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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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secretary of state says she will not be sending her state's voter data to a commission created by president trump. i'll talk to her live in just a few moments. beachgate. new jersey governor chris christie caught enjoying a beach that the state had shut down to the public. we'll tell you why that's landed the governor in hot water. good day to you. craig melvin from new york. president trump, social media firestorm using his favorite mega phone, twitter. once again, taking aim at his favorite target, the media. over the weekend the president posting this doctored video to tens of millions of followers where he's shown previouslying and punching a figure with a cnn logo on it. it's the latest in a series of attacks against the media. but despite widespread criticism over his tweet storm, president trump appearing to double down saying his use of social media is, quote, modern day presidential. i'm joined now by ron allen who
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is traveling with the president in new jersey and msnbc's garrett haake at the white house. the president gearing up for the summit this week. any indication he's going to be letting up on those tweet storms, attacks on the media, as he heads into this foreign policy week? >> well, no. i think that's just something we're all going to have to live with. this is something president trump feels strongly about. after a weekend of bashing the media and speech in washington, that's going to continue. his base loves that stuff. the media doesn't. that's just a fact of life. he's also tweeted this morning about foreign affairs saying he'll make phone calls or will make phone calls to leaders of germany, saudi arabia. last night a readout on calls to china and japan. all nations are participating in
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the g-20 summit that begins friday in germany. we're not hearing about the substance of what these are about. clearly this a challenging summit for president trump. it's in germany. the leader is angela merkel opposed to my policy positions president trump has taken. remember she was very critical of president trump for pulling out of the paris accords. she was also critical for president trump for his so-called travel ban and blocking refugees from coming into this country. germany has taken in a million or so refugees from the syrian conflict and contrast to what happened in the united states. also at the summit we're expecting first face-to-face meeting between vladimir putin and president trump on the sidelines, a more casual meeting. no indication of exactly what the president will talk about with vladimir putin but we wonder will he talk about the election, will he talk about syria, will he talk about
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ukraine. very section tiff issues. love to see what the president -- how they deal with that. public release of information about those meetings. but yes, to answer your initial question, craig, i think we can expect the attacks against the media to continue. this is just a fact of life. this is just how president trump goes about business. >> you're right. he does play extremely well to his base. this most recent tweet, again, coming on the heels of that twitter feud with mika and joe. this one generating real controversy for the president. at a critical time staffers want the focus to be on policy. specifically health care. what are you hearing, if anything, from the white house about this latest controversy? >> well, craig, white house staffers have made it clear from the get go and especially over the course of this weekend that they believe the president has a right to what he believes are the attacks made against him in the media. while you don't see people endorsing specific methods by which he does it on twitter,
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they have defend, including tom boss eartheert bossert, a national security expert, defending the president's right to push back on things he doesn't think is fair. you heard tom price say, look, this administration can walk and chew gum at the same time. now, craig, they have a chance to prove this. the senate and house are home. a lot of republicans don't want to be out soaking up limelight talking about health care bill. the side effect of that they are not going to be asked like they would be in the senate to respond to latest comments and tweets by the president. the president is taking massive overseas trips, g-20 is a huge deal. it's a giant global news event. so if they are able to keep the president focused, if the president is able to talk about the things he wants to talk about overseas, the world media will be focused on what's happening there, not necessarily what's coming out of the twitter account. again, the ball in the white house's court to d'erryl if they
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can, indeed, keep the focus on policy. if the president decides he wants side conversations about the media. >> garrett, what do you know about how involved president trump is now in terms of arm twisting as relates to the health care bill. is he working the phones? is he keeping a distance? what do we know? >> at the moment, or at least over the last couple days, the white house said the president is more focused on g-20. he's been involved as a sounding board. more conservative members like rand paul can go to with their complaints when they feel like they are not heard by senate leadership. president, white house aides talks about the idea of the president as a builder. he's not necessarily going to design the steel and draw out the blueprints. he's going to pick the plot and see the building go up. he's trying to keep people focused on the big picture. he's not intimately involved in the details of the negotiation. that's pretty much mitch mcconnell's lane but they do
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expect him to come in in the closer role in a similar way he did for the house. >> garrett haake, ron allen in new jersey. a big thanks to you both on monday. meanwhile president trump still insisting he lost the popular vote in november's election because of widespread voter fraud. he's also taking aim at states refusing to turn over voter roles. the commission tasked with fighting voter fraud is facing growing revolt from almost 30 states which say they cannot or will not turn over personal information. in some cases citing concerns over voter suppression. one of the states denying the request, kentucky. i'm joined now by allison lundgren grimes, kentucky's secretary of state. good to see you, miss grimes. thanks for your time this afternoon. >> thank you, craig. >> why the objection to this request? >> well, the question put before
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not only secretaries fally but the american people, if donald trump asked for not only your address but date of birth, political affiliation and entire voting history along with last four digits of your social security number, would you give it to him? the answer from kentucky and states around the united states is a resounding no. there is no state fully complying with what has been a request from a sham commission that the president set up to try to create and find evidence to back up a lie that has simply been disputed bipartisan, 3 million people that voted in the last election. kentucky is not going to participate in what at best a waste of taxpayer dollars. at worst -- >> not one state? >> not one state if you look at the vice chair of the commission, the secretary from
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kansas, he can't even fully reapply with the request put forward by his own commission. i'm proud that kentucky is leading the way and upholding what is very sensitive personal information. if we put this in the hands of the federal government, the president's hands, we're asking and basically given -- hackers, the dream of a lifetime. they asked taos upload this information to an unsecure website, something that all data experts over the course of this weekend have said is something that secretaries of state should not do. this all coming at a time when it's suspect. the actions this commission is taking, you see house appropriations defunding elections assistance committee. at the same time the president is starting his campaign for re-election, he wants us to basically create national vort registration role, which as you can imagine, it's in violation of the tenth amendment. elections are something left directly to the states to run
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especially when it comes to voter registration. >> to be clear, though, some of this information is already available. this is public information, correct? >> there is a lot of election administration information that is in the public domain to third parties. make no mistake, the information they are asking for, your dates of birth, your entire political voting history, the last four digits of your social security number, these are things that scream danger stranger to a lot of folks not just in the election administration but hackers dream. this isn't just third party requesting information of an individual or certain districts, this is the president of the united states requesting this information of all the americans. this is of alarm. it's a violation of what republicans across the nation unanimously support. the president has done one good thing, that's bring democrat and republican secretaries of state together. they don't want to see the if the government encroaching on something that is left
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specifically for the states to run, and that is the election administration. elections are left directly to the states. you don't have to see or be from kentucky to know that this smells a little funny, smells a little like horse manure. there's something suspicious going on. we want to make sure we're moving our elections forward not backwards. i'm not about to put 3.3 million kentuckyians at risk. >> have you had any information with the leadership on the commission, have you voiced those concerns to them? >> i have not had the opportunity. obviously received this letter, the timing of which they have been in office, the from the has since january. they requested this information just last thursday, needed it urgently within two weeks. i imagine we will be having further conversations. because believe me, there's great work we can do to improve our elections under president obama. ben ginsburg and bob bower, they were part of presidential commission on election which produced a report secretaries
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across the nation like myself continue to implement. there's great things we can do but the federal government reaching over to basically make government bigger is not the step we need to do and especially creating #fakecommission. alison grimes, is there a penalty? have you been made aware of a penalty for noncompliance? >> this is not a demand, not sanctioned by congress. indeed, it's not something we believe there will be a court of law procedure. but if so, be happy to stand up in court and protect the citizens of kentucky, making sure their private information, their social security number, their entire voting history, their political affiliation, these are things people worry about possibly facing retribution. we know the president operates as you your self just reported, 140 characters at a time. this isn't something we need to be playing around with, protecting the integrity of our elections is paramount.
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new jersey chris christie provoking widespread criticism after photos of him and his family sunbathing at a closed state beach surfaced over the weekend. cristie and his family caught some rays at an empty beach because it was closed because of a shutdown. the governor defending the move amid a budget crisis in his state. >> i'm a little frustrated, quite frankly at this point, no one will accepted me any budget. i'm sitting here waiting for a budget and no one will send me one. i quoted that great american
8:16 am
philosopher wimpy from popeye cartoons. he said i'll be glad to pay you for a hamburger it for today. i'm getting it today not sometime over the summer. >> it didn't, but go ahead. >> my question is, are there lifeguards at the -- >> no. no. there's no one at beach state park. there are no lifeguards. there's no one to pick up the garbage. there's no one providing any services at the park. >> next. next. excuse me, next. i'm done. we're you canning about the closure of government and you're talking about your tmz stuff. >> media politics reporter at the "washington post," erin pike chief white house correspondent at independent journal review and kaitlyn burns reporter at
8:17 am
real clear politics. the governor defending himself once again this morning. this is governor christie with the local tv station. take a look. >> the governor has two residences in new jersey. one down at the beach, and the governor pence is allowed to go to his residences. i'm at my residence. i'll say, this i said last month, a week ago today, that no matter what happens we were coming here as a family this weekend. this is where we live. what a great bit of journalism by "the star-ledger." they actually caught a politician being where he said he was going to be with the people he said he was doing to be with, his wife and their children and friends. i'm sure they will get a pulitzer for this one. they proved -- caught me doing what i said i was going to do with the people i said i was going to be with. >> and then the governor pence took to twitter. this is his tweet. new jersey beaches are open in 119 of our 130 miles of coastline.
8:18 am
come and enjoy them, screen and hydrate. it would seem as if governor christie really doesn't care at all anymore. >> this is the behavior of a guy coming up on the end of his term limit and perhaps isn't going to be seeking political office again. for all we know he'll be on sports talk radio, might mike's replacement on the fan. this is sort of, hey, i'm not apologizing at all. i think the only disappointing thing from that line of argument is didn't go all the way. in the news conference on sunday, he seemed to kind of deny that he had been on the beach when he said, no, i didn't get any sun. yeah, i was at the beach. i said i was going to the beach. what's the big deal? at least be 100% behind it. >> you heard the president say in the press conference he didn't get any sun. his spokesman said because ch s
8:19 am
christie. if i were governor i wouldn't sit on a beach closed. we need to end the shutdown now. it's hurting small businesses, ordinary new jerseyans. polls so governor christie somewhere around 15% in terms of approval rating there. his lieutenant governor no-brainer here in terms of coming out against him. >> of course. i do think it is harmful to her campaign for sure. but i would disagree with callum a little bit. yes, he's at the end of his term, christie is but i believe what he's done is classic chris christie. he campaigned on a similar style, did similar things in his first term and campaigned on that when he was running for president. i don't think it's quite what everyone is making it out to be. the coverage is overblown.
8:20 am
he's obviously trying to get the legislature to do something. that's what he's always done. he likes poking fun at everyone. >> that may be true. granted this story may be getting a tad more coverage because it is an extended holiday weekend. however, one would assume if this were a politician, might seek some sort of elected office, he would be a tad concerned with just the pure optics of appearing on a beach that's been shut down to the public. >> yeah, it's kind of a no-brainer on this one, particularly for chris christie, who is a pretty seasoned politician. what's interesting about him, too, you mentioned that 15% approval rating. that is a very starting -- it's a very low number. it's hard to see how you could get lower than 15%. but it's also kind of remarkable christie's fall from grace in politics. remember, he was, as erin said, tell it like it is guy, the person who was for republicans a
8:21 am
model in some ways of how to win in blue states like new jersey, did so effectively. now he's sitting at a 15% approval rating trying to get his legislature to work with him. if you have these kinds of optics, that kind of matters in terms of getting democrats in your legislature to come along with you on re-funding the government. >> you mentioned chris christie was sort of trumpesque before we had president trump. callum, you wrote something that caught our attention here. the president's attacks on the media may be part of a strategy of playing a game of chicken with the media in order to get their desired outcome of no longer holding regular press briefings. elaborate, sir. >> well, i think the white house is concerned about the optics of being the ones who pull the plug on regular press briefings. it would be better for them to make situations so untenable the med yeas the one that decides to walk away. we're seeing some indications of some journalists say why do we
8:22 am
go to these things in the first place. mike had a piece last week arguing reporters should stop going to the briefings. we've heard jim acosta on cnn say these briefings have become kind of pointless. they are doing it in a few different ways. one is shutting off cameras for a lot of the briefings, right, so you're not getting to see them live. it makes for lousy television. who wants to air the audio on delay. not answering questions about russia. it's been more than a month now since they said we're going to refer those questions to outside counsel. on basic points, go into the briefing, ask sean spicer and he'll say i don't know. i haven't talked to the president about that. reporters aren't getting a lot of value out of press briefings. what they are trying to do is nudge toward the conclusion of it's not worth the time. that would get desired outcome without taking blame to be the ones to shut them down. >> erin, who would benefit from that besides the white house? >> let me just say i was going
8:23 am
to briefings regular in february and march and i found them utterly useless. i told sean spicer that. he said, you're covering the white house, why wouldn't you want to come to the briefings, that's what we do. every time i asked a question, i thought the answers got me nowhere. i find you can get much better information if you look outside the briefings into some of the agencies, some of the programs inside the administration are doing. that's better journalism. >> kaitlyn, where do you fall on this? on the one side, since it's an age old tradition doesn't mean it should continue. on the other side, if we're not there, reporters in the room on a daily basis trying to hold them accountable, wouldn't this white house just have free rein? >> on one hand white house reporters get more done behind the scene talking to people in the white house and out developing across agencies. of course that's always been the
8:24 am
way that reporting has been done. but the briefings do provide a way for the public to see the ways in which the media is holding public -- are holding public officials accountable. what's important here, too, a lot of the times the people giving the briefings, sean spicer or sarah huckabee sanders in this case are say they aren't sure what the president thinks. there's many times they say, well, i vice president had a chance to talk to him yet. we don't know. >> it's hard to believe the press secretary doesn't know where the president of the united states stands on climate change and some of the other issues. >> exactly. that's telling in and of itself to have a spokesman say that shows where they are. >> this reporting, steve bannon pushing for tax hikes for the wealthy that would cause quite a stir with republicans, i would imagine. have you heard anything about this? >> not just yet. i obviously have red the axios
8:25 am
report. it's not out of left field idea right now. the thing is, it's not going to fly with republicans on capitol hi hill. they would have to get democratic support in order to push something like that through. i don't think republicans and the white house think they are going to get democratic support on tax reform right now. so i don't know where this idea comes from. i don't think it's politically tenable. >> i want to go back to something quickly. i don't want to run out of time. this idea if we stop daily press briefings as we know them, as we've always known them to be, wouldn't that be just be giving the white house what it wants? >> craig, look, i don't think they should stop white house press briefings. maybe they shouldn't be every day. maybe a couple of times a week. i just think -- i have noticed myself i don't find them particularly useful and they can tend to be quite a waste of time. so something needs to change.
8:26 am
i don't know what answer is. i do find briefings useless. >> i think the right answer would be reporters ask questions and administration officials provide truthful answers and i think everyone wins. we'll leave it there. >> thank you, enjoy the holiday. >> thanks. >> president trump heading overseas this week for g-20 summit. he will have his first face-to-face with russia's president vladimir putin. what's on the agenda? you're watching "msnbc live." earning your cash back shouldn't be this complicated.
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president on foreign policy blitz reaching out to leaders calling germany's chancellor angela merkel, also the prime minister, tweeting he would also be speaking with france and he spoke yesterday with king of saudi arabia about peace in the middle east. interesting things are happening. this as he gets ready for his trip to poland and g-20 in germany. he'll have his first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. i'm joined by former deputy of defense for ukraine and eurasia and msnbc and nbc foreign policy and nbc correspondent matt bradley joins us from london. thanks to both of you. let me start with you, national
8:31 am
security adviser h.r. mcmaster said, quote, we have no specific agenda." it's whatever the president wants to talk about. we know vladimir putin is a former kgb officer, very disciplined. won't he have a specific agenda? >> first of all, craig, thanks for having me on. vladimir putin has a specific agenda. he wants a big deal if he can get it in the united states, a sphere of influence, basically his ability to do what he wants in eastern europe, central asia and even syria. what he'll want out of this meeting, he'll want assurances by the president they can have access to the two facilities obama administration closed down at the end of the administration in retaliation for russians meddling in our elections. i hope president trump will not give that to him. i hope president trump drivers a strong message to the russians they need to cut out their
8:32 am
meddling, which is probably ongoing, their meddling in our political system, with fake news, hacking and leaking information, entering using cyber criminals or russian government folks to enter data systems. so he needs to deliver a lot of strong messages, he being our president. but president trump is going to try to get some things out of him -- i'm sure president putin. >> you mentioned hope. you hope that the president raises these issues. any reason to believe that president trump will do something with president putin he has not done on a consistent basis, declare russia was, in fact, involved in the meddling of our election. >> that would be wonderful, refreshing. i'm not sure we should expect that. i think the best thing we can expect and should applaud is the fact that president trump is going first to poland, because that's a strong signal even if
8:33 am
he doesn't say anything about article 5 he's basically saying we stand by poland, we stand by our nato allies. i can't underscore how important that is. that's a very important point. he's also increased sanctions, albeit slightly on russia, with regard to ukraine. he added names to obama era sanctions list when president poroshenko was in town. president poroshenko, somebody president trump met with before he met with president putin. that's another thing to kind of even out the balance. we shouldn't just criticizes president trump or just be nervous. he's done a few things that are useful. >> matt, let's talk about the president's most recent tweet here. a lot of folks in this country didn't know a whole lot about this story until recently. charlie gard, this the president's tweet. if we can help charlie gard per our friends in the uk, we would be delighted to do so. what's the president talking about here, matt?
8:34 am
>> like you mentioned, this has been a big story here in the uk, not so big in the u.s., where it's almost unknown. charlie gard is a 10-month-old baby boy. he's been afflicted by a very rare genetic, myochondrial depletion syndrome commonly referred to as mds. you haven't heard about it because it's aflibted 16 children worldwide. this means poor baby charlie, his condition has been tweeting quickly since born. most that have this don't survive past infancy. his parents have been fighting. they have been pushing in court to make sure he stays on life support. an american doctor even offered experimental treatment they say would extend his life but not reverse the brain damage, the really severe brain damage he's already inflicted upon his body. so the parents raised 1.3
8:35 am
million british pounds in order to travel to the united states in order to get this experimental treatment. but courts here in britain and even court of european human rights have blocked that. they say these parents can't travel with baby charlie. this has been causing protest and outrage in britain and sparked the kind of discussion that we've seen in the united states on several occasions about when the state can intervene in protecting a child's life or the opposite, taking a child off can life support when the state and doctors deem by providing more medical care would only be extending the agony of both the children and the parents. so you can either depending on your view of president trump, you can either see this as the president weighing in to help a very sick child and his parents, or a president who is using a very sick child and his parents as political props to appear as though he's actually helping, when in reality it would take
8:36 am
extraordinary intervention by the president to go in the face of multiple high courts in britain and european human rights. >> a big thanks to both of you. >> thanks, craig. we are following a heartbreaking story in pennsylvania this morning. a suspect is now in custody. he is charged with fatally shooting this woman. 18-year-old bianca roberson. it was an apparent act of road rage. after a four-day manhunt, he turned himself in for the shooting. surveillance video shows the moment when they tried to merge spot same lane on a highway and they say he pulled out a gun and shot her in the head killing her instantly e faces multiple charges including first and third degree murder. she was a recent high school graduate, planned to attend jackson university in florida in the fall. we will be right back. surprise!
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8:40 am
together soon a repeal only bill is also on the table. >> dean heller voted for that repeal effort. the way we look at it, if it's too difficult for republican to come together let's take care of the first step and appeal. todd young from indiana who was in the house voted for the bill, too. you have 50 members on record having voted for that recently. that's an option. then at that point if you've repealed it, you can come back with a replacement effort that could be more bipartisan. >> joining me now democratic congressman jeffries co-chair of house policies and communications committee making him a part of leadership. thanks for coming on during the holiday. >> thanks for having me on. >> health care, familiar with cbo looking at 20 million fewer people would be left without health insurance come 2026. if repeal only were an option, if it were repeal only and no
8:41 am
replace, how confident are you you would come to a deal? >> repeal only would be incredibly irresponsible. you think of the foundation health care has approved based on affordable care act, 20 million individuals have health care who previously didn't have it. individuals, young people can stay on their parents health care through the age of 26. that would go by the wayside. people are protected from pre-existing conditions at least 50 million americans would lose that protections in terms of individuals now vulnerable to being thrown off. lifetime caps have disappeared under affordable care act. they get rid of that. repeal only would be a complete disaster and would not be a foundation for coming to any bipartisan resolution. >> ask you about this report a short time ago. steve bannon, senior adviser in the white house reportedly, according to axios interested in pursuing this idea of raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. surprising? >> nothing surprising in terms
8:42 am
of this white house but it appears to be more of a diversion intended to distract from what president trump has gotten himself into in terms of his wild and out of control tweets this weekend. nothing to suggest the white house would pursue a policy of raising taxes on the wealthy or well off. that would go against entire doctrine of republican orthodoxy for years. they have done everything possible to jam tax cuts down throats of every day americans to benefit the lifestyles of the rich and shameless. >> you just mentioned the president's twitter habit. over the last five days he's tweeted about media 11 times, health care once. this was health and human services tom price yesterday, take a listen. >> the president held multiple meetings within the white house itself with physicians, small business groups, other folks
8:43 am
harmed by obamacare, with patients, individual stakeholders across the land who told us repeatedly the current d system is collapsing. the fact of the matter is, he can do more than one thing at a time. >> health and human services secretary tom price basically insisting the president can multi-task. folks shouldn't be concerned about what he's doing on twitter, he's still able to be active participant in the ongoing health care discussions. what say you to that? >> there's no evidence. one thing his twitter behavior made clear there's a reasonable basis to conclude he's not mentally fit for office. it's just not clear to a lot of americans, for the just democrats in congress, but people of goodwill all across the country that this is the type of behavior and temperament consistent with someone who is leader of the free world. as related to the health care
8:44 am
debacle, what we are seeing in washington, republicans have an unhealthy obsession with affordable care act. some of these folks need clinical intervention. the affordable care act is successful. we should mend it not end it in terms of areas we can improve upon it but there's absolutely no basis for the conclusion it has collapsed. the president's rhetoric both as it relates to other aspects of his twitter obsession and whenever he decides to go at the health care reform efforts in the country are totally irresponsible. >> you're constituents are in new york but i do want to ask you while i have you here about pictures that surfaced over the weekend, pictures of the governor of new jersey just over the river. there's governor christie enjoying some sun bathing there with his wife and some friends along a strip of beach that had been shut down to the public because of the budget showdown, partial government shutdown in new jersey. when you see that picture, what do you think?
8:45 am
>> this is one of the reasons why americans all across the country have such a cynical view of our government, that individuals like the governor of new jersey are holding themselves to a standard that's above the things that were available to the residents of new jersey. he closed down this particular state beach and other state parks all across the state as a result of this feud that he's in, and yet he takes advantage of the opportunity to sun bathe, presumably with friends and family, exclusively on his own. it's totally irresponsible. new jersey residents can take comfort with the fact that his eight years are up at the end of this year and their long national nightmare will soon be over. >> congressman jeffries, we'll leave it there. congressman, thank you. thanks for coming in on the holiday. >> thank you. wimbledon kicking off today in london with tighter security than ever in its history. we'll get a behind the scenes look at safety measures in the aftermath of the uk's recent terror attack. stay with us. ♪
8:46 am
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day of wimbledon tennis tournament. british police now on high alert at this year's tournament beefing up security measures after a series of terror attacks targeted the city in the past few months. keir simmons with more from
8:50 am
london. hey, craig. early happy july 4th, my friend, from all of us on this side of the pond. this week begins a tradition here in britain, the wimbledon tennis tournament. britain, the tennis tournament, 7,000 people stood in line for last-minute tickets and of course in this modern security era, the police have to protect not only the players, but all of those folks. increased security at wimbeldon's world famous tennis tournament, under a threat of international terrorism. the duchess of cambridge one of thousands attending there. >> it's quite scary when your children are involved, because you have to teach them to be vigilant and make sure they're always aware of their surroundings. >> on westminster bridge in march, an ariana grande concert in may and on london bridge in
8:51 am
june. the scotland yard officer who's leading the team protecting wimbeldon. >> you lookaround and you'll see police officers, visibly, some armed, some unarmed, we have a range of specialists from across the met working on this event at different times of the day and night. >> rafael nadal, andy murray, warming up these past few days, hoping only tennis will be making the news in the next few days. >> the threat of terrorism, changing the face of britain, but not weakening the british spirit. new rules this year, you're not allowed to take a selfie stick in there or a bag. meanwhile back here at home, we will kick off our fourth of
8:52 am
july celebrations tomorrow, but it's also a time to heed safety precautions, every year, thousands of people are hurt in fireworks accidents and children are the most common victims. tom costello is at the fairfax fire academy this morning with a demonstration. >> hey, craig, good day, so this is the week in which injuries involving fireworks suddenly spike. watch what happens wen we have a firefighter light the fuses on mortar rounds, these are the kinds of mortar rounds you can buy at fireworks stands across the u.s. firefighters lighting the fuse, it takes about six seconds for him to get out of the way, and the blast can be significant. so as you can see, the damage would be horrific and we have already seen those types of
8:53 am
injuries across the country in just the last ten days or so. >> all my fingers blew off, except for my pinkie. >> reporter: near tacoma, washington, he's been left with only the pinkie on his right hand. his chest and face covered with shrapnel wounds, he admits he wasn't being very careful with fireworks until ten days ago. >> i thought i was going to have at least two or three seconds to throw it. >> the numbers are stunning, more than 11,000 people are injured each year and seven die in fireworks related accidents. 69% of the injuries involve burns. >> that one didn't sound good. in pennsylvania a police chief lost part of his arm last week in a fireworks accident. in virginia, fairfax county
8:54 am
firefighters demonstrated the devastating power of fireworks that are legally broug lly boug states and then taken across state lines. >> an individual could loses their arm, lose their hand, lose their eyesight. >> to drive the point home, the same explosion in a watermelon. >> somebody would lie a hand or a finger with that? >> very easily. >> reporter: in new york, police set off a massive explosion using illegal fireworks they had seized, a warning that storing fireworks can be dangerous. but it turns out sparklers in the hands of children often posed the most risk, burning hot enough to melt metal. >> they get 1,200 to 2,000 degrees, they ignite clothing with that and very serious burns happen every year. >> reporter: so the bottom line
8:55 am
is don't let children play with fireworks unattended and if you're going to have fireworks in the backyard, make sure you have something to put out a fire if something happens. but really firefighters across the country say they prefer all of us enjoy the season by watching a professional show rather than take your chances in the backyard. >> just go to a show or watch them on tv. you're watching msnbc live, we will be right back.
8:56 am
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and that is going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. my friend and colleague chris jansing standing by, what do you have coming up? >> a lot. this hour on msnbc, world stage, donald trump gets ready for his next foreign trip, a meeting with vladimir putin. and more twitter attacks on media. life's a beach, the governor of new jersey gets caught in the summer sun on a public beach he closed down as millions of new jerseyian s get shut out of state services. richard engel is inside the war zone as iraqi forces battle islamic state holdouts in iraq's second largest city. i am chris jansing and we begin with full fallout over president trump's latest attacks on the media, this one aimed at
9:00 am
cnn. this one showed an edited video of himself punching a man with a cnn logo over his face. criticism of the behavior unbecoming a president. no doubt that president trump has ratcheted up his attacks on the news in recent days, and despite widespread criticism, the president defended his use of twitter as modern day presidential. the president now gearing up for that g-20 summit this week. any indication at all he plans to let up on those media attacks and those tweet storms as he heads into what is going to be a very important foreign policy week. >> reporter: there was only one tweet that mentioned fake news, that was in response to the cnn video, saying at one point, for example, the


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