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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  July 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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lunchtime because that's about the length of his attention span when it comes to pushing this republican health care bill. now listen, the republicans have a very difficult job ahead of them because they have a president that is not consistent, so it is going to be up to the senate to figure out how to move forward. the house will have to figure out how to cobble together a coalition as well, so we'll see how that goes. it's a very difficult job for house legislators. >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> i better take the baton, mika appears to be speechless. hey there, i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning we're talking about the second meeting revealed. a previously undisclosed sideline huddle, president trump spoke again with vladimir putin at the g20 with only a russian government translator there. >> all of america's principal allies, they found it
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remarkable. they were concerned by it. >> the guest list. nbc news identifies the eighth participant in that don junior meeting held last summer. >> you now have another person in this who has a history of opening bank accounts that the auditor general thought might have been used for money laundering. >> if that's not enough, let it fail. the republican plan to simply repeal obamacare appears doomed as three female senators come out against it. >> i can tell you the republicans are not going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail. >> that was our president saying let obamacare fail. we're going to begin this morning with new reporting about that extended sitdown between president trump and russian president vladimir putin nearly two weeks ago. with no media in the room and no mention from the white house, this is the first we're hearing about it. so was it just small chitchat or
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something more? your luck, i've got quite the team to break it down starting with kristen welker at the white house. kristen, president jumped all over this reporting with his favorite defense, fake news, fake news, fake news, saying the press knew about it when just yesterday "the wall street journal" said transparency is the only way out for the white house in terms of all things russia. but we didn't know anything about this. >> we didn't, steph. what we knew was that there was a dinner and that the president attended a dinner at the g20 summit in hamburg, germany, earlier this month with a number of other world leaders. so the white house is accurate, we knew about that dinner. what we didn't know about, what we learned about yesterday was that at the end of that dinner, president trump and russian president vladimir putin had a separate conversation, if you will. now, what do we know about that conversation? the white house won't read out any details. those in the room say it lasted about an hour. the white house says that's
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overstated. but bottom line, there was only a russian translator there to help the two men communicate. to delve into that a little bit more deeply, each leader was allowed to bring one translator. president trump brought a japanese translator because he was sitting next to the wife of the japanese prime minister so putin had his translator there. there was no official record, no official readout and no government officials overseeing the meeting. as you pointed out at the top, steph, president trump firing back vigorously last night on twitter. here's what he tweeted. fake news story of secret dinner with putin is sick. all g20 leaders and spouses were invited by the chancellor of germany. press knew. the fake news is becoming more and more dishonest. even a dinner arranged for top 20 leaders in germany is made to look sinister. this is the white house's official response, steph. there was vigorous pushback here as well. there was no second meeting between president trump and president putin, just a brief conversation at the end of a
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dinner. the insinuation that the white house has tried to hide a second meeting is false, malicious and absurd. but, steph, again, the bottom line, the thing that's raising eyebrows for the foreign policy community is the fact that this pull-aside wasn't previously disclosed and the fact that there was only a russian translator there. steph. >> it's extraordinary. i've got to bring my panel in to break this down. two msnbc contributors, new york daily news columnist mike lupica. he says i always say i have the best guests. and you know who's here, he's great. eddie glaude. eddie, i'm going to start with eddie. i want to pay a part for you about what ian bremmer, what he said about this meeting, this side conversation between president trump and putin. >> putin didn't come to him, he got up, he went around the table. he sits down next to putin. they're yucking it up. it's very engaged, it's very
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animated, it's very connected. after a day and a half of summit where he didn't do that with anyone else, any of his allies. i think a lot of people find that very disturbing. >> the white house maintains it was not that long of a conversation, even though ian bremmer said it was about an hour. in my world an hour is not small talk. listen, it is a dinner to chitchat with others. does the white house have any sort of point here? >> i think they do. a small point. it's not a typical pull-aside, it's in public. but i think the optics are horrible. we can assume the worst about the conversation. it deepens our suspicion. it allows us to draw common sensical conclusions that there is something up between trump and putin. has he done this with any other world leader? no. part of what i don't want us to do is to blow it up too much. it fits within our overall suspicion about trump. i'm really more interested in what's going on with donald
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trump jr. than this particular meeting but it just deepens our suspicion around trump. >> michael, i have never been a world leader or ambassador, but michael mcfaul, he's orchestrated meetings like this. so the "today" show asked how does a meeting like this happen. what's his take? >> you want him to have his talking points. you want him to know that if putin says this, you say this. and anything a president utters in a meeting like that becomes policy. those are the things you don't like to have happen without staff. >> so clearly somebody in the know is saying this is highly unusual. but we knew president trump was highly unusual and we know russia/u.s. relations haven't been working for the last eight years. is there an argument to be made people voted for something different, and i am saying this tongue in cheek. >> this is his argument. this is what you basically hired me to do. this doesn't -- i agree with eddie. this doesn't nearly bother me as
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much as the meeting at trump tower where you're starting to think they should have hired a party bus. >> i'm sorry, there's now eight people for a 20-minute meeting. by the way, you can't introduce eight people in 20 minutes. >> we're almost to a softball team. but he'd already been rolled, okay. they had had this two-hour meeting. he comes out of it and says, well, i asked him twice about meddling in the election. i'm thinking, yes, who wouldn't you use the honor system with but vladimir putin. so this thing doesn't -- this is just -- i hate to say this. this is trump being trump after dinner when he got bored. >> you don't hate to say this and you just said that our president got rolled. think about the time that we're in. i want to bring in a little different conversation, health care, we have to talk about because this. you're astounded by trump junior. i am astounded by president trump's remarks. president trump is going to be sitting down this afternoon with republican senators for lunch today and he's trying to map a
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way forward after their attempts obviously to repeal obamacare were disastrous. moments ago the president took to his favorite social media medium and tweeted that those lawmakers must keep their promise to america. then he said the bill, quote, will get even better later today, even better. it's an absolute failure. in the meantime, here's the president's plan. >> i think we're probably in that position where we'll just let obamacare fail. we're not going to own it. i'm not going to own it. i can tell you the republicans are not going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail and then the democrats are going to come to us and say how do we fix it, how do we fix it. >> msnbc's garrett haake is live on capitol hill. garrett, let obamacare fail. first of all, there is no obamacare. president trump was elected president of the united states. republicans control the house and the senate. the welfare of the american people is on his shoulders. and when he talks about their promise as it relates to the
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senate, i'm pretty sure on the campaign trail, the president of the united states made a promise to offer cheaper, better health care to the american people. so it is also his promise. >> reporter: well, that's right, stephanie. that's not really how any of this works what the president is saying. the republicans control all the levers of power in washington, including both chambers here on the hill. they own this issue now as much as anybody else does. going back to his tweets, i think it's interesting. the second tweet is half exactly right and probably half exactly wrong, where the president says the republicans haven't done a good job talking about the substance of their plan. that is objectively true when you look at the polling. this thing never got above 20%. it was dead on arrival paubecau the public didn't buy into it and part of that is because the president didn't sell it. the argument that it's suddenly going to get better at its lunch is fallacious on its face. the bill the republicans had been pushing in the senate is by all accounts objectively dead. what's going to happen is that
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next week mitch mcconnell is going to try to bring to the floor a plan to do repeal now, replace later. he unveiled that yesterday. he mentioned on the floor last night they would do it next week. he doesn't have the votes to get that done. if nothing changes dramatically in the next few days, that bill will fail and then republicans are essentially going to go back to the drawing board. we've already heard that they plan to hold hearings on health care after their vote on health care, which is not typically the way big bills happen up here. but they do indicate they'll go back to the drawing board. politically, every single member. u.s. house and a third of the senate has to run for re-election next year. they can't afford to gamble on obamacare might fail and that democrats might be the only ones that get blamed so they're going to be working on this next week. >> i'm going to also point out, assuming that the president is watching, to say the republicans haven't explained what a great plan it is. they have an opportunity to. so many avoided town halls in
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their home districts when they went home for the fourth of july break. mike lupica, for the president to say republicans won't own this, who else could possibly own it? they had the opportunity to repeal and replace. they didn't do it. there is no one else who owns it. >> what they're doing is shameful in this regard. they keep saying obamacare is dying. it's like the client once said to the lawyer, i didn't kill my wife and the lawyer says, yeah, but you didn't do very much to keep her alive. they are trying to destroy obamacare. they're trying to destabilize insurance and health care in this country and then turn around and say we have to do this. eddie, it's like they're trying to overthrow a government in a third world country. >> at the end of the day, though, eddie, is this going to be for the american people a republican or a democratic issue? if people lose their health care, if obamacare spirals into
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a death spiral and people lose their coverage, if the poorest people in america figuratively and literally have to pay for this, i.e. if obamacare slides into a death spiral, they have to pay higher premiums, they lose coverage, how can you possibly blame president obama or democrats? republicans are controlling this show. >> and we have to think about all of those trump voters. all of those trump voters who voted for him thinking he was going to come in, a, drain the swamp, change the culture of d.c. and the like. but let's think about this. the president of the united states has just said we're going to leave one-sixth of the economy to collapse, right? that's the first thing he said. the second thing he said, we're going to take it -- it's going to be okay for 25 million people to suddenly have no health care. and he talked about the republican bill being mean, mean, mean. it seems to me that donald trump is not just simply mean, right, but he's revealing that he's, i'm going to say it, that he's
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willing to do something that's borderline evil, right? and part of what i want to say too is this. it's also clear to me over the course of this health care process, that he is completely ignorant about the legislative process. he has no idea of how the hill works. and this health care debacle is just the latest. >> i have to share just what stood out to me. sean hannity himself said, quote, i have a very important message for you, congressional republicans. i and so many of us in this country, we have run out of patience with you. you are the do nothing gop lawmakers to be very, very honest. and it's sad, you're pretty useless. and "the wall street journal" ran an op-ed saying if republicans cannot be trusted to fulfill a core commitment to voters, to repeal and replace or reduce the burden of government, then what is the point of electing republicans? whether you are president trump or gop leadership, how do you
6:14 am
take these two shots to the chest and all go to lunch today and blame the democrats? this is on you guys. >> if this bill gets better at lunch today, to paraphrase the old line from "when hearry met sally," i'll have what they're having. >> this is a deep divide, stephanie. this will not be resolved over lunch over conservative republicans like ted cruz and maude cat republicans like susan collins. it's not resolved over whatever steak or dessert -- >> you never know. he may offer two scoops of ice cream. we're going to take a break. next, the white house playing down that previously undisclosed meeting between president trump and vladimir putin, but does the senate need to investigate? the ranking member on the senate foreign relations committee, ben cardin, joins me next. plus, we take you to trump country and talk to voters. do they want obamacare to fail? before we go, michael keegan
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc, i'm
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stephanie ruhle. and the white house is pushing back this morning, saying a just-revealed second meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin was just a small, casual chitchat. the meeting took place at the g20 and only a kremlin translator was present for it. one reporter said the meeting lasted for an hour. i'm joined now by senator ben cardin, a democrat from maryland and a ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee. senator, trump administration saying this meeting was just part of a dinner where the president spoke to a bunch of world leaders. so is it a big deal or is this how things go at g20 summits? >> stephanie, this is a big deal considering the way that president trump conducts foreign policy. the fact that secretary tillerson was not privy to that discussion, it could have lasted as long as an hour. we don't know what took place during that conversation. we don't know whether certain commitments were made by the president. quite frankly, probably his team
6:20 am
may not know what was discussed at this meeting. so yes, this is a very troublesome, when you have this type of a contact over a period of minutes, maybe as much as an hour where substantive issues could have been discussed and there was no formality as far as knowing what took place at this discussion, even among the trump administration itself. that is not the way you conduct foreign policy. >> well, mitch mcconnell and paul ryan say that these stories, they are not getting in the way of their agenda. is that really the case? because if it were true, president trump would be focused on the republican agenda. instead, it's a fake news montage on his tweet storm today. >> well, a lot could be written about how effective or ineffective the president is in dealing with congress. we saw on the health care debacle that the president, if anything, harmed the effort, certainly did not help the effort on capitol hill. so the fact that he is distracted on other issues, the
6:21 am
fact that he doesn't get into the details on what's happening here on capitol hill is all part of, i think, the story of the trump administration. >> all right. well, let's talk about health care. the president of the united states has said let obamacare fail. obamacare, affordable health care act, that's what we currently have in this country. is there anything democrats can do to stop republicans from folding their hands and saying, yep, let's let it fail, because that's the health of the american people. >> oh, absolutely. and we saw with chairman alexander now calling hearings on the affordable care act. democrats are anxious to work with republicans and i think republicans want to reach out and work with democrats. we heard several republicans during this debate say why aren't we using hearings? why aren't the committees meeting? why aren't we talking back and forth to try to improve the bill? so i think congressmen and senators, our business is to do the people's business, and that means working together to get things done. the affordable care act has made
6:22 am
tremendous progress in this country, but it needs to be improved. and i think democrats and republicans want to work together to get that done and that's what we should do but president trump -- >> are those conversations actually happening? we saw, i believe, the statement you're referencing was john mccain saying let's go back, let's have these hearings, let's work together. i spoke to republican tom reed from new york yesterday who said i'm ready for bipartisanship. put president trump aside, who's point the finger at democrats. are you actually working with, having conversations with real republicans? >> oh, absolutely. those conversations have been taking place before there was a failure on this process. the challenge was that the leadership, the republican leadership was not giving an opportunity for that type of input into the final result. they were working solely within their own camp. but there have been republicans who have worked with dem -- i've worked with republicans on health care issues and continuing to do that.
6:23 am
i filed legislation about two weeks ago on areas on which democrats and republicans should be able to come together to get things done, including bringing down the cost of health care, bringing down the cost of prescription medicines, making it more affordable particularly for those in the individual market, stability within the insurance field itself. there are areas that democrats and republicans clearly want to work together and can work together. now let's put aside this repeal effort and let's work together to get it done. i was saying, president trump in some respects has made the affordable care act obviously less successful. he's threatening not to fund some of the provisions in the bill, won't enforce the requirements in the law. all that adds to the uncertainty in the insurance marketplace. we need to make sure that we work together to improve the law to help the american people. >> because it's literally life and death. all right, senator, thanks so much. i appreciate your time this morning. all right, new poll numbers
6:24 am
do not paint a pretty picture for president trump. up next, we are going to go to trump country. this is the foolproof territory where trump has supporters right, left and center. we'll find out how these voters who helped him win the election feel about the first six months. before we go, my home state, new jersey governor chris christie got a chance every baseball fan hopes for, snagging a foul ball at last night's mets game. his grab was met with high fives from those around him and some boos from the rest of the crowd. to his credit, chris christie handed the ball to a good fan. i'm not sure that was a good high five. a bad high five is the worst.
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. welcome back. you're watching msnbc, i'm stephanie ruhle. it is time now for your morning primer, everything you need to know to get your day started. later this morning president trump's voter fraud commission will meet public lly for the fit time amid growing controversy. the commission faces at least seven, that's right, at least seven federal lawsuits and widespread criticism after requesting states to turn over voter information, including voters' social security numbers and contact information.
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new details on the awful mystery surrounding this australian bride-to-be who was shot and killed by a minnesota police officer over the weekend. the other officer in the car saturday says he was startled by a loud noise moments before his partner opened fire on a 40-year-old, justine damond. the two were responding to damond's 911 call about a possible assault near her home. former house speaker dennis hastert has been released from federal prison two months early. he is now in a residential re-entry facility in chicago. hastert pleaded guilty to violating banking laws while paying hush money to cover up sexual assault allegations. that story kills me. well, a saudi woman has been arrested for wearing a mini skirt and crop top while walking through an ancient fort in this viral snapchat video. it violates the country's strict dress code for women. chipotle has closed a
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virginia location after learning multiple customers had become ill. chipotle said customers may likely have norovirus. the location will reopen after a complete sanitization. man, chipotle cannot get out of its own way. back to president trump. he says republicans, he is a republican, let obamacare fail. after two attempts to replace the law went up in smoke. but what do you think his voters think about it? a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll took a look at 439 counties in 16 states that were critical to president trump's victory. it found just 12% of people said that the house health care plan was a good idea. the senate plan, a little better but still a dismal 25%. nbc's peter alexander is in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, part of the 17th congressional district which helped propel president trump to the election. peter? >> reporter: hey, sntephanie,
6:31 am
good morning to you. think of this as one of the epicenters of that political earthquake that jolted president trump to power. it's a county that flipped, supported obama in 2012, trump in 2016. here despite the stinging setback for the president and senate republicans on health care, they still back president trump but are waiting for results. this morning with senate republicans still licking their wounds after a third straight defeat in their bid to get rid of obamacare, the president is deflecting blame. >> we're not going to own it. i'm not going to own it. i can tell you the republicans are not going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail and then the democrats will come to us. >> reporter: in trump counties that propelled the president to power, like wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, the republican health care plan never got traction. just one in four trump voters supporting it, only 12% overall. >> i just think they need to go back to the drawing board. >> i think it's just -- just stubbornness, lack of cooperation. >> reporter: at snyder's garage, lifelong democrats barbara and bruce snyder are still betting
6:32 am
on trump. >> you wanted a guy who would change washington. is he changing washington? >> yes, i believe he is. but it's going to take more time. >> reporter: retired marine bob smith, another democrat who backed the president. >> see, i thought he was going to be a flash. i told everybody else that he was going to be a flash, a bolt of lightning. >> is it? >> the bolt of lightning fizzled out a little bit. >> when you hear all the outrage about this president, what do you want to say to those people? >> shut up. my biggest frustration is people aren't backing him, giving him a chance. >> in trump county his policies resonate but his personality doesn't. in our new poll he gets high marks for ordering air strikes in syria and aggressively responding to north korea. still, most popular, his effort to keep jobs in america. jack says his furniture sales have improved since the election. >> why is that? >> i think they feel better. i think they think there's hope. it seems like we were hopeless before. >> reporter: what isn't working?
6:33 am
the president's repeated attacks on the media, his refusal to release his tax returns. and most unpopular, those trademark tweets. more than six in ten saying cut it out. at chuck's main street diner, some have heard enough. >> he's so beneath the office. i just -- it gets worse every day. >> reporter: but supporters are sick of the criticism, including on russia. >> we laugh about it every day. we come in and say what's the new joke today about russia. it's a russia illusion, not a russia collusion. >> reporter: six months after the inauguration, the breakfast crowd still deeply divided. clearly they're passionate about their politics here in wilkes-barre. the consensus was you've got to support the president who matter who he is, whether you backed him initially or not. they're frustrated by the constant criticism. as one man told us, you've got to play the ball where it lies. stephanie. >> back with me, from "the daily news" mike lupica and eddie
6:34 am
glaude from princeton university. we're not going to own it. that's the message the president is sending out there, but more than 22,000 people in that district alone are on obamacare. so while the president might be great at messaging and salesmanship, how is this going to play out for these 22,000 people reliant on obamacare if the president is going, let it fail. >> stephanie, there are 36% of the people in this country who clearly would believe this president if he told them water was not wet, okay. but what happens to that 36% when they start losing their health care. you're exactly right. what happens in wilkes-barre. >> can you say that again? you're exactly right. >> you're exactly right. and what happens, he's going to youngstown. what happens in youngstown? what happens in all of these trump counties. all of these people who think we're making up all the bad news, what happens when they go to the hospital and they can't get health care?
6:35 am
>> but what's interesting is that point, mike, actually stems to or connects with some of the other points in terms of policy. with regards to their supporting his effort to bring jobs back to america, they're supporting the strikes on syria, they're supporting his strong stance with north korea. what we do know is that the stance with russia and north korea, we don't know what the policy actually is. >> that's what's so interesting, the positive response to north korea. what was it? and the strike in syria got a lot of positive attention at that time, but there really hasn't been much follow-up. what did it actually accomplish? >> and the actual talk about jobs, bringing jobs back to america? i mean he's selling people a 649. what do we actually see in terms of manufacturing policy? in effect, trump is just selling stuff that really isn't very good. >> but both the president and scott pruitt talked about bringing 50,000 coal jobs back when it was never 50,000.
6:36 am
at the end of the day 700 jobs came back and much of it was sparked during the obama administration. the obama administration is the one that gave the permit to open the coal mine the president took credit for a week ago. >> but this is a president who hears what he wants to hear and sees what he wants to see. if he just watched peter alexander's piece, he'd probably say, look, there's a big uptick in selling barkoloungers in pennsylvania. he goes from news cycle to news cycle. he thinks that any news cycle that he wins is a successful day for him as president of the united states. you can't govern that way. >> i want to switch it just really quickly. we can talk about trump and his failings, but i'm really fascinated by those voters who still support him. that's what's interesting to me. it speaks to something very, very, very dark in our country. >> i'm not fascinated by the voters who still support him, i'm fascinated by the gop leaders who still support him because they know how this will
6:37 am
end. all right, up next, the name of the eighth person, eighth person, remember that nothing burger meeting, whatever, nobody was there? there's now eight people in the meeting. eight people in that 20-minute meeting with don junior and the russians. we'll discuss who that eighth person was. was the meeting simply a rookie mistake? trump's former deputy communications director joins me next. after a mixed day on wall street, the markets have just opened and they're slightly up. that's more of an unchanged morning. we've seen a lot of positive momentum in the markets this year. i'm going to wonder how long that's going to last. we t rale, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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cool. what's in your wallet? i don't think anybody really thinks that this meeting was advisable. and i don't think anybody is really saying that. >> that, of course, was new jersey governor and former member of the trump transition team, chris christie, talking about that controversial meeting in june between donald trump jr., jared kushner and a russian lawyer. nbc news can now confirm there were eight people in that meeting. a businessman who works for a russian billionaire has now been confirmed was at that meeting as well. special counsel robert mueller's office has asked to meet with that man. his lawyer says he will cooperate with mueller's office and was only at the meeting as an interpreter. the second interpreter in the room. i want to bring in brian lanza, former deputy communications director for the trump campaign and tom dupre, former deputy assistant attorney and lawyer for george w. bush.
6:42 am
brian, some people who are defending this meeting have described the campaign, the operation last june as thinly staffed, chaotic, they didn't know what they were doing. you were part of the team. is that a fair assessment? >> listen, i think we knew what we were doing by the results that we had in november. but at the end of the day when we're looking at this meeting when it took place in june, you know, of 2016, there wasn't a lot of this russia conversation. this was a meeting put together by an acquaintance of don junior. i think don junior will tell you that he would do things differently today, but it doesn't matter whether there was eight people or 20 people. nothing resulted from this meeting. there was no illegality to take place with this meeting. it's just a bunch of noise at this point. >> a bunch of noise, tom. you're a lawyer. i want to play you a bit of what chris christie had to say yesterday to nicolle wallace. >> i suspect what happened was that he spoke to the campaign's lawyers, which any smart person should do. >> so you're saying don is not smart? >> no, i'm saying he's not sophisticated in this stuff. >> so what's your take here, tom? they're just not sophisticated?
6:43 am
>> well, this clearly -- i think one thing all of us can agree on is this is a meeting that never, never, never should have happened. >> but we're not all agreeing on that. president trump has said over and over everybody would take that meeting. >> well, i'm not sure that president trump thinks it was a good idea for this meeting to happen. i think he's justified it as kind of a rookie mistake and something that's par for the course in campaigns, but i think don junior himself has made what i think is the correct point which is if you had to do things over again, he would do things very, very differently. if they had had a traditional formal campaign structure in place, i'm confident this never could have happened. i mean this is low-hanging fruit. you don't have a meeting with these kind of russian potentially linked to the kremlin in the context of the campaign. you just don't do it. >> then why isn't the president saying that, brian? the president is saying, no, everybody would take a meeting like that. in fact the president has praised don junior saying my son is being transparent and forthcoming in releasing those e-mails. that's not the case. don junior released the e-mails
6:44 am
because he knew the clock was ticking and "the new york times" was about to. >> you have to ask the president on his take of the meeting whether it was a good decision or bad decision. this e-mail came forward when the campaign did a review of the e-mails per the request of the investigators. there's no reason to believe that the trump organization or trump campaign or -- >> hold on, came forward because "the new york times" called them and said we're about to release them. >> before the "the new york times" ever knew of an e-mail, the campaign conducted a search of all the e-mails trying to turn over as much information as required to them by the federal investigators. >> because they hadn't done it previously. >> because they weren't required to do it previously. no campaign ever discloses their e-mails to just nonentities. you disclose it when somebody legally asks and there's an investigation. >> and the reason they were going through those e-mails is because jared kushner was not forthcoming in his security clearance form, which is why all of this happened. >> listen, jared has updated his forms. that's where they are. the process allows him to update the forms. i think people have updated
6:45 am
forms in the past. i know people wanting to focus on the fact he updated the forms. people update the forms all the time. that's not out of the realm of normalcy here in washington, d.c. >> if all of this is normal, what does it mean, tom, that robert mueller's office is now asking to meet with that eighth attendee in the meeting? and what about the senate judiciary committee's plans to call don junior and paul manafort to testify in an open hearing, if all of this is just business as usual. >> i think those developments are to be expected. mueller's mandate is to look into possible collusion with the russians, russian interference on the election. given the significance of this meeting it would be very strange if he didn't want to talk to people who were there. mueller's investigation is going to focus number one on the documentary evidence that led to the meeting but, number two, the recollections of the participants in the meeting. that may well be the best evidence we have of what was actually said when they went over to meet with the russians. >> brian, before we go, you know quite a bit about the re-election, president trump's plan. the fact that donors gave money
6:46 am
and 50 grand went to don junior's attorney, do you think people will be okay with that? >> i think people will look at it and say was this an expense that was acquired during the campaign? and the answer is yes. i think that's just normal operating procedure from these things. are donors going to be happy? i think you'll see donors contributed to the trump campaign in record numbers as they did during the 2016 campaign. i think this is just -- this is the cost of doing business when you run for office. sometimes you have to hire attorneys. >> cost of doing business. well, that's a business i'm not familiar with. lawyers, lawyers everywhere. all right, gentlemen, thanks for your time, i appreciate it. next, do not forget it is still made in america week at the white house. so why does the administration want to cut officials whose job it is to help american workers? this puppy is a head scratcher for me. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:47 am
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only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® >> we want to build, create and grow more products in our country using american labor, american goods and american grit. >> beautiful speech. that's president trump pushing his made in america theme, but that's what it is. a theme. that's it.
6:51 am
because yesterday we told you about how we walked to trump tower and picked up trump branded merchandise all made overseas and today we want to talk about a group the president has touted over and over again. the american worker. >> the american worker -- the american worker. the american worker. the american worker. >> many of those american workers voted for the president, but is he undermining those very mean people? the administration is looking to cut funding to a labor department bureau that fights specifically for better working conditions and stronger labor laws overseas. without it industry leaders say american workers can be undercut, again, by low-wage foreign workers. question is, is the administration living up to its own rhetoric about the u.s. labor force. that is the question about today's money, power and politics. my friend and vanity fair bill cohen is here. bill, setting up all these
6:52 am
meetings. american made products, wearing the cowboy hat. beautiful photo. but if you are cutting the funding for the department that demands better working conditions overseas, then what? >> stephanie, are you suggesting that the president of the united states is a hypocrite? i think that's been well established by now. he is a liar, he's a hypocrite. his family likes to lie. don't forget, stephanie. this is the guy who has had no problem stiffing any number of american workers who worked on any number of his big real estate projects all around new york and the country. so, i don't know what he talks about when he talks about wanting to help the american worker. it's a nice line. it's a nice scene, as you say. i think at least the good thing is we're talking about it this week as opposed to infrastructure week, but he is a hypocrite and this is just another example of it. >> one thing the president has been touting is the booming markets. we have seen the markets go up, but somebody who knows the
6:53 am
markets quite well is jamie diamon and he had some pretty aggressive things to say last week on the earnings call. i want to call it a political rant. take a listen. >> we have become one of the most bureaucratic, confusing, litigious societies on the planet. it's almost an embarrassment being an american citizen traveling around the world and listening to the -- >> i mean, this is a guy who is known to speak frank who is basically saying, cut it out. i want to go through what you heard there. for me, i think it's a knock on both the previous and current administration. in terms of bureaucracy, it sounds like jamie dimon is saying i was strangled by the bureaucratic, anti-business environment i dealt with for the last eight years with the likes of elizabeth warren with her foot on my throat and maybe we held our nose and voted for a pro-business president and now he's not getting anything done because all this noise 24/7. is that what you heard?
6:54 am
>> yes, i definitely heard that. he's definitely being critical of the obama administration and the regulations that the obama administration has put on wall street and other big banks. i think he's also being very careful, stephanie, not to criticize trump, particularly, and this administration too harshly because he knows deep down that his best chance of getting the repeal of dodd/frank or tax reform or less regulation or elizabeth warren's foot off his throat is donald trump and this republican congress. the fact that they can't get anything done is another matter that's probably worrying him and that's probably what he's ranting about. but don't forget, he's trying to thread the needle here. his bank is making profits hand over fist and he wants to make more profits in his bank, of course. he realizes that donald trump and this congress may be the key in getting this done for the first time in a generation. >> he was there yesterday at the department of commerce. do you think jamie dimon wants to make more profits for his
6:55 am
bank or, ultimately, does jamie dimon want to be president of the united states? >> if jamie dimon runs for president of the united states, good, more power to him. he has a billion dollars. he has run jpmorgan chase now for ten plus years. he knows what he's doing. one good thing that donald trump has done is given confidence to ceo s to political careers. that's fabulous. maybe mike bloomberg should have run for president. i mean, more people with more talent who are running our country, the better. and i'm sure he's thinking what do i need this donald trump guy for? he can't get anything done. i'm used to getting things done. i have run this bank beautifully for 11 years. >> richard branson said during the campaign it was time for america to have a businessman president. he said he just didn't want it to be donald trump. the question is going to be, will donald trump sour the american people on a business man president?
6:56 am
bill cohen, thanks for joining me thise morning. much more on this previously unknown meeting between trump and putin that took place at the g20. it's time for your business of the week. water bottles are getting a lux upgrade hanks to this entrepreneur. sarah launched s'well because she wanted a water bottle that was as stylish as the rest of her life. now, they have become the must-have fashion item. for more, watch your business weekends at 7:30 on msnbc. so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far. are you there? he's probably on mute. yeah... gary won't like it. why? because he's gary. (phone ringing) what? keep going! yeah... (laughs) (voice on phone) it's not millennial enough. there are a lot of ways to say no. thank you so much. thank you! so we're doing it. yes! start saying yes to your company's best ideas.
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that wraps us up for the hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. now, i will turn you to my colleague and friend hallie jackson in d.c. >> stephanie, thank you. today is one of those days you kind of wish you could be a fly on the wall able to
7:00 am
eavesdrop on the chat with the russian president and president trump with the white house now downplaying the latest headlines. their explanation about why only the president knows what really happened in that g20 talk with putin part two. the other closed door meeting we'd love to listen in on. all republican senators invited to eat with president trump this afternoon as he now promises the bill will get even better at lunchtime. so, how? we're watching that. and a third critical conversation happening one hour from now. that first meeting of the commission on voter fraud set up by the president after he claimed without evidence that millions of people voted illegally in 2016. we'll talk about how it is going to work if some states won't cooperate. our team is here. eyes and ears on the ground covering all of it. i want to start with chris jansing over at the white house. chris, let's talk about this putin part two talk that happened at the g20. that is really what is driving a lot of the headlines today. the white house pushing back hard on this. explain why they're saying no


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