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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 29, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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that does it for this hour. i'm nicole wallace. joining tomorrow. thank you for being with us and good night from new york. a new health care push by senate republicans. party leaders are trying to get something done by tomorrow, and send to the congressional budget office before going on recess. president trump is teasing a big surprise. plus, homeland security announces new screening protocols for international flights. a laptop ban is off the table for now, but officials are enhancing security measures. pope francis top financial advisor is facing sexual assault charges. cardinal george pale has become the highest ranking vatican official to be charged with abuse.
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♪ good morning. it is thursday, june 29th. ayman will be joining us shortly. let's start in washington where senate majority leader mitch mcconnell continues to face a tight deadline before the august recess. mcconnell is hoping to send a revised version of the republican health care bill to the congressional budget office as early as tomorrow as senators there prepare to head home for the fourth of july holiday. mcconnell held a number of meetings in his office seeing republican senators opposed to the current bill, including dean heller, shelly moore capito and lisa murkowski and tom cotton. according to bloomberg some senators like susan collins of maine and bob corker of tennessee expressed discomfort with some of the tax cuts in the current bill. speaking to reporters just yesterday, president trump suggested things had been in the works since tuesday's white house meeting, while other republicans on capitol hill, they remained skeptical. take a listen.
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>> we have 52. we need almost all of them. that's never easy, but we had essentially 50 show up to the meeti meeting, and the other two are on our side. i think we're going to get at least very close, and i think we're going to get it over the line. there was a great, great feeling in that room yesterday. health care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care package, so now they're happy. >> what do you mean by big surprise? >> you're going to have a great, great surprise. >> pigs could fly. >> if we don't reach agreement by friday, it's probably the end of a sole party effort for health care. if we don't reach by friday, then the way forward is as obama care collapses, challenge democrats to work with us to find something better. >> coming up on "morning joe" senator shelley moore capito will be a guest. senator mcconnell has suggested that if republicans cannot reach
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an agreement on the bill, they will be forced to bring in democrats to write a new draft. something that several members of mcconnell's caucus as well as democrats seemed to welcome just yesterday. >> i have said all along that i thought we should talk to the democrats from the beginning. >> hearing a lot more people talking about working across the aisle. is that still something you are interested in doing? >> certainly is. that's what we should have done from the beginning. >> the best outcome i still think would be a bipartisan bill. >> i think first we need to repeal the disaster of obama care, and then after that i think we should work with democrats. >> if for some reason it fails, i think we then -- the floodgates would probably open to reach a bipartisan compromise. >> i can tell you myself as one moderate conservative democrat with many other moderates, want to sit down and work with our moderate republican friends to fix and repair the affordable care act. >> my hope is we don't come back in two weeks. let's go to work on some of the ideas that are good ideas and
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their good ideas. >> i'm a pretty progressive democrat, but i would sit down with them in a heart beat. they don't have the license to do that from mitch mcconnell. >> we are willing to debate and compromise on health care, but we have to be included. president trump, my republican friends, the choice is yours. >> however, the white house said members of the republican leadership expressed wariness at the idea of working with democrats as president trump and others expressed reluctance at senator chuck schumer's offer. >> mr. president, senator schumer says he would like to come down and have a talk about health care. would you be willing to negotiate with all of them? >> have to fiend out if he is serious. he hasn't been serious, and he has done a lot of talking, bad talking, and he just doesn't seem like a serious person. >> i think what the democrats have made clear is they don't want to deal with anything that repeals and replaces obama care. i think it would be hard to see a scenario where democrats would be willing to come to the table
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in good faith. >> would you support any effort to work across the aisle? >> tell me, who can you work with over there? i personally think we'll get everybody together and be able to do this. we have to. if we don't do it, we're going to have -- that's all there is to it. >> for right now i think politically they would love to see us kind of twist and squirm for a while. >> it's unfortunate that our democratic colleagues refuse to work with us in a serious way to comprehensively address obama care's failures in the seven years since they passed it. i regret they continue to demonstrate an unserious attitude about all this today. >> president trump also lashed out at the "new york times" on twitter just yesterday. the president's words were apparently a reaction to a report that suggested he lacked a command of the details in the health care debate. president trump tweeted, "some of the fake news media likes to say that i am not totally engaged in health care. wrong. i know the subject well and want victory for the u.s." but when questioned yesterday,
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two republican lawmakers did not vouch for the president's policy background. >> do you feel confident in his real understanding of this issue? >> well, i get the sense that this issue is maybe not the president's wheelhouse, health care. i think, you know, he is much more focused on -- and a lot of like people in congress too. i'm not trying to be critical of the president. >> do you have confidence that the president understands the details -- >> i don't know if he does or not. >> rand paul said he and the president were working closely on the details on a path beyond the current stalemate. >> i spoke to the president this afternoon, and he and i came up with an idea that i think is really a breakthrough, and this would be to separate this into two bills. one bill would be the spending bill that has the keeping obama care spending and a lot of things the moderates want, and the other bill would be more of a repeal bill. the repeal bill would be the budget reconciliation bill that only has a simple majority.
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>> all right. let's talk about this. reporter and author of the trends newsletter. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you heard sort of the wariness of the republican leaders there and all the sound bytes we just played. do you think republicans and democrats could actually come together on this if they have to? >> they might have to. the problem here is that we don't know exactly what we're going to see coming out from the leadership come tomorrow, and if they do bring something together, it's still going to be a big rush. they'll need a cbo score. a score we'll only have a few days to understand what constituents are thinking. they'll face a ton of backlash when they go home. it's looking like mitch mcconnell might not have the support to get it done, and they might have to resort to bipartisanship. >> how feasible is it that they could come together in the timeline that they put out there? >> it's not super feasible. they actually had a piece earlier that basically implied mitch mcconnell would have to be a imagimagician to get somethine this through. the hard liners, folks like rand
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paul and mike lee. these folks are really concerned about sort of the way that they're subsidyizing the costs for folks. then you have the save medicaid congress. they are worried about the medicaid rollbacks. they are not going to support the bill until they see progress there. that's susan collins and dean heller. it's a touchy political situation with the republican party right now. >> i know that there's some new numbers out. tell me about those. what are trump supporters thinking about the health care plan? >> support for the health care plan has gone down pretty dramatically since may, and that's a huge important thing to understand. it's not just from national poll. we had drew altman debut a poll with us this morning that said trump's base, his core supporters, went from supporting this bill in about the mid 40s range to about the mid 30s range, and he is losing that confidence with his main supporting base. that's a problem. >> right. the big question here is if republicans can't get this done, what are the consequences for them in 2018?
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thanks so much. >> thank you. the department of homeland security is foregoing a plan to expand the plan on bringing laptops and other large electronics on board international flights into the u.s. in an effort to tighten airline security worldwide. the trade-off could be more time spent at the airport if you keep your laptop with you. tom costello has more. >> reporter: the new security steps being phased in this summer will affect 2,000 flights every day coming from 105 countries. every flight to the u.s. from abroad. the new procedures could include more thorough carry-on bag checks, more bomb-sniffing dogs, more swabbing for explosives, and eventually next generation bag screening technology. >> unless we all raise our security standards, terrorists, who seek commercial aviation as the greatest takedown, will find an attack the weakest link. >> reporter: the new measures come after u.s. intelligence determined isis has found a way to smuggle explosives into
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laptop computers. since march passengers coming from ten middle east and african airports have been required to bag check any electronic device larger than a cell phone. the u.s. suggested it would expand the ban to all flights globally, but airlines, foreign governments, and frequent flyers all complained. >> officials always have to balance the security based on the intelligence issues they see with the inconvenience that this will cause airlines and travellers. >> reporter: now if any airline doesn't meet the new requirements, homeland security skoo ban its flights or ban all personal electronics larger than a cell phone. for smaller airlines and countries, a potentially expensive challenge. >> it will cause a burden on these airports. the best i could say is that hopefully the tsa and dhs are out there talking to these governments trying to come up with a strategy to mitigate this. >> reporter: in phoenix american airlines and the tsa are already testing advanced 3-d scanners to more thoroughly screen carry-on bags. the kind of technology that
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could be eventually introduced overseas. >> our thanks to tom costello for that report. moving overseas. australian police have charged a top vatican cardinal where offenses. a move that is certain to test the catholic church's push for greater accountability. george pell has a role that is described as the second most powerful role in rome. officials say there were multiple accusers, but provided few other details. cardinal pell's actions came under intense scrutiny after a government-authorized investigation into how the catholic church and other institutions have responded to the sexual abuse of children. he has repeatedly denied all abuse allegations and is required to appear in magistrate court. cardinal pell has rejected the charges as false and said he looked forward to clearing his name in court. president donald trump is
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kicking off his 2020 re-election fundraising. last night he held at an event at his trump international hotel in washington d.c. it was expected to raise about $10 million for both the republican national committee and trump's 2020 campaign. now, a spokesperson tells nbc news that tickets for the fundraising dinner cost between $35 and $100,000. the event is renewing legal and ethical questions about the president's use of his own hotel as a political venue. as to the motorcade arrived at the fundraiser, crowds of people were standing outside in protest of the proposed senate gop health care bill. members of the press were barred from last night's event. deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said yesterday that the white house press pool would be allowed inside to hear the president's remarks to donors, but later that decision was reversed, citing confusion with the rnc and logistical concerns. >> certainly a businessy day b president trump. he turns his attention to an issue that fueled him on the
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campaign trail, immigration. he met in the white house cabinet room with family members who lost loved runs u ones to crimes by undocumented immigrants. he told the families that new immigration measures are being considered currently in congress. >> tomorrow the house will vote on the no sanctuary for criminals act, which will cut federal grant money to cities that shield dangerous criminal aliens from being turned over to federal law enforcement. the house will also vote on kate's law, named for kate steinly who was killed by an illegal immigrant and has been deported five times. this law will enhance criminal penalties for those who repeatedly re-enter the country illegally. still ahead, you cannot forget this handshake. now there is a chance we can see a repeat next month in paris.
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plus, a tornado outbreak in iowa. the storm system that caused at least 24 tornadoes will put 15 million people at risk of severe weather today. we're going to get a full check of the forecast coming up next. ♪ sorry about the holdup, folks. we have some congestion on the runway and i'm being told it'll be another 15, maybe 20 minutes, and we will have you on your way. ♪
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new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. president trump is heading to france. he accepted a personal invitation from emmanuel macron to attend bassille day. it will also mark the 1 00th anniversary of the united states entering world war i. they will look to mend what has been a so far short but contentious relationship marked by awkward handshakes and policy disagreements. also, defense secretary jim mattis says the white house is warning to syria regarding a potential upcoming chemical attack has worked, at least for
2:18 am
the time being. late monday night the white house issued a warning to syria saying assad would pay a heavy price if he uses chemical weapons again. secretary mattis said "it appears they took the warning seriously. they did not do it." he adds that the u.s. will continue to monitor syria's activity and would not rule out assad launching another chemical attack in the future, saying, "i am not paid to have confidence in this sort of thing. i am paid to be one of the sentinels. one of the watchers." officials have said that intelligence indicates syrian chemical weapons personnel have recently been visiting known production facilities and that an aircraft was parked at a hangar at the airfield. a known chemical weapons facility. >> let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. you are tracking some storms in the midwest. >> those storms continue this morning. it wasn't expected to be this bad. we thought they would have a few tornadoes, but iowa had 24 to 26 tornadoes. sh some were weak. this is called a rope tornado. those are usually on the weaker scale. an ef-0, if-1.
2:19 am
still do damage significantly, but they're not like the big huge wedge tornadoes or even stove pipe tornados. we didn't have any injuries. no reports of death. we did see structural damage. a couple of barns got hit. here's what's left of the storms that hit iowa last night. now they're down here through missouri and some stronger storms through kansas. i-70 is not a fun drive from kansas city to denver, dodging all the thunderstorms. same storm system today. same cold front lining up from chicago back through kansas. the area of greatest concern is the i-70 corridor from topeka to kansas city over towards columbia and st. joseph concluded. that's, again, a few tornadoes today. large hail and also damaging winds. in all it's 15 million people at risk of those severe storms. other concerns that we're going to deal with today will continue with the possibility in the southeast of numerous strong thunderstorms. not so much severe, but there will be a lot of downpours. that will keep your temperatures down with the clouds too. sneaking up the temperatures in d.c., up to 90.
2:20 am
it's that humidity that's beginning to inch up the east coast, and that's with us into friday. your get-away friday into the 90s around new york city. hundreds possible out here in texas. we're still dealing with numerous thunderstorms. the weather map looks like the middle of the summer as we head through the fourth of july holiday. warm, humid, and then, of course, you'll dodge those afternoon storms. i'll give you a little sneak peek. i threw together our first fireworks forecast. that's the next half hour. >> you have a lot of people counting on you, bill. you better bring it. >> or disappointed where. >> or disappointed where, yeah. right. still ahead, a blockbuster nba trade, and an umpire saves a woman's life. you don't want to miss it. sports is next.
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every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. welcome back. a blockbuster trade in the nba that lands another all-star in houston's back court. chris palmer will join james harden and the rockets after a deal with the clippers yesterday. in exchange for paul houston sent seven players to l.a. along with a top three pick in next year's draft and nearly $700,000. paul reacted on twitter saying he is experiencing an unbelievable amount of emotions. meanwhile, the rockets might not be done yet. the team is potentially looking to add indiana's paul george. turning now to major league baseball. ahead of the game three of a four-game series against the nationals. the cubs made their second visit to the white house since wrapping up the club's first world series title in 108 years.
2:24 am
it was a voluntary visit attended by 12 players along with manager joe madden and cubs co-owner todd ricketts. >> this is a great team, and they were here, but they wanted to be here with trump, right? the ricketts family. i just want to thank and i want to congratulate the team, and your team is doing okay, but you're going to do great starting now, right? starting with this visit. does anybody want to see the oval office? >> meanwhile, it appears cubs catcher miguel montero's time in chicago has been cut short. the team designating the veteran player following his public comments criticizing chicago's pitchers after washington stole seven bases in tuesday night's loss. montero, who was in the last year of a contract, said to pay him $14 million this season. he apologized for his words, but cubs president theo epstein said the incident was an example of being a bad teammate publicly and that the cubs would be better off moving on and not
2:25 am
standing for it. finally, one major league umpire became a real life hero yesterday hours before officiating a game between the raies and the pirates. umpire john tompain kept a woman from jumping off roberto clement yea bridge grabbing the woman after seeing her climb the rail and holding on until help arrived there. after calling balls and strikes in the pirates'-6-2 win, he recounted the incident at a press conference. take a listen. >> i saw her put her leg up on the rail, and obviously that grabs your attention. it was just kind of, you know, pure instinct. obviously you hear stories of this all the time, and, you know, different scenarios and people just -- i saw a situation where i was lucky enough to be there to help and just try to think of everything i could do to just hang on to her and thinking, you know, at times when she just wanted to go the other way, i was, like, not on
2:26 am
my watch. >> what an incredible story there. >> yeah, incredible he was able to still do his job after that as well. pretty shocking to see that sort of thing. still ahead, is president trump concerned about russia? top officials say they're frustrated that the administration has not taken steps to prevent another election hacking attack. plus, what do democrats think of house minority leader nancy pelosi? we're taking a look at a new poll and new numbers as well. we'll be right back. dear son, i know you worry i can't keep up with our weekly tee times. but i've been taking osteo bi flex ease. it's 80% smaller, but just as effective at supporting range of motion and shows improved joint comfort in seven days. which means you're in big trouble, son. you will bow to my exquisite short game. cower at my majestic drives. i will make you question everything, son. so don't worry about dad's joints. worry about your dignity. love, dad. 80% smaller, just as effective. osteo bi-flex ease. made to move.
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welcome back. it is the bottom of the hour. we'll start with the morning's top stories. australian police have charged a top vatican cardinal with multiple sexual assault offenses. george pell is the most senior official and pope francis's chief financial advisor. officials say there were multiple accuse raccusers, but little details. cardinal pell says he looks forward to cleerlg his name. >> jim mattis says that the white house is warning to syria regarding a potential upcoming chemical weapons attack has worked at least for the time being. secretary mattis said yesterday "it appears they took the warning seriously. they didn't do it. he adds that the u.s. will continue to monitor sear yaes activity and wouldn't rule out assad launching another chemical weapons attack in the future. president trump appears to be shifting his attention from health care to one of his key campaign issues. immigration. he met with family members who had lost loved ones to crimes
2:31 am
committed by undocumented immigrants at the white house yesterday after criticizing the enforcement that existing measures and the media, president trump told the families that new immigration measures are currently being considered in congress. well, the president at least partially turns his attention to immigration. time is ticking for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. mcconnell is hoping to send a revised version of the health care bill to the congressional budget office as early as tomorrow. senators prepare to head home for the fourth of july holiday. nbc news's capitol hill correspondent casey hunt has more. >> reporter: after a devastating delay protests and arrests as republicans head back into secret negotiations to try and crack a new health care deal by friday. a last ditch attempt to transform one-sixth of the economy with just republican votes. >> we'll continue working so we can bring legislation to the floor for debate and ultimately a vote.
2:32 am
>> the president -- >> we have a big surprise with a great health care package. >> but after seven years of promising to repeal obama care and six months of gop control of the white house and congress, a new reality is starting to sink in. >> if we don't reach agreement by friday, it's probably the end of a sole party effort for health care. >> john mccain when asked if a friday deal could happen. >> pigs could fly. >> he is one of senators already asking for a bipartisan bill. >> i have said all along that i thought that we should talk to the democrats from the beginning. >> that's what we should have done from the beginning. >> president trump is missing overtures from democratic leader chuck schumer. >> he has done a lot of talking, bad talking, and he just doesn't seem like a serious person. >> as they head home next week, senators bracing for anger as they try to answer for a bill that only 16% of americans support. according to a new poll. people with emotional stories, like allison who posted her son's medical bills on-line. >> he loves animals.
2:33 am
he loves his sister. he was born with heterotaxi syndrome. >> one of his many surgeries. without obama care, her family could be devastated. >> if you want to send me the letter that our cap has been reinstated and our kid has hit it, please come to my house and hand it to my child yourself. >> joining us now, reporter and author of the media trends newsletter sarah fisher. good morning to you. let's talk about some of the health care numbers that -- we'll put them up on the screen. 17% approval. 12% support in the usa today, and 16%. shed some light on to the significance of these numbers for us. what are they revealing and telling us? >> they're telling us that the public doesn't want this bill, and that's hugely problematic. especially as the senators are going to go home, face their constituents over the july 4th break. we're going to see exactly what we saw when the house tried to do this where constituents were really angry at town halls and
2:34 am
that anger made national headlines. the thing that we saw this morning is that the keiser fame foundation put out a poll this morning on our site that said trump's base, his core supporters, are dropping support for the bill. that's hugely problematic for the republican party. >> what are the consequences here for the 2018 midterms for the republicans both if they can't find a compromise along side the dems or if they can't even get this through? >> the consequences could be huge. especially when you talk about the senators who are really vulnerable. if you look at folks like her political report, they'll tell you there are two republican senators who are really on edge of the eight contested seats. that's senator jeff flake of arizona and dean heller of nevada. these are both senators that have been on the edge tiptoeing about whether or not they're going to support the bill, and it's incredibly awkward. there's a lot of tension between the republican party. republicans were starting to put out ads against dean heller, american first policies, the pro-touchdown pact. this is starting to become an intra-republican fight, when it
2:35 am
really should be a time when they can collect together and pass a bill. >> no surprises that the president is weighing in on this particularly on the republican side saying he is going to be making a surprise announcement i guess in the next 24 hours. do we have any idea what that is and -- >> what's the surprise? >> why the suspense? >> i mean, we were just talking about this. it's one of those things with the president likes to tee up surprises. he is sort of a showman himself. he wants to make sure that there's a lot of attention around when the bill comes back so that everyone can go into the july 4th holiday thinking about it. i don't know what the surprise is. the white house would not elaborate what the surprise is. i would assume that it's made -- the bill has made some sort of a concession, and it's going to make this sort of moderate republicans a little bit more at ease so that when they go home over the break, they have something they can tell their constituents. >> repeeling and replacing obama care is something the republicans have hung their hat on. this doesn't get through. how many times can you come forward and say we're going to get there through and then fail at it?
2:36 am
>> it looks like bipartisanship is the answer, which would mean -- >> that in and of i was is difficult. >> if this doesn't go through, it would be a huge embarrassment for the republican party. when the house passed the bill a month ago, there was a big victory lap. they had this party in the rose garden where they were celebrating in success. it was very premature of them to do that because they had no idea this bill was going to even make it over the finish line. >> it will be interesting to see how it plays out. especially if they do fail, they'll have three more years left to sit there and look at that health care bill. >> yep. >> all right. >> thank you. >> appreciate your insights. well, following last week's special election defeat in georgia, democrats are looking to blame house speaker nancy pelosi, but a new poll is looking at how voters feel about the party leader. according to morning consult political poll, 41% of democratic voters believe pelosi should remain in her leadership role. 43% of americans feel she should be replaced. 27% of democrats think pelosi should go. 26% of americans say she should stay. >> all right. as president trump continues to
2:37 am
shift blame for his stance on russia's hacking of the election, the white house has apparently done little to insure that moscow doesn't meddle in next year's midterm elections. officials and experts tell nbc news that despite warnings from intel officials, the president and his administration have not taken meaningful steps to prevent russia from carrying out another hacking. according to recent congressional testimony, including by former fbi director james comey, president trump has shown no interest in the figuring out how to prevent future election interference. separately, dozens of state officials tell nbc news they have received little direction from washington about election security. meanwhile, the senate intel committee has reported areally asked election officials in 21 states to make information about russian efforts to hack their election systems public. according to reports, the request was made in a letter sent last week by committee chairman senator richard burr and vice chairman senator warner, and senator burr is looking to wrap up his panels probe into russia's election interference by the end of this year, and according to politico,
2:38 am
burr plans to double the number of witnesses his committee interviews to nearly 90 before lawmakers break for the august recess. he also revealed that the intel committee has reached an agreement to receive memos written by former director comey detailing his actions with president trump. the fbi has carried out a series of interviews with employees at a russian-based cyber security company that has long been an interest to the united states government. sources tell nbc news that agents spoke and paid visits to the homes of at least a dozen employees of his labs across the country on tuesday. the sources added that the workers were asked about the company's operations as a part of counter intelligence inquiries. there's no indication that was part of a special council. particularly that of robert mueller's ongoing probe. the cyber security software is widely used in the u.s. and its owner eugene has close ties to some russian intelligence figures. that according to u.s. officials. last month when asked during the senate hearing if they would be comfortable using the products, the chiefs of the nsa, cia, and
2:39 am
fbi and three other intelligence agencies simply said no. now, in an effort to tighten airline security worldwide, the department of homeland security has announced enhanced security and screening measures for all commercial flights into the united states. officials backed away from a total ban on laptops and other electronics larger than cell phones, but say travellers flying to the u.s. from overseas will face additional scrutiny. homeland security secretary john kelly said the requirements will raise the baseline on aviation security around the world and are meant to prevent potential new terror plots. the tougher standards will apply to more than 100 domestic and foreign airlines that fly directly into the united states and will affect about 2,000 flights daily. turning overseas now, china has released three activists on bail who are being held after going undercover to investigate alleged abuses at labor factories. ivanka trump's branded shoes, among other brands. the china labor watch says
2:40 am
workers at the plants are forced to, who up to 18 hours a day and paid as low as $1 an hour in violation of china's labor laws. they say workers suffer regular verbal abuse. the ivana trump brand said it stopped using the facilities back in march, although the watch group contens that ds that the case. the three now face trial. let's turn to business now where the nation's largest banks have passed the latest federal stress testing and are set to issue pay-outs to shareholders. cnbc's joins us live. gem gemma, this is the first time all the banks undergoing stress tests have actually passed. >> that's right. all 34 of them did pass the fed stress test last week. the market has been waiting to see how much money they're planning to give back to shareholders. well, among the banks being the most generous was citigroup, which is planning its largest ever share buy-back worth around $15.6 billion and doubling its
2:41 am
quarterly dividends. it's also boosting its dividend and planning over $19 billion worth of share buy-backs. in total this bonanza of dividends and buy-backs is set to be worth around $100 billion to bank shareholders. meantime, investors have seemingly lost their appetite for blue apron shares. the ipo is now looking to price at around $10 a share, which is at the low end of the most recent estimates. also substantially below the original $15 to $17 estimate. the meal kit delivery service is looking to list around 30 million shares on the new york stock exchange, looking to raise, therefore, around $300 million at this price. let's remember, blue appear he ron may have doubled its re new last year, but it's still never posted a profit. the high profile trial of martin shkreli got underway. the former pharmacy ceo who is controversial by addingllegedly
2:42 am
raising the price of a drug by 1,000% is now on trial for deceiving investors. in a dramatic opening defense statement his lawyer said, look, you may hate the guy, but you cannot brand him a criminal. back to you. >> we'll see how that plays out. thanks so much. still ahead, parts of the country, they are set to face the risk of more severe weather today. bill karins will have the latest on who is at risk following a series of tornadoes touching down across parts of the midwest. plus, a quiet day turns chaotic for some in philadelphia after -- you see it in the video. it's all caught on tape. that's coming up.
2:43 am
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as this may increase risk of stroke. while taking, you may bruise more easily, or take longer for bleeding to stop. it may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious, and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you've had spinal anesthesia, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle-related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures... ...and before starting xarelto®-about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. it's important to learn all you can... help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know™. residents in iowa face an outbreak of tornadoes yesterday as the storm system moved through their state. this was video of one funnel cloud captured in sydney. at least 24 tornadoes were reported across the state.
2:46 am
luckily, no injuries were reported, but some buildings were damaged by the twisters. let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. it's tornado season, but those look pretty scary. >> may is a big month. june and april are kind of the bookends of the big active season. then we get to july. the tornado season usually dies off. we also have been watching the fires out in the west. yesterday we had a scare in burbank. it wasn't a huge blaze, but it was about ten acres, and it was right down to the backyard of a lot of people's homes. they did evacuate some people, and the firefighters and a bunch of crews with air drops and quickly got that under control. a scary scene there for a short period of time. that's burbank. today's forecast, let's get to the holiday weekend. this is today. very hot in texas. we'll see thunderstorms. kansas city possible up through areas of iowa and northern missouri. maybe even a few tornadoes. kansas city, by far, is the biggest city at risk. let's get into the holiday weekend forecast. as we go through the holiday weekend, it's very warm. it's humid. we're going to see chances of storms. the darker -- there's the land
2:47 am
mass that's showed the darker. the lighter green showed you where you have a chance of seeing showers and storms. the southeast definitely the mid-atlantic, this is on saturday. possibly even up here through the northeast. notice pretty much west of the mississippi, you are dry and looking pretty warm. as we go into sunday, sunday we're watching scattered storms in the southeast. we start to clear it out in areas of the northeast. temperatures are going to be in the 80s and 90s. pretty much coast-to-coast. not many cool spots out there. pacific northwest only one in the 70s. by the time we get to monday, we're seeing new storm systems in the middle of the country. this is where we will see showers and storms here. iowa, missouri, kansas city, st. louis. on sunday same here with florida. still warm. 93 in d.c. by the time we get to the actual fourth of july, that storm system is tracking through the ohio valley. if you have picnic plans, the parade plans, anywhere in this region, you do have i achance of showers and thunderstorms through kansas city, st. louis, back to indianapolis and buffalo. look okay on the i-95 corridor down through the southeast, and for the fireworks themselves as we go throughout the evening hours, we will be watching still
2:48 am
hit and miss showers and storms in that vicinity approaching new york late in the day and looking to get the macy's in in time. if you are in st. louis, indianapolis, pittsburgh, it's going to be a close call for those storms. >> once again, bill, disappointing that people in the ohio valley for the fourth of july. >> usually the good thing about the timing of the fireworks is usually that thunderstorms are during the early afternoon and evening, and then hopefully they die off in time for the fireworks. >> there is still hope for a good show at 9:00 p.m. >> scary scene in philadelphia where a man is facing charge of driving under the influence after his u-haul truck crashed into a local brewery. the incident was captured by the security cameras. police say the man was driving the truck the wrong way on a street when he lost control and crashed into the entrance of the brewery. the video shows a woman barely escaping as the vehicle crashes through. the driver was treated for a leg injury. luckily, nobody else was hurt there. despite the damage, the brewery was able to reopen for business. >> scary video. luckily, no one was hurt. still ahead, defense secretary
2:49 am
james mattis overseas this morning meeting with his counterparts in brussels. after the break, the details on the message mattis bringing to try to reaffirm our allies of the united states commitment to the alliance. (vo) a lifetime of your dog's nutritional needs... all in one. purina one. healthy energy, all in one. strong muscles, all in one. highly digestible, and a taste he loves, all in one. purina one smartblend is expertly blended... with 100% nutrition, 0% fillers, always real meat #1. lifelong smart nutrition. it's all in one. purina one. depend real fit briefs feature breathable, cotton-like fabric. in situations like this, there's no time for distractions. it's not enough to think i'm ready. i need to know i'm ready. no matter what lies ahead. get a free sample at
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i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. secretary of defense jim t mattis is in belgium as thousands of troops are sent to
2:52 am
afghanistan. the president has also criticized other member nations for not paying enough for defense. joining us live from brussels to talk more about this. in in nbc news pentagon correspondent hans nichols. >> the first two meetings were a calling out, asking them to spend more. these are two big topics here, what nato's doing on offense that involves afghanistan, the islamic state but perhaps more importantly what their physical assets are but also about cyber capabilities. you think of nato being very geographically east, yes, it's march eastward and defending its territory but when you get into the arena of cyber space,
2:53 am
there's no geographical boundaries. there's a great deal of concern about what russia has been able to do and to the extent that nato might be doing in terms of actual electricity grids and actual infrastructure, those are going to be key topics here and whether or not there will be a formal request, leading into the summit is the expectation is there would be. just yesterday i was speaking to a note official, they didn't expect that formal request to come. they still think the u.s. needs to figure out what the strategy is. >> thank you. >> the public hasn't heard much from rex tillerson politico say the secretary of state unleashed his anger at a white house staffer with jared kushner and
2:54 am
priebus in attendance, saying he exploded last friday and apparently yelled about damaging leaks from the white house and a torpedoing of his hand-picked nominees for the state department. a transition source sad rex is a 65-year-old guy who worked his way up from the bottom at exxon and he urged him to find a solution. >> republicans try it revive their health care bill before tomorrow. >> republicans discuss what it will take to get them on board with a new plan. >> and joe manchin weighs in on what it will take to get a bill
2:55 am
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before we toss it to morning joe, let's get a check on the
2:58 am
stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. >> president trump is set to welcome south korean's new president for a face-to-face meeting today. that's where we find hallie jackson with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. today the white house is getting ready for a visit from the south korean president. president moon is coming here to washington. he's already here, in fact, to talk to the president about a couple of topics, chief among them north korea and the threat posed by pyongyang. we also expect china, trade and sanctions will come up, at least according to one white house official, previewing this meeting for reporters here near the west wing. and let me tell you what else is happening and that is that health care battle on capitol hill. senate republicans have said this is not dead, rather delayed. the president seemed rather optimistic yesterday at the white house. the question is will there be a bipartisan solution, what are
2:59 am
the deal breakers moving forward and can republicans just up pennsylvania avenue put something together by friday so it can get scored by that non-partisan congressional budget office during the july 4th break? that's still a big question mark. for now back to you. >> thank you for that report. >> advocates for police accountability will hold a press conference this morning demand reforms by the city's police office a day after rahm emanuel split with the city hall watch dog call on police reform. that's all for us. i'm yasmin vossoughian along with louis burgdorf and ayman mohyeldin. >> if we don't reach by friday, the way forward is obamacare collapses, challenge democrats
3:00 am
to work with us to find something better. >> do you think health care is possible by friday? >> if pigs could fly. >> so you're saying there's a chance. >> tomorrow seems to be the new deadline for the republicans to pass their bill or face, can you imagine, working with democrats. the republicans have their work cut out with them to say the least. this is thursday, june 29th on morning joe. with us veteran columnist and legendary journalist mike barnicle. senior political analyst mark halperin. national affairs analyst more


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