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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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it is 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. on the east. tomorrow is independence day and we're talking about trump body slamming the media. he posted this wwe video of him body slamming a man with a cnnlogo put over his ahead. so our word of the day is
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"presidential." >> he seems so preoccupied with this stuff when there is a host of important stuff out there he should be dealing with. >> i think he thinks he is making jokes. i don't think he realizes that as president of the united states, these jokes can have consequences. >> he just comes off as too impu impulsi impulsive. the crowd that he is playing to are the folks that don't believe in in international deals and global social contract that america has been about in the past. >> others say he is demeaning the office of the president. let's debrief with ron allen in bridge water, new jersey where the president is spending his fourth of july hold. we also have a congressional reporter from "the washington
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post." ron, the white house is not backing down, this is a presidential statement from the president, essentially, it is because they called it that. the both body slamming a cnn reporter, i guess you could call it. >> yeah, that is certainly the symbolism of this, katie. they're not backing down. there was one tweet from the president that seemed to focus directly at the response from the media and others condemning him about the tweet for cnn. the president tweeting "at some point the fake news will be forced to discuss our great jobs numbers, strong numbers, economy success with isis and the border and so much. the president has been very busy in social media, and the question is whether or not this is a strategy, if it is him, the staff, and who -- it is unclear,
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there is a lot of tweets saying he has been on contact with foreign leaders. leaders with italy, germany, france, saudi arabia. a readout about making calls to leaders of japan and china. he also tweeted out a message to a 10 month old little boy in great britain who is fighting for his life. saying the united states would accept him if they wanted to come for medical treatment. a huge case in the u.k. the courts and doctors have prevented them from bringing him here. the president is also, a release from the white house about a 101-year-old world war ii veteran. a wide variety of stuff coming out of the white house. if it is the president, the staff, who knows, but it is
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people in the white house that are very clad that the cnn wrestling video is not playing as much as it was earlier today. >> everyone seems really happy with this fight that donald trump is picking with the media. they believe he needs to push back and he is being treated unfairly. go ahead, ron. >> it plays to the base. >> that is what they always focused on though. >> the question is that -- there is a big country out there and do they care if he can expand the base at all. do they care about more important for the policies for getting past the policies. that is why i say i think there are some people in the white house that want to turn the page away from this and it feels to
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me there is probably a lot of conflict in there about what to did and how to respond to this. there certainly seems to be a lot of con flingt about how to manage the president or steer him in one direction or another. >> the question is are there conversations about expanding his base, or is this a white house that will end up focusing on that 35% or 40% of people who, on the high end, that agree with this president and got him elected. we broke down the tweets by the numbers. a number of things were true, that donald trump essentially cared more about a tax than he did anyone else. he tweeted more about median that about things like infrastructure. they're saying you're not
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talking about policy, but the president is not talking ols all that much. >> that's right, we have seen this call from the president and his various spokespeople saying why are they not focused on policy. you cannot tweet in the way that the president has been, particularly in the last few days, and expect those kind of incendiary comments not to be covered. i think it is interesting on how he keeps on about fake news, but let's talk about it. i think it is journalistically relevant to talk about how he said the president was not a citizen of the united states. and talking untruths about the size of his inauguration crowd.
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the "fake news" is propagated by him. the thing that trump would say, or the attack against ted cruz, or "access hollywood" tapes, they say that they don't want to talk about it, what is going to happen now, does it mat sner do -- matter? >> it is a tough position. they say he is unpredictable, unfocused, and unhelpful. he is the president who is going to sign legislation they want to pass. he is the person they, if not the right person, he is the president they have been asking for for eight years.
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he needs to end on a legislative agenda, but he is also the key to a portion and they just don't understand. they don't know how to unlock it without him. >> that is a very important point. kelsey, thank you, ron allen, neil, thank you very much, happy fourth of july. >> joining me now, former chair of the dnc. with me onset, susan del percio. i'm happy to see you all. i want to pick up on what how she unlocking a key to the el t electorate that they just don't understand. there was a portion that he was able to excite and bring out, people who are low propensity voters, make them excited to vote for him and stand by him no
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matter what. it is ultimately the issue that republicans are facing, they don't want to cross this group of voters because if they do, they're goomed for any ma yourty they want. >> the other side is that that it is not shown to them. even if if they did 80%, they're not committed to the official. that is what they don't understand. they are also concerned as they move forward that trump can change his mind at any given time. he may decide he wants to work with democrats and leave them in the dust. he will do whatever works for donald trump and that's what they don't know how to measure. >> will democrats work with him, though. you have a lot of people on the left that cannot believe that the president of the united
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states is someone that would tweet something like this, cannot belief the president of the united states is not making any effort to expand his base, cannot believe we have a president that fired the fbi director and bragged about how he fired him because of the russian investigation. or that the president would get into the office with the russians and reveal classified information, a president not forcefully saying we'll hold them accountable and punish them for interfering in the election. there is a lot of frustration on the left-side of the aisle. how do they find a way to off ramp that without just sounding like they're ever more alarmist and turning off the base of supporters that believe in
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donald trump. >> first of all, it doesn't matter if they turn off the supporters because they believe in donald trump no matter what he does. secondly we're not talking about the left, we're talking about a lot of people in the middle. the left can say anything they want and the left will not support them no matter what. even if you're a reasonable person, the left would not support him. the problem here is not just -- first, you have two toxic combinations from the united states and republicans. first you a guy who is president that most people don't respect in this country and don't respect him around the world. even the conservative prime minister of australia, he was caught on tape making fun of trump. i can't imagine that happening under any other president of the united states. certainly not by a conservative prime minister. secondly, the big problem they have is the outrageous legislation that is being passed by mitch mcconnell that will
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strip 23 million people of their health care and save a lot of money on medicaid and turn it over to people like trump who will get big fat tax breaks. that is not going to help them. the right has been out of step with where america has been for a long time. he has his core constituencies. it is not enough to win an election. >> you say the right is out of step, and that was the basic wisdom during the election, and republicans won the house and senate. and you're talking about finding middle voters that don't agree with the president. they don't respect him or like him, there was a big swath that thought all of those things during the election.
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don't worry to those who worry about the presidency that there is enough of the country that we will be able to push back and take him out of office. he has not changed even a little since the election. if there was a majority that would come out, what is -- what changes now. what is the difference maker here? >> many supporters are not far righters with guns that want to shoot up the place. >> i don't think anyone is defining them that way. >> he really, basically made the statement that the nra was now a white spremist grouch group. so there are far right people who are crazy for trump. i think the majority of trump voters wanted real change and didn't think hillary would be a candidate of change, which is
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accurate. i personally think hillary would have been a great president. there was not enough votes that agrees with my position. i think the right wing party is don't with obama care. they are hoping for real change and they got a change that is embarrassing to the united states of america. >> they still to this day say they're very unhappy with donald trump but i could not have voted for hillary clinton. we need to see where he stands after midterm nap is where a lot of people learn. they still say i would rather have voted for hillary clinton. >> it comes down the the politics unfortunately. appreciate it, sir. great to see you on this monday,
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happy fourth of july, everyone. >> trump's tweets are not enough to stop everyone on the west coast. california did not vote for trump, we'll be there live, and i will speak to a remember congressman about the do youing calls to ri re peal balm care now and replace it later, and i will speak to chris christie's spokes man about the optics of his boss's beach visit after closing state beaches. i should take a closer look at geico... geico can help with way more than car insurance. boats, homes, motorcycles... even umbrella coverage. this guy's gonna wish he brought his umbrella. fire at will! how'd you know the guy's name is will? yeah? it's an expression, ya know? fire at will? you never heard of that? oh, there goes will! bye, will! that's not his name! take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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in california, hundreds of people are gathering to protest republican efforts to repeal and replace a bill for obama care. they are outside of a los angeles medical center calling on congress to fix the law instead of cutting medicaid and causing millions of americans to lose their health care coverage. steve paterson joins us live
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from torrance, california. we talked to you last our. there was a lot of emotions about mothers worried about their children, what else are you hearing? >> i think when you watch the coverage out of dc, it sounds like a topic, issue, or concept. this is real for people. we're talking about 22 million people with that cbo rating. 5 million right here in california. i guarantee you there are dozens in this crowd of hundreds. we're also talking to patients worried about losing their basic protections and rights, talking to doctors literally worried about the mortality of their patients. one of them is behind me, daniella del gato. can you tell us why you came out too. >> all forms of inequality are -- i came out here, there
11:20 am
are many, one is because health care is a human right, not a privileg privilege, and millions will lose their insurance if it is dismantled and the new bill is passed. i see it every day, they are able to get on the aca and get insurance and they get preventive care. it affects a lot of people, also emergency services, a lot of mentale health services, so they will achieve and now people will be more sick. >> are your patients cared? >> yes, we're scared as doctors knowing that things will get worse, and health care right now is not perfect. it is very difficult. >> thank you so much. take care, thank you. >> so you hear the fear from the doctors, not only patients, but doctors worried about the patient that's are now coming
11:21 am
and telling their doctors their scared of losing their coverage, care, and basic right to health care. >> thank you for bringing us those real voices outside of the belt way, appreciate it. >> as you just saw, senate democrats are standing their ground as mitch mcconnell tries to figure out a way forward. a few republican colleagues are trying to bring back the idea of repeal first and then replace later. something the president backed late last week. >> i would like to say let's do the repeal, then let's try to get 60 out of 100 senators. let's bring everyone in the room. 18 hours a day, 6 hours a week. and let's do it in full public view. >> joining me now, congressman lee zeldman. from new york, first question, repeal first? delay? is that a good idea?
11:22 am
find a replacement later? >> the option could end up working. i don't they is plan a among most people in congress right now but in the senate, you have to get to at least 51 votes for budget reconciliation. as the senate finds it more difficult to go with that plan a. they start looking at other options. that is an option that could end up working. >> who will jr. constituents like that, do you fear backlash among your voters? >> we just heard one testimonial from someone out in that rally. i also hear stories on the other side. while i was driving to the studio, i received -- someone sent me a letter dated june 30th about ghi pulling out of the individual market in new york. so liberals and conservatives, republicans and democrats, everyone that cares about health
11:23 am
care and we're hearing the stories from the people that say get rid of the aca to other people who say keep it at cost, and in between. this is personally impacting a lot of people. >> are you hearing from people who actually have health care right now say to you that it is fi fine to repeal it as long as they figure out how to replace it? >> if you dig deeper, the short answer is no. as you dig deeper into the cbo report, you know, they talk about a lot of people, millions of people not having insurance because immediately you're repealing the individual mandate. as you get a few years down the road, certain challenges to medicaid end up takes place, the cbo ends up making changes then. it doesn't factor anything within the power of secretary price. any type of legislation that can
11:24 am
get done. as far as the stories i hear, there are people who say they don't want to lose their insurance, but as you apply their particular situation, my constituents to the legislation that is being passed, the impact is not on them, the impact is on people who will choose not to purchase insurance because their government is not telling them to and down the road, the changes are not for people on medicaid right now. it is primarily for new enrollees. it also affects medicaid expansion. it takes place across the country in many states if will help them pay for essential services without that expansion, and basically it ends up being a cut. many people will lose access and coverage they currently enjoy. maybe they are healthy at the
11:25 am
moment, but what if they walk into a dr.'s office and find out they have cancer, what happens to them? >> a really important point to what you're asking about is that with the legislation that the house passed, anyone that is on medicaid as part of that expansion population, anyone that signed up by 2020 as part of that expansion population, the federal government continues to pay 90% in perpetuity. it only impacts new enrollees not yet signed on. for someone currently part of the expansion population, the federal government continues. we should have the same formula for everyone on medicaid. when you a normal f map, federal funding is 50%, the states and local municipalitiemunicipaliti
11:26 am
the lower end of the medicaid population, but you a 90% federal contribution and 10% state and local. when a state needs to save money and medicaid, they're cutting from the lower end of medicaid, not the higher end. that is where the state pays the higher share of costs. i would strongly advocate to any of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle that we should have one formula across the board for the lower end of medicaid and the higher end. >> i want to ask you since you're here about the president's tweets, what do you think of that body slamming tweet being described as modern day presidential. >> i would not say presidential. there are a lot of tweets he puts out, some were highlighted here on your show just a little while ago, tweets put out today where it is the president, being modern day presidential, and
11:27 am
using social media to advocation on behalf of a child, advocating or talking about his foreign false work. that i would call modern day presidential. what i would not call modern day presidential is the clip that you're showing. there is a battle right now and people in the media that are trying to take him down. >> do you believe members of the media are trying to take down the president. do you really believe that, do you think we're trying to take him down or just hold him accountable for what he says, what he says, the inconsistencies, firing the fbi director, and not coming out and say russia hacked the election,
11:28 am
do you believe the media is trying to take him down or just reporting facts that the white house doesn't like and it is okay for the president come to out and attack reporters and advocate violence against us. that is what the president is doing. >> i was not painting the entire media with a broad brush. there are people in the media who earned the iemmy awards, th prizes for doing investigative journalism and the good work, and my constituents can come into a contact with a story might see on the internet, they kl get both sides and form independent judgment, but when i say i don't pate everyone with a broad brush, i also can't for individuals focused on doing that great work because so much of the media, too, and by the way, this is -- i'm not making any excuses or taking sides, i'm trying to answer your question. there are aspects of the media
11:29 am
where when you're an editor on a website, you want the maximum amount of hits and clicks because of sponsorships, or if you're part of programming, right now you're asking questions, i get an opportunity to answer, we get a back and forth. other shows have more editorial content, and what is selling is when emotion gets stirred and certain things get said. that would be an exception on the media side. so there are places where the president of the united states can set a great example for my kids and their generation where we have children saying i want to be the president of the united states when i get older. i want to be a journalist when i get older. i would just say that there are many opportunities for everyone to do a little built better. not taking away from anyone involved in office, in government, doing great work and those in the media doing great
11:30 am
work. >> is this president a role model for your kids? >> in many ways, he is looking out for them and for their security, the security of -- >> do you want your kids to act like the president of the united states in to get on twitter and -- >> if my kids were the president of the united states, and they were on twitter and looking for my advice, i would be pointing to those tweet that's are presidential. i would not be pointing to the tweet from yesterday morning saying this is what your social media should look like. if they were president of the united states and they gave me the opportunity to weigh in on the twitter account, i would be pointing to other content about issues, about policy, what you did, what you're working on, and how you're fighting for america. the people that voted for the president, there are a lot of people struggling to make ends
11:31 am
meet. th they want to talk about a job. that is really what the bulk of the people who voted for him last november -- and a lot of people that didn't vote for the president last november but will say i didn't vote for him, but he is my president. there are people who did not vote for him that would rather see him spend the maximum amount of time to make america -- address all of the obstacles and make america better. >> you can fight for your voters and do so without showing a picture or video of you symbolically body slamming a national news outlet. i think that is probably a reasonable thing to do. republican new york congressman lee zeldan, thank you for joining us today. >> must be nice to be governor. your state's government is shut
11:32 am
down, you close state beaches to your own people, but not to yourself and your family. you get the sand all to yourself on a holiday weekend. chris christie says don't blame him, he is ready to reopen just as soon as the state passes a budget. >> right now i have no choices to make, they have not presented me with any choices. if they present me with a choice,ly make the choice, trust me. >> don't leave us, the governor's spokesperson will join me after this break. it's being in motion. in body, in spirit, in the now. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for when you need a little extra. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink. be up for it i own my own company.
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11:36 am
we'll keep an eye out on this for you and bring you the latest as it happens. to new jersey now. remember when governor chris christie had this message in 2011 before hurricane irene. >> get the hell off of the beach and get out. you're done. it's 4:30, you maximized your tan, get off of the beach. >> now many people have that same message for him. hours after a state government shut down lead to the lclosure f state parks and beaches, he was spotted at a state owned restraert in retreat in island beach state park. he said this. >> looks like you got some sun. >> didn't, but go ahead. i didn't get any sun today. >> the governor's spokes man made this point today, he said he did not get any sun, he had a baseball hat on. now governor christie is letting people know there are plenty of
11:37 am
beaches to go to this holiday weekend. and in the last hour, another beautiful day at the jersey shore, our beaches are open and full of people. joining me now, governor chris christie's spokes person, brian murray. thank you for joining us. i think the first question is -- >> thank you for having me. >> the optics of this, it doesn't look good add all for the governor, does it? >> that's what it is, isn't it? it's optics. it's a couple photographs of a governor with his family on the beach. not much of a scandal there when you consider 119 miles of coast are open, they're packed with people, we're talking about two beaches that had to be closed. not because the governor closed them personally, but because we don't have a budget provided to
11:38 am
him from the legislature. and he is ready to sign. every day he has been in trenton. we held press conferences so say send a budget, we'll sign it. we have not received a budget yet. he also called for an assembly of the legislature. some of the members now up, some don't. you can't wave a magic wand and make the budget show up on their desk. most km vs. provided a second budget, but it is being held up by the assembly speaker. >> why did the governor just not say yeah, i got some sun when the reporter asked him about it. >> because since monday now, on his monthly radio show, and at multiple press conferences since, he has been telling everyone that he will be at the beach house, the governor's resident at the beach, this
11:39 am
weekend. >> so why didn't he say yes, i got some sun. >> because they didn't ask are you on the beach? they said did you get some sun, and he was on the beach for 45 minutes and back in trenton that day. so no, he didn't. >> when you responded because he was wearing a baseball hat. >> that was not to you, casy, and not to anyone in the national media. >> does it matter who it was to. >> it was an exchange that i was being smart allicky with him and he was being smart with me. it was light hearted, they were not indicated that was the response they recall. >> maybe it's just optics, the governor has a 15% approval rating, brian. 15%. if it is just optics, he is giving off the optics according to a lot of folks in your state
11:40 am
that he doesn't care any more. is that a good idea for this governor that has a 15% approval rating to show them, to make it look like to the public of his state that he doesn't care? >> as the governor said when he was above 65% popularity, that he didn't believe it then, and he looks at 15% now, and he doesn't believe that now. let's talk about what is go onk here. a state shut down because one individual, but leader in the assembly refusing to allow his members to vote on a bill. now think of that. 30,000 to 35,000 people are furloughed today because of one person refusing to allow fellow democrats to come in and vote on a particular bill that is key to the budget that the democrats want to pass and the governor is ready to sign it. >> i know that the governor -- >> or his proposed budget, which is a lower spending plan. that one too.
11:41 am
send it to governor christie, he will sign it. >> great that he wants to sign it, but don't you need to as the governor of a state look as if you are working as hard as you can to make sure that the state is running properly? and if i'm going -- >> if he needs to look like it -- he is doing something, and he does something every day. >> why do you think he has such a low approval rating. it's a 20 year record for no -- no governor in any state has had an approval rating that low in 20 years. across the country, it is the lowest approval rating -- >> it was above 65%. >> polls don't matter at this point. he is not running for anything. he is not running for anything. we have a race this year. he is not in it. he is maxed out. he did his two fiterms, and he plans to continue doing his two terms. he has other candidates retuunn,
11:42 am
the legislature running. it is an election year in new jersey. >> what is he doing after this. who will want to take on governor chris krchristie with s 15% approval rating and sat on the paech and made beach and ma. >> as he said the other day, he would like to make so the money for once. he has been in public service -- >> doesn't that seem he doesn't care about leading the state. he wants to make money for once. i'm going to the beach, i didn't get any sun, i was wearing a hat. >> you're refusing to simply -- you're using photographs about a man on the beach with his family, that is a scandal apparently. and by the way that beach is closed 365 days a year. that particular segment of the beach is part of the governor's residen residence. he was on the beach for 45 minutes and he came back to work in trenton, and he was in
11:43 am
trenton the day before that, trenton all week. he is in trenton today. and he works from home, from where ever he is, everyone knows that governor christie is always at work, just follow us, follow his press conferences, follow our press releases -- >> >> we have to see, we have to see what the democrats will present, they had a meeting today with the verizon ceo, looking for results and information out of that, but we may have one today, we have to play it by ear. >> did the governor get some sun that day. >> what day? >> did the governor get some sun, i will allow you to answer that question. >> yhe was on the beach for 45 minutes, i will let you decide. >> brian murray, spokesman for
11:44 am
governor christie, thank you very much. look forward to a press conference if you hold one today. >> joining me now, bob engle, a columnist and blogger covering the bridge gate scandal and author of "chris christie: the governor and his rise to power." take it away. >> they sounded defensive, didn't they? one of the things not being said here, yes, there are beaches that are open. that are not in state parks. how about the people who planned to be at that particular place? and find out at the last minute they can't do it. how about the businesses close to that particular place that are not getting any business now because it is closed down. it really is sort of like a "let them eat cake" kind of a deal. i think a lot of it has to do with christie's frustration
11:45 am
because it is at 15%. >> so coming out against chris kr christie, his approval rating right now is at 15%, i mean if you just want to argue that this is just optics, the optics are not good for a governor with such a low approval rating, is he sending a message to the people of new jersey that he represents that he doesn't care any more? >> that is exactly what it is. he says i'm okay i'm at 15%, i don't care, i'm governor and you're not. >> columnist and author, bob engel, i'm sorry to cut you short, i went long with brian. i was trying to figure out what he meant when he said the governor didn't get any sun. >> thank you so much. >> there is a state by state bu push back for the president's request for your voter data.
11:46 am
why are stays saying no, and is the move even legal. i'm going to learn how to read the prompter when i take a day off for the fourth of july, answers coming after the break. and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira works by targeting and helping to... ...block a specific source... ...of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and... ...stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas... ...where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb,
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(singsong) budget meeting.
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sweet. if you compare last quarter... it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with no artificial preservatives, flavours or dyes. last week the voter fraud commission asked all 50 states and dc to hand over personal information about their voters. as of today, many said no. in most of the states, it's
11:50 am
democrat voting officials that are pushing back, but republicans are rebaelrebelling. mississippi responded by saying they can mexico and mississippi is a great state to launch from. that's some serious shade. the trump administration had this response today. >> the commission is only asking for publicly available data in every state. so various state laws have various requirements on what can and cannot be released. this is something states release it political parties and campaigns on a regular basis. so the commission is not asking for anything that's not already out there in the public domain. >> since his election, president trump alleged that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally. he is yet to show evidence that backs up that claim. any evidence what so of. that's not this to say, that's not this to say voter fraud -- that is not to say, excuse me, that didn't make any sense. that is not to say voter fraud does not exist, though.
11:51 am
the brennan center, nonpartisan public policy and law institute tweeted today that they found a total of, wait for it, 30 cases of possible noncitizens voting. that's it. just 30 cases. joining me now from santa fe, new mexico's secretary of state maggie oliver. secretary, thank you very much for joining us. on friday you said you wouldn't release some information unless, and until, i am convinced the information will not be used for nefarious or unlawful purposes. so has the commission reached out to you about your concern in order to alleviate it? >> now n, katie. in fact we just got the letter this morning to my office requestinging the data. we plan to respond and plan to ask a lot of commissions about what they want the information for and how they plan it secure it. >> if they come back to you and
11:52 am
say they try and demand it, can you just put your foot down and say no? is that possible for the state or can the federal government try to force that information out of states? well, i think it would be a huge mistake for them to try to do that, katie. in must mexico we have certain laws on the books that protect voters' private identifier information such as their social security number and birthday. i would have to be issued some sort of subpoena and i this that i would beg a really big important question. what is this data used for if all they look for is publicly available data and no big deal. this something that happens everyday. why this formal request? and why so much vagueness about what they use that data for. it does raise a lot of questions for me. >> what do you they they will use it for in any idea? >> you know, from the beginning, i have questioned the purpose of this commission. i think it is essentially a trojan horse that is used to advance voter suppression around
11:53 am
this country. i'm very skeptical and i think that we can probably guess that based on previous statements for example of vice chair co-balk and president trump that there will be a witch hunt for looking for this widespread voter fraud. as an election official and as someone who ran elections in county jurisdiction for ten years, we know it does not exist. >> donald trump asked the question, what do states have to hide. does your state have splg ometh to hide. >> we have nothing to hide. i want it puto push back on tha. my state which i'm constitutionally charged with protecting and i do not want to participate in a witch hunt which would further cast aspersions on our elections in this country. >> we haven't seen evidence of widespread voter fraud. but dhs officials say 21 states
11:54 am
were targets are cyber intrusions and voter data bases during the 2016 election. have you heard at all from the trump administration regarding that and regarding making sure that the elections go off without a hitch and that our systems and states are not interfered with. >> i think that's a really good point. and for me, personally, if this election integrity commission were interested in looking into this very real issue that we know really happened, we know that russia attempted to hack voter registration data bases. we know that russia did quite a few things to interfere with elections. and the 2016 general election. so i think it would be really important if they commission wanted to pursue looking in to how we could continue to protect our voter registration systems and our other election systems from potential hacking. that would seem to be a really good use of this commission's potential time rather than, you know, casting aspersions and
11:55 am
going on witch hunts and voter data. >> secretary of state maggie oliver from the great state of new mexico. thank you very much for joining me. >> thank you so much for having me, katie. >> after the break, one more thing for you. he closed new jersey's state beach answers people aren't letting governor christie off all that easy. ♪ minutes old. ♪ a baby's skin is never more delicate. ♪ what do hospitals use to wash and protect it? ♪ johnson's® the number 1 choices in hospitals. you...smells fine, but yourin your passengers smell this bell dinging new febreze car with odorclear technology cleans away odors... ...for up to 30 days smells nice...
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one more thing before we go. if you haven't seen it, you haven't been on social media today. and don't worry, don't got to
11:59 am
get on social media because we will tell you what you missed. governor chris christie is taking heat for quote getting sun despite closing state beaches. suffice it to say the beachgate headlines have been harsh. daily mail's topper, son of a beach. twitter bringing it too. here is christie photo shopped with the bond girl. here is michael jordan flying high to score. and of course, memes of the jersey governor wouldn't be complete without one linking him to bridge gate. and we will end on this one. christ christie photo shopped into the oval office next to a controversial photo of kellyanne conway with the caption "saturday night live" can't come back soon enough. i can tell you who can't come back soon enough. >> it is so good to be back with you, katie. at what point in a press conference chris christie said to somebody, if you want house
12:00 pm
on the beach, then you should run for governor. >> you should be governor. i don't know if you saw it but his spokesperson was just on. i asked him if he got any sun, he was sitting on the beach. he said, well he was only there for 45 minutes. i'll let you decide. >> chris christie can engage with people. other people shy away and they are apologetic. chris christie decides to own it. >> that's one way of describing that. >> yeah. whatever he does, he owns it. >> happy fourth of july. >> and to you, thank you. anchor, as katie says, the country gets ready to celebrate independence day. some are choosing to spend their holidays in the streets protesting the latest health care plan from republican senators. many fear repealing obamacare could leave millions uninsured. dozens of states are saying no to the president's commission on election integrity and its request for voter role data. we will talk with hawaii's top leader about the plans a


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