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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 20, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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back now with today's big picture. the surface of the moon, in 1969, 48 years ago this month, fitting because today nbc is launching the making of an astronaut series. you can check it out at nbc that does it for us on this very jam packed hour. steph ruhle, i'll toss it to you. >> alley velshi is on assignment today, thursday, july 20th. six months ago today, donald trump became the president of
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the united states. >> if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> if everybody is going to recuse themselves for incidental contact, you don't get good governance. >> i believe the contact was incidental. >> very glad for jeff sessions to quit and get someone in as attorney general of the united states. >> we in this department of justice will continue every single day to work hard to serve the national interest and we wholeheartedoin in the priorities of president trump. >> mr. trump, also warning special counsel robert mueller that he would cross a red line if he tries to delve into finances unrelated to russia. >> the president can't start drawing red line. >> other than ivanka, there is not a person he said that he's d dissatisfied with. >> will he walk out of prison or
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stay behind bars longer. >> i imagine he will be granted parole, unfortunately. >> ron never gets to spend his life doing what he wanted to do. we'll never get to share his life. >> one of those powerful and vocal lawmakers on capitol hill diagnosed with brain cancer. >> i cannot overstate what an impact he has on the senate. >> i can't think of anything i've done, any fight i've been that i haven't been there with him or he's been there with me. >> we begin this morning with president trump arriving at the pentagon less than an hour ago pro claiming progress against isis but saying nothing further about his bomb sell interview with the "new york times" where he slams his own attorney general for recusing himself in the russian investigation. also warns special counsel robert mueller about crossing a red line in the russia investigation. this audio just came in. you want to listen to this one
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close. >> sessions gets the job, right after he gets the job he recuses himself. >> was that a mistake? >> well, sessions should have never recused himself and if he was going to recuse himself, he shoutold have e before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> he gave you no head's up at all? >> zero. >> okay. >> so jeff sessions takes the job, gets into the job, recuses himself i then have which frankly, i think is very unfair to the president. how do you take a job and then recuse yourself? if he would have recused himself before the job, i would have said, thanks, jeff, but i can't -- i'm not going to take you. it's extremely unfair and that's a mild word to the president. so he recuses himself. i then end up with a second man,
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who's a deputy. >> mueller was looking at your finances and family finances unrelated to russia, is that a red line? >> would that be a breach of what his actual -- >> i would say yes. i would say, i don't -- it's possible there's a condo or something so you know i sell a lot of condo units and somebody buys a condo, who knows. i don't make money from russia. i put out a letter from one of the my highly respected law firms and accounting firms, i don't have buildings in russia. they said i own buildings in russia. i don't. they said i made money from russia. i don't. it's not my thing. i don't. i don't do that. over the years i've looked at maybe doing a deal in russia but never did one. other than i held the miss universe pageant there eight, ni years. >> champion word smithing, president trump, i don't think people are saying you have buildings in russia and have made money there and invested there. the question is did russians
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lend you money? in the transcript of the interview, the president also called special counsel robert mueller, crossing the red line and did not say what he would do about it. in another clip the president talks about his previously undisclosed meeting with vladimir putin during a dinner at the g20 summit. >> she's sitting next to putin and somebody else. and that's the way it is. the meal is going and towards dessert. i went down to say hello to melania and while i was there i said hello to putin. really pleasantries more than anything else. it was not a long conversation, but it was could be 15 minutes, just talked about -- things. actually, it was very interesting we talked about adoption. >> you did? >> russian adoption, yeah. i always found that interesting because he ended that years ago. and i actually talked about russian adoption with him, which is interesting because that was
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a part of a conversation that don had with this meeting that i think -- as i've said, most other people -- you know, when they call up and say by the way i have information on your opponent, most politicians, just with a lot of people, who wouldn't have taken a meeting like that? >> 15 minutes or one hour of a hey girl and mr. president adoptions/sanctions. and yet another clip the prident talks about the e-mail his son donald trump jr. got promising dirt on hillary clinton. >> i didn't look at it very closely to be honest with you. >> okay. >> i heard there was an e-mail requesting a meeting or something, yeah, requesting a meeting that they have information on hillary clinton and i said, i mean this is standard political stuff. >> did you know at the time that they had the meet sng. >> no, i didn't know anything about. >> it must have been a very unimportant meeting because i never heard about it. >> no one told you a word --
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>> nobody told me. i didn't know -- it sounded like a very unimportant meeting. >> but the day you clinched nominations with new jersey and california and give a speech saying you're going to give a speech about hillary clinton's corrupt deal beiings are russia other countries -- >> people wondered about the timing. >> many of these speeches i i'd go after her all the time. >> all of this comes with the president's son-in-law jared kushner who also attended that meeting with donald trump jr. now scheduled to be interviewed on monday behind closed doors by senate intelligence committee -- excuse me -- staff members. then on wednesday, donald trump jr. and paul manafort also at that meeting are invited to testify in public before the senate judiciary committee. i'm sure paul manafort will be asked about the $17 million that has been reported today that he owed russian interests heading into the campaign. there's no further further
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confirmation whether they will appear. joining us now, chief legal correspondent, ari melber and matt miller who served as justice department spokesperson under eric holder and now security alyst and michael mcfaul who served during the obama administration. i'm going to let matt go first because he's a psychic. he predicted that jim comey would have memos. last week he wrote for politico magazine that he predicted president trump may seek revenge on the department of justice and alas here we are. matt miller, jeff sessions appeared in the past hour at the justice department news conference announcing a major cyber crime bust along with deputy attorney general rod rossenstein, two gentlemen who he blasted in the "new york times" interview and i want to share how they responded. >> we in this department of justice will continue every single day to work hard to serve
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the national interest and we wholeheartedly join in the priorities of president trump. he gave us several directives. one is to dismantle internet trans national criminal organizations that's what we're announcing today, the dismantling of the largest dark website in the world by far. i congratulate our people for that. i have the honor of serving as attorney general. it's something that goes beyond any thought i would have ever have for myself. we love this job. we love this department and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> how do you feel you can effectively serve from here on out if you don't have the confidence of the president? >> we serving right now, the work we're doing today is the kind of work we intend to continue. >> i was proud to be here
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yesterday, proud to be here today and pro to work here tomorrow. >> credit to both of them for answering questions. they've got to be disappointed that today should have been a big day, a win for them like last week, that massive bust around the opioid epidemic over 100 arrests, but matt, you see the two gentleman standing there smiling ear to ear loving this job after the president basically lit them up. >> i think the response from the attorney general and deputy attorney general was absolutely pathetic -- >> how do you really feel? >> yeah, let's set aside the question of whether they have self-respect and wanted to defend their integrity after the president attacked them. he didn't just attack them, the department of justice and independence and mission and rule of law. they have an obligation to the men and women they represent, to every career employee at the department of justice to stand up for its mission and push back on the president and say, you know, we will not be intimidated and not be bullied. the people that work here will pursue these investigations and
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follow the facts and follow the law -- >> but matt -- >> if they are not willing to do that, they should leave today, get out of the way sean leave the jobs to someone who are who will. >> maybe they are more clever than we are, maybe they are not punching a bully back. if jeff sessions listened to president trump and said, golly gee, i guess you don't want me to be here, i'll quit and president trump replaces him with somebody who does listen to trump and doesn't recuse himself, may that's somebody that fires robert mueller and maybe these two are playi trump. >> one, that person would have to go through senate confirmation and we would hope senators would ask tough questions and wouldn't confirm someone who would be a stooge. there's a pattern here now, sessions and rosenstein had a chance to stand up to trump already and that was their time to stand up for the justice department's mission and its independence. they didn't do it. i had hoped they learned their lesson and i think it's pretty clear today they haven't.
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it's not enough to push back privately and i'll be surprised if they push back privately. they need to publicly come out and remove the cloud he's put over the department. tell the people that work there they are going to stand up and protect the mission and they failed that test again today. >> matt brings up a great point and we've heard this before, the president has taken senior people around them and hijacked their credibility. if you listen to the president's remarks, he clearly thinks jeff sessions is his personal attorney to which he has a kadre of them and they do nothing to remind the country and america that they work for the department of justice and american people. >> exactly. the most revealing part -- >> can you say exactly again? >> exactly, stephanie ruhle. >> the most revealing part of this interview, donald trump either thinks he's still in charge of investigations of himself and his associates or wants everyone to think that, knowing that it's not the case, either way, that is problematic,
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obviously. the entire reason the attorney general stated in writing that he was recusing is because of his deep involvement in the trump campaign and that is to create the layer of independence that is rally required. when donald trump comes out and says if i had knownou yourself, wouldn't have given you the job, that makes him look worse because it looks like he wanted an attorney general who was linked close to him and would have done anything to get that. it is what in the law we call admission against interest which is a fancy way of saying it's a thing you say that makes you look bad. >> and ambassador, when president trump talked about the chit-chat and went over to say hi to melania and talked about adoption, does the president not realize that adoptions are directly linked to sanctions? >> i hope relieses it because i'm sure that's what putin talked about. i was ambassador when president putin banned adoption from american parents, it was in
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direct response to the magnit magnitsky, and they are linked in his head and i can't imagine president putin bringing up adoptions without talking about sanctions. my guess is he talked about sanctions more broadly. the need for president trump to show leadership and get the relationship back on track, by lifting sanctions, that's been an objective of president putin ever since donald trump was elected. there's no doubt in my mind that was the way that conversation came up. >> matt you've articulated that you think jeff sessions response to president trump's remarks were pa tret thick. we won't hear from robert mueller publicly. he said i'm drawing a red line, betterot look into my family finces and bloomberg is reporting that's exactly what robert mueller is doing. is this robert mueller responding to the president
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saying i don't work for you, boss, i'm here to investigate? >> no, i don't think so. i'd be very surprised if bob mueller had any public response, either by -- obviously not a press conference and i would be surprised if he was behind the leak. that's not the way he operates. he's not going to be scared and bullied ats all by the people. if he thinks he needs to look at the president's finances he's going to look at them and not care what the president thinks. he's going to rely on rod rosentyne rose rosenstein to protect him from being fired, bob mueller needs to focus on his investigation and i can guarantee that's what he'll do. we won't worry about what the president said one bit. >> i want to ask about something else the president said, when nixon came along, it was pretty brutal and out of courtesy the fbi started reporting to the department of justice. but there was nothing official. there was nothing from congress. there was nothing, anything but the fbi person really reports directly to the president of the
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united states which is interesting, you know, which is interesting. i think we're going to have a great new fbi director. does he think that the -- do you think, ari, the president here is saying, i think that fbi director should be reporting to me because it sounds like whether we're talking about judges, congressman or the fbi, the president believes everyone should be reporting directly to him? >> i think that's right. i think you can take the history lesson with the self-interested grain of salt. which is not unique to this president. many presidents look through history to find things that support what we're doing. >> we all do. >> all of us, sure, not just presidents. >> presidents are jt le this us. but the deeper point, right, is whether is this is a predicate for him to interfere and meddle in the investigation further or use personnel changes to affect the outcome of the investigation. you are allowed to fire the fbi director under law for right
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reasons or for no reason but you cannot fire them for the wrong reason and that is one of the things that we are hearing that mueller will look at. ultimately again, i want to make one point. ultimately this investigation could be great news for the trump white house. people around the country who want donald trump to succeed and want this cloud removed could get very good news if robert mueller who is always respected by both parties comes out and says i looked at everything and found nothing or looked at everything i didn't find anything about the white house. >> those people who support the president, they could have that today if the president would get to the agenda. here we are at the six month mark. you tell me when the president is talking is digging deep into his agenda. when he did the "new york times" interview and talks the way entitlement works and social security, i was scratching my head going is he actually working on this? this is an extraordinary opportunity lost for republicans when they have a clear path and it's the president who keeps digging us deeper into russia and this other noise.
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>> that's fair, there's opportunity lost and cost. and the cost here is all of the agenda left undone. i hear from white house aids as i'm sure you do, russia, russia, media is bringing it back to russia. no, we're reporting on donald trump's own words and reporting on them accurately and words as you put it the fbi management and whether he would further interfere in investigations regarding russia. >> let's talk about russia and numbers. ambassador, the treasury department today cracking down a $2 millioninen exxon for bunessone with russia when sanctions were imposed, when rex tillerson was the ceo of exxon. now for me the way i read this, a $2 million fine on a company that banks $78 billion a year? they've got toilet tissue worth more than $2 million. many could read this as the white house trying to put out their look at us, we're not buddying up to corporate giants and not so nice to russia.
8:19 am
$2 million? please. >> that was a funny analogy, ringing in my head about the toilet paper. >> sorry about that. >> it's a small fine but it's a significant fine however because it is paradoxical that we have a secretary of state that violated department of state rules and regulations and sanctions that were put in place before him. and it obviously raises questions about his commitment to implement and fulfill the current sanctions that are in place. >> well, they could always make the argument he has zifrnt stake holders and now works for the american people. fining exxon-mobil $2 million, that's a snoozen stein. >> we have to take a quick break. quick note, ari melber will be hosting a new program that i'll be watching every night at 6:00 p.m. eastern. right here on msnbc.
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stand by, we're going to take a quick break and we're digging into president trump's first six months in office, the question is what has he actually done? we'll be breaking down the bills and actions and confirmations and i'lle speaking to republican tom reed here is something president trump has do. spent a lot of time at his properties. during his 181 days in office, he spent 54 days at trump properties, 40 of those at his gu golf club. it's been a lort of reporting his golf clubs are down in terms of revenue but the amount of money the u.s. government has been giving them, that's a lot of new dollars. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations
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as we mark president trump's first six months in office today we're drilling down on what he's done since inauguration. according to the white house and the federal register he signed 40 executive orders and 46 miranda executive orders are really reports. president trump has sign 42 pieces of legislation, 15 undoing of obama era actions and five are personnel related and three named facilities and two are commemorating. to compare that to other presidents, obama signed 39, bush signed 20 and clinton 50. the senate confirmed 49 senior positions under president trump and president obama had 203
8:25 am
positions confirmed while bush had 185. when it comes to job approval, gallup puts him at 38% at six months in obama was at 58, bush at 57. earlier i spoke with democratic massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who put out a report card on trump's effort to drain the swamp. she gave him a f. >> when trump promised to drain the swamp during the campaign, that's something really important and i want to keep track of what he does. instead of draining the swamp, he's brought in 193 lobbyists, corporate executives, corporate consultants and they are in every part of government making key decisions. >> now i'd like to bring in republican congressman tom reed of new york who serves on the
8:26 am
ways and means committee responsible for addressing issues like health care and tax policy. congressman, i'm pretty sure your reaction to elizabeth warren is going to be a negative one. it's clear elizabeth warren hates the president, that's no surprise. put that aside what grade would you truly give the president and why do you think he's overstating or conflatting all that's been done? because we both know this has been a tremendouspportunity lost with republicans in power. >> obviously i'm going to disregard the partisan rhetoric coming out of the senator's mouth and say that's just partisan divide that's going to further not do the work for the american people. when it comes to the president, we're making some efforts. he's doing very well in regards to regulations he's rolling back, unleashing the entrepreneur and innovation spirit of america when it comes to u.s. manufacturing and you see that reflected in the stock market and legislation he signed into law. >> the stock market was on a tear for the last eight years, yes, we've seen a big boom but
8:27 am
the boom is around business sentiment, we haven't seen changes put in place and much is dependent on corporate tax reform and we have no idea if we're going to get to it. if you don't get health care passed, the money doesn't add up to get to tax reform. to stay let's look at the stock market, the stock market is not a direct reflection on the economy, certainly not to trump's base and people in upstate new york. >> i guess when president obama referenced that as his signal of success, you disagree with president obama. >> i did in fact when president obama said it in his state ust union address, it's one of the reasons there was that rise of the forgotten american trump voter, hold on, you're going to say the economy is on a huge incline. unless i live in san francisco or new york, that's not me. that led to the trump voter. people in upstate new york, are you kidding me and voted for president trump. you sir are using the same line? >> actually it's also the sentiment and regulations that have been rolled back that i see positive developments when you
8:28 am
look at the economic data. you're right though, stephanie, when it comes to health care and tax reform we have to get that done with the american people. i'm not pleased with where we are in the senate. we'll continue on tax reform and i'm very confident we'll get it done in 2017. >> today rod rosenstein and jeff sessions are spein about a really great achievement we've seen happen in the department of justice with shutting down a dark website a week ago, a huge bust around opioid crisis and health care professionals violating the law. yesterday today they barely got to talk about it because when the president interviewed at the "new york times" last night he trash talked his own attorney general jeff sessions putting him in a real difficult position. does he need to resign now? >> no, absolutely, i support the attorney general. i think he's doing a great job. those results speak for themselves and he'll continue on as the attorney general. as we go forward, we have to make sure we're always keeping the eye on the ball, moving the agenda for the american people. that's what i'm trying to do in
8:29 am
washington, working across the aisle. that's where the gridlock will break, when we get together with our problem solvers caucus members and say enough is enough let's legs late for the american people. >> is president trump keeping his on eye the ball? when i think about that interview with the "new york times" i can't understand why he would trash talk jeff sessions. >> i'm not going to speak for the president. >> you can have an opinion on it. >> he's very refreshing if you look at how he responds to questions, he's direct, not a d.c. politician. i appreciate that. as i new yorker that straight talk is something engrained on us from our early years. bottom line, he responds to questions asked -- >> you think that's straight talk. you're asking people to keep their eye on the ball and you're president of the united states? >> what he's doing is just what he always does, he's speaking from the heart and speaking the truth as he sees it and obviously he's not a politician. that is something that we have a lot of concern with when you get the distraction that sometimes
8:30 am
comes from the responses to those questions. but at the end of the day, you know what, he's still working with us, engaging members up in the house and senate in a way that hasn't been done before. in my tenure as a member of congress and that's going to lead to long-term relationships. >> if he's not a politician, what do you make his response to don jr. meeting with the russian lawyer saying that's politics. which is it? are they politicians or not? >> that's the words of a father and words of an individual who has been attacked and looked at in ways that are partisan driven. at the end of the day he's strong enough, i've been with the president knows who he is and knows what he's trying to do. at the end of the day that will win out. a lot of time left to go. >> if those are the words of a father not putting america first, should he have his son-in-law and daughter in the highest post? should you have your kids working for you in the white house. >> not just what a dad would say
8:31 am
and how he sees the russian investigation. this is driven bipartisan politics to take down the administration to a large degree what's going on here. i have supported the investigation based on the evidence and then we can legislate for the american people and that can't be lost in this debate. >> you think rod rosenstein is there to take down the president? >> absolutely not. i think what's going on here is there's a lot of partisan divide, partisan rhetoric to attack an administration they don't agree with, rather than enough is enough with the gridlock and enough is enough, the american people are sick and tired of this divide. i want to be part of the voice let's get together and solve the problems for american people. >> i know someone who agrees with you. a great american, a great leader, a fellow republican john mccain and he just tweeted i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. unfoately r m sparring partners in congress, i will be back soon, so stand by. do you have any message for
8:32 am
senator john mccain? >> well, you know, obviously, i have the utmost respect for such a hero, tireless public servant in john mccain. the spirit you saw there is his spirit that will conquer this cancer he suffers from. he's going to come back and continue to fight. he always puts the american people first. >> you're damned right. thanks for your time. i appreciate it. >> good to be with you, stephanie. >> we're going to take a break. next, we're going to take you to vegas. o jx.j. simpson back in court. i'll be speaking with allen ger shall wits, a member of the defense team during the murder trial in the '90s.
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lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. 811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. i wasn't there to hurt anybody, i just wanted my personal things and i was stupid of me. i'm sorry, i didn't mean to steal anything from anybody and didn't know i was doing anything illegal. i thought i was confronting friends in retrieving my property. so i'm sorry. i'm sorry for all of it. >> o.j. simpson pleading with the jury following his 2008 conviction. in just a few hours the former
8:37 am
football hero will appear by video conference in front of a nevada parole board that decide if he walks free later this year. simpson now 70 years old served nine years of his 33-year sentence for a botched armed robbery involving memorabilia tied to him in las vegas. the convictions came 13 years after his 1995 acquittal for the murder of ex-wife nicole brown and friend ron goldman. joining me onset, allen gershowitz. you know o.j. really well, is he in jail for a botched burglary or nicole's murder? >> the botched burglary would have gotten him three years in prison at the moment. he didn't kidnap anybody. it's a three-year crime at most, not a 33-year crime. and if his name was not o.j
8:38 am
simpson he would have been paroled a long time ago but 900-pound gorilla in the room, always the previous acquittal. >> you can make the other argument if his name wasn't o.j. simpson he wouldn't have gotten acquitted the first time? >> we don't know. the prosecution botched the case in the worst possible way. i'm sitting as close as i am to you when o.j. tried on the glove and showed the jury it was too small. had lawyers on the other side done their research, they would have realized they could have had him try it on outside the presence of the jury to see if it fit first. they made every mistake in the book. if they made a mistake like that with any defendant, he would have ended up being acquitted, whether guilty or innocent. every american has the right to decide whether they believe he did or didn't do it. i'm here basically defending the rule of law. when a person has been acquitted, correctly or incorrectly, the legal system says that's the end rkts double jeopardy precludes you from being punished twice. >> if he was put in jail this time for nicole, not for the
8:39 am
burglary, can he be treated fairly today? >> i think time has gone by and two wrongs don't make a right if you believe the first one was a wrong the nevada parole board has a generally good putation. and i think they'll dhe right thing. i'm sure they will do the right thing for any other defendant. he has been a model prisoner and he's 70 years old, all of those things will take favor of release. >> it wasn't just nicole brown her friend ron goldman. >> it was terrible. >> if -- i almost said president trump, if o.j. is acquitted can he capitalize on this, books and movie deals and speaking engagements. >> it would be a terrible terrible mistake. i told him when he got, stay out of the public life -- >> public does want to see o.j. though. >> i don't care. they want to see you to take
8:40 am
advantage of you. it is not in your interest to get in the public light. live a life of quiet on security, take care of your children, thrive on your grandchildren, that's what many others have done. there's a place and time to be public and place and time to be private. for o.j. simpson if he gets out, this is the time for quiet reflection and retirement. >> are you still in contact with him? >> no, last time i spoke to him when he was arrested in florida some years after he had been acquitted in california. he's not my friend. he's my client. i'm here because i defend and support justice and sixth amendment of the constitution. i do it for people i don't and don't, some people don't understand it when i talk about donald trump and the -- although i didn't vote for him, i don't believe anything he's done amounts to criminality at this point. people hate any defense attorney who invokes rights on behalf of people they don't like. >> i don't know, i want to say i
8:41 am
hope my lawyer thinks i'm friends with him. >> sometimes you're friendly and nice person, i'll be your friend but just because'm your -- >> allen, thank you so much. appreciate your time. do not miss our special breaking news coverage of o.j.'s parole hearing in just over an hour. we'll bring to you live on msnbc and that's not all. a special documentary, o.j. simpson chasing freedom. that is this saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern only on msnbc. stick around, everybody, we're going to go back to capitol hill for new reaction to president trump's latest new york times interview. i'll be speaking with connecticut's democratic senator richard blumenthal, a member of the judiciary committee which could interview jared kushner, don jr. and paul manafort. it will be big. causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall.
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only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." the fbi could have a new director before the end of the
8:46 am
summer. following president trump's abrupt firing of james comey am may.
8:47 am
the senate judiciary committee voted unanimouslyt 1200++
8:48 am
so bob mueller to your point is going to stay on course. jeff sessions isn't going to do much given he's recused himself from all things associated with russia. do you think jeff sessions should quit at this point. in a norm at setting, you would guess that he should but could one make the argument the president is just baiting jeff sessions to quit, so he can put somebody else in the position, he can control more? >> trying to know what is on the president's mind is always somewhat hazardous activity, but here's what is clear about these threats to jeff sessions. it is an issue larger than jeff sessions.
8:49 am
the president wants a political lackey in that role. jeff sessions should not be forced it resign for obeying the ethical rules and upholding the rule of law. i oppose jeff sessions. in fact, i was first member of the judiciary committee to speak against him and then oppose him on the floor. but he should not be forced to resign for following the ethical rules that have provoked this utter contempt from the president, but the issue is larger than jeff sessions. it is really about the rule of law. the attorney general should be a watchdog, not a presidential lap dog. and that is why these threats against the special council are so shocking, and deeply disturbing. >> isn't that stunning? you were first to oppose jeff sessions, yet here we are, less than six months after that, and jeff sessions is now getting possibly pushed out or bullied or threatened by the president because he did the right thing. the president in his interview
8:50 am
also defended and this isn't a surprise don jr.'s meeting with that russian lawyer. i want to share what he said. >> i just heard there was an e-mail requesting a meeting or something, requesting a meeting that they have information on hillary clinton and i meeting something -- questionirequestin meeting that they have information on hillary clinton. i said, i mean, that's standard flil stuff . >> sir, we know it's not standard political stuff and don jr. and former trump campaign manager paul manafort are scheduled to testify before your committee last week. chuck grassley said they have not responded to the invitation to fare and it was reported today that paul manafort was indebted 17 million bucks going into the campaign. do you think you're going to
8:51 am
need to subpoena these two? >> we're going to need to potentially subpoena documents, they should be provided before that hearing with both paul man na fort and donald trump jr. and others. what's very revealing about the tape, stephanie, donald trump, the president evidently knew about those e-mails at the time they were received by his son. and what's so significant about that fact is those e-mails in effect said that the russian -- these russian agents were promising dirt on hillary clinton. he know they were coming to the meeting with the promise of providing dirt on hillary clinton. now he says he didn't know about the meeting then. learned about it afterward, one of the key questions in this hearing is going to be what did the president know and when did he know it and what happened after the meeting. who other meetings occurred and what other mail. what was in that set of
8:52 am
documents that was taken by donald trump jr., there are all kinds of bombshell questions that have to be asked. >> i know you are trying to get that guatemalan woman living in connecticut for 24 years being asked to leave the country today i know you're trying to help get that delayed. good luck to you. thank you so much. thank you! so we're a go? yes! we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya!
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"velshi & ruhle." we're hours away from o.j. simpson's highly anticipated hearing. in one hour, we'll get the answer, determining if one of america's most notorious inmates will be released. moments ago, his sister, friend and attorney were seen entering the correctional center where he's being held. we want to bring in someone who was there the night of the robbery and spoke out against simpson 33 year sentence. joining me live, charlie ehrlich, an accomplice to the 2007 robbery in vegas. charlie, is he going to get parole? >> hello. hello, stephanie, how are you? >> fine, thank you. do you think your friend o.j. will get parole? >> i would hope so. >> well, you're his friend. when and if he gets out of jail, are you going to help him out? >> if he calls me, i would help him out, absolutely. i believe he shouldn't be there in the first place. >> are you in contact with him now? you were there in 2007. >> no, no. i have not spoken with o.j.
8:57 am
since he's been incarcerated. >> then tell us about that night from your point of view. >> it was a mistake what happened. if o.j. just would have let me -- if he just would have let me do what he asked me to, to go up there and look to see if it was his memorabilia, i would have came down. i would have told him i was really nothing much. and this gentleman mr. richo misled him and that's why he got caught in this debacle. i really don't think o.j. meant for this to happen. matter of fact, i know he didn't want this to happen. he's one of the nicest gentleman that you'll ever want to meet. he's always been a very dear friend of mine. and even though i caught up in this situation, i will always consider him my friend because i
8:58 am
know he didn't do anything maliciously. >> how come you guys don't speak anymore? >> well, he's in prison. and, you know -- >> you can visit him. >> well, you know, it -- a lot of times when you do time, you want to do your time and get out and when you get out, that's when you want to contact your friends because you got to concentrate on where you are. that is your home, you know. you can't think about the outside. >> have you made it attempts -- while he's been in prison, have you made any attempts to stay in contact and show support for mr. simpson? >> no, no, i haven't. no, i haven't. but i'm sure he knows how i feel. i've always been in his corner and i tried, when i was in my situation, my lawyer, john mo n moth moran, he tried to get my trial severed from everyone else and made three attempts. and actually a month before we
8:59 am
were going to trial, that's when i realized that there was no deal to be made. i never made a deal. and there was no way in the world i was going to make a deal because i didn't know these characters. i did nothing wrong. and i was willing to go to trial. if i had my own trial. i wasn't willing to go on trial with o.j.'s attorney, neil galanter, and my life going on worrying about what is going to happen to me. if i had my own trial, then yes. they offered me a proffer. they didn't offer me a deal. and i told the district attorney, mr. rogers at the time, everything i told him, mr. rogers already knew. and i was going to make up some fictitious stuff about o.j. to get him in trouble, you know. like i said, he was my friend, he made a mistake, i made a mistake, but at the time, i really didn't know, you know,
9:00 am
everything about what was going to happen, i didn't know this guy richo who i believed he's the one -- he's the one that should be in jail because he's the one that set everybody up. >> today is the day that hopefully o.j. simpson can tell his story and say he's sorry. >> i do hope -- >> charlie, we have to leave it there. thank you for joining me. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'm stephanie ruhle. ali velshi on assignment. you should stay to watch this continuing coverage throughout the day. o.j. simpson and his parole hearing. right now, "andrea mitchell reports." right now, on "andrea mitchell reports," true grit. senator john mccain diagnosed with brain cancer. an american hero facing his toughest fight yet. >> my hope is, i don't -- he may outlive us all, i don't know what -- god only knows how this thing ends, i just ask god for one thing, he has a voice and he can use it as long as possible. >> senator mccain tweeting minutes ago, i greatly appreciate the outpouring of


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