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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 8, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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us. good night from new york. this morning, james comey will make his highly anticipated return to capitol hill and his testimony is doing little to calm the controversy. the nation's top two intelligence officials refuse to discuss if the president asked him to interfere in the russian probe. who is christopher wray? we learn more about the man poised to take over as fbi director. gm. it's june 8 the.
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i'm a&m aim along with louis burgdorf and yasmin vossoughian. today is the moment the political world has been waiting for. one-time fbi director james comey set to testify on capitol hill. >> he released his testimony ahead of time. nbc justice correspondent takes us blow by blow through his testimony. >> this prepared statement confirms some of what we heard, including the president's claim that comey told him three times he wasn't under investigation and also offers new details. james comey gives a dramatic account, in vivid details of five one-on-one considerations with donald trump. the first with president-elect trump in new york on january 6th, a briefing on russian investigation meddling and salacious claims that mr. trump was involved with prostitutes in moscow four years earlier, something trump vehemently denies. he wanted him to give an
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assurance he was not under investigation. that was true. we did not have an open counterintelligence case on him. comey decided right then to document his conversations with mr. trump and began typing the notes on a laptop as he rode away from trump tower in an fbi car. next meeting, dinner at the white house, january 27th. comey says the president told him, i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. comey said, i didn't move, speak or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed, but later answered, you will always get honesty from me. he also told the president the fbi was not inves gating mr. trump personally. in an interview with lester holt, he said comey asked for the dinner. >> he asked for the dinner. he wanted to stay on as fbi head. >> reporter: comey says mr. trump called him with the invitation and he got the feeling it was an effort to have me ask tore my job. next february 14th after an oval
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office intelligence briefing. the day after national security adviser michael flynn was forced to resign. he quotes the president as saying, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. he's a good guy. comey says, i did not say i would let this go, saying, i had understood the president to be requesting that we drop any investigation of flynn into whether flynn made false statements about his considerations with russia's bam to the u.s. comb y comey says, i did nnot the pres. comey says he remembers leave willing by the grandfather clock. he did not want to let the fbi investigators know about a request the fbi had no intention of granting. after that he asked jeff sessions to prevent any further communications with the president but he says sessions
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did not reply. comey says the president called him at the fbi asking him what he could do to lift the cloud of russian allegations saying, quote, he had nothing to do with russia, had not been involved with hook ares in russia. comey replied he told congressional leaders the fbi was not inves gating mr. trump who responded, we need to get that fact out. added if there were satellite associates of his who did something wrong, that would be good to find that out. two weeks later the president asked what i had done about his request that i get out that he was not personally under investigation. comey added, i have been very loyal to you, very loyal. comey says he didn't ask what he meant by that thing. he never says the president's remarks amounted to obstruction of justice and the federal prosecutor says they do not add to that. >> they add up to influence a
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pending investigation. >> president trump's outside lawyer says mr. trump is pleased comey publicly confirmed that the president was not under investigation, adding, the president feels completely and totally vindicated. yasmin? >> pete williams for us, thank you. the revelation from the fib direct other drew widespread reviews from lawmaker. >> readsing that statement are you convinced more than ever of obstruction of justice. >> that's a technical matter. i tell you f it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it well could be a duck. >> not surprised. >> why not? >> because it was prettybvious what was happening. i read the paper and i watch television, i sometimes listen to the radio. >> so, it confirms -- >> i'm informed. >> what prosecutor in their right mind would allow their star witness to go out before the senate panel of 20 senators
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and get beat up if you really believe he had a case. so, this is the best evidence yet that in the mind of the special counsel there is no obstruction of justice because he allowed comey to testify in public and issue a statement. no prosecutor would do that if there was a real case here. comey has told us all that the president is not under investigation as an individual for colluding with russia. all in all, it's a pretty good day for president trump. >> joining us, sarah fisher from axios. we've seen the opening testimony, the timeline comey has laid out. we heard from lawmakers that will be questioning comey later today. what are they going to try to glean from him? >> they're going try to get inside the former fbi director's head here. one thing that's so interesting is the former fbi director says he took diligent notes of almost every meeting with the president. this is not something he did with former presidents. we want to know, what is it in
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those conversations that made james comey feel as though he needed to write down every single thing? we're also going to wanto know, who else has seen those notes? who has been authorized to have access to his notes? we don't know other than a few high-level fbi officials that have seen them. we know about his written testimony that came out yesterday but we don't have anything in full. >> the question obviously, the big question politicized is whether or not what we learned yesterday rises to obstruction of judgment or impeachment and jonathan turley says, no, it does not meet that threshold. what do you think the senators will try to resolve -- what are they going to try to resofl that today? what will they be asking to answer that definitively? >> we know james comey doesn't intend to answer whether or not
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the president obstructed justice but we want to know what he thinks about the president's intent. if the president had corrupt intentions when he was asking the fbi director to, perhaps, go easy on the russia investigation with michael flynn and other trump officials and russia. we want to know what were the president's intentions when asking james comey to go easy on him. >> sarah fisher, thank you for joining us. two of the top officials are refusing to answer allegations they were. dan coates and mike rogers said they never felt pressure to do anything inappropriate. >> in the three-plus years i have been director of the national security agency, to the best of my recollection, i have never been directed to do anything i believe to be illegal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate.
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to the best of my recollection, during that same period of service i do not recall feeling pressured to do so. >> i have never been pressured, i have never felt pressure to do inteer convenient or interfere in any way, with shaping intelligence in a political way or in relationship to an ongoing investigation. >> the hearing did, in fact, testimony both declining to discuss specifics in their conversations with president trump. >> i am not asking for classified information. i'm asking whether or not you have ever been sktd by anyone to influence an ongoing investigation. >> i understand. but i'm just not going to go down that road. >> why are you not answering these questions? is there an invocation by the president of the united states of executive privilege? >> not that i'm not aware of. >> then why are you addition. >> because i don't feel it's appropriate. >> what you feel isn't -- that's
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not the answer. the question is, why are you not answering the questions. is an invocation of executive privilege? if there is, why don't we know about it. >> i'm not interested in repeating myself, sir. i don't meanhat in a contenous way. >> i do mean it in a contentious way. i don't understand why you're not answering our questions. >> it's just -- it just shows what sort of an orwellian society we live in. when you met, what you discussed, et cetera, et cetera. in a public hearing before the american people we can't talk about what was described in detail in this morning's washington post. >> just because it's published in "the washington post" doesn't mean it's now unclassified. >> well, do you -- do you want to tell us any more about the
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russian involve nment our election that we don't already know from reading "the washington post"? >> at no time should you be in a position where you come to congress without an answer. it may be in a different format, but the requirements of our oversight duties and your agencies demand it. it's election day in the united kingdom. latest polling shows theresa may's conservative party with a slight edge over jeremy corbin. this is the first major election since brexit although the main proponent has almost totally collapsed and polling well behind. the election comes on the heels of the terror attacks in manchester and london. nbc news foreign correspondent
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lucy kafanov joins us. what kind of impact are those recent attacks having on the election? >> reporter: good morning. polls just opened over three hours ago. it's difficult to predict how terrorism fears will impact the election. it is the second most important issue here, after health care, according to one recent survey. some believe it poses a challenge to theresa may because she oversaw police cuts. in the last day of campaigning we saw the prime minister switch to a brexit pitch, saying her conservative party would build a stronger, fairer and more prosperous britain. jeremy corbin framing this election as a choice between hope or fear. this was going to be a rather bothering election in april when theresa may announced the snap
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election by then. she thought and the party thought a landslide victory would give her the mandate for the upcoming brexit talks. they want a clean break from the eu. labor party is likely to keep some ties. for the ordinary voters here it's very much about security, bread and butter issues like health care, jobs and the economy. that's what the voters here will likely be voting based on today. >> thanks so much. still ahead, the golden state warriors are now only one step away from postseason perfection. north korea launches multiple missiles in what looks to be the latest provocation i go kim jong-un's regime. that and a look at whether we wh we come back.
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iran, the first such attacks in that country's capital in more than a decade. >> state tv reports four attackers burst through the main entrance of parliament wearing women's clothing and brandishing ak-47s. four attackers were dead. 30 minutes after that parliament siege began, suicide bombers and others target the months see yum of khomeini. 42 were hurt. isis has claimed responsibility for the violence but that could not be independently confirmed by nbc news. white house condemned them saying those risk falling to the eefl they purport. according to a statement by the national police, an unidentified national explosive device was thrown in shortly after midnight local time. no one was injured.
2:18 am
the incident is being investigated as an act of terror. north korea has reportedly fire several surface to cruise ship missiles into the sea after national security council passed sanctions banning pa listic missiles. necessity say they traveled about 125 miles and will continue analyzing launches to gather more information. let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill containekarins. oklike a nice weekend. >> if you like summertime weatr, the pool, the beach, it's coming. still raw in areas of northern florida and north carolina. florida had the worst weather over the past four days. that's slowly ending. if you're on the beach areas, this isn't good vacation area from savannah, myrtle beach, outer banks. it's cool in the northeast.
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the big cities aren't too bad but suburbs outside of the big cities are in the 40s. you need the jacket and carry it on later home as we warm up into the 70s. today's forecast, a lot of great news. gorgeous, st. louis, st. louis through ohio valley. atlanta, chicago, d.c. not bad. still cooler than we would like, boston and new york but better than what we saw earlier this week. into friday, this is when we start talking about the heat wave building. up to 89 in st. louis. then by the time we get through especially sunday through tuesday, it looks like the heat wave from the middle of country to the east. let's take a look at how hot it will be. the hot and dry weather goes around this big heat ridge and temperatures themselves, chicago, st. louis, mid-90s. sunday through tuesday. minneapolis, 93 to 94. by the time we get to east coast, it afshs on sunday.
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it will be here throughout the middle of next week. d.c., up to 97 o tuesday. new york, 92. monday, too. you get the idea. the first summer heat wave of the season. >> everyone on the set is using a fake fan as if the heat is in the studio. >> i don't want to hear any complaints. >> we're ready for it. >> yes. >> sounds good. an eight-hour uber ride to football practice. warriors are one game away from winning another nba title. all the highlights and much more in sports next.
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time for sports. game three of the nba finals, cleveland where warriors stay unbeaten in postseason, securing their record 15th straight play offwin taking a 3-0 series lead against the cavaliers. three minutes left in regulation, kevin durant carried golden state scoring 14 of 3 is points in the fourth quarter, including the three-point dagger over lebron james with 45 seconds on the clock. klay thompson scored 30 for the war yoss with curry adding 26 as golden state with 38 scored by irving. closing out cleveland on a way to 118-113 victory there. the warriors will look to break out the broom tomorrow night. we know they have returned from
2:24 am
3-0 deficit j.r. smith fired off this, since deleted tweet after the game saying, cavs in seven, hour the player insists his account was hacked. yankees hosting red sox in one of baseball's most storied rivalries. to new york city where mookie betts takes a home run away from cris carter with the help of a fan in the stands. carter makes a leaping catch at the wall to snag a ball that appears to go off a fan's hand before landing in the glove. looks like it could be fan interference but officials won't review that play. yankee pitcher cc sabathia put on his best start of theeason picking up the 8-0 win after allowing five hits over eight scoreless innings keeping yankees atop the a.l. east. bottom of the ninth in seattle, mariners leading the twins with runners on first base. >> 2-1 to.
2:25 am
>> zunino. >> he got it. >> he got it! zunino just walked off minnesota! >> mike zunino with a two-run shot out in center field sending seattle home with a 6-5 win there. final lishlyfinally, bills' wanted to make it to voluntary workouts but he was stuck in chicago, so he took to uber for $600 ride. the player spent more than 900 bucks to arrive at bills' practice facility before 7:00 a.m. on monday. by the way, the driver said he didn't mind, telling "the washington post," quote, i loved his company. i think when he initially called the driver, the driver thought he was trag him to a buffalo wings restaurant, not the city of buffalo.
2:26 am
>> on that screen shot he gave the driver five stars. i know the ratings are sometimes more important than the tips. i'm sure he appreciated both. >> that must have been good conversation for a long drive. >> i hope he gets tiktsd ckets play next season. >> 900 bucks to work out? much more on what we can expect from james comey's testimony and how the white house is preparing for a counter-punch. president trump nominates christopher wray and catches washington offguard at the same time. we'll be right back. look closely. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the differenceetween winning and losing. the microsoft cloud hes the pga tour turn countless points of data
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good morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside a&m a&m and louis burgdorf. one-time fbi director james comey set to testify on capitol hill today. yesterday he ended days of speculation, releasing his testimony ahead of time. he detailed five out of nine one-on-one meetings and calls with the president. the first on january 6th before he was sworn in. comey reveals that day was the first of three times. he assured the president that he was not under investigation. he also details weeks of pressure from the president to be loyal and to end the probe of michael flynn. after their initial meeting, comey notes he felt come tepello
2:31 am
document their consideration, pulling out a laptop away from trump tower. he finds himself dining with the president-elect in the green room. he writes, my instincts tell me my first one-on-one met the dinner was in part an effort for me to ask for my job and ask for some patronage. the president said, i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. didn't move, speak or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed. we simply looked at each other in silence. comey says later he pledged his honesty to the president. >> february 14th the president held comey jk over in the oval office. during that conversation comey says the president told him, i hope you can see your way to letting this go, letting flynn go. he's a good guy. i hope can you let this go. i replied only that he is a good guy. it was after this meeting that comey says he confront the jeff
2:32 am
sessions, first reported yesterday by "the new york times." comey says he implored him but says sessions did not reply. march 30th president trump told jj comey he had nothing to do with russia, had nothing to do with hookers in russia. he asked what the fbi xoo do to lift the cloud. saying the so-called cloud was impeding his ability to make deals for the country. during this meeting he said trump told him it would be good to find out if satellite associates did something wrong. >> april 11th comey says the president told him, i've been very loyal to you, very loyal. we had that thing, you know. i did not reply or ask him what he meant by, that thing. comey says that was the last time he spoke with the president. the president's outside counsel feels totally and completely
2:33 am
vindicated. there was a sigh of relief among some at the white house. yesterday on capitol hill was defined by senators' frustration getting few answe from other top intel that they had been pressured by the president on the russian investigation. hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: cheers from team trump as the president arrived at the white house. but silence from him when asked about james comey testimony. from the national republican committee, back up. president trump was right, the chairwoman says. director comey's statement reconfirmed what the president said all along, he was never under investigation. >> do you believe in comey's version of the facts? >> hard to tell. i want to hear jim say it. >> his statement reads more like a tom clancy novel. >> republicans on capitol hill so far cautious. >> i haven't read it.
2:34 am
>> reporter: mostly. >> i think the purpose of the hearing is to figure out what we're reading in the newspaper is true. >> reporter: some calling a political super bowl. not to fire the fbi drishgt but the man who replaced him and three other top intelligence officials, facing questions about the reports the president asked them to get involved in the fbi's russian investigation. >> i do not recall being pressured to do so. >> i have never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in any way. >> reporter: asked to elaborate, they didn't. >> i'm not going to discuss the specifics of conversations with the president of the united states. >>ist inappropriate for me to share that with the public. >> i'm not going to answer any questions. >> why are you -- >> i feel its inappropriate. >> what you feel isn't appropriate, admiral. >> why didn't you get answers? >> you have to ask them. i was very unhappy about it. that was the whole purpose of my questioning. >> reporter: the committee's top republican, just sharpe.
2:35 am
>> at no time should you be in a position where you come to congress without an answer. >> reporter: not many answers there yesterday. senators will demand them from james comey today. while they're already seeing that initial statement from him ahead of his testimony, that's really just the beginning. it's the questions after that give more insight into the president's actions. big day on the hill, ayman, and we'll be here to cover it all. >> indeed, thank you. the white house with damage control to the republican national committee. there will be no white house war room discussed and political reports some west wing aides are fearful they could get further sucked into the russia probe and trying to avoid being the messenger themselves. 60 rnc staff will take on the task. harder questions will be sent to the president's personal attorney. "the wall street journal" reports some have pushed for hiring corey lewandowski to help with the scrutiny.
2:36 am
>> what the president asked for is loyalty to the country and loyalty to make sure that the american people have the justice system they want. if you read the statement that the fbi director made, what he said was in his entire tenure he had two considerations with barack obama when he was president of the united states, one was to simply say good-bye. in the time that president trump has taken office from the time he was president-elect to the time jim comey was fired for not performing his job well, he had nineepare conversations with the president. this presint is hands-on. >> joining us is reporter for axios, sarah fisher. take us inside the optics battle the president is trying to battle. we know what the fbi director is expected to say. >> it's interesting a lot of this communication sbing outsourced to the rnc. its important to remember a lot of people close to trump in the white house think about chief of staff reince priebus, secretary sean spicer come from the rnc. its not so surprising that group
2:37 am
is handling the crisis communication. the rnc has laid out strategic points about how they're going to go about this rapid response communication in the lack of the white house having what you called that war room. some things we're hearing, one, it was a very patriotic move on the president's part to fire james comey. he did the right thing, they said and he knew it would be detrimental to the white house but done for the betterment of the country. other things we're hearing the rnc is going to put out, the president, as you mentioned, his lawyer feels vindicated by the fact that former fbi director james comey confirmed that president trump was not the subject of an investigation between russia and his campaign. lastly, they're celebrating the fact that fbi director comey didn't allude to the fact he was going to say directly that trump collude with russia. >> sarah, former white house
2:38 am
advir chr christie weighing in on all of this, especially comey's testimony we read about yesterday. want to get your reaction to that. let's take a listen and then we'll talk. >> the idea of the way the tradition of these agencies is not something he's ever been steeped in. so over the course of time, and we can talk about different examples, you're seeing a president who is now very publicly learning about the way people react to what he considers to be normal new york city conversation. >> so, he was trump's adviser after dropping out of the race, as we all remember. we've heard this before from people, basically saying, look, this is the way president trump talks. have you to deal with it. do you think it holds any merit here? >> it's interesting when you think about it because those comments reflect the reality of the fact that this white house has webeen ill-prepared to hand
2:39 am
miscommunication when the white house announced they fired james comey, they expected applause from both sides of the aisle. they found they were bombarded with requests, sean spicer taking questions from reporters. the president is tweeting things that could potentially be held against him if he were to be under investigation. we're trying to understand exactly what is going flew the president's mind. is he trying to be more strategic about the way he's handling the investigations or is he not listening to counsel who says it's best to be quiet at these moments? >> a lot of us will be watching the testimony, will not only be watching the television but president trump's twitter feed. sarah fisher, thank you for joining us. president trump's job approval rating has hit a new low aquord cording to the latest quinnipiac poll. 34% approve of the job the president is doing with with 57%
2:40 am
disapproving. the poll also finds 31% believe president trump did something illegal in his relationship with russia. 29% say he did something unethical but not illegal. other big news from yesterday, president trump's pick of christopher wray as new fbi director is met with praise but caught many within his administration and party off guard. he announced it on twitter calling wray a man of impeccable credentials. he was a frl prosecutor and worked as top official under george w. bush. he works at king & spaulding as litigation partner, specializing in defense of white-collar crimes. president trump wanted someone to lead and restore integrity at the fbi. >> several minutes after the
2:41 am
president's announcement, a white house official statement saying, i look forward to serving the american people with integrity as the leader. later in the day when pressed in an off-camera gaggle about when administration officials were made aware the president was going to announce his fbi pick, sarah huckabee sanders said, quoe, we were made aware in appropriate time. >> listen, and this is the important part to remember about donald trump is he made an extraordinary decision and went about it in a very, very good way. took his time, met with a lot of people, consulted with a lot of people. and came to a gold standard choice. i mean, no matter what you hear,
2:42 am
republicans or democrats all say chris wray is a top-flight lawyer. he was an incredible member of the department of justice when i worked with him. he has the respect of law enforcement, the respect of the prosecutors, the respect of the defense bar. >> with that high-level, lawmakers of both party caught off guard. mitch mcconnell issued a statement hours after the announcement but others were left searching for the response. >> did the president consult you at all on the fbi's pick? >> no, he didn't. wray, right? i don't know the guy. i've looked at his resume. he seems like he's the perfect kind of person. >> iid learn about it from twitter, but then i learn a will the of things about the president from twitter. the new congressman accused of body-slamming a reporter. the apology greg gianforte is
2:43 am
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the power of pleasant. exclusively in lightweight! every home, every cat, there's a tidy cats for that. welcome back. montana congressman-elect greg gin for gianforte is apologizing to a reporter he body-slammed. he was charged with misdemeanor assault over the altercation and will go to court soon. the montana congressman has sent a lengthy apology to jacobs, saying, notwithstanding anyone's statement to the con temporary, you did not initiate any physical contact with me and i had no right tossault you. gianforte also said in his letter he will make a $50,000 donation to the committee to protect journalists. reporter ben jacobs said in a statement he accepts the apology
2:47 am
and willingness to take responsibility. let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. we complained about the cold. now we can complain about the heat. >> doesn't take long. we get two perfect days in the middle. south florida where some areas picked up 15 to 20 inches of rain. thunderstorm cell from daytona beach to orlando on i-4 early this morning. throughout the day today and tomorrow, best chance of any heavy rains in extreme south florida, alligator alley, miami down to the keys, rainy weather. this will trigger afternoon showers and storms, typical for florida. central florida today, there are some storms in south florida but not a huge ordeal. the fantastic news today is you have a light jacket or sweatshirt in areas of the mid-atlantic and northeast and a lot will carry that home today. middle of the country, gorgeous weather. your stretch continues. the northwest is where the
2:48 am
change is occurring. that's why the pattern is flipping. they've had fantastic weather this spring. now wet weather coming into the northwest and that's sending warmth through the country. denver, 93 tomorrow. minneapolis, we go from 84 on friday to 97 on saturday. that's hot stuff even by minneapolis standards. we start to warm it up on saturday in the east. its not until sunday, though, that the heat wave will kick in and we see temperatures jumping up into the 90s. we could go into the mid-90s in areas like washington, d.c., by the time we get to tuesday. as far as the heat wave, minneapolis, monday through tuesday continues for you. in the east, it looks like it's sunday through tuesday with a cooling trend toward wednesday. raleigh, mid-90s. this heat wave won't be like july and august heat weaves where it's hot and humid.
2:49 am
this will mostly be hot. >> it's incredible to talk about where we were a few days ago, mid-50s. >> my wife turned the heat on in my house in the middle of june. unacceptable. >> i like how your wife thinks. still ahead, decision day in the united kingdom. >> we go live to london as they choose between may and corbin and what that means for the future of brexit coming up. oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) n it's ver... x: (ballsqueals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) goodbye! oof, tt milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it?
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it's election day in the ying. latest polling shows prime minister theresa may's conservative party with a slight edge of jeremy corbyn's labor party. may is expected to remain in power. this is the first general election since brexit. the main party proponent of the election has almost totally collapsed. the election comes less than a week after the london bridge terror attacks and two weeks after more than 20 people were killed in a suicide bombing following a concert in manchester. joining us now live across the street from parliament, nbc's luis say c lucy cavanaugh. >> reporter: start with the turnout. a little too early for us to get numbers. the brits are cautious about revealing any information that could influence the out come of the election. we're not getting the earliest exit polls until about 10:00
2:53 am
p.m. local time. polls opened about three hours ago. turnout will be key to determining what kind of a majority theresa may and her conservative party may or may not get. the younger people her tend to vote for labor. will they show up and cast baots is a big question that remains to be seen. also, the terrorism event is on voter's miensds, the second most important issue on health care. based on some observations by experts here, this could be tricky for theresa may who had over seen cuts to police forces while she was working as home secretary, her previous role. what we saw in the last day of her election, switching the message to a brexit pitch, she said the conservative party would build a stronger, fairer and more prosperous britain. jeremy corbyn of labor is pitching this as a choice between hope and fear. of course, the outcome of the vote will sort of give us a
2:54 am
better sense of how the brexit vote will turn out. will there be a hard brexit, a hard divorce from the eu or will ties and relations to the european union remain? >> a few hours before the polls close, lucy cavanaugh, thank you. former house speaker john boehner may be missing from the public eye nowadays, but one place yu won't find him is back in congress. he said he would, quote, rather be dead than run for the senate. he said the president would have to, quote, grow ears and listen for him to serve as his chief of staff. coming up next on "morning joe," all eyes are on capitol hill, aren't they? former fbi director james comey preparing to testify before the se cleanse committee about hisnteractions wit president trump regarding the agency's russia probe. senator angus king who you heard earlier with those pointed
2:55 am
questions to dan coats will be grilling comey today. he's joining the conversation along with fellow senator dick durbin and chris coons. >> congress mad adam schiff and congressman eric swalwell also weighing in. an action-packed edition of "morning joe" just minutes away. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup.
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welcome back. before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. >> of course, we'll start on capitol hill, the center of the political world as we prepare for the testimony of former fbi director james comey. that's where we find nbc news' hallie jackson. >> reporter: this is it, the day that so many people not just in washington but around the country have been looking for. james comey publicly testifying on the hill, talking with senate intel committee members. we've already seen a look at what he's expected to say at least in the opening statement. that's just the beginning. in talking with senators here on the hill, it seems as though they're saying the questions after will be crucial to flesh
2:59 am
out more of what james comey is talking about. a ton more reaction from capitol hill and a ton more to do today, ayman. it's all coming up today. >> thanks to hallie jackson for that report. >> meanwhiles, the government contractor charged with leaking a secret nsa report the media is due in court. reality winner is expected to plead not guilty. her lawyers fighting to have her released on bond. the leak suggested russian hackers attacked at least one voting software supplier just one week prior to the election. >> i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside louis burgdorf and ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. >> the idea, the way, the tradition of these agencies is not something he's been steeped in. over the course of time, a we can talk about different examples, what you're seeing now is a president who is very publicly learning about the way people react to what he considers to be normal new york
3:00 am
city conversation. >> that normal new york city conversation will take center stage today on capitol hill. today is the day that fired fbi director james comey testifies before the senate intelligence committee. it's turning into the equivalent of a world cup match. bars are set to open early in d.c. with one reportedly offering a free round of drinks every time trump tweets about comey during the hearing. yesterday we got an extremely rare look at comey's opening statement. if the whole hearing matches what's in that opening statement, we're in for an incredible political moment for sure. good morning everyone. >> dramatic writing. i'm not kidding. the first time, and we've seen a lot of this because we've been around the hill a lot, seen a lot of opening statements. it's the first line i've ever seen an opening line of a


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