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tv   Pulse of America  MSNBC  June 4, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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good sunday to you. in new york city. new developments on our breaking news story on today's pulse of america. anti-terror police are spreading out across london searching for accomplices after last night's
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terror attack on london bridge. 7 people killed, 48 others wounded before three of the attackers were finally gun downed by police. that rampage included using a vehicle on the london bridge followed by a stabbing spree in bars around the capital city's market. witnesses describe the horror. >> they run up and they stabbed this girl i don't know how many times, 10 times, maybe 15 times. she was going help me, help and i could not do nothing. >> i saw people running reaming. when you see those kinds of things you see it on tv in front of the tv when actually you see people and you hear people screaming, it's totally different thing. it's scary. >> it's the third deadly attack in england since march, and it has the city of london and the rest of the world on high alert
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today. raids this morning leading to the rest of 12 suspects in the latest attack. here was theresa may earlier today. >> while we have made significant progress in recent years, there is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. >> joining us from london is matt brady. london's finest now working almost 24 hours on this. matt, how are they doing? >> thanks, richard. as you know, this is a man hunt that's expanding. i have spoken with you in the past about some previous terror attacks throughout europe and many of those have been loan wolf attacks where it is just one assailant, one attacker and there have been a lot of arrests made in connection with those single attacker attacks. now we have three assailants. so we are going to be talking about a man hunt that is going to be three times the size. already it has been less than 24 hours since the attack and police have brought in a doesze
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people. the police arrested around that much when it came to the two previous attacks. rememb remember, this is the third attack here in britain. so the police here are really fine tuning their skills when it comes to tracking down these people, and that's a lot of what tereheresa may had to say when came out and made this statement. that statement was received with some mixed reviews here. of course, she said that she was going to be suspending her campaign ahead of this election that comes up on thursday. the other, her opponents also said they are going to p sbe suspending their campaigns. but this was met with mixed emotions among social media. people saying that theresa may was trying not to politicize this event while at the same time coming out and politicizing it. she did use this to announce that she was going to bearder islamicextremism, in that quote you just saw there was far
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too much tolerance for islamic extremism here. and she said she was going to be suspending her campaign for a day. that struck many as disingenuous, making such a political statement at the same time trying to make a nod for not being political. among the people here in london, there is a real feeling of defiance. a lot of people here talking about how ordinary people stop to confront these three attackers. there are stories from the bars and restaurants around the market where people barricading themselves and really taking matters into their own hands and attacking these assailants with beer bottles, barrels and chairs even though these three men were wearing what looks to an average person like a suicide vest. police now say those were fake suicide vests, but if you were in the market last night, you probably wouldn't have known the difference and a lot of people here really discussing and
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really praising some of the just individual acts of heroism that have come out of this event. i want to show you where i am right now. the market is right down here, right below that railway overpass, so we're right just a block away from the scene of crime. >> very close. we were talking about those heroes of the evening from yesterday. we play atl bit of that sound on the lead-in so you, matt i believe gregory who defended one of the women being attacked, those are the stories that will come forward. again, talking about that durability and strength that many londoners have that you and i have unfortunately had to talk about in recent time. thank you so much. matt bradley, we'll check in with you later. air yan that's gran day one love manchester benefit is happening now. the pop singer's performing for victims impacted by the
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manchester terror attack that killed 22 people. this was two weeks ago. this despite what happened last night in the london attacks. her manager saying this earlier on twitter, quote, today's one love manchester benefit will not only continue, but will do so with greater purpose. nbc has the latest from manchester for us. kelly. >> reporter: well, richard, these tens of thousands of people are now standing in line trying to get into this concert, an incredible event here, the one love manchester concert, all to raise money for the victims of the manchester attack nearly two weeks ago now. it will be two weeks tomorrow. the likes of justin bieber, usher, miley sigh russ, katy perry all planning to bh e on stage. manchester police saying, look, this event is going forward and so is a soccer match that is happening verycloseby. they arexpectingbout 130,000
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people in the immediate vicinity of this venue and the other. a lot of people to protect and they have been planning for this for the past several days now. they brought in police from other jurisdictions, from other cities. they have heavily armed police. they also have police on horse back and you really do notice a very heavy police presence. the other thing they have done is closed the roads surrounding the arena so you see these huge crowds of people but no access to vehicles here, so there is no harm to be done in that sense. they also told people to leave bags at home, as much as possible. they said every single thing will be searched and it will be easier to get people inside the venue if you don't bring a whole lot of bags or equipment with you. there has been a sense of defiance here and also a lot of nerves on the part of some of these young fans. spoke to one young woman who
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said she was really anxious going in today. she said she heard about the london attacks last night and burst into tiers. said she didn't want to come to the concert today. her friends talked her into it. and she decided to go through with it in the end. richard, that's the kind of sense we're hearing throughout the day today. richard. >> thank you so much, kelly there in manchester for us. and while no group has claimed responsibility for last night's attack, it is the third strike on the united kingdom this year. the first coming on march 21st on the westminster bridge. six were killed. the second attack taking place at the ariana grande concert that kelly was telling us about. 23 lives were lost there and last night claiming seven lives so far. earlier today, the metropolitan police commissioner said they will likely take some time.
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take a listen. >> it is a very complex and confused scene and a confused series of events. so it's important that we first of all make sure that there is no one else outstanding. we don't believe there is, but we must make certain of that. >> joining us now, navid, we now have information, more than we did just say 12 hours ago. we have 12 arrests. three of the suspects were killed in addition to that. we also understand that they were wearing fake bombs vests along the way. what are you pulling away from those bits of information that we have so far? >> well, what i pull away from this is that terrorism exists to complete sort of two goals. one is the actual act, the actual physical act and the other one is to do what terrorism implies to do, spread
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tor err terror. what we have seen is a shift in tactics. whether it's people flying planes within the united states into towers or people being radicalized on line, those tactics will shift, but the overall objectives remains the same. so the idea of wearing vests is a shift in tactics. i think what we have seen that can give people hope here is the fear has been tampered down. we are seeing the keep calm and carry on mantra carry through here. >> as much as this is a new attack, the tactics are old. using a vehicle as a device of terror, a device to kill people. and that's what we saw yesterday by this very van on a left-hand side, a rented van, we understand. and then the suspects taking it down london bridge. at the people, speaking of london bridge, speaking of that area, they are still all of metropolitan police, mi-5,
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london's best is out there working hard tonight. what do you believe they are looking for and what is essential as we understand, again, 12 suspects. that number could increase. >> whatever an attack happens, unfortunately far too often, the police, whether it be here in the states or in the u.k., they form a reactive mode. from the intelligence community, the people i spoken to in law enforcement and downer terrorism want to be proactive. they are treating this as one would an active crime seen. they are looking at the concentric circles going further and further out looking at suspects and who they had contact with, where they stayed. surely within that network, there are people who if the suspects, not themselves, who were known to mi-5, to the british intelligence and i'm sure they are knocking on doors and looking for reasons to bring them in. we live in a free society, a society of laws.
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the question will be what charges apply and what can stick. it is an ongoing investigation. >> yeah. as part of you being an intelligence expert is the way that london will be working with and the u.k. working with other countries. this as we forge a new relationship with the u.k. and we'll see that over the coming weeks and days. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> next in his response to the london attack, president attack chooses to pick a fight with the mayor of london and we would also like to get your sense, your voice heard on the question of this hour. are you avoiding large crowds in the wake of recent target attacks on soft targets in the u.k. let us know what you think. go to tell us what you think. we'll be sharing what you are saying later in the hour. have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ]
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>> we'retill on top of our breaking news story for this hour. this is the van that was used in the london bridge attack. now live pictures being moved away from the scene, that it was found at the end of the attack. this particular van was the van that came down london bridge and then was zigzagging, hitting pedestrians and this is why we now have seven dead as of this hour. although, there are many more injured, many critical. so that van being moved away from the scene of the crime there, it was up against a light pole, a signal light there, damaged on the left-hand side of it. the picture we were watching over the last 20 hours when all the doors are open, the lights are still on, three suspects believed to be involved in the movement of this van as it was used as a device, as a device of
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terror in yesterday's attack. so that being moved away, they are moving forward there in london, the metropolitan police. we're learning more about what happened, some of the details i was describing now in that attack. seven were killed. nearly 50 others injured. many still in the hospital right now. eye witnesses are telling their stories about the chaos and the fear as they try to get to safety. take a listen. >> they went up and stabbed this girl i don't know how many times, 10 times, maybe 15 times. and she was going help me, help me, and i could not do nothing. >> women came out saying someone is bleeding on the floor, get out of the area now. i grabbed georgy and we ran. >> everybody was running and the police orders us to leave. that's when i realized it wasn't something like a normal accident.
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>> more police officers came into the scene and they basically were all around the attackers and at a certain point they shot them down. >> this morning theresa may said the a are bound together by the single evil ideology of islamic extremism. we'd like to know what you think about what has happened so far. are you avoiding large crowds now in the wake of the recent terror attacks that we have been describing on soft targets in the u.k.? the results so far in terms of what you are thinking 85% of you saying no, you are not avoiding, again, public places. 15% saying yes. you can continue to let us know what you think. go to (haha) no wonder you can't sleep, your car is a mess!
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ways to disrupt, harm us, attack us, we are finding new ways to keep us safe. londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. no reason to be alarmed. >> a defiant london mayor promising the city it will get back to business as usual following saturday night's terror attack. but moments later president trump took to twitter to criticize the mayor's response posting this, quote, at seven 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and mayor of london says there is no reason to be alarmed. responding to that a spokesman for the mayor said he is busy responding to the terror attack and more important things to do than respond to donald trump's ill-informed tweet which was taken out of context. joining me now is kelly o'donnell. and kelly, give us more of that background and what the back and forth has been. >> well, good to be with you, richard. this is not the first time the
12:23 pm
mayor and the president have met via twitter, if you will. the mayor has been critical of president trump's plan for a travel ban, as both a candidate and now that he's in office, he is the first big city mayor who is muslim in europe. and, so, there has already been tension that exists. and president trump was reacting to just a few of those words and apparently disregarding all of the other thing it is mayor said. and in what is really striking is the criticism coming while the mayor and london and the united kingdom more broadly are kind of in the midst of the crisis. you can have a dispute over the approaches to responding to terror and terror attacks and what is the best public footing. but to do it in the midst of the crisis is notable. also the president has been trying to get attention back on his travel ban because that has been tied up in the courts. it has not been able to get into the effect and thursday the
12:24 pm
trump administration asked the supreme court to lift the injunction that's in place to allow the enforcement of a 90-day on visas and a longer stoppage of refugee admissions. that's something the president believes is useful to u.s. national security and seizing on this moment to make that case again publically. so it is striking because while the president certaly did offer sympathies to the people of london, called prime minister theresa may, offered u.s. resources, also extended the good wishes and prayers of the american people, in a more personal way typical of president trump. we saw his way of interacting with rivals on the campaign trail and the way he has dealt with other leaders to take on a london mayor is not really out of character for the president, but it is out of character for what a president typically would do. and, so, this is notable for that.
12:25 pm
the mayor's office, as you said, dished it right back saying that the mayor is much more busy at the moment dealing with the critical issues surrounding his city and isn't going to engage with the president any further. so no additional comment from the president himself on this matter. but it's something he could be asked about down the line. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. let's bring in the co-author of political play book and political reporter, also white house columnist for "the hill." let's start with you, daniel. as kelly has said, the response coming from the president of the united states to this tragedy, to this horror that happened yesterday at 10:00 p.m. local time is atypical by this president, being critical of statements made by a mayor that is undersiege right now. >> yeah. i don't think president trump's advisors or jared or ivanka were
12:26 pm
in his ear when he was making those tweets. it was more of a gut reaction he had to the attacks. he's never been a fan of that london mayor, and he looks like he took out of context what the london mayor had said. what the mayor had actually said was there is going to be more police out on the streets so londoners should not be concerned about that. that's what he was actually saying. >> and more background on potentially what more law enforcement on the street is doing is in the developments we have so far. 12 suspects have been captured so far and as malcolm nance, our terrorism expert here at msnbc was saying they flood the scene. they were out there trying to get as much information as they can. that was what potentially the mayor was trying to say. nile, how will this reaction be heard, if at all, there in london and the u.k.? it sounds like at least the
12:27 pm
spokesperson for the mayor is saying we're not going to pay it any mind at this moment. >> i think that's true, that he is saying that. but i think his reaction to president trump's comments is in a way actually more forceful than that and it points up just what an extraordinary situation we're in. you have here the mayor of london, albeit through a spokesman saying i'm too busy to deal with the nonsense from the president of the united states. that's in essence what he's saying and i think that points to a very strong reaction against what president trump said. now, president trump not frankly the most popular figure in the united kingdom to start off with, so i think that the comments in those tweets is getting a certain amount of attention, but from what i can tell from this distance, predominantly negative attention. >>lso, wt the president has said here, daniel, and i'll read one of his reactions, quote, whatever the united states can do to help out in london and the u.k., we will be there. we are with you.
12:28 pm
god bless. but what nile saying here, daniel, is he's not the most popular there in the u.k. polls show that. but it's also something that resonates across europe and many of the countries that are there. the question is will this, what i just was reading out youd be heard at all? >> yeah. it's like one of those statements that is issued through the official white house press office, which is more edited. it feels like, you know, trump has both his, you know, his more gut reaction tweets and then his more rational tweets where every american, every, you know, european agrees with that tweet that you just read. but that really gets no attention. it probably gets far fewer retweets than his more controversial stream of consciousness tweets that really get people, you know, mad at the
12:29 pm
president for appearing to politicize a moment when they're still looking for the accomplices of these terrorists. >> yeah. and partf this discussion, nile, you may have heard m bring this up earlier inhis hour, which is we're in a new place, the way the u.k. and the u.s. are now coordinating when it comes to unfortunate terrorist incidents like this, the way intelligence groups are now coordinating. do you expect, have you heard anything in terms of that process that has changed just because at the top of these governments there is this friction that we've been talking about. >> we've seen a number of elements to that, i think, richard. clearly, the atrocity in manchester toward the end of last month, there was a very furious reaction from the british authorities to the idea that information was leaking from american sources over that. there was some suggestion that that could inhibit the sharing
12:30 pm
of intelligence. and i think we've seen that or we've heard reports of that from other intelligence services that are traditionally allies of the united states. not to try to connect overly desperate matters but of course the famous oval office meeting that president trump had with the russian foreign minister. >> right. and it looks like the connection there with niles had a little bit of technical difficulty. daniel, if you are still with us thank you as well. thank you both for your reflection, and i guess what nile was trying to express was that based on recent developments related to intelligence, ether that was would affect this pticular case, which has happened in the last 24 hours. he posited that question, if it were to continue in manners of recent situations that it would not be the most advantageous for progress. all right. a short time ago police in london hauled away the van. we were showing that to you that was used yesterday as part of the terror attack that left
12:31 pm
seven people dead. next we'll talk with the former head of metropolitan police armed response unit about what might be happening right now on the ground in london. this is the question we have been asking you on our pulse of america show. are you avoiding large crowds in the wake of recent terror attacks on soft targets in the uk.? go to pulse got and let us know what you think. >> insights for pulse of america furnished by microsoft pulse.
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needs a great how. every great why pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service.
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we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. >> now to the latest in terms of what we know about last night's terror attack on the london bridge and market areas. british police arrested 12 people this morning in raids following the attack that left 7 people dead and 48 more wounded. 36 of those are still hospitalized. 21 in critical condition.
12:35 pm
authorities saying the three suspects used this van to mow down pedestrians on the london bridge before being shot dead by officers after going on to a stabbing rampage. joining us is brian dillon, also michael balbone. thank you both for being here. brian, i'll start with you on this. we've got three individuals, three suspects dead. we have 12 more suspects that are in custody. we have a police force in london working hard tonight. you'll see a lot of them if you are there. who do you think these people are? and who do you think they're looking for? >> well, this is an ongng and expanding investigation right now that is by no means complete at the moment the focus will be on trying to understand exactly who these individuals are and who are the people potentially in a wider network, which is why we have seen swift action today to arrest 12 people associated
12:36 pm
with these individuals and the authorities will be working pain stakingly, not just to identify these people and the connections that they have, but potentially any wider reach that these three individuals last night have into potentially any other acts that might be ability to take place in the united kingdom. >> brian, you know the process of the way the armed response unit has worked over the last 24 hours and going forward. there are two major investigations ongoing right now. one of course is manchester and now we have these two incidents in central london. what are they doing right now in the next 24 hours? what is the process? what is the focus? >> well, there is a very extensive protective security operation that will be taking place, not just in london but across the whole of the united kingdom because these things are reviewed continually. the posture of the authorities,
12:37 pm
where officers should be deployed and posted both armed and unarmed and as i believe police have announced today, members of the public can expect to see more officers out on patrol, very visibly on patrol providing reassurance and the ability to engage very swifltly should any incident take place. >> michael here at the studio as, again, former new york state homeland security advisor. you understand these processes as well as brian does. these are two areas and we were talking about this last night. folks were out just having a good time. they were families, friends taking a meal, taking a walk. these soft targets, which are wide open and this van being weapon niced to kill these innocents. the question we always ask, can you protect against this? >> the real challenge of course has always been when you have somebody who will do these
12:38 pm
random brutal attacks and, yes, it was an iconic structure, the bridge itself. >> yes. >> but you can't protect every iconic structure. and the challenge of course is that it happens with complete randomness and the use of a knife and use of a vehicle means that you are not putting a bomb together like you saw in manchester and so therefore you don't forget components. there is no training involved in this and so what you don't have is communications potentially between these individuals and other individuals and also you don't have any intelligence or pre-operational surveillance necessary. so you don't have steps they might take prior to the attacks and say we're going to attack here. the key about those aspects is that gives the opportunity for security forces to intercept them and overhear conversations, perhaps see people dwelling in an area that they shouldn't be. that's not the case here. this is so random, so sudden an using whatever is at hand to commit these atrocitieatrocitie >> so how does the department of
12:39 pm
home security help out folks like brian there at the metropolitan police? what is that coordination? >> they're trying to find out who the individuals are, their associations and what their digital footprint is. the digital services throughout the world, but principally in the united states can assist by trying to develop what types of information was passed back and forth, what type of facebook chatter and of course a challenge there is is it increpted. that's been the big challenges again for law enforcement. can you get through encrypted communications. >> one of the ways to mitigate these attacks or potential attacks on soft targets is purely the reactionary speed, ability and skill which we were watching live on tv yesterday there in london. of course london's met police known as the finest of europe as they have had to deal unfortunately with these sorts
12:40 pm
of situations. is that really the process? as malcolm was telling us, flood the zone and go at it. as much as we see on the ground, as much as is happening behind the scenes, too? >> that's right. in the united kingdom the process has been to train not every officern the u of firearms but a relatively smaller number of officer but to train them to a high standard and give them an extensive range of tactical ability to engage in a variety of situations whether in vehicles, in buildings or the street. so they are visibly on patrol 24 hours a day, an increasing numg ber of theme for obvious reasons we don't go about on air, but available to respond swiftly. when you think the very first call was made to the police and within eight minutes officers had identified the threat, engaged and neutralized the subjects, that's a swift
12:41 pm
response by any country's standards. >> michael, is that also the approach here in the united states? skill, speed, move. >> right, absolutely. and the training has gone to the active shooter. in this case it is moving quickly to a mobile attack, to something that's going to move around. what they're doing now is what we have referred to is reassure and defer because one of the things that you can't say is there is a timetable. there could be a copy cat or other attacks. what we're seeing is their tactics are evolving. they're taching how we're responding and they are trying to find the gaps to exploit them. that's why what the london police are doing now. get in there. kind out who haseenhat they saw and also make sure you lk everything down so nothing else can happen there. >> we see le on the picture there. michael thank you so much. brian dillon as well. great to have your expertise today to understand what is happening there in london. thank you both.
12:42 pm
u.s. officials are closely watching those events in london. for more now, i'd like to bring in republican congressman from florida, francis rooney. thank you for being with us and i know your heart extends to what is happening there in london. let's start with that and any thoughts based on what you have learned on the last 24 hours from what's happening in london? >> well, richard, thank you for having me on. it is another absolutely mind jarring, heart-breaking example of terrorism run rampid in the western world that we have to all express the deepest sympathy for the people in the u.k. we also have to harden up and resolve ourselves to be united and fight this scourge of terrorism wherever it may rise up and i think we have to fight it with hard power, supporting our fighters over there and we also have to fight it with soft power. as the jordan religion minister said a while back, you can't fight an idea.
12:43 pm
we have to use all the soft power diplomacy at our disposal to create a benign islamic message like the saudi arabia outreach promis to d and we have to come up with a construct for islam, which is consistent with modern 21st century life. >> when you say soft power, does it also increase the capability that we're looking at the state department and as you know that's been a big debate. you do support the president's cuts in the budget. but are you also reconsidering or rediscussing the possibility of the state department? >> i definitely think we need to get the assistant secretary and deputy assistant secretary jobs filled so secretary tillerson has a full compliment of diplomats in place to go deploy around the world. there is a lot of things that could be cut in the state department for sure. i have a list of things i would like to cut and intend to bring
12:44 pm
up when we get up to the approapriations process. >> you have probably seen some of the reactions that president trump has put out so far. he is getting some pushback on his tweets. in reaction to that, we were talking about some of them earlier. what is your thought so far about the way he is handling it or the way you would like him to handle it moving forward in terms of next best steps? >> i think in a time like this at such great heart break and emotion, almost anything anyone does is going to be subject to great scrutiny and the comment from the london mayor who was argued back and forth in the media is a good example of that. but one thing about it, you know, i don't care how many police you put on the streets of london, until we come up with a way to make sure that the radicalized people or people susceptible to radicalization don't get in a position to do this stuff, we can't say how
12:45 pm
safe anybody is. i had this conversation with tony blair back in 2006. >> what came of that conversation? >> well, this was after the bombing in london and he was going -- we were having lunch with some foreign policy people and he was talking about allowing the pakistan areas of london to deploy sharia law in their domestic relations and i said with all respect, i think the u.k. system of jury ris prudence is in violence and there is no room for that. >> when you have seen such a city come under attack, a city that is one of those paradigms of intersectionalty of so many styles of life living together harmoniously if you will, this has been a shock to the system for many, regardless for you or regardless of background. >> it is a total shock and so many of these. these are terrible proversions of a religion used for terror
12:46 pm
and committing great criminality and mayhem and murder on a lot of innocent people. i wan roam during theirst day niche cartoon when the islamic terrorists created a lot of violence in reaction to the cartoon. we thought it was a leg maitima reaction of free speech. >> thank you for your time today, congressman for your perspecti perspective. let's take a live look now in ber begin, which is lit up with the british flag in solidarity with the people of the united kingdom after yesterday's attack. we'd like to know on that topic, are you avoiding large crowds. and this is how you have been responding so far. no, 90% of you saying you are not avoiding large crowds. you are moving on and living. log on to tell us what you think and also this. a live look at portland, oregon, where supporters and opponents
12:47 pm
of president trump are scheduled to hold competing protests today. we'll keep an eye on that. we will go live to that location. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories.
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♪ >> take you live now we're taki rally in portland, oregon. one on one side of the street is say pro trump free speech rally and portland stands united against hate rally. both events in response to the recent tragedy that took the lives of two men on a train last week. gina kim has more. law enforcement, very concerned about conflict there. >> reporter: that would be the understatement of the day, richard. you said two rallies combined but actually i have to correct you, it's now five rallies and the logistics are very important
12:51 pm
here. this right here is the pro-trump rally that's scheduled to begin at 2:00 this afternoon. people arrived early and now they are flanked on all sides by all of the different groups, including this one right here is a labor group, that's about 100 strong but the most worry some is here behind me. this is a group calling itself the row city anti-fascists, they are in black garb and promised to return action for action should anybody from the pro-trump side get physical. you have police in riot gear and they are corps doning off the perimeter. police showed up when scuffles started happening and people started yelng at each oech. it is ereme tense. on any givenay thisould be a tense situation but as you said
12:52 pm
about a week ago we had a double murder here on the portland commuter train system that reached international headlines where a man shouted alleged hate speech at the pair of teenagers and allegedly stabbed three people who tried to intervene killing them. as a result of that the mayor of portland said -- they said absolutely not and now we have this situation, richard. >> any arrests, any reportable conflict that we know details of or still early in terms of what we can confirm? >> reporter: we witnessed a couple of arrests so far. we can't monitor all of the perimeter so we don't know what's been happening to the north and south of us but right now, things are relatively calm for how chaotic everything seems. and i think it's because you
12:53 pm
just have people who are like don't cross this line and everybody is trying to be observant. when i talk to both sides, they say we don't want a lot of violence, we're here to do what is our legal right to have free speech. but it's the handful of people who are here looking for something, looking for trouble, that are causing a mess. >> nbc's jinah kim as two sides are both protesting at the same time. thank you. 12 arrests have been made in the aftermath of yesterday's london terror attack that left seven people dead. three suspects were killed by police and we will continue to follow the developments in that story as well there's still time to tell us what you think about this question, are you avoiding large crowds in the wake of recent terror attacks on soft targets in uk? you can tell us what you think at think again. this is the new new york.
12:54 pm
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we've been asking, are you avoiding large crowds in the wake of recent terrorist attacks on soft targets in the uk. results, 89% saying no, we'll move forward in what we're doing and 11% saying yes, you are avoiding large crowds. thank you for telling us what you think throughout this hour. much more at the top of the next hour. a police raid in england results in 12 arrests after the deadly terror attack. theresa may vowing tougher counterterrorism measures in the uk. the breaking details next. motio? ♪ motio? nah. what else? what if we hire more sales reps? ♪ nah. what else? what if we digitize the whole supply chain? so people can customize their bike before they buy it. that worked better than eecd. i'll dial it back. yeah, dial it back.
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very good sunday to you, i'm richard liu in new york city and we're following breaking developments out of london where police now have netted 17 new arrests from raids following the fror attack that left seven dead and dozens more wounded. these raids are taking place in the east london neighborh of


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