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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 15, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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that is our broadcast for this wednesday night. thank you for being here with us. good night for all of us here in new york. all of a sudden we heard shots and it was clear pretty quickly that there was a shooter there with a high-powered rifle. and we -- many of us dove in the dugout. >> this morning the investigation continues into why a gunman open fire at a republican congressional baseball practice. the president visits majority whip steve scalise. a shooter open fire inside a u.p.s. facility in san francisco. police are working to discover if the shooter was targeting specific people.
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good morning. it's june 15th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. the shooting that critically injured steve scalise and several others. last night president trump and the first lady visited steve scalise, his wife and one of the capitol police injured. the president tweeted, just left hospital. republic steef scalise is one of the truly great people is in very tough shape but a real fighter. pray for peace. >> we may have our differences but we do well in times like these to remember everyone who serves in our nation's capital is here because, above all, they love our country. we can all agree that we are
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blessed to be americans. >> scalise was standing at second base when the shooting began just after 7:00 a.m. while he and members of the republican congressional baseball team practiced for tonight's charity game. [ shots fired ] >> hey. is that guy okay out there? the guy -- the guy been shot? is he okay? has -- anybody talking to him? >> after being shot, witnesses say scalise dragged himself toward the outfield as gunfire continued for ten minutes. the gunman has been identified at 66-year-old james hodgkinson, who attacked lawmakers using a long gun and a pistol. u.s. capitol police, protecting the majority whip returned fire. hodgkinson later died at the hospital. according to the hospital, scalise sustained a single
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gunshot to his hip, causing severe bleeding. doctors say he remains in critical condition and will need further surgery. others who came to the park early that morning were injured. matt mika was shot twice in the chest and remains in critical conditions. capitol police officer crystal griner was shot in the ankle but in good condition. she was the officer trump visited last night. david bailey, another u.s. capitol officer, sustained a minor injury and treated and released. zach barth, congressional staffer for congressman roger williams suffered a gunshot wound to his calf but has been released. the congressional baseball game is still expected to take place at nationals park. president trump will not attend. it's very difficult to get the proper presidential security in place in such a short period of time. nor the latest on the investigation into the shooting,
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let's bring in garrett hake live from ali alexandria. >> reporter: the fib believed hodgkinson has been in alexandria since early april. he lives in illinois. they don't know exactly why he came or a preplanned endefavoen. he's been livering in his van in this neighborhood. i spoke to a former mayor, bartender, a lot of people who recognized him around the area and who said he sort of struck them in strange as a way they couldn't put their finger on, a loner, kept to himself, didn't have a lot to say when he was out of the neighborhood. the fbi this morning is asking for help from anyone who can provide information on a couple of topics they're interested in. first, they want to know who hodgkinson may have spoken to about this. they want to know if there was anybody else potentially involved, anyone who knew what
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he had in mind or what he was doing here. they want more information about the two weapons he was carrying, the long gun you mentioned, a rife of some kind, and a handgun we believe were both used at some point during this shootout. they want to know more about his motives and more about his social media profile, which so far has been used by a lot of people to point this towards a political motivation. so far this morning the fbi is staying far away from any -- ascribing any specific motivation to this shooting. >> we know they've ruled out links to any kind of international terrorism, but on the domestic front we heard from some members of congress, including bernie sanders who condemned this saying this gentleman volunteered on his presidential campaign. are we learning whether or not he was acting alone or part of any group or had any kind of affiliations or associations? >> again, that's something the fbi told us yesterday they're very much looking into. they don't want to comment on it specifically at this time although it seems more likely he
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was working alone in the sense he was -- we know he was a prolific letter writer, a prolific poster on social media, reaching out to all these political causes. when people like -- folks in the bernie sanders campaign in iowa, where he supposedly volunteered, no one really recognized him. he didn't stick out to anyone. so the idea he was engaged in back and forth consideration seems less likely. but that's very much the focus of the fbi's investigation. >> live from alexandria, virginia, thank you. senator rand paul was warming up with the team when the violence broke out. he spoke about his experience with lester holt. >> you were in the batting cage at the time. >> yeah, i had just batted at home plate. i heard the rapid gunshots. there's a big, large oak tree next to the batting cage. i got behind the oak tree as the guy is shoot simploog did you actually see him -- >> i'm seeing a blur of a blue shirt. the shots were landing next to us and we knew he could shoot a
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long ways. we felt he was changing his position, it's sort of like, well, who's going to bring him down? at that point, we started hearing the capitol hill police return fire. i truly believe if the capitol hill police had not been there, most people would have been killed. the irony is, you know, congressman scalise was the one who suffered, but had he not been there, his detail won't have been there either. it would have been a disaster. >> both parties of the u.s. house came together. >> my colleagues, there are very strong emotions throughout this house today. we are all horrified about this dreadful attack on our friends and on our colleagues and those who serve and protect this capitol. and we are united. we are united in our shock. we are united in our anguish.
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an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [ applause ] >> we don't shed our humanity when we enter this chamber. for all the noise and all the fury, we are one family. >> to my colleagues who can hear me say something you've never heard me say before. i identify myself with the remarks of the speaker. they're beautiful remarks, mr. speaker, thank you so much for the sentiments they represent. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> just hours after a gunman open fire during the congressional baseball practice in virginia, a gunman in san francisco carried out a deadly shoot agent a u.p.s. warehouse in customer service center as an employee meeting had ended. at least three people were killed and two others were hurt after the gunman open fire on employees. the man identified as 38-year-old jimmy lam then
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turned the gun on himself taking his own life. officials have not determined a motive or whether the suspect was targeting specific people. an official with the union that represents the u.p.s. workers tells the associated press the suspect, who was a u.p.s. employee, had filed a grief answer back in march about working excessive overtime hours. let's turn into a turning point in the washington investigation. "the washington post" says the special counsel is including an examination of whether the president himself attempted to obstruct justice. fbi director jim comey confirmed for the first time last week he assured the president earlier this year on three separate occasions he was not under investigation but now that may have changed. "the post" report says the obstruction investigation began just days after dr. comey was fired. the trump team responded by saying the fbi leak regarding
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the president is outrageous, inexcusable. sarah fisher joining us. the paper reporting five people who say director of national intelligence mike coats and dan rogers, head of nsa and his former deputy, have agreed to be interviewed. >> what we're looking at, the big basis of the investigation is whether or not the president obstructed justice by intentionally trying to meddle in the investigation between the intelligence committee and his campaign. what we're going to find out addition what they're hoping to find out, the senate intelligence committee, from dan coats and nsa director mike rogers is whether the president asked them to do anything that would potentially have to make them intervene. when we heard from them last week at senate intel committee hearing, they couldn't get answers. senators from both parties, you saw big frustration on their faces from senator rubio,
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senator king, trying to get to the bottom of this and being careful with their wording not necessarily they've been told to do anything but at the same time they never felt inappropriately pressured. >> take us inside that dynamic, the point you were talking about with the senators having that frustration with dan coats not willing to give a legal basis for why he wasn't answering the questions. he didn't say the president used executive privilege. it wasn't an issue of whether it was classified or not. he said it wasn't appropriate. you could see the frustration, as you mentioned. what's the dynamic at play here as they try to get to the bottom of this. are there any resources these members of congress can leverage to get an answer from him, especially he's testifying under oath and now with the closed session coming up. >> yeah, absolutely. i think what's interesting is he said he didn't think he had any legal basis for not being able to answer that question. but one of the things we're going to look at today is that what's the difference between having something in an open hearing versus a closed door hearing? i know the senate intel
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committee is trying to see very hard if they can get any more details out of him, one that's closed door. you saw what happened last time during the intel committee hearing. we don't know necessarily these two intelligence officials are going to be any more open necessarily in a closed hearing. >> just to clarify, coats and rogers could go into a closed door meeting and say the exact same things, we're not willing to answer that? >> they could. >> dan coats has been appointed by the president so there's the question of loyalty there. we know the president expects that from the people that serve with him. thank you for joining us. to that deadly fire that tore through a london high-rise, oe federal says 12 are confirmed dead and 78 wounded. they expect the number of deceased to rise and cannot provide an exact number of those unaccounted for, saying the situation continues to be challenging. in fact, firefighters were able to rescue at least 65 people from the building. the exact cause of the inferno remains under investigation but
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residents say they have raised fire safety concerns regarding the building in the past. nbc's lucy kafanov will join us from the scene. five officials from michigan, including head of health department, face federal charges. michigan's health department director rick lyon was charged with manslaughter and office misconduct. prosecutors say the manslaughter charges connected to the handling of outbreak. they say lyon's failure to act resulted in the death of one person, 12 people in all died in genesee county. how gabby giffords, former congresswoman shot in 2011, paying respect to steve scalise. a check of the weather when we come back.
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welcome back. the senate has over whelming approved a new set of sections to russia over its alleged meddling in the 2016 election. sanctions include punishments for people conducting malicious cyber activity on behalf of the russian government and requires a congressional review if the president attempts to ease or end current penalties. d.c. authorities are expected to announce criminal charges against a dozen members of turkish erdogan's security detail. according to "the new york times," several members face felony misdemeanor attacks outside the turkish embassy in washington, d.c., but the suspects are all believed to be back in turkey. washington police have charged several others, including two americans for taking part in that violent skirmish. let's get a check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bad weather in kentucky and
2:18 am
missouri, and southwest and gearing up for a heat wave. >> we have potential of 120-degree temperatures the end of the week. thunderstorms roll in this morning, definitely getting heavy rain in cincinnati, lexington, louisville still getting rain. now these are pushing to the south near springfield, missouri. these will die off as we go through the morning. we're very hot and humid and that will cause thunderstorms this afternoon. 16 million people at risk of severe storms. tornado threat, very low today. large hail, damaging winds is the concerns. lightning, too. memphis to jackson, tupelo, birmingham, down to montgomery, maybe a few scattered storms around atlanta, too. this little area of enhancement, is where we could get big storms producing baseball size hail near wichita, kansas, towards oklahoma. kansas city has a chance of strong storms. if you don't get the storms, you'll be dealing with heat building, texas through central plains. we won't get a break. once we get locked in these
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weather patterns like this. 99 degrees, oklahoma city. san anglo, texas, 100. towards kansas city, 94. chicago at 91. heat is with us in the middle of the country. through tomorrow, lubbock, you jump to 105. this is a taste of things to come where out in the west we'll heat things up in the days ahead. into start, not much relief. roswell, new mexico, 109. you get the idea. we're continuing to watch these temperatures soar. some great weather to be had today. enjoy this today. washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york, baltimore up into boston, gorgeous type, late spring/early summer weather. humidity is much lower. great weather in denver to salt lake city up into montana. there's good stuff, but i'll dive a little more deep into the heat wave going for the west. the possibility phoenix could come close to their all-time hottest recorded temperature.
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that's a pretty rare. >> if only to have a father's day brunch here in new york city. >>, yeah a perfect day. sunday, not looking that good. >> still ahead, details about what could be the most unlikely fight of the year. we'll tell you about that. pete rose gets denied by baseball hall of fame but he'll still be honored. we'll tell you in sports next. ss enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast,
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congressional baseball game will be played tonight as scheduled after a gunman took aim at the republicans on practice field yesterday. it's got support from congress and major league baseball, whose commissioner said in a statement he hopes the game can play a constructive role in the healing process. it appears cooperstown has once again closed the door on hit king pete rose's hall of fame bid and likely for good. the decision made public yesterday, rose's request to let him stand for election was denied back in december. the 76-year-old out of the game since 1989 is serving a lifetime ban for betting on baseball. they'll commemorate a bronze statue of rose outside great american ballpark, which could be the last time he soaks in the accolades of his career. puig has received a one-game suspension and undisclosed fine
2:24 am
for giving a gesture to a heckling fan. puig is appealing that decision. in new york city, the mets' ace matt harvey had an abbreviated start in last night's game against the cubs. after the fourth inning with arm fatigue, but not before letting a monster 476-foot home run that gives chicago a 4-1 lead. but the mets would eventually prevail using a five run eighth inning highlighted by curtis granderson's 300th career home run, followed by a shot duda. anaheim, trailing yankees 4-0. one heads out to center field, but aaron hicks is there with a leaping grab to rob that would-be grand slam in the first inning. that one hurts. the angels make it back, though, going on to beat the yanks 7-5. finally, the rumors are real between boxing legend and mma's
2:25 am
biggest star is officially on. floyd mayweather jr., undefeated five decision world boxing champion will return from they'rely a two-year retirement to take on 28-year-old southpaw conor mcgregor in the ufc's professional boxing debut. while no major titles are on the line, both stand to earn a giant per-per-view bout august 5 the in vegas. mayweather could finish perfect 50-0. this has all the hallmarks for great event. i think a lot of people will be tuning in. >> apparently the payday is somewhere in the ballpark of $100 million. you can imagine the kind of pay-per-view you'll have to sell for that ticket. >> i don't know if it's a good fight but a lot of money involved. >> my money's on floyd. >> yeah, very fitting venue as well in vegas.
2:26 am
it will be interesting to see if conor mcgregor can step up to the challenge. we'll see. still ahead, the special counsel for the russia investigation widens its probe and reportedly looking into the president. we follow the latest into the shooting of congressman steve scalise. pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers.
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how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. it's the bottom of the hour. this morning we're learning more details about the mass
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shooting in alexandria, virginia, that critically injured steve scalise and others. last night the president and first lady visited scalise, one of the capitol officers injured in that shooting. president trump tweeted just left hospital. steve scalise one of the truly great heroes. pray for scalise. scalise was standing at second base when the shooting began. after being shot, he dragged himself to outfield as the gunfire continued for ten minutes. according to the hospital, scalise sustained a single rifle shot to his left hip. doctors say he remains in critical condition and will need further surgery. joining us, msnbc correspondent garrett hake, live from alexandria, virginia, where the shooting happened. take us into the late es on the shooting and what direction it's going to. >> reporter: last night the fbi put out a call for any information. they say no tip is too small. they need to know a lot more about this 66-year-old shooter here, james hodgkinson, who
2:31 am
apparently traveled here to the d.c. suburbs from his home in illinois as early as early april. the fbi believes he's been living out of a cargo van in this neighborhood. he's been spotted around town. the former mayor of alexandria said he saw him regularly at the ymca that's over my shoulder across the street from the ballpark where all this happened. the fbi is focusing their investigation now on how and why he came here, who he may have talked to in advance of this attack, if anyone at all, if anyone else was involved in the planning. they are tracing his firearms, a long gun and handgun, a rifle of some kind and handgun. they're not being any more specific where they trace where they were bought, how they might have been used in this shooting. they're taking a look at his social media profile, which has taken on a lot of interest in this case because of all the political language and hot, hot political rhetoric on his social
2:32 am
media pages. >> have investigators been able to talk to any family members or friends of james hodgkinson to see what his demeanor was like in the months leading up to this shooting? >> reporter: well, we know that the local sheriff back in illinois has talked to his -- i believe his wife recently. there's been some conversation there were previous calls to his home in illinois as late as march when police went to his house after getting complaints he had been firing off a weapon in the woods behind his house. at the time, they found he was in possession of a valid weapons license there. they just told him to move along. there is sort of that parallel investigation happening in illinois and here in alexandria. >> garrett haake live in alexandria, virginia, with that investigation. >> you're looking at how they're wrapping up security for the charity baseball game tonight, the charity softball game tonight, because i'm sure things are very much on edge in the
2:33 am
city right now. the shooting brought to mind another recent attack against congress, the assassination attempt against gabby giffords, when a gunman open fire killing six and wounding the congresswoman. steve scalise took to the house floor to pay tribute to his colleague. take a listen. >> all those gathered in tucson on saturday were engaging in what should have been a peaceful activity that is absolutely fundamental to our form of government. spending time with the gentle lady who was so -- who so proudly advocates on their behalf here in the united states house of representatives. >> it's interesting to hear that because now it is giffords, a leading advocate for gun safety, honoring scalise. in a statement she writes in part, quote, i am heartbroken for the pain of congressman scalise, the other victims, their family, friends and colleagues who survived. i'm thankful for the great courage of the capitol police who were my protecters after i was shot and became my friends.
2:34 am
i also know the courage it takes to recover from a shooting like this. i know steve and everyone there this morning have courage in great supply. >> as the investigation into the shooting continues, we're learning more about the alleged shooter, james hodgkinson, as republicans and democratic leaders call for bipartisan unity in the wake of this violence. hodgkinson volunteered for senator bernie sanders' presidential campaign in iowa. robert becker who ran the organization there, tells nbc news hodgkinson did not play a big role. >> in the immediate aftermath, one democratic congressman tweet out this photo of house democrats praying at their own practice for tonight's game after hearing of the shooting. meanwhile, staffers for house minority whip steny hoyer were seen bringing pizza to scalise's staff on capitol hill. >> rodney davis who was at-bat told kasie hunt yesterday, it's
2:35 am
time to put political differences aside. >> this rhetoric we see in today's society over policy differences has got to stop because if this is the reason why members of congress were shot at today, then today has to be the breaking point for both parties to say enough's enough. let's not ratchet up the hateful speech. you see stories about policies are going to lead to the death of people. that's addition that's political rhetoric that has run amuck and turned into hate. it may be the reason why we saw the senseless tragedy we saw today. if it is, this could be the first political rhetorical terrorist act we've seen on our soil. we can change that. only we can change that as americans. >> some wasted little time before blaming anti-trump rhetoric, particularly from the left, for the shooting and donald jr. shared a speech from a commentator which compares is
2:36 am
to cesar. newt gingrich was more blunt in his blame for the shooting. take a listen to this. >> you've had an increasing intensity of hostility on the left. the intensity on the left is very real. whether it is somebody holding up a so-called comedian holding up the president's head in blood or it's right here in new york city, a play that shows the president being assassinated, or it's democratic-leading national politicians who are so angry, they have to use vulgarity because they can't find any language. you've had a series of things which send signals that tell people it's okay to hate trump, it's okay to think of trump in violent terms, it's okay to consider assassinating trump. suddenly we're supposed to rise above it until the next time? >> let's turn to the other big story this morning in what's being billed as a turning point in the investigation into russia.
2:37 am
"the washington post" reporting the special counsel interviewing senior intelligence officials as part of a widening probe that now includes an examination of whether the president himself attempted to obstruct justice. fbi director jim comey confirmed for the first time last week he had, indeed, assured the president earlier this year on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation. but now that may have changed. the post report says the investigation began days after director comey was fired. >> in your investigation, was general flynn at that time in serious legal jeopardy? and in addition to that, do you sense that the president was trying to obstruct justice or just seek for a way for mike flynn to save face, given he had already bren fired? >> general flynn at that time was in legal jeopardy. there was an open fbi criminal investigation of his statements in connection with the russian contacts and the contacts themselves. i don't think it's for me to say
2:38 am
whether the conversation i had with the president was an effort to obstruct. i took it as a very disturbing thing, very concerning. but that's a conclusion i'm sure the special counsel will work towards to try and understand what the intention was there and whether that's an offense. >> and the trump legal team responded to the post report by saying, quote, the fbi leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal. the paper also sources five people who say director of national intelligence dan coats and mike rogers, head of the nsa and former deputy, have agreed to be interviewed. and the "new york times" reports the nsa has been asked for any documents that might relate to its interactions with the white house and russian probe. the collecting of information does not necessarily mean prosecutors are building a case against the president. joining us once again, reporter for axios, sarah fisher. one of the most interesting things about all of this, it wasn't until after jim comey was fired that president trump became a part of this investigation.
2:39 am
>> yeah, absolutely. that is the most interesting part. one thing we keep hearing from republican sources it's frustrating, the president will vent or tweet which leads to some sort of leak which leads to some sort of action. we saw a week ago reports that the president was potentially looking into firing his special counsel robert mueller. what do you know, several days later, now we find out the special counsel is investigating obstruction of justice between the president and intelligence community's look into what happened between his campaign and russia. i think it's important to note that what he's doing looking to interview dni coats and msa director rogers isn't unusual. you would expect special counsel is going to interview anyone in relation to this case, including members of the first family, chief of staff reince priebus, people who were there when the president asked jim comey to step aside alone. what's going to be interesting here, are any more leaks going
2:40 am
to find out more information because as we discussed earlier, didn't hear much from coats or rogers during that senate intel hearing. >> it seems part of the attack plan, particularly from some of the republicans newt gingrich and others, has been to attack robert mueller and say he will have a tense relationship with the president going forward is an understatement. what do you think is at play between mueller and his president? as you say he may want to interview his close family and the president himself. >> the most important person in that dynamic is rod rosenstein. he's the person the president would have to go to to discuss whether or not he would be removing special counsel mueller. rosenstein has acknowledged he has confidence in mueller and people from the intelligence community have also indicated that. the president is not in a good place right now to say i don't have faith in mueller after everything that's happened between leaks and firing of jim comey. the relationship is very tense but the president isn't in a great position to make any moves at this point.
2:41 am
>> rosenstein was confronted with this at the hearing the other day. he said, look, as of now, nothing's happening. whatever you are saying out there, its not happening. bob mueller is not being fired. you're bringing up the fact that people are talking about bob mueller and making an about-face. newt gingrich when mueller was initially appointed, he thought it was a good idea. >> now he's saying he's staffing his investigative team with partisan personnel, it seems. >> the most important thing to recognize is that bob mueller looks addition it looking to really talk to every single person regardless of who is on his staff that could potentially be involved. i also think interesting is that the white house particularly came out, sarah huckabee sanders and just said absolutely false. the president is not looking into firing robert mueller. there's so many conflicting narratives happening around the white house. this puts the president in a really defensive position. >> it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the coming weeks. sarah fisher, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. still ahead, the federal
2:42 am
reserve announces it's hiking interest rates. >> we'll see how overseas markets are reacting to janet yellen and what it means for your wallet. bill karins will have a look at the weather threatening some parts of the country. where's jack? he's on holiday. what do you need? i need the temperature for pipe five. ask the new guy. the new guy? jack trained him. jack's guidance would be to maintain
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welcome back. turning to business where the federal reserve raised interest rates for the second time in three months. joined live from london. the markets anticipated this quarter point increase but the federal reserve showing strengthening economy. >> we saw that gold fell but stocks only edged slightly lower. treasuries and the dollar were able to pare some losses they suffered earlier in the day. the other key information out of
2:46 am
the fed is that janet yellen would start to discuss how the fed intends to unwind its balance sheet. she made it clear the 4.5 trillion balance sheet will start to be unwind. overall, a tightening of monetary policy. this comes despite the fact inflation data has been soft of late. janet yellen has said she's willing to overlook it now thinking it's a temporary factor. qatar in the news once again with reports from ministry of defense it will be buying $12 billion woert of f-15 fighter jets from the united states. the timing is interesting because it was only last friday president trump denounced qatar has being a high-level sponsor of terrorism. betsy devos is looking to redesign two key education pieces under president obama. students at for-profit colleges will ensure them to get careers
2:47 am
to repay their loans. it's called concerning by student groups. >> gemma live from london. let's get a check of your weather with meteorologist bill karins. i know there's severe weather in the midwest but we're also four days away from a heat weave ave the west. arizona -- >> it's unimaginable. dry heat or not, 120 degree heat, that's the kind of heat we're talking about. already because of the anticipated heat heeding into the weekend we have heat warnings and watches for 19 million people from tucson to phoenix, and many interior sections of california will get very warm. unless you're on the immediate coast, all of california will bake, too. it's because of this heat ridge building on the west and expanding in the days ahead. each day will get worse and worse until we peak out on tuesday. in vegas we go from 105 today
2:48 am
and jump up to 109 on saturday. phoenix goes 108, 109, 110 by saturday. north palm springs, 112. interior california, friday and saturday, up to 101. this is just the beginning. the peak is from father's day into monday and tuesday. vegas on tuesday, 115. palm springs, 118. even bakersfield, california, nears 110. it's pretty rarefied air for a lot of these stations. phoenix is the one we'll be watching the closest. phoenix is expecting 121 degrees on tuesday. the all-time hottest temperature in phoenix is 122. they have a chance of getting there, tying it, who knows, maybe breaking it by the time we get there. there is great weather. mid-atlantic, northeast, enjoy this. this is the best day in the next five. scattered storms in the northeast. 121 is unimaginable. i was in phoenix at 118 and i thought that was crazy. >> needless to say, those are dangerous conditions particularly for elderly and young children. something to be very careful for
2:49 am
the folks out there. thanks for that. still ahead, the latest on the massive fire at a london apartment complex that left 12 dead. lucy kafanov will be there and how residents raised the red flag on the dangers of that building. isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. depend real fit briefs feature breathable, cotton-like fabric. in situations like this, there's no time for distractions. it's not enough to think i'm ready. i need to know i'm ready. no matter what lies ahead. get a free sample at
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new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. welcome back. five people seriously injured after a gunman opened fire on congressional republicans who
2:52 am
were up early practicing for their game tonight. >> lawmakers who suddenly became eyewitnesss poured in. here is what happened told by them. >> there was a gentleman that walked up to us and wanted to know if they were republicans or democrats. >> i told him it was republicans. he said, okay, thanks. >> it was about ten after 7:00. we knew it was a gunman wu didn't know exactly where it was. >> i heard a loud bang that felt like a construction site dropped a large piece of metal. >> my son was down by the third base side. i just kept saying stay down. >> steve scalise was shot, crawled into right field. we had a staffer down, matt mika was shot, and one of roger williams' staffers were shot. >> zack barth who works for me and was shot.
2:53 am
jeff blake made a tournameiquetr his leg. >> capitol hill police immediately began -- returned fire, and they shot him and put him on the ground. got him in handcuffs. >> when we heard an all clear that the shooter was down, i ran out to steve to put pressure on the wound. >> i truly believe if the capitol hill police were not there, everyone would have been killed. >> officer bailey prevented that. my family and i will be forever grateful. >> capitol hill police saving a lot of lives yesterday. turning overseas, the death toll continuing to climb from the massive fire yesterday morning. officials say at least 12 people are confirmed dead and 78 more are wounded, many seriously. a number of people there still unaccounted for and the search
2:54 am
operation is daunting to say the least. nbc foreign correspondent lucy kafanov joining us from the scene. what is the latest on this. >> reporter: yasmin, good morning. as you say, the death toll is expected to rise. you can see why. the building still smoking. firefighters using drones to survey the building. the london fire commission saying it's not safe enough for crews to do a comprehensive search through the top floors. they were able to peek through doorways. there was no centralized alarm system. residents were told to stay put instead of getting out, and the residents association says it warned for years about the risk of fire. both the local council which owns the building and the company hired to management ignored those concerns. this building underwent a $13 million renovation last year.
2:55 am
concerns now that that may have been how the ir foo was able to spread so quickly. that's going to be one of the focal points for the investigation called by prime minister theresa may and mayor sadiq khan. it's been very touching to see how the community has come together as a result of all this. a few feet away from where i'm standing, a donation pile, food, blankets, clothing set up to basically help the families who lost everything in that fire. yasmin. >> the story already so shocking, seeing the videos and images coming out of there. but then hearing about the complaints going on for years beforehand, the red flags that went unnoticed really. just shocking stuff. lucy kafanov, shooting in virginia critically injured congressman steve scalise and several others.
2:56 am
>> two republican congressmen who were in the middle of all this talk with ron desantis and rodney davis who wigs on the field when the gunfire reacted. >> senator angus king and john thune talk about the new report in "the washington post" talking about a major inflection point in the investigation. "morning joe" just moments away. there's a new essence in new herbal essences it's bio:renew a blend of sea kelp, aloe and antioxidants that help bring your hair back to life.
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welcome back. before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check on the stories in the day ahead. house lawmakers will gather for the congress baseball game in the wake of the horrific shootings of steve scalise and several others. meanwhile, president trump is scheduled to attend a formal ceremony for supreme court judge neil gorsuch today. the family of the 22-year-old college student released by north korea after 17 months of being detained are set to speak on the ordeal today. otto warmbier returned to the u.s. yesterday. he's been in a coma for over a
3:00 am
year. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside louis burgdorf and ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. >> we may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone who surfs in our nation's capital is here because, above all, they love our country. we can all agree that we are blessed to be americans, that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace, and that we are strongest when we are unified and when we work together for the common good. >> there wasn't social media. >> there wasn't the internet. >> and the level of discourse -- people don't look at each other eye to eye. they use the two thumbs and insult one another, and there's -- i just think it's


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