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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  July 11, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> hey there, andrea. good to see you. craig melvin live at msnbc headquarters in new york. breaking news this hour. for months there's been smoke. this afternoon, some believe a fire may be starting. donald trump jr. releasing a trove of e-mails detailing the lead-up to his meeting with the criminally linked attorney. what they say about the russian government's support, that kremlin-linked attorney speaking out. an nbc news exclusive interview with the russian attorney whom donald trump jr. met last june, her account of that meeting with the president's son, son-in-law, and steve bannon. and kushner's clearance. the e-mails, jared kushner cc'd on the plans for that meeting. why didn't he reveal he had communications with a russian attorney in his security clearance forms?
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one of the dozen lawmakers calling for kushner's security clearance to be revoked joins me. up with of the dozens, i should say. we start with the e-mails released by donald trump jr. just a short time ago. they follow a series of bombshell stories by "the new york times" and what you might call evolving answers by the president's first born about this meeting with the russian lawyer. let's read through some of those e-mails this afternoon. these e-mails released by donald trump jr. himself. we do not know if these are all of the e-mails, nor do we have confirmation from rob goldstone. goldstone is the acquaintance in the e-mails who set up the meeting, that these are his responses. also trump jr.'s lawyer has previously insisted his client has done nothing wrong, and the president's legal team, his personal legal team, has said then candidate trump knew nothing of the meeting.
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here is just a selection of what was released. bear with me here. according to the e-mails on june 9th of 2016, rob goldstone writes to donald trump. goldstone, again, an acquaintance who manages a pop singer whose father has ties to the russian government and to president trump. goldstone writes, "the crown prosecutor of russia met with his the singer's father this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and would be very useful to your father." in that same e-mail, goldstone writes, "this is very obviously high level and sensitive information but is part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. 17 minutes later, trump jr.
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responds. "if it's what you say, i love it, especially later in the summer." three days the later the conversation picks back up, goldstone writing, let me know when you are free to talk with the singer about this hillary info. more back and forth occurs, a day later june 7th, 2016, goldstone writes, "emin asks that i schedule a government with you and the russian government attorney flying over from moscow this thursday. i believe you are aware of the meeting and so wondered if 3:00 p.m. or later on thursday works for you. i assume it would be at your office. "about an hour later, trump jr. exresponds, "how about 3:00 at our offices?" three minutes later, goldstone responds, "i will send the names of the two people with whom you're meeting for security when i have them later today." trump writes, "great. it will likely be paul manafort, campaign boss, my brother-in-law, and me." the next morning a series of e-mails, goldstone writes, would
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it be to believe to move to 4:00 p.m. as the russian attorney is in court until 3:00? trump jr. responds, "yes, rob, i can do that unless they wanted to do 3:00 today." three minutes after that, goldstone writing, "they can't do today as she hasn't landed yet from moscow. 4:00 p.m. is great tomorrow." the final e-mail in this thread comes the next day. it's donald trump jr. writing to jared kushner and paul manafort one day before the meeting, he writes, "meeting got moved to 4 tomorrow at my offices. best, don." a lot to break down. kristen welker at the white house, michael allen previously served as republican staff director on the house intelligence committee. greg miller is with "the washington post" and steve clemens is an msnbc contributor and editor at large at "the atlantic." kristen, what's the latest?
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>> that is white house in full damage control mode, craig. no doubt about that. this complicates the narrative we've heard from the president and his top officials on down say nothing one with his campaign met with or knew about russia's efforts to try to intervene in the 2016 race or tried to collude with them. look, this is the highest level person, one of the within the president's inner circle who essentially released e-mails today acknowledging that he met with someone who he thought had information that was damaging to hillary clinton and he was told that information came from the russian government. that is significant. in a statement from donald trump's attorney, he says, "in my view, this is much ado about nothing. don jr. had no idea what specific information would be
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discussed if any. the bottom line is don jr. did nothing wrong." and a statement from mark kral low, a spokesman for president trump's personal attorney, "the president was not aware of and did fot attend the meeting." that is where the focus is going to be today, craig, but the bottom line, a lot of difficult questions for president trump, who had at the time just effectively secured the republican nomination based on our records, we believe he was at trump tower at the time, doesn't mean he was at that meeting, but questions about what he knew about his son's whereabouts during that 30 minutes or so that they say this meeting took place. again, don jr. stresses he never took information from the meeting and there was never any follow-up. but the question is why has his story changed on this, craig? remember initially he said he was going into this meeting to discuss russian adoptions. that story then changed once he was presented with information from "the new york times," only then did he start to acknowledge that, yes, he went to that meeting thinking that he was
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going to get damaging information about hillary clinton. of course it is not unusual for people in campaigns to try to get opposition research on their opponents. but in this case, what makes it significant is that this relates to the russian government. of course against the backdrop of the broader russia probe, not only the special counsel but the investigations under way on capitol hill. lawmakers saying they want answers, they want to hear from don jr., they want to hear from everyone at that meeting. we are going to hear from sarah huckabee sanders. it will be again one of these off-camera briefings, craig, but it doesn't mean ma the questions will be any less tough. >> kristen, here's a president that rarely pas up an opportunity to respond to the controversy, even in the past, ivanka or melania, he's take on the his favorite megaphone, twitter, to respond. on don jr. so far, crickets.
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not a single tweet. why have we heard nothing from this president defending his son or even if he thought this was, you know, fake muse? nothing on this particular story. any idea why? >> reporter: it is striking, craig. you're absolutely right. he often takes to twitter to defend those closest to him, particularly when they are his children. nothing. and yet he has sent out dozens of tweets since this story first broke over the weekend, everything from talking about health care to the olympics, ivanka trump at the g-20 summit. nothing on this. why? well, is the answer could simply be that his legal counsel has informed him not to weigh in. we know that's what's going on around the country has been the broad advice of his legal counsel, to really try to direct any and all reaction to these stories to the spokesperson for his legal counsel, mark karel low, that is the person we deal with on a daily basis as we try to delve into these stories.
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in this instance, it appears as though he is heeding that advice. will he continue to do so? remember, he's about to leave for a foreign trip to paris. i will be on that trip and presumably at various moments, hopefully reporters will have a chance to either shout or ask him some questions about this. so we may yet hear from him before the week is done, craig. >> steve clemens, one of the things that becomes fairly obvious when you read through these e-mails is that his initial explanation on saturday as to what was going to be going down in this meeting, this adoption story, it's hard to believe how he thought that might be the case. i'm not saying it's a flatout lie, but it smells like it could be a flatout lie. >> it was a piece of string. sergei magnitsky, never charged with a crime, one of the most horrific things that led john mccain and others to create a
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sanctions process for sanctioning russia and frank hi other countries on the issue of human rights violations of that magnitude. and so that is not a way to talk about adoptions. that's a way to talk about the death of someone within russian jail and that was a very, very serious thing to vladimir putin. that was a red flag for anyone who followed u.s./russian affairs and it was something that putin wanted desperately removed from russia, wanted a range of sanctions. but, you know, one of the things that really strikes me in this is donald trump fired james comey because of this russia investigation. donald trump savaged the u.s. intelligence community for what he saw as falsely coming to the conclusion that russia had hacked in this election. what we're beginning to see is the team around president trump knew all along from the very beginning what the truth was. and so there are other elements of collateral damage within our own government that are also
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part of this story. >> michael allen, one of the assertions from don jr. has been oppo research, when you're working for a campaign, this is completely normal, this is acceptable behavior, everyone does it. what do we know, what do you know about how true that is? >> well, it is true in campaigns that a lot of people approach you with oppo research. but, look, this exudes shadiness -- >> from foreign governments? do you get oppo research from foreign entities? >> no, no, no. that's what i'm saying. i'm trying to draw a distinction that this exudes shadiness because it had a russian connection from the get-go and they knew or should have known that this was a terrible idea to have met with this person. it reminds us all that this was sort of a jamboree of a campaign, people falling in and out, different people that are in the trump organization and halfway in the campaign, meeting
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with russians, with no supervision. it was a terrible exercise in judgment and of course this is -- you know, we're seeing in live real time now a russian active measures intelligence operation where they were either going to get access to donald jr. or as the case turned out to be have compromising information on him where today that we're discussing that he was interested in receiving negative information about secretary clinton from a foreign government. and so, you know, i have a lot of questions about whether we're still seeing an unspooling fsb kremlin plot to continue to confuse and delegitimize what we have going on here in the united states. >> greg, i want to play some of keir simmons' interview with this russian lawyer. here's just a snippet. >> had the impression, it
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appears that they were going to be told some information that you had about the dnc. howdy they get that impression? >> translator: it's quite possible that maybe they were looking for such information. they wanted it so badly. >> what do you make of her statement and of those e-mails? >> it's clear how badly they wanted it. some of our other guests have alluded to this, but this sort of shatters the claims from the outset of this administration that they were not -- would not have worked with russia, that there was no connection with russia, that this is all fake news. i mean, all of those statements from the president on down have to be seen in a completely different light now. and i just feel like it's -- you know, the shifting explanations just in the past 48 hours just
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underscore an utter inability by this administration to level with the american people on this issue. >> greg, we've heard from a number of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who continue to say things like just wait, there's going to be another shoe that drops. just wait. folks you talk to, your source, have you getting more indications that there's more to this story that we don't have yet? >> i don't think there's any question. there are certainly large looming questions here and you touched on some of them. this snippet of e-mail chain that don jr. released today the beginning and end of all of the e-mail discussions on this issue? beyond that, he's in the same building with his father. he's bringing in his father's campaign manager, bringing in his own brother-in-law for what has to be -- for a meeting that
10:15 am
just their participation signals the importance in his mind. he doesn't tell his father about this, even before hand or afterward. we don't know the answer to that question yet. but it's a huge, huge question now. >> it would be hard to imagine that a candidate or person like donald trump sr. would not know that this is happening. it sounds like what you're saying. >> it's hard to -- i mean, given his father's personality, given how it's sort of high-level nature of people he brings into this meeting, although don jr. is now sort of claiming, look, we didn't get anything out of this meeting, you can't really fault me, because the idea that think went into it with this expectation and were eager to get this sort of dirt and knew that this was -- that it would be supplied by russian sources just obliterates so many of the defenses that this administration has tried to erect over the last six to nine months.
10:16 am
>> michael allen, the assertion, i didn't get anything out of the meeting so what's wrong here, walk us through from a legal standpoint why that could also be problematic. >> i think it would go to the intent. the state of mind donald jr. had when he took the meeting. now, it may be true that it later turned out to be, you know, nothing of substance turned over. hi state of mind is i'm going to get something good here. let's remind everyone that the russians are still undertaking active measures here in the united states. i would look with a great deal of skepticism on this russian lawyer who keir simmons has interviewed. it's a great interview. it's very interesting. i'm glad you all got it. but, look, she is working on behalf of the russian government
10:17 am
who has an interest in stirring the pot here in the united states so that putin can point to his people and say, look, democracy is a bigger mess than anything else in the world. stick with me. you know, the questions you all have going to put to don jr. and the rest are absolutely legitimate, but we have to remember here that the russians are laughing all the way to the bank as we and they put people and figures in front of our elected officials here in washington. >> all right. so much to sift through here. big thanks to all of you for starting us off. big reactions from capitol hill to this breaking news on donald trump jr.'s e-mails including charges of treason. our kasie hunt managed to bump into vice president mike pence a short time ago. we'll hear what he had to say and also hear from democrats including senator and former democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine.
10:18 am
>> this should have set off alarm bells and red lights and instead it activated their salivary glands. oh, we have to get more. they should have turned this over the law enforcement immediately. instead, they had this very, very troubling meeting and this is just wheelbarrow full of new evidence for the special prosecutor and the senate intelligence committee.
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mr. vice president, could i ask you about donald trump jr.? were you aware of that meeting? >> vice president mike pence on capitol hill today as you saw there ignoring a question from our kasie hunt about donald trump jr. and his e-mails. kasie hunt standing by for us on the hill. what else if anything did the vice president have to say? >> reporter: did not say anything else on camera, obviously. he's behind closed doors with republican senators where they are talking about health care. but i do want to share with you a statement that his office has now put out on the record from a spokesman about this meeting that donald trump jr. had with the russian lawyer with government ties. they say, "the vice president is working every day to advance the president's agenda. he was not aware of the meeting. he is also not focused on stories about the campaign, especially those pertaining to the time before he joined the campaign."
10:23 am
i want to draw your attention to that last line, essentially saying, look, my hands are off of this, and i think that tells you quite a bit about how the vice president views what has gone on here and the distance he seems to be putting between himself and the president, very careful but very specific distance nonetheless. and i think very much worth taking note of. across the hill we've had a wide variety of reaction today to what has unfolded over the course of the past few hours. of course we woke up to the stories about the existence of these e-mails. we now have seen the e-mails themselves. it has been a lot of back and forth. i found myself at one point reading the e-mails out loud to senator lindsey graham so he was able to respond. that of course was how fast things move here. but on the democratic side, i do want to draw your attention to one person who had a lot at stake here and that was the vice presidential nominee in 2016, tim kaine, of course the democratic senator from virginia. i caught up with him in the hallways earlier and he had some
10:24 am
very strong words for what happened in this e-mail exchange and the subsequent meeting. take a look. >> it's more than a perjury investigation. it's a treason investigation. >> reporter: to be clear, it's not clear that -- the definition legally of treason is not necessarily something that fits into what we know so far about what has gone on. i want to emphasize that's what's going on around the country's senator kaine's words, not necessarily the words of somebody actively conducting an investigation on capitol hill. but at the same time, i think it does underscore politically the degree to which this is felt emotionally by people who were associated with the clinton campaign. they spent much of last year trying to get people to cover this russia story more aggressively. i certainly was on the receiving end of that. i think there is a lot of head shaking about all of this as it unfolds today.
10:25 am
>> what are other lawmakers saying? essentially from the vice president we heard my name's bennett and i ain't in it. what do other lawmakers say? >> senator graham was circumspe circumspect, saying he wants to understand all the facts before he necessarily pres forward. he's somebody leading an investigation, a subcommittee of judiciary investigating this. john mccain essentially said i told you so. he said this story will continue to evolve. i told you it would. i told you there was more here. that's pretty indicative of how we've seen him approach it, he and graham very hawkish on russia. i also pressed senator ted cruz, who has been somebody a little more reluctant to maybe publicly criticize the president, unlike mccain and graham. he had trouble answering questions about whether or not russia was our adversary or whether i should say the president has been treating russia that way. instead blaming president obama and hillary clinton. craig?
10:26 am
>> kasie hunt, capitol hill for us this afternoon. thank you. some new re revelations about the e-mails. could he face charges? if so, what might those charges be? did he break campaign finance reform laws? i chances are, the last time you got a home loan,
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apparently nothing transpired. there was no exchange of information between the russian lawyer and the campaign. but if there's an e-mail from a russian suggesting that the russian government wants to help, that would be very problematic. >> i know it's serious, but i've said a long time ago it's serious and this is a serious situation and one that is a long way from over. >> you just heard leading republican senators there reacting to the controversy surrounding donald trump jr., a meeting with this kremlin connected russian lawyer. what are the legal implications of releasing these e-mails? paul butler joining me now, former federal prosecutor, professor at georgetown school of law, also an msnbc legal analyst. and rick tyler is here as well, co-founder of foundry
10:31 am
strategies, a republican strategist, also an msnbc and nbc political analyst. paul, let me start with you. senator kaine pretty specific, calling this collusion, treason. what might donald trump jr. face legally here if anything? >> it's a bit of an overstatement given what we know now. but that should not provide any comfort to donald trump jr. we have spoking gun evidence of collusion. the way that collusion becomes a crime is under federal election law if you coordinate spending, campaign contributions with a foreign national, that's a federal crime. or if you solicit a contribution from a foreign national, that's a federal crime. a contribution doesn't have to be cash money. it could also be some kind of material aid like opposition
10:32 am
research. with this tweet storm this morning trump jr. exposes himself to federal criminal liability. >> because to you it clearly reads as if he was soliciting a contribution. >> he said "i love it," i love this information that's damaging about hillary. that's a thing of value, a term of art under the statue. opposition research counts as a thing of value, which makes it a contribution, which makes it illegal for trump jr. to solicit it. >> to be clear, that exchange, and i don't know if we can put it back on the screen, the exchange to which we are referring, rick tyler, this is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. the response from don jr., "if it's what you say, i love it."
10:33 am
rick, this would seem to be pretty damning. >> absolutely damning. it does point out collusion and it settles a couple things. one is the russians did want to help donald trump and you have an e-mail indicating so. now ron is probably a little removed from the russian government but he's passing this on. i also find it interesting that ron didn't actually want to attend the meeting. i don't know if he didn't want to attend the meeting because he knew what was going to happen or no information or damning information about hillary clinton was actually exposed or transferred over, but it was very obvious that donald trump was willing to work with someone who was purported to be a representative, a lawyer for the russian government, and was willing to take that information. now in the end it didn't happen. what's interesting about the finance law is the professor is right, if there's an exchange of money or something of value, which opposition research obviously would be, but seemingly there's no opposition research actually transferred.
10:34 am
so i don't know that he's actually in any legal trouble at all, but it does speak to perhaps that we need to look at the campaign election laws beyond just contributing something of value to a campaign. >> what about this -- again, i don't know if we can pull the e-mail up. if you look closely in the subject line. it says "russia, clinton, private and confidential." how could you say that you don't know what the meeting is going to be about if it says "russia, clinton, private and confidential"? >> you can't. >> i don't think you can. again, i think the question is going to be how could donald trump sr. not know when he's at this point so obsessed with hillary's e-mails, a month later he'll invite the russians to give him their hacked e-mails about hillary. for his son, son-in-law, and campaign chief to have a meeting a floor below him and him not
10:35 am
know about this meeting, again, it's going to really make special counsel robert mueller suspicious. >> rick, i know you're still quite plugged into republican circles, of course former campaign spokesman for ted krewe. what are your fellow republicans saying about this latest revelation, this latest bombshell? how worried are they? >> well, publicly you notice they're saying mostly nothing and i think this is very worrisome shgt worrisome for the republican brand, because consistently the administration has said one thing that's proven not to be true over and over again. and, you know, there's some point where that credibility gap bleeds over to the republican party. i saw ted krewe earlier on this network saying that people aren't talking abrussia in his home state of texas and that may well be true, and i've traveled around and i don't know that it's on everybody's mind, but this is rather an explosive revelation that donald trump jr. -- what's more disturbing is that paul manafort and jared
10:36 am
kushner attended that meeting. and remember, the initial -- you know, that they didn't know who they were meeting with. let me just say there's two things that are simultaneously true here. one is campaign managers don't meet with nameless people. that just doesn't happen. they meet with people with very specific agendas. they're too busy not to. it's also possible that the president or then donald trump was not president did not know about the meeting, that's also common. you'll have lots of campaign staffers who meet with all numbers of manner of people and the candidate is not aware of them. >> rick, quickly, what about this assertion that we discussed earlier from donald trump jr., you know, it's oppo research? in campaigns, you take oppo research from anyplace. that's business a usual. >> you don't take oppo research from a foreign government and you certainly wouldn't take oppo research from a hostile foreign
10:37 am
government. it shouldn't be a mystery to anybody -- there seems to be confusion about whether russia is a hostile -- russia is a hos still enemy. putin is a bad guy. putin does not want democracy not only in his country or in the west. he kills journalists. he's a thug. he has no interest in helping the united states to succeed or prosper and if he's helping a candidate and if that call came in -- i can tell you that call came to me i certainly would not have taken the meeting, i probably would have called the fbi. >> we'll leave threat. rick taylor, thank you. rick, excuse me. paul butler, thank you. rick tyler, thank you as well. >> thanks. >> kushner's clearance. donald trump jr.'s e-mail drop showing presidential son-in-law jared kushner knew he was going to meet with a russian government attorney. why didn't kushner report it on hi security clearance form? should he be able to keep that clearance now? congresswoman barbara lee of california has called for it to be revoked along with dozens of
10:38 am
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10:42 am
great deal health care, of course, tax reform, talk of infrastructure. there's a budget, raising the debt ceiling, all of those things needing to get done here before the end of august. mitch mcconnell deciding lawmakers will stick around a little longer than usual in washington, d.c. i'm joined from capitol hill by someone from the lower chamber, democratic congresswoman barbara lee of california. thanks for your time. does that surprise you at all? >> glad to be with you. well, it doesn't surprise me. every day we have new developments on all fronts, both in the house and in the senate. so we are hopeful that the senate understands the american public's desire not to repeal the affordable care act. but to move forward and look for ways to enhance it and make it better. taking health care from 24 million people is unacceptable, immoral and wrong. >> we have not gotten word on when this revised health care
10:43 am
bill is going to be revealed to the public and when it's going to be scored by the cbo but the thinking is that this ress is being delayed so that lawmakers can get something done on health care. your reaction to the other news of the day here, this donald trump jr. e-mail drop. do you think based on what you've read and hear so far the president's son broke the law? >> let me say this is shocking and outrageous but not surprising. itis family affair. this trump empire is trying to really influence the government, the public sector, it's really very dangerous. it's not a shock to me the trump campaign would bite -- not bite but would fall into a trap of
10:44 am
trying to obtain information from russians. they all of a sudden are trying to distance themselves from that but it's clear by the e-mails they were happy to accept a meeting that could provide damaging information about hillary clinton from the russians. that's the issue, not that they received any information but they were willing to accept it and the campaign staff attend this meeting with him. >> paul manafort in that room, so was jared kushner. you're one of 52 house democrats who have demanded that his security clearance be suspended until the investigation is over. what's the thinking here? >> clearly he has broken all the protocols with regard to security clearances in terms of disclosing meetings with russians and with foreign governments.
10:45 am
i believe it should be suspended until a full investigation takes place. the house oversight and reform committee has asked for -- members have asked for it to be suspended who are on the committee. congressman elijah cummings has led that effort and i think it's very appropriate that his security clearance be suspended because we don't know what the heck took place and he has still access to classified information. minimally he should not have access until these investigations go forward. that's why we need this independent investigation because we have to get to the bottom of this and know what to do so we can fix these laws so this never happens again. >> do you think there's a chance this is just gross incompetence or does it rise to the level of collusion? >> it doesn't look like gross incompetence to me. the response "i love it" to the
10:46 am
request for this meeting in terms of the possible information, that is not naivete. it looks like there is evidence with regard to possible collusion. >> congresswoman barbara lee of california, always good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders sure to be asked about the new revelations from donald trump jr.'s e-mails. don't be fooled by this picture. the daily press briefing off camera once again. that's going to happen about a half hour from now. why does the deputy press secretary want the cameras turned off? my next guest is with "the washington post." he has a working theory.
10:47 am
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[car tires screech] [bell rings] we are just moments away from the offcamera white house press briefing. where sarah sanders the be asked about the release of donald trump junior's e-mails.
10:51 am
dana milbank caught my attention. let's start with why these press briefings, you think is moved to more offcamera briefings? >> well, i'm not disappointed about it, the move entirely, it gives us more quality time together. but -- which is very important. but i mean, i think it's not -- it's a sensible decision if you're in the position of sean spicer or sarah huckabee sanders. your keeps tweeting out things that are wrong or inexplicable. you have this russian scandal they seem to have invalidated day after day. the president is not giving these people the information they need to go out there and face the public. it's not really sanders fault or
10:52 am
spicer's fault. they're in a no win situation. speaking for somebody who they don't know what he's thinking. and this has made for one humiliation after another. >> when we get the audio, of course, we'll turn it around. how do you suspect this white house is going to try to spin these e-mails? >> i have no idea. i know. and i think that's absolutely right. they have been -- by the way, is their fault. it's sean's fault and sarah's fault. they don't have to go out every day and speak to someone who won't speak to them. part of it is, trump doesn't like anyone to get more air time than he does. he continually contradicts those people that are sent out to speak for him. >> if that's true, what you just said is true.
10:53 am
why has this president not held a news conference in months now. >> probably because he doesn't have answers to the questions. now, i could look at the bill and tell you why i think it would be better, but it has to come from the 3rez. nothing is ever going to happen in the congress when you have low approval ratings, and public support for initiatives that are in the 20s, we don't have to wonder whether legislation is going to pass, it's not going to pass. the only way to turn that around he has to sell this to the american people. he has to convince them his health care plan, his immigration proposals, his foreign policy is better than what they have. and that's how constitution republicans work, that's why it's so troubling to have the russians be interfering in our
10:54 am
elections and people don't take it seriously. >> i want to go back to something we talked about at the top of the broadcast here. >> here's a president that tweets a lot. when folks in the past have gone after ivanka, he takes to twitter, but on this he's been eerily silent. why do you think that is? >> if you see what he's done in the past, he uses twitter as a weapon of mass distraction so people will be talking about what's going on with russia, and he will go on and tweet about something else. it has less credibility now. rick was right about talking about the lack of news
10:55 am
conferences. he has been to this point successful in dominating the agenda with the tweets. it doesn't translate into action, so it's not working for him in terms of the agenda. it appears the laws of gravity are catching up here. >> david milbank and rick tyler, see you soon, guys. >> more on that breaking news out of capitol hill this afternoon. they'll head home two weeks later, giving them more time to work on health care. once again, some live pictures from the white house press briefing room, that's the only live picture you will see out of there today. the press briefing offcamera for the second day in a row. the offcamera briefing set to start in a few minutes, we'll have all the news from that briefing in our next hour.
10:56 am
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let's get a wrap on this ho hour. >> my colleague and friend craig melvin. >> it's 11:00 a.m. out west, and 2:00 p.m. here in the east. this hour, sarah huckabee sanders is holding another offcamera press briefing.
11:00 am
we'll bring it to you once it is done. why do you want to stick around for that? one story is sure to dominate that briefing. that is this bombshell. this afternoon, donald trump jr. released an e-mail chain between himself and others about hillary clinton that the campaign would find interesting. they seem to show trump jr. knew one year ago that the russian government wanted to support mr. trump and his campaigns. his reaction, if that's what you say, i love it. >> 2016 and potentially 2017 all come down to this. our word of the day, and that is e-mail. >> we've just sign donald trump jr. tweeting out the e-mail in question tha


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