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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  July 14, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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that wraps opvery busy hour. i'm stephanie ruhle more coming up with chris jansing. right now a bombshell and an nbc news exclusive. this morning there are six sources telling nbc there were a fifth and sixth person in that meeting between trump campaign associates and the russian lawyer. one a man who allegedly has deep ties to moscow and the former soviet union. what we know about him. why he was in that room and why no one said anything. president trump now on his way back to the u.s. returning to mounting criticism facing his administration and calls for one top adviser to resign. all of this complicating an already uphill battle on health care. the senate's latest attempt not winning over skeptics. growing doubts that the bill can ever even leave the starting gate. our team set up and ready to go. i want to start with that nbc
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news exclusive. donald trump jr. confirmed he met with the russian lawyer back at trump tower. also in that meeting campaign chairman paul manafort and jared kushner with the russian lawyer. nbc news has learned that wasn't all. in spite of the president's son saying just tuesday, there's nothing more to tell. >> i'm more than happy to be transparent about it and more than happy to cooperate with everyone. >> as far as you know, this is all of it. >> this is everything. >> nbc white house correspondent kristen welker is in paris. so, kristen what do we know about who this person is, who was in that meeting. what can you tell us? >> chris, first a little bit of a scene setter. president trump was just wrapping up his visit here to paris. he just attended the elaborate bastille day events. he was taking off when we broke
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this story. here's what we can tell you. there was another person accompanied nutalia veselnitskaya to that meeting. one person being described as potentially a friend of the intermediary who set up the meeting and then also a second person believed to be a translator. now, of course, this adds another layer to how many people were at this meeting. so, what do we know about this person? well, the associated press is identifying the person in the meet meeting as nbc news has not confirmed that person's identity, however, it is worth giving a little bit of the background. what we know about this person. this is someone a russian-born american lobbyist who used to be with russian counterintelligence and some u.s. officials believe this person still has ties to russian intelligence officials. we have reached out to all the folks who were at that meeting. this morning we are hearing from
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don jr.'s attorney who effectively says there were two additional people who were accompanying veselnitskaya. the lawyer spoke to one of those people. not exactly clear who he spoke with. however, this is the statement that he is giving us this morning. the person was described as a friend of a friend of the intermediary and maybe natalyia's. he told me specifically he was not working for the russian government and, in fact, left when i asked him that question. bottom line, chris, president trump was hoping to shift the narrative here in paris. he was hoping to turn the page on this russia controversy and he leaves today and heading for his resort and this is a controversy that is only deepening, only creating more questions for the white house, chris. >> just real quickly, kristen, because he's traveling today, i assume no briefing. we don't know that there will be a gaggle onboard air force one so we can ask them about all of this. >> there was just a gaggle.
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that was taking effect as this was all developing. so, the administration didn't have a chance to respond. we have reached out to the president's outside counsel. no word yet from his outside counsel. we've also reached out to representatives for paul manafort, jared kushner. no reaction from them either. this will undoubtedly been of interest to those investigating this matter back in washington, d.c., chris. >> i know you'll get back to us if you hear from any of those lawyers. nbc intelligence is in our washington bureau. ken, what more can you tell us about this man and what does his presence in the meeting potentially do bob mueller? >> this is a russian-born lobbyi lobbyist became a lobbyist and a fixer and gun for hire in
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washington, d.c. he has represented pro-russian interest and on the other side of putin's government. undisclosed until today, of course, is going to peak the interest of bob mueller and house and foreign investigators because it wasn't disclosed. the story about this meeting from the trump team keeps changing. of course, the back drop with the e-mails is this is the first black and white evidence of collusion. the russian government through these e-mails offered help and offered derogatory information on hillary clinton and donald trump jr. took the meeting. that's exactly what bob mueller is investigating. the russian effort to hack and interfere in the election. they're already interested in the meeting and no doubt it sharpened with the russian american lobbyist. chris? >> thank you so much, ken. and our unbelievable team there, investigative team that broke this big story this morning. also joining me now, nbc
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political analyst and white house bureau chief for "washington post." you heard about the president's legal team and i want to talk about that in a minute. but let's talk about donald trump jr.'s lawyer who put out this stam and said this is not a story. he said he talked to this guy and he says he isn't affiliated with the russian government. so, i guess we're supposed to believe someone who used to be a soviet spy. tell us your take on these latest revelations. >> you know, it's really troubling for the trump team and for the white house because all of this was not fully disclosed a few days ago back when don jr. said he had a strategy of letting everything out there. disclosing everything. he went on sean hannity for a lengthy interview the other night and, you know, said he had told everything. he had shared everything he knew about this meeting and clearly he did. just undermines his credibility. >> no other meetings he can think of. >> that's important. there could potentially be other meetings. we don't know.
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but this particular meeting. this story keeps changing day after day after day and speaks to a lack of discipline, i think, within this legal team and within the pr crisis team that's trying to help manage the situation. >> yes. speaking of a pr crisis team, how do you manage this. if you're an administration official you're back at the white house or back on air force one and all of this is breaking as the president is leaving paris. what do you do? >> yeah, well, first of all, we should make clear that don jr.'s team is separate from the white house. clearly, you know, don jr. is the son of the president, but not up to the white house to decide how he's going to manage his legal situation here. >> but it is up to them to decide how they're going to manage the potential implications for this white house. >> oh, sure. oh, sure. and they've been very, you know, not terribly effective at doing that so far. in part because so many senior officials in the white house are unwilling to fully engage the subject and talk about russia. they are looking out for themselves. they don't want to become subjects in the mueller
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investigation. they don't want to say something that might then make them a witness at some point. so, they're trying to not speak about it, defer all questioning to the lawyers and it's been very difficult for the lawyers to manage this inform in an environment where news organizations like nbc and "new york times" and "washington post" keep breaking scoop after scoop after scoop. >> you also have a situation where in the middle of the press conference the question that everyone wanted answered and the president did answer was about this meeting that his son had, as well as his son-in-law and then campaign manager. you're reporting this morning about the relationship between the president and his legal team. first, that they have the task of managing someone who by most accounts is not manageable. he does what he wants to do. he manages his own communication strategy and the dilemma about who is paying for all this representation. let me start with the first part. what is situation for the president's lawyers here? >> they've been hired for about two months now and they
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struggled through this period to try to manage their client. he tends to take some of his own counsel. there's one story that we heard where they advised him specifically not to comment on a particular matter and after that meeting before had they even got back to their office, he had tweeted about that very issue. so, the president feels like he's innocent. he feels like he can follow his gut instincts and how to fight back against this russia story and it's not what his lawyers want to hear and what his lawyers are trying to do is create some sort of professional legal boundaries around the matter to instill discipline within the white house. this is an oval office that sometimes is like grand central station. people are coming and going all the time breezing in and out and talking about all sorts of issues and the lawyers are trying to really enforce discipline to protect, not only the president, but all of those around him. >> phil, thank you for that. we have a lot more to talk about. i want to bring in msnbc political analyst and joe
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behnenson opinion writer for "washington post" and editor at large for "reason" magazine pat welch. joel, let me start with you. if you want to talk about where your campaign's head was at this point. but when you hear that now in this meeting there were a fifth and sixth person. what do you think? >> well, first of all, we are in real time living through a case study of crisis mismanagement. the fact that every day we are learning something that is appalling is shameful. >> and that directly contradicts what the principal in this has said on television in a statement. >> exactly. >> and, look, from the time this started unfolding even before he spoke out, he was changing his story. remember last saturday we had one story that this was about child adoption and by sunday we have a totally different story. so, from the moment this started, there has been a complete and i understand the limits on coordination here. but there is no crisis management going on. there is nobody here who has a handle on everything that transpired so that you can
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control how this comes out. you want to get most of the worst stuff out all at once. you have one day to deal with it and not every other day dealing with it. politically what i'll tell you is that i think there is a trend that will hit republicans pretty soon that they're going to wake up to. one out of five republicans in a recent poll who believe that donald trump did something illegal. there are one in four who believe that he is mishandling the russian investigation. now, so far, we have had only one or two republicans speaking out publicly on this. i think this is going to pick up steam as this unfolds and as those poll numbers start going up. >> in the meantime, when we're dealing with who these people were in the meeting. the first person that we're hearing, catherine, you just heard it from our investigative team. somebody who has a history with the russian government and somebody who -- i'm trying to figure out what is the strategy if you're donald trump jr. if you talked to, i don't know who he goes to for counsel or talked to your actual counsel to
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go on a television show and say this is everything. this is everything. >> so, here and i don't think it's everything because here's something that is very curious about what we have learned today. the fact that there is a sixth person who is allegedly a translator who in that meeting didn't speak english. that's my question. right? we are talking about the other five people that have been disclosed. so, we have three people affiliated with the trump campaign who are all american, who all speak english. we have a russian lawyer who has gone on tv speaking english and we have this former counterintelligence pro-russia lobbyist. i don't know much about him. but i assume a pro-russia lobbyist in the united states, russian american, he probably speaks english, too. so, the question is, who is this sixth person or is the information that we have right now actually correct or is there going to be another shoe to drop? >> i guess the question that i have in many ways, matt, let's talk about this sixth person and, again, this is a person who
7:13 am
is described by donald trump jr.'s lawyer as a translator. but he also says in the statement that he provided to nbc news that they don't have any electronic or other records that says what the name of this person is. so, what you have is a situation where someone who is with the senior most members of the campaign that was about to name the nominee of the major republican party in this country, they have no record of who was with those people or, there's a reason why we're not getting that information. is there another explanation that i'm not seeing? is this just, i don't know, a sign of a campaign that wasn't very well organized? >> just to add to your set up there, also, let's keep in mind that the afforded e-mail from the intermediary said this is part of the russian government's attempt to help you out here because we're in favor of donald trump. so, you already had the flag. if you're at all coshes and suspicious about things. you already had the flag. the russian government is there.
7:14 am
scramble the jets. this meeting happened in a hurry in trump tower right after he sealed the nomination, in effect. so, you have all that and you see the russian government thing and you don't know the name of the person that you're having the meeting with senior campaign staff. it's very, very bizarre. >> i also wonder, joel, yahoo! and "new york times" reporting jared kushner so much because of the attention he gave but jared kushner has had to amend his list that he provided to the government on official documents three times now it was a mistake, by, i don't know, an admin or assistant or someone who pushed the send button too soon. i want you to look at this timeline. january 1th when it was filed apparently too early. they made a mistake. they immediately, they say, told the fbi that they would amend. they didn't actually amend until may 11th. all those months later. i mean, is this, again, a situation where you have a
7:15 am
political newcomer who doesn't know how the system works? >> oh, i think it's beyond just not knowing how the system works. i think what he's been wrestling with is what don't i say and can i get away with not putting things down. this is a pattern repeatedly. this comes from the top. you look at the history of donald trump, by the way. all these folks are following his pattern. you bluff your way through. you keep denying, keep denying and if you can own the press in a way like he could when he was a tabloid feature, that's one thing. but now you're the president of the united states with people who are in the white house. you're not going to control the press that way. none of this stuff is going to go away. the quicker you get the facts out, the better it will be for you. it's only going to get worse because now they've undermined the trust of individuals who are going to be key in to the investigators looking into the russian interference. >> we have to go, joel. i have to ask you as someone who was so intimately involved in
7:16 am
this campaign and someone who suffered a lot for the outcome of this election. when you heard about this this morning what was your gut reaction? >> this has been building up over time. it has been a great frustration. we believe, completely, that russia had interfered in this election. but, you know, we're a few months passed it now. i'm still concerned that people in washington and congress and the president are not taking seriously the fact that russia meddled in our democracy than they do in other places. there is a bigger threat here at stake. when we keep messing around like this like it's not serious. we are doing longerterm damage. >> joel, thank you so much. catherine, you're going to stay with us. my next guest is congressman eric who sits on the house committee. he said for him these don jr. e-mails are the last straw and now crucial for a bipartisan and independent investigation in order to protect our democracy. we have that, next.
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welcome back. we are follow reaction to nbc exclusive report about june 9th meeting at trump tower. including the new details about who was in the room with donald trump jr. and gjared kushner an paul manafort. i want to get straight to democratic congressman eric swalwell of california. congressman, good morning, let me get your reaction, at least
7:21 am
initially to this report. we now believe that one of the people in this meeting is a former intelligence officer for russia and now we have someone who is described but only by donald trump jr.'s lawyer as a translator, but we have no name. >> good morning, chris. considering all the evidence we've seen in this investigation i would be more surprised if there was not a former intelligence officer or someone connected to the intelligence service in that meeting. >> so, is a game changer at all for your committee and the congressional committees and bob mueller? >> actually, chris, all of this evidence continues to point in the same direction. so, i don't know if it's a game changer as much as it brings more and more into focus with what we have suspected all along. the trump family, their businesses, their campaign and the president himself had deep ties to russia and it looks like those ties converged with russia's efforts to help donald
7:22 am
trump and hurt hillary clinton. honestly, the best way i think to make sure this never happens again because robert mueller will do everything he can to make sure there was a crime committed, our job is to make sure this never happens again is tahave an independent commission. >> what do you want to see happen here? what do you think bob mueller isn't doing or your committee, the senate intelligence committee that you think needs to get done? >> we want bob mueller and his team to have the runway to conduct their investigation without any obstruction from the white house. what we want to see, elijah cummings and i wrote a bill every democrat and two republicans supports says this warrants having experts talook at how this happened so we're never in a mess like this again. we did that after september 11th. i hope this is an inflection point and republicans see an opportunity to put aside the criminal investigation and
7:23 am
understand the responsibility we have to people at home who want to protect the ballot box. >> let me make sure i'm clear on what you're saying here, congressman. are you suggesting there is obstruction by the white house or you feel strongly you need to guard against it? >> i believe that almost at every point of this investigation the white house has tried to obstruct i. the former claims of president obama wiretapping trump tower and then tried to intimidate james comey to come forward by suggesting that there might be tapes and then inviting the chairman of the house intelligence committee over to the white house and giving them a forum to put on this bogus unmasking claim. so, they have done everything to distract and deflect from what really happened here which is our democracy was attacked by a foreign adversary. put aside the facts from the criminal probe. no one disputes and i don't think anyone thinks we did anything to protect the next
7:24 am
election. >> reporting that the president's legal team knew about these e-mails weeks ago that they were actually informed by jared kushner's team. what do you make of the president's defense that he didn't know about the e-mails until just days ago? >> we have seen the trajectory of the story has gone from the president saying no russians, no collusions to now they are acknowledging only when confronted the contacts. what is very disturbing and sickening to me is that they are setting up the defense of so what. this is what happens in politics. hillary would have been worse. i really believe this is where this is going. the evidence is almost overwhelming. i don't believe the president at all unless his statement can be corroborated at this point. >> your committee and other committee investigations move forward. bob mueller investigation moves forward. this question about jared kushner. the leader of your party in the house on nancy pelosi had a press conference about an hour
7:25 am
ago. security clearance should be revoked. do you even know if he has a security clearance? can the intelligence committee find that out and what should happen vis-a-vis jared kushner. >> i believe if he obtained one. public reporting suggested that he sought one. elliot angle, a colleague of mine wrote a bill called no russia rewards. we think should put a freeze with respect to sanctions and then we also believe it is time to have this independent commission. we are going to be over the course of the next few weeks trying to assert our role as the legislative branch, a co-equal branch of government to put a check on this president and the ties that they have with russia. >> congressman eric swalwell, always good to talk to you. the drip, drip, drip of russia headlines overshadowing a big story of capitol hill which is the fate of revised health
7:26 am
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we're back now with a look at this morning's headlines.
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the victims of monday's horrific crash have been identified. 15 marines and one sailor who died. in a statement the marine reserve said "the marines and sailor involved in this incident were among our finest. they will never be forgotten." former president jimmy carter returned to a habitat for humanity site after being hospitalized for dehydration. the organization tweeting this picture of the president smiling. the 92-year-old had been working outside in the hot sun on thursday building homes for habitat for humanity in canada. a hawaiian federal judge has loosened limits on the travel ban allowing grandparent, grandchildren and other residents to travel from those six countries into the u.s. federal judge broadened what is considered a bonified relationship with the u.s. citizen after the supreme court ruling last month. the fate of republican majority leader mitch mcconnell revised health care bill is precarious at best.
7:31 am
leadership team planning next week after the cbo releases the newest score. rand paul and susan collins have already made up their minds they will vote against beginning debate on the measure. mcconnell can't afford to lose even one more vote. in the face of all that president trump tweeted "republican senators are working hard to get their obama care replacement approved. i will be at my desk pen in hand. after seven years disaster must happen." kasie hunt is on capitol hill with the latest. former director of the congressional budget office and former chief economist. let's start with you, kasie, this bill to say the least is facing a tough road ahead. who are the other key players you're watching right now? >> well, chris, right now as you point out, there are those
7:32 am
already two no votes on this bill. susan collins a moderate and senator rand paul who calls it obama care light. if mitch mcconnell holds on to everyone in his conference, he can dweget this bill passed. this is the evolving challenge and key places huddled in mcconnell's office late yesterday afternoon after this bill was released to the public. who are they? senator dean from nevada. you remember he went home to nevada after the last bill was released. he held a press conference saying he couldn't vote for it. they had concerns on the more moderate side. both very worried about medicaid specifically and looking for because in the case of rob portman quite a few people who rely on the drug treatment money hat is included in medicaid and the state of west virginia, quite frankly, has a high medicaid population compared to other states. both of them very concerned and have said so far that they're not yet satisfied with what's in
7:33 am
the bill. but they also have not yet come out against it. that means that mcconnell still has some breathing room here. now, what's going to unfold over the next couple of days and into the weekend and next week. we're expecting some form of a cbo score to come out early in the week. but some questions about whether or not that score is going to look at all of the elements in this bill. so, look for that to be a potential point of conflict. and, potentially, it could be that they haven't had those pieces scored because it may make it a little politically easier for them to push this through. mcconnell has said that he is going to hold votes next week. obviously, he had said that previously and pushed him off. but right now his majority of 50 is tenuously holding. we'll spend the rest of the day watching very closely to see if anyone else breaks away. >> thanks, kasie. you did an op-ed on this in late june and urge cosmetic changes to the senate bill and give us your take right now on what it
7:34 am
is that mitch mcconnell has put forward and is, frankly, the health care and this nation a sixth of the economy on. >> i don't think anyone should be surprised that this bill is really quite close to its predecessor. the republican caucus is, obviously, split across a lot of dimensions on what is the best path forward in health care and this bill represents a compromise. they added some additional money for opioid addiction treatments and that was an important part of changing the bill. they've made catastrophic plans eligible for subsidies that makes it closer to the house bill and may improve their coverage nebs. but what they did was allow ted cruz to offer an amendment and just see what cbo othought of it and have essentially the same forum and same subsidies and this is not a policy issue any more. can they unite as a caucus and pass a bill and senate back to the house. >> a human issue, as well,
7:35 am
because the reason a lot of these republicans are hesitating because they've gone back home to their districts and they've gotten an earful on whether people will have any coverage and what it means for them in the future and what should people be looking at and i'm interested in the fact that they were so dismissive of this cbo score. >> i think the concerns about the future of coverage from the industry are legitimate and they should be at the focus of this, but not the only thing the bill does. it does have important reforms else where that help the bu budgetary outlook. when you look at the next cbo score. take 2017, 2018 and they'll look exactly as they did the year before. the affordable care act is still enforced and the only thing it changes is the individual mandate. any changes that are going to happen that are in the individual market in the years 2018 and after. my expectation is that the changes they've made adding $70
7:36 am
billion of stabilization funds, changing the eligibility of catastrophic plans and going to improve their coverage numbers somewhat. how much? cbo will have to decide. directionally go a little north. >> catherine, you in your latest column you talk about the fact that people shouldn't get distracted from what is going on in capitol hill with everything else that is going on. this affects every american at one point or another in their lives. certainly affects all their families very directly. what are we looking at as we watch how this unfolds over the next week or so? >> i will be curious to see what happens in the cbo score. i am not convinced this will improve the coverage numbers for a few reasons, including that, we're very likely to have lots of problems with adverse selection which basically means that if you allow these plans that don't cover very much to be eligible for subsidies and allow insurers to no longer abide by the various requirements of the
7:37 am
affordable care act and what gets covered and what the payout is and things like that. that basically you have the segmentation in the market where you have a lot of healthy people being competed over by insurers for increasingly plans and all the sick people sorting into the plans that are still required to be covered by the aca rules. and basically you have a death spiral. and, you have a lot of people losing insurance, essentially, because of this segmentation in the market. >> that's what basically mitch mcconnell is dealing with, right? chuck todd made the point either this bill ends up passing 50 votes or it dies by 15 because those moderates who have gone in and talked to mitch mcconnell yesterday shortly after the draft was released are realizing they cannot go back constituents here. >> congressman from kentucky has likened this to a colossal game of chicken. everyone just assumes that
7:38 am
someone will put the hand on the wheel at the last minute and steer it out of the freight train because it is a policy issue, i think, contrary and most policy analysts who have been working on health care reform from the conservative free market side despise this for death spiral reasons because it keeps the framework of obamacare in place and degrades it in certain areas and then also a politics issue. you don't want to be on the wrong side of a 20% to 80% thing here. so, part of what we're talking about here is a 50/50 split right now and i think that will probably stay with us because it's interesting that no one else jumped forward to be the one to tell donald trump he doesn't get this bill passed. there is a very good persuasive case to be made from the mcconnell side which is if you don't do this right now chuck schumer will write the next one and also why are you so afraid of debate? >> i don't think anyone disagrees this is the last best chance. doug in the last ten seconds what do you expect to happen
7:39 am
here? >> i think this is it and i still expect it will pass. mike pence will be the 51st vote. >> douglas, thank you so much. and up next, the lights literally going out on the gop this week. turns out a congresswoman stepped on an electrical cord during a news conference. some people are seeing it as a metaphor during a rough week for the republican party. what's next? how long can go op leaders stand with the white house?
7:40 am
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chaos and turmoil seem to lurk around every corner for the current party under this new administration. members of the gop try to remain unified behind president trump even as new revelations unfold between the president's campaign and russians. joining us now, danny milbank at "washington post" and opinion columnist at "the post." and matt welch at "reason" magazine. i want to play for all of you the president defending his son yesterday. >> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer, not a government lawyer, but a russian lawyer. it was a short meeting. >> a short meeting, dana milbank, but one we learned through nbc investigative unit that included a fifth person and a sixth person not previously disclosed in spite of don jr.'s
7:44 am
statement on television on the record saying this is everything, this is everything. at what point do you see some republicans switching here? >> well, i mean, take john mccain who says that there are so many shoes dropping here, it's like a centipede. each day another thing maybe tomorrow we find out vladimir putin was in the meeting and we pull the shell off of don jr. and putin jumps out of it. it seems each time we get to one of these points we say, all right, surely now the republican leadership will move to distance themselves and each time it doesn't happen. it's for a fairly simple reason the president may be unpopular overall in the country, but he's still quite popular with the republican base. and, you know, basically a quarter of the country overall, but they're very powerful in republican politics and in primaries and midterm elections. and that's why you're not seeing the leadership in congress budge. >> yeah, speaking of that. i want to play what the
7:45 am
leadership in the house had to say and contrast that with the conservative member of congress. take a listen. >> i think it's important that we get to the bottom of all of this. as you all know, i supported bob mueller being appointed special counsel and i think we should let our team and investigators here do their jobs. >> from the time you saw to the moment you, until the moment you drank vodka with a guy name boris. you list every single one of those and we'll turn them over to the special counsel because this drip, drip, drip is undermining the credibility of this administration. >> i want to state for the record i personally have never had vodka with a man named boris. since nobody asked, i'm just getting that out on the record. it's funny, but it's not funny. so, where is the pressure. are there pressure points that you see happening, dana? as the head of the republicans in the congress, you probably expected to hear what you heard
7:46 am
from the speaker of the house, which is that there san investigation, let the investigators do their job. at what point back in their districts do people start asking questions of members of congress. >> your e-mail is to prove that you have not had vodka with boris. >> we'll be looking for it on wikileaks. look, the point will be when the base starts to erode. you've seen it happen a little bit. you see a shift in strong support for donald trump dropping to sort of soft support. that's beginning to happen, but i think we're a long way from that base completely abandoning him. the line that he could fire a gun on fifth avenue and nobody would complain still applies to his base. we are still a long way from these guys feeling the leadership feeling they can tip toe away from trump. >> letser are go into the white house. i'm curious of your take on this, catherine. i just really wonder at what
7:47 am
point do people get worried more about the ties that the president has, the defense of his family. there are a lot of questions when he first decided to surround himself with members of his family in the campaign. now at the white house with jared and with iva in, ka about what if it came to a point where you had to make a decision between the best interest of the country and the best interest of the business and the best interest of your family. are we seeing that at large now? >> absolutely. this is why you don't hire family members. for lots of different kinds of posts, particularly in the white house or in advisory positions to your campaign, et cetera. you can't fire them. this is why family business have problems. >> maybe the cover, as well. when you're looking at donald trump jr., he has nuthing to do with the white house right now. no official role. >> the notion that has been emphasized by both president trump and sebastian gorcha he's a private citizen.
7:48 am
yeah, kind of. paul manafotrt wasn't a private citizen and jared kushner is anything but a private citizen. one of the most powerful figures in government and they were there and we still don't know what transpired at that meeting. doesn't really hold water. also just flat on its face improper. they're trying to say this is normal. this is the gathering opposition research and this type of thing. russia is known to people. this is not a secret as trying to monkey around in the elections of the west. broadly speaking to use a donald trump phrase. and, so, you know this going in and you act in this way. this is on its face improper activities and the attempt to kind of move the goal posts, transplant them to say, well, it wasn't illegal and therefore it's proper. i think shows a real degrogation in the type of intellectual conservatism. >> i want to thank dana milbank and my panel, catherine and
7:49 am
matt. live from iraq, the crisis escalating in mosul even after that city was liberated from isis. the reporting of richard engel from the front lines. he'll join us. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia. [radi♪ alarm]
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it week the iraqi prime minister declared victory. richard engel had unprecedented access to the front lines in the fight to free the city from the grip of isis. he joins us now from erbil iraq, 50 miles from the liberated city of mosul. richard engel, moes elnow under control. give us a sense what happens now in iraq. >> reporter: well, there are big questions about what happens to the city of mosul, what happens to this country. if you talk to iraqi officials and talk to some u.s. military officials, they will tell you that mosul is now on a path to success, that isis has been driven out and that the isis experience, three years of isis occupation will only serve to bring the people of mosul together because they don't want to go back to the horrors they just lived through. but the history of the city, the history of the country and history of the american
7:54 am
involvement in iraq suggests that is not going to be the case. the sectarian divisions in mosul are perhaps greater than ever. there are now shiite militias in a hard line sunni city. the kurds who are controlling the area where we are right now, have decided they are going to hold a referendum in a couple months about independence, about breaking away from iraq once and for all and definitively. so i think that the trajectory, the path forward for this country is not one of stability but could be more conflict and more fracturing of this nation. >> richard engel, thank you for your truly extraordinary reporting. you'll want to watch on assignment, he joins u.s. troops in northern iraq and reports from the front lines of the battle for mosul. don't miss on assignment with richard engel tonight at 10:00 eastern right here on msnbc. we'll be right back with today's
7:55 am
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we have been rolling out a new segment, the big picture, it tells a big story, a funny one, one not covered enough. this comes to us from afghanistan. members of the women's robotices team were waiting for visas to get into the united states. the state department approved their application after first denying it twice.
7:59 am
so their design is a robot that sorts different kinds of balls. in a competition for people making these robots, 156 other countries, international r robotics competition, made a 500 mile trek across their country to get to the place to apply for this visa, again the third time was the charm. we want to thank the photographer from the associated press for that happy picture. i want to thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'm chris jansing in for hall lee jackson. right now more news with ali velshi and stephanie ruhle. >> have a great day. thanks very much. >> much to cover, let's get you started. >> about that meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer. >> this is the attorney for donald trump jr. who just called back nbc news to clarify that there was another person in the room, a third person in the
8:00 am
room. >> we have just learned there were not one, but two additional people in the room. one of those people according to the associated press is renot ama chin. >> more and more information coming out. >> i mentioned calling upon the speaker to give us a vote on an independent commission. i also called for revoking of the security clearance for jared kushner. that's absolutely ridiculous that he should have that clearance. >> this bill doesn't repeal obamacare. >> i find myself unable to support the bill. >> it's up to the senate to put the legislation on his desk and he's made very clear he has pen in hand. >> it's not dead yet but they are very much on the knife edge here. >> all right, well, he was the guest of honor at an elaborate bastille day, now president trump flying home to another twist in the controversial meeting that keeps get being bigger and bigger june 9


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