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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  July 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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thank you very much. the new issue of the economist is out today. "venezuela in chaos," make sure you should take a look at this. that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage. so good to be here, starting off with anthony scarramucci of a leak which was not a leak. a target on reince priebus. >> he's not a leaker. let him do that. and the skinny on healthcare. it looks like republicans are going to push for the skinny repeal and the president is making it clear. what happens if republicans don't support it, they're going to get it. >> they'll have a lot of problems. and in my favorite, money power favorites, the powers of jobs, china's largest factory
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announced a factory wisconsin. >> thank you for your investment in the american worker. >> we are going to focus on scarramucci this morning. less than a week into his job taking aim at leakers and seemingly at the president's chief of staffs. reince priebus, now it turns out the leaks that scarramucci was fired about, it was not a leak at all. we'll start with peter alexander, live at the white house. what in the world is going on here? anthony scarramucci is not scheduled to start work until august 15th. we have had a week long of much, much. >> reporter: it is not clear of the white house. tl construction here outside of the west wing as we speak to you is the new feud between the
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chief of staff of reince priebus and scarramucci. the financial disclosure form filed of the government of ethics of how much money scarramucci was worth of $85 million. he's furious about leaks and he wrote the following. in light of the leak of my financial disclosure info. which is a felony. i will be contacting the fbi. it appears that reince priebus are responsible for that leak. the reporter that reported this went on twitter. here is what she wrote, wow, sorry, i slept through all the fun, fwiw mr. scarramucci form
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278 e is bickley available from exlm, just ask. >> i know that there is a public disclosure of my financial forms. what i am upset about is the process and the junk pool, the dirty pool in terms of the way this stuff is being done and the leaking won't stuff. i cannot add a couple of friends up from "fox and hannity is one closest friends. it is rep p the fish sinks from the head down. i can tell you that two fish don't sink and that's me and the president. i don't like the activities that's going onto the white house and i don't like what they're doing to my friends and
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the president of the united states or their fellow colleagues. if you want to talk about the staff, we have odds and differences. when i said we are brothers from the podium. we roughen each other, some brothers are like cain and able. he's the chief of staff and he's responsible for understanding and uncovering and helping me do that inside the white house which is why i put that tweet out last night. when the journalist who knows who the leakers are. i respect them for not telling me because i understand and respect journalists' integrity. when i put out a tweet zi quote of the name on the tweet, they're all making the assumption that's it is him because journalists know who the
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leakers are. >> reporter: it was a remarkable moment of that exchange directed from the audience and the president who loves the drama and loves these rivalries over loyalties. >> this is extraordinary. i want to remind our viewers in cain and able. cain killed able. anthony talks about fish is not stinking? i want to bring in our political contributor, josh green, a se seni senior correspondent who had just written a book. you must read, he digged into t the one and only steven bannon. please walk me into what in the world is going on here?
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>> i was sitting there in the studio and had no idea. i have never seen anything like this in my life. it seemed to be a kind of hand fisted effort to intimidate reince priebus and intimidate the white house leakers. in the course, scarramucci exposed his own conversation with a whole number of reporters. in wonder who was on the phone while this was all taken place. i don't have any idea of what was going on and what scarramucci's focus is on that. >> it is hallucengenic all the time. this is what a bad trip must be like. scarramucci seems to have no idea that to be a public figure, means you are a public figure. the public is entitle to know or seek to find out what your conversations are and what your
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thinking is. >> it is the same break the president has. so the leaks that anthony scarramucci are talking about, these are not classified information. this is this team versing that team, which by the way, if you are going to -- i want to say in a tweet of 150 years ago, leakers will get hanged for that. is he aware or the whole house is full of leaks. it is not just people saying things against the president. >> the cause of the leak, the revelation that trump was having dinner with shawn hannity was the least shocking things that you would leak. it is odd. >> he used the communications director. he's not in charge of office security. i mean it is such a strange way to begin his tenure which you would think would begin with a better report that his
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predecessor had in terms of h is relationship with the press. >> it was not helping the administration, never mind the rest of us. the argument that was made last week it was president trump and it was ivanka who met with anthony scarramucci for an hour. they thought we are going to bring in this sophisticated guy to clean house. how is this going to play out for the president tomorrow morning when the news paper don't say donald trump, they say mutu much, much, much. "saturday night live," if it is taping right now, you know it would be an hour and a half of scarramucci. >> i cannot imagine what they have. i don't think this is the kind of performance jared and ivanka and the president imagine when
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they put scarramucci. scarramucci is capable and smooth and articulate fox news business punnett. someone trump likes to watch on tv could present him on a better light than sean spicer able to do. you see this with a lot of trump adviser. scarramucci is trying to dicipher. i am mad at leakers and i am going to stop this in the white house >> anthony is performing for one. white house lawyers are spin right now. who gave you clearance and it was reported that the president knows that anthony was there. >> anthony says he's not going to start for month because he's
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not gotten clearance to sell is company to the chinese. as much as the president watching anthony doing this, he's enjoy firing him. when it starts to be an uglier picture for him, will donald trump standby his side? >> one of the great in siesight your book, the trump campaign succeeded because it understood the drama. it was not looking for clear processes in a sense of organization. it was the kind of entry that you describe to keep people watching. in a bizarre sense even though it does not serve the purpose of the public and having this kind of constant drama where scarramucci lives or die of the pleasure of the presidency is precisely what has served trump so well and so far. i want to share a little bit more.
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i know you got to see it live feet away. i want to share it with our audience. what the president and i would like to tell the leaks, who the senior leakers are at the white house. always equals paranoia and back stabbing. what you have to do is go through the process and the system and figure out where the back stabbing is coming from, that'll lead you to the people that's in secure and if you cannot bolster them and make them better then you have to remove them from the process because then it becomes addition than subtraction. i don't want to talk about anybody specifically because we are on a live television wire and the people know. journalists know. the young kids and the comp teams are taking a lot of heat from me now. they know. the people know. you know who knows? the president of the united states. there are people inside the
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administration that think it is their jobs to save america from this president. okay, that's not their job. did anthony scarramucci just said you know who i am talking about. is this not dangerous territory? a name has not been mentioned is steve bannon. this is a man that you wrote a book about. when you talk reince priebus and bannon at this point are one and the same. when bannon and jerryd had a fallen out. bannon was a man without real estate and looking for an ally and that ally was reince priebus. the battle of the last one to have the president's ear. reince priebus and bannon wanted anthony nowhere near trump. is this really bannon behind this?
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>> behind this? no. >> reince priebus vers verses ay or is it bannon verses anthony. >> they opposed scarramucci's appointment. neither of them wanted him to come in. they're trying to block his appointments and they were unable to. i know the fears that a lot of the white house had did not support scarramucci's move was that he's naive and has no experience in the white house. the bizarre episode on cnn, he does not quite know how to exert
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his influence in a way that's going to be positive. >> listening to that clip is like hearing of the successful people reinterpreted it. did you hear that? >> i am going to need you to say that again. >> what did i say? the seven habits of highly successful people reinterpreted by john gadi. >> as far as not understanding how the white house works. we cannot stress this enough. anthony does not yet have clearance. he's in the throw of trying to sell his company to the chinese. the white house lawyers are saying hold your hours. now we got to go to the other end of pennsylvania avenue, things that voters care about. the drama unfolding in the senate for a third straight day, multiple attempts to repeal obamacare has now gone to the
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waist side. our garret hayes is basically sleeping on the hill. >> reporter: starting at 10:00, senate returns at 10:00 a.m. and they got 10 hours and they start something that we call a vote- vote-a-rama. hundreds of amendments to this bill. most of this is symbolic vote. how do we get here? the republicans' two big plans to repeal and replace or just repeal obamacare failed in spectacular fashion in the last two days. the repeal plan lost nine republican votes. mostly moderate and some folks focusing on the process and they thought it is disaster. the process does not get any better today. at the end of this vote-a-rama,
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mitch mcconnell is expected to introduce a skinny repeal. it is a bill that'll get voted tonight. it is something that did not exist two or three days ago. >> vote-a-rama, all right, we'll take a break garret, it is extraordinary of what's happening on the hill. up metroplex, munext, they need something else, vote-a-rama sounds much more fun than it is. ♪ you're gonna have dizziness, nausea, and sweaty eyelids. ♪ ♪ and in certain cases chronic flatulence. ♪ no ♪ sooooo gassy girl. so gassy. if you're boyz ii men, you make anything sound good. it's what you do. if you want to save 15% percent or more on car insurance,
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it is some days here in the news business, i am stephanie h ruhle. . the gop failed to pass a straight up repeal of the affordable care act on wednesday. now attention is turning to the so called skinny repeal. joining me now is senator from massachusetts. tell me where things stand, skinny repeal, is this going to happen? >> reporter: well, we don't know where we stand because the republicans don't know where they stand because no one has seen their latest plan. the skinny reform as they call is going to be a starvation of
6:21 am
repeal that they put before the senate later on this afternoon or tonight, when ever they decide to do it. until then, the democrats are not participating in this sham of a process which they put togethe together. all we know is their first plan was bad and their second plan was worse and this third plan is going to be ugly. and all we have to do is finally find out the detail and the democrats will once again get back to this fight to stop the dismantling of the affordable care act. >> we know this is an administration like we have never seen before. what are people on the hill saying, your reaction to the white house and the president's own team attacking and going after fellow republicans, female lawmakers, lisa murkowski and susan collins. it is the job of susan to
6:22 am
represent maine and the job of murkowski to represent alaska. that's all they're doing. the president is trying to basically say it is the rule of trump and not the rule of law and not the rule that's set up a separate branch where people can represent their own states. lisa murkowski and susan collins are just doing their jobs. it is um seemingly of the way the president are attacking them of their attempts to do so. >> let me talk to the madness. there is talks that president trump is waiting for the senate to go onto recess so he can make an appointment to replace attorney general and finish up and get bob mueller out of the picture and get this is russia investigation over and done with. is there anything that democrats
6:23 am
can do to prepare for the possibility? >> you are right, you don't have to be sherlock holmes to figure out what's going on here. first, the president fired comey and how he nets jeff sessions in place. it is all so he can close down this russia investigation. what we are going to do is make sure before we leave that the republican senate is put on notice, if they participated in this kind of a process that shocks circuit, an investigation goes right to the heart of the validity of the presidential election, determining whether the russians compromise inclusion of the trump administration that there is going to be a protest by the democrats and i believe by the american people that it is unpresidented going all the way back to the nixon
6:24 am
administration, it will create a constitutional crisis and we'll let the republicans know that. there will be republican senators who themselves will protest if the administrations try to shut the process so trump can have someone rubber stamp his wishes on the russia investigation. >> protests don't seem to bother the president. i am not sure if he knew the women's march took place. beyond the protest, is there something legally democrats can do before you leave washington to stop this from potentially happening. >> we are going to need some republican senators to stand up. we'll put in place a process by which we make it clear that there is going to be a culpability unless those senator stands up and ensure there is a confirmation hearing and we know who the next attorney general
6:25 am
will be if jeff sessions is removed by the president during this recess. >> thank you very much for joining me this morning, i appreciate it. >> when we come back. we'll stick with protests, a different kind, protests erupting after the president sent a series of tweets announcing a ban of a new ban of transgenders. check this out. they're having a bite to eat with none other than former speaker of the house, john boehner. can you imagine what those three were talking about?
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riders up in 40 feet in the air. the state fair closed all rides. anthony scarramucci deleted a late night tweet. the political reporters say she obtained the form legally, it is called reporting. the senate were gathered in less than 30 minutes with a vote son a so called skinny repeal. efforts to repeal obamacare has failed twice. the investigation into russian hacking moves forward. the former democratic candidate hillary clinton announced her new memoir and it will be called "what happened" and it is new on
6:31 am
september 12th. new reaction to president trump's to ban transgender people from serving in the military with hundreds are gathering to protest at the new york times at times square. the president's decision was made in part to help providing funding for the border wall of mexico. i could have sworn the wall were going to be paid for by the mexica mexicans. joining me now mark leibowitz. what in the world is the reasoning for this? >> well, the president said it in consultation with the generals and military, although that was a little bit dubious yesterday when the pentagon kept on bouncing that question back
6:32 am
to the white house. this looks like a not well thought out piece of information being tweeted out in a way that'll affect many, many lives. again, i mean it is just a bizarre sort of sequence of events and you got a sense that it is not thought out and discussed. it seems a little 20 years ago as far as the culture goes or maybe ten years ago. it is a decision that you have to take seriously and discuss it in a high level. it is telling you that secretary ma mattis is on vacation at the time it all came down. i want to share what gary and dpra grand chester and one that studied putin's tactics for years. how can i make the hated targets
6:33 am
angry so they lash out. is that what happened yesterday in. >> it is straight out of it. remember donald trump presented himself as the great republican champion of the lesbian and gay and bisexual community. >> trump fear that is his base with the traditional religion rights may start to erode even lynbaugh started to criticize the president. >> jacob. >> you beat me to it. i think, there is a cable news element. this is a classic bannon maneuver to change cable news coverage and what was clearly a damaging story of the idea that he's hazing and humiliating his
6:34 am
attorney general and by move to a hot button issue like this doing it suddenly on twitter, you force the media to snap its head over and cover this news scandal that's capable friendly and it has two clear sides. i did not check the polling but my guess of what the president is proposing is fairly popular of the american people and change the narrative in a way that'll be more helpful to trump. >> to those evangelical voters and especially of israel, they have trans people serving in uniforms for years. i don't hear any reports that the israel reports, it is something for them to bear in mind. >> what is the president thinking going against party lines, we have heard some republicans speak out against the president's actions. does he care about the republican party or does he care about his base to josh's point
6:35 am
of the steve bannon's faction who likes this kind of headlines? >> what are his base? the republican party are his base. they nominated him and supported him overwhelmingly. they clearly do. what is telling is you got a couple of things coming off. i completely agree with josh, this is something that would have a fair amount of support out among his supporters. i think when you look at how yesterday played out with the real hahnndling and the back an forth of the white house, to a degree, i think it probably may have surprised the president, a lot of the republicans in the nate, lyndsey graham, and john mccain, a lot of people with a lot of credibility who have been around for a while were quite disparano disparaging of this and of the uncertainty came out of this . t it became after a while of
6:36 am
questions and incompetence of whatever the original issue is. >> certainly it is a hot button issue. next, leaks, leaks, the white house continues its all out effort to plug the flow of information now reports the attorney general will form a leak task force. before we go, we'll give you a quebec check on the market. we are now six minutes in the trading day. the market is up. donald trump would like to say thanks dad and i would like to say thanks to janet yellen and wonder the world. [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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i think he's got a plan that he put together and he will announce that plan somehow. >> that was anthony scarramucci confirming jeff sessions will launch a task force to look into government leaks. this comes as the president has said last week slamming, shaming and crushing sessions over his decision to recuse himself of the investigation into russia. recusing himself and not going against the president, just stepping aside and pete williams, what is to come. what can you tell us? >> the attorney general is in central america talking about
6:41 am
the gang problem. it is tomorrow or could be next week. it is about leaks. mr. scarramucci is concerned that somebody was leaking his financial disclosure form. this is about classified information. leaks of government, classified information and intelligence information and the attorney general has been involved in an inner agency task for that for several weeks have been studying this problem and how to prercve them and detect them and how to prosecute and investigate when leaks happen. the investigation wants to take it tougher on leaks. by the way, this follow as much tougher approach on leaks than the obama administrations. there were more leaks under the obama administration than increasing add mip straministad.
6:42 am
how does one agency tell another that its secrets have been leaked. this is not to announce a bunch of investigation and the justice department does not do that. it is not to announce a bunch of prosecution, it is instead to announce how the government intends to get tough eveer to to discourage before it happens and punishing people. i want to bring my panel back in. the president is not doing it behind jeff sessions' back. he's doing it right out there in the open and across the board whether you are talking reince priebus or steve bannon and some even say sarah hucklebee sanders are urging the president to stop this. bannon loves a night, why would he not like a donald trump/jeff sessions show down. >> the problem for bannon is that, if jeff sessions is the
6:43 am
true believer in trumpism, he believed in these policies before trump did and bannon too believes in them deeply and understand that sessions is the most important cabinet member and one of the only people able to carry that part of trump's agenda. a lot of what he's been doing is enforcement and legislation through congress which we have seen republicans have awfully a lot getting done. tho o no one seems to know how to make it stop. >> if jeff sessions is the only cabinet member who's carrying out that trump agenda that he campaigned on and trump is going after him aggressively that it is clear it is personal for trump and it is about the russia investigation. how does the republicans see it as anything besides that? >> the problem that you have bannon and sessions and so on, they're true believers and
6:44 am
they're idea logs. trump is an opportuni-- >> it stands for nothing. >> trump believes none of this stuff. and even that has he points out in your book it was contrive. it was handed to him. >> say that again? >> it was contrite. i tell the story of the wall. it was contrited, , and he came with the idea of the wall. >> the problem that you have here, you are exposes, in a way of a true believing communist, the vehicle for power ends up bag vehicle for self-destruction. the guy at the top does not
6:45 am
believe any of the articles. >> we need to say this one more time, build the wall was three words and three syllables and catchy phrase that trump used. it is extraordinary of the world we live in. we got to take a break. next, president trump announced $10 billion coming from wisconsin, is it really going to happen in. >> kidd rock, he's launching a nonprofit focusing voter registration fraud. he promised he will have a press conference six weeks to announce his full intentions.
6:46 am
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jeremy gogh, put his faith and confidence of the future of the american economy. if i did not get elected, he would not be spending
6:50 am
$10 billion. [ cheers ] >> that was the president announc a factory in wisconsin, huge victory for trump's promise to bring manufacturing jobs to the united states. it could potentially employ up to 13,000 workers and it will receive $3 billion in tax breaks. i'm going to say that one more time. $3 billion in tax breaks and other subsidies over the next 15 years. i want to bring in cnbc contributor ron insana. tell us about the company and this deal. >> they make liquid crystal displays, lcd displays for a variety of electronics, like the apple iphone and other things. foxconn in its domain country have had questions about how it treats its workers and has been known to renig on certain promises. >> ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
6:51 am
>> to put plants in certain countries and employ individuals in certain country. >> like our country. in 2013, they said we're going to build a $30 million plant in pennsylvania. i'm pretty sure it's not there. >> it's not there. any time manufacturing jobs come back to the united states, it's a good thing. lord knows states like wisconsin, which has been partly who will owed out -- although wisconsin has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. the question is, will they make good on the promise? >> we hope they do. it's an extraordinary commitment. we would love to see these kinds of jobs come back to the united states. i want to share with you a bit of what someone you know, and so do i, anthony scaramucci had to say in an interview about president trump and his past and how he roll. >> after running two reasonably successful companies and one which the entire world knows worth $180 million, here is what i know. you're running a successful
6:52 am
company and organization you can take this human equation to the bank. >> now, is this dangerous territory, anthony scaramucci is in? he said i'm not going to start for a month. he is saying i'm selling my company for $180 million. that's the plan. it was supposed to close a month ago. that has now been delayed. he needs regulatory approval. this is not a rubber stamp. this is complicated. >> no. and the u.s. has been cutting back on allowing chinese companies to buy u.s. operations. chinese government has tied the hands of some chinese corporations in expanding their reach overseas as well. i don't know if it's a done deal. it's hard to tell when these types of deals -- it's very much a private transaction. it's a privately held enterprise, hedge funds that anthony ran, bought the majority of assets from citi group when they were forced to divest. it's been reasonably successful. one would assume u.s. regulators might be in favor of it, given
6:53 am
that he now has a job in the white house. >> anthony scaramucci had said -- excuse me, donald trump had said it was in josh's book, i deal with steve wynn, carl icahn, killers that blow these politicians away. it's not even the same category. this politics is a category that's like 19 levels lower. yes, he has dealt with killers like carl icahn and others for years but is playing a completely different game, different scrutiny, different accountability. you can play buff against carl icahn and walk out the door. he can't do that here. >> the business that those gentlemen are in is a wildly different business, for solely making money and extracting the last penny of every deal they do, donald trump in a licensing deal or carl icahn green mailing some company to buy his shares back at a different price. those are different businesses. this government is deep, xheks
6:54 am
a -- complex and complicated. a good number of members of this administration not only don't have experience but are so in over their heads when it comes to the operations of government, this compares nothing to business. being a good businessman does not necessarily mean being a good operator in the nation's capital. >> president trump has said his agenda is pro business but amazon, who the president has taken aim at quite a bit, says amazon owns "washington post." it doesn't. jeff bezos does. they will hire 15,000 people on august 2nd and now it's been reported that jeff bezos is the richest person in the world. president trump continues to attack jeff bezos. if you're truly pro business, wouldn't the business you want to get behind in terms of america first be an amazon and google rather than -- >> coal companies? >> correct. >> this is the problem with the america first mentality, make america great mentality.
6:55 am
it's a rear view mirror mentality, trying to remake america of the 1950s instead of the 2050s where apple, google and amazon reside. the president hasn't shown himself to be tech savvy. >> he knows how to tweet. >> that's one relatively easy skill. what amazon and google do is so highly complex. autonomous vehicles in a variety of different industries that are the future of this company vastly different than coal. csx said it's going to stop making coal-shipping cars because they see no future in it. natural gas is the future. this president from an economic perspective is looking backwards, jeff bezos, now the richest man in the world and in many ways has given a pass on wall street. >> a pass like no other. a pass like no other. >> but is now at least the richest man in the world. vladimir putin may top him.
6:56 am
but maybe $90 billion, in that neighborhood. he has built out a business that's extraordinary. it has upended multiple industries at the same time. that should be celebrated, supported and not a point of contention in a business-friendly environment. >> last week, sears, which hasn't seen a good day in five years announces partner with amazon, stock is up 20%. ron, thank you so much. >> next, moments from now, the senate will gavel in to begin day three of the health care debate. is today their last chance to ever repeal the affordable care act?
6:57 am
so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far. are you there? he's probably on mute. yeah... gary won't like it. why? because he's gary. (phone ringing) what? keep going! yeah... (laughs) (voice on phone) it's not millennial enough. there are a lot of ways to say no. thank you so much. thank you! so we're doing it. yes! start saying yes to your company's best ideas. let us help with money and know-how, so you can get business done. american express open.
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that wraps up this hour. now more with kristen welker. >> it was a great hour. i'm in for hallie jackson. let's get right to it. a string of votes on health care, including the so-called skinny repeal. so far, lawmakers failing to give anything the green light. over at the white house, calls for a new investigation. personal leak, calling it a felony, even setting up a war with the chief of staff. outrage growing this morning. president trump's ban on transgender people in the military not sitting well. the military blind sided. fierce reaction from democrats and republicans and here is what's still unknown. what happens to those already in uniform?


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