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tv   Lockup Cleveland - Extended Stay  MSNBC  July 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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due no mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. ♪ >> [ bleep ]. >> a woman is jailed after an assault is captured on video. >> she deserved it. i don't feel bad at all. >> and then struggles with isolation. >> just going to to go crazy. just gonna go [ bleep ] crazy. >> a trans gender inmate manipulates the system. >> what they going to do? put me in jail. >> and a inmate claims self
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defense after killing his uncle and hiding the body. >> i don't know if it was adrenaline, fear. but i think i over reacted, maybe. ♪ while cincinnati, ohio's hamilton county justice center is originally built to hold 1,200 inmates. it now houses an average of 1300 men and women every day. most are only charged with crimes and are awaiting trials or the resolution of their cases. in the female population has grown significantly in recent years. >> females these days are committing crimes like the men. women are now in on homicide. felonious assaults. now using weapons. >> society is changing.
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our norms are changing. and one of the things that has changed is the number of women that come to jail. >> kianna mcmeans came to jail an case that made headlines following release of a cell phone video that went viral. >> this video recorded saturday shows two women stripped naked, s beaten and robbed. according to a hamilton county affidavit, 25-year-old kianna mcmeans is charged with participating in the assault. the victim's property was found inside her car. >> some people ain't think it was fun. i thought it was fun. some people thought i was just so wrong. talking about me. they don't even know me. don't even know the story for real, like. >> mcmeans says the night before the incident she went to a club
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with the two victims and they stayed over at her house. but she says the next morning she became angry when they wouldn't leave. >> i'm telling these [ bleep ] get the [ bleep ] out of my house. and they wouldn't leave. and instead of calling the police, i called my peoples. and when my peoples came in there they act like they didn't want to get out my house still. they got drug out my house and beat the [ bleep ] down. it wasn't supposed to to be like that. but it just happened. >> of the four codefendants in the crime she says she barely participated in the assault. >> i just kicked her and punched her two times. >> why did you do that? >> out of anger and just -- hmm. >> because the victims's belongings were found in her car mcmeans was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery, to which she has pled not guilty. >> i put my feet and hands on her so i knew i was going to get assault but aggravated robbery? come on now. >> while she does not deny participating in the assault,
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she says she did not rob the victims. >> before we went out they got dressed at my house. when it was time are to to leave go out. they brought that you are [ bleep ]. i popped the trunk and in my car. because they wasn't supposed to come back to my house. that's how they bloop blooep -- [ bleep ] got in my car. i don't want to felony on my record. you feeling me? i got to to be somebody. i got kids to take care. i can't have no felony on my record. >> what it's like being away from them right now? >> [ bleep ]. i miss my babies. i for real can't sleep at night because of them. especially the 1-year-old. i miss her. >> what if your kids saw this video? >> they ain't see that video. >> didn't see it yet? >> hm-uhm. and they won't. nothing for a kid to see, you know? >> initially she was housed in the general population but after the arrest of two other women in the case, she was moved to the
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administrative segregation unit with inmates are locked in individual cells 23 hours per day. >> she was placed there not for behavior problems but for separation. the case was so high profile the prosecutor wanted all involved weren't housed so close together until the case goes to court. so everyone will have a fair chance of telling their story. >> ready to get the [ bleep ] out of here. me not being around nobody. me not talking to nobody. i don't be wanting to wake up at all. for real. >> cory hall has struggled with his housing assignment as well. after being arrested he was placed into a special unit that only contains inmates charged with murder. >> we call it the murder pod. everybody with a first degree felony, life or even the death penalty pending, they are housed in that unit. >> i thought we were the only murder pod in this whole place.
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no, there's a murder pod on every floor. jesus christ, man, what's wrong with people? ♪ it's loud. it's poor. i see a lot of violence in these people. it is a different world. i like to talk about plants or trees. and these people don't know what that stuff is. >> what do they talk about? >> like guns or shoes. >> though he has prior convictions for domestic violence and disorderly conduct, hall is in jail now on charges of murder and abuse of a corpse to which he plans to plead not guilty. >> sounds horrible and it truly is. hopefully they will see that there was self defense, that it wasn't me that started this. >> the victim was hall's uncle paul bramlich, which whom he
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shared a house for several years. he says he and his uncle were having an argument over money that turned physical. >> i was in fear for my life. i made the decision to stop him. there was a small 6 inch iron skillet hanging on the door. i reached over and grabbed it. i didn't hit him with it. i just stuck the handle of it into his mouth. that's when i was able to get behind him. i had him in a choke hold. and i was on his back. and i kept him that way until he went to the ground. and when i could no longer hold that choke hold, i had hit his head into the concrete floor. three, four times. i don't know if it was adrenaline, fear. but i think i overreacted, maybe. >> hall says he moved his uncle's body into the back of
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his pickup truck, drove across state lines to a remote wooded area and left him on side of the road. a few weeks later when investigators started asking questions about his missing uncle, hall says he told them everything. but he worries that because he moved the body the jury may not believe his claim of self defense. >> there was a lot of evidence that was destroyed because of taking him away. that was one of my biggest mistakes. i should have just called 911 right then. i was scared to death. i was so scared i didn't know what else to do. and that is the truth. you know, if i had more knowledge of what to do, i would have done the right thing. not knowing, i was guessing in the wind. i made horrible mistakes. >> coming up, cory hall applies for a job. >> i'm going to put in for a
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detail today and hopefully they will hire me in the kitchen. i'm just going to write at home i cook for myself. >> confinement starts to wear on kianna mcmeans. >> i cry every night i be crying. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. officials at the jail say the facility is bursting at the seams. >> the biggest challenge is we don't have enough room in this jail. we don't have enough room. we can't hold on to everybody that we'd like to because literally the physical structure of this jail. the challenge is making sure that everybody is safe and secure with a facility that is jam packed. >> that is especially true in the female wing of the jail. >> 104 spaces inside this jail
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are for women. that is not very much. >> we have 261 women incarcerated in jail right now. this jail was designed -- it was almost outdated when we moved in as far as population numbers go. >> some female housing units are so crowded, inmates have to sleep on the floor. >> why are you out here laying on the floor right now? >> they don't got us a cell. >> jail's too crowded. >> this is like being homeless in jail. >> for a while now we've been having a problem with the population of our female pods. we don't have the beds for them. so they have nowhere to put belongs, they have nowhere to lay down. they're basically stuck out in the dead space area. >> inmates like these are sometimes referred to as floaters. >> i've heard of women without a cell for about 10 to 12 days. and we've been out here for about a week. >> they compare us to all the homeless people downtown, how all the homeless people be outside down there. it's pathetic.
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>> inmates that are floaters consider themselves homeless in the jail. and that is a sad place to be. that even when you come to jail you can't even get your cot and a place to put your belonging. but there is days and days where this goes on that where they are classified for they may not have a bed in that pod until we either do a ride to prison or someone completes their time. and, you know, frees up a bed actually in their classified pod. >> you are already coming off the streets going through the case. >> when you are used to doing time you want to get a set routine. when you are out here you can't. >> no privacy or nothing. >> i think at some point we're going to have to open a new unit for females. because i don't see the female population decreasing. >> when you get locked up, you are going to have your own space, be able to go into your room and lay down if you wanted and be able to collect your thoughts and be able to get your mind together.
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everybody gots their own problems, their own issues. you can't do that out here. you are here, you are on display. you are just everybody is in your business. and when you get irritated, you are thinking about your children, you can't just walk away. >> yeah i say it all day long. i say i'm going to lose my mind if i don't get a cell. i'm about to go crazy if they don't get me in a room. you just wish you was in there laying down. >> kianna mcmeans would like to be anywhere but the single person cell in administrative segregation, where she is confined 23 hours a day. she was placed there to be kept separate in her codefendants in an aggravated robbery case, and she says the isolation is taking a toll. >> what happened the your eyes? >> i cried them off. every night i be crying. i miss my kids, my family. i just miss my freedom. [ bleep ] feel like the walls close in on me.
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>> mcmeans says one of the people she misses the most is locked up in the jail as well. deangelo young is father to two of her six children though mcmeans say he doesn't exactly look the park. >> he look kind of crazy. he's handsome but he look kind of crazy. >> i sell weed, but it is like a job to me. i'm up at 6:00 morning. getting myself together. my coffee. roll me up a big joint. i'm ready to go to work. it's a job to me. they say money don't grow on trees but they lie. i make people happy, man. i don't -- i don't cause car accidents. i don't cause people teeth to fall out. all that. i make people happy, man. >> mcmeans says she and young have been in an on and off relationship since she was a teenager. >> i been knowing him ever since i was 16. >> i just love his swag. he just so sexy to me. >> my baby mama kianna mcmeans. crazy.
9:17 pm
i love her. love the way she smell. i love her toes. i love her feet. i love everything about it. i don't give a [ bleep ] about no other female ever. >> he in and out of jail. been in prison a lot. so really didn't have time to bond. >> it took her and my kids to make me realize i had something to live for. before then i really didn't give a [ bleep ] about nothing for real. >> young has had dozens of prior arrests. and while some have been dismissed he's been convicted of crimes including aggravated assault with weapons, trafficking cocaine, drug possession and a prior assault charge against kianna mcmeans. he says now having children with mcmeans changed his focus. >> it changes you when your wake up in the morning and your babies is there talking about daddy, make me some cereal and daddy, i want this. it just change you.
9:18 pm
i went from being the super gangster man to peter griffin. i'm the family guy now. >> family life for young hasn't been without drama. two weeks before mcmeans arrest he was charged with domestic violence to which he pled not guilty. his alleged victim is kianna mcmeans. >> one of the neighbors called the police. my baby mama didn't even call the police. we didn't even get into a fight. we don't fight. she didn't want me to go nowhere that day. we all outside, you know, she crazy. so she grabbing on my clothes trying to stop me from leaving. she'll tell you. >> he hit me. shouldn't ever put his hand on me. men don't hit women. that's only for bitches and [ bleep ] women. >> although mcmeans initially agreed to file charges she now says when it's time for young's trial, she will refuse to testify. >> because we going to be together and he need to be there for my kids while i'm here. they need their daddy, as well as their mama.
9:19 pm
>> are you okay being with him again? >> um-hmm. he don't put no fear in my damn heart. i can say that by myself. i'm not scared of him. it just seem like ever since he went to jail like everything just went downhill. just crazy. >> make me feel like i failed. i just know what i got to do when i get out. >> within days young will have a hearing on his domestic violence charge. while he's pled not guilty, the fact that mcmeans is in jail has made him willing to reconsider his plea. >> if i have to get out that day i'm willing to plead guilty and take some probation to get back to my family. i got to get back to my kids. i got to help my baby mama out. whatever i got to do to get her lawyer money, she got to get on up out of here, man. she don't deserve this, like. >> coming up kianna mcmeans has had enough of the segregation. >> i don't care about getting out of jail no time soon. i just want to get out of this hole. >> and a transgender inmate with hiv opens up about life on the streets. >> basically soliciting became
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when an inmate is booked into jail at the hamilton county justice center in cincinnati, they can expect to be dressed in a jail-provided jump suit like everyone else. but it's a different story when it comes to their shoes. >> the policy is inmates coming in can keep their shoes provided that there is nothing in them or large quantities of metal on them that could possibly be a risk to staff. the policy is in place so that we don't have to pay as an agency for everybody that comes in to have a pair of sandals or shower shoes or provide them with other shoes. >> one inmate has taken personal style further than most. >> my every day shoes. these boots just are not made for walking. >> as one of the few transgender inmates at the jail, edward burkes is housed in one of two male protect ifr custody or pc units, which are reserved for
9:24 pm
inmates who might be vulnerable in general population. >> when an inmate comes in, if they are transgender, if they still have their male parts, then they are are considered male. >> though housed in a male unit, burke self identifies as female goes by a different name. >> people call me shay. when i turned 17, that's when i started becoming who i wanted to be. it feel like i was becoming myself. it felt like i wasn't trapped anymore. like i wasn't being someone that i didn't want to be. burkes is here on a parole violation for cocaine possession and soliciting. soon to transfer to a drug treatment program he says prostitution and drugs have been a way of life. >> after i turned 17 and started to look for jobs and stuff, i
9:25 pm
met some friends that were also transgender and they were like this is how we make money. and i decided to try it because i wasn't having any luck find jobs. because it's kind of hard to find jobs when you are transgender. started soliciting and got into drugs. and basically soliciting became my life. drug use became my life. >> survival sex is what we as law enforcement identify it. they are doing that because they have been put out on the street by their parents. they have no place to go. so they need money. and, you know, they haven't been able to get a job. so they have sex. >> when a car pulls over for you, it is scary. you never know who's behind the steering wheel and what's going to take place. they could turn the corner and pull out a gun and it could be the end of it. >> we've had several homicides in the last six months of transgender male prostitutes. i want to believe and feel that most men who pick up a prostitute realize they're
9:26 pm
picking up a male prostitute and that's what they may be interested in. but there may be a confrontation at the end if they feel like it's not. >> there are times men pick me up thinking we're a female. and we ride for a few minutes and they are like you are a female, right? and of course i don't lie. i tell them no, i'm a transgender. i've had cases where like oh okay that's fine. or well that's not really what i was looking for but i guess it's fine. and i've had cases where men will be like oh get out. >> doesn't that make you want to stop doing what you' do? >> yeah. but at the same time when you have felonies and priors and you are transgender and you have a cocaine addiction, it is like this is how -- this is what i'm used to. i know for a fact that if i do this i can get money.
9:27 pm
>> prostitution as a means of survival could also be deadly. after burkes prior arrest for soliciting the jail administered a hiv test and it came back positive. >> did that make you want to stop at all? did you think okay maybe i should stop doing this? >> um-hmm. >> what happened after that? >> i didn't stop. just couldn't do it. it was the way i was surviving so -- >> did you disclose this to your clientele? >> um-hmm. >> you told them right away? um-hmm. >> what is their reaction? >> some people choose to do it and some people choose not to. most people still go through with it because there is protection used. >> as part of probation, burkes was placed on the court ordered treatment regimen that reduces risk of transmitting the disease.
9:28 pm
but the burkes is arrested for soliciting again, the legal repercussions could be more severe. >> once they know they have this deadly disease and they continue to solicit, the charge will be bumped up and they will start facing felony charges. >> but burkes says quitting the lifestyle isn't as easy as it sounds. >> it's like this is what i'm used to. i know for a fact no matter what the weather, no matter rain, sleet, snow, i know that i'll make something so that i can support my habit and eat the next day and have clothes to put on my back and things like that. there's got to be a change. but the thing about is like when? when? when do i say enough is a enough? >> coming up -- >> i got word through the grapevine my best friend was over here on this side. >> edward burkes works the system to see a friend. >> like family.
9:29 pm
my little sister. we done been through the highways and byways together. >> and near the breaking point in segregation, kianna mcmeans reaches out to her boyfriend. >> she hope i feel her pain and she cry herself to sleep every night. sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why!
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i'm dara brown with the top stories. the senate has been forced to defer the consideration of a republican health care bill as senator john mccain recovers from a surgery to remove a blood clot from above his right eye. in a new policy intended to expand deportation power, the "washington post" says it would expedite the removal of undocumented imgrants that can't prove they lived in the u.s. continuely for at least 90 days. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. ♪
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the hamilton county justice center houses around 1,300 inmates. but two hot meals and one bag lunched served each day. >> this is our dinner. okay? >> the facility depends on some of its most trusted inmate workers known as porters to make about 4,000 meals daily. >> brownies and i cut them into squares. they actually trust was a knife down here for some reason. but it's chained to the table. can't do nothing with it. can't kill nobody. >> man of the year. best turkey in america, y'all. we prepare everything each day, early. a day ahead of time. so this will be ready for tomorrow. put it in the fridge. good to go for tomorrow. >> working in the kitchen, fast paced. there is something going on somewhere in the kitchen. making sandwiches, as you can see. they are making breakfast. now we're on lunch. as soon as this is over we're doing dinner. every day. same routine.
9:34 pm
>> for inmates whose sentences allow for it, working in the kitchen can bring a faster release date. >> only reason i like working is you get three for one. each day i work is kind of like three days. i had to do 90 days. now i end up doing 30. as far as working down here, it is not something i would volunteer to do. i'm just trying to get out. >> even inmates who don't qualify for sentence reduction find other benefits to the work. >> i've been down here two months and got two months left. i don't receive any three for one credit or anything like that. i just do it for the extra food, extra visit time and things like that. >> cory hall worked in the kitchen pouring juice during a prior stay in jail. and he hopes to be hired back. >> sometimes they need people in the line just to fill the trays. so i'm going to put in for a detail today and hopefully they will hire me in the kitchen.
9:35 pm
i wish -- i'm just going to write, at home, i cook for myself. this paper is submitted to social services. it goes into a box out in the sally port. and it gets picked up around 5:00 this afternoon. sit and wait. >> hall says a job would be a welcome distraction from the reality of the latest development in his case. >> i got my indictment. i'm thinking, you know, maybe there was going to be two charges that i'm going to have to look at. and when i looked at it, they had brought up five felony charges. >> hall's indictment includes first-degree murder, aggravated murder, domestic violence, tampering with evidence and gross abuse of a corpse. if found guilty he faces a sentence as high as 15 years to life. >> i was hoping 10 years. and they say it is going to be a little bit more than that. i couldn't eat. i trembled. i just came in here and shut the door.
9:36 pm
not much else i could do. >> paul admitted to killing his uncle by sticking an iron skillet handle down his throat, hitting his head repeatedly on the floor and later dumping the body across state lines. >> how i'm going live with this, i don't know. 15 to life is a long time to sit in a place that's anything like this. i just have a freedom of life. and to be confined in here is the worst thing that could happen to me. i just pulls at my heart. it hurts my heart constant. i just cover my mirror up so i don't have to look at myself in this place. it is just another way of knowing that i'm not here. i don't want to be here. >> hall says his time here has been made worse by the lack of contact from his family. >> so far since this happened none of my family's tried to reach me, at all. i've been left cold. i've sent two letters.
9:37 pm
i sent a letter to my aunt and a letter to my younger sister. my aunt, she was pretty much all i had since my mother had died. i worry about her, because she's just as alone as i am. i don't know if she just don't understand what had happened, you know. she may not have under -- you know, might not have come to understanding of any of this. i haven't. >> while hall has been unable to contact his family by mail, it's been a different story for young and mcmeans. while the two cannot meet face to face, they have been exchanging letters via the jails inmate-to-inmate mail system. >> thank you. >> make sure he get it. that's my man. make sure he get it. >> this is an envelope for inmate to inmate. where inmates from other floors, if they have relatives or, you know, boyfriends, husbands, can write to each other.
9:38 pm
that way they can communicate through their stay here at jail. these are purchased on commissary, 50 cents maybe. they have to open it up and go through it. make sure they are not transporting anything in between the letters. >> young. >> after the letter is inspected it is delivered to the inmate along with the regular mail. >> take that off your head. >> she said don't you know i'm thinking about you like crazy. don't worry about court. you'll be out soon. our kids need you. i need you. >> in his upcoming hearing young says he may change his plea to guilty if the judge will let him out on probation to help take care of his kids. and help mcmeans with her case. >> she says that i feel her pain and she cry herself to sleep every night. oh man. you know when she thinking
9:39 pm
negative you really wish you could say it to her right then and there. and, you know. but you can't. it's just hard, man. it just make you wish that the letter can just fly right to her right then and there. >> mcmeans has been placed in the women's segregation unit in order to keep her separate from her codefendants who allegedly participated in the beating of two women from mcmeans neighborhood. she has struggled with the resulting isolation. and because of the jails limited housing for women, the unit is also used as an overflow for the mentally ill. >> excuse me -- >> this [ bleep ] louder at night. picture the whole damn pod making this noise. >> i can't [inaudible]. i can't shower. i can't -- >> i'll be sleeping real good and then next thing i know i jump out my sleep and someone keep banging for hours and hours and hours. >> we understand that she's
9:40 pm
around a lot of mentally ill. it can be emotionally difficult. but we just have nowhere else -- no other place to put her. >> i'm ready to get out of here. i been here for 20 days. i mean what would you do if you was in a cell by yourself in a hole for 23 hours a day, only come out your cell for a hour? this is punishment. i'm going to crazy. scream my lungs out. i'm just going to go crazy. i'm just gone [ bleep ] go crazy. i just want to get out of here. i don't care about getting out of jail no time soon. i just want to get out this hole. coming up, kianna mcmeans receives some good news. >> as soon as she said that, the whole pod started clapping. >> and -- >> hello? >> hello. are you cory hall? >> yes, ma'am. >> cory hall gets an answer on his job application. david. what's going on? oh hey!
9:41 pm
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♪ until its gone away-yay inside hamilton county justice center there are two protective custody or pc units. >> gentlemen, line up at your doors. >> most of the inmates assigned to them are here because they might be vulnerable in general population. as one of the jails few transgender inmates edward burkes, who goes by the name "shay" says pc is the best place to be in jail. >> i prefer to be here because it's more laid back. more calm. not that many people. it's quiet. so you don't get as much attention from the other male inmates. >> but even in pc burkes is still subjected to scorn. >> got to be butt ugly though. that monster with the red hair. ugly as a dude. even uglier being a girl. >> some guys just can't adapt to having a transgender male in the
9:46 pm
pc pod with them. and it causes problems because it is a smaller pod. it's a smaller unit. so you are closer to that person. >> she -- >> what would jail be without them though? >> recently burkes requested a transfer to the jail's other pc unit, citing safety concerns. burkes is now in the same unit azra chemobrown. brown whose also transgender and goes by the name "honey," has known burkes for years. >> like family. my little sister, really. we been through a lot. we done been through the highways and byways together. and we can talk about anything. and then we're out and open. >> the two friends said they learned the other was in jail through the inmate grapevine. so they wrote their names on their windows hoping to find one another. >> this is north pc. this is the north. >> and and if you look at the
9:47 pm
window you see south -- >> the other building is south. >> so if i took tooth paste and i wrote shay on the window she could see it. >> yeah but i use tissue. dip it in water and make letters. >> what did you put on your window? >> honey. and she knew she was me. >> yeah. >> burkes says there was only way to get a transfer the unit. >> cried for a little bit. >> cried a little bit. >> lied a little bit. >> lied a little bit. >> and got over here a little bit. and a little bit. >> what did you say? >> that i didn't feel comfortable. and i was being targeted. because i'm a transgender. and i didn't feel safe. and i felt like my safety was in jeopardy. and they moved me. >> if an inmate feels threatened or they have harm that may be inflicted on them, as a supervisor you have to act on that.
9:48 pm
you have to preserve life and make sure that their health and safety is a concern. and we have to move them at that point. >> is it safe to say you manipulated the system? >> yeah why not. what they gonna do? put me in jail? [ laughter ] i mean, hey. >> coming up deception catches up with the edward burkes. >> inmate burkes is manipulating the system to be with somebody. >> and deangelo young might have a chance to get out of jail but it comes with conditions. >> my lawyer was like if i was you i wouldn't take it. because we gonna beat this case anyway. you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
9:49 pm
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9:51 pm
edward burkes is one of the few transgender inmates at the hamilton county justice center. though housed in a male unit, burkes self-identifies as female and goes by the name of shay. burkes recently moved into a protective custody unit with good friend rakeem brown, who is
9:52 pm
also transgender and goes by the name honey. burkes admitted manipulating the jail into making the move based on safety concerns. but just one day after the transfer burkes was moved out of brown's unit and placed in a segregation cell. >> inmate burkes was manipulating the system. he was in the south building and made up a story to get himself over to the north building pc pod to be with somebody. we gathered that information from different sources, so we went ahead with the move. >> whatever. i go to rehab on the 25th. i don't care. i'm just upset that i had to spend my last few days that i'm going to be here behind a door. >> though it hasn't worked out in the past burkes is confident about the upcoming trip to rehab. >> what's going to be different this time? >> me. me actually trying to change. and trying to do something different rather than just
9:53 pm
getting out and going back to the same thing. my goal when i get out of rehab is to already have my own apartment and to already be in the process of working. they have a lot of resources and they are willing to help me find a job even though being transgender. you know, sometimes it's not about what you know, it's about who you know. so with the resources and people being behind me to support me on getting a good job, finding an apartment, things like that, it should be easier than just me being by myself trying to do it. >> kianna mcmeans has been by he herself for the past month in administrative segregation due to overcrowding in the jail and the need to keep mcmeans separate from her codefendants in a case of aggravated robbery during a beating that was recorded and put on the internet. >> i just want to get out this hole. >> but recently she got some good news. >> a c.o. came up smiling at my door. i'm like why is she at my door.
9:54 pm
they ain't supposed to be at my door. i already ate. she's like, guess what, miss mcmeans. i'm like, what. you're out. and as soon as she said that the whole pod started clapping. >> i found out that most of the people that were involved in her case had bonded out. so due to the fact that she had a lot of people in the unit where she was housed with severe problems mentally, i decided that it would be in her best interests to get her moved out of there as fast as possible. >> mcmeans was moved into a general population unit. >> now i get to come out and go up and down the stairs, and in and out my room. i get to take a million and one showers a day if i want to. i can do anything. >> since we've moved her to b pod, she's calmed down. she's -- you know, she can interact with other inmates now. >> what's your plans when you get out?
9:55 pm
>> get real. >> beside your babies. >> start my damn life. just me and my kids. >> and you was just doing good just got on with the wrong people? it's sad. >> while mcmeans awaits her court date in a week she is concerned about deangelo young's court appearance. >> my man in court today. i'm trying to see -- waiting to see what happen. hopefully he get out so he can be with my kids. >> he appeared in court on a domestic violence against mcmeans. he originally pled not guilty but suggested he might be willing to change his plea. >> if i have to get out that day i'm willing to either plead guilty and take probation to get out and get back to my family, man. >> but young changed his mind. >> see, they tried to offer me probation, and no. i didn't take it today. so my lawyer was like, oh, if i was you i wouldn't take it because we're going to beat this case anyway. so i went over there and sit in here for another week. >> you could have got out today? >> yeah, i could have got out today on probation. but i'm not going to take probation for something that
9:56 pm
never happened. >> what's going to happen with this charge? >> it's going to get dismissed. they really don't have nothing much. we was just arguing outside and one of the neighbors called the police. and that's how this end up happening. so, you know. i guess the prosecutor is going to talk to her this week. they just wanted to know was she okay with it. they got to ask her do she feel threatened or have a problem with me getting out? which everybody know she don't so. >> it is wrong for a man to put their hands on a woman. but i mean, i'm not upset anymore. and he needs to be there for my kids while i'm here. i don't know how long i'm going to be in here. and that little petty charge. he can get out. >> this will never happen again, man. ever. >> it could be years until cory hall gets another chance at life on the streets. he's charged with murdering his uncle and dumping the body in the woods. while awaiting trial he applied
9:57 pm
for a job in the kitchen, where he worked last time he was in the jail. the decision to hire him or not is up to sergeant moore. >> hello? >> hello. are you cory hall? >> yes, ma'am. >> let me see your arm band. okay. you put in a kite to get a work detail? >> yes, i did. >> and you are maximum security inmate right now? >> that's true. >> per our policy we will not be able to give you a detail because of your security status. >> okay. that's fine, thank you. >> you understand everything? >> yes, i do. >> you have any questions? >> no, ma'am. >> are you sure? >> i'm sure. >> have a good day. >> thank you. >> typically, people who are charged with murder, we don't allow them to have work details. we like to keep them confined to the floor. >> i didn't have a clue. i thought maybe i could get a job. you know. you know, i'm going to have to wake and up just sit and watch tv for however long i'm here. it's going to be hard for me. >> while hall continues to
9:58 pm
struggle with isolation in his unit, he has received his first letter from family on the outside. >> i received one letter from my aunt. she raised me. i had asked her to come and see me. and she said that she don't think that right now is the time. and she has a lot of things to take care of. and it just said, really, i can't stop crying. you know, i lost my brother and my nephew and i'm so angry right now. it took so long for me to write this letter to you. it does say that she loves me. and that helps a lot. that's the worst thing that could possibly really happen with a family. and this is the comfort i've received. that's not -- that's not very much. you know, a hug. homemade dinner.
9:59 pm
i've got a piece of paper to hold on to. not much comfort. it hurts. it hurts.
10:00 pm
just had an assault with injuries to the inmate. >> after an inmate is assaulted. >> the blood came out when his head struck the floor. >> the jail identifies a suspect. >> he is a bully. he likes to prey on the weak. >> but the violence doesn't stop there. >> he sucker punched me. >> this ain't the first time you assaulted anybody.


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