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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 20, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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while i am hyper excited about the whole new york to d.c. in 29 minutes thing, i'm less excited about the part where you get to be loaded into a pod inside an underground tube that moves 700 miles an hour. maybe if it was going to paris. that might be a bit better. we'll see. that's all for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. have a good night, everyone. hanging him out to dry. an extraordinary moment this afternoon for president trump. silence when reporters asked the president if he still has confidence in the sitting attorney general. >> mr. president, jeff sessions still have your full support? >> thank you. >> do you still support -- >> you see it. president trump ignoring those questions after telling the new york times it was very unfair of the attorney general to recuse
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himself from the russia investigation. >> sessions gets the job. right after he gets the job he recuses himself. >> was that a mistake? >> well, sessions should have never recused himself and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> a scathing criticism of the man who was the first to endorse then candidate trump. the attorney general says he plans to stay on the job, at least for now. >> we love this job. we love the department. i plan to continue to do so as long as that's appropriate. >> how do you feel like you can effectively serve from here on out if you don't have the confidence of the president? >> we're serving right now. >> president trump didn't just lash out at sessions in that interview. he also went after robert
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mueller who is running the russia investigation saying mueller's office has too many conflicts of interest and stay out of his family's finances. >> mueller's looking at your finances unrelated to russia. >> would that be breach of what his actual charge is? >> i would say yes. i don't hch i don't i mean it's possible there's a condo or something. i sell a lot of condo units. i don't need money from russia. >> what would be the line that you would say too far? we would need to dismiss him? >> look, there's so many conflicts that everybody has. >> then president trump wouldn't rule out firing mueller. was that a threat? one of his attorneys said they are cooperating with the mueller
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investigation and have an excellent relationship with mueller. let's go to white house corresponde correspondent. so much to adjust there. who you is the white house responding to all the questions they got today about the president's comments. >> reporter: sarah huckabee sanders got a lot of questions during her daily press briefing about this. it was off camera but she was peppered with questions about whether or not the president was in effect threatening robert mueller, the special counsel. she said that wasn't the case. she tried the walk that back a little bit and i pressed her, chris on whether the president was keeping his options on the table in terms of letting mueller go. take a listen to what she had to say to me. >> does in fact look into his finances as a part of his special counsel, would he consider firing him? the president said i can't answer that question because i don't think it's going to
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happen. does that mean that firing the special counsel is something that's on the table for this president? >> i've answered this question several times before. although the president has the authority to do so, he doesn't intend to do so. >> reporter: you hear her there really trying to walk a fine line, chris. she also got a number of questions, as you can imagine, about the president's comments regarding jeff sessions including by hallie jackson who asked if the attorney general serves the constitution or the president and the sanders said both. he has to adhere to the constitution but he serves at the pleasure of the president. really spritriking and it raise the question have the president's undercut and weakened this attorney general. he has made it clear he has no plans to go anywhere. sanders making it clear, at this point in time, the president has no plans to fire him. it's complicated the equation
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for the attorney general. privately, some say the president did go a little too far in that new york times interview. >> thank you. our panel tonight is a former u.s. attorney in alabama. when you heard the things the president said, would someone looking into this read it as the president trying to intimidate the people running this investigation? >> these are curious comments for a president to make. we have become used to remarkable level of candor from this white house when the president speaks off the cuff about his feelings. we here a bit of clean up after the fact that remedies those
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comments. as the attorney general there's some hills you have to be willing to die on. one of those hills is the independent of the justice department from any kind of political control and after those comments last night attorney general sessions should have come out with a strong statement this morning about his commitment to independents in the justice department and let the cards fall where they may. >> we have heard from former acting attorney general sally yates were fired by president trump. yates tweeted potus attack on russia recusal reveals yet again his violation of the essential doj. the president today effectively asked sessions for his resignation. will he resign or insist on being fired? what kind of situation does this leave jeff sessions in? >> chris, let's note that this now completes the circle and
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that the president is now trying to undercut or discredit every single major official who has anything to do with this russia investigation. jeff sessions was one of his most loyal supporters throughout the campaign and i think if he were to actually follow through with this, it would create more problems than if he just left him in place as kind of dysfunctional a.g. the reason why is think about what kind of chain events that could set off. sessions is recused right now from heading the russia investigation. if trump puts someone else in there then his a.g. then has control over bob mueller. let's take the long view of this. i don't think that the president's necessarily going to fire him but if he did, some people think that might be a good thing. it could ignite another fire storm. >> we heard from a lot of people say she would be happy to see jeff sessions go. you heard other people saying we
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don't know who would be the replacement. maybe the devil you know as opposed to the devil you don't from the democratic standpoint. what are the chances that the president decides the fire somebody here? >> i think the chances are entirely plausible. you can't put a number on it. this president is unpredictable. i think the fundamental point is we're six months and day into trump's presidency. when he was saying things along these lines in the early weeks of the presidency, some of his defenders were saying he's a real estate guy from new york. doesn't know how government and politics in washington work. he's going to say some things that other people wouldn't say. he's learning on the job opin. n he's now had six months in a trial by fire to understand this is what the rule of law is supposed to look like. this is how people react when you talk this way. this is the taboo you're flirting with breaking that
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would be shocking to people in washington and around the country. he's not changing his tone at all. this is the donald trump of january 21st, 2017. i think he's still capable of anything. he's not showing any sign of softening, absorbing the institutional traditions of our government and our constitution. he just sees everything as power politics and who is conflicted and who can be intimidated and who can he exert leverage over. >> i sat back and listen to this interview start to fin heish an think to myself one of worst jobs in america has to be being a lawyer for donald trump. clearly the kind of things he says and you say, the candor and that's one of the things that got him elected but to see what seems to be a profound lack of understanding on some levels about the separation of who he controls and who he doesn't
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control and the independence of various members of the u.s. government, including people like, for example, the fbi director, i'm not sure how long they would hold water. i guess my question for you is, are people on mueller's team, are his lawyers looking at it very differently than all of us sitting here and doing what is a political analysis? >> my guess is that mueller's team is essentially untouched by any of the political controversy that is swirling around the president. they're job is to chase the facts. i feel great certainty that they are looking at the facts, collecting the documents, financial and otherwise, building out a time line and making a very objective non-political assessment of whether anyone in this entire sort of line of misconduct committed criminal misconduct as opposed to we find politically
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distasteful. >> one of the people who has always been pretty straightforward when it comes to some of these comments by the president, obviously is john mccain. we're going to talk a bit more about him coming up in a bit. there was a wide range of opinions on capitol hill reacting to what the president had to said about mueller and sessions. let me play you a few examples of that. >> i would imagine that, as i know mueller over 13 or how many years he was head of the fbi, he's going to do his job. that's all that matters. s >> he's upset that robert mueller may be looking into his business finances, do you feel the president has a reason to worry? >> i think there's a witch hunt and this is partisan thing. >> i don't really have any comment on it. i think he needs to be a little more careful about what he says. >> what kind of position,
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michael, is this putting members of his own party in and the people who are charged, for example, in the senate intelligence committee, the senate judiciary committee with their own rules and looking into the relationship of russia and their impact on the 2016 election? >> well, i think for the people investigating this story when president trump makes comments like this, it probably only energizes them. the fact he had this second conversation with vladmir putin at the white house didn't disclose which is mistier i don't say. for investigators, i think it's more fuel for the fire. for members of congress and allies of the president, it's exhausting and must be driving them a little bit crazy. republicans control the house and senate. they feel that they should be ramming through a big agenda, getting stuff done that they wanted to do for eight years when barack obama was in the white house and have the president signing republican legislation.
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they are getting nothing done. one reason is they can't get a message out. they walk through the halls of congress and talk about they priorities on taxes and health care and being asked questions about the off the wall statements by the president that will indefensible. i think it's got to be driving them nuts. >> he touches on a good point that i don't think gets put out there often enough. that is exhaustion. i cannot tell you on capitol hill have told me how exhausts they are. i'm talking about people been there for many years. i can see it in the faces of the people in the white house. >> the president has ultimate control to talk about what he wants to talk about. he keeps talking about russia. he keeps creating, erecting new problems. teasing, if he's bluffing, that he's going to fire mueller. if you're in congress, alarm bells start to go off. you can't do that because you
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think he's getting closer to something you don't want him to get closer to. if you're a member of congress, if he does that, what do we do. that means we will have to step in and do something about this. the president is showing a profound misunderstanding of what the role of the a.g. is. he is not supposed to be loyal to him but the rule of the law. >> thanks to all of you. >> i'll be back. that is part of john mccain's defiant message. diagnosed with brain cancer after surgery to remove a brain clot. he tweeted i greatly appreciate the out pouring of support. for my sparring partners in congress, i'll be back soon, so stand by. stand by that will. senator lindsey graham saying this about his conversation today with his very good friend. >> to my good friend, john mccain, you asked me how he's doing. he's called me three times this
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morning. no more woe is me lindsay. he is yelling at me and to buck up. i'm going to buck up. >> this has opinion vebeen very. he may have a long battle ahead of him but that's not stopped him from getting work done because he sent out a statement on syria today. to steal a line from barack obama, cancer doesn't know what it's up against. indeed. washington needs you senator mccain. come back soon. up next, are president trump's own add visor's worried about his embrace of vladmir putin. what his advisors are saying and what the president is saying. scienigns of stress. how it's weighing down his agenda. what his new comments reveal six months into his presidency. the other big story. granted parole. o.j. simpson back in the
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in that fascinating interview with the new york time, president trump also revealing new details about that previously undisclosed meeting with vladmir putin at the g-20 dinner. >> it was very interesting. we talked about adoption. >> you did? >> russian adoption. i always found that interesting because he ended that years ago. i actually talked about russian adoption with him which is interesting because that was part of a conversation that don had. >> so the president there confirming he discussed option with the russian president. here is why that is significant. remember, putin stopped that u.s. adoption of russian
3:20 pm
children in retaliation for american sanctions. this conversation without any other american present and a translation provided by the russians included talk of official u.s. foreign policy. the associated press is now reporting that kind of situation is causing rifts between the president and his national security team. the a.p. says quote, president trump's embrace of russia is making his top advisors wary. one of them, h.r. mcmaster. mcmaster and other national aides advised the president against holding the first official bilateral meeting with put putin. they didn't want him meeting putin on the record, much less in that surprising second interaction, a casual setting with no other u.s. officials present. how big is this rift and is it growing? >> the president has been under
3:21 pm
scrutiny for a long time from the public at large and some people within his own administration who are questioning it. we have learned and my colleague is a big part of this piece, national security advisor mcmaster among others expressed reservations about it being an official meeting. the president had an oval office meeting with the russian ambassador a few months ago. >> what were they worried about? why did they not want him to take a formal meeting? >> some of it is a distrust of vladmir putin and the russian agenda here. there will many who feel the president should be stronger on russian meddling. the president let slip sensitive classify information to the russian officials that he was not authorized to do. >> what would they like to see from the president? implied in that question are that are worried that he doesn't
3:22 pm
know as much as vladimmir putin. putin could bring up something the president doesn't understand and the president said something that's policy that's not in came keeping with what is national security team sees. >> very stark difference in their backgrounds. vladmir putin is ex-kgb. he's been in one-on-one international meetings for decades. he once brought a dog to intimidate angela merkel because he knew she doesn't like dogs. >> it wasn't any dog. it was his dog. >> president trump is a novice. he's pictured himself as the art of the deal maker but he likes to very conciliatory. he likes to be liked. he, as we know, holds putin in high esteem. there will people who are afraid he might get manipulated or say something he shouldn't because he doesn't command the depth of knowledge about these issues that his russian counterpart
3:23 pm
knows. >> is there any indication of the level of shock, concern about this second meeting which clearly wasn't planned and which clearly only had, as the source of interaction a russian translater? >> right. eyebrows were raised. they are saying it's casual. it's the kind of thing that happens at these large dinners. sarah sanders behind the podium has repeated this is the media having russian fever and making far too big out of something that others have done too.
3:24 pm
it would be quite plausible for putin's aides, and we know he prepares to say to putin just get him alone. do you think putin was happy to be talking with president trump with no americans present? >> you know, i think the whole trump-putin meeting has been a rock and a hard place problem for both sides. if you think about this from the american side, it's very clear the president faces tremendous scrutiny from the public, capitol hill investigation, justice department investigation and so on. any conversation he has even though he's also got to do u.s. foreign policy which is that much harder because we really don't have contacts at other levels of the u.s. and russian governments. we only have them at the top levels, foreign minister, secretary of state and the two presidents. that's sort of a lose-lose for the president right now. on the russian side, this is what's interesting, it's become
3:25 pm
a lose lose for vladmir putin. even if there was an early on there would be a total wholesale of reinvention of russia-u.s. n relations, all hopes have been in abandoned in russia. what the russians are worried about is backlash. the idea they appear to be too much with their hands in the pie here that's going to provoke a backlash from what they think of as the american establishment, kind of the permanent powers that be in american government and this is going to be bad for russian interests. there's an additional wrinkle which will is putin is running for re-election in march of 2018. that's less than a year away. he's got to mobilize russian voter to show he's doing a good job and effectively advancing russian interest. cutting deals with the united states would be a big help.
3:26 pm
>> a photo op isn't enough to say i'm standing on equal footing and you have this reporting about a second meeting and, by the way, according to the president, he walked over there. he said he went to see melania, his wife and had not been sitting together. she was sitting next to vladmir putin and then the conversation happened that might have been 15 minutes. other observers said might have been an hour long. how is that perceived there, just the optics of it? >> so mostly the optics have been good for putin so far. what he's gotten most of all in the last few months from the phone conversations and from the meeting in the oval office and the one-on-one meetings at the g-20 has opinibeen a permanent retirement of the obama's isolation policy.
3:27 pm
putin doesn't look isolated right now. the president, the white house have been crystal clear sanctions are not going away. there's been talk about doing things together on syria, on counter terrorism. there's been no substantial concessions to the russians so far. they simply do not trust the russians but the problem putin has is how long can he ride on just the optics of a photo op that he gets to sit down with the president of the united states. he's got to bring home some kind of bacon at some point. the odds he'll be able to do that before march of next year are slim. >> thank you so much for being with us. coming up, another big story
3:28 pm
today. o.j. simpson, back in the headlines and granted parole. we'll talk to the lawyer for the simpson brown family. when will we see an end to gridlock on capitol hill? could it be soon. >> on monday night we're bringing a group together that will be women for dinner. republicans and democrats. >> some republicans talking about working with their colleagues across taisle on health care. that's next. when you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the unpredictability of a flare may weigh on your mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go, and how to work around your uc. that's how i thought it had to be. but then i talked to my doctor about humira, and learned humira can help get and keep uc under control... when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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on my first day, i'm going to ask congress to send me a bill to replace obamacare. when we win on november 8th [ applause ] >> and elect a republican congress, we'll be able to immediately repeal and replace obama care.
3:32 pm
six months into the trump presidency still no repeal and trump has this explanation. >> you think of hillary clinton and you look, she went eight years very capable, went eight years as the first lady and could not get health care. i'm not in here six months. they'll say trump hasn't fulfilled his agenda. i'm saying i'm here for a short period of time. it's a brutal process and it was for the democrats in office. >> the president unable to unite republican senators behind the plan. one of those senators has a bracing message for the president. >> i think all we're promising is another problem. i've had this with the president and with others in the white house. if you claim you're going to fix health care, i think you've got a mistaken notion. >> senate republicans clearly fighting among themselves over this issue and now majority
3:33 pm
leader mitch mcconnell is planning a vote next week. over in the house some say it's time to re-think their approach on variety of issues and involve democrats. >> we're bringing a group together, it's going to be women, republicans and democrats. were you invited to that dinner? >> i haven't heard about it. i am on the committee and i would hope she gets some of the veteran who is have some real knowledge about the health care bill and the health care issue to come to dinner as well. we passed a budget that embraces
3:34 pm
all the bills that the republicans passed that the congressional budget office said would knock 22 million people off of their health care and that cuts medicare and about a trillion dollars out of medicaid. i really don't know where she's going to start. you'd have to unravel the whole budget agreement as well that they just passed. >> where do you start on this? obviously, i haven't even talked to any democrats who don't think the issues that need to be resolved. there are people who are still not getting care. there are problems with insurance companies pulling out. is it going the tyake a group o women going together to start this compromise? >> it depends where she and the republicans are willing to start. if they're willing to start from square one and say we know there's problems with obamacare, but it's not all bad. two to one, americans prefer obamacare now using that word
3:35 pm
over the republican proposals. if she's willing to release it down and unravel this and start with some of the good ideas that could really make obamacare work, maybe that's possible. meantime mitch mcconnell in the senate says on tuesday he'll look for a vote on the motion to proceed. i don't know where he's going to get the votes. the republicans are in total disarray. it would have a good idea. there's no question. i think the women, that's a good place to start to bring us together to talk about how we really put the pieces back together in this puzzle which the president finally figured out that health care is complicated. >> yeah, he does seem to be getting that now. i think a lot of people raised eyebrows because he talked about hillary clinton and what seemed to be a positive context that she was somebody very comptent
3:36 pm
and she couldn't get it done. is there a starting point and where do you think democrats might be willing to compromise? >> i think we would be very willing to do things like create a public option in communities where there is no insurer or there's only one and there's no competition. we could do something together and the president has talked about this too to lower drug price which is is one of the big issues that drives the high cost of health care, the pharmaceutical companies have been gouging for a long time and the president agrees with that. there are areas of agreement that we could focus on. there has to be a dropping of the idea. for example, in that budget yesterday, it's paul ryan's high school dream to dismantle medicaid, medicare. we did it last night. about a half a trillion dollars this cuts and turn it into a
3:37 pm
voucher program. this is wildly unpopular in the country. people like their medicare. people could be thrown out of nursing homes. it's not just for poor people. they'd have to abandon a lot of the ideas that have been put forward so far and have caused tens of millions of people to lose their health care. >> congresswoman, if you end up going to that dinner, let us know. come back and talk to us about it. >> you bet. i'd love to. thank you. >> thank you. six months of the rush ha probe. we'll take you through it by numbers. first. >> i always thought i've been pretty good with people. it's been a conflict free life.
3:38 pm
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the united states postal service. priority: you you have no prior conviction of criminal activity. no risk to reoffend on our guidelines. you have community support and stable release plans. considering all of these
3:42 pm
factors, my role is to grant your parole effective when eligible. >> the nationally televised parole hearing for o.j. simpson, the nevada board agreeing he should be granted parole after serving nine of his 33 years sentence in a 2008 memorabilia robbery case in las vegas. today here is what simpson said about it. >> i've done my time. i've done it as well and respectfully as anybody can. i believe in the jury system. i've honored their verdict. i've not complained for nine years. i'm sorry it happened. i'm sorry to nevada. i wish he never called me. i thought i was glad to get my stuff back, but it wasn't worth it. >> simpson spent a lot of time describing when it happened. it was rambling in times. at other times he showed flashes
3:43 pm
of frustration. >> i haven't made any excuses in nine years here. i should have never allowed these alleged security guys to help me because it turned out they were only trying to help themselves. it's been ruled legally by the state of california that it was my property and they have given it to me. i have it. >> his 2008 sentences for this was just the latest chapter from football glory and celebrity to the trial of the century and his controversial acquittal for the 1994 murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend, ronald goldman. he was found liable in a civil case ordered to pay $33.5 million to the sur visor and his own children. he didn't address any of that today. >> i always thought i've been pretty good with people. i've spent a conflict free life. i'm not a guy that ever got in fights on the street with the
3:44 pm
public and everybody. nobody ever accused me of pulling any weapon on them. >> john kelly was the lead attorney for the estate of nicole brown simpson and civil trial attorney eric guster. you couldn't watch that parole hearing today and not be struck when he said i've had a conflict free life. obviously, the trial of the century. there were those tapes at the murder trial of nicole making calls about domestic abuse. there was a road rage charge. eric, none of that was what was being considered. >> the trial was not being considered because he was acquitted of that case. the police officers were called out to his home on several occasions for domestic violence. i didn't agree that part of it. i was proud of the parole board when they stated openly, we're not going to consider the trial because it was improper for them to consider the trial if that was the fact. they considered his time, his
3:45 pm
age, how he's acted in prison as a model prisoner and his testimony today. >> you know, john kelly, somebody very close to this. he said many times, i always thought of myself as a good guy. in prison he would like to be a better christian. as you watch that, what were you thinking? >> it was like the twilight zone watching it. what should have been a very brief proceeding, he almost looked like he was trying to talk himself out of being par e paroled when it was a fore gone conclusion. to go onto not be remorseful, to blame everybody else, to not accept responsibility for over an hour was just classic simpson. it was difficult to watch. i disagreed in the decision but they are consistent. they had their guidelines. they used their formula and acted in the way they saw fit in this particularly instance. >> i have to say that based on
3:46 pm
what i was watching, i thought to myself, john, if i'm his lawyer, i probably told him toll be concise and be remorseful. those two things and he got asked wikind of an especially ended question about what happened and he went off on it. i will say then afterwards his own attorney didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with that. he thought that was exactly what o.j. simpson needed to do. he needed to state his case. >> he has in the past. he was convicted stating the very same case before -- >> the same facts. >> exact same facts and he still can't accept the fact it was his fault that he was the master mind. there were these six large men in a very small room with two loaded firearms and could have been catastrophic. one wrong move, someone got a little tooa agitated. he planned the situation which
3:47 pm
could have resulted in once again loss of human life. >> yet, one of those victims in this case was one of the few people who talked about this hearing. when you look at this and how unbelievable it is and anybody who knows how enormous o.j. was as a super star, as a celebrity on every possible level, the fall from grace being so far and then you have one of those two memorabilia dealers, bruce fromong who gave this statement. let me play it. >> it's time to give him a second chance. this is a good man. he made a mistake. if he called me tomorrow and said, bruce, i'm getting out, will you pick me up? juice, i'll be here tomorrow for you. i mean that, buddy.
3:48 pm
>> then you see he seems to wipe atear away moved by what his former friend and perhaps friend again had to say. is that something that the parole board would take into consideration? >> that is huge. i've handled doz ens of parole hearings and when you have a victim to testify for the person convicted, that's major, major thing for them to consider. for example, typically what happens in parole hearings, the victims are there to say keep this person in prison. they hurt me. they harmed me. they did something to my relative and i do not want them to get out. now you have a person who came this and said, i forgive him. i'm even his friend. i'll come pick him up. that's a huge thing because the parole board wants to consider the impact on the victim as well as what will happen to the general public and with simpson being almost 70 years old, they saw fit to release him. >> we're out of time but i have
3:49 pm
to ask you this because of your role in this which is the question everyone is asking. what is it about o.j. simpson? all the tv stations were on. i saw people in their 20s, they don't know about o.j. simpson, first hand but i guess they have seen some of the specials. what is the ongoing fascination with him? >> i think it's just the polarizing figure in a cultural benchmark for race relations, celebrity news, cameras in the courtroom, advances in science, money, sex, drugs, rock and roll, murder, mystery. it had it all at the highest degree and it's what it had then and still has the certain appeal now. >> gentlemen, thank you. october 1st, earliest we will see o.j. simpson as a free man. straight ahead, six months of the rush ha investigation.
3:50 pm
let's talk about that, next. who's the new guy? they call him the whisperer. the whisperer? why do they call him the whisperer? he talks to planes. he talks to planes. watch this. hey watson, what's avionics telling you? maintenance records and performance data suggest replacing capacitor c4. not bad. what's with the coffee maker? sorry. we are not on speaking terms.
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something has been plaguing the trump presidency for months, typos. 19 errors on official documents, for example. the former utah governor jon huntsman is the u.s. choice for ambassador to russia but the initial release misspells his name which is j-o-n, not japan o-h-n. trump wants to get our minors back to work unless you're sending children. er and lasting peach. insert your own comment when snap chat about the secretary of education. but it misspelled the word education. and of course, this needs no
3:54 pm
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raise your expectations and ask your gastroenterologist if humira may be right for you. with humira, control is possible. inauguration, the russia investigation is still a cloud over the trump presidency and numbers tell a story. he has hired four lawyers for his personal defense team. he's had four conversations with vladimir putin, two phone calls, two meetings that we know of. and he's tweeted that this investigation is a hoax or a witch hunt, at least 15 times. kevin is a political reporter for bloomberg news. sabrina, a reporter for the guardian and not only 15 tweets dising the investigation. many more just bringing up the investigation. kevin, it is almost as if he is encouraging this story, which is a cloud over his presidency. >> and it is frustrating republicans on capitol hill.
3:58 pm
they can't get health care done, they can't get tax reform done. all of this just setting it up for next week when jared kushner will be on capitol hill testifying. all of this of course sucking the oxygen from other policy issues. >> sucking the oxygen out but is it helping to sort of solidify this grid lock capitol hill? >> no. he hasn't been able to enact any part of his legislative agenda. he has no major, he says the media is fixated on russia. he brought the special counsel upon himself by firing james comey. now he is acceptsending a not s subtle warning. and it is trump, he doesn't just focus his agenda. >> he calls in the "new york times." if you want to call him, the failing new york times, three
3:59 pm
report here's have done the some of reporting that has in fact infuriated the white house the most. and decide at this moment with everything that you talk about, that's going on in the russia investigation, and wants to talk about it. >> and i think the guardian had a scoop earlier about deutsch bank getting some contact from the investigation. mr. mueller is expanding, looking at business transactions. this is only going to continue. >> where does he go from here? jared kushner, others close to him, do you see this letting up any time soon in our last 30 seconds? >> i don't think it will. as kevin mentioned, republicans are frustrated. republicans would be wise to allow the witnesses to come forward and testify. stop tweeting about it. we know it won't happen. take some interest in health care reform. he's been completely disengaged. he's been making demands. it doesn't look line he'll get a deal before the august recess.
4:00 pm
it looks like as we know, he is not likely to do that. >> and we're waiting to see whether manafort and trump junior will go before the committee. thank you for watching. i'm chris jansing. "hardball" starts right now. trump makes a threat. let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris math news san francisco. president trump has set forth an aggressive message against his attorney general and most starkly against man leading the russia investigation, robert mueller. the big question today, where is this headed? it looks like the crisis between a prosecutor seeking evidence and a president refusing to surrender. in an oval office interview with "the new york time


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