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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 30, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> good morning i'm dara brown. it's 7:00 in the east, 4:00 out west and day 192 of the trump administration. with the bill that won't die new questions about whether the gop health care measure is dead and whether there might be hope. >> 13 tweets in 24 hours. new reaction on whether retired general john kelly can curb the president's twitter habit. terror arrests, how
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authorities say they foiled a plot to bring down an airplane, all that now on mbs live. >> new this morning president trump had dinner with flking white house chief of staff general john kelly last night. the dinner capped a turbulent week which started by jared kushner being interviewed and ended with the resignation of his top aid, reince priebus. >> the president used twitter saying i am very disappointed in china. our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars in trade yet they do nothing for us with north korea. just talk. we will no longer allow this to continue. meanwhile plit con is under
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way. roger stone is there defending mr. trump on the russia investigation. >> on russian collusion or involvement, where is the underlying crime? what is the crime that mr. mueller is investigating? we still don't have evidence of a crime. we have allegations, watergate started with a crime, the break in into the watergate complex at the democratic national committee and it went, as you may remember, downhill from there. meanwhile this morning republicans are hopeful the appointment of kelly will bring stability to the white house after an event-filled week. >> reporter: the change over takes effect tomorrow. the highest level shakeup in the white house here so far. it's a six-month restart intended to make the president's staff and team more cooperative and effective after so much drama. >> reporter: under new
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management. the builder president is remodelling his senior team installing a new chief of staff monday. his choice was given rave reviews. >> truly one of our stars. john kelly is one of our great stars. >> john kelly switches chairs in the cabinet room going from homeland security secretary. >> approve the legal movement of people and commerce across our borders. >> to oval office gait keeper. the president who spent his teens as a cadet in military cool but did not serve has chosen generals for key roles after 45 years in a marine uniform, kelly said in april he wanted no part of politics. >> my biggest fear was to be
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offered another full time job in the government -- >> reince priebus leaves after spending the least amount of days in u.s. history. and staff infighting so virgs that anthony scaramucci remains in favor after bashing priebus. >> it's not right for people to talk about, especially people in the wing. >> kelly may bring new structure to the president's team if he's given enough authority. >> if the president's behavior goes unchanged it then no staff change can occur in the white house. >> the president wants to surround himself with those in the business world and military and not more veterans from republican politics.
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he was hilting his own party on twitter saying republican senators would be, quote, quitters if they did not vote to overhaul the health care law. >> i want to start with you, nile. president trump tweeted 13 times yesterday, prolific even by his standards. is this because he's operating under the let trump be trump scaramucci rule? >> to take the second question, first i don't think there's any really realistic chance of this changing. president trump has noted he thinks his use of social media is a good thing. as far as just what he's trying to achieve, that's always a more difficult question to answer. he has lam basted republicans in congress, as well as china and
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various other people and forces even within the past 24 hours. i'm not sure honestly what he believes is accomplished by that, but he's clearly tethered to that as a mode of communication. >> one tweet included a threat most notably saying bailouts for members of congress will end soon. what does he mean by that? >> it's hard to know exactly what president trump means by his tweets. it's certainly not a good way to get people on his side. the bigger problem with the health care bill is that republicans are seeking to take health insurance away from millions of americans and some of the prices for premiums would spike considerably in the first year. they're trying to do something unpopular and that's why it's not working. that say i i we said over time we've seen members of congress
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become less comfortable sticking their neck out for the president of the united states. and once he changes his behavior, that will continue in that direction. >> the president also said, unless republican senators are total quitters repeal and replace is not dead. demand another vote before voting on anything else. is this the bill that would not die and what's left? >> i think he's trying to bring it back to life but i'm not sure he has much chance of success in that respect. if one listens to mitch mcconnell he doesn't appear to have much appetite for this. i don't see, frankly, what the way forward would be. republicans have tried repeal and replace. they tried full replace. they have tried a slimmed down version of repeal and none of those have gotten the votes. the idea there's a choice that would get both conservatives and moderates in the republican
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partity on board seems to me to be fiction. >> the new york times write it is president starts a new week after, quote, one of the worst weeks the occupant of the oval office has experienced in his time in power. do you think that's an overstatement? >> it might be an understatement. he loses basically the centerpiece of his domestic agenda. they tried every possible it ration. there may be an effort to revive it, but it's hard to see what that path would be since they tried every possible permation of what that will be. he fired his chief of staff, the shortest teen yur as chief of staff ever. this has been a disaster week for donald trump. and what's amazing is that they keep piling on bad week after bad week after bad week.
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he's got to figure out how to get something right. think he's hopeful kelly is going to create some sort of order in his administration but obviously the bigger problem isn't something that flows down from the chief of staff but comes from the chief of staff so far. >> he made a boy scout rally appear like a political rally. he lost a critical health care vote and his communications director trashed west wingers is there any recovery from that. >> it's cat trosk from my standards. it was described to me as dysfunctional. there are presidents who have recovered from dire circumstances, bill clinton in his first term had low approval
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ratings, but clinton, for example, had the capacity to understand that he needed to change. he needed to take a different approach. it's simply not clear that president trump sees things that way. it seems more likely from his public statements he can blast through, do what he did on the campaign trail and it will all come right and certainly among republicans whom i speak to, not many people agree with him on that. they feel there has to be some kind of change. they're just not hopeful there will be. >> the descriptions are interesting for the past week. i want to switch gears. there's more from the panel of plit con. he talked about robert mueller. how is that assessment? we're going to listen to that sound bite from roger stone. >> in view of the fact that mr. mueller auditioned for mr. comey's job, he is
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hopelessly conflicted and should step down. >> mueller is compromised because he wanted to be -- he interviewed with the president for comey's job after he stepped down. that's a very clear conflict. >> so how was that assessment on the mueller situation received? >> i think that -- i think that that's a view that is shared by president trump and some people in his inner circle, namely the people most interested in assuring there is nobody investigating the president. the idea is the more you can disqualify people the less likelihood that that investigation happens. i don't think many people outside of his circle believe that robert mueller is compromised by having been interested in the fbi job. this is somebody who has had that job before and somebody who now has a pretty good job.
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it's not like he's out there conducting some sort of, you know, vengeance mission because he didn't get the fbi director job. this is what you see from the trump white house and campaign operation, which is slime everybody in their path. so mueller is the victim this week. if mueller were gone and there were somebody in his place they would be the recipient of abuse. it could be donald trump jr. running that and he would be conflicted if he were investigating his father. >> great to have you both on this sunday morning. breaking news now. the u.s. has conducted thad test. this all comes after north korea's latest icbm launch. nbc is in soul south korea with the details. what do we know? >> we know that two b 1b bombers
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met up with fighter jets from japan and south korea doing a low pass over the air base and south korea before the bombers returned. as well there was a successful test of the antimissile defense systems in alaska there have been a series of these tests to fortify u.s. defenses along the coast. this, of course, has all happened in the last 48 hours since north korea's latest icbm test that experts say shows that a missile might be capable of reaching major cities in the united states. here's what bill richardson, a former u.n. ambassador had to say. >> kim jong-un is dangerous because he's unpredictable and his technology in developing this missile system which might hit the u.s., the mainland, is advancing and we don't appear to
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have a strategy to deal with him. and he's taking advantage of that. >>. >> reporter: the lack of a clear strategy is creating anxiety here in the region and may be creating doubt among u.s. al lies that america will be there to back them. south korea is talking to get stronger missiles. they've also ordered the antimissile defense system. japan also looking to add to their defenses and all of these moves will be opposed to by china. diplomacy certainly not helped today by those tweets by president trump where he openly and publically tried to shame china into doing something. so there is reason for anxiety across the region. security is not stable and there doesn't appear to be a clear way
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>> so donald trump . >> happening now in australia, several people have been arrested in connection with an alleged plot to bring down an airplane. joining me now from london matt bradley. can you give us the details of what happened here? >> reporter: the australian government said their major security operation overnight had netted at least four suspects. this is from malcolm turn bul. he's the australian prime minister. he said a large scale police
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operation interrupted a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane. they were believed to have been inspired by isis ideology. now all of those suspects were arrested in the suburbs around sydney and so far none of them have been charged with a crime but turn bul the prime minister said they managed to seize a considerable amount of material. at the moment police have released precious little about the operation and those arrested. nbc is working to get you more information as we get it. the prime minister also told the australian public to expect longer waits at the airport and asked people to show up at airports much earlier.
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he's keeping the threat at probable. the police have indicated that the planning for this potential attack showed a unique level of sophistication and the prime minister said this operation is ongoing. so we can expect more information and possibly more arrests in the coming hours and days. >> thank you for the update. coming up at 9:00 eastern. republican congressman rodney davis will weigh in on the white house. >> and mitch land at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get.
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>> it is day two of the gathering of people who can't get enough politics. mbs is one of the media partners and here is msnbc.
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>> there are all kinds of political nerds out here in southern california for politicon. it's for political nerds like myself. look at the liep for people to come into the msmbc area. everything from reince priebus and anthony scaramucci. and secretary john kelly coming in as the new chief of staff. anthony scaramucci was supposed to be here at the last minute but he pulled out at the last minute. we don't know if it's related to the interview that he trashed everyone in the wing. but that might be one of the reasons he's a no show. one of the other things going on is russia. what's going on in congress and the nergs by the special prosecutor. and if you want to meet us, stop by the msnbc booth.
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back to you. >> thanks so much. before we go, monday jared kushner was on capitol hill for a closed door meeting with the senate intelligence committee. president trump criticized jeff sessions tweeting why aren't the commitments investigates and our beleaguered attorney general looking into hillary clinton's crimes. he continued it while addressing the boy scouts of america. >> i go to washington and see these politicians and i see the sw swamp and it's not a good place. today i said we should change it from the swamp to cesspool to sewer. >> trump doubled down on the sessions tweets tuesday. >> i am disappointed in the attorney general. he should not have recused himself almost immediately after
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he took office. and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before taking office and i would have quite simply picked somebody else. >> the intel committee met with p.m. and kushner was back on the floor for more meetings. >> thursday white house directors of communications anthony scaramucci. >> what the president and i would like to tell everybody, we have a very good idea of who the senior leakers are in the white house. as you know, the fish stinks from the head down. i can tell you two fish that don't stink, that's me and the president. >> one of those targets w was reince priebus and meanwhile, republican health care plans
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xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. >> coming up on your business, i visit the international franchise show where food trucks like these are becoming big business. we head down to virginia where an incubator like company is cashing in on this industry by providing food truck owners with everything they need. we meet two companies to ask them how they navigate mixing love with business and talk to the chairwoman of the international franchise association about what you need to know if you want to franchise your company, go fast, go far, work smarter.


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