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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 29, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we begin this hour with that shake-up at the white house. reince priebus out, secretary of homeland security general john kelly in as chief-of-staff. the change here coming at the end of yet another tumultus week for president trump, a week in which he continued to publicly humiliate his own attorney general jeff sessions. a week in which anthony scaramucci went on a profanity filled tirade and a week in in which republicans latest hopes died on the floor of the senate even after that defeat, though, opponents of republican efforts to replace obamacare are protesting outside of trump tower in new york this day. a live picture of that demonstration happening right now. let's now go live to kelly o'donnell, let's talk about what has happened over health care, the shake-up at the white house and pulling all those together
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for us. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine if health care had gone through however bumpy the ride that reince priebus would have been fired or offered his resignation on this particular friday, not that that would've made things easy for him but that would have been meaningful victory and there would have been celebration at the trump white house. the absence of that certainly put additional pressure on the portfolio and the record of reince priebus when it comes to how is he performed as chief-of-staff. he has said publicly that he and the president have talked over the last few weeks about what would a change look like, who might candidates be to succeed him and the chief-of-staff job, how should that unfold and that he would at the right time offer his resignation. he said he did so on thursday privately even some of his close associates in the white house had not known that he had actually done that, given the president the option to sort of execute that moment when he chose to and he did so yesterday. in a downpour that seemed to be a metaphor for all of this. priebus who was unable to see the health care repeal that they
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had promised come to fruition says, it's still not over. there may still be a way for the white house and republicans on capitol hill to get something done. the president's been tweeting about health care a lot today. here is how reince priebus talked about the future of the health care under trump. >> it was disappointing but i don't think it's over yet so i'm hopeful that the republicans can still come together before reconciliation is over and i wish them well to do it and i'll be a part of trying to make that happen if i can and again i will always be on the team. >> reporter: and when he's referring there to before reconciliation is over, that's a particular tool in the legislative tool kit that would allow the republican majority narrow as it is to pass a reform bill with just 51 votes. if it goes back to the committees which is something that has been talked about where you get bipartisan work on health care that would be a much
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longer process. so there is still hope about this, president trump today tweeting quite a bit frustrated that the rules of the senate require in many instances 60 votes, sort of knocking his fellow republicans for not getting it done and even sort of calling out mitch mcconnell, mitch m. as he describes it. clearly are the president is frustrated. there could have been a celebration. that didn't come to pass. now on monday they'll be a big change around here, richard? >> a new chief-of-staff there at the white house. kelly o'donnell at the white house for us. thank you kelly. let's bring in erica warner now. research fellow at the hoover institution and former advisor to marco rubio and mitt romney. let's start with you on this part and you heard what kelly o'donnell was reporting for us and she was saying the president going after mitch mcconnell, now the question might be, okay, who is wleeding the republican party at the moment outside of donald trump when it comes to policy?
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>> i'm not sure there's an easy answer on that. i think you saw really some of the divisions within the republican party particularly on health care policy laid bear here over the last couple of weeks for seven years, it was very easy for republicans to say we want to repeal and replace obamacare now that we have the congress that's in the control of the republicans, the presidency in the control of the republicans, you had the house act, the senate was unable to act. more than anything richard because they didn't agree on the policy, they didn't agree on medicaid expansion, they didn't agree on subsidies for low income folks to buy health care, they didn't degree on the degree of regulatory relieve. that is why republicans couldn't get to yes on health care. >> erica, as you look at the segmentations there of republicans in the senate and in the house and you at least have two, right, those who are beholden to the president and those who are not and you have the president moving forward with his own style of what he wants to get done, how do you break it down to understand
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where the republican party is now going based on the failure of again repeal and replace? >> well, there's a school of thought that if they are able to move forward and deliver on the president's other major goal, which is tax reform, that they'll still be okay. that even though they failed on health care, that if they can do a tax overhaul and give voters tax break in their pockets that they'll be fine heading into the 2018 midterms, but and there are some republicans who say that tax reform is an easier lift than health care. but based on what happened with health care, it's really hard to see how they get tax reform done and they have a huge list of other priorities that they have to do in the fall to keep the government even running to lift the debt limit to pass those spending bills that keep the lights on in government and it's hard to see how they get any of that done. >> right now i think a lot of
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people would agree with you. as we watch that vote the other evening, it looked like it was tough for mitch mcconnell, normally an individual, a senator that has done so well over the years of batten down the hatches and getting his votes in line, this did not happen this time of around. the question is now, based on that, what's the brand of the republican party in the senate and the house to move forward, repeal and replace is gone? >> and i think this is one of the big reasons, richard, why they'll have to move on to a different issue. i think it's pretty clear that on obamacare the agreement isn't there. tax reform, i agree with erica. tax reform is a difficult issue set for the republicans as well, but it is much more in the wheelhouse of more republicans. many more republicans are comfortable talking about tax reform. you look back on every presidential candidate over the last 20 years on the republican side. they've had a tax reform plan, even donald trump had one during the election. this is something that republicans can return to.
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they put out a statement, richard, on friday suggesting that there is a fair amount of agreement actually between house republicans, senate republicans and the white house on the way forward. i tend to think that it's a much more productive set of discussions moving to tax reform for the republicans than continuing on as difficult as it is for me to say, than continuing on with that repeal and replace effort. >> the repeal and replace frt and erica when you look at the base for this president in the last election in the cycles, we look forward to 2018, does he still give the head nod to those who got him into the office, those swing counties across the country that in our latest nbc news "the wall street journal" poll 12% saying they support the latest effort from republicans, only 12% here. so what is the right topic to again go back to the base that brought this president into the this white house? >> that was what made health care so difficult for republicans, they were really fighting huge headwinds on their bills which were immensely
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unpopular with the country as a whole. that said, as you were indicating, the base still wants health care done. they still want obamacare repealed and replaced. it's what republicans have been promising for seven years. it's what got the majorities in the house and the senate and really help president trump win the white house, promising to repeal obamacare. they haven't done it and i don't think the base is going let them forget it or let them get away with that so easily. as lahne was saying. they tried every which way in the senate. it didn't happen. they barely got it through the house. the idea that they're going to somehow resurrect it, i don't see that. as mitch mcconnell said after that vote failed in dramatic fashion with john mccain giving the thumbs down, it's time to move on. >> moving on and the question related to moving on is, does the congress, does the senate
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move on alone now without this president, because they're saying he didn't help us get across the finish line and does this president move forward saying this senate, this house has not helped me get across the finish line either, so both, groups now going to go it their own way? >> there is no question there's this tension between the congressional republicans, the republicans and the senate and particular and the president. you see all the tweeting from the president this morning. basically trying to put pressure on mitch mcconnell to end the legislative filibuster which is something that's been around for as long as the senate's been around and you have medical connel saying that's really a nonstarter for us. there is this conflict between the president and the congress so in that since i do think they'll go their own ways but remember on any of these big issues, infrastructure, tax reform, even raising the debt ceiling, congressional republicans are going to need to work with the president. they got to figure out a way to get together on this stuff. >> and those are big things they
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welcome back. after the senate failed to repeal obamacare, democratic new orleans mayor mitch andrew is now calling on congress to work with the nation's mayors. he's offering efforting support from the governors to come up with a solution to improve health care across the country. the u.s. senators represent his state both republicans voting for the skinny repeal. late thursday. here's what senator john kennedy had to say about the failed legislation. >> what we voted on tonight was
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about as basic as you can get, we distilled it down to the fundamental flaws in the affordable care act and obviously we still -- we still came up short and i'm very disappointed. >> senator bill cassidy said he'll keep working with other republicans on an alternative to the affordable care act. joining is now in new orleans mayor mitch andrews who represents a blue city in a very red state. mayor, thanks for being with us and now that the vote is over and now that it has failed, what is the next step you think? what is the next best step for cities across the country whether to let by those of blue or red? >> i think it's a good point that you make because the mayors of america are bipartisan. we have democrats and republicans. we're very nonideological based and we want to try to figure out how to figure out the nation's
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most difficult problems, whether we're talking about health care or on a tax reform or infrastructure or immigration reform, unless congress figures out how to work across aisles we'll end up with the same result that we got last night as it relates to health care which is either a stalemate or step backwards. the governors of america are reaching out to congress, let us help you start over again and start delivering what the president's promise was which was to deliver better health care to more americans for less money. there is clearly a way to get there. before i came on you were talking about how the white house is trying to govern to the base. well the base on its best day is about 36% but the president is the president of the whole country as is congress and as are the senators and the mayors of america are saying, you got to get back to the drawing board and build this thing from the center out and that's true whether health care, immigration or infrastructure or tax reform. we stand ready to help. if they can't get anything done, we'll continue to work every day
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to make sure that our cities are safe and healthy and creating jobs. we're here to help if they reach out to us because we've been talking to them about doing that. we'd be happy to be part of it. >> mayor, as you had conversations over recent months on health care, can you tell me about the conversation you had with a republican mayor that you believe is hopeful? >> well, first of all, democratic and republican mayors meet all the time. we're constantly in communication with each other and again mayors are just much less ideologically based than the members of congress seem to be at this time. they seem to be stuck in whether or not they're securing their base or not so this whole conversation about do you need 50 votes or 60 votes. we really ought to be trying to govern in this country to a place where most americans, at least a consensus of americans, we can get there. the mayors are a little bit perplexed about why it's hard for congress to actually move to the center and get answers that most americans will agree with.
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unfortunately, if you give either side of the house or the senate a choice between 50% plus one or not, that vote can be reversed over time. i guess what the mayors of america are saying is listen, we think there's some really wonderful men and women in the house and senate, we think john mccain did a very cure aj justice thing the other day, the reason he did what he did was to make sure we go back to the regular auditing, go back to the days when you can build consensus across the aisle. mayors of america do it every day and solve problems and we want to continue to encourage them to do that. >> that's where the rubber hits the road, what mayors do and what those leaders of counties do each and every day. give me an idea that you think will work both for you as well as on the hill? >> i'll tell you one thing that would happen, if we went back to the drawing board and you put bipartisan group of mayors and centers and bipartisan group of governors and send a congressman
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in the room and ask us to come out that 65% of america could agree with, i think we could actually produce a product. now whether or not they could actually get that through the house or senate would be up to them. we certainly could come up with something that worked and actually filled in the gaps where the affordable care act is failing. you can't just walk away from problems -- well, first of all, if you think about what the president said, more health insurance for more americans for less money. that's not what any one of these particular plans do because they were trying to just satisfy half of the congress without talking to the other half. one of the big critiques of the affordable care act they did it with just democratic votes. what mccain said the other day is let's go back to trying to construct something in a bipartisan way that most americans will agree with. the devils in the details of all of that stuff but this is not the toughest problem that america has had and, by the way, it's not the toughest one we'll face in the next couple years. tax reform you'll see a replay
12:20 pm
of the same movie. we've got to figure out a way to govern more practically and better. >> all right, thank you so much from the great city of new orleans. thank you for your time today. >> thank you for having me. republicans and democrats take a stand against russia, plus the bipartisan effort to present president trump from removing special council robert mueller. ♪ ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do...
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and when youod sugar is a replace one meal... choices. ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna. a special council cannot be fired when they were empanelled to investigate the president or his team unless you have judicial review of the firing. not just for trump but for any future president. we need a check and balance here. >> republican senator from south carolina, graham there on the limits he thinks president trump has in getting rid of the special counsel leading the russian investigation. graham a democratic senator from corey booker, they're pushing a limit to make those policies law.
12:24 pm
political also reports there's special lation that attorney general jeff sessions could be reassigned to secretary of homeland security. current secretary john kelly is set to become the new white house chief-of-staff. minnesota democratic senator al franken reacted to that report earlier on msnbc. >> this idea of getting him out of the way so the president can fire mueller is something i would think if the president goes through with that would create a constitutional crisis. paul butler is with us. also with us jordan fabian, white house correspondent for the hill. react, if you can to what lindsey graham was saying here putting into law the inability to fire a special counsel? >> it's all good for lindsey graham to have concerns, who i really like to express concern is the congressional leaders, speaker paul ryan and majority
12:25 pm
leader mitch mcconnell, because remember, president trump's big problem with attorney general sessions is sessions didn't stop the russian investigation. the president is obviously concerned about what that investigation would reveal, that's why he's trying to push sessions out. we need to hear from the congressional leaders, if you do that, mr. president, will start drafting articles of impeachment. that's obstruction of justice that's trying to impede an official investigation and the president should not be doing that but we're not hearing that from the leaders. the concern is he could push sessions aside and get away with it. >> so there's a lot of if, thens, jordan, that we could look at, one of those if, then, if they do go to recess then does the president in recess appoint a new attorney general and let sessions go? >> well, richard, some republicans in the senate have voiced their opinion that they don't want that to happen and
12:26 pm
they could take steps to prevent that. they could hold what's called a proforma session which means the senate is de facto in session, it's not technically in recess so the president cannot make a recess appointment. that's something that a senator in nebraska floated on the senate floor this week. there's maneuvering behind the scenes there to try to prevent the president from taking such a step. >> is that going to be led then by mitch mcconnell, or senator sass is one -- but is mcconnell going to go along with that? >> it depends, that's a big question for the senate majority leader but remember everything in the senate is done by unanimous consent so one senator can essentially effect the process there, so there's a lot of rumbling behind the scenes, they might prevent that from happening. and don't forget that the chairman chuck grassley has said that if president trump decides to get rid of jeff sessions that he's not going to hold any hearings on any new nominee this year.
12:27 pm
the senators are trying to really box in president trump on this question of his attorney general. >> they're being very clear about what they do not want to happen. and paul, one of the questions i was just reading in the l.a. "times" is that the question is the special question, is it backed by the constitution that is one of the thoughts that are being written about when they look at the special counsel and if it is backed by the constitution? >> well, no, the special counsel comes from justice department regulations which actually the administration could overthrow. in addition to having a replacement through a recess process, there's an act called the vacancies act which would allow trump to impose an acting attorney general which would be in place for 210 days so if sessions steps aside maybe the congress wouldn't go into recess but that wouldn't prevent the president from installing somebody new, somebody
12:28 pm
presumably who would pledge loyalty to him, we know that's the quality that the president values in an attorney general. >> 210 days, jordan, where would that leave us? >> well, that would leave us, i guess in the end of next year, really so you could have someone there through next year, someone like paul said whose loyal to president trump would be willing to carry out his policies on things like immigration and crime crackdown, so it depends. we'll see if he takes that route. we'll see if he wants to fire sessions in the first place. sessions has made it pretty clear he's not going to resign and the president so far hasn'ten willing to push that button and fire him. we'll see what he decides to do whether he'll put the rubber to the road and do this. >> putting on your former federal prosecutor hat, paul, we've heard about mueller, hard worker, getting to it, day by day by day. what is he doing right now, you think? >> one thing that we know is
12:29 pm
they almost certainly have president trump's tax records and that might be the reason that he's trying so hard to take control of this investigation by installing a new attorney general. mueller has an ace team of excellent prosecutors and some of the best investigators in the fbi. so they're pouring over financial records, you know. these cliches records, it's always the cover-up and follow the money, they're true in public corruption, they're looking at trump's and kushner's business dealings as well as concerns about collusion. >> and that started our week. we saw jared kushner coming out in the west wing, an uncommon photo op as he defended his nonroll in this very question about communications with russians. that beginning of the week really turned towards the end, we finished obviously with the new chief-of-staff being named?
12:30 pm
>> it's almost hard to remember everything that's happened this week. there's been so much upheaval but that points to one fundamental truth that pertains to president trump, that he is very protective of himself and his family. so now that this probe is seems to be looking into jared kushner, his son-in-law, also donald trump jr. who had this meeting with the russian attorney during the campaign to discuss possible incriminating evidence from russia against hillary clinton, and the fact that they might be looking at his business records, his financial records, that's why you hear these drastic steps being considered by the president. it's really touching his inner circle, touching himself and we know from president trump's career dating back to real estate, when he's punched, he punches back even harder and that's what we're seeing even now. >> paul, the timing, help me out on this, it could be months or years, when do we expect from your thought about when we might hear from mueller?
12:31 pm
>> i would definitely think years as opposed to months, richard. special counsel mueller is going to take his time. he's going to do a complete and thorough investigation and in a case like this, if there are charges brought and they're a long way away from deciding that, but if there are charges, they want to make sure they win. if you bring charges at this level, you have to have all your ducks in a row. that takes a long time but that's what we want. we want an objective, impartial investigation. we don't want it to be speedy, we want it to be fair. >> fantastic conversation. thank you both. paul butler has a new book out this month, "choke hold, policing black men". next a look at whether the retired four-star general can bring a new order to the white house. stick around. 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage,
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and welcome back. i'm richard liu.
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here's what we're watching this hour for you. the united states ready to start negotiations to allow south korea to build more powerful ballistic missiles after north korea's launch of a long range missile overnight. defense analysts say that north korean icbm was capable of possibly reaching as far as chicago, plus reince priebus is officially out as president trump's chief-of-staff. general john kelly will replace him and start on the job on monday. right before that stunning shake-up that i just mentioned, high drama in the senate. republicans senator john mccain's thumb down in the senate effectively killed the republicans last ditch effort to repeal even a slimmed down version of obamacare. mccain and senators lisa murkowski of alaska and susan collins of maine all voted no, three key votes. here joining us now is hugh hewitt and the hugh hewitt show
12:36 pm
on the salem radio network. steve murphy joining us as well. hugh, you've had some time to digest this now. what do you think happened? >> well, they couldn't hold the caucus together. it was a disaster for the republican senate republican and it rests on collin, murkowski and mccain. there's always a back story. senators mccain and mcconnell have been going at each other for a long, long time. mccain and mitch mcconnell was right and that law was struck down at unconstitutional. though they are friendly colleagues they've been at lagger heads for a long time which came to a boil again on thursday night. >> two different philosophies if you will to governing and to voting there in the senate from mitch mcconnell and john mccain. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> he's a conservative
12:37 pm
pragmatist. >> jon mccain is a maverick and there's a great difference between them. >> steve, what do the democrats do right now? you saw chuck schumer raise his hand and say, don't overly celebrate here democrats? >> the democrats now have to continue to push for bipartisan consideration of health care legislation that strengthens obamacare, that strengthens the exchanges. there are many republicans that want to do the same thing and this is something that's being missed, i think, by the white house and by donald trump and in congress. the republicans have a tiny majority in this senate of 52, they don't have a large majority in the house. they lost seats in both the last election and the american people didn't want the legislation that they were considering. you can't pass legislation like that. it just doesn't work historically. you need democrats and republicans working together.
12:38 pm
democrats had a much bigger majority when we passed obamacare in both the senate and the house and barely got it done. >> well, can republicans work with republicans, right? this as we look at a tweet from the president this morning. based on what happened at the end of the week, hugh, do you expect the president to try to retaliate against those republicans in the senate that he believes have not been coming along for him? >> no, no, i don't. i believe that a lot of people including many democrats hate the filibuster. i don't think it's going anywhere. i don't want it to go anywhere. the filibuster serves a historic purpose of simmering down legislation and obamacare passed over the 60 vote margin but then when ted kennedy died they lost that. it couldn't be repaired. it was a flawed bill because it had to be passed as it was written in the senate. going forward, though, all of
12:39 pm
the republicans are agreed except three. it's just senators collins, murkowski and mccain. you saw graham and heller go down to the white house yesterday and say maybe there's something we can do, they're working with the freedom caucus, i'm sure paul ryan is involved, they'll make another run at this but i have yet to hear and maybe steven is a very good consultant knows what the democratic suggestion is because the only people who were happy on thursday night in the entire country were the people running against democratic incumbents like bill nelson in florida, claire mer could you skal in ms., because those three senators have to defend the original obamacare bill they have to defend not fixing it right now. >> i don't think that's the case at all. democrats have a very large lead now in polling everywhere on the issue -- on the issue of health care. it's not an issue where we're going to be on the defensive at all is the republican incumbents
12:40 pm
who voted for this, who are going to have to defend their vote. now, let me say this, it would have been worse for them if they had actually passed it, but they own the status quo on health care now and they're not doing anything to make it better. >> hue, is there any risk here of republicans in the senate or in the house here not listening to their leader here, the president of the united states of the party here? will they go the other way now? is this what we're seeing? was murkowski, collins and mccain the tip of an iceberg that other republicans are now saying we just -- we have to tend our own gardens, if you will? >> no, congressional relations with 1,600 took a hit when reince priebus because of his close relationship with the speaker yesterday. the vice president is still very much a man of the top of the hill. he's very much a member of the house and he's got great relations with everyone. i don't think so. i've said for a long time. this is a coalition government, the party of trump and
12:41 pm
republicans have some glue that hold them together one of those hinges was reince priebus, he's gone. another one is jeff sessions, he's dented. it's an uneasy coalition government and i don't know how much it'll be able to get done but hopefully general kelly arriving at the white house will bring order to the communication and the processing of staff work that was missing in what i've called the deadwood of west wings. that's what's going on right now. >> and steve, talk about coalitions, the democrats also have a question, who is their leader is chuck schumer the right message man to move forward what might be a coalition that will work on the next version of health care and other issues such as tax reform. >> i think you saw chuck schumer on friday morning when they had this vote demonstrate his leadership skills when he told the democrats don't gloat about this. we've got a lot of work to do. there is a vote coming up. next month, in september, maybe in october, but the secretary of treasury says in september we
12:42 pm
have to raise the debt limit. that's never been able to be done without democratic votes. so the notion that the republicans can go it alone through the end of the fiscal year is -- it's just not well founded at all and i think chuck schumer will do a great job so will nancy pelosi in terms of advocating what our core values are. >> a lot of consistent chal questions being asked within recent weeks and months. steve, thank you so much as well as hugh hewitt, appreciate both of your time. >> thank you. he promised to stop the leaks but his plan quickly backfired. next, anthony scaramucci took a step out of the spotlight after a vulgar rant when public. my guest thomas roberts will be here for the next hour with more shake-up in the white house. ♪
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12:46 pm
chief-of-staff quit, all that. so what better time for politic-con, the self-proclaimed convention is kicking off with an array of politicians engaging in lively debate there on the conference floor as well as in the halls. people in pasadena, california, are waiting to weigh in. let's go to jacob sobehoff. you'll be taking part in tomorrow's panel, lessons from the road, always gate to hear from the road warrior. let's start with this, the communications director, anthony scaramucci, backing out of the event after using expletives, to a reporter, is that sort of what's being talked about on the floor? >> you know, richard, i think that anthony scaramucci was one of the big headliners that i think the political nerds it's fair to say were excited to see
12:47 pm
after having both to going republican and democratic convention, the level from those conventions and i think the idea of seeing the newly minted white house communications director was high on everybody's list. after the profanity laden tirade to the "the new yorker," scaramucci unsurprisingly is not here this weekend. there's also obviously the controversy about reince priebus out as chief-of-staff. general secretary kelly coming in on monday and then health care's playing out, the russia investigation. so even without the mooch there's lots to talk about here. i want to show you around. if anybody is in the los angeles area, i want people to come out. i showed you all the posters and the big "morning joe" mug, these guys are all here smiling with a big smile on their face and getting t-shirts. you guys msnbc fans? >> every day, all day. >> dvr it.
12:48 pm
>> you got to make some space. talk to me about anthony scar squash, the mooch he was supposed to be here, he's not here, big disappointment how come? >> i was actually reaching what to ask him. i was reaching questions that maybe some people overlooked. >> what would you ask him? >> i would've quoted him yesterday how he's a hack politician and he should be president of the queens county bullet association. >> you're talking about what he said about donald trump. big epic fail for the republicans on health care, you think that we'll see another republican health care bill, bipartisan effort, what do you want to see? >> they will not stop, they will not stop and i look forward to them going down and going down and going down, because it's inhuman. >> go ahead, real quick. >> it would be so easy to make medicaid a public option. buy into it if you'd like or speak with anthem or any of your private health insurance. >> we got bernie sanders jr. here. public option.
12:49 pm
i got you before you go, before we go, i want to show you, they got people learning how to do my job with the msnbc mic flag. we're live on msnbc, say richard back to you. >> richard, back to you. >> back to you. >> nobody you can do your job and we know that. and he will be there all day. i'll see you later there. great stuff. thanks for taking that walk through the floor for us and the booth. president trump under fire after telling police officers they should not be too nice with suspects. i'll talk to a former nypd detective next.
12:50 pm
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when you see these thugs being thrown in the back of a paddy wagon, i said please don't be too nice. like when you guys put somebody in the car and you are protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand -- like don't hit their head and they just killed somebody?
12:53 pm
don't hit their head? itched you can take their hand away. >> president trump addressing a group ever police officers in new york yesterday. the speech was meant to highlight the administration's efforts to combat the gang known as ms-13, but his comments that officers should not be too nice with suspects is getting attention. it prompted a tweet from the suffolk county police department. they said we do not tolerate recovering up of prisoners. joining us by phone is retired police detective mark claxton. what is your reaction to the statement that the president made and after that the response coming from the suffolk police department itself? >> the president's comments were wildly irresponsible and ri
12:54 pm
reckless and i think that the response from suffolk county is inadequate. i think it's important to really point out that policing is a profession and it should be,ed as such. police officers are not bouncers, police officers are not to circumvent and go around the laws and kind of manipulate the laws themselves. they are to follow the laws with a certain amount of professional integrity and i think what the president did was to request, ask, and encourage professional law enforcement to do less than a professional job and that is unacceptable. >> he also suggested yesterday and you might have remembered this the question thereoff, the laws on the book, whether they work against police. i'll play a little bit of that. laws on the book, whether they work against police. i'll play a little bit of that. >> i said from the beginning,
12:55 pm
let's obamacare implode and then -- horrendously stacked against us because for years and years they have been made to protect the criminal. totally made to protect the criminal. not the officers. you do something one, you are moin more jeopardy. the laws are stacked against you. >> what is your thought about what he is saying? >> he's wrong. and think in large part what he's doing is he's playing to whatever base it is that he has or being attributed to him and not dealing with the realities of every day law enforcement professionals. and i think it's clear just based on the president's statements and his administration's actions whether it be through the attorney general eat offi general's office, department of justice, that there is a lack of understanding about the complexities and what is required of professional law enforcement. i think that there is such a simplistic understanding or lack of understanding about what the job entails, what police should
12:56 pm
be doing, and how police should conduct themselves. and i think it's easy when you are attempting to get people on your side to make them a victim. he's trying to increase victimology within the ranks of policing and law enforcement. and that will fly some, bwill p those who have respect for the professional integrity of law enforcement will not be fooled by his words or the actions of the department of justice moving forward. >> mark, thank you so much for joining us on a saturday. and that does it for us this hour on msnbc. my colleague thom as roberts is next with more. and you can join us in southern california, i'll be at plit con with kasie hunt, steve car knk
12:57 pm
knacky, joy reid. so please come along. thanks for being with us. stick around, we have more at the top of the hour. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. but their nutritional needs (vremain instinctual.d, that's why there's purina one true instinct. nutrient-dense, protein-rich, real meat number one. this is a different breed of nutrition. purina one, true instinct.
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i'm thomas roberts here in new york and it's pain a whirl wind 24 hours at the white house. john kelly is in, reince priebus is out as chief of staff. and this announcement just coming yesterday around 5:00 as trump capped off another chaotic week. the second major shakeup with sean spicer out and now reince priebus out. and then to capitol hill, how will republicans regroup in the health care battle in another painful defeat in their request repeal and replace obama care with john mccain votin


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