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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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moral of the folks worki in these positions but really for all americans. >> indeed. former head of the civil rights division of the justice department. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. is, is just over that line, even with twitter's encouragement, she's got to stay home tonight. i think everybody collectively is wishing her rachel a speedy recovery. i think all of that, all of those vibes are going to help. >> thanks. well, the breaking news tonight is that more people involved with president trump are being asked to cooperate
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with the russia information. michael flynn said he will cooperate with the subpoena he received. the president's personal lawyer is doing what he has done before so many times before. he's making the situation much, much worse for donald trump. >> president trump's long-time private attorney, michael cohen, has been asked for information into possible trump campaign ties to russia. he knows a lot about the long history of financial ties between the trump world and russia. >> he sent us a text in the last hour who said i decline the invitation to participate it was not capable of being answered. >> the first son-in-law jared kushner subject. >> the white house doesn't know, they're certainly not the communication staff don't know all the details about jared kushner was doing.
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>> they're laughing at how easy it is. and how the president, unfortunately is helping with their agenda. >> the first evidence of white house shakeup. resignation of communications director. >> best messenger is the president himself. he's always proven that. >> the breaking news of russian investigation tonight michael flynn has chosen to comply from the senate intelligence committee and turn over documents from his businesses to the committee at the same time donald trump's personal lawyer is refusing to comply with a document request from the senate committee and the house intelligence committee, the trump lawyer michael cohen received a written request from the committees for documents, not a subpoena, just a written request for the documents. the committee's asked for information about russian context and any communications
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with the trump campaign about russia. michael cohen's response to the committee's once again made the situation worse for his long-term client who is now the president of the united states. and i say once again, because michael cohen is the kind of lawyer who is very good at making things worse for donald trump. he has done that many times over the years. you might remember this, michael cohen told the daily beast, you can't rape your spouse. it's true, cohen added, you cannot rape your spouse. and there's very clear case law. that was michael cohen displaying his incompetence as a lawyer for all to see in his attempt to defend donald trump from the accusation that he raped his first wife. that accusation, actually, appeared in a deposition which
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his first wife gave under oath. michael cohen was wrong about the law, rape is still legally rape, even if the victim is married to her attacker. michael cohen has allowed his eye on donald trump to be humiliating by bringing a variety of frivolous lawsuits of people who said things that donald trump and michael cohen didn't like. michael cohen did not talk his client out of suing bill maher for saying things donald trump didn't like. that frivolous lawsuit had to be dropped. he did not -- that donald trump did not like. good lawyer would have read the book and told donald trump there is absolutely no way to win a lawsuit against o'brien. he was humiliated in that lawsuit when he lost to tim o'brien. one of his specialties over the years has been the tough guy on the telephone. he's apparently much much
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tougher on the telephone than he is in court. here he is threatening a daily beast reporter over the phone. >> i will make sure that you and i meet one day while we're in the courthouse and i will take you for every penny you still don't have and i will come after your daily beast and everybody else that you possibly know, cohen said. i'm warning you, tread very fing lightly, because what i'm going to do to you is going to be f'ing disgusting, you understand me. you write a story that has mr. trump's name in it with the word "rape" and i'm going to mess your life up as long as you're on this frikin planet. you'll never know how to get out from underneath, he added. it was an empty threat, an ugly, but empty threat by an empty lawyer, the daily beast did publish story with the word rape and donald trump's name in it.
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and that story included that quote that i just read you, which, of course, includes the sentence where michael cohen himself puts the word "rape" in the same sentence with the name donald trump. michael cohen is just one member of the confederacy that has always surrounded donald trump. many of them, people who are unemployable by anyone but donald trump, michael cohen did a very, very good job of making that daily beast article that contained the words "rape" and donald trump much, much worse for donald trump. michael cohen made the article much more disgusting, so how did michael cohen make the situation much worse for president trump by refusing to comply with the senate intelligence committee's request for document. well, after michael cohen refused to comply with the
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request for documents last week, the members of the senate intelligence committee voted unanimously all republicans, all democrats voted to empower the chairman and the vice chairman of the committee to issue subpoenas completely at their discretion, without checking with the full membership of the committee, that is very unusual for committee. normally it requires the vote for the full committee to issue even a single subpoena. but, thanks to donald trump's personal lawyer, issuing subpoenas to the president, issuing subpoenas to the president's children, to everyone in the white house and everyone who worked in the trump campaign, just became much much quicker and easier. now, everything that i've just said or any one of the things
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that i've just said is exactly the kind of thing that use to provoke a threat from michael cohen to sue, but he won't be doing that. he's finally learned that he can't do that any more. but we know that every negative story michael cohen reads about himself or donald trump makes him want to pick up that phone and scream, something disgusting about the disgusting things he's going to do to the reporter, whoever said those things about donald trump or michael cohen. and he's going to be living with those feelings for a long time now. he's going to be sitting at home and watching programs like this or reading articles for a long time now, that are going to fill him with that urge to pick up the phone and spew hatred and venom and reporters because the next stage for michael cohen will be getting hit with subpoenas from the senate intelligence committee and he will have to comply with those
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subpoenas, as michael flynn has realized he has to comply with those subpoenas. and then, of course, there's the special prosecutor who will also be interested in michael cohen's documents and what michael cohen has to tell him. and as bad a lawyer as michael cohen can be, even he knows, he can't threaten to do disgusting things to the special prosecutor. the "new york times" reports that jared kushner's meeting with the russian banker is a focus of the special prosecutor and "new york times" reports the banker is a close associate of mr. putin but he's not been known to play diplomatic role for the russian leader, that has raised questions about why he was meeting with mr. kushner at a crucial moment in the president's transition according to current and foreign officials familiar with the investigations. jared kushner entered the trump campaign with a thorough
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ignorance and then entered the trump transition team with thorough ignorance of how to plan a transition. he then took a high-ranking position in the white house staff with a thorough ignorance of government and the workings of the white house, what could possibly go wrong? jared kushner was long thought, by many in the media, to be the person who would help control president trump's worst impulses. but the president's worst impulse is choosing to put incompetent people in -- jared kushner, himself, is living ser son fi case personification of trump's worst impulses. he proved how worried he is about how much trouble his so in law is in now. he retweeted this, saying jared
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kushner didn't suggest russian communities channel in meeting, source says. that tweet links to fox news article saying, during the meeting, the russians broached the idea of abusing a -- using a secure line between the trump administration and russia, not kushner, a source familiar with the matter told fox news. that follows a recent report from the washington post alleging that kushner wanted to develop a secure private line with russia. this is exactly the kind of news report that president trump called fake news in a tweet on sunday. he said whenever you see the word sources say in the fake news media and they don't mention names, it is very possible that those sources don't exist but are made up by fake news writers. fake news is the media.
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joining us now former chief staff of former vice president al gore. and he was also the chief counsel to chief jerry bash msnbc national security analyst and former chief of staff to leon panata at the cia and defense department. you have michael flynn saying he's going to comply. they asked for the documents. he's going to be supplying some or all of those documents, you can trust that with michael cohen's response and what michael cohen can expect the committee's response to be to his response. >> he's a very significant player. he knows the whole history of the trump organizations financial ties to russia. he, of course, played a leading role in obtaining liquidity from russian lenders all throughout the years when the trump organization was having financial distress.
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he also tried to broker the deal to build a sky scraper at trump tower in downtown moscow, the deal ultimately founded. but a deal that was going on all the way up until right before the campaign really kicked off. up until the iowa caucuses. he was playing that role between the trump organization and russian -- all in regard to the russian businesses. he has a lot to tell the committee about those long-standing financial ties. you also add, lawrence, if you'll recall on february 19, they reported he was playing a back channel role, back channel role between putin back lawmakers and michael therein. >> ron, i want to go to james comey's possible testimony because we know now that there's a rhythm going on here where we'll have giant blockbuster news days, several days a week, if not every day of the week as in some weeks. but we don't know what they're going to be. the one thing that we know is coming is james comey's testimony and we know what that's going to do to the news that day.
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he's in negotiations, apparently, with the special prosecutor discussions, discussions with the special prosecutor about public testimony and what he may or may not be able to do by way of public testimony. how do you expect that to be resolved. >> well, look, i think that sooner or later he'll reach with bob mueller and we'll hear from director comey. i think the question will be whether or not president trump tries to exert some kind of executive privilege to silence director comey. it's worth going back to michael comey on this point. we talked about the phrase "attorney-client privilege" the client has the privilege. in the end, donald trump will decide what michael cohen shares or doesn't share with the senate committee. that's a decision that will rest on donald trump's desk. so, you know, all roads lead back to the president and whether or not he's doing to cooperate with these informations or ultimately going to stonewall them. >> and, ron, what is the nature of the negotiation with the
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special prosecutor for james comey? what are the kind of things they have to work out and you would expect them, apparently, to work out so he can testify. >> i think there may be a question of whether or not he has certain information, that they don't want public, that bob mueller wants to use in the investigation, certain facts that they don't want, maybe, all the people participating to know. there may be questions of, executive privilege. also probably questions about classified information, all those things have to be worked out between director comey and bob mueller and the senate committees. but, again, i do think, we always should come back to the president. these, you know, what donald trump does to cooperate or stonewall this investigation is going to be really the key point. you're talking about big news days, those will be the big news days when trump tries to assert executive privilege or attorney-client privilege where he decides to let the senate
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committee have the information it needs. >> let's listen to what sean spicer said today in the white house briefing about the investigation and its focus on jared kushner. >> i'm wonder, sean, if you can tell us when the knew -- whether the president knew at the time that jared kushner was seeking to establish back channel communications at the russian embassy to the russian governor. >> i think that assumes a lot. mr. kushner's attorney has said that he's volunteered to share what congress what he knows about these meetings and he'll do the same if he's connected with any other inquiry. >> sean spicer did not try to push that single source to fox news story that it was the other way around. it was the russians who are trying to get the back channel. that's what the president was pushing this morning. sean spicer stayed out of it.
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he did not deny that he sought that. >> and the administration basic defense, back channels are appropriate and they are, but three things dispatch channel particularly suspect, first technology to go to the russian embassy and use their phone lines, second is the timeline to do so before inauguration day despite what we had -- and the fact that it was about syria, we have troops on the ground, and any negotiation disgusted with the generals that impact the lives, security, and safety of our own forces, it's highly responsible to pursue back channel without military device. >> ron, we have another trump campaign official who, i believe, was also transition official and administration official, boris epstein, he has been asked to supply documents to the investigation, his lawyer put out a statement saying, like many others, mr. epstein has received a broad preliminary request from the house intelligence chee. mr. epstein has not been subpoenaed nor do we anticipate that he will be. we've reached out with several follow-up questions. we are awaiting a response to understand what better information they're seeking and
10:18 pm
whether he'll be able to provide it. that sounds like a cooperating witness. >> well, we're going to have to wait and see. it sounds like a lawyer to negotiate scope down to what he's doing to provide to the committee. the house committee, we just don't know how tough they're going to be. as you mention at the outset, senate committee has given their leaders, senator, broad authority to subpoena. that's a powerful to get cooperation. we're just not sure where the house is going to go with us
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yet. we have to wait and see how cooperative all of these players around the president and son-in-law are going to be when the facts are going to come out. we saw sean spicer today read a hostage statement from the podium. he doesn't know the facts or can't say the facts. we'll have to see what comes out of this investigation proceeding. >> epstein is a russian borne naturalized citizen and he's out of the administration. he's not working in the trump world, any more. those are the people who, obviously, you might have to worry about the most from inside the administration. >> well, i think the question, really is if anybody, including this individual, knows about discussions between the trump organization and the russian federation, for more particularly, the russian federation of the trump campaign. that's going to be right at the core of what the committee and the fbi are looking at. ron is right about that one. >> thank you both for joining us. i really appreciate it. coming up, president trump's communications director quit at the same time that the special prosecutor was named. what's next for the white house staff?
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10:24 pm
and work hard, even through that trip, because there is much to do here back at the white house. >> and so as the communications director who was incapable of directing communications leaves the white house, there is frightened talk in the remaining white house staff of another possible train wreck at the white house. "trainwreck" is the term that one unnamed official gave to the former campaign manager and former deputy trump campaign manager possibly coming to work in the white house, one unnamed source said it would only add to the toxicity of the white house. another said, i gagged. axios reports that they have had discussions about the crisis communication war room that president trump wants to set up to go to war with the news media over the russia investigation. david who was the man who filed the successful lawsuit that led to the citizens united supreme court decision was asked on fox news this morning if he's going to join the white house staff. >> so, they've talked to, you know, many people, including me.
10:25 pm
>> is that a yes. have you been asked? >> no. i'm not going to say that there's -- that something sitting on the table for me to pick. that would be a little -- i think that's -- it's an on going conversation. i think that's a fair way to put it. >> joining us now, josh, former white house press secretary for president obama. he's also msnbc political analyst, so, josh, a guy i've never heard of has left the white house. this is literally the first time i've heard his name. i didn't know there was a communications director in the white house. the communication wasn't being directed. what does that mean for the white house? >> lawrence, i think it means a couple of things. first of all, this job was vacant for several weeks before
10:26 pm
some of the officials at the trump white house succeeded in convincing him to accept the job. he accepted the job for several months and now has been asked to leave the white house after only a couple of months there. it is clear that it is going to be a difficult job for them to fill. i've seen reports that three or four people have been asked. it is a pretty good administration for people who did not work on the trump campaign to be accepted as a member of the team inside the white house. ultimately, lawrence, the biggest problem facing the trump white house right now, their biggest problems are not actually communications problems, their biggest problems
10:27 pm
are actually substantive problems that relate to whether or not the president of the united states and his team are being honest about their interactions and relationship to senior officials in russia. >> eli, let me give you an example of communications problem, someone who tweets that president obama had trump tower wiretapped during the presidential campaign, that would be, you know, like a wicked bath communications problem and, of course, that's all donald trump. >> i mean, this problem goes to the top. mike is not the problem. if they bring in david, it's going to fall on this president whether or not he can sort of clean up his messaging and stop this sort of throwing out falsehoods on twitter, whether they're about russia or anything else. even if they're not going to under cut or hurt him in terms of the ongoing investigation related to russia. they continue to eat away what little credibility this white house has left. he's one piece of it whether
10:28 pm
you're on the communications team or not, everyone in there is basically talking to the media. the principles all have their own staff and chief of staff and communications person and it seems to me like most of them spent more of the time they probably should talking to reporters, talking to the press. on the record, more often than not, off the record. there's so much leaking and mixed messaging and frustration and it's gotten to a point where it's really toxic as one of those reports you quoted stated and i think fixing that also will fall on the president. >> let's listen to what sean spicer had to say about possible changes. of course, this is a guy that's open speculation about him possibly getting kicked out of there at any moment. let's listen to this. >> i don't think there's anything that we haven't said before about how -- the president has unbelievable qualified cabinet and we've utilized them a ton in the past, if we can continue to do that on key issues we'll do that.
10:29 pm
the best messenger is the president himself. he's always proven that, that he is the best messenger, not just for what he wants to articulate but that the american people went down and chose him as president because he understands the frustrations and concerns and values of american people and he's probably the best person to communicate that. >> josh, of course, the american people resolvingly, if you want to use that word, chose hillary clinton and electoral college that chose donald trump. but this notion that there can be a war room set up in the white house to somehow deal with the russia investigation and that war room will be concerned with nothing but communications. i mean it seems if you're going to have some kind of war room response to this, it has to be filled with lawyers. >> it does, lawrence, you know, typically the reason that you set up a war room is for two purposes, the first is, you want to make sure that it's a small group of people who are focused on a significant priority and
10:30 pm
the goal there is to make sure that other people -- other responsibilities inside the white house are not distracted from the important things they're suppose to be doing. so, for example, in this situation you want to make people that the people in the trump white house who are dealing for health care reform or tax reform are not sitting around managing rapid response for jim comey when he testifies before congress. so it does make sense to establish a war room for that purpose. the questions, i think, however, are raised when i worked in the white house, you know, we established war rooms to do things like ensure the confirmation for the supreme court nominee or to ensure that congress didn't succeed in tearing away the international
10:31 pm
agreement to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. ultimately what these groups did is they coordinated a communications strategy and they relied on substantive experts. we relied on liaisons to capitol hills and messaging professionals to make sure we're coordinating our efforts and driving coherent effort to get our message out and win, ultimately, the political battles. the white house isn't trying to contain the political fall out. they have to deal with the substantive underlying questions about why the president's lawyer is refusing to cooperate with the congressional inquiry. they have to answer questions about why the president's son-in-law tried to set up the secret meeting with russians so that u.s. intelligence officials couldn't hear what he was talking about six weeks before the election. they have to explain why the president's son-in-law wanted to talk to russian banker who had a personal connection to putin. these, ultimately are stub substantive questions that had little to do with objects and communications and very little to do with containing political fall out. they need to figure out how they'll answer those questions. >> whenever any previous white houses have had any kind of hint of management difficulty. by the way, none of them have had chaos. this is utter chaos.
10:32 pm
this is incomparable to anyone we've seen before. when you reach back to examples like the early clinton white house, the inexperienced chief of staff. when the time came, they made a move and it was matt's idea to his credit to bring in leon as the chief of staff. the idea is let's upgrade this, let's get someone who is more capable to handle this situation. there's not a hint in any of these reports that anyone in the trump white house is thinking about bringing in someone who is more capable than who they have now in these jobs. >> yeah, i've heard that ie ear considering at least in terms of communications director probably promoting from within, mike was a person you never heard of and that's the only person that they could get to take this job several months ago before it got worse and worse over the last three months. imagine trying to fill this job now, not going to be very easy. that's why we're talking about, in part, people like david. i'm told that the speculation
10:33 pm
having an actual job inside the white house, that's less likely, perhaps, than having a position actually official west wing job. you know, donald trump prioritizes loyalty over competence, over pretty much everything else. corey, even though he's run afoul of the trump children and all the rnc officials, donald trump still has a soft spot because above all else he knows he's loyal. if you look at who the president brought in to the meeting with the pope. it wasn't the political folks. it was the three people who make him feel good. pope and dan, the guy who post his tweets and videos. those are the people trump feels close to right now and corey fits that mode. >> thank you both for joining us then, appreciate it. >> coming up. the trump/russia scandal goes to europe. former ambassador wendy sherman joins us next.
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the leader of the free world met with vladimir putin yesterday and challenged him on syria and gay rights. and the course now french president emanuel. the french president clearly respected the interest of the free world and in the press conference following their meeting. the president maintained a sometimes confrontational tone, according to the "new york
10:38 pm
times." the time reports that mr. putin is standing beside him. he accused two news organizations with ties to russia as acting as -- rather than true outlets. president is meeting with president putin followed president trump's insult tour of europe in which he complained about rich americans and how they are ruining america with their addiction to german cars, which he blamed entirely on germany. >> joining us now wendy sherman, former under secretary of state. first of all, your reaction to the president's meetings in europe and what he had to say about germany, germany trade and the total effect of his visit there. >> i think for the united states american security, the most important thing is the trance atlantic alliance, our relationship with europe.
10:39 pm
what the president did, i think, was well symbolized when all of the leaders of the g7, the largest economies in the world, took a walk in sicily and the president followed behind them in a golf cart. i think it really sum marized it all. he was aloof to them. he gave the head of the saudi arabia complete deference he wasn't going to lecture him in any way and lectured our closest allies. you say that he's now the leader of the free world. merkel is the leader of europe. the president went out of his way to push both of these leaders away when, in fact, our security depends on strong u.s. european alliance. >> it was fascinating to see how he handled the meeting. there was this kind of positive, very sentimental base to it, involving the history of the
10:40 pm
relationship going back 300 years, positive things about france and russia and there was plenty of time talking about that and talking about that publicly, but it -- but it did not mean that president backed away from any of the points of conflict that they have now. he's very very firm about that, publicly. >> yes, i think, lawrence, many people have said -- i think it's a great line. that president trump plays checkers while all of these other leaders are playing chess. they see all of the moves on the chess board and they know that this is not a one dimensional transactional time of life, where you just sort of say, if you give me this, i'll give you that. it really is an understanding of history. it's an understanding of all of the ties of history.
10:41 pm
you know, merkel comes from east germany. she understood what the u.s. meant to germany in terms of the change in history. she understands germany's history and how she's always going to draw back and never go too far because she knows europe will be get worried and concerned about nationalism and where it might head. paul understands the history of france as the liberty and so he has really stepped forward as very young president of france, no with lots of experience, but in a totally different way than president trump has. he has come with history, with sentiment, as you said, with a deep understanding of the importance of the relationship. and you mentioned the president's concern about automobiles, the ironny is that bmw exports more automobiles from spartanburg, california, from the united states to the rest of the world than any other auto maker in the united states. >> the president knows that bmws are also made in america. i want to get your reaction to secretary john kelly, what he
10:42 pm
said in defending the possibility of jared kushner trying to set up a so-called back channel with the russians during the transition. let's listen to this. >> i don't see any big issue relative to jared. i think any time you can open up line of communication with anyone whether they're good friends or not so good friends is a smart thing to do. >> what's your reaction to that? >> it absolutely took my breath away. we're talking about the national security of the united states, to think that someone that had no position in the u.s. government, was merely helping out his father-in-law during a transition, would consider going into the very heart of russia, because the embassy is russian soil and really commit our national security to such a channel is absolutely breathtaking. it shows either tremendous naivety or something that's so
10:43 pm
dark that i don't even want to go there. >> ambassador wendy sherman, thank you very much for joining us and i really appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, will the special prosecutor save your health care? if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast.
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10:47 pm
out of the country ignoring his legislative agenda? last week mitch mcconnell told roiters he doesn't have the vote to pass a repeal and replace of obama care. he said i don't know how we get to 50 votes at the moment. and the next big thing on the horizon in the senate is jim comey's testimony is the trump agenda stuck in congress because of the investigation. that's the question when we come back. from the first moment you met it was love at first touch and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and
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there's not a single senator in the majority who thinks we ought to change the legislative filibuster, not one.
10:51 pm
the legislative filibuster has been there a long time. everybody has been up or down, majority or minority at various times. we all understand that's what makes the senate the senate. >> are you committing that under your leadership you will never remove the legislative filibuster? >> correct. >> we are joined now by jonathan from new york magazine and the author of the book "audacity" and the editor in chief of wright wisconsin. that statement by mitch mcconnell is appropriate tonight because the president tweeted again recently that he wants to get rid the 60-vote rule in the senate. the so-called filibuster mitch mcconnell saying absolutely not. what does it mean to the agenda in the congress now that the arteries are clogs with scandal investigations in congress. >>? >> it limits issues they can tackle and how they can tackle them. there are many things the
10:52 pm
republicans would like to do but can't because of the filibuster. they will love to weaken or eliminate dodd/frank which was the limits on wall street. in the financial industry, enacted under the obama administration. they would love to get rid of those rules or weaken those rules, and they can't. all they can do is pass what's called reconciliation bills which deal with taxes and spending. that means even though they are trying to deal with health care they can only deal with a tax and spending aspects of health care. which means the only thing they are bills can do is cut it back. cut taxes and cut spending on tax care. it's just less. it's the same obamacare it's just less of it. it's nottic mag anybody happier it's just taking away what people have. that's i think what is behind the frustration that trump is expressing the senate rules that the senate doesn't want to change. >> charlie, you -- mitch mcconnell said that he doesn't know how to get to 50 votes.
10:53 pm
when he says 50, he means 50 republican votes, and then mike pence casting the deciding vote. so not even getting all of his republicans on this. and you never see a vote like that, that's a 50 or 51 vote in the senate on a president presidential agenda item that doesn't squeak over the line, over the finish line through the force of presidential power. there is no presidential power in the senate on legislatively. >> you know, max bud had a column where he said the republicans seemed to be prepared faithfully to follow donald trump into whatever the next circle of hell might be in order to get this agenda through. but the reality is that january than chafe points this out, their agenda is to link together the tax cuts with the cuts in health care is politically toxic. i think the political historians are going to have a hard time unpacking the thinking of the republicans going in this particular order linking these
10:54 pm
things two together -- these two things together under a president who explicitly did not campaign for this agenda. this stuff is a very, very tough sell under any circumstances. maybe it's politically impossible but it's especially difficult if office president who does not believe in it, did not campaign on it, and frankly, who promised to do exactly the opposite in some cases. >> jonathan, is this le legislative agenda, particularly the health care repeal, more damaging to the president hand the investigations? >> i think it absolutely is, and the numbers that you cited in the last segment and that i also put in my column in new york i think proven it. basically half as many people approve of the haughn health care bill as approve of donald trump or donald trump's firing of james comey. people have been talking about
10:55 pm
the comey mess, which i agree is very serious, as a distraction from the legislative agenda as if trump is dragging down the republican agenda and paul ryan's plan but the reverse is even more true. paul ryan and his agenda is dragging down trump. >> january than and charlie, thank you both for joining us tonight. really appreciate. >> thank you. >> the last word is next. there's a jacket that's reflective for visibility... ...a sleeping bag jacket, jackets that turn into tents. i usually do my fashion sketches on the computer. i love drawing on the screen. there's no lag time at all. it feels just like my markers. with fashion, you can dress people and help people. it's really cool to see your work come to life. ♪ ♪ nothing performs like a tempur-pedic. and now is the best time to buy one. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at
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honesty and with integrity. regardless of your chosen career, you're only as good as your word. >> robert mueller at tabor academy gets tonight's last word. "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. tonight, new developments for the trump team and the russia investigation. the white house not denying that jared kushner tried to set up a secret communications channel with russia. the widening investigation tonight. two more people in trump's orbit reveal they've been asked for more information. and mike flynn changes his tune, now saying he will hand over at least some documents to senate investigators. it's all part of "the 11th hour." it begins now. good evening on this tuesday night from our headquarters here in new york. day 131 of the trump administration. and when we last spoke, the president had nearly wrapped up his overseas trip andas


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