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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  July 27, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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tonight the newly minted white house communications director unleash as profane and vulgar take downof his west wing colleagues. he threatens to fire the dmungss staff and delivers a jaw dropping attack and reince priebus and steve bannon. plus jeff sessions has flown to el afld door on official business and enjoy as rare day of no public humiliation from the president. but he talked about it today. and breaking tonight on capitol hill, the late votes on health care which remains a klosle mess as "the 11th hour" gets under way. well good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters in new york in my day 189 of the trump administration and the fighting inside this white house has blown up yet again in public. and it was the new communications director who pulled the pin. last night anthony scaramucci was angry that word of his
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private dinner with the president and sean hannity and others was leaked. he suspected reince priebus. he was also angry about what he thought was a leak of his financial disclosure form which actually is meant for public disclosure. ryan lizza of the new yorker got a call from scaramucci and scaramucci used language so barnyard we can't repeat some of it. here is some of what we can show you and tell you about. scaramucci says quote reince is an exploitive par noik that was a new one for me. he'd what i want to do is i want to expletive kill all the leakers appear. and i want to get the president's agenda on track so we can succeed for the american people. then he switched to referring to himself in the third person quote. the swamp will not defeat him. they're trying to resist me but it's not going to work. . i've done nothing wrong on financial disclosures. they're going to have to go expletive themselves.
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what we can't repeat is what he said about steve bannon which is if true would make bannon a gymnast. as the damage piled up scaramucci said this late today on twitter. quote i sometimes use colorful language. i will refrain in in arena but not give up the passion knit fight for donald trump's agenda gd. he later added quote i made a mistake in a trusting in a reporter. it won't happen den for the record the reporter ryan liz aire said scaramucci placed no conditions on their conversation. the daley beast" reported the following earlier. the president specifically gave scaramucci the green light to go after reince on air if necessary. one adviser told the daily beast citing conversations with president trump. . sarah huckabee sanders was asked whether the president has confidence in priebus. she did not notably say yes. >> sarah does the president have confidence in his chief of staff?
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>> look, i think i've addressed this question. when it comes to staffing and personnel many times. that if the president doesn't then he'll make that decision. we all serve at the pleasure of the president. and if it gets to a place where that isn't the case he'll let you know. the president hires the very best people. they're not always going agree. there will be a lot of different ideas unlike previous admissions this isn't group think. we all come and have a chance to voice ideas perspectives. and have a a lot of healthy competition. and with that competition you usually get the best results. the president likes that type of competition and encouraging is. >> questions about what sarah huckabee sanders just kindly called healthy competition inside the administration are not knew. they haved plagued him since the campaign. here is how the president addressed them as they tarted to swirl in earnest less and that
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month no the tv. >> i see stories of chaos, kay owes. yets it the exact opposite. in administration is running like a fine tuned machine. . and the other thing chaos. there is zero kay ross o oeotherwise. s in a fine tuned machine. >> on that note let's bring in tonight starting panel. white house reporter for the "wall street journal" eli stokols. physical his piece today scaramucci ee rumts over priebus leakers roblt costa national political reporter for the "washington post". undersecretary for public diplomacy public affairs at the state department former managing editor of "time" manage mp a veteran of the business world. mr. costa i watched your reporting tonight almost stream of consciousness on social media. where do you put the after-action report right now as
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we speak on scaramucci. >> scaramucci reflects the id of president trump. he is someone who really channels president trump. that's why there are so many people within the west wing are reluctant to have a public war with scaramucci in spite of his comments. you see aides being very careful and how they're treading around the president, around the new communicationing director. >> eli, we candidate can't look enough at this photo from the "wall street journal." it's just incredible. and a lot of people on social media had a lot of fun with it including but not limited to who will get the final rose in you indicate fld a dual bi line that you in tu at the journal were in touch with scaramucci by text. did you learn anything further that might indicate if trump is okay with what he just witnessed. >> well, scaramucci responded to questions about whether or not he had spoken with the president
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before he went out and started publicly bashing reince priebus. again this is hours before the "new yorker" interview and that transcript came occupy. scaramucci responded indeed he had. he spoke to trump twice when i saw him earlier this week aboard air force one. he came back to the reporteren and said the president september him back. what bob aid is right people inside the west wing inside the west wing this is a man who has the president's blessing and ear and very close to him. there may be no one closer to the president right now than scaramucci. in spite of what you see outwardly, the chaos, everything that is sort of deinvolving publicly inside people are trying to figure out how to cozy up to scaramucci, a guy who seems intent on cleaning house because a lot of people want to stay there. >> stephly ruhle you bring the most gripping piece of reporting to table tonight. i hope people pay attention to your words. because as you lay it out
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scaramucci has a motive. >> without a doubt. >> behind his behavior and words. >> without a doubt. anthony scaramucci is there for one reason. he is trying to sell his company sky bridge capital a fund of funds to one buyer there is no back up entire et cetera make a hna a chinese conglomerate which may have direct ties or needs to be refund to have ties to the chinese government thna spent $20 billion making acquisitions already this year $6 billion. those acquisitions need to be approved by the u.s. government. we know from anthony ace financial disclosure form last night he wants to sell the stake in sky bridge for $180 million. that means pocket $90 million for himself. what is standing between $90 million and anthony scaramucci is regulatory approval. the regulatory body is run by the treasury department. the president of the united states could rubber stamp this and get it through.
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anthony scaramucci is there to please the president, get his deal done, possibly work in the white house. and won't that be a win. and the president loves what he sees. people inside the white house and white house lawyers are saying hold the phone. a week ago he was on the podium and he said you won't see me start for a few weeks i don't want any conflicts i can't start yet and he has been off to the raises. he is stuck in a potentially thinking the clearly the white house will make this happen for me therapy not kicking me out now or will they? the president loves to watch this but i spoke to someone in the white house who said the president is not bound to keep him. the president owes no one nothing. these people are pawns to president trump. and right now scaramucci is doing exactly what the president wants. >> forgive me but a casual view err comes away from the remarks and think the public service aspect of what mr. scaramucci has signed on to do is somehow secondary to personal wealth. >> they may be tied together. i mean, is it he only wants to
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make money off of this? unclear. but in terms of following the money what would motivate someone so much? why is he there to so dramatically please the president? well it's not just about public service. that's a whole lot of money at stake. and if there is only one buyer which hna is and there isn't a buyer beneath it that's a lot. >> mr. scaramucci we should add has been on this profit. he has been in this very studio where we invite him back day time night of his choosing. he was straight up with us on his last visit here np. mr. stengel you are offering as as i understand it a way to save us from ourselves by injecting sports and not just sports, the 1962 mets. how is that? >> well, brian, you got a hint. my name sake cayce stengel can't anyone play this game for me that's how i'm looking at the white house. it's funny scaramucci chose the job of communicationing adviser. he said he he i had i made the
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mistake of trusting a reporter. you're the communicating adviser. he made the most rookie mistake which is to not say it's off therd are. by the way if he said it was the off the record he would have been the primary leaker of all information that ryan lizza would have published. to use another sports metaphor. welcome to the nfl. he can't play this game and he has to learn how to do it. i think he is self-immolating while he is trying to learn. >> i watched the entire white house ceremony giving the medal of valor to all the first responders in alexandraia virginia including the two u.s. capitol police officers there you see them right there behind the president who were wounded and so bravely moved into the breach to put down the gunman. i had tears in my eyes i imagine everybody watching did. sadly, again, our news agenda has been swipeda from something like that. a truly presidential event in
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the white house. so having said that, is this the worst stretch they've had? >> well, it's certainly been an intriguing turn of events. and this is a white house that continues to have disruption inside, infighting. i think -- whether it's the worst turn or not it's not for me to say. i will say that president trump based on all of my reporting is really finding himself relying on loyalists more than ever, not on the republican party, not on establishment figures. he is turning to people who echo him, who channel him. he feels he has to be defiant because everyone has incoming when it comes to the russia probe when it comes to a stalled congressional agenda and so much else. >> what about the agenda that we -- a lot of it we are waiting to hear. >> in particular on health care, the republican party is right now behind me on capitol hill.
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trying to check the box, fulfill the pledge they made years ago to the base voters that they would repeal and replace the affordable care act. but now the law settled into the states. many governors want the medicaid expansion and what they're looking at is the so-called skinny repeal which would be a watered down version of wholesale repeal. abeven that -- even that skinny version it's causing a lot of and consternation among republicans. >> here is one thing. the one cabinet member who is truly carrying out the most trumpist agenda is jeff sessions. >> yeah. >> you've got jeff sessions who actually is doing what they said they'd do on the campaign trail. and that's public enemy number one. it was steve bannon who said to anthony scaramucci last friday morning you will get in job over my dead body. well it sure sounds. >> it's obvious trump doesn't care about the agenda. he looks at sessions only the skrim of the russia investigation not a single thing
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about policy he only looks at it his relationship to mueller and the investigation. >> eli here a big question. i'm putting up the comments of two friends of ours on social media to help make the opponent. glenn thrust this afternoon from "the new york times." more and more people i talk to especially republicans are asking what the hell is going to happen when these guys get hit by a real crisis? then our own richard engel. u.s. intelligence officials tell me they're worried the chaos at the white house leaves the u.s. in a weak position to deal with any potential major international crisis. eli, as a citizen, someone who cares deeply about our country and its people, that is blood chilling. >> yeah, it really is. and you know this is the problem with all of this. there is this -- the president views this whole thing kind of as a show. i think if he dbt i don't know that anthony scaramucci gets hired to be the communications director andens hadded to act the way he's been acting. but he's been brought in because the president loves the drama.
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as much as the drama may obscure a moment today that actually was presidential at the white house like you pointed out, it's also ob securing a number of rebukes that came showering down on this white house today from three senators. you had grassley. ben sass. lindsey graham if he tries to fire mueller that could be the beginning of the end of his presidency. the president of the boy scouts issuing a rebuke the chairman of the joint chiefs. all these people trying to draw a line in the sand and that is getting drowned out of the news cycle because nobody turns away from the reality tv style train wreck at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> except. >> that's the thing that has always worked to the president -- donald trump's advantage in business. but i think you know we have a country that thankfully hasn't had to endure a national security cries in the first six months of the presidency. but there are concerns about some sort of constitutional crisis that we could face should the president do the sort of unthinkable relating to the
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russia situation. and we have yet to see the president himself and the people around him really begin to behave in a way that reflects that they take these things as seriously as do the national security team at the white house, and as a lot of people who have served this country for years and years in congress. >> stefr mri last word. >> robert mueller was at work today. this was a massive destruction and reince versus mooch. the beat goes on robert mueller continues the investigation. and that is the thorn in president trump's side. to your point earlier that his sticking him every moment and distracting him. that's not changing. >> vitally important note to end our virus o first segment on. with our thanks to eli stokols, robert costa, rick stengel, stephanie ruhle. thank you for getting us off to a great start. stephanie we'll watch for you in the morning. coming up after days of being told he was weak and beleaguered by the president of the united
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you've seen the president's criticism of you. do you think it's fair? >> well, it's kind of hurtful. but the president of the united states is a strong leader. he is determined to move this country in the direction he believes it needs to go to make us great again. and he has had a lot of criticisms. and he is steadfastly determined to get his job done and he wants all of us to do our jobs.
8:20 pm
and that's what i intend to do. >> welcome back to the 11th hour." attorney general jeff sessions tonight in central america responding to harsh criticism he received from the boss, president donald trump a topic that came up again in the white house breasting. >> the public humiliation of both the attorney general and now the chief of staff left to kind of wonder about their own fate, their own status within the administration. >> i don't know that the president has spoken about that particularly on attorney general sessions. look he has been clear he was disappointed with his decision to recuse himself. but at the same time, as i've said, look attorney general sessions knows better than anybody that the president and his campaign had nothing to do with russia. and his decision to recuse himself was disappointing to the president. >> despite public pressure from the president, republican senators are rushed to defend
8:21 pm
jeff sessions. in about the last 48 hours warning the president not to replace him over the coming august recess. >> there will be no confirmation hearing for a new attorney general in 2017 if jeff sessions is fired. there will be holy hell to pay. any effort to go after mueller could be the beginning of the end of the trump presidency. unless mueller did something bronch. >> if you're thinking of making a recess appointment to push out the attorney general, forget about it. the presidency isn't a bull. and this country isn't a china shop. >> republicans remember. and there is more. you heard a bit from lindsey graham there. we'll run more of what he had to say. he is moving next week to try to make it near impossible for the president of the united states to go beyond jeff sessions and fire bob mueller. >> i'm working on legislation that i will introduce next week
8:22 pm
with republicans and some democrats -- i think we can get all the democrats and i hope i get a good number of republicans that will say the following. a special counsel cannot be fired when they were impanelled to investigate the president or his team unless you have judicial review of the firing. not just for trump but for any future president. we need a check and balance here. >> well, let's talk about all of that. joining us now peter baker chief white house correspondent for "the new york times." mika. back with us an staff former staffer on house intel and house armed services. robert costa has been nice enough to stick around to talk to us more. peter, i want to run one of your quotes from a piece you wroets with maggie hash man, scaramucci's uncensered rant appear foul words. mr. priebus's polite was good news for another member of the trump team. for the first time it was not
8:23 pm
attorney general jeff sessions turn to be the presidential punching bag. i guess these are the kind of times where in where that's what passes for good news at the justice department. but, peter, think about what times we're in, vis-a-vis what lindsey graham just said about trump proofing robert mueller, potentially. >> well it's interesting of course. after watergate the congress and the president came up with a solution to the problem called the independent law we can kenneth starr luring monica lunsky. beth sides said they wanted it and decided to let it laps. that was the ins tlags fl this whether a president kwo stop the investigation. now we're turning around full circle looking for ways to have an investigation that can be accountable without being interfered with. and this is lindsey graham's way of getting at that without reconstitutes independent
8:24 pm
counsel. >> mika because you're the in-house counsel for the segment at least. number one isn't it true, that lawyers of most stripes applauded what sessions did after consideration of the circumstances he was faced with after he got on the job and recusing himself. and second, something senator whitehouse told us last night that i've been thinking about since, that if mueller is fired, the senate would then legislatively do what they need to do to go about the business of protecting him rehiring and just continuing the work without a dropped stitch. >> so it is true that many applauded attorney general sessions when he rekuzed himself. he was following guidelines set up to avoid conflicts of interest. what's shocking is the president doesn't seem to recognize that this is what's necessary to preserve the rule of law in this country. and it also shows -- senator
8:25 pm
whitehouse's concerns, that this independent investigation is really important. because we want to make sure that the american people know what happened about how russia was trying to interfere with in election. and that is it more important than the president's personal legal jeopardy. this is about the u.s. and a foreign adversary. >> robert costa, about your sources on the hill this may call for a judgment from you. have you been surprised at the republican air support to for their friend seven jeff sessions people like grassley tweeted out not on my watch we're not having any hearing hearings to a confirm a new attorney general. >> it has not been surprising in a sense because the senator who was in the u.s. senate for decades has deep relationships in the upper chamber. and he has been backed not only by his former colleagues but it's important to note that the ranks in talk radio, breitbart and other conservative blogs have come to the barricades for
8:26 pm
in populist hero of their quarter of the republican party. he really embodies to them the populism and nationalism that they proposed president trump would carry foorpd. they think he is the beating heart of the trump agenda. trump has a popularity with the base. but for the insiders on the right sessions is key. >> we see that proof robert all the time from the left-hand side of the spectrum i've personally had people saying to me, again from their viewpoint, keep up with what sessions is doing quiet over there at justice. you guys are missings story because of the six-month preoccupation with russia. he is the real story how he is changing obama standards and the like. so that kind of is proof that he was doing the job on a daily basis. >> that's such an important point you've made brian. because since march when the attorney general made his recusal the whole story with him and this presidency has been
8:27 pm
about the drama and the president's fury. behind the scenes -- this is why the attorney general does not want to quit -- he was behind the travel ban defending that in court. he has been ramping up enforcement at the u.s./mexico border. ramping up sentencing guidelines. doing far more aggressive actions when it comes to illegal immigration, rolling back all obama policies, nearly all or trying to when it comes to law enforcement. and really a massive change to how the federal government is run through the justice department, because of sessions. that is perhaps the real story on policy, not the recusal. >> peter, i feel like thb -- this has happened a couple days these six month we are still processing what happened today. have you any doubt that a communications director in the obama administration, bush admiration either one the clinton administration would have been fired on the spot for that if you can use of that kind of barnyard language?
8:28 pm
>> well, it's interesting. i was thinking about this my wife and i are writing a biography of james barring baker thought thob the gold standard of how the chief of staff operates. it occurred to me had anybody come on the from the wlous said what scaramucci said much less what was said later he would not have a job at the enof the day baker wouldn't have stood for that. the difference is he had the authority given to him by the president, that the president -- in that case ronald reagan understood a chief of staff had to have the capacity to run a wlous. in this case, anthony scaramucci was reported to be reporting to the president of the united states himself not to the chief of staff. and he made a point of saying that to ryan lizza in the new yorker thing. that's means reince priebus does not control his own west wing. and it leaves him in a very, very disempowered figure. >> mika, what must it be like to be robert mueller? he doesn't live in a month he is
8:29 pm
sterry he sees the coverage know i'm sure keeps it at a minimum what must it be like to be him. >> i'm sure it's frustrating seeing this swirl around him. but he hags taken a lot of pressure before and stayed focused. i think he is trying to do his best to protect the lawyers underneath him from political threats that may be happening. you have to remember one of the conditions that the president seems to lay down on the attorney general for keeping his job is this investigation of leaks. and so you may see career attorneys at the justice department at the fbi coming under tremendous pressure in some kind of witch hunt to find leaks likely coming out of the white house. >> i always say about mueller a wounded combat veteran of vietnam war. u.s. marine he has been scared by the professionals. our great thanks to panelists peter baker always superb tease in clothing and will sell a lot of books for you when the time i don't think. mika oyang, kobt kooft thank you the three of you very much. coming up the lights are on
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welcome back to the 11th hour." tonight the senate is preparing to vote on a bill to dismantel
8:34 pm
obamacare. but even a lot of republicans are hoping it never becomes law. we'll explain all of this. the goch is taking up what's known as the skinny repeal of obamacare having nothing to do with jenny craig. the text of the bill was released two hours ago. basically crammed together at lunchtime, voted on around midnight. senators will stay late into the night to vote on it. democrats and some republicans are very unhappy with it. our own correspondent garrett hake is on capitol hill. and our senior political report for the usa today and garrett, you get the assignment. see if i have this right. they're voting on something for the sake of voting on something. it's called skinny because it's pared way back to the job it wants to do, no one wants this to go to the house and get voted on. they need a vehicle to cause a
8:35 pm
conference committee to happen to talk about it. something they can all agree on. am i about right? >> you've about got it, brine. this is sort of like living in the upside down here on capitol hill. moderate republicans in particular will very much hoping to get a promise from the speaker of the house that this bill that they will vet on tonight and barely get across the finish line will never become law. john mccain, lindsey graham, ron johnson, three people who have opposed it different times, process making the bill. said we will oem vote for if if the speak of the house assures well take it to conference committee and start the process over again. because we don't want to see the bill we will vote for become the law of the land. >> garrett that couldn't be a more single approach to law making. if any designed it the backwards way you indicate. is there -- is there any indication that there are going to be open hearings?
8:36 pm
that they're going to really open up as senator mccain called for in his speech to a drafting process, maybe even set sitting down and trying to decide what would make foshag the best health care plan for americans. >> not especially, brian. a conference committee by rule has to have members of the both parties in it. it will be nominally a bipartisan process. you'd have democrats the appointed to the committee from the house and senate side. but the numerical dynamics would be the same. still republicans controlling the process. and, again, the open question here tonight is whether republicans senators trust paul ryan's word enough and ryan has said in a statement and privately on the phone to some of the senators that he will go to conference committee. the -- the defining question of the bill tonight may be whether republican senators trust the republican speaker of the house not to pass their bill. >> that is just unbelievable. we'll only do this if you promise it will never become
8:37 pm
law. heidi, every major newspaper and most networks are doing stories that are very emotional to see and read. a lot of them feature children who have ailments from birth. a lot of them feature single parents who have two jobs and trying to get by. they all have one thing in common. profiles of americans with genuine anxiety who may be plunged into financial crisis based on what happens under that dome in washington. is it true that this process is going to get finished some day without cultation with the customers? >> brian, i don't think you can be be overdramatic tonight. we need to take a pause and soak in what we are witnessing. . at 10:00 p.m. senate leaders unveiled a bill that will make the 1 six accurate.
8:38 pm
the 6 million will lose health insurance. premiums go up 20% at least. you have a unity among doctors ama senior groups, insurance groups to asking republicans not to do this because of the effect it will have on the very groups you mentioned. the sickest and poorest, the most vulnerable among us. those with preexisting conditions. you have three senators openly saying the only reason they're voting for in if they do is because they're assured it won't actually become law. one of them called it a disaster and a fraud. and yet if this passes tonight we are essentially on the road to sno return in terms of health care as we flow it under the current system. make no mistake, even if it goes to conference, brian, that could fall apart easily. and then this is the law of the land because the house will pass this bill. >> aly americans american aren't stupid they get great powers of
8:39 pm
mefrm we elections roll round. what about the human consequences of this? self. >> if has as heidi says they don't come to agreement in conference. this becomes the law of the lapped. 15 to 16 million more people uninsured than would have been under ovg by 2026. and premiums will jump by about 20%. the magic here is that obamacare and every other universal coverage system in the world -- there are 34 of 35 rich nakss have universal coverage. america is the only one that doesn't. 58 nations have universal coverage. the aim was that the mandate was supposed to cause a broad group of americans to ensure themselves. and it spreads the risk. if you do what this does, removing the individual mandate and removing the employer mandate, what you are doing is create ago high risk pops. those people who don't want insurance will get out. those people who really dpritly need it will stay in. opinion. and the insurance companies in order to get that going will
8:40 pm
have to jack rates up. the bfl is this is a very, very dangerous game given that in seven years republicans couldn't come up with a good enough replacement, the idea that you repeal some of the elements of it so that you can say you cast a deciding vote or a decisive vote in repealing obamacare to keep a promise could plunge america into a much worse situation than we were even before obamacare which was actually pretty bad. >> imagine that we can all repeat the phrase repeal appear replace in our sleep. heidi, one final word from you, when do the democrats get off the bench and have to own part of this process? >> democrats have been willing to come to the table in terms of fixing the flaws in obamacare for a while. what they haven't been willing to do is essentially strip the funding mechanism from in strip the individual mandate for health care. and the medicaid cuts which will probably get put back in. i think democrats have always been willing to play ball on
8:41 pm
fixing obamacare. but this is an ideological divide apparently irreparable and the two sides can't talk if and until this either blows up or becomes the law of the land. >> a our great thanks to our journalists on pennsylvania. garrett hake on the hill covering the single process in the world. heidi, ali thank you. >> one more break and why the trump administration fired a warning shot at the state of alaska in our country. why that states to republican senators aren't going to have it, when "the 11th hour" continues. [ crickets chirping ] [ light music playing ] you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast.
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8:45 pm
the house will never become the law of the land. there is this jaw dropper from alaska, minutes after our broadcast last night when the alaska dispatch news reported trump administration threaten retribution against alaska over murkowski health votes. the story detailed phone calls from interior secretary ryan zincy to the state's two gop senators. lisa murkowski the latter describing his call as troubling and here was senator murkowski's response. >> i did have a conversation with the secretary. and he told me what i already knew, which was that the president wasn't pleased with the -- i'm sorry i'm looking for which room i'm going to -- wasn't pleased with the vote that i had taken. and i knew that. i had had a conversation. the reality is it was a
8:46 pm
difficult conversation. and what i -- what i told the president what i have told the since -- since elected, was i'm here to help the people of alaska appear and i'm here to help the people of the country. >> sorry to the oil painting nature of the pictures from the senate corridor the senator along for the the ewe big-ticket ous garrett hake the senator already received a message. let the republicans and our country down. too bad, from the president. >> we have two former members of congress. dona edwards from the state of maryland. david joly from the state of florida. welcome back to both of you. david you're the republican. you get to go first. do threats. >> thank you. >> do thets work? and in your time in politics can you remember -- these are incumbent republican senators in the president's own party.
8:47 pm
>> yeah, republican on republican crime. look, what trump and the secretary have done it's legal. and those have said it's not off base. it's legal but very stupid. what they don't realize is the myrhh kouk's are at dyansty in alaska with a swaebts are constituency very different than donald trump waens her father suffered as 25 years as u.s. senator and governor. she has served for 15 years. sarah palin only served two and a half years in the state of alaska. donald trump is taking on a war he cannot win with lisa murkowski. and it will be fun to watch how she gets back at him. listen i served on the appropriations committee and very simple simply one of the tools we had is we defunded positions in a secretary's office just to bring them to the hill and get them on their knee to apologize and change their approach. >> congresswoman edwards what would you have done in congress if you got a phone call for message or a tweet from a president in your own party
8:48 pm
threatening you vis-a-vis federal funding? >> well no one ever did. and no one ever would. i think for lisa murkowski it's so interesting because he is such an infent senator. she won her election in a write in vote in a primary. and so i can't imagine that would have worked anyway. but it mostly doesn't work at all. and the reason is because electsed members really do respond to people in their districts and in their state. and they think about the country when they're casting votes. and i just don't know how this either wins this fight or it wins any fight in the future. >> yes, shocking her colleague in the senate, senator sullivan said alaskan premiums are up 200%. we have an actual health care crisis we're trying to solve here. that's why we're thinking of this. david jolly, then this health care procedure tonight in the dark of night, in the senate,
8:49 pm
looks so highly cynical and ignores the customers which in politics as i always are also the bosses. >> exactly right, brian. and i say this hearts break. this is a terrible night for republicans. it actually is your colleague chris hayes i believe tweeted out that they have been fighting obamacare for seven years krafrted a plan at lunch publish it at 10:00 p.m. vote on it at 12:00 a.m. i will also say though i am a fan of john mccain i supported him in 2000 when bush 34r was running. supported him in 2008. he supported me. i believe he is the maverick. this is john mccain's moment. is john mccain really the maverick reflected in the speech he guy on the senate noor or is he going to vote for a bill he has only said he will vote if the house will not agree to it. this is a terrible, terrible night for republicans. there is no other way to say it. >> well i think it's fair to
8:50 pm
hold senator mccain to that standard. congresswoman edwards what about your party since congressman jolly willing to call artillery on his party. in this? because they have those same customers back home. >> it is true, but we don't control the house and we don't control the senate. and what democrats have said is that they're willing to come to the table to look at ways that we can improve and build on the affordable care act. and republicans have been patently unwilling to do that. and i think democrats today, tonight are still willing to do that. what they're not willing to do at midnight in the dead of night is to throw 16 to 30 million people off of health care. and, you know, potentially 130 million americans who are my age who have preexisting conditions. and so those are things that are really unacceptable for the american people. and democrats remain to this
8:51 pm
moment committed to coming to the table, and looking at ways that we can shore up these markets, stabilize care, making sure that the states have what they need to provide health care for the american people. and the question is whether republicans are going to have the courage to say, this is a mess, and we're not going to go any farther with it. and my fear is that we're going to wake up tomorrow, this so-called skinny bill that's really a plus-size, you know, cheeseburger, is going to pass, and then it's going to turn out that the house is not going to move either. they will pass and send it to the president's desk. and that will be a real health care disaster for millions of people. and so it's not a surprise. the insurers, the hospitals, the doctors and patients all say that this is a bad bill. and 16% of the public approves of it, and now it looks like they're going to pass that mess. >> we have one of those u.s. senators standing by to talk with us. and with that, congresswoman
8:52 pm
edwards, congressman jolly, thank you for always bringing good conversation to our airwaves. >> good to be here. >> coming up after a break, we will indeed talk with one of the senators taking part in the debate on the floort right now. stay with us. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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8:55 pm
this is live, the scene outside your u.s. capitol as your united states senate takes on health care for some horrific version of it inside. this showing of people outside is probably more dramatic than what we're going to see from the u.s. senate tonight. i also want to read you a tweet. we promised you a member of the u.s. senate. chris murphy, democrat of connecticut tweeted this, hey, cable news, there's actually real breaking news affecting millions of americans happening right now. stop covering scaramucci for a sec. let's get chris murphy on the air. we're waiting for him to approach our camera. we had a date with him at 11:55 eastern time.
8:56 pm
luckily we have ali velshi here in the studio. ali, tell the good viewers what you just told me in the break about these two versions -- what the senate is passing and praying doesn't go over to the house. >> very strange, for viewers who don't understand this, that the senate is -- there are key members of the republican party in the senate who are trying to extract promises that this won't become a law. that it goes to the house and gets renegotiated in conference. because if it were to become law, under the cbo, 16 million people will lose their health care over the next decade. but here's the important part to remember. of that 15 million who are estimated to lose their health care, or not be insured versus if they had kept obamacare, 15 million will lose their health care by 2018. so the big damage will be done very quickly. insurance premiums will spike 20% on average. by the way, these averages don't often work out which many people will pay a lot more than that.
8:57 pm
this is a big deal. this is not a procedural matter. if this bill were to slip through and become law, that would be serious. >> remember what demonstrators chanted outside the chicago convention, the whole world is watching. the whole country is watching. how could something like that happen. at the end of the day, all these folks want their jobs back at very minimum. >> the calculus here is that we promised to repeal obamacare for a long time. i guess it didn't occur to them that it's really hard to figure out this health care thing. so now we are going to fulfill a promise, possibly tonight, and in the course of the next 24 hours if the house takes this up, fulfill the promise to repeal obamacare and in the process quite possibly destroy american health care. this is very serious. there's nobody who doesn't think american health care needs fixing. and there are lots of ways to fix this. somehow this united states senate has found the way to make it worse. >> what happened to the idea of
8:58 pm
getting the input of the customers? john mccain for one was saying he's in constant touch with his governor. a lot of the republicans tonight said we're talking to our governors back home. >> yeah, a number of governors in a bipartisan way have come in and say, you don't understand how this is going to affect us. there's something going around that said obamacare was passed in the dead of the night without anybody reading it. there were a year of meetings. everybody had a say there. these same groups have all written to mitch mcconnell just asked for a meeting, never mind a hearing. there have been no hearings. and on our air the other day i got into it with somebody who said, that's not true, we've had lots of hearings. there just haven't been any. you need to talk to the customer, the health care providers and craft something that really works. obamacare got a lot more people insured. it didn't deal with costs. and for a portion of the population insurance premiums went the wrong direction. i met a gentleman last night telling me about the amount his
8:59 pm
family pays for insurance and how much it spiked under obamacare. this is real. we need to fix those things. we're now going in the opposite direction. >> we found chris murphy. we have seconds left and only time for one question. senator, thank you for rushing to our camera. give me your 30-second version of what appears to us to be the most cynical way possible to talk about and legislate health care. >> this is really a health care system arson. they're lighting the health care system on fire. the real danger is there is no conference committee. maybe they go to a conference for a few weeks and give up on it and pass it through the house of representatives. they're so desperate for a win, i'm worried they're going to take this, put it into law, trump will pressure them to do it and we'll light our entire health care system on fire. nobody should assume there's going to be a functional conference out of this. this bill may become law. every single senator thinking of voting for this tonight has to
9:00 pm
own that ond r and know it. >> what an ominous note to end on. one of the 100 u.s. senators who have responsibility over this tonight. thank you so much. ali, thank you so much. that is our broadcast for tonight. thanks for being here with us. senator al franken is going to be joining us live in just a minute tonight as the senate keeps wrangling toward and away from and toward and away from the republicans' effort to kill the affordable care act. the current iteration of their plan is estimated -- the estimated cost of it in terms of the human cost said it would take all health insurance away from 16 million americans who have insurance now. that is -- that remains the plan, such as it is on the table tonight. there's going to be a votorama on a gazillion amendments on the plan. there may be a vote on the bill itself.


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