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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 3, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ we have breaking news. president trump will turn his attention next week to the crumbling roads and bridges and airports. he'll announce a new structure plan as we just got this in last hour. ali vetali was watching this last week. this was not something we thought was going to happen on a saturday, but we got a new plan coming out. ali? >> reporter: at least we know we're going to be hearing about the new plan. they are dumping it in as the president who was running on branding, but on the campaign trail he was able to get crowds excited about the policy, not just an attack on his opponent, which is something we saw a lot of. so yes, we'll start it off with
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a rose beggarden event tomorrow are told. then later in the week the president will be going to ohio. and it is notable they are putting him on the road for this. because he is someone that does well pitching things to crowds and feeds off that energy. sometimes makes him go off script, but if he can deliver a solid pitch and a good message, i think it is a necessary piece of momentum for this administration that's been largely bogged down in controversy. now a little bit about what we have heard with his infrastructure plan is it involves a trillion dollars in public and in private investigation. and it is something that capitol hill should be able to get behind. but it is something we have heard about a lot from him. and it is important in the aftermath of the foreign trip. a lot of people said what worked is the administration gave people something else to talk about that was not russia or controversy. and this is a way that a lot of republican strategists said to me, you need to give him something else. and policy and infrastructure is definitely something else to at least give the white house a
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competing narrative to the other scandals plaguing this administration. so next week, we'll be building on the momentum. we did see him earlier this week or late last week, i'm sorry, pulling out of paris. that was something that rallied the base to see we're looking to this. >> in boone, iowa, just a little north of des moines, iowa, our colleague von hilliard said paris accord what? that was theme attic coming out of boone. they wanted to hear more about the grassroots on the ground issues like what you're reporting today. there are new infrastructure plans, but he is looking for the responsibility to be on the cities and states to pay for it? >> reporter: this is what we're hearing about. details on this point are pretty vague in terms of what the white house wants to come out with. and those things will probably
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change, but von knows iowa. when you talk to the crowds, he likes president trump's conservative agenda and they hope to see more action. every time i get out there to talk to voter, they say, we still like him, scandals aside. we want to look past him. they want to see less twitter and more legislative and the white house is finally starting to see that. >> it fits in with the paris theme attic that they have been echoing this past year. ali, thank you with breaking news on the new plan out of the white house. again, monday and wednesday are the key days to watch on that. march for truth gatherings has also been happening today. and it's been big across the country. over 100 cities and demonstrators have the independent commission to look into the russian commission question with up donald trump, his campaign and his administration. they believe the independent commission can only truly effectively protect democracy in the united states. that's what they are saying. they also believe that the special counsel and the four other congressional
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investigations that they are not enough. we have msnbc's scott cohen in los angeles. let's pick it up with you on this. give us a sense of the tone of what you have been hearing, is it peaking right now or is it kind of lowering in intensity because it is right around 2:00 where you are at? >> reporter: well, richard, the event has wrapped up just a short time ago. and there was a fair amount of enthusiasm. you laid out what the themes are, the marches for truth, the idea of getting strait answers about the russia investigation and the independent commission in addition to the special counsel. they are pushing through with all of that. some people's minds already made up. congressman maxine waters getting a big cheer out of the crowd when she said, get ready for impeachment. and as people marched through the streets of los angeles winding up at city hall, a lot of people sounding the same sorts of themes. listen. >> i'm tired of the lies that are coming out of the trump
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administration. and i'm tired of the russian connection that they keep trying to deny, but oh, we forgot about this one. >> we are paying very close attention to everything that's going on. and that they can't just ride us off as paid protesters or the extreme or, you know, elite liberals. >> reporter: the issue, though, is that there were not a lot of people here. you compare this to the women's march in january which was the biggest one across the country. this plaza in front of city hall was jam packed. it was nowhere close to that. and people recognize that. the marcher that is we talked to said, yes, there's a bit of fatigue here, that's something they have to battle against, but the people who were here say they hope to continue to be out raising attention about these issues throughout the summer. richard? >> they were hoping for the millions that they saw during the women's march. it is now subsided a little bit there in los angeles, but i
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heard a little rock n roll and that's the intersection of southern california. scott cohn, get out there and do a couple moves if you can. thank you, sir. former fbi director jim comey is set to testify before the senate intelligence committee if president trump does not try and stop him along the way. but the white house is leaving the nation guessing this weekend as trump insider kellyanne conway showed friday. >> will the president invoke executive privilege or does he want former director comey to testify before congress? >> we'll be watching with the rest of the world when director comey testifies. the last time he testified under oath the fbi had to scurry to correct the testimony. the president will make that decision. >> russian president vladimir putin is deflecting the idea that his country was involved in the election hacking. and in an interview were form's premier of nbc's "sunday night with megyn kelly" he said this. >> translator: hackers can be
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anywhere. they can be in russia, in asia, even in america, latin america, they can even be hackers, by the way, in the united states. very skillfully and professionally shifted the blame as we say onto russia. >> let's bring in the national political reporter for bloomberg politics and washington examiner jaime winestein, host of "the jaime winestein podcast." we have two different reports as of this hour on this saturday as to whether executive privilege may come into play here to deny james comey from being able to testify on thursday. it's a new york times and bloomberg, well, you might be partial to what might be the reporting, but tell us what you're hearing? >> richard, i think the testimony this week from james comey, the former fbi director, will be the most hotly contested since hillary clinton did the marathon 15-hour session before the benghazi session. two questions democrats want to get to the bottom of. and both have to do with
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conversations reportedly that mr. comey had with the president while he was fbi director, one involves the president reportedly telling or encouraging mr. comey to shut down the investigation into michael flynn. and the other was, what the president reportedly suggested or asked for with the former fbi director's loyalty. legal experts raised doubts as to whether they can do this. if the president does this, they could theoretically be shut down by a court. and it would be politically dangerous because it creates the impression that the white house has something to offer. but the white house says they have nothing to hide. so it would be a perilous move. i want to guess that the president is a difficult man to predict. >> that would be very true. jaime, reflect on what you are hearing, sir, about the reporting. i know bloomberg is saying it is still in consideration. "the new york times" saying no, what are you hearing? >> it seems that it would be hard to invoke executive privilege considering president trump has tweeted about the
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conversation he had with james comey. so a lot of legal experts suggest if you're going to say executive privilege, this conversation was just between me and someone in the -- in the executive branch. you can't tweet about it and then try to claim executive privilege. i think what is going to be interesting is wlp jamhether ja comey thought the conversation that reportedly took place about michael flynn was obstruction of justice. and then i think you're going to hear him get questions, especially from republicans, is if he did think it was obstruction of justice, what was he going to do with the memos? was he going to recommend that the president be tried for obstruction of justice? was he just going to keep them filed away? or when were they going to see the light of day? because we only learned of them and most people it seems that the fbi only learned of them after he was fired. >> and we can see this. i mean, just being quite a spectacle and you sort of outlined a little bit of that, jaime, but sahil, he could have
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copies of the alleged notes he takes after conversations. he could have exhibits that he's passing around during the testimony. this could really turn out to be something. >> you know, there's certainly questions as to whether it will and the likelihood of something coming out is anticipated to a large degree because mr. comey said he kept memos based on secondhand sources. he's kept memos of conveions with president trump. the president asked him this that democrat argue if true constitute obstruction of justice. so this moves very quickly into the territory where as i mentioned, it ends up not becoming the crime but the cover-up if the white house doesn't handle it wear. it's a tricky situation for them if they invoke in executive privilege and can't shut him down. >> that's one of the five investigations ongoing. we'll talk about robert mueller's investigation and the reporting is that he's expanding who he is looking into.
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we have heard the names jared kushner and paul manafort and the attorney general's name as well. what does that say in terms of the duration that i talked about last hour, this means obviously more work to do, but the way the special counsel and his strategy is being employed. that's the nature of these type of investigations. in fact, that's a danger. if there are charges on something like collusion, it could be a financial crime or trying to hide something, obstructing justy ttice in som or perjury, these are special ways prosecutors can find their way going away from what they initially looked at, collusion, and find crimes elsewhere. so that is a threat to many members of the administration that this might not just be a collusion investigation at the
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end of the day. >> so how wide might this go, sahil? eye mooe bri jaime says when you have special persons employed, it will start to bring in details and the investigation if you will have outlets or tributaries that were not expected. >> well, you go bac to the '90s when you think of a special prosecutor looking at bill clinton's crimes and what ended up getting bill clinton impeached was emergency. the process of -- if he hasn't done that, it's far from clear that anything of that sort would have happened. we know the president is extremely frustrated by the investigations and the talk. he's repeatedly said it's concocted by democrats to come up with an excuse for losing an election they should have won. that frustration is going to loom large over what type of
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white house this is. and we'll see if it will cost them this week. and it will be important how the white house handles this. >> we have two people that have mini countdown clocks in the white part of their eyeballs. many people are watching to see what happens. >> it will make cable news great again, that's for sure. >> that's right. thank you so much, jaime. it's a graeat conversation. we'll show you more on the discussion with vladimir putin on the new premier of the show "sunday night with megyn kelly" at 7:00 eastern on nbc and your local affiliate. check your local listings. darrell issa won a raizor thin margin last year. it won't be easier for him as he begins campaigning in just months. a live report is next. anything. even a coupe soup.
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congressman darrell issa is facing heat from his c constituents. >> i've been a republican for many years. i voted for reagan and voted for both bushes and never voted for a. however, i am afraid of president donald trump. >> i was out of the district campaigning all over for rubio. he was my first choice. would i like to have him put away his phone for twitter? yes. >> nbc political editor beth fooey is joining me now with the congressman had a town hall. we saw a little right there. beth, what a great place to be today as we try to get a sense, right, of that barometer and that benchmark on what republicans are going through
2:18 pm
who are right there in the middle. and darrell issa is one of the toss-up elections in 2018. >> yeah, he's interesting, richard, he's one of few republican members of congress actually doing the town halls. number one. number two, he's probably the most high-profile house member actually out there doing these town halls. remember, he was the chairman of house oversight during the obama years. he had a very high profile there. he was subpoenaing witnesses and holding hearings. he was really sort of on the chase for many members of the obama administration during several, what he believed were scandals, like the fast and furious gun running situation and the irs supposedly targeting conservative groups. darrell issa was all over those things. now he's seen the other side of the equation. he's now in a district that almost rejected him in 2016. he won by the barest of margins. donald trump overwhelmingly rejected in california, including in darrell issa's
2:19 pm
district and he's trailed everywhere he goes by protesters and is back in the district. so what you heard today and you played some of that before, is that darrell issa is distancing himself from trump. he can't fully push him away but he can't embrace him either. on the issue of oversight, he left the oversight committee and went back to it. and he was telling me that the reason he did that was because he wanted to help hold this administration's feet to the fire as he did with the obama administration. so let's listen to that. >> i came back to oversight because president trump's administration is going to need oversight. and i will push for it. will i stand up to this administration? yes. i ran in the past on my record, i'll run in the future on my record. they took a picture of the first and only time i had met with donald trump and they put it up there as the reason not to vote for me. >> reporter: he's keeping the president at arm's length,
2:20 pm
richard. >> sop much at stake, so much at shake. he only won by 1600 votes or so in 2016. he felt it today from your interview as well a what happened at the town hall. beth, appreciate it. thank you, beth. pop star ariana grande pays a visit to fans injured during the terror attack at her concert in manchester, england. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've
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ariana grande is visiting her fans in the hospital who were injured in the manchester terror attack two weeks ago. the pop star stopped by the royal manchester children's hospital today where she surprised her young fans with some hugs and also some kisses. the manchester attack left 22 dead and dozens more injured. grande will perform a benefit concert tomorrow and donate all the proceeds to the victims and their families. up next, we'll take you to boone, iowa, where senator joni ernst held the annual roast and ride. vice president mike pence was there and spoke a short time ago. we have a live report for you. plus, vladimir putin speaks
2:24 pm
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welcome back. i'm richard lui in new york city. here's what we are watching at the bottom of the hour here on msnbc. a white house official says president trump will launch an infrastructure week. that announcement of that week and that plan will happen at the white house at the rose garden on monday. "the new york times" reporting that the president will call on states and cities and corporations to pay for many infrastructure costs. like roads and bridges. demonstrators are out today across the country including los angeles, washington, d.c. and 100 other cities. they are demanding answers in the russia probe calling for independent investigations by congress to uncover any potential ties between russia and the trump administration and
2:28 pm
the trump campaign. all eyes will be on former fbi director james comey as he's set to testify before congress. this thursday in the russia question investigation. the white house could block to move his testimony, although "the new york times" is reporting that will probably not happen. so it could go either way. and an iowa gop political tradition got a vip visit this afternoon. vice president mike pence underlined his praise of donald trump and senator joni ernst's annual roast & ride event. we were there before, during and after at the central iowa expo talking to voters there in boone, iowa. and it's a hot one today, von. what kind of reaction, nevertheless, did you get? because there were a lot of folks out there. >> reporter: yeah, richard, there were more than 500 bikers that took about the 50-mile trip from des moines up here to boone, iowa n the northern part of the state. they had both republican senators, joni ernst, chuck
2:29 pm
grassley, congressman steve king here. this was one time where it was a swing state, a place that obama won eight and four years ago. but this year donald trump won. mike pence was delivering the message that congress needs to do more and congress needs to produce results to fulfill the trump agenda, setting up what could be 2018 tough midterms if the voters here, many of whom i talked to, over issues of health reform and tax reform. i want to play a sound bite of mike pence setting up for the crowd where the trump administration is at. take a listen. >> president donald trump has brought america back and the world knows it. president donald trump withdrew the united states of america from the paris climate accord. and put america first.
2:30 pm
as the president explained, the paris accord punished theed united states. no doubt about it. how great is it to have a president who is more concerned with des moines than denmark? >> reporter: richard, as you heard, he took his own spin on the president's pittsburgh to paris comparison. >> so this is interesting, because you were listening to the speech here, this as the vice president was really focusing on these grassroots issues, which are really resonating. you were telling us last hour as well as this hour that the idea of paris and international issues are not necessarily something that is what they care about on the ground. then we have the infrastructure plan that was announced and the infrastructure week just announced within the last hour, too. it seems like we are putting together, if you will, a little
2:31 pm
bit of a theme atic to think about that issue and health care. >> reporter: exactly. when you heard the vice president expand there a little bit on the paris accord comment, saying that this is about the american worker. no longer can we make sacrifices through the likes of china and india. and he really kind of hammered home that, not only on that issue, you're talking about infrastructure, talking about health care, bringing it back and making this essentially it felt like the campaign even though six months ago was the election. and for everything not happening over in d.c., he's really trying to take the message here. but i want to mention real fast what you didn't hear from mike pence was on the issue of russia. there's still a lot of questions that mike pence has really avoided answering. he's hasn't had a major interview in more than a month outside of fox news, about reporting that jared kushner met with the russian banker during the campaign or jeff sessions reported meetings with the russian ambassador. for as much as he's trying to hammer home and focus more on the people here, there's still so many of those questions,
2:32 pm
richard, that is what we have been talking about this hour but they have been unanswered by this administration. >> a very good point you make there, vaughan, in the key swing state in the midwestern firewall that donald trump won in 2016. we got to keep an eye on what is happening in iowa. vaughan, appreciate it. russia's president vladimir putin continues to speak out about his views on the 2016 elections, by the way. speaking to nbc's megyn kelly, which you can catch tomorrow night on the premier of "sunday night with megyn kelly." keir simmons is here with the latest. keir, what has been the reaction to putin's remarks in that interview? >> reporter: i think folks here are taking in the many faces of president putin that we saw over the past 24 hours here in st. petersburg at times angry, at times seeming to joke around. some headlines for me, him telling megyn kelly, and we will hear that in the interview
2:33 pm
tomorrow, that perhaps the cia could have been behind the hacking of the u.s. elections. the cia pushing back very hard on that kind of a suggestion to nbc news today. meanwhile, it was interesting to hear president putin seemed to align himself with president trump over president trump's decision, for example, to get out of the paris climate accord and on the issues of nato what president putin had to say, very similar to what president trump has said, arguing that nato, for example, should align itself more towards the fight against terrorism. but the main headline was the continued denial by president putin that russia had anything to do with intervening in the u.s. elections. take a listen. >> translator: hackers can be anywhere. they can be in russia, in asia, even in america, latin america, they can even be hackers, by the way, in the united states.
2:34 pm
very skillfully and professionally shifted the blame as we say onto russia. >> reporter: now, on the same day that president putin was speaking here at the conference center, i managed to track down sergey gorkov who met with jared kushner, president trump's son--law we found him a we wanted to ask him what happened in a meeting with jared kushner back in december. sergey gorkov was not enthusiastic about answering our questions. take a listen. >> keir simmons from nbc news. you're the subject of intense scrutiny in america because of your meeting with donald trump's son-in-law jared kushner. >> any comments -- >> reporter: i know you do. there is some confusion on what exactly happened. were you talking about business or were you talking about policy? >> no comments, please.
2:35 pm
>> reporter: have you been contacted by the fbi or would you be prepared to talk to them? mr. gorkov. i'm sorry. it's just a question of understanding what happened in the meeting. >> no comments, please. please. >> reporter: can i just ask you, was it a political meeting or economic meeting? can we interview you at a later date? >> submit all comments. >> reporter: if it is an innocent meeting, why won't you talk about it. mr. gorkov, if it was an innocent meeting with jared kushner, why don't you want to talk about it, sir. i'm sorry, don't -- please don't push me out of the way. i just want to ask you about the meeting you had with jared kushner. please explain it. we really do want to hear if it happened. if it was an innocent meeting, please just explain what happened in the meeting, mr. gorkov. were confusion has come from the fact that the white house
2:36 pm
suggested jared kushner was there in his role as part of the trump transition team. meanwhile, the bank has suggested that it was a business meeting. we reached out to jared kushner's attorney but no response so far today. but a source close to jared kushner did suggest that he was there, indeed, as a representative of the trump transition team. back to you, richard. >> keir, thank you so much. keir simmons with that report. let's bring in michael allen, former majority staff director of the house permanent selection committee on intelligence. you were watching that along with me here, michael, your thought on what keir was able to, if you will, get from pursuing mr. gorkov. again, mr. gorkov not wanting to answer any of keir's questions along the way. your reaction? >> well, as extraordinary reporting from keir, i think that is just the kind of thing the trump white house probably doesn't want to see on tv, which is enterprising reporters chases
2:37 pm
down russian bankers asking about the president's family. but it -- i don't know that he got any news or clarification on whether it was an economic-type meeting or political meeting or both. but we certainly saw an interesting line of inquiry that we'll hear about in the coming months. >> a big question that keir was trying to get reaction from. another point here since we are talking about russia and talking individuals from russia, that's the president vat meyladimir pu. keir was also expressing some of the reaction based on the panel that megyn kelly moderated as well as her interview with vat meyer putin. vladimir putin. that will be broadcast tomorrow on msnbc news. one of the points that vladimir putin brought up is the hacking could have happened anywhere. it could have even be related to u.s. intelligence agencies, one of the 17 agencies. and he brought up the idea of the cia, he even brought up the
2:38 pm
idea of megyn kelly's very own child being able to do this. he went through a long litany here of this is not russia. >> you're right. he said all but the 400-pound person in his basement. my first reaction to putin was, of course he would say that. look, he's a kgb agent trained by the kgb. it's a country run by their intelligence services and intelligence officers. they're having a field day. they don't want democracy set loose in their neck of the woods. and so they love this spectacle that they have, in part, caused, which is to portray democracy here in the united states as disorderly and unconcern. and so i think the russians are very much enjoying this. and that disinformation, if you will, that putin is putting out is part of top larghe larger st no doubt.
2:39 pm
>> part of the strategy that russia has been framed, that's really the argument he's making at this point. russia not involved. russia is framed. how might that be played out? because he's saying, look at the other groups, don't look at russia. >> well, i think it's unfortunate and i hope we won't hear anyone in the united states following up on that line of argument menation. i have a feeling that's why he put it out there in hopes other people would say, hey, yeah, you know what? maybe that was someone that wasn't russia. our intelligence communities are very certain on this fact. it sounds like everyone inside the administration is united behind the assessment of the intelligence community. that it was indeed russia. but listen, russia may have favored donald trump over hillary clinton, but they're still not friends of the united states or friends of the trump white house, even though it seems that way at times when you see the pictures that have come out. russia is trying to oppose us around the world, syria, afghanistan, libya, certainly in europe and the rest. and so unfortunately, there are
2:40 pm
strategic adversary and they are going to stay that way. >> as we look at what the president vladimir putin has said in terms of the panel and what we have released of that interview with megyn kelly, we will learn a lot more when we play that full interview tomorrow on nbc news at 7:00 p.m. thank you so much, michael allen, for giving us your perspective based on your experience on what has been said so far with megyn kelly. we are following at this hour breaking news, this just coming into us. what we understand right now and it's early, but metropolitan police at london bridge, you can see right in the middle of the screen right now, a car and some individuals running over some individuals. they have closed traffic going both ways at london bridge. and it's a late in the evening right now on a saturday. we are just getting this
2:41 pm
information into us. breaking news again, the london bridge closed in both directions. a car hitting several individuals, at least. we don't know the exact details, but we're going to look more into this video. it has not been verified that it is terror-related. that is not the words we're hearing yet, but we'll take a short break and look into this. stay with us. you wish to see... what i have seen? you will... when... i... kill you. [ explosions ] [ intense music ] the mummy. rated pg-13. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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2:45 pm
london bridge there in central london. it is not being called at this moment a terrorism event, a terror event. but they have closed again to traffic going both ways. lucy kavanaugh is there as our correspondent. what are you hearing, lucy? >> we don't have a lot confirmed, but we have heard an incident happened on london bridge according to the london transport system. they say the london bridge station has been closed at the request of the police. a reuters reporting on the scene had seen about ten police vehicles heading towards london bridge. sky news another television outlet here has been reporting that a white van ran over potentially some people on the bridge. there a reporter on the ground was saying emergency services are there and a heavy armed police presence on this location. now, regardless of what actually
2:46 pm
took place, it's understandable of course that the authorities here are taking this very seriously. this comes on the heels of that devastating attack in manchester last week in which 22 victims lost their lives. not to mention orvs, tthe westm attackast march, whi was a this is the very early hours as we try to get more details as they come in. one witness told bbc news that a white van veered off of the road in london on london bridge and hit five or six people. some of the witnesses reported seeing medical services. the police at this moment are not explaining the incident this was. nobody is jumping the gun to call this an act of terror. this is saturday night, there could have been folks who perhaps consumed too much to drink and took crews down on this bridge. so this is a very early hour, but police are spearing no expense and treating this as serious as possible in light of the increased attacks on london.
2:47 pm
richard? >> one of our producers who was having a meal in the area is also telling us that they were told to stay in place by the authorities that were there in that vicinity having a meal in other restaurants. they should not move as they continue to look into this incident. but lucy, as you understand the area so well, these reports coming from the bbc and others. a van has hit pedestrians. give us a sense of the log donl bridge ar london bridges. there are certain ones with cordens down the middle and others that don't. there are cones and also cordens that sometimes sit on the side where pedestrians move back and forth. describe to us if you can the area of london bridge in the center of the screen of what the cordens are, the barriers are, that may or may not have been
2:48 pm
there to protect pedestrians or not. >> reporter: right. you see the photo on the screen there, it's a larger bridge and a large pedestrian area on both sides of sort of where the cars go. and, of course, this is popular tourist area. anyone visiting with family and friends or anyone to go out on the town, the going out areas aren't necessarily right there, but this is a very popular area for people to take a stroll or maybe a walk. this is likely an area that would have had quite a few people walking through there at the time. it is very difficult for authorities to protect these kind of spaces, obviously in the aftermath of westminster. they have been putting up more security quarters. i'm not actually certain there
2:49 pm
was anything to prevent the potential attacks, but there is something like a space to keep them from the cars. >> the parallel you're bringing up about manchester, it is an unfortunate coincidence. we were just reporting on this about ariana grande as you mentioned the concert. >> a huge concert, that's right. >> she's going to donate the proceeds to the filiesured or killed because of t terror incident and the threat increased. tell me what theresa may did with the threat level and where it stands right now in london at the moment. >> reporter: well, that's interesting that you mentioned that, richard, because the threat level in the u.k. used to be critical. they -- i'm sorry, severe. >> i'm sorry to wrap. these are the images just coming in to the u.s. we can clearly see that the officer is moving with speed. and you are general did as they put on their vests.
2:50 pm
and the perspective on this photographer is one or two or three blocks back. but we can get a sense of the energy here. the pictures just coming intoba. these pictures just coming in as more emergency selection are making their way. police vehicles full of again, law enforcement moving on to the location. as they were showing as you second ago. we've seen pedestrians on the right-hand side leaving. it doesn't look with great urgency. we were able to see a handful of law enforcement gearing up to move toward what could be the incident. but again, we're not completely sure about the timing or exact location but maybe you can tell by looking at these pictures that are just coming in to us at msnbc about where and which side this perspective is. can you tell?
2:51 pm
i want to point out how shocked and terrified these families look. we saw a young girl with her mother. it looks like people are quite upset. quite understandably so. especially on the heels of manchester attack. before the manchester attack took place, the threat level here was severe. it was taken up to critical in response to that attack. we saw more armed police officers on the street and not the just police officers but armed soldiers who took over key tourist sights. buckingham palace and westminister. but that was done effectively in order to free up more armed police officers across the uk. not just in london to do more patrols. to basically spread out, fan out across areas. that might be common in the
2:52 pm
united states or others, but not in the uk where police are unarmed. i want to bring in some new information that we're hearing. this is not confirmed by nbc news but sky new is saying there may have been a stabbing attack according to witnesses after this car allegedly ran over some people. and we are learning some new information. british police officers are saying that multiple resources are attending this incident at london bridge. they're asking people to avoid the area. that is a strangely worded statement. what that means is they are deploying, it sounds like all the resources possible to this incident which would give us a sense that it probably, it may not be as casual as perhaps a drunk driver but something perhaps more serious. but we have not confirmed that yet. this is a short statement from british police. >> as you were reporting
2:53 pm
unfortunately during manchester attack, this is a police force, the metropolitan police, not only very capable, one of the most capable to respond to such incidents but they are now on higher alert. as you're describing earlier. just because of what happened in manchesterful that's why at this moment we watch with this piece of information as we're hearing from reports and sources that this is of note. at least at this poin although many would hope that it would be an incident that might be an unfortunate happenstance. because of the prelude to today, to 10:53 in london, we have our focus and on our eyes on what may be happening. because of what happened in recent months, across the uk, paris is what we were watching in the lead-up to the election there.
2:54 pm
there is also of note. also in the uk in a number of days so the intensity, the focus again on such incidents is a little bit different. a little bit higher right now. especially in central london. >> there is an election coming up on june 8. this is an mexico teresa may called for to boost support for her party. to obtain for herself a clearer mandate for those brexit negotiations that will soon be taking place. what we saw in the aftermath of the manchester attack is that the party's popularity has narrowed. the lead has narrowed in the polls. unclear how this is going to affect the situation so late in the game. a lot of questions being asked about the government's ability to for example, handle terrorism
2:55 pm
incidents. one of the critical things, the 22-year-old who killed himself and 22 others, he was known to the authorities, to british authorities. the internal fbi equivalent, m inch 5, have him on the radar. he was known to them but not followed for whatever reason. so a lot of tough questions being asked when you have these radicalized young men. and how do you stoick on that case? how do you continue to monitor them? it takes police resources to do that. so this, whatever this incident may end up being, obviously, does not bode well, i should say, for this upcoming election. do i want to point out something else we're hearing. a witness telling a reuters reporter that sheid see people with apparen knife wounds on london bridge. now wve this from two different news sources.
2:56 pm
the media reports do seem to indicate that there was a vehicle that injured people and potentially something 22nd a knife. perhaps a stabbing. this is just could not jectionture at this point but we are getting it from two different media sources as we work the verify it ourselves. >> live pictures coming to us from london, england. we have some sound. our nbc news correspondent in london watching this, knows the area quite well. it is 10:56 local time. this camera angle here, we're just getting thought video raw. we're showing it to you. way in the distance there, in the center, in the back, are about four or five vans. there were a good number of law enforcement that were gearing up. it was unclear in terms of what sorts of gear they were putting on and as you can probably tell by watching this video, you see
2:57 pm
pedestrians walking in the opposite direction without great speed. and then also more law enforcement vehicles going to that location. you see it there. again, not with sirnens on. so the video that we're just getting, if you're just joining us again, we are getting reports coming out of london. we can see vehicles moving live to the incident. okay. now we have more sound here. they are moving toward what we believe to be the location of the incident. the reporting again, not confirmed by nbc news, stabbings, we have heard of one or two from local media.
2:58 pm
and others reporting to local media. we've heard from the bbc, a van hitting pedestrians on london bridge, and we are yet to get confirmed details by nbc news. we're watching all of this. this is just happening within the last 15 minutes along with lucy cavanagh who is there at our bureau in london. we have mychichael allen, of th house intelligence committee. he is familiar with this incident. and i guess one of the questions we got is that unfortunate correlation that lucy was describing to us, michael, in recent months, if not the last year, that upcoming elections, at least in two incidents here, paris and now, excuse me, in france, and now the uk.
2:59 pm
on we have terror related incidents. so there is this heightened acute of what might be happening here on london bridge. have you heard anything in terms of what's happening here? and what is your reflection based on the pieces of information we can gather so far in. >> with the appropriate caveat that's it may turn out not to be terrorist motivated. the islamic state and other terrorist groups obviously have always had a great fascination with landmarks such as parliament. and it looks like from your live coverage there. parliament square. they have always been interested in elections. and we have a gigantic election coming soon in the u.k. this reminds me a little bit of brussels a couple years ago when the police there started to make arrests, other associates and
3:00 pm
confederates started to take other directions and indeed, other terrorist activities. they thought the jig was up. they thought they might be -- this coming on the heels of manchester may also be related to that series of arrests and investigations that mi 5 and scotland yard and others in london have been undertaking with great vigor in recent weeks. >> and that if you will, the poking of the bee hive that you're suggesting, may have brought on more activity. not only in the uk but throughout europe. and that's one of the considerations. michael, i want to bring in a producer for nbc news. i was mentioning this earlier. and he was asked to stay put. he was having a meal close by to these live pictures we're showing you here. mo, you were


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