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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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humira can lower your ability... fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;... have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where... ...certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb,... ...hepatitis b, are prone to infections,... ...or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. just managing your symptoms? ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. thomas roberts here, msnbc in new york. it is day 164 of the trump administrations. >> think media tried to stop us from going to the white house but i am president and they're
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not. [ applause ] >> lashing out once again in a speech to veterans on 4th of july. president trump is critical of the media after another day of tweets. we'll tell you and explaining this broad approach. >> it is ridiculous. everybody is flabbergasted. >> more republicans weighing in on the direct presidential messages and how it may affect the gop's agenda. how they are forced to support or react to those tweets. details on the expectations for president trump and russian president vladimir putin comes face to face. the last thing i want to do is turn it over to folks who have not demonstrated since 2017 that they can govern and keep confidential information confidential. >> just say no more than two dozen states refusing turning over voter administration, i am going to ask the secretary of
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the state of kentucky why the white house is making these demands. we'll dive in on that issue today. all that and more coming up on msnbc live. we begin with politics and the backlash fresh about president trump's latest attacking msnbc, our colleagues here, this is john kasich in an interview that morning. >> it is rick yodiculouridiculo is flabbergasted and we have seen this for quite a while. it is unfortunate. it is not the way we ought to be. >> it is not acceptable. >> should he apologize? >> i would, i am not him, i am me. >> john kasich comes a day after president trump ramped up his feud with the media for veterans.
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here is senator mark warner. >> i have never seen so much smoke and possible threat. if at the end of the day if there is no fire, i would be the first to say there is nothing there. it is way too early. >> lets dive in and go straight to bridgewater, new jersey, that's where you find nbc's kelly o'donell. we know the event last night was for veterans and celebration of the 4th of july. the president went directly after the media. how does that play with the crowd? >> reporter: well, he was at a crowd included many who have strong support. it was their event and the president was their guest and it was at the kennedy's center. he's back in new jersey. this was a trump's friendly
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audience for sure. over the last couple of years, we have heard the president react to criticism about his twitter use and times where he said he would be more presidential if he's elected. we are 160 something days in office and that criticism is still coming. he's talking to veterans and honoring their service and thanking them what they do but it sounded awfully like a cal pain ral-- campaign rally. >> reporter: a salute to veterans at the kennedy center. red, white and blue evening. >> my first independence day celebration as president, there is no way i would rather be than with you, i will tell you that. the event was hosted by a dallas, church.
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we love our freedom and we love our god. the commander in chief in a friendly crowd. >> the press stopped tried to s ongoing to the white house but i am president and i am not. >> reporter: he ignored republicans who urge the president who over takes over his agenda. >> tweets like this is inconsistent with the greatness of the country and office. >> reporter: the president kept up with his stream assaults calling the msnbc's hosts john scarborough, crazy and dumb as a
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rock. my use of social media is not presidential, it is modern day presidential. it is not the mode, it is the message under fire. he insists his tactics on social media no matter how it is and are no threat to his presidency. >> so the president knew how to strike a nerve with that audience. he had num yous staerous standi ovation. he talks about people wanting him to not tweet. the vice president has a twitter feed and all republican leaders. it is not the social media. it is the contents that many are saying distract him on his
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agenda. tonight while he's here on a break with his family, he's going to make a couple of foreign leader calls for the leaders of china and japan. we know this week, the president makes his second foreign trip going to poland and the g-7 submit. he continues to want to use social media in a way that tends to provoke this sort of criticism. >> thomas? >> kelly o'donell reporting for us. thank you very much. i want to bring in our correspondents from the hill. aisha, lets jump right in of the latest presidential tweet. talking about my use of social media is not presidential, it is modern day presidential, make
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america dpragreat again and he on and talk about the fake and fraudulent news media. it is modern say presidential. is that a contrast about what he's doing via a modern type of communication tool with the language he's using to communicate? >> yeah, i think the issue is not that he's using twitter, everyone has gotten to the use of twitter and president obama had a twitter feed. i don't think the issue is the use of twitter, it is what he's saying and the insults. those are as old as time. people have been hurling insults at each other for a long time. in the past few decades. we have not seen presidents behaving this way. i think that's the issue that
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people have and it is not the media. the media is trying to stop him. i think the media likes to see his tweets and give a window of what he's thinking and away of the party line. i think the media likes his tweets. the issue is for republicans, they don't want to keep him tweeting because they feel like it is a distraction from healthcare and all the things they're trying for him to do. >> we have to report what the president is doing in the time period of his day and whether that's dominated by twitter or not. it is still newsworthy. some things are not worthy of conte context within the news. when we think about how the president is trying to move the ball on healthcare or any of the policy issues that agenda items
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for this white house, is it so tough for gop movement on the hill or talking to them all the time and how they are barrage by having them to react as opposed to do the work of the american people. >> republican party at large prefers president trump not to tweet at all. they cannot go forward of the priorities they want if they are defending this vulgar tweeting me. john kasich talking about the courses that he sees how president trump is. i thin the other part is picking up on what aisha says. we have seen, for example, the president on the first day
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sending out saying he's got the biggest crowd at inauguration. clearly untruth and claiming barack obama was not born in the united states and insinuating that. th this is part of the bigger picture of the media itself. it is sailing the idea of truth sometimes >> when it comes to healthcare, what are republicans hoping for at this point. mitch mcconnell, you know of how he is, trying to pull it all together does not have a lot of time. mcconnell only have a week, what are you hearing? >> i guess there is reports they sent the ceo of this proposal from ted cruz that would allow insurers in states to sell some plans that don't live up to the obamacare standard as well as they share one insurance plan that does live up to the standard. they're trying to get to that
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score to see if that could be the compromise and bring modera moderates and conservatives on board. they also maybe sending a plan without the cruise amendment to get that score. they're trying to see is there some mental ground that they dou could meet. it is still difficult to bring everyone together for the issue and get this passed. that seems to be where it is right now. lets jump forward as we look ahead the fact that the president and vladimir putin is meeting at the g-7. and whether they have any type of established relationships prior to his election and after the inauguration having their first phone kalcall. >> what are you going to be
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looking for. it was interesting at the white house brief of this trip. hr mcmaster was playing down the importance of this meeting. it is this idea that as they say is a -- i think there are clearly issues of difference between the united states and russia of ukraine and nato, will it be a more casual conversation? it is nature to be controversial because there is so much skepticisms about the relationship between donald trump and vladimir putin. >> and also, why the president has yet to take a hard line stance or speak to the majority of all of the american intelligence institutions have said that they medal in the election and this president would rather side with vladimir putin believing that he did not. is there any word from the white
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house that should and can and will be discussed. >> and not at this point, they're as i say before, they're down playing it and the president is going to talk about whatever kind of comes up or whatever he feels as necessary. president trump could use this as an opportunity to try to take a hard line against russia to relief some pressure back home. but, it is unclear whether they'll do that. there was that meeting with the russian foreign minister earlier this year that caused many headaches for the white house where you had pictures of him smiling with the ambassador and smiling with the russian foreign ministers and stories that he gave them classified information. he's showing a willingness to be ch chummy with the russians and the
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t optics of it. it is unknown and i think it is not clear whether he's going to try to take that hard line or whether he's going to do what he's done in the past and befriendb be friendly towards vladimir putin. i am sure he's been thinking about this for a long time and be prepared. >> great to see you both. happy 4th weekend to you. hope you get to enjoy time with family and friends. coming up, allison griner is joining me. take a listen. there is not enough burden here in kentucky to make those requesting sensible, not on my watch are we going to be releasing information relating to the privacies of individuals.
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why not look at the data and put the cards on the table and show the america republic how this issue is here. >> now is allison from kentucky. secreta secretary grimes, it is great to have you with me. he makes it sound less sinister
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than it is. >> well, if the information was publicly available then secretary of kansas would have no problem of complying. they themselves could not comply with the request that the sham commission put forward because it is overly broad. it is requesting sensitive information of registered voters not only of kentucky but the entire of the its. this is on the hill of the president who's struggling over come the fact that he lost the popular vote and created a sham commission to backup while he's continuing to perpetuated and the sham commission trying to seek evidence for simply that does not exist, the claim of three millions or five millions
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of people voting illegal. this is not information that americans want to put, not only on donald trump's hands but in the federal government's hands. >> the republican national known for channelling strategic id law in the state kansas. you are obviously not going to do this because of the privacy of kentucky voters. the premise of this is what president trump tweeting about. the premise is on fraud and millions of voter, numerous states are refusing to give them information of distinguishe distinguished -- what are they trying to hide. how do you respond to that? >> one thing the president is
6:22 am
doing is bringing not only democratic but republicans secretary of state across the nation together. we are not going to compromise for billions of registered voters. in kentucky, 3.3 million registered voters. it should not be lost across the nation. we have some one heading a commission, a sham commission, literally making government larger and not reducing it and trying to over reach to a domain that's left to the state. we don't need to be going back to a day where the poll tax was required in order for people to vote. it is the reason why you see the congressional black caucus issuing letters to secretaries over the weekend urging them not to comply with this request. you don't have to be from kentucky to know that this smells like horse manure and the rapid request that they have
6:23 am
over this information despite the president being in office since january, they're not foundational evidence and especially experts and studies agreed to backup what the president have claimed. this all during this past week when we see a president who's in secured about the loss of the popular vote and starts his campaign of reelection at his hotel and the same breath asked every secretary of state across the nation for the party affiliation and the voting history and the social security numbers of registered voters across the united states. >> we have the new york times putting out this whole list of those states that are refusing to do so and turning over this because they are bound by law not to release this information. the plan of the database is described as a gold mine.
6:24 am
you are trusted the keep this voter information secure and safe. do you trust that it could work again if i ask of the federal government. not only do we have an every reach by the federal government into a domain that's left particularly to the states, sensitive in information that you would not want in the public domain, there is no secrets this administration is going to keep this information confidential. the website that i wantthey wanu to upload the information of an unsecured website. we may as well hand over billions to foreign actors that really want to continue to medal in our election. >> you can see my counter parts across the nation, they're following kentucky's lead and
6:25 am
all the way down there telling the administration they could go jump in the gulf of mexico. >> i want to shift over to mitch mcconnell though. kentucky voted for the new governor of the expand. you went up to mitch mcconnell and he's able to hold you off and stayed with in his position of power. what do you make of his strategy and what they're doing on the hill when it comes to the aca and the idea from trump, just go ahead and repeal it, we'll figure out how to replace it later now. >> he's having trouble managing his own caucus and living up to the promises he made to try to get reelected repealing route and branch, those are phrases that i heard and phrases that the american republic have heard. what the republican party and
6:26 am
leader mcconnell and our president are finding trouble that it is a little harder to govern and complicated is how they describe healthcare and it is in the state of kentucky, we are talking about over 400,000 people and nearly half have benefited because of expansive medicaid. they're choose to pay for their medicines and stay alive and mortgage bills. we want to put not only americans and kentucky in an unsafe position and in risks. >> i am sure they're trying to meet up to your challenge for the demand, obviously what you say cannot be enough in kentucky to make this happen. thank you very much for coming on today, nice to see you. i appreciate your time. >> thank you, thomas. u.s. marshal arrested a suspect in connection of the
6:27 am
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good morning everybody, i am thomas roberts. new this morning, police believer mobelieve more gunman at little rock. what more do we know and are there more shootings involved here and update with the victims. >> reporter: to of the victims remained in critical conditions and everyone else was shocked and a couppeople are expected t okay. >> u.s. marshal arrested rickey hamilton, he was here at the club at the time of the
6:31 am
shooting. he was arrested in birmingham, alabama, along with another man. law enforcement is not saying whether that man is a suspect in this shooting and in the mean time, the community here is grappling of what happened. >> reporter: a community is looking for answers and trying to heal. >> we are all in the fight together and we are all in the front together, we need each other. as more than two dozens people recovering a mass shooting at a nightclub in downtown little rock. >> it is something all you do not want to feel. it unfolded early saturday morning and cell phone video takes inside the lounge shows the moment. concert goers scramble to get
6:32 am
out. >> why is this happening. everybody trying to get occupy and trying to run and you are on the dance floor, just get down until they stop. >> neighbors were woken up buy gunfires. >> i can see one person bleeding baddel badly. >> police say no terrorism but potential gang activities. ten drive-by shootings in less than two weeks. >> we feel there is a possibility that tlhere is a connection with the recent shootings that we had. >> this feeling of heartbreak is becoming too familiar in our city. >> reporter: the club has lost its license and now there is an eviction notice posted on its door, thomas. >> maya rodriguez is reporting there in little rock for us,
6:33 am
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back to politics now, health and human services secretary tom prices is spending his sunday defending the healthcare bill. here is what he told chuck todd moments ago. >> repeal now and replace later. is that your official stance now, is that in acknowledgment ma the senate bill is unworkable as it stands? >> no, we don't think so. leader mcconnell and senators are working to get this piece of legislation on track. their conversations are ongoing as we speak and so we look forward to hopefully and coming back after this 4th of july
6:37 am
recess and getting the work done. >> also, new today, republican senator ben sass is standing by his proposal to repeal obamacare now and figure out a plan later. >> we should do repeal with a delay. lets be clear. i don't want to see anyone thrown off the coverage that they have now. i would want them delayed. republicans need to stop pretending that everything is working care. >> and democrats need to stop thinking that obamacare is working. >> sir, can i hear you. >> it is great to have you with me. >> yes, i can hear you. >> lets start off with the house version of what the gop wanted to do with the aca is one thing. the president heard of what was
6:38 am
wrong in the senate side which he referred to as mean. we have the cbo scoring out about this. i just want to get your impression of what do you think is going so wrong that the gop cannot get their act together on something they campaign on and why are they stalling and cannot get it right. >> they promised to repeal the affordable care act and it is work. millions of people did not have coverage, there are things that we can do to make it work and address the issues. they make proposals that would move 22 million people from health insurance that would allow insurance companies to propose a crushing age tax that made deep cuts to medicare and robbed the medicare trust funds.
6:39 am
all of this so they can finance a $600 billion tax cut for the richest people in the country. the american people is too smart on that. they understand that this is important. >> president obama has said this too, lets keep the aca and fix the area of what is fix to be fixed. >> you heard sass. democrats need to stop and think that obamacare is working. >> there is no question it is working really well. there are things we need to address and there are places did not work as well. make it work better for the american people. the republicans need to give up the idea of appeal and working
6:40 am
with democrats and making it work better for the american people. that's why they were sent to washington to produce results for the american people. they have been unwilling to work for democrats at all. they are obsessed with this idea of full repeal. if they abandoned that, we can work together quickly and making improvements that will drive down cost and increase competition and prescription drugs that are affordable. we'll build on that and not strip it away. the date and the timing for the president and vladimir putin is going to happen during the g-20. the white house is saying no specific agenda and we have reports that the white house is down playing this but basically is saying whatever the president wants to talk about, they will. what would you hope that the president addresses in this face to face meeting with vladimir
6:41 am
putin? >> i hope the president will do something to -- and the image they will saw when they saw him yukking it up with the russian ambassador and bragging the fact that he just fired james comey. the american media did not get to see that. this is the russian media. this is a moment for the president making it clear to the vladimir putin that russian interference in our election is not tolerated and speaking, and the idea does not have an articulate well thought out agenda for the issues he intends to discuss with the russian president is alarming. vladimir putin is going to the meeting, he's a trained intelligence officer, he's going go with specific strategy of what he's trying to achieve. this is not a meeting the president should shoot from the
6:42 am
hips. there are serious issues that he should confront the president about and he should thought it out carefully. >> on the hill of this revised version of a bill that ups the russian sanctions and strip the president's power to lift the sanctions. that's scheduled to go to the house. do you anticipate decisions on the right of that? >> i hope no t. we got to come together and recognize this is about protecting the integrity of our democracy. that should not be a republican or a democratic issue. we are all americans, we should be committed to make sure that no foreign government interferes with the american elections. if they do, they face consequences. the russians are going to look at what action we take or don't take. we need to send a unified message that we will not allow a foreign government any way
6:43 am
interference with our elections. i hope some day the president will recognize the seriousness of this. 17 agencies have confirmed it happen. we are about to celebrate the 4th of july, if there is a moment that the president should recognize that protecting our great democracy is a serious responsibility. this is the weekend to do it. >> sir, i want to be on the record about this as we are ahead of the 4th of july holiday, june marks the prude month for the lgbtq community. the white house gave no endorsements or on investigatioinvestigatio investigations on the month of june. jim mattis pushed back and planned to accept -- something that's been settled previously.
6:44 am
>> it is disappointing. we have the best military in the world and the reason we do is because we attract the best men and women to serve our country. that should be the standard, there are thousands of transgender, americans who proudly serve in our military. we do a disservice to our country because of their sexual orientation. i hope that process will be accelerated. people should know they're already many, many transgender people serving our country and serving with honor and risking their lives and disappointing that this president did not make any recognition of pride month. we are dpoigoing to make progre. with over 195 originals -- we'll
6:45 am
continue our fight with the lgbtq community regardless of whoever is in the white house. great to see you. thank you. ted lieu, he's calling trump's low iq. he's going to join me later today. coming up, the film maker from the new documentary "get me roger stone," it is a fascinating documentary, i watched the whole thing. we are going to be joining joy reid on "a.m. joy."
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silence us. but we will not let them. >> president trump speaking last night at an event for veterans in washington d.c. we're going to have more about that conversation with the folks in that room with the two guests i have next. liz plank and robert trainum. great to see both of you. liz, the obvious strategy for the president in that line, do you think that it's working for him? he got applause, an ovation. >> i think it shows what the president's priorities are which is gtl, golf, tweet and lie. the thing with twitter -- >> gtl, that's a new acronym i need to write down. >> popularized by "jersey shore" the show. >> gym, tanning laundry. >> exactly. the president has reinvented the term for us. kellyanne conway goes on tv and defends his use of twitter as a way to reach the people, but when you look at the different
6:53 am
platforms, twitter is only used by 15 to 20% of the american people. most people who are on twitter and using twitter are actually journalists and the media so he's not really using twitter to reach people. he's using twitter to command media coverage. it's working in a way. when we're talking about his tweets we don't have time to talk about the failure of trump care and the people who will literally die as a result of his policies. >> most people via twitter, a lot of us, i know i use it to consume news headlines and find out what's going on, also reaction. 45 only follows 45 people, robert. most of those are trump family members and trump properties and a few folks over at fox and his administration. the statement that he gave last night went on to say, fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house but i'm president and they're not. does that resonate, and if so, why? >> i think it depends on who it
6:54 am
resonates with. if it resonates with his base, absolutely. the president is a producer at the end of the day. he knows exactly what he's doing. one, if he wants to stoke the base and give them a lot of red meat, he is hitting a rohome ru. if he wants to counter his legislative agenda, he's hitting a home run. >> you almost think that it's going to be followed up by, i'm president and they're not and nanny nanny boo boo. like it's so juvenile that we then have to report on it as if it's some type of serious meaty statement. >> you know, thomas, i think everyone realizes an even the president's supporters realize that we're not dealing with someone who is a normal president on many things. this president is very thin-skinned. he's a very emotional thinker and decision maker which is frightening when you have someone like that in the white house. the reality is we knew this, when he was running for
6:55 am
president, we knew that when he got the nomination that this is how he was going to be and more importantly, his supporters knew this and they reaffirmed that. he took a big risk with him by throwing the baby out with the bath water. hillary clinton said, look, do we want someone who's going to be taunted by a tweet in the white house, and look, the vast majority of trump supporters said, yes, we want that in the white house. we're getting exactly what, quite frankly, we saw throughout the presidential campaign. i'm not saying it's right but it's a reality. >> liz, you talked about the fact that it not being presidential but he said i'm modern day presidential. twitter is modern, the messaging and the things that he says maybe not so modern. the administration not so modern in that they're trying to roll back advances from the energy department, the state department that is left completely unfilled. the science department, offices are going to be empty coming up shortly. how is this a modern administration? >> look, there's no great ee ee
6:56 am
threat to a weak president than a strong press. they're attacks on the media and the fact that donald trump feels threatened by that and takes time out of his day not only to attack journalists, to attack mika brzezinski, many journalists. katie turnen had to get security. he's going after reporters and journalists and that's a dangerous thing to do, for people to feel like they can't trust anyone but the president. this is to distract from the many stories you talked about. >> it's working. robert, i want to give you the last word here. it's the weekend, a nice holiday weekend. give us something uplifting out of d.c. you got five seconds. >> that america is stronger than ever before. we fought for our freedoms and we will endure. there's a storm right now but there's always a calm after the storm. >> all right, perfect. and now we'll play the national anthem. we're going to go out and wave a
6:57 am
flag and wish everybody a great fourth. >> god bless america. >> that's going to wrap up this hour of msnbc. next on "am joy," new york magazine writer frank rich. at johnson's we care about safety as much as you do. that's why we meet or exceed 15 global regulations for baby products. and where standards differ, we always go with the toughest. johnson's.
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the fake media is trying to silence us, but we will not let them. because the people know the truth. the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president and they're not. >> good morning, and welcome to "am joy." not even an event to honor military veterans is safe. his speech at the kennedy center event came the same day trump stepped up his twitter feud wh


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