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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 31, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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reporting the house intelligence committee, the one fraught by politics and everything else, just issued seven speenl as today, four related to the russia probe, three related to the trump names, the masking of names. how they come came across the interseptembers. >> are the subpoena on the investigation? >> you always come loaded with facts. thank you to my panel. thank you for joining the panel. that does itor this hour i'm nicole wallace. hichuck. >> always a good remind per there is another mike allen out there. >> exactly. they're both great. absolutely. if it's wednesday, it is a new lesson in trumpology 101. >> what a random twitter typo
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may tell the world about the current state of affairs in the west wing. >> the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant. >> democrats are still stuck in an identity crisis. >> i think i was theville of a very broad assumption i was going to win. >> and neat candidates thoufl battle for the soul of the democratic party in virginia is taking center stage with the gubernatorial race. this is mtp daily and it starts right now. good evening. i'm chuck todd. folks, it's not a good sign when a yogi berra quote sums up the white house. what else can you say rather than it's deja vu all over again? the chief of staff's job is on
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the line. again. the russia probe is wreaking havoc. again. the preds is tweeting absurdities and the white house is defending them. again. who the heck is steering this ship? who knows? where is the ship headed? we don't know. the president is literally tweeting jibberish about vfefe in the middle of the night a no one takes it down. >> do you think people should be concern that had the president posted somewhat of an incoherent tweet last flight and the it then stayed up for hours? >> no. >> why did it stay up so long? is no one watching this? >> the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant. >> blake. blake. blake. >> what is it? >> the defense is arguably just
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as lucid as the tweet itself and it dmenl straits the high wire staff apparently thinks they have to walk when it comes to defending this president. seemingly no matter. what i mean, can you not just say, it was a typo? who cares? and if it's wednesday, there's another shoe about to drop on russia. sources close the james comey say he's been cleared by special counsel next week. there is more staff chaos swirling. multiple sources close to the administration have been saying that the president is seeking advice about potentially ousting chief of staff reince priebus. we've been down this path before. he has emerged among insiders vying for the job. co i kw what h.r. mcmaster,
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penned this op ed today. it articulates a view of foreign policy you might call, some might call hunger games diplomacy. check out this paragraph. quote, the world is not a global community but an arena where nations, nongovernmental actors and businesses engage and compete for advantage. we bring to this forum unmaxed military, political, economic, cultural and moral strength. we embrace it. whether he is the chief of staff or priebus or whoever, a staff change won't change trump. we could be stuck in did a gentlem, in deja vu over and over again. the author of the new book, a world in disarray. does it get any more fitting than that? welcome back to the show, sir.
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>> good to take a break from my covfefe and join you. >> i want to start with that, i was struck by quote. i wasn't alone. i was struck by it for a number of reasons. the first being, i cannot believe either mcmaster or cohn would have articulated that individually a year ago. that comes across to me, the entire thing comes across as a break of american foreign policy and american views of the last 70 years. is it not? >> to a large extent. it is fair enough to say there's not a great deal of international community yet. that ought to be our goal build one. it is the only day we'll deal successfully with an array of global challenges, from terrorism to nonproliferation to climate change. plus we have a large degree of community with our allies and the nature of an alliance is not
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hunger games day to day competition. we have some common interests when it comes the trade and dealing with common threats. the articulation of a world view, which quite honestly i have never heard before from anybody, it's strange. i'll be generous. >> speaking of generous, you have been very slow, a lot of other alums from republican administrations have been tougher on this president. you've been, you have given him a lot of rope. and i've noticed you seem to lose patience as you were watching. is that a fair analysis of watching it? >> i don't know if i've been slow but i feel every administration deserves some time to get up to speed. ploorly the one because you had an awful lot of people who have never been involved in governing. they inherited an awfully tough inbox which is why i wrote the book i wrote. ey began unilaterally yanking
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they will out of pacific partnership which is a mistake. the handling of this trip, particularly if europe, reinforced the idea what ought to be unconditional american support for allies had somehow grown conditional. most recently, the united states basically saying, going to get out of paris climate agreement. these guys ought to love it. we can decide how much money we give to others. if this isn't the perfect model of what you might call sovereign multilateralism, i don't know what is. i don't understand it. i feel they are causing real cumulative cost to the world and to america's reputation in the world. and this is going to be lasting. >> i want to dive in on two topic that's you brought in. one is paris. what is the difference between sxars kyoto?
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what is the difference? >> kyoto is where the world agreed what would be the overall targets. individual countries were told what they had to do. this is a bottom up agreement. each country sets its own goals. it would be if you said i want to give myself a b plus. you set your own goals for carbon emissions, how much money you'll give. the world adds it up and that's the total effort. each country decides what it will do. >> so you think it is easy to be in this agreement because you control so many facets of it. >> other handle the trying to make a symbolic point, there is no reason to get out of this agreement. i would say the link between putting limits, what we do on emissions and economic growth, that limit has increasingly been busted. the united states can grow economically without increasing its dependence o fossil fuels. >> the other issue has to do
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with the middle eastern portion of the president's trip. there was a q and a with a long time foreign service officer at the state department that has been making the rounds. let me play it for you. >> how do you characterize saudi arabia's commitment to democracy? do you believe that it is a barrier against extremism? >> i think what we say is that at this meeting, we were able to make significant progress with saudi and gcc partners. >> obviously it was an exaggerated example there of
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somebody struggling to defend essentially how we deal with saudi arabia and whether we are promoting democracy or not versus, say, in iran, which on the one hand does embrace more democracy than saudi arabia does. and the twists and knots that ties us up in. >> yeah. beyond how painful that was to watch, i thought the trip to saudi arabia was odd in two ways. on it seemed to blame iran for a lot of terrorism going bouflt 90% of the terrorism comes out of sunni societies, al qaeda, isis and the rest. and second, there was very little emphasis on the sudden youies and others changing the way their society is run. otherwise they'll continue to gentle rate recruits. you have all these underemployed, undereducated young men. that's cannon fodder for iran and isis. essentially we let saudi arabia
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off the sxhook that's a big mistake. >> we'd better be careful. saudis have launched what could be their vietnam in yemen. i would say we don't want to sign up to any open ended saudi-led sunni campaign against iran. iran is a real country. yes, they're problematic. i get it totally. but 60% of the people just voted for rouhani and we ought to figure out a way to contain iran to push back, but also to bring about some evolution in iran. i don't think it is idealistic to say that in a generation or two, iran could be a very different country. it worked the soviet union. there's no reason to think it can't work in iran. >> your book is aworld in disarray. always a pleasure having you come on and sharing your views.
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the president says he'll be announcing his decision in the next few days about the paris agreement. here's white house press secretary sean spicer. >> when the president has a decision to make he'll let people know. >> ask yourself, is this all a trump tactic? it seems this comes straight from the pages of the art of deal. his 1987 memoir referenced his style of deal making. i aim very high and then i keep pushing and pushing and pushing to get what i'm after. sometimes i settle for less than i sought.
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but in most cases i still end up with what i want. first they are going to go rip nafta up. then they were just starting a negotiation. eventually they would say they made it better. maybe that's the path they'll follow on the paris accords, too. we'll to have wait until the ultimate decider decides. the point ison't assume anything and don't be surprised if in 48 hours, we'll another decision in six months and see how it goes.
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in what ended up being a wide ranging review, hillary clinton told the recode conference in california, a media and tech gathering, why she believes she lost. she took some responsibility but she found many other reasons beyond her own performance as ll >> i take responsibility for every decision i made. but that's not why i lost. i'm now the nominee of the democratic party. i inherit nothing from the
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democratic party. >> what do you mean nothing? >> i mean it was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolve enlsy, within one hour of the "access hollywood" tapes being leaked, within one hour, the russians, let's say wikileaks, same thing, dumped the jon podesta e-mails. you know, the comey letter which was now we know, partly based on a false memo from the russians. he dump that's on me on october 28th. and i immediately start falling. let's put this on the table. 3 million more votes than the other guy. i never said i was a perfect candidate and i never said i ran perfect campaigns. i don't know who is or did. at some point, it sort of bleeds over into mysogyny. >> mrs. clinton's comments come at a time when the democratic
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party remain in addition bit of its own disarray. they're still analyzing and arguing over how they manage to lose. who they are, what they represent, how to campaign in 2018 and 2020. by saying more than we're better than trump. plenty of democrats, hillary clinton remains the wronged standard bearer who was essentially cheated out of presidency. for others she is the last person they want to see out there as the face of the post 2016 democratic party. there in lies one of the divides. let's bring in tonight's panel. the form he rnc chair, and a national pitic report we are politico. ruth, you were giving a lot of commentary as you were hearing highlights before the cameras turned on. look, what i found striking about this is how much in the minutiae she is on the all the technical ways she believes she
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lost on the digital front. she has gone down the rabbit hole and she is still there. she is learning about bots and socks. >> she has been in chappaqua surrounded by folks, playmarina. >> she clearly is just as focused. >> i'm not sure she's going full claire dangers out. >> she is backward looking and it might be therapeutic for her but i don't think it is therapeutic for the democratic party. the part that had me yelling at my tv was going to the mysogyny, particularly on the question, you didn't show this clip. but whether the goldman sachs speeches weren't a problem. men get paid for these speeches so why shouldn't a woman get paid too. the answer, fwhaus woman was
2:20 pm
about to be runng for president and it was a really d idea. >> you presided over a party that was also sort of fighting, frankly still fighting about who they are. >> yeah. >> there was always a core that said, the candidates stunk. get them out of here. and others said no, no, you're the problem. it is not an unfamiliar place for a party to be. >> no. in 2008, 2009. you had the mccain back lash. a lot of folks would say, this is why we lost. we didn't animal night a conservative, we did not nominate a conservative. this is where we are. so you come into this job with a new reality that you have these factions at war with each and blaming each other for what just happened. the problem is unlike mccain msnbc, let's take my leftover cash. she is still talking about it and reliving it. so it makes it harder for tom
2:21 pm
perez, the new chairman, to begin to pull those factions together. you have the whole song and dance with bernie sanders that went nowhere fast again. trying pull the factions together. when she said the party was bankrupt when she took it oh. who is she slapping? she's slapping barack obama. she's slapping debby wasserman schultz. >> it starts at the top. >> but you know, there is the chairman. but it also slams her campaign. when it is also her campaign. >> she's not wrong snf. >> no. she's not wrong. the dnc was incredibly poorly managed. among the more destructive things that happened. i go to this mysogyny thing. how it is covered.
2:22 pm
every conversation i think styles, are we underestimating the gender lens on how people are seeing this now in the rear view mirror? >> i will answer your question. i think she has two options. the first is to stop talking about it. the second would be to say i didn't campaign enough in the midwest. i didn't talk enough about domestic policy issues, economy and trade. the things donald trump happened to talk about. the issue of mysogyny. she was the most highly paid female speaker in the country, period. so i think it is misleading and, to cast herself as victim is misleading. you know, nyu did a study that put a man playing hillary clinton, a female playing donald trump, reentacted debates. the audience reaction demonstrated that she was perceived worse when a man reenacted her role and trump was perceived better when he was
2:23 pm
played by a woman. i think the argument doesn't wash. >> the one thing she never does talk about in these reviews, bernie sanders beat her in business business and michigan, in business business and michigan i thought it was flashing yellow. it trnld out to be flashing red light. >> ty got a warning sign. they decided not to here it. they got warnings from others. debby dingle talked about how she was twarng campaign. that attention needed to be paid here. i want to go back to mysogyny. it is impossible to tweeze out, we were talking about this earlier. anti-female, and anti-hillary clinton, to the extent it existed. and to also feed in there people who were motivated and attracted to vote for hillary clinton because of her gender. so it is a really complex stew.
2:24 pm
she wants to see it thank you particular lens that i think is a little too filtered. >> in this case, this is a lens that the trump presidency is refocusing. in hindsight, there are a ton of women who viewed the 2016 election through the gender lens as strongly but maybe now do in hindsight. >> they probably do. i have a slightly different take. i think the mysogyny piece played a bigger sub text than people want to give it credit for. i think there are a lot of attitudes about how they view women in power and authority. and i don't think they view them very favorably. >> take away her name. >> i think this country has very puritanical views of women. and particularly in terms of the roles they have outside the home and the roles in business and
2:25 pm
now in politics. at the end of the day, it is now peop look at a female candidate. and i think with that study about, how people kind of perceive women when you sort of neutralize it. when you put it in the full throttle gender, it is more of an issue. >> chew on this and then i'll to go break. she is now the third straight losing democratic nominee for president to not believe they truly lost. she doesn't believe she lost fair and square. john kerry to this day does not believe he lost fair and square. and we know john gore doesn't believe he lost fair and square. >> but the other two didn't talk about it as much. >> i'll go to break only.
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stead here on "mtp daily," are drug companies about to be blamed for the opioid crisis the way tobacco company were blamed for lung cancer?
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>> thanks so much. stocks closed lower on the last trading day in may. nevertheless, a seven-month winning streak. the dow losing 20 points. the s&p 500 losing a point. the financial sector weighing heavily on markets. shares of jpmorgan losing 2.1% after decline rich trading revenue compared to the same quarter last year. for your merge science contracts to buy home for the second straight month, the national association of realtors says pending home sales in april fell 1.3%. that's it for business.
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welcome back. to outsiders, a bit of a proxy battle in the fight the over the democratic party identity. the "washington post" characterized it as pragmatism versus populism. i sat yesterday with one of the candidates and asked him if he
2:34 pm
feels comfortable with being labelled the pragmatist. >> i would say when we travel, people are looking for two things. one, someone who can stand up in washington. we don't want that influence in virginia any more than we ha to. and another thing people are looking for a leader who knows how get to things done. i've been in richmond for ten years now and give relationships, people from both sides of the aisle. people in virginia, they want a job that they can not, they want their children to have access to a recalled would class had education system and in neighbors where there are no guns on every corner. >> this is a guy that, you know him very well. he is desperate to like him. so no one can say he didn't try
2:35 pm
to have personal relationships. >> well, he told these folks, we're an inclusive state. we live in a very diverse society and we've been very aggressive with our business model. he told the folks on the other side of the aisle, if you bring in pieces of legislature. if you bring in people that promote gun proliferation, i'll going to veto it. >> how are you going to change it? why will you succeed where he failed? >> they will continue to know that we stand up for progressive values. but things like the smoking ban in restaurants. the only way to do that, the only way to take on the tobacco industry with all the influence in virginia is to work with people from both sides of the aisle. so i have good relationships.
2:36 pm
i bring my ideas to the table and i listen to others. at the end of the day, the virginiaay is to do what's in the best interests of virginia. >> there's been two ways. i've just watched your candidacy. on the one hand, you are putting across this pragmatic approach. very much with a little more southern genteel. on the other hand, you called the president of the united states a maniac. i'm thinking, is name calling appropriate? >> i think it is important. not only for virginians fong he's dangerous. he sold people a bill of goods. he said things he's having trouble backing up. he is very detrimental to herring. i'm a physician. >> this isn't a technical term. are you using the term way your medical training would tell you in. >> i'll a pediatric newerologist. there's a lot of overlap. i would invite the viewers to look up to criteria for
2:37 pm
narcissism. >> you believe he needs clinical help. >> and they'll see some familiarity. >> so we start off by having a conversation about how you think you can work across the aisle. you called the republican party president of the united states a narcissistic maniac. will you understand if some say, i can't work, with let's say you happen to become governor. >> i would say let's look up the criteria for narcissism and see if the shoe fits, wear it. i think a lot of people on both sides of the aisle would agree that. >> you have no regrets about going down that road. we are defining our politics downward. it is like, well, if it works, do it. are you at all uncomfortable about putting yourself in a position where you're trashing the president of the united states in television ads? >> i don't know that it is trashing. i think it is just calling him for what he is. again, i think he is dangerous. i think what's going on with
2:38 pm
russia right now, again, what is going on with health care, 23 million people in america are at risk. especially those with pre-existing conditions to lose their coverage. that's not what we should accept in this country. so i think people understand that. >> an implied critique on your point. you have experience in richmond and he doesn't. >> some people will say, had that's not what i want. what's wrong coming in as an outsider? >> i would say, i'm a doctor. if you need neurosurgery, you need someone who has been at the operating table in the operating room? do you want someone with experience? experience important, the governor has four years. you need to hit the ground running. what you want to do for virginia and you need the relationships on how to get it done.
2:39 pm
he never held elected office before. in some ways, the criticism here, it is very similar. why shouldn't voters evaluate them similarly? >> well, terry mccullough spent four years running to be the next governor. so he got out and he has a lot of relationships. i can tell you, he's been the right person. he's done a great job. >> well, joining me, the other candidate in the gubernatorial primarily. congressman, welcome back to the show. >> first time in this capacity. basically saying, first question. you're being labelled the that populist. but tim reply indication is you're not a very pragmatic guy. do you accept that? >> not at all of we've talked about being pragmatic populist. that's what i've done my whole life. putting deals together overseas
2:40 pm
or here. what people think is not practicing mat sic having an average of $35,000 student debt for people in virginia. people don't think it is magazinematic to pay a minimum wage of $14,000 a year. that's a poverty wage. people are sick and tired of people in both parties. that the middle class and working class can't survive. we're talking about solutions that resonate just as well in red and blue counties. >> it has been interesting to watch this primary. many of the big players behind you. bernie sanders has supported you. >> the main state players in virginia politics. and maybe it's because he's a sitting lieutenant governor. i wonder, let me ask you this. does this set of democrats,
2:41 pm
these three democrats deserve renomination? have they done a good job or do you think this has been a disappointing four years with democrats in charge of virginia? >> well, first, all the major elected officials have endorsed for ralph and i didn't think it was appropriate to switch sides. we've built a grassroots army. despite them having a $3 million head start, we've barn stormed the state. we've double events, town hall meetings, we've reached over 350,000 virginians doing town halls and i think what we're seeing is virginians are interested in making their over decision and we've clearly been winning the breaks only will. >> would you see this team as renomination? >> we don't allow two terms. or else governor mccullough would be winning. underneath that, you have to understand the middle class has not seen a raise in 18 years in virginia.
2:42 pm
we have a minimum wage below west virginia at $14,000 a year. we're near the bottom of e barrel. and what i find is not just a lot of democrats excited about our reform agenda but a lot of those third party voters in virginia, 7% went third party in november, and they're looking for new ideas. this is about the future versus the past. >> all right. i hear you. 12 of the last 16 years have been governed by democrats. 12 of the last 16 why. do you think they were unsuccessful getting the middle class erased? >> the number one reason was the gerrymandered, they wrote the algorithim so voters don't get misrepresented. instead, their lobbying clients do. that means the middle class and working class get a little less of a shake. people just went a level playing field and as governor i'll level the playing fields and we'll let
2:43 pm
that come forward. the middle cares about things like criminal justice reform and medicaid expansion. we're seeing problems different than 20 years ago. >> what's realistic here? i would say, and i said this to the lieutenant governor. if there was an implied critique. the idea of experience in rich mond and being able to get things done. it seems as if, terry mccullough did everything co-to work the other side. on a personality front. every charm offensive you can think of. what booze do you like, whatever. he didn't getfully where. he struggled on work the republican legislature. you're coming in as a barnstormer. how are you going to get anything done? >> i think what folks tha all due respect don't understand, the builds bipartisan appeal.
2:44 pm
the first year to the support two years freer. it is communities of color in the cities and the rural communities. the very group donald trump is trying on divide. the same two groups. when we assistant for an economic agenda that leaves no race or region behind, we bring them together. >> how is that -- let's be realistic. i've heard you say you're going to pay two years of college. i think waste, fraud and abuse is one angle. that's a politician's dream. but you have a tax. >> we get very specific cuts. and the fact is, we hear a lot of appreciation from republicans and indianas who say i'll agree or disagree but at least you're the only one telling us straight. part of what we've run into,
2:45 pm
which you know as resident, we're underinvesting in education and infrastructure. the very thing that made as you competitive place to raise a family and have a business. to me it is entirely practicing mat tokyo go out and make the tough decisions like would you in a business. >> do you think the state is undertaxed? >> i think we need to have the revenue to invest. we have about two-thirds that pay no tax. what people care about is the quality of life. when i ran the review at the state department, the traffic situation in northern virginia, frankly, is a national security threat. both because of the resiliency threat and because of our ability to attract top level security person toll live in the northern virginia area. people step up. they bring people together. i spent more time. i believe we can find some common ground welt do it by standing for right things that can make a difference at the kitchen table. >> all right. fifth district of virginia.
2:46 pm
thank you for coming. on stay safe on the trail. we'll be watching the primaries. >> june 13th. when we come back, something is happening in ohio that we have a feeling may spread across the country. we'll see how happy it will make certain sectors of the economy. ? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist changes everything. wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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2:48 pm
sue five drug manufacturers in effect for causing the state's opioid crisis. his argument is that the manufacturers with the help of distributors, hooked patients on pain medications who then sought cheaper more powerful agents like heroin and synthetic opioids. you think he is rht because they chose to fatten their own bottom lines. no matter you how many became street addicts or you may think this is a problem of blaming others and refusing to take spoblt for their own lives. and yes, he is expected to run for governor so there's that. but ohio is not the first to take this step and it won't be the last. if you're thinking this is like holding gun manufacturers responsible for shooting deaths, you're right. you may agree or disagree. but giving growing opioid crisis in america, and the frustration out there, don't be surprised if
2:49 pm
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i don't think you can get into the country right now. >> i thought it was a hidden message to the russians. >> well, there you go. time for the lid. or your moment. i want to go to the trump white house here and what he's doing. it's sort of the dialing for advice, and it's like i mean, look, reince priebus has been on the hot seat since the day he took the job. the minute he put him in, he's been talking to people about replacing him. that's what he does. at what point, though, is he going to get to the point where people don't want the job? >> i think he's pretty close to there. i think it's ironic that sean spicer calls the president the ultimate decider because he's actually extremely indecisive. he called lots and lots of people and asked them for advice, and he takes a long time
2:52 pm
to make decisions. it wouldn't surprise me if we say -- if we see reince priebus stay in this job for a long time. and if we see sean spicer who we heard was getting booted out of had i job stay in his job for a long time because i don't actually think that the president is going to make huge, sweeping decisive changes in the white house. i think we may see him linger around these people. not only because he can't find competent people, but because he takes a long time to make a decision, like the paris climate. >> you could imagine the president bringing in more effective, kind of take control chief of staff earlier on. so, when he announced reince priebus, remember, it was equivalent steve bannon, reince priebus. jared kushner. >> both of them were on the out. one of them is -- >> i don't think who covered the white house thought that was an
2:53 pm
untenable situation. that is not how an effective white house works. he decided not to do that. i think you're right. his ability to bring in somebody of the caliber that he needs, the caliber that any white house needs is really seriously diminished. >> i can tell you, they reach out to somebody i know well who would be an extraordinary killer type of communications director for this president. and he was tempted for about ten minutes and then he was like, i'm not putting my reputation in somebody else's hands. in this case you do, always do that when you go in the white house. it's times ten with this one. >> well, it is. and i think that all of the song and dance that we're doing now around, you know, donald trump and his staff, at the end of the day if you want to work in the white use, you have one path and that's donald trump's path. he sets it. he determines who is on it. he determines who is in, who is out. if you're not -- don't have the ability to go out and communicate that, to execute on that, then you're going to have the kind of problem that you're having. so, all this, you know, who is going to be the next chief of staff, it all depends on who
2:54 pm
donald trump wants in the job if he -- >> i think the bigger question is would this president, in the event any desire for a chief of staff who would speak the truth to him and who he would empower. and i don't think he has any desire to replace reince priebus with a tougher and more decisive -- >> exactly. chief of staff is the only other person beside the first lady who can tell the president no. >> if he's doing his job. >> before i let you go, we saw the two democratic candidates back to back. they seem more stylish. >> if was very impressed with perry. i love the way you hit on the point, you're the populist and he kind of worked that to his advantage i thought in the conversation. i think he's very effective. it will be interesting -- >> he looked like how the democrats got elected ten years ago. every democratic southern governor of the '80s, dick
2:55 pm
riley, bill miller. bill clinton. >> and perry is the populist, but he's the yale glad and he comes across that way. >> it is more stylistic than anything else. it's fascinating to watch. great panel. great conversation, topics to make it a great panel. so, thank you. after the break, jeb bush strikes out against -- strikes out again against team romney. i count on my dell small business advisor
2:56 pm
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well, in case you missed it,
2:59 pm
four weeks ago we said this. in case you missed it, bush beat romney in florida, or at least a bush beat a romney of sorts in florida. now in case you missed it jeb bush has reportedly dropped out of that race in florida. it was the race to purchase the miami marlins. bush had a lot of things going for him. name recognition, what we thought was a fund recognition advantage. huge endorsements from derek jeter. it included somebody like derek jeter, former yankee short stop still wants to be part of any group that buys the marlins, but all signs point to romney now winning this too close to call race. tag romney being the new front runner for the marlins. no matter what the real winner here frustratingly is going to be marlins owner who has been called the most hated man in baseball. through a complicated arrangements and switcheroo, he
3:00 pm
bought the marlins for next to nothing in 2002. whether he sells it to romney or jeter, the price tag is over a billion dollar and he is about to make a killing even as he tried to kill baseball in south floor. that's it for mtp tonight. for the record starts with greta. go greta. >> good evening, chuck. there is breaking news, former fbi director james comey cleared for take off and this might spell big trouble for president trump. the fired fbi director ready to testify in public and that testimony could happen in just days. a source close to comey telling nbc news that special counsel robert mueller personally cleared comey to testify. the source would not tell nbc if comey can talk about interactions with president trump, but a person familiar with the matter telling "the wall street journal" that comey will testify about interactions with the president, including this explosive allegation that president trump asked comey to back off the flynn investigation. soar


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