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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 13, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live here approaching 100 degrees. i'm peter alexander. more news with ali velshi and stephanie ruhle. i trust you're in nice cool ac. >> keeping it sweaty in d.c., nice. >> i'm going to let that thought go by. good morning, i'm ali velshi. >> and i'm stephanie ruhle. so much to cover, let's get you started. >> american in paris, president trump meets the french president but cannot escape the scandal du jour. >> i like him. >> looking for more positive headlines with the white house particularly paralyzed with the russia matter back in washington. >> that short news conference later on today, he will almost certainly face questions about his son's meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign. >> they should have somebody like me on the staff. they should have had somebody to look into this thing and say, maybe this is a bad idea. >> jared kushner's security
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clearance, he should have one, right? he's a white house adviser. >> yeah, i think the bigger qui why jared kushner still has a job. >> people start talking under oath instead of just talking out into the air waves where they lie as easily as they breathe. >> what's the conclusion, collusion? no, we don't have that yet. i see illusion and delusion. just so we're clear, conclusion. collusion, no. >> republican senators going to be huddling one last time over the obamacare repeal bill. >> mitch has to pull it off. he's working very hard. >> if it were up to me i'd like to repeal every single word of obamacare, that's what i'm pressing for. >> the obamacare repeal bill is not a repeal. the new bill is less of a remeal than the old bill. >> i will be very angry about it and a lot of people will be very upset. i'm sitting waiting for the bill to come to my desk.
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>> i made a little sign, news or fake news. >> i'm waiting with a pen. >> let's begin with donald trump in paris. he's a guest of the new french president emmanuel macron. these two presidents and their wives met hours ago in a ceremony full of pomp and circumstance at the site of napoleon's tomb. troops lined up in formation and band playing the sptar spangled banner. celebrating the most important holiday, bastille day. also mark the 100th anniversary of the entry into world war i. earlier he tweeted, melania and i were thrilled. >> for the rest of the day, it's do you know to business from macron and trump as they are
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expected to discuss syria and other global terror threats. right now they are behind closed doors in an expanded bilateral meeting and around 12:30 eastern time, trump and macron will hold joint news conferences where president trump could give a statement for first time on camera about his son don jr. and jared kushner's meeting with a russian leader so far. we'll bring you that when it happens. this afternoon, around 9:00 p.m. paris time, president trump and the first lady will join the macrons at one of paris's most lavish restaurants which sits atop the eiffel tower. clearly president macron knows how to entertain the trumps in the style president trump likes so much. >> i have to ask you, i need to -- let's go over to the board. i need to understand why this trip is even happening. let's look at president trump's popularity. his confidence that people in these countries have in him. in france, it is 14%.
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14% of the french population has confidence in president trump. compare this to barack obama, the average between 2008 and 2016 was 85%. george w. bush, had higher than donald trump has, 17.4% between 2002 and 2008. just to look at other countries and what they think of president trump, mexico, running at 5%, germany, angela merkel made no secret of the fact they don't need america anymore. 11% canada, 22% u.k., 22% -- look at israel, 56%. he should make a second trip to israel or how about a trip to russia where 53% of the population supports president trump. i don't get it, stephanie. why go to paris? >> this trip makes perfect sense for him. president trump has very much enjoyed these international trips, he doesn't like it when he's at g7 or g20 where he's an
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equal but he enjoyed his trip to the middle east and saudi arabia where he got the royal treatment, much like the pomp and circumstance he's getting today. remember, it might be a 14% approval rating there if the president were home today. we would not be taking live coverage of pomp, circumstances and military members sitting atop horses. >> he would be hiding, not be coming out because he has not come out to the american press and we'd be listening to audio from sarah huckabee sanders saying how they didn't know what they were doing in a meeting. >> or anybody would take a meeting like that. from macron's perspective, this could be brilliant strategy. we know they've had awkward meetings in the past but macron is not an idealist. this guy is an investment banker. investment bankers have spent decades doing business partnering with their opponents -- we're going to listen in right now. and we don't have audio --
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>> but there are the two men sitting together. we can do this body language autopsy, it doesn't make sense to do so. macron knows how to do business, he's a strategy guy and so does president trump. what president trump is an alpha, right now he may be in a position where he needs help. >> let's ask somebody who has worked with emmanuel macron about this. laura him a former spokes person and worked closely with macron in that campaign, 14% is what your countrymen, that's the faith they have in donald trump. you've heard stephanie's argument and heard mine. tell me why this meeting is happening. >> the meeting is happening because emmanuel macron said this morning in an interview that the world needs to unite its stance, the world is cracking according to macron since the fall of the wall.
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for the french president it is extremely important to preserve the trans atlantic relation, this is extremely important to macron, expressed that in the past six months working with him, he always said no matter who is the president of the united states, i have to walk with the president of the united states. if it's barack obama, emmanuel macron would love to work with barack obama but now it's donald trump and emmanuel macron wants to work with donald trump. he believes the world is in crisis, the sensitive issue like the syrian issue and he really wants to try to do something in the fight against terrorism with the united states and with the trump administration. and what is striking is to see at this moment, this new friendship which is developing between emmanuel macron, despite
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the problem with the paris agreement and the american president. >> will emmanuel macron come out really looking like a leader if he can bring president trump back in the fold? emmanuel macron doesn't want it to be the g19 which is how many people described that last g20 meeting. if there is going to be a european leader for president trump to bond with, isn't it a higher probability it will be someone like macron more than it would be a theresa may or angela merkel? >> yeah, you're completely right. which is also striking is to see emmanuel macron arrived in power on may 8 lgt and in the last two months, you saw vladimir putin in paris and now see donald trump in paris. he wants to put back paris and france in the center of the map. he wants to make sure that people are coming to paris to talk to him about the future
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of -- the global threat facing the crisis. and he really wants in terms of image to build that. he's now an important leader not only in france but in europe and he wants to show to the world and especially to the united states that france is an important country in the world we live in. >> ali, we have to look at the economy as well. the european economy has been sluggish at best. >> sure. >> we still are an economic leader so while emmanuel macron and theresa may and angela merkel may stand tall, the economic power, world super power is the united states. >> and in a world where we're talking, laura, about trade restrictions and america talking about trade restrictions, there's an economic reason for emmanuel macron to be the european whom donald trump reaches out most commonly so macron can possibly talk donald trump out of getting out of
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trade deals. >> yes, absolutely. what is real interesting is the need for emmanuel macron at this moment to reform quickly france. he wants to do labor reform and make sure the world understands no matter what france is going to try again to do more for people who want to quit companies in france and also in europe. today he received donald trump and also received this morning angela merkel. you can see that he's trying to do something which was never done before in terms of competitivety in europe in terms of labor laws. nobody knows if it's going to work because france might resist. i want to remibd you and viewers, macron s 24% of the french voters voting for him, a lot of people didn't vote for him and he's the president. but a lot of french people are anxious to see if he's going to
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be about to reform this country and to reform also the unions and again labor work system. >> we forget what a stark contrast macron is to francois hollande. this could be a way for president trump to even turn the page on russia. we talked about this. if the president would have talked about a cyber security partnership or defense unit with countries like france or germany, france -- >> as opposed to doing it about russia. >> france just experienced the russians trying to cyber hack them, that would have been a big win out of g20. if they can have that conversation today, that will be a way for the president to move past the situation we saw on sunday, yes, we're partnering with russia, no, maybe not. >> laura, always good to see you, former spokesperson for emmanuel macron's campaign for president. president trump is also playing defense as we mentioned after his son donald trump jr. admitted to meeting with a kremlin linked lawyer last year.
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>> hasn't mentioned jared kushner who was in the meeting and has quite a bit more at stake. >> and now not told us about three meetings he had with kremlin connected people. in a new interview with pat robertson, the president addressed the allegations of collusions with the russians, arguing that a president trump was the last thing that vladimir putin would have wanted. >> if hillary had won our military would be decimated. our energy would be much more expensive. that's what putin doesn't like about me. that's why i say why would he want me? from day one i wanted a strong military. he doesn't want to see that. there are many things i do that are the exact opposite of what he would want. when i keep hearing he would have rather had trump, i think probably not. >> all right -- just quickly -- because president trump is trying to make the argument that we're pushing towards energy independence and we would be exporting energy. it's the white house trying to press down and lift -- lift
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these sanctions and it's economic sanctions that has hurt vladimir putin and russia the most. that economy is desperately tied to energy, oil. >> two rounds of sanctions, first were the magnitsky sanctions and second the ukraine, that's the singular goal of vladimir putin and -- >> remember, closely tied to the kremlin and exxon, have a joint partnership to drill in the arctic. they can't do that with the sanctions -- >> the russians don't have the technology to do that. exxon-mobil does. we increased our gas and oil production under president obama far more than recent times which may contribute to the fact that oil prices have been as low as they are. another nonsensical interview. >> it's not fair to say the entire interview was nonsensical but at least that portion, it's fair to say i don't believe
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vladimir putin would like to see hillary clinton as president. >> fair enough. >> in another interview published yesterday, this time with reuters, the president said he didn't know about his son's meetings with the russian lawyer until days ago but didn't fault don jr. for taking it, adding i think many people would have held that meeting. who are those many people? >> they weren't involved in the campaign, didn't have lawyers, wouldn't have paul manafort around to say this is a little suspicious. >> while president trumphimself wasn't on the e-mail chain, it's important to note he doesn't use e-mail, he wouldn't be on an e-mail chain and took another swipe on the allegations of collusion saying there was zero coordination, it's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. i want to point out lindsey graham on sunday said the president's idea of coordinating with russia on cyber security isn't the dumbest thing he's ever heard, maybe the second dumbest. there's a lot of dumb things from government leaders going around right now.
8:15 am
>> complicating the story is video obtained by nbc news. >> definitely complicating. >> there's donald trump at a birthday party for a putin ally in 2013. two years before donald trump announced his run for president. listen in. >> we're having miss universe tomorrow night in moscow and total big deal, sold out and many of my billionaire friends from russia are going to be there. it's an honor to be here, right smack in the center of moscow. great people and great entrepreneurial spirit, the russians. and i have some fantastic friends. >> do they listen to you aa lot? >> they do, they read my books. >> do they really? >> we have a lot of friends. >> many of my billionaire friends, i think they have leather bound books. >> it was on behalf of the son emin, a pop star in russia, the music specialist goldstone set up the 2016 meeting between don jr. and the lawyer.
8:16 am
so that's how this web just keeps coming together. many of my billionaire friends will be there. >> the president is taking a break. >> would love to say that e time. i'm going to the bar across the street, many of my billionaire friends will be there. >> i'm going to phone into my billionaire friends who have a great deal of influence over and less than an hour we'll hear from president trump taking questions from the press in paris. we'll bring that to you live right here on msnbc. me and ali hanging together with billionaires.
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welcome back to quts velshi and ruhle. another day, new wrinkle in the russia trump investigations. today mcclachty is reporting both the house and senate intel committees and department of justice are digging into the trump campaign's digital operation which was led by none other than jared kushner. kushner was in charge of analyzing voter data, basically targeting those districts and demographic groups where hillary clinton support was softer than expected. that we should point out is absolutely routine campaign business. but what is not routine is the first allegation that the kushner led digital operation then fed its findings to the russians. in turn, russia allegedly used that information to bombard clinton skeptics with fake or damaging news stories about her which thee receiptically coffee
8:21 am
roded support also under scrutiny, whether or not the russians in at least two states then went and shared that information back with the trump campaign in the face of all of these news claims, the president's counselor kellyanne conway got creative while playing defense on fox. >> this is to help all of the people at home. what's the conclusion? could lu collusion, no, we don't have that. i see illusion and delusion. illusion and delusion, yes. >> i kind of enjoyed the presentation. it was a good way to make your point. >> ali enjoyed it. let's bring in the professor of legislation at the columbia law school. from what you see, there's so much talk, accusations, is this collusion, treason, is it lying? what does it all mean? >> what to go through some of them. let's put treason on the board.
8:22 am
treason in american, shall consist only in levying war against them or adhering to enemies giving them aid and comfort. this is the u.s. constitution article 3, section 3. anything you see fit this? >> treason is a little extreme for this. they may not be our friends, we're not a war. it's not clear this violates. >> a person under oath statesny material matter which he does not believe to be true, would be constituted as perjury. >> with the possible exception of jared kushner filing those forms to get security clearance, i'm not sure under of it has been under oath yet. on those there is maybe it's not perjury but there is a crime of lying to the u.s. government but they have to prove he was doing it knowingly falsely and his claim is i forgot. we're in the gray area there. >> can we add then, the "time" magazine currently has don jr.
8:23 am
on the cover but in the piece they say in the e-mail chain between don jr. and russian intermediary. kushner maintains he failed to read to the bottom so he didn't understand the russian promise. yet in the subject line it says russia, clinton, private and confidential. >> it's irrelevant. the thing is he was at the meeting and didn't report having been at the meeting in his initial -- as i understand it in his initial filing to get the security clearance. at the very least, he's correct at that but there's question about how knowing that was. so perjury no, lying to the government maybe. >> we have another one, false statements. this is about knowingly and willfully making any materially false statement or representation within any of the three branches of government. this is obviously a lower standard. does this fit? >> this relates to the fighting
8:24 am
for security clearance and it's a similar kind of question. it was a a false statement but did he know it was false or just forget. it's not clear we're quite up there yet. >> can i do my kellyanne conway sign? >> she says it's a delusion and ali saying collusion. while the conduct could -- while that conduct could form part of a crime, note that collusion is typically considered a legal concept within a case. >> rather than a crime. >> collusion isn't really a crime. we're getting at things like conspiracy to commit a crime or a coordination in terms of the campaign finance stuff. collusion is more of a political term rather than a legal term. so the question is there a conspiracy there, was there -- with the parties working together to get somebody to commit a crime? again, we don't know enough
8:25 am
about what was going on with the bots and the trump campaign was directing the russians to direct their efforts, to the extent the russian efforts violate the cyber security laws and violate computer privacy laws, there's -- again, it's early, there's elements here that could support -- >> robert mueller will fill this all out. >> right. it's one of those things we know there's smoke, don't know if there's fire. >> what about it federal election law. it is illegal to solicit, accept or receive a contribution. it doesn't have to be money and don jr. in the e-mail says if you've got something against it, i love it. i want it. especially late in the summer. >> that's i think the strongest case that there's a case. you flagged the two question marks here. one is was there solicitation, there's a lot that supports that there was. i love the bring it on, let's have the meeting. that's clearly an invitation to get the support or clearly is always a bad word to use but
8:26 am
that supports the argument there was an invy taitation to give support. is the information anything of value that falls within the contribution list? that's a gray area. doesn't have to be money, you're right about that. could be any kind of benefits, cases involving poll data, lists of donors, information can be a thing of value. the fact that it it wasn't delivered doesn't matter. they were soliciting the information. >> the takeaway, it's a fair conclusion that robert mueller's investigation is not a witch hunt. >> there's actual legitimate work to do. >> there may be some witches out there. >> fair enough. >> at least one sticks out. >> good to see you, columbia law professor and white house keeps deflecting the russia ties with the clinton campaign. they say the clinton campaign coordinated with ukraine officials. up next we'll go live to the white house for a fact check about that. >> they may have forgotten hillary clinton didn't win. president trump will take
8:27 am
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>> i do know for a fact democratic party operatives went to the ukrainian embassy to koord oppositional research and attacks against our campaign. so that's a story that's not somebody meeting under false pretenses to talk about another issue. that is democratic operatives meeting with representatives of another government. >> that was deputy assistant to president trump gorca defending donald trump jr.'s meeting with the lawyer. he heard him making a claim about the clinton campaign and ukrainian efforts to sabotage donald trump. a claim since then has been repeated by other white house officials and also being denied by both the dnc and clinton campaign officials. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us live from the white house. walk us through this. is it true? what specifically did the clinton campaign do becauseco-l
8:32 am
a.m. saying. >> reporter: this is a story that surfaced months ago and when the trump white house is under fire, they are trying to shine a light on this issue. this is refrnierencing to an individual who is a contractor for the democratic national committee and had the job of trying to reach out to various ethnic voter groups in the united states. that is a typical type of job that happens in the campaign world. it was not a person directly affiliated with the clinton campaign. working with the ukrainian government, the issue there is the paul manafort story. he was the chairman of the trump campaign in his business life, he had done work on behalf of other governments and they believed that they had information that would be critical of him and would be useful for the democratic concerns. now i have reached out to people who work directly with the clinton campaign, including the
8:33 am
head of their opposition research and i was told that he said that he had no knowledge of this at all. in fact using his words, i didn't know what the hell thefrp talking about. the first time i heard about this distraction was in press reports last january. there's only one campaign thkol lewded and that was donald trump and that is from the head of opposition research for the hillary clinton campaign. we had as our guest, the former communications director for hillary clinton and jennifer palmieri addressed this as well on msnbc. here's how she responded to this issue and this story. >> i think what they relate that all back to a one part-time dnc staffer that i have never met and most people in the clinton campaign never met. >> no one close to hillary clinton worked with the ukrainian government. >> yes, i'm quite confident in saying that. we would understand the danger that would represent. >> reporter: and so part of what we're talking about is they are
8:34 am
distinguishing that the hillary clinton campaign was not engaged in this. the democratic national committee spokesperson also says it didn't happen. this is an individual who has worked on various campaigns, who we were not able to reach for additional comment but it comes up because conservatives are pointing to it, saying if there was this sort of conversation it is a demonstration in a campaign environment there's all kinds of incoming. sometimes of a campaign's friendly associate, sometimes not of their choosing. and it sort of muddyes up the conversation that happens right now with respect to donald trump jr. that may be effective for the trump white house to try to say this has happened before in this sort of circumstance. we're talking about very different levels and very different kinds of access. but that's why it's being talked about and why there's some buzz about ukraine and dnc these days. >> thank you for that solid reporting on this. i think it's important we do cover these stories if there are
8:35 am
accusations of them of anybody receiving help from a foreign government. >> we never want things to be muddied, we want them to be clear as possible. >> in a half hour we'll hear from president trump in paris and bring you that live and -- >> coming up, high demand just weeks after pot sales became leave in the state of nevada. >> they are running out of weed. >> oh, my goodness, vegas baby, the state facing a weed shortage. we'll have a live report from las vegas. >> it will be really mellow though -- >> ali. >> any minute now we'll speak with richard blumen thal to get his opinion on what this new version of trump care looks like. >> he'll have the lineup when you can do stand-up. at the comedy club this weekend. or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered...
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>> house speaker paul ryan giving his weekly thing with reporters where he's talking about various matters. we have that monitored and got a reporter there and watching that from our control room. when he says something you need to know, we'll bring that to you. >> right now we're also awaiting the revised republican health care plan, a lot of eyes on this. senator mitch mcconnell is expected to unveil it after meeting with gop lawmakers, scheduled to begin a few minutes ago. vice president pence arrived on capitol hill a short time and headed to house speaker paul ryan's office. he's also been on capitol hill in recent days for meetings on
8:40 am
that republican health care plan. something president trump pushed for in his interview televised this morning on a christian broadcasting network. >> repeal and replace. i am sitting in the oval office with a pen in hand waiting for our senators to give it to me. >> what will happen if they don't? >> i don't even want to talk about it because i think it would be very bad. i will be very angry about it. >> elbe angry. joining us now, richard blumenthal of connecticut, a member of the senate judiciary and armed services committees and also the comments science and -- commerce science and transportation committee. excuse me. let's start with this, mitch mcconnell may have a revised bill. is your heart and mind open to these changes? >> my heart and mind are open to working constructively as long as this revised bill avoids repealing and december mating the affordable care act. the reason for all of this drama
8:41 am
is that this bill has been reached just like the last one in total secrecy behind closed doors. and seems to involve the same decimating cuts to medicaid which will affect middle class people, poor people, the most vulnerable and seems to betray the fundamental values of providing coverage to all americans. >> there seems to be two distinct issues they have to come to terms with. one which you just stated, the medicaid expansion under obamacare to many people is the biggest part of obamacare. it affects 79 million people or something. but the other matter, the matter of the individual markets, this has still not been resolved. senator cruz is putting forward apparently an amendment that is going to allow for preexisting conditions to be covered, all sorts of things to be done but insurance policies to be offered that are minimalist and cheaper and offer less coverage. is that something you believe
8:42 am
democrats can live with? >> no, we can't live with a second class health care coverage plan for millions of americans that offer what you've referred to as minimal cover, skimpy coverage that is completely inadequate and offers a promise that's unfulfilled and it would segment and fracture the markets. it would further sabotage the exchanges that have proved so viable and valuable to millions and millions of americans. so this amendment is an enaj ma to anyone who cares aboutealth care in the united states of america. >> there are under obamacare different levels of insurance, gold and cadillac plans, silver plan. you're talking about you would not get behind a plan that offers -- does not offer the essential health benefits that obamacare promised? in other words, not just coverage for existing conditions but all of those several things
8:43 am
more than a dozen things that every obamacare policy had to offer? >> the reason they are known as essential health benefits is that they are essential. we're talking about basic preventive health care coverage and other kinds of remedies that people need, maternity care, mental health care, all of the essential benefits that would be in effect avoided by the cruz amendment and enable insurers to provide for a second, third, fourth class of coverage. it would in the long run be not only cruel, because it would cause immense suffering but also costly. we know prevention saves dollars as well as lives. that's why this cruz amendment is ant thet cal to the goals of expanding coverage and opportunities for americans. also, i think will be ruled out of bounds so far as the reconciliation process is
8:44 am
concerned matter of parliamentary rules. >> for you think this thing is dead on arrival before seeing what mitch mcconnell is going to propose? >> i'm waiting to see exactly what this secret process will produce. if the reports are accurate, and the spending for example, investment in opioid addiction coverage is too little, if there are further decimating cuts in medicaid as we know right now, we would certainly oppose it. but far from being obstructionists, democrats are not only willing to come to the table. we're willing to talk about improving the affordable care act by lowering health care costs and reducing the prices of pharmaceutical drugs and opening exchanges to more competition so consumers have more choices, improving the affordable care act is not only an opportunity but around obligation. >> i want to get you on a different topic, senator. donald trump defending donald trump jr. for taking a meeting
8:45 am
with russian lawyer and told reuters that many political pros said everyone would do that and on twitter called his son innocent and he said in this reuters interview there was zero coordination, it's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. do you believe that, sir? >> i believe that this meeting among donald trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort, the manager of the trump campaign is clear bombshell evidence of criminal intent on all of their parts, should further -- jared kushner should be fired or he should resign because either he concealed this meeting from the president of the united states or he disclosed it and donald trump is in fact lying when he says he had no knowledge of it. i think that they need to go forward with this investigation so the american public knows the truth about the meeting. >> earlier today chris murphy said if jared kushner is not fired, then clearly this administration is showing a
8:46 am
double standard, preference for family members since mike flynn was fired for not disclosing information about his ties with russia. would you say the same sort of discipline should be applied here? >> not only discipline but for the sake of our national security, his clearance, security clearance review should be immediately reviewed. someone who meets with the russians under these circumstances, then conceals the meeting and in possible furtherance of a crime is involved in a conspiracy that clearly will be alleged in my view at some point should be fired. i asked for her security clearance to be reviewed back in june, late june. so far we've received no response. but i believe he should be fired because he has not only held a meeting but also concealed it. >> i do want to ask you one other thing.
8:47 am
chris wray, you seem to like him and seem to think you're inclined to support his nomination as the head of the fbi? >> i will support christopher wray, because i think he has the independence and integrity to protect the fbi against a likely firestorm that is brewing now. jim comey was fired because he was getting too close to the white house in his investigation and refused to go lightly or let flynn go. and the same kind of storm is brewing now and christopher wray in my view has the guts and dumgs and integrity and experience and backgrounds to stand up and speak out for the independence and integrity of the special counsel investigation. he's committed to support it. he has differed with the president already in saying that this investigation is no witch hunt. that's extremely significant in my view.
8:48 am
>> all right then, ali velshi and i give extra credit when we get bipartisanship. we'll end on that high note. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> it's too bad -- if he were with a republican, we would ask for a hug. >> we're going to hear from president trump a few minutes from now. we'll bring that live from paris. >> stand by, we're leaving capitol hill and going to vegas. nevada is running out of the latest tourist draw, weed. why the governor issued a statement of emergency. >>
8:49 am
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you're watching "velshi & ruhle." we'll hear from president trump in paris. he's meeting with the new french president emmanuel macron. both will take questions from reporters. that's going to be worth watching. >> now to an unusual emergency in the state of nevada. it has been legal to buy recreational marijuana in that state since july 1st. i'm not going to say sales are so high, but dispensaries are running out. they don't have supply left. today, the nevada tax commission could adopt an emergency regulation to help solve the pot problem. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us
8:53 am
live from vegas with the story. >> reporter: the issue is not the supply, it is the distribution. this is las vegas relief. all these bins are supposed to be filled. obviously not anymore. and you walk with me to the pot vault, you can see at this dispensary started stocking up on recreational marijuana before sales started. earlier this month. but now the supply has dwindled to about 30%. why? well, this dispensary has a production facility about a mile away, but it can't transport the stuff here to sell because of what it calls government bureaucracy. this morning, at pot dispensaries in nevada, the stash is running low. >> what is happening in nevada now isn't a shortage of marijuana. the product is there, no one is licensed to be able to transport it from one location to another. >> reporter: after nevada started legal recreational marijuana sales this month, pot shops can't keep up with demand. growing it is not the problem.
8:54 am
there is plenty of wholesale weed. the problem is moving it. unlike the four other states with legal recreational pot, nevada regulators require alcohol distributors to transport the drug. but none were properly licensed when sales started. >> because we passed the law so fast, we didn't have a distributor up and running and it is a long story. >> or a cannabis conundrum. the state department of taxation declared an emergency warning the industry to grind to a halt, putting an expected $60 million in tax revenue over the next two years in jeopardy. critics say the entire pot rollout in nevada was rushed. >> i can't imagine anybody in nevada being prepared for it. yes, we're prepared to get the taxes, yes, we're prepared to offer this as another tourist incentive to come to las vegas. but the problem is, the little pieces in between. >> reporter: just off the glitzy vegas strip with the 45 million visitors a year -- this is it?
8:55 am
>> this is it. >> reporter: -- relief dispensary didn't want to gamble. it stocked up on product before sales started but the high demand exceeded expectations. pot edibles, popular among tourists, are virtually gone. >> we have absolutely nothing. >> reporter: what does it say about las vegas? >> i think it says, you know, vegas is what we call, you know, a grown person's playground. >> we knew cannabis would come to town and be a huge thing. but it has been a little bit more than we thought it was going to be. >> reporter: as you can see, there is still some product left but not much. it has been flying off the shelves. nevada dispensary association estimates 3 to $5 million worth of pot was sold during the first four days of recreational sales. and ali and stephanie, as for the distribution issues, state officials are holding an emergency meeting today to try and hash out a solution. back to you. >> stop it. stop it.
8:56 am
>> my gosh. >> sin city. >> hash out a solution, i love that. i will say this, the edibles he was talking about, which are popular with tourists, i'm gluten free. i don't know they work that out yet. do you think they have that -- >> we'll move on. i just said we're going to move on. now we're going to. >> we're going to move on now. we're watching markets opening just a little bit higher today. >> oh, my gosh. pull it together. after another record close for the dow, the s&p 500 rose . 1% and the nasdaq twice that. stay with us. it is extraordinary that we are covering all of this. i got to tell you about ivanka trump. jared and ivanka trump are on the move today to an exclusive media and technology summit in sun valley, idaho. it is hosted by alan and company, an investment bank with deep ties to hollywood and the richest people on the planet. >> paying their own way. >> paying their own way. i don't know -- i'm not sure they're going to reimburse the government for their security
8:57 am
detail. according to variety, jared kushner may make an appearance on the panel. >> that's cool, right? >> for those that don't know about the sun valley conference, for criticisms you hear about things like the world economic forum in davos being mother ships for global elitism, that's exactly what sun valley is. the tech and ceos on the planet. unlike davos, there is no solving of world problems. >> you have big meetings. ngos and, you know, advocates for refugees or for different people getting to meet those ceos, putting them together with world leaders and trying to come up with solutions like vaccine and refugee and crisis relief. that's not the stuff happening at sun valley. >> president president trump's base, the forgotten america. these are the absolute chosen ones, and this is about deal-making. so the question is, let's say a
8:58 am
deal gets inked there, a big deal, could be an at&t, a verizon, a google, then what happens? these kind of deals need government approval. there are regulatory issues. you have ivanka and jared and the question is what is that about? i've spoken to people on the last couple of days within the white house who said it doesn't make much sense why they, given the roles in the white house, would go to something like that. >> go to them and try to sort of, you know, to get a message to the president or try to come up with initiatives. >> they might. barry diller was interviewed earlier on cnbc and asked specifically would he be speaking to the pair about any political issues and he said there were no issues he would discuss regarding politics. why would anybody bother bringing up issues with the pair, he said, pause tbecause t president has no curiosity, doesn't listen, et cetera. that's one person's view. if their jobs are senior advisers to the president, what would they be doing at a super
8:59 am
elite business conference in, you know, one of the most expensive exclusive ski resorts on the planet. >> note to self, don't tell stephanie if i decide to go to sun valley next year. >> that brings us to the end of the hour. thank you for watching this hour of "msnbc live." i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. check us out on social media. connect with our show a at #velshiruhle. >> thank you. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," an american in paris. president trump meeting with emmanuel macron this hour. moments from now, the two have a joint news conference and bring all of it to you live. crimson tide, the president hoping to leave that russia baggage back home, but will be asked about his son's meeting with the russian lawyer and the
9:00 am
participation of top white house adviser son-in-law jared kushner. more of the exclusive video showing trump in moscow back in 2013 with the russian pop star and his dad, who set up that meeting with his father, a trump business connection and a close putin ally. >> what a great family. >> 39 years old. fantastic guy. >> senate republicans have another go at replacing obama care. we'll have all the details coming up. will it be the political cure? >> has to get passed. have to do it. have to get together and get it done. >> if they don't? >> well, i don't want to talk about it, because i think it would be very bad. i will be very angry about it. and good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in


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