- secret service agent and he's a former one, dan's comments of "politico" saying that twitter is creating a lot of hassles, a lot of threats that the secret service can't ignore. when we talk about the threats its created and this kind of interaction because donald trump will tweet back with people, what is the major concern about it? >> well, with the number of tweets, a lot of folks are saying that there is an increase in threats against the president. and i understand from folks within the secret service
6:56 am
currently that that's not the case. so just because someone tweets in retaliation to a tweet received doesn't necessarily mean they are going to threaten the president. >> right. so there would be a threshold or benchmark, but the secret service has to take it on. obviously social media is a new part of the equation that they have to take into the matter. >> no question. >> but because people are learning from the president this way, we cover his tweets. it really has been a fascinating first-person aspect of getting direct information from the president. the trump piece have invited more threats than the detail can actually investigate. he has been testify graphing his movements for the bad guys. so is that one of the bigger concerns, that, you know, trump in terms of telling folks where he is going to be or what he's doing, does that add hassles to how strategies are put in place
6:57 am
for his safety? >> any time the president's schedule becomes blic, officially or unofficially, you're absolutely right. the adversaries understand it just as people who tweet or people in social media recognize it. but the secret service has been doing this for more than a century. so they understand what each play, to so speak, represents. so they are going to come forward with technology, with personnel, with other assets to make sure that the president and other protectees are kept secure. >> what do you make of reports that the secret service is being stretched too thin? because we think about what's taking place with the president and his family members, his adult children that are getting protection. >> sure. as you will recall, this isn't the first time the secret service has protected children. we've had the carters. there was the reagans who had
6:58 am
adult children that were protected. so this isn't a new end game for the secret service and they're flexible. they know how to respond. just the mission itself dictates that you've got to be flexible. >> flexibility is built in. >> you have to be able to flex and they do it well. >> thank you for your time. that's going to wrap up our time. this hour has really flown by. but stay tuned. coming up next a.m. joy. in the case of former national security advisor michael flynn. i'm thomas roberts. have a great sunday. e pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mual insurance.
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