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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 25, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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quarterequarte quarterequarte quarters in new york. we are going to dive right into tonight. there is a lot going on. we got congressman eric sqwall here and senator elizabeth warren is here tonight. there is a bunch of thing to keep an eye on tonight. we are watching the president today continuing to escalate his criticism of the attorney general who he picked for the job. he's seemingly trying to force jeff session to resign as attorney general without technically asking for his resignation or just firing him. white house sources are basically admitting that this presidential's initiative criticisms against sessions is the first step in tand the prest is trying to fire the counsel,
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bob mueller as he's investigating on this matter. eyes focused on that intensively as people try to game out exactly how he's going to approach this. on the russia issue, the judiciary committee issued and rescinded their subpoena to the president's campaign chairman, paul manafort. he did a voluntary closed door interview with one investigative committee today with senate intel, he spoke with them of the trump tower meeting with the russians last june. he reportedly shared with the committee his notes that he took with all those russians. after the he got the subpoena last night, we expected paul manafort to be appearing basically basically involuntarily.
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now, that subpoena has been rescinded and we are not sure what either of them are doing in terms of their testimonies and handing stuff over. neither of them are making appearances on your tv screen tomorrow. we'll have more on what it all means ahead. we got interests news tonight on the democrats and veteran group, getting what they call a surprising win against the republicans in congress, which seem to have blind sighted the republicans today. there is a whole bunch of things that we are watching. the big story of the day that's still under way tonight is republicans last ditch effort to pass a bill and any bill that would have the effect of
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repealing obamacare and affordable care act. despite the determination of a lot of their constituents who's been pressing every way they can for senators to not do this. if you want to see what i am talking about, this is from today. high point north carolina, it started early this morning, members of the local chapter of high point set up a mobile call center on the side of the road offering people on the way to work or dropping their kids off to school or whatever, a chance to stop on the side of the road and call the republican senator, telling him to vote no. 4,000 miles away in alaska, these are lisa mccalsky, they're trying to make sure that she did note change her mind.
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tucson, arizona, was pushing 100 degrees today. still, they stood out there in the frying pan to tell their elected officials to save medicaid and vote no on what the republicans are trying to do. >> this was the florida today. marco rubio constituents telling him to vote no. this is in west virginia today. this was in alabama today. residents of alabama telling their senators they should also vote no. it is been like this all over the country since the republicans started to move and try to kill the affordable care act. so far the republicans have not been able to pull it off when they tried to bring it up for a vote. today in congress, they stay together of exactly enough votes to bring the issue up for debate
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provided mike pence was available to come over to break the tie. all democratic senators and susan collins of maine voted no. the republicans were able to squeak it. it was a tie vote 50-50. 48 democrats plus those 2 republicans and 50 republicans on the other side. that was 50-50 and then that became 51-50 in the republicans' favor when the expert tie breaking vote came in from the vice president. when that happens, the immediate response in the room was this, which was not at all normal. >> motion to proceed. [ kill the bill ] >> that does not happen in the senate chamber.
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that happened today. the protests that started inside the senate chambers spilled out to the main lobby and onto the balconies and doctors and medicaid and recipients and constituents of the senators chanting no cuts to medicaid. >> many people using wheelchairs coming from all over the country and refused to leave. police arrested those adapt protesters one by one as they were removed from the capitol. they were cheered on from protesters on the upper floors of the senate, officer building. when all is said and done, more than 90 people were arrested at the capitol today. what republicans actually passed on the senate floor was a start on a 20 hours debate on a healthcare bill that they have not picked out yet. there is no actual bill for them
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to consider or budget office and scores or no hearing on any bill. tonight democrats tried to slow things down on the senate floor. they forced the clerk of the senate to read the entire texts of one of the draft pieces of legislations, the republicans maybe want to try to vote on. sthat ir chris murphy of account cut tonight said that he has planned to introduce 170 amendments to put the bill forward and keeping this thing forward. >> joining us now is chris murphy, senator murphy, i know you are right in the thick of it, thank you for taking the time to talk to us tonight. >> thanks rachel. >> are you expecting to be up all night, how are you expecting this to go this evening? >> we'll have a vote around 9:30 on the first amendment that'll be all for this evening and we'll start voting again tomorrow. the rules now that we are on the
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bill allows fed for unlimited amendments to be offered. we don't know what this bill actually is or unensuinsured 22 millions or our ability to offer amendments or maybe the only thing that allows americans and those disabled americans are fearful of their lives. i am preparing over 100 amendments in part of the time that we have the debate of amendments and maybe the only time that my constituents, people who are sick and need healthcare are going to have to look at republican bill to put pressure to do the right thing. >> you stacked up over 100 amendments that you want to debate on depending on whatever it is that the republicans bling up tonight. can republicans do anything to stop you from getting a debate on each one of those amendments and what would the timing be?
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would you expect that to stretch through the night even over night tonight once the debate starts? >> it is unlikely that the session will happen, will begin tonight. republicans controlling the rule of the united states senate and they can change the rules on this bill, stop our ability to offer amendments with 50 votes. they have of course show a willingness to change the rules to get what they want and witnesses voting on judge gorsuch. what we want is time for the 85% of americans who don't want this bill to pass to be able to talk to their senators about it. true forums and republicans are going to ram through the spinal version of the bill if it is up to them and with a handful of republicans to see it. we'll do what we can to make sure there is much of the final product of whatever it is. >> i have to step back on a number of issues over the years
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that you have been in the senate. i have never talked before while you never had a chance to shave. i don't mean it in a bad way. >> this is a protest beard. >> it is a rally beard as we may say. there is that and i am noticing that. i noticed the tone of your public statements today on twitter and the tone from your office saying that your constituents are scared and right to be. and, listening to you talk about a strategy tonight, i feel like and i am guessing that i am trying to read you whether you have any optimism here or whether you feel it is a last ditch but ultimately it is going to be a ditch effort. >> i am scared. the parents of the discababled children that i stood today are scared. this is life or death and it is not hypolee.
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that's frightening because it is a substance free debate. republicans are convinced that their main motivation to be imperative and to get the affordable care act repealed no matter what the cost is to their constituents. people like dean heller are going to look at the merits on what they are voting on and it seems like they have been bullied by baptist churmitch mc donald trump. i am going to fight of every ounce of my beings to stop this. the fact that i am scared does not mean i am going to stop working. the people in my state and the people that i am serving today, they are scared. >> what about this dramatic moment today, senator mccain making the return to the senate floor after announcing last week he under gone surgery for a brain tumor. he received warmly in the chamber and he gave this floored
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speech exhorted senators to work together and not do thing in a partisan way. he then voted for a motion to proceed that brought the potential vote of tonight. can i ask your reaction to that? did you think that'll have any impact and what did you make of the case that he made today? >> i am going to take john on his words. what he's saying is he's voting to proceed of the debate. he's not going to support on a partisan product. he will have the opportunity of the next 24 to 48 hours. i know there are a lot of republicans that want to ultimately have this be a bipartisan product. not only will constituents die, they'll pay an enormous political price for it. but, if we jointly own the
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healthcare system together and if this bill failed this week and we came together, that's good for both parties ending this issue being a political football. i hope that's what john is saying and i hope it is positive on the final votes that he cast. senator chris murphy, keep us surprised tonight, i have a feeling it is going to be a late night. i know you got a vote coming up. thanks for being with us. >> thanks. >> we have much more to get to, as you heard the senator say there, they're expecting a vote within the next 15 minutes or so. the first bill they may vote on and the first version of this thing that may vote on could be complicated in terms of the number of votes they have to get and line up from republicans and all democrat haves been unified front thus far. the democrats at one point took their fight outside of the senate chambers and start rallying outside the capitol on the streets trying to get people to turn out on the streets and join them. elizabeth warren was a big part
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as i just mentioned we got senator elizabeth warren on deck tonight. we are maneuvering her to our camera. there is a lot of moving parts when it comes to talking senators live tonight because of republican votes to repeal obamacare is expected to be doomed votes. these votes are live tonight with a little bit of unpredictability at this hour. we don't want to interfere
9:18 pm
anyone's ability to vote. tonight we should be seeing senator of the intelligence committee. they had an interesting day including white house senior adviser and jared kushner, the president's son-in-law. one of the reasons i want to talk to him about that is because of the guy who i have come to think of the other nixon. the other nixon that's not president nixon but comes up when you google impeached nixon. >> he had seven children and although he came from a prominent local family and he had a good job and a prestigious jobs and ton of job security. his good job was not going up even though all his kids kept
9:19 pm
growing up and his kids kept on getting admitted to college. he had seven kids and five of them going to college. he started asking zararound. he let it be known that he's looking for ways to make money a local business had just the thing for him. this local wealthy businessman, yeah, would you know it, i have an amazing investment opportunity available to you and only you. it is so amazing. you don't have to put a single dollar of your money but you will get tens and thousands of dollars of royalty money. sounds good? >> within months, the guy was taken in of tens and thousands of dollars from this, basically magic investment opportunity that he was offered by a guy in town. to make this appears of the slightest bit legal, they
9:20 pm
retroactively dated some promissory notes to made it loo loo -- look lie he put up some money. but, he did not. financially, it was a dream. five kids in college, right? that has to hurt. he figured out basically that there was this bigot of free money that he could tap to ease up financial pain. this whole deal was illegal and not least because the guy who's taking the money waycros a fede judge. in case it was not clear to him that there was a real cost associated with this free for nothing amazing money source that he started tapping. august 1980, a small plane
9:21 pm
landed at mississippi, that plane landed after the airport was closed and after the airport were shuts for the night and all the lights were off. that's weird. >> they tailed the plane and right after that little airplane landed at the closed airport, the feds landed right behind them. that plane landing after closing of the dark municipal airport was carrying almost a ton of marijuana. and it tirurns out the manager s in the whole drug smuggling. the comanager who was in on it, that was the son of the wealthy businessman, the one that's been hooking up that judge with the awesome secret royalties deal. you know what happens next. his son gets arrested in this
9:22 pm
drug smuggling thing so the businessman calls up his judge. he calls him up and says hey, i need you to do something of this drug smuggling case that my son is all messed up in. imagine you are this judge and you got this stream of money coming in now that you are really getting used to and you don't want to lose that. and the not available to the public and awesome investment opportunity that this guy is hooking you up with and giving you all the money, that's clearly illegal so naturally you do not want that getting out. your respected public official, and you add all this thing up. the son's case concerning of marijuana at the airport. that case was not in front of
9:23 pm
this particular judge. but, you know federal judge and the chief judge of the district at the time. our friends who puts in the words. even though it is not his case and the kid pled guilty in the drug smuggling case, that judge putting in the work for the guy and got the case shelved. kids is going to be find. there are two things you need to know about that. first, the judge's name was walter nixon. he's the other nixon. that can be very confusing. he's not at all related to richard nixon. but, because he's nixon, he's ungoogleable even all these years later. guess what comes up when you type in nixon and impeachment and what turns up is not walt.
9:24 pm
the second thing to notice is the guy that started this whole saga by looking extra cash, he did get impeached. initially, he was put on trial and he was convicted and he got sent to prison. he got sentenced to five years of prison. after he got out of his sentence, they impeached him and ensure that he will never be a judge again. >> the vote was 14-0 in the house. they voted in the senate to remove him from the bench. >> after carefully investigating the facts and hearing all the evidence, the house voted 17-0 to in favor of the three articles of impeachment. accordi
9:25 pm
accordingly, you must now grapple of the same question, faced by the house. a man who repeatedly lied, is he fit to hold the high office of the federal judge. i hope you a agrgree and the an is obvious. judge nixon must be removed from the bench. when judge walter nixon taking all the money and when he got that call asking him to help the guy out, help out that guy's son with the drug smuggling case. he may have wanted to help and incline to do anything he could for that guy who given him all the money and anything else that guy wanted him to do. he may have been inclined to do. if he was not incline, if it
9:26 pm
tru struck him as wrong for a federal judge to weigh in and getting the prosecution of this unrelated case because he knew the guy, if he really -- made him feel where he knew it was wrong or did not put in words for that guy's son. was he in the position to say no? would he taken that investment deal that he knew it was too good to be true where he did have to put up his own money? what was the bigger risk? somebody exposing him from the deal he's benefiting from? the drive? or somebody finding out that he may have helped quash the case, which is the bigger risk? are you in a position to say no? >> tough call, right? >> people have to make tough calls like that are called compromise. people hold a public position, a position where they are expected to act in the public's interests
9:27 pm
but they have done things that the public at large does not know about. things that are illegal or they don't want to explain publicly. as long as somebody knows what they did, either by aboobservin the secret bad behavior or participating with them, that public official is compromised. they're compromised. you cannot trust them to do what's right for the public because of their ulterior motive so that person has to get out of office. prison is not even enough in the case of a federal judge, in the other nixon's case. the house and the nate mosenate him off of the bench where he can never be in the position of public's trust bagain. it is dangerous for him to be in office. there is a non zero chance.
9:28 pm
the same goes for anybody that knows about this, even if they are not enthusiastic of the interests that they owe or who ever knows what they did. there is also a non-zero chance that the public official could be forced or cohearsed or threatened or blackmailed into given special treatments of whoever it is and giving them sweetheart deals and of the past behaviors will be exposed if they don't. the story of the other nixon. the other nixon impeachment and the judge walter nixon is a reminder of the urgency that we used to feel as a country and congress used to feel of the process that a public official maybe compromised and making decisions of not in the public's interests. when a public official has a secret like that, it makes them genuinely vulnerable to coersion
9:29 pm
and they are a danger to the united states. the vote was 417-0. it was 89-8 in the senate. this used to be the thing that we had bipartisan consensus on. >> first national security adviser in this administration was allowed to resign, almost three weeks after the acting attorney general salley yates went to the white house with a warning that he was compromised. that michael flynn had been concealing evidence of the russians government and the russians clearly knew about and therefore, had him in a compromised position where he may feel obliged by them in his conduct of national security adviser. never the less after the warning, the president kept him on board at the white house for another 18 days before he
9:30 pm
finally resigned. >> attorney general sessions is being all but chase out of office now by the president for reasons we'll discuss later. his trouble as an attorney general included him concealing evidence of multiple contacts with the russian government. senior white house official, jared kushner interview with the intelligence staffs yesterday and under oath with the committee today. for months he left multiple meetings off his security clearance application and he stood by saying nothing and the transition and administration and senior officials including the vice president and the president himself asserted publicly multiple times that there is no meetings between the trump's campaign. as of yesterday, jared kushner,
9:31 pm
he dismissing russia's meetings. this campaign too so many meeting mee meetings with the russians while many campaigns have had. presumably there is a reason they did not disclose those meetings before. and if russia at any point of those meetings and contacts happened, if russia decided to hold that over these guys, and not publicly admitting to it. if russia decided to influence their conduct as american officials, then what's our recourse as a country? we used to take action to protect ourselves as a country.
9:32 pm
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we have not yet lost this war. the republicans are opening the door to repeal healthcare for millions of american and raising costs for millions more. we are here to fight that war. we are here to fight back.
9:36 pm
we'll not be silence. we'll make our voices heard. we have been shut out of this healthcare debate in the united states senate for long enough. we'll take this healthcare debate exactly where it needs to go. we are taking it after the people. [ cheers ] [ cheers ] >> we'll take it in the streets everywhere in america, lets go. >> that was senator elizabeth warren outside the capitol today as senate democrats you saw all clustered around there trying to save the affordable care act. >> republicans are doing their dammest to repeal. senator elizabeth warren joining us live right now from dc. i appreciate your time tonight, i know it is a busy evening. >> i am glad to be here rachel. >> we spoke with senator murphy, your colleague from connecticut, he proclaims himself scared o f what's happening right now and what's going on. from your perspective, what do you think is going happen
9:37 pm
tonight and tomorrow and how hospital stick a optimistic that you and your colleagues are going to stop this. >> this is tough, now they are over the barricade, they're now on the floor. which means they can do a vote and if they have 50 votes, they can get it passed and they can get something to president trump's desk to be signed which means right now hanging in the balance. it is healthcare for tens of millions of people in this country and higher costs on insurance for tens of millions more. that's what it is all about. we don't have enough democrat votes in the senate. we just got to have one more. the only chance we got is enough people around the country make their voices heard. this is truly the moment, we lost this battle today but we have not lost this war.
9:38 pm
if we get out there and push hard enough, we'll get enough republicans saying wait, wait, there is no deal to be made because that's the question. can mcconnell make the deal? it is up to us saying no deal. >> senator when you say you need one more republican vote, you had two today to stop it, are there particular republicans who you think are waivering or undecided or who maybe pushable on this issue? >> look, i will just be blunt, it is hard to know. we have seen different ones stepping forward and then mitch mcconnell offering something and you are back in the fold. i think of this as less of targeting individual raindroepus and more of the whole country speaking up, where ever you are, speaking out.
9:39 pm
this is about who we are as people, are we truly people who say hey, we are willing to vote to knock millions of people off of their nursing home care when they don't have any funds to pay for it? >> people bwho would say that we'll take special needs kids and kids with complex and medical needs. we are going to knock out the care that lets them be at home and the breathing tubes. so those kids can live at home. that's not who we are as people. this is about healthcare. it is more about our values. it is about the kind of people we are and what we are willing to get out there and fight for. right now it is about all of us making our voices heard and make them heard as loudly as possible in every possible way. >> senator, you represent massachusetts which is a blue state. you got a republican governor
9:40 pm
who's out spoken saying he does not want the republican s to do this. he said if they do this, it is devastating for the state of massachusetts. the democrats don't have the numbers in terms of elected senators and i have been surprised to see them give back to the hands of elected republican governors like in massachusetts or ohio or like in nevada, is that a potential source of alliance or strike in terms of your side of this? >> look. i get that there is a lot of people who are thinking of where the pressure points are? but for me, it is about the family. it really is. at the end of the day, that's what this is about. this is about the mamas and the daddies who are out there creating a crowd this afternoon
9:41 pm
to stand on our steps and to plea for healthcare coverage for their children. this really is about families so trying to put together every single day and cost of health insurance going up and there is so much that we could be doing right here in the united states conference to make healthcare more affordable for every american. we cannot get republicans to talk to us on this. i have really seen this as more about politics. this is really about our values and about who we are and frankly it is about what it is we are willing to fight for. >> senator, do you think that the protests have made a difference and do you expect them to continue tomorrow and do you think there will be a deciding factor? >> lets all keep in mind that the house republicans to repeal the affordable care act of 60 plus times that the senate
9:42 pm
republicans voted to repeal donald trump said many times during the campaign on day one that he will repeal the affordable care act. you know what, day one came and went and we'll roll into weeks and months and we got a good look at the different proposals that republicans were putting forward. we got a good luck at how many millions of people losing healthcare coverage. we got a good look and how this whole bill designs to be tax breaks for a handful of billionaires and millionaires and insurance companies. we got a good look. people across the country did not like it. democrats did not like it or republicans did not like it. independence did not like it. it is the fact that people have been out there pushing back is the reason that right now healthcare has not already been healed. it is the fact that people are out there, they're fighting and making their voices heard.
9:43 pm
for americans across the country to say wait a minute and in a democracy, this congress is supposed to do what we want and what people want in this country, they just want healthcare coverage at a reasonable price for themselves and their families and the rest of america. senator of elizabeth warren of massachusetts. i know it is a busy night, it is going to be a long night senator, thank you for talking to us. we got much more ahead tieonigh as the senate appears to be rolling in of a late night of work of votes taking away health coverage from anywhere of 15 million americans to 32 million americans. details are scarce even as they start to vote. much more ahead tonight. we'll be right back.
9:44 pm
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. this is a live shot of the senate. what's going to happen is republicans are going to take three different shots of trying to repeal healthcare tonight. and they're trying to put something up, under the senate's rules they can only pass 50 votes. one of their version of repeal if they put it in a version of
9:48 pm
requiring 50 votes, that could mean they lose two republican senators. they are in the process of taking the first vote of the night on their first effort to repeal obamacare. this is is not one of those versions of the repeal that would only require 50 votes. this would require 60 votes. there is no way they're going to get 60 votes on anything as far as we can tell. this is the first vote tonight, they appear to be short of the 60 votes they need. in terms of their strategy, we think it is the first of several vote and maybe three votes over the course of tonight and maybe into tomorrow and which they'll take various different shots at trying to get rid of obamacare. 60 votes threshold for this one. they are voting already and all eyes on the senate with tens of millions of americans health insurance coverage. we'll be right back. it is time for your business
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the president's attacks on jeff sessions continue today. jeff sessions may soon be forced by the president to resign. we'll have more implications of that in a second. the president's son-in-law/senior adviser is sent for under oath which we can say he testified today and behind closed doors, we don't know what was said.
9:53 pm
our next guest knows what is said because he was there. joining us, congressman from california, thank you for being here with us. >> thank you, great to be back, good evening. >> these votes appealing the affordable care act and looks like republicans may have figure out a path to do this tonight. >> the american people are being heard and the reason it passed one vote to proceed because the stories behind the affordable care act are making their way to the service. people will no longer be protected or don't want to see their premiums going up. it is not going to make it through. >> congressman, i know that when your committee met with jared kushner today, it was behind closed doors for a reason. i know you cannot tell us what he said. you have said that you still want him to testify in an open
9:54 pm
session even though he's already talked to you behind closed doors. explain why that's important to you. >> i think it is important that he raises his right hands in front of the american people and he does not have any classified information he has to share with his meetings and russian individuals during the campaign. what we can say is we did issue a politublic statement about hi interaction. the key question hangs on this. jared kushner says he did not read the e-mail chain that don jr. had. the suggest was russia, clinton, private and confidential. he did say that october 30th, 2016, ten days before the election, he came across and fully read what sounds like a spam e-mail asking for money in
9:55 pm
exchange russians not to release information of donald trump's tax returns. he took that e-mail to the secret service. i think that's very telling and we are making progress with that respect. >> one of the things that trouble me and i find it true, i am troubled that there were both so many meetings between members of trump's campaign and russian officials that they did not disclose at the time or for weeks or months. mr. kushner did not disclose a further meeting. did you have any clear sense of this far of the investigation of the committee. why is it that so many of these meetings and contacts were not disclosed and even after the attention or the heat. he got read hot on the russia issue. >> rachel, i believe it is clear
9:56 pm
as don jr. e-mai's e-mails. they were willing to work with the russian to have help during the campaign. any time when they denied are confronted of overwhelming evidence. where the president is taking this? he went from no russians to no collusion and now it is politics and essentially so what. that's why i think it is on congress especially if there is an attorney general vacancy to make sure that congress act is a legal branch of government and shuts this president's abusive. congress swallwwell. thank you for being with us tonight. we know it is a busy day today >> my pleasure. >> we'll be right back. [ indistinct chatter ]
9:57 pm
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♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪yeah! ♪he would be a less wrinkly, and winning at life.♪ that does it for us tonight, we'll see you again tomorrow. we are just checking in on that vote that was happening in the united states senate, it was the republicans' first effort to try to repeal the affordable care act. they needed 60 votes. they did not get anywhere near it. they got 43 votes of the first effort that they took. they did not get anywhere close. they are expecting a couple more tries at trying to repeal the affordable care act by tomorrow. one of those may not have a successful threshold, that'll be the best chance they may have yet to repeal the affordable
10:00 pm
care act to take away health insurance from 15 million americans. now it is time for "the last word" with lawrence two, count them, two, emmy nominations today. >> congratulations on your emmy nomination, lawrence. >> one little one. two, and two at 8:00. great night -- >> it embarrasses me to talk about that stuff. you are much bet are. >> john mccain is now this, i don't know, this mysterious figure. he gave a speech this afternoon that indicated he couldn't vote for anything that mitch mcconnell would bring to the floor. but tonight he did vote with mcconnell but you could argue that it was only a procedural vote, that it wasn't technically on the substance. but what he meant personally about how he is going to conduct himself in the health care votes


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