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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  June 25, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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unusual totally usual life. well, mike, you used the right words and we are grateful that you shared some of your unusual totally, usual life with us. today, mike, gets our last words. thanks for watching. "meet the press" is next. this sunday the battle over healthcare, can the gop's plan passed? >> some republicans say their bill is too harsh. >> i cannot support a piece of legislation that takes interests away from millions o f americans. >> others say it will not go far enough. we have to pass whatever this is. it is not going to fix the whole problems. >> democrats on the left new hampshirely -- unanimously opposed. plus, the democrats' laws of
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ja georgia calls nancy pelosi to step down. pelosi says she's not going anywhere. >> for democrats to win the house, do they need a new candidate for speaker? >> democrats have boof both sid the issue joining me. russian meddling in this stunning statement from the obama's official. ichoked." >> joining me now our nbc news correspondence, halie jackson and mark leibovich. >> this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> good sunday morning, this is a week that brought into focus
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more clearly. the hardening of our political cultures. from the special congressional in georgia, the shooting o f the republican baseball practice. americans watched their favorite cable channels and clicked on their top news site and spoke and listened to primarily who agreed with them. 38% gave president trump the rating. 38% believed obamacare is a bad idea and 38% wants efforts to repeal and replace obamacare to continue. 38% largely packed into republicans district. it illustrates why these days to many voters, less satisfying to win than to see the other side lose. >> i will tell you about the democrats, i am making it hard to get their support but who
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cares. >> reporter: americans distrusted institutions is becoming an old story. the most basic institution is crumbling. the trust americans have in each other. >> the democrats are making us divided. instead of working together, they are fighting. >> the republicans they're looking out for their interest. >> the democrats are so nasty. sni >> it bothers me that we are so -- separated as a nation. >> the right and the left don't just disagreed in solution, they cannot agree on fundamental facts. >> we elected trump and we have to take what he says and believe what he says. 26% of republicans believe russia interfered a t the presidential election. 78% of democrats and 53% independence. >> they have phony witch hunts going against me. they have everything going. you know what? all we do is win, win, win. >> washington have been captured by these triable pendency
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producing a healthcare debate. >> these cuts are blood money. people will die. you know what blood money is? >> blood money is the money democrats are raising since the recent attempted massacre of those republicans at the baseball practice. on friday, hillary clinton tweeted, forget death penalties, if republicans pass this bill, they're the death party. the hardening polarization of congress -- some senate republicans acknowledged this is no way to govern. it is being written by someone and some where but i am not aware of who or where. >> you used to complain like hell. a long list of --
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>> i am not going to cut medicare or medicaid. every other republicans are going to cut. the senate bill would deliver roughly a trillion dollars in tax cuts in over ten years. it will allow state to drop many of the benefits required by obamacare like emergency care and mental health treatments. senator republicans are speaking to a single audience, the 38% of voters who make up the president's base. >> i think they should vote for the healthcare bill and then make changes to it as they can because obama's bill is dead. >> we identified eight republican senators whose votes are currently in question. four from the moderates. susa susan collinss, lisa murkowski.
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and four senators opposed the bill. >> senator ron paul. >> let me say i am not on board yet. >> you seem to lament how this is going down. you are lamenting of the process of this. republicans are doing ours and then we'll sit down and start working of a bipartisan fashion. it seems me you are admitting or admitting that even if you guys pass this bill, it is going to be done in a partisan bases and as soon as the democrats get power, they'll do another bill and we have more uncertainty in the healthcare market. are we banging our heads against the wall here? >> you know, chuck, my background is manufactureriing
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i am also an accountant. that's kind of foreign to watch and you see i am no not -- washington dc is an alternate universe. people talk about policies void of facts and of information you need to solve the problems. we don't have enough information, i don't have the feedback from constituents will not have enough time to review the senate billment . we should have started the process, reaching out to the democrat and pointing out the fact that obamacare did not work or driving supreme up. lets acknowledge that and do something that works. >> you just described why this process has not worked. >> for instance, we have these e debates of insurance companies, why are they leaving the
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markets. >> here is something they do not know because you did not hear a single hearing of the insurance companies over the last couple of months, how do we know? >> we do but no wants to talk about it. we know why these premiums -- i am reminded by, do you remember bill clinton talking about obamacare is a crazy system. he's talking about people left with premiums that are doubled and coverages are cut in half. we know why those premiums doubled. we have done something with our healthcare system that you never think about doing with au auto insurance. states that are enacted of guaranteed issues. it crashes the market and collapses. the good news is you can address people of preexisting
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conditions, it is by properly designed high risk pools. we don't have the courage in washington and we don't have the honesty to talk about these, things with information and real facts, information and agreed on achievable goals then set the strategies and pass the legislation. >> is some of the problem here of the rhetoric that gets used. >> i am going to use you as an example here. i am going to play the rhetoric that you use during reelection campaign, here it is. >> this is our shot. >> we are not going to be able to repeal obamacare the next time. this is our shot. >> yes, you bet i will repeal it in a heartbeat >> this is what you said in january. this is what you said in january about that rhetoric. >> it is way more complex than simply to repeal and replace. it is a funny buzz word but it is not accurate. >> during the campaign you used that buzz word and your kon
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constituents are hearing that buzz word and you are looking at this now, you promised the repeal and you are being realistic in the january statement when there is an election coming, is this apart of the problem and you use one set of rhetoric during an election year and when you need a pragmatic process, the constituents don't buy it. >> well, the problem, chuck, on shows like this you get a couple of minutes and you have to condense what you want to do. i would repeal obamacare and replace it with something that actually works. >> premiums, those are the collapsing markets and that's addressing the men and women. here are some in flame rhetoric. you said it yourself. slashing medicaid, that's washington speak. my definition of a cut is spending being reduced year over year. we don't have the final figures but any projections that i have tried working with regardless of the bill, i don't see anything
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other than reduction of the growth of spending. lets be honest of what we are talking about here, we are $22 trillion in debt. another $129 trillion accumulated in deficits. we are mortgaging our children's future of a compassionate society does not impoverished. >> lets be realistic here. your concerns are never going to be fully addressed in this bill. what does it take for you, at some point, you got to decide whether you want to do this or not. it is the political pressure of saying boy, if you don't do this and you are one of the republicans and hurt from president trump and he hopes he's good friends, don't tank this bill. how much of the political pressure weighs on you even though you look at this bill and you see a lot of flaws. >> chuck, the reason i left wisconsin is to fix these problems. these bills are not going to fix the problems.
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they're not addressing the root cause. they're doing the same in washington and joining more money at the problems. what i would like to do is get the information and actually reduce these premiums that are driven up because obamacare mandates. lets fix the problem but in the end, i come from manufacturing base, i will look at what i am forced to vote on and i will ask myself, is this better tomorrow than where we are today. as we continue on improvement. >> so you don't like the process but you don't want to be the vote to delay things to force the process getting better? >> well, i would like to delay things, there is no way we should be voting on this next week. >> are you going to work to stop a vote next week? i have a hard time leading wallace -- wisconsin
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constituents. i have been encouraged and the white house and anybody could talk to for quite sometime. >> well, we are going to find out this week. >> senator johnson, as you lamented, i am out of time. thanks for coming on this interview, until we meet again. >> have a great day. lets turn over to bernie sanders, he's not conflicted o f the republican healthcare bill. he's holding rallies in west virginia, ohio. >> plainly says f if it passes, thousands will die. senator sanders is joining me now from columbus, ohio. welcome back, sir. >> good to be with you chuck. >> i want to address the issue where you said yes, you thought people would die and senator
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senator hatch retweeted. >> he retweeted "the brief time when we were not accusing those we disagree with of murder was nice while it lasted." >> chuck. what the republicans does is throwing 23 million americans off of health insurance. >> people with cancer and heart disease and diabetes, thousands of people will die. i wish i did not have to say it. this is not me. this is study after study, making the point. it is common sense. if you have cancer and your insurance is taken away from you. there is a likelihood that you will die and certainly a likelihood that you will be much sicker than you are today. that's the fact, unpleasant but
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it is true. while they raise premiums and people working -- they are going to provide some $500 billion in tax breaks of the top 2% of the insurance companies and to the drug companies. is what america supposed to be about taking away health insurance from kids with disabilities and people of cancer in order to give tax breaks to billionaires. 60% of americans don't even know of what is in the healthcare. if it passes, it is only going
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to pass just the republicans. we know no law is ever sustainable in this town when ever one party has a piece of it. when only one party is invested in its success. if another party is invested in failure. >> my question is, this process has been a mess, is there any way of fixing this process next week, stopping and starting from scratch. if the republicans say we'll get rid of reconciliation, if democrats come to the table, would you come to the table? >> wait a minute, don't say c e "come to the table." what the republicans have done, he's right, we are talking of one six one-sixth of the american economy when it comes to healthcare. all of these have been done
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behind closed doors. i understand that and i hear you on that. if there is and senator johnson gets his way. he wants to delay the process and have a process, actually have some hearings, sounds if he wants that. if mitch mcconnell says, i am giving up reconciliation and trying to do this on a partisan only vote is damaging overall. at that point, are you opened t some sort of bipartisan? >> yes, senator johnson is right. there is no way in god's earth that this bill should be passed this week. people of wisconsin don't know what's in it and people in vermont don't know what's in it. let me also say something else we talk about of where we are in healthcare, please do not forget that the united states of america today remains the only
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major country on earth, not to garpt healthcare to all people as a right. my view is the avoffordable car has problems. we have to address it. i also want to say that there is something wrong when we remain the only country, not to guarantee healthcare to all people is a right, i am going to go forward with am medicare of all single pay program. you said you want to go there, that's not a unified position inside the left umbrella in this country. why do you think democrats lost that special election in georgia last week? >> it is more than the special election. the last nine years, democrats
4:19 pm
lost the senate and the u.s. house and two-thirds are controlled by republicans and thousands of seats are lost by republicans and state legislatures. i will tell you what, i think there is a mass of amount of the moralization on the part of the american people with the democratic party and the republican party. i think the american people, many cases are seeing themselves working more hours for lower wages. they're worried about their kids not being able to go to college and worried about what's going to happen to them when they are retiring. people are saying, thus dib in washington knows what's going on in my life. i am 60 years of age and i am nothing in the bank. republicans saw it and do the democrats saw it? what the democrats got to say is we'll be on the side of the working class of this country.
4:20 pm
we are prepared to stand up to wall street and the drug companies to rip us off every day. we are going to fight for androgen da that makes sena an agenda for working families. >> we'll leave it there, senator sanders, thank you. >> when we come back, the brewing inside the democratic party. whether it is time to nancy pelosi to step aside? it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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welcome back, halie jackson and michael liebovich, and our chief magazine, welcome all. >> i want to get to the process part of this. ron johnson correctly stated, democrats did their partisan
4:24 pm
bill and the republicans. i don't think the problem violates the president. you can argue senator johnson did this. this violates the mnuchin's rule. large tax cuts for the wealthy, this is large tax cuts for wealthy. there are two problems here. one is that we don't take things back from people once we given them. that took something away from poor people who are not organized. this takes away from people they
4:25 pm
value. second, after eight years debating this, expansion of medicaid is exactly what it is about. 55 million people on medicare and 68 million on medicaid and we are arguing about whether or not we should have government control. we don't care, it is there. >> now it is about reforming it. >> it is sort of the irony here that there is rhetoric that indicates and we dpgot to get t the private mark. >> it is not been for a while. it was really funny because this morning i snapped away at 2:45 in the morning and looked at facebook because i was worried about my alarm did not go on at 6:30 to get me here. the first thing that popped up on my page is an ad from dean heller on facebook already, telling people to hurry up to
4:26 pm
make sure he votes for the republicans plan. i am just so fascinated by just how these lines are drawn right now and it is not over and it does not seem at this point and a lot of this is about the process. >> when you look at who or on which side of the line of the graph, which senators. >> lets put it backup, it is heller and collins and garner interestingly enough. >> it is one of the issues down the road. senator gardner running the campaign here, he's someone to watch. the president is reaching out.
4:27 pm
the president is trying to get people on board. the white house feels that they have some time now and the vote is not going to happen until thursday, we have a little time to do outreach and there are few people that we need to do an outreach to. they can bluff their way on 2018 and 2020. the more of the potential -- [ inaudible ] shawn spicer say this is bill does not have any effect. >> both parties know how to explain that issue. >> absolutely.
4:28 pm
republicans are dammed if you do or dammed if you don't of the situation. >> this is the law of the land but also if they mess or if they repeal this bill, it is going to affect a lot of people and a lot of the people are in the trump's base. if they don't do anything, the base can rebel. >> medicaid expansion on one hand, george and on the other hand is should we lose the republican primaries on this? >> repeal and replacing obamacare is extremely popular. >> a lot of people don't understand what that means. >> of course. >> it is a sort of a wash of the rest of the country which means, i think at the end of the day, people are going to wake up and see no matter what we pass is not repealed or replaced, it is something we like to do and move on. >> president is going to get this? >> he seems optimistic.
4:29 pm
he did an interview out today talking about wanting to have everyone come together. he does not understand republicans and democrats cannot hug and get on this. he had the big celebration at the rose garden, we are not seeing this time around and part of that is intentional. >> that did not come right away, it came after he lost for the first time. >> i think of the operative words of the hill for him to move on. if they can lose, they're going to lose quick. >> yeah. >> lose fast. >> all right, positive. we'll come back. in order for democrats to win the house, do they need a new candidate for speaker of the house. talked to two democrats, one sa says is ready for pelosi to go and another did not just say yet.
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groups aligned with president trump, speaker paul ryan and former speaker newt gingrich spent a combined $4.5 million in that race simply to tie him to house democratic leader nancy pelosi. and apparently, it worked
4:33 pm
that led some democrats and the call for nancy pelosi to step down. he joins me now along with congresswoman debbie dangle. congressman ryan, you have not been shy at all this week of what's happening of post election there. if nancy pelosi were not leader and you were a leader, do you think jon ossoff would win. >> this is not about me. i spoke out and i gotten everything i needed to say. i think it would be whathard fo to say that after $5 million tieing that candidate to her that did not have some effect. republicans would not be use thg
4:34 pm
if it did not have some effect. so it is still being used for a reason. i think that's a discussion that we need to have. now with the healthcare coming down the pipe now and everything that's going on, we need to stay united as democrats especially this week because of the travesty that happens to a lot of our constituents. we need to have a family discussion. i don't need to lead it because i have been clear. if others want to have this discussion, i am happy to have it. i am curious of your reaction of your colleague rathcatherine ri. let me play what she's saying. >> nancy pelosi is a great leader but her time has come and gone. if the money we are raising through her leaderships is not letting us win elections then we have to have the conversation
4:35 pm
now. >> is she right? >> no, i disrespectfully disagree with her because i love kathy rice. two or three months ago, i would never bet we came as close as we did in those. the report have done an important analysis of these. we up all of these seats by 8%. the republicans should be worried and we could win 80 seats next november. if you get pragmatic and we always attack the leader. i don't care who it is. as i remember who were attacking t our leaders. we love to attack leaders on either party. >> how do you make the case of
4:36 pm
2018? >> if every democrat that's running for the house seat gets asked, who are you going to support for speaker, are you supporting nancy pelosi? are you sending a message of change to voters, oh, i thought we voted that out? >> i have a lot of things to say, first of all, i think if each of us does not start to take responsibilities, we are not going to win. that's one of our biggest problems. as you know, i cared deeply of the issues of the coast and i cared deeply of urban issues. i care issues of the midwest and tim and i really shared that passion. we got to stop the finger pointing. when people start talking about age and everything, lets talk about that, we elected the 70-year-old as president. bernie sanders is 75 and joe biden is 74.
4:37 pm
the representative government is people of all generations and all ages. we got to come together and each of us got to take responsibility for what we are as part of that. >> tim ryan, is some of the criticism of nancy pelosi is too harsh and unfair? >> what's unfair is that it is not necessary her fault. they spent, i would say hundreds of millions of dollars against her and as i said during the campaign, i got enormous respect for nancy pelosi. i love nancy, she's helped me throughout my career and she was a tremendous speaker. we are talking about healthcare for everybody today because of the work she's done. this is unfair but the reality is that the fact that we have to go to 2018 with a leader that's damage. lets make no mistake about it. this is not about us having a family fight publicly. we'll have this discussion the reality of it is and why i got
4:38 pm
worked up of things like this is we are not in power and we cannot help anybody. this is not just a fight to have a fight. if democrats are not in, we talk about the republicans taken 25 million people healthcare people away from him. this is not just, you know, a fight that you want to have. we got to have these discussions because we owe it to the american people to put us in a position to be able to fight for them. right now we don't control any of the level of government. we got to win these elections and put ourselves in a position to do it. >> i want to close, it seems to me on a facebook q&a every friday afternoon.
4:39 pm
a question was asked, "what is the democratic party's constituent at this time? what is this mission statement? i have to sa ". >> is that a fair critique? >> i know i am working for. i am working for the working men and women of my district. that's all what we have to remember. we are elected to represent the districts that we come from. that's why coming together as "we matter." since when working men and women are special interests. we need to make sure every american have all those issues that tim just cared about and to be able to get a good education and live in a safe neighborhood and make sure they have a safe retirement. that's what bernie sanders did of a very good job of
4:40 pm
articulating earlier. it is not one person's responsibility. it is all of our responsibilities. >> tim rice, i haert yyan, i he this. >> the democratic party is a party for you. that means economically -- we should be working for all of those groups and their economic interests. the one thing that the democrats have and we need to get back to and focus on. senator sanders is articulate and clear about what we all need to stand for. yes, we got to go on the matt for these issues and quality and tolerance and we got to fight for people who are marginalized in that regard. everyone of those people in those groups want to make more
4:41 pm
of the paychecks they get in their two weeks. they want to pay less for healthcare. those are pocket issues that unite everybody. when we get off on just the social issues. those are important that we need to fight for. if we just talk about those and don't talk about economic issues, we do get frayed and republicans come in dividing us. put money back in the pocket of people, grow this new economy and democrats will get back in the majority. >> debbie dengel, thank you. >> up next, of the next job's crisis that'll face politicians on the ballot.
4:42 pm
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welcome back, when amazon bought whole foods, it signals a gigantic disruption in our economy and where people are going work. it is the next big political problem. the cash register if you will
4:45 pm
that can change the way we eventually vote. the number of people working in retail has dropped and the economy has been recovering. the two years of 2014 and 2016, the unemployment rate fell from 6.2 to 1.9%. the number of people working in retail declined. >> few people working in retail jobs. >> politicians spending a lot of time talking about disappearing manufacturing coal jobs. the great displacement is largely more. 4.5 million compares to 76,000. >> anybody see a press conference of the lost of retail jobs recently. people from all races work in retail, retail employees looked a lot like a country as a whole and they come all over the country. they are not regional like coal, all of this suggests the lost of
4:46 pm
retail job is on the verge. top ten states for retails are all in the biggest states of the country. 2.4 million retail jobs, reflected on the 256 electoral vote. the biggest issues of the next 25 years. population is growing and the jobs are disappearing. >> when we come back, why did a former obama administration official say the following? "i feel like we sort of choked."
4:47 pm
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welcome back, our panel is back. lets talk about the democrats here, democrats have an 8-point lead on those who you want to control congress. let me show you the 2016 popular vote, house race total and how it translated into house seats. you can see republicans won the popular vote by a point. one point allowed them 10 points spread. you do your math mr. leibovich. you do your math there, 10 points is still not enough to win the control.
4:50 pm
>> that's correct. >> thno, they do. i think it maybe a little bit misguided to talk about the message that democrats may lack here because these are very specific and pointed messages that every congressional district has to do. i do think that it perhaps benefitted health care is it would give democrats a message and something to run on in addition to trump. right now there is absolutely no -- the economic populism that congressman ryan was talking about is as close as you would have gone to that. >> i think one of the most important words was we don't want leadership fight now. when you talk to people that is what you hear. i talked to one who said this is not the time to get into nancy pelosi's leadership. what happens after that i think there is an acknowledgment that this needs to be discussed. you look at who will replace
4:51 pm
nancy pelosi. it's an area of the grievances. there is no succession plan. this is venting and blowing off steam. eeben republicans will acknowledge she is a great fundraiser. they love having her in place. that is what democrats have to figure out over the next year and six months. >> it feels as if the commentary after this georgia election acted as if this was a blue district that flipped to red. it's not. this is a red district that democrats came close to winning. i think there is a little bit of hysteria when we start thinking of yet another loss on the democratic side and nancy pelosi must go. >> worth the trouble. >> this ethical election pick
4:52 pm
one half of our three branches of government matters only if they misconstrue what happened. progressives are saying he ran in the primary and won by saying vote for me and make trump furious. then he campaigned against government waste. if they say that if we only go hard left we will bring people out, if they say we are really more interested in realigning the party for the long term and winning elections in short term then what happened in georgia will really matter. >> i think if there is one sure thing coming out of special elections is that people will overconflate the significance. >> who has more to worry about? republicans or democrats after what they have watched? is it democrats and the message problem or is it republicans they they are not going to get $30 million every time. >> i think it depends who you
4:53 pm
talk to. these are -- democrats point out we did overperform the numbers. these are seats that republicans chose to vacate. they pulled people out of opening up the seats. so that is sort of the silver lining for democrats. for republicans there is acknowledgment that neither side will raise the kind of money raised. >> we are back in 45 seconds with end game and the face that booked himself in iowa this week that has the social media world buzzing. coming up meet the press end game and post game brought to you by boeing. always working to build something better. isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine.
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meet the press end game is brought to you by boeing. always working to build something better. >> back now with end game. whip lash from president trump on the russia story. now admitting. since the obama administration was told way before the 2016 election that the -- setting that aside, that expose ain the washington post and that quote i think we choked. >> that is huge. i think you look at it. on one hand you can sort of understand the position that the
4:57 pm
obama administration president obama would have been in would have been seen as so political if he had come out at that point and said it looks as though the russians are interfering to help then republican candidate trump. but at the same time that is why we have leaders. at some point the american people deserve to have somebody in office who is only in office for three more months come out and say without political consideration. i think the fact that they are saying they choked is kind of sad. >> george well, that august 6 briefing before 9/11 was always known as the red flag that was missed. are we going to look back and that quote of choked is this a version of that for president obama? >> i think obama faced an agonizing choice, a democratic president comes out on the eve of the slaeelection and says a foreign power is trying to elect a republican. if the action would have been taken he wouldn't be president.
4:58 pm
>> damned if you do or damned if you don't situation. the political environment for as charged as it is right now and think about what it was in october. people expect him. i think obama expected the president to be hillary clinton. i think that he sort of figured we can just let this pass and it will come out afterwards. >> this gives president trump a branch or something solid to hold on to. yo you have seen that. i think there is a broader question here. what action is happening now to stop it from happening again. we just did an investigation contacting every state, dozens of state officials said they haven't heard enough from the trump administration. the white house says we have this election fraud commission which was started because of the president's unfounded claim that millions of people voted illegally. the alarm bell is ringing. we had somebody show up in iowa this week. when somebody shows up you think maybe they are running for president. mark zuckerburg posts this. i stopped by one of the major
4:59 pm
truck stops. get a haircut, do laundry and get truck washed or dog washed and even go to the dentist. i asked truckers what they think about self driving cars and trucks. everyone i met was skeptical. you enjoy your share of snark. how does he run for president doing the wow look at this, a truck stop? >> i would say that was like a parody of like how a person writes at truck stops. i think the messaging right need work if he is running for president. it is certainly interesting. i think that trump has created a generation of i would say maybe imitateers. >> david pluf is working, president's former campaign manager is working for the zuckerburg foundation. if it's sunday it's meet the
5:00 pm
press. >> you can see more end game in post game sponsored by boeing on the meet the press facebook page. facebook more americans watch nbc news than any other news organization in the world. they are mysteries triggering international man hunts for very powerful persons of interest. now we are on their trail. tonight. >> he said, quote, the master has got me. >> he was once a kgb agent but turned into a critic of russia when he was poisoned in london and made


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