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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 6, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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good morning everyone. i'm dara brown at msnbc headquarters. new developments and reaction overnight as the u.n. imposes sweeping sanctions against north korea with two key countries siding with the u.s. on this move. can they bring north korea's nuclear ambitions and tests to a halt. a new report in the white house are some republicans looking to make a bid for president against donald trump. in one small town in oklahoma a snapshot for health
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care reform in america as hundreds line up for help. all next on msnbc live. the white house is shutting down a new report claiming vice president mike pence is part of what appears to be a republican shadow campaign for 2020. his press secretary tweeted ridiculous, fake news anding in more than wishful thinking. lindsay walters fired a warning shot saying the president is as strong as he ever has been in iowa. rex tillerson is in a security forum with world leaders it comes one day after the u.n. passed a round of sanctions against north korea for nuclear provocation and other violations. a move president trump praised in a tweet.
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here's what nikki haley said in an address to the u.cnn after t vote. >> we're prepared to do what it takes to defend ourselves and our allies. we have tried to say multiple times that all options are on the table. we continue to give north korea an out, to give north korea the option to stop what they're doing. we have to see what they're going to do with that. >> let's go straight to nbc's kelly o'donnell who is in bridge water, new jersey. how significant is this for the white house? >> reporter: good morning. confronting north korea and containing their nuclear ambitions is a major priority for the trump administration trying to stop the belligerent stand of the young dictator. the u.s. led a mission at the u.n. and got the world to act. >> reporter: a stern new message
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for north korea. a saturday session at the u.n.'s where the u.s. led the way. >> translator: for those in favor of the draft resolution -- >> reporter: winning support with russia and china on board to tighten economic screws on the kim jong-un regime. >> it will give the north korean leadership a taste of the deprivation it has inflicted on the north korean people. >> reporter: the price of provocation for testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles. the sanctions ban a range of exports from coal to seafood valued at $1 billion a year for north korea. and limits the regime's ability to send laborers abroad. >> time is short but today we have taken one step in the right direction. >> considered the toughest sanctions in a decade.
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>> the president has been clear he's not going to tolerate north korea being able to threaten the united states. >> meanwhile, the white house is a construction zone. long planned renovations and systems upgrades required the oval office and the president and his staff to leave for two weeks. >> reporter: the president's chief of staff john kelly is here along with other senior and national security advisor the 39 is expected to invite lawmakers to come to bedminster for meetings and that will put work in working vacation. let's bring in our panel. thanks for joining us this morning. kevin, let's start with you. what sense are you getting for how congress is responding to these sanctions on north korea? >> i think they're -- when you talk to lawmakers on capitol hill there was a bit of concern at first but now i think this
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will be greeted with applause. at the end of the day this was something that nikki haley was able to work through to get both russia and china on board. dara, economically speaking it was the other day that secretary of state rex tillerson said that china was an economic enabler, along with russia, with the north korea dictator. when you look at the numbers in north korea, you have a situation where more than 80% of all exports and imports are directly tied to china. that's why steven ma knew shan the other weeks announced sanctions in china specifically. but with more regards to russia and china, this is a situation you have on your hands where they, up until this point, hadn't said that north korea was using an intercontinental ballistic missile.
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and that's why they had been unsteady with getting to the point of economic sanctions. so for the united states to get these two nations on board to address north korea is a big deal with should be treated as shuch. >> a couple hours ago secretary of state rex tillerson met with sergei lavrov. what's his biggest challenge since they met for the first time since the sanctions bill? >> that's a great question because it's not clear what this administration's policy toward russia is and at times there are people below the president of the united states that seem to view russia as an adversary in the way president trump does not. i think the biggest issue right now with russia, obviously, got the expulsion of the diplomats but the new russia sanctions that congress has passed and the president has signed. both president trump and the
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prime minister of russia have basically called congress out for overstepping their authority. they basically have the same talking point. i think right now it's up in the air. i think we have to watch what rex tillerson does to see what american policy toward russia is. >> kevin, were you surprised that russia and china were on board with this? what kind of maneuvering do you think the white house had to do to manage this? >> i think it is somewhat surprising simply because secretary tillerson called them both economic enablers of north korea. and i think from a broader economic standpoint the north korean's are benefitting from expanding their bizarre nuclear ambitions. if you look at the numbers, the fact that this dictator has been so brazen, just at the end of the on bam ma administration and at the beginning of the trump administration, just to get
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china on board to work with the united states and russia to address this issue is a strong showing on the global stage for all parties. it was just the other week where there was some concerns about the economic intertwinement of the treasurer department as well as with the chinese in terms of of the auto and steel industry but they were able to come together on this front to put these sanctions in place to address this threat of this dictator. >> i want to turn to the "new york times" articles that vice president pence and other republicans appear to be given out in their 2020 ambitions. are reporters going overboard? >> us report ers going overboard, never. the pence sources i've talked to are pouring cold water on this. i don't think p it would be vice president mike pence could it be a situation there's a third party challenger, it's so
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far-off. presidential politics, i love it, but no, i don't think vice president mike pence is eyeing a presidential run as we speak. >> i want to play what former bush 43 writer ned ryan said yesterday. >> if republicans do not pass a piece of major legislation by the end of the year, whether it's health care or tax reform, let's face it speaker be pelosi is not out of the question. i am convinced that in january of 2019 there would be a significant amount of democrats in the house that want to seek impeachment. >> do you think they'll go their own way to avoid a 2018 loss. >> i think you are seeing it. republicans who are in tight races distancing themselves from
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president trump. they'll also be careful, they need to make sure they don't ail nate a republican base that has stuck with president trump so far. so that'll be a balancing act just how much do they distance themselves, how much do they tie themselves. but it ned's right it's not out of the question that the democrats can win the house of representatives if republicans don't show they can pass legislation. >> what about this article how democrats are concerned about blow back if they don't stop focussing on russia? >> i think it's a smart way of looking at what's going on right now. the democrats, they can talk about russia all they want, but to the exclusion sometimes of other issues such as the economy that tend to drive elections. in addition to that, even if they don't say anything about russia you have this mueller investigation going on and you
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have republicans concerned at times about what the president is doing. it seems like the democrats are better off talking about those kitchen table issues and letting the russia investigation proceed at pace. >> president trump tweeted last night after many years of leaks going on in washington it's great to see the ag taking action for national security, the tougher the better. what's your take on this? >> i guess they patched it up. what else can you say. look, i spoke with a source last week, who speaks frequently with attorney general jeff sessions who said that the president and the attorney general have a good relationship now. it'll be interesting to see how long that lasts. >> before the two of you go, kevin first how serious should we take this report on steven miller moving to the white house communications department? >> if there's any indication from his performance last week i think that there is a contingency in the white house that likes stephen miller that
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likes his aggressive stance in terms of communications. obviously there are -- there was strong criticism against his performance last week. it seems like this story line is like musical chairs of who's going to be in the communications department. >> jonathan what's your take on that. >> "saturday night live" is praying for stephen miller as communications director. >> the big easy is extremely uneasy this morning. the city of new orleans is coping with flooding after rain of 10 inches. floodwaters rose up to 3 feet. some people resorlted to using cano canoes. no serious injuries were reported. power crews worked through the night to restore electricity to
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customers. we turn to meteorologist renold wolf. >> we have that severe weather bull's eye there. heavy rain, flooding i think is going to happen. it could be a sure bet especially low lying areas. cool across parts of the great lakes showers in chicago, new york magnificent, going up to the 80s. seattle hot times there. the valley looks pretty good. i'd say up to sacramento could be hot. what's not going to be hot is the flash flood through tulsa. it could be dangerous -- well, very dangerous. we have the chance of serious storms from jones smith, little rock. you can't rule out a chance of
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haepg now china is calling on the u.s. to suspend joint military drills with south korea. it came after a meeting between prime ministers at the regional forum in the philippines. what more can you tell us about china's plan to de-escalate tensions? >> china's foreign minister has been speaking about that and publically with north korea's foreign minister at his side.
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asking north korea for, first of all, not to be provocative with its missile tests. so china is among 26 countries against one, north korea, all gathered here to show north korea their anger at a whole series of provocative tests. for the u.s. rex tillerson is here and he will, for the first time, sit down at a table in the same room as north korea's foreign minister, all eyes on that. everyone wondering will they acknowledge each other, will they talk to or simply talk at each other. we do understand there are no plans there for a private meeting. ideally rex tillerson would like to punish north korea. but as i said, china trying to calm things down this morning. they met with north korea, told it off, wrapped it on the
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knuckles. said it to its face that the situation is critical and not to be provocative. but china also telling the united states, and other countries, south korea and japan, not to hold military exercises off the korean peninsula and also as we know the united states has tested an intercontinental ballistic missile and also flown two bombers over the korean peninsula. china wants talks. well, there will be talks at the summit, rex tillerson talking not just with the chinese but also with the russians and these will be the first talks since president trump said relations with russia were very low, at their worst, and dangerous. and also since he signed into law new economic sanctions against russia. as we've been seeing in the last hour or so, rex tillerson has met with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov no results from those talks yet but
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the two men at least talking. but the toughest action hasn't been here. it's been at the united nations where russia, the u.s. and china agreed tough new economic sanctions against north korea that will cost them an estimated $1 billion a year. that's about a third of its export ref knew at the meeting of the u.n. security council nikki haley said don't anyone be fooled into thinking this is enough. it's not even close she said. more action is required. but the action won't come here. it will be a lot of talk but north korea will be left in no doubt number one that it's isolated and number two that 26 countries want it to stop being provocative. >> bill neely, thank you so much for that report. a search and rescue mission for three missing u.s. marines has been suspended. it was conducted off the east
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coast of australia where an osprey aircraft crashed yesterday. it hit the deck of a ship during landing and crashed into the bay. 26 other marines were rescued. coming up why people lined up at an oklahoma health care clinic yesterday. which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles, and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad.
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unfinished business on capitol hill, health care. but it can't wait in towns across america where so many people cannot find affordable health care. in oklahoma people are taking advantage of free health care at a clinic. >> reporter: this is remote area medical. they're an organization that does popup clinics all over the country. right now we're in a high school in oklahoma they're going to be here taking care of patients in a variety of ways.
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we have doctors here, dentists. we've turned the gymnasium into a medical office. this is going on as the country grapples over the health care debate. some of the people have been out here for hours waiting for the dhoons see a doctor or dentist. they told us how they ended up at this free clinic. listen. >> i come to try to get me some new classes and get some dental work done and get teeth cleaning as well. >> do you have health insurance? what's your situation. >> no, i do not have health insurance. it's kind of too much to afford, to pay bills and make it by for the month. i'm here because it's free and good for the community. it's a blessing for them to be here doing all of this. >> i quit working five years ago, i lost my job five years ago due to health issues. for that reason i can't work and
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i can't afford the off market health insurance so i'm not covered by any insurance. >> so if it weren't for this mobile clinic. >> i wouldn't be getting treatment. i wouldn't get classes and i wouldn't get my teeth cleaned. i can't afford it. >> volunteers came in from all across the country to be able to the help. people from as far away as atlanta and chicago. and when all is said and done, they'll have treated 800 patients. >> police in baltimore are investigating the first shooting since the start of a 72 hour cease-fire. it was part of the city's grass roots effort to stop violence in baltimore. the fbi says an improvised explosive device was behind the blast at a minnesota mosque
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