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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  August 24, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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president trump taunting members of his own party by threatening a government shutdown if they don't fund his border wall, while escalating his twitter attacks on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. will the threats lead to action or will congress fight back? a chilling new isis propaganda video a boy speaking fluent english claiming to be the son of a u.s. military soldier, threatening the united states and president trump. who is he and what does it say about the state of the terror group? peace maker? presidential adviser and son-in-law jared kushner back in the middle east meeting with israeli and palestinian leaders looking for the peace deal that's elude sod many for so long. the president says he is the man to d the job, jared kushner, but is there any sign he's making headway? let's start with president trump's escalation of his war of words with lawmakers from his own party and what's at stake by the way, nothing less than the potential shutdown of the
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government. the day started as it often does with tweets. i requested that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan tie the debt ceiling legislation into the popular v.a. bill, which just passed, for easy i prooufl. they didn't do it so now we have a big deal with the dems holding them up as usual on debt ceiling approval. could have been so easy. now a mess. then the president followed up about an hour later this with this. the only problem i have with mitch mcconnell is that after hearing repeal and replace for seven years he failed. that should never have happened. senator mcconnell publicly at least today largely ignoring the controversy trying to stick to policy this morning at a farm bureau breakfast in louisville. >> this new administration in washington and this congress is interested in getting america growing again. put another way, taking our foot
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off the brake and putting it on the acceleratoaccelerator. >> peter alexander is at the white house. also with us politico senior writer jake sherman, "washington post" opinion writer dana milbank and hugh hewitt, host of the weekend show here. petr, we're all wondering where this all came from and sort of if there's real strategy. what does the president hope to gain from this ongoing battle with congressional republicans? >> reporter: simply put we're watching this president trying to pin the blame for what he says will be a mess regarding that effort to raise the debt ceiling trying to put it on congressional republicans. it goes against tradition that a president would be going after the leaders of his own party, but it does stick to his brand. the president insisting he came in as an insurgent, outsidoutsio sort of drain the swamp, attack the establishment, whether it's democrat or republican. the white house doesn't seem to
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be so concerned. obviously that comes with potential consequences, though. the president needs both mitch mcconnell and paul ryan to sort of help accomplish his agenda in september. they of got a full plate going forward right now with tax reform, the debt ceiling, try to avoid a government shutdown as you've been talking about, as well. the bottom line is the president trying to strong arm those republicans right now as he has been doing on twitter, as we've reported in recent days, both mitch mcconnell and the president indicating that all this talk about a deteriorating relationship is overblown and the bottom line after all of it is that there is this uneasy alliance but at the end of the day both sides agree when it comes to a shared agenda they think they'll find common ground. >> at stake as we mentioned, petr, is the potential shutdown because the president said on tuesday he'd force the government shutdown if the border wall isn't funded. how serious is he about that? >> reporter: yeah. you have your debt ceiling here. you've also got this short-term spending bill, the cr as we describe it in washington. it's a continuing resolution
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that would help basically fund the government continually for the next several months. right now white house officials tell me the president is serious about his threat of a government shutdown if congress doesn't fund his border wall. i'm hearing the likelihood is in the eyes of some pretty reasonable right now, they won't say high but they say they do see a scenario in which this happens perhaps not in september moex next month but perhaps later in the year, close to the end of the year in december if they can't come to some agreement on this as kellyanne conway said earlier today, this is a significant campaign issue for president and one that he's committed to getting done, that is building the border wall. if it requires shutting down the government, that's not being ruled out. >> i think, jake, if he had any concerns about this, he certainly got reinforcement because we know how much he loves being in front of crowds. when he talked about absolutely building the border fwhaul that controversial speech in phoenix, people went crazy over it. mitch mcconnell, on the other hand, said we are not going to be shutting down the government. so from your vantage point, where does this stand?
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>> so if the president wants to get this done, and i'm not passing judgment on his -- the substance of the issue at all, but what i am going the say is there are two men who are critical to getting this done and they're paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. so to the extent that he's antagonizing them publicly it's probably not a good strategy when it comes to passing his agenda, getting his priorities across the finish line. the president said this morning that the debt ceiling would have been easy if as you mentioned at the top if they tied it to a veterans administration bill. that's not true. i've been up here for almost a decade and i've seen ten debt ceiling votes and they're never oozy. what you're seeing is what mitch mcconnell described as president what who has never been in government, ho who has surrounded himself proudly with people who have not been in government so it's understandable that he miss understands some of these critical issues like the debt ceiling and government funding. i will say there are a lot of skeptics in the republican party about building a border wall and
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using a government shutdown as leverage. but it's very clear that the president here is enjoying this agitation with congress and everybody i talk to up here, very senior republicans on capitol hill, say a government shutdown is not out of the realm of possibility and could even be probable given trump's mood, given his attitude, and given his behavior toward republican leaders on the hill. >> he does like a fight and his mood certainly can't be improved, dana, by the new polling. the quinnipiac found 29% said the president was level headed versus 68% who said he was not. his overall approval fell to 35%, down four points, in the past week. do those numbers in your mind play in at all either to the president's ability to carry out his agenda or maybe more to the point of what we're talking about and the fact that he does seem to be setting himself up for a fight, does it play into
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whether or not the government gets shut down? >> he does seem to be fighting, you know, for the sake of fighting. he's not draining the swamp. he's just wrestling al the l th alligators in the swamp, as if it's perpetual campaign towards no end, just to have enemies to fight with. so this sets up p debt debate when they come back, but that itself, however that's resolved, is a huge distraction from what president trump needs to be doing and that is getting some form of tax cut, some form of tax reform through, and there's where all the energy needs to be. instead, he's picking a fight over a border wall that his own chief of staff has been trying to talk him out of that most in congress do not want, and raising the specter of a government shutdown, taking all the energy away from where it needs to be. >> hugh, that may be an understatement, the people in congress don't want this. the last thing you want to be is having to g back to your
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district and start a re-election campaign after there's been a government shutdown, especially if people point the finger at the president. so how do you look at this? how do you look at these poll numbers, these threats and especially how they play into 2018? >> i think it's even more illuminatin illuminating, what does lindsey graham think about it. i had him on this morning and lindsey thinks the president is following a very deliberate strategy, that he's not unhinged, to be a commander in chief -- >> we do have that. let me stop you. let's play that. great interview. >> there's nothing ordinary about donald trump. so the first thing you've got the realize is he's not an ordinary guy, these are not ordinary times soshg mitch is trying to navigate a 52-seat majority and get things done with no democratic support. it's tough and the president's frustrated. mitch is very strong in the conference. people support him as our leader. and we're all dealing with president trump the best way we can. >> that's an understatement.
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there is nothing ordinary about donald trump. but to the larger point, do you agree with him? >> yes, i do. i think this is a political strategy. i don't think it's unhinged, and i think the difference about this and previous government shutdowns, when they have shut down in the past a democrat has been in the white house and the first thing to g is mt. rushmore and the washington monument. if the government shuts down with president trump in the white house, that will which will be deemed necessary to continue and that is critical will be very different than what happened in the past. and p one of the big nightmares for democrats is that if a government shutdown comes and nobody actually notices it and that it stays shout down shut town for a long period of time. i don't think it's outside the realm of possibility. i'd also add that senator graham this morning said it's time for republicans in the congress to play hardball with democrats the way that democrats played hardball the republicans, meaning attach things to the debt ceiling that they cannot vote against without getting caught in a rhetorical vise. are they going to put the full
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faith and credit of the united states at risk by not tending to the debt ceiling if a border wall is not attached to it. we could be surprised what happens. >> in the meantime these ongoing battles. he is going after mitch mcconnell. he goes to arizona, has things to say about both of the senators there, and jeff flake, who of course has sort of been the target, one of his major targets the president didn't help himself by basically stopping just short of endorsing flake's opponent, the senator was asked about this morning about his relationship with president trump. here's what he said. >> why do you guys have so many problems? >> i don't know. you know, i will vote and work with the president when i believe that he's right, and isle challenge him when i believe that he's wrong. that's what i've don with every president. >> -- jake, and that was pretty funny, what kind of problems can this cause for the gop
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internally if these battles continue to rage? >> it's almost -- this is almost an alternate reality because jeff flake is so well liked on capitol hill and is kind of an honest, no-nonsense type guy who gets along with all these colleagues, conservative, liberal, and otherwise. i knew him well when he was if the house and it was the same dynamic. trump is just all over flake and he's -- as he's doing that, and i have to assume he knows this, i couldn't say for sure, but he's driving a wedge between himself and senate republicans because mcconnell is not going anywhere. he's going the stay right by flake's side. and he's going to continue to defend him. he's going to raise money for him. he's going to support him. and his outside groups. and there are few of them, are going to spend heavily to get rid of, dispense with any primary challenge that trump supports against flake. so, listen, none of these individual issues will have a discrete impact, but the
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cumulation, the buildup of trump poking congress in the eye, pokes its leaders in the eye, poking individual members in the eye, these things make members of congress, who are human beings, although polls would probably indicate that they're not, they're human beings with emotions and feelings and they get frustrated with a guy who's continually dumping on them. so i think you have to keep an eye on that dynamic as the president means to avoid a debt default, keep government open, reauthorize major programs, says he wants to do tax reform and infrastructure in the next three or four months, an impossible task made even harder by a president who just continues to jab congress in the eye. >> he would also need a guy named paul ryan who was just asked a few minutes ago about what he thinks about the president's behavior, how he might be able to influence him. here's what he said. >> it's di by day deal. i'm kind of joking. we have different speaking styles clearly. and i think what it is, is we're in constant contact to try and put together a shared agenda
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which we agree on and we're working together to move that shared agenda. for me it's really important that the president succeeds because if he succeeds then the country suck sides. >> dana, an interesting way to put it, they have different styles of speaking. i would suggest shockingly they might go beyond that, their differences. having said that, i wonder if the president is looking at the polls that show he would lose to joe biden, he would lose to bernie sanders. >> yeah, i mean, it's interesting, paul ryan sort of using the language of recovery. one day at a time is how we'll take it. he's in an awful position and i and others are often taking pops at him for not being stronger against trump, but he tiptoes as far as he can, caught between the deeply loyal republican base to trump and trying to maintain some semblance of order and some ability to get things done on the hill. and what he's dealing with,
10:14 am
whether it's a deliberate strategy or whether it's just off the cuff for trump, but it very much appears that he believes that if he's in a battle with his own legislative party in congress, he comes out better in terms of his own political standing. >> dana milbank, jake sherman, peter alexander, hugh hewitt with another great interview today, thanks to all of you. breaking news in charleston, south carolina. police are reporting an active shooter situation in downtown charleston. this is on king street between calhoun and morris. it's blocked off. police advising people to stay away from the area. we'll bring you more as we learn it. and power bust. a major flub by lottery official who is announced just the wrong town had sold the win dl$758 million powerball ticket. we'll take you to the small massachusetts town that golden ticket was actually sold sxwroop and more breaking news. harvey now a hurricane swirl eight long the gulf coast. by the time it makes landfall it could be the first category 3
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we have breaking news. you see these live pictures from charleston, south carolina. the crime tape is across the street. we are told this is an active shooter situation downtown, king street between calhoun and morris, a major tourist area, brock blocked off. charleston the place where two
10:19 am
years ago dylann roof, a self-avowed white supremacist, opened fire at mother emmanuel church and killed nine people there. we'll keep our eye on again what we are told is an active shooter situation but we don't have details at this time. taking a look at that storm swirling in the gulf coast, now a category 1 hurricane. harvey with winds of 80 miles per hour and picking up steam as it heads for the u.s. where it could make landfall as a category 3 hurricane. hurricane warnings are now being issued for the texas coast. the coastal city of corpus christi has issued a voluntary evacuation. that just happened. msnbc meteorologist bill karins has the latest about the storm's path. this really has picked up steam. >> it got serious in a hurry. we were thinking maybe a lot of people could ride this storm out. now they're thinking people on the beaches outside the city of corpus christi are the people who would who want to get out and in a hurry. hurricane hunter aircraft flew in that and found 80-mile-per-hour winds and there's why we have the update.
10:20 am
the storm is still drifting towards the northwest, not in my hurry, moving northwest at 10 miles per hour, still 500 mile ace way from port o'connor so there are there's still time for preparations. about 24 hours on the texas coast to get ready for storm and out of the way. here's the path advisory. next advisory is at 5:00 p.m. east coast time. the path hasn't changed much, still towards the victoria area, towards the north of corpus christi. the worst side the is right side where the highest storm surge would be and the strongest winds. that's to right of corpus christi at this time. that would be good for them. still get damage from the wind but the worst of the storm surge would be to right. we'll see if that shifts anymore. we don't want to get that any close or the the houston area and the high population center around galveston. then as we go throughout the weekend, the storm stalls out in between san antonio and corpus christi near victoria and that's where we'll start talking about this epic rainmaking of the storm. then it finally will drift towards houston and maybe louisiana by wednesday or
10:21 am
thursday of next week. that's like seven days from now. this is where our computers are. at 3:00 p.m. saturday, we have the landfall, starting to weaken and not deal with the winds. then after that is when we'll start to deal with the squiggly, squirrely stuff where the storm will be drifting throughout the weekend and that will lead to our biggest problem with this storm. we'll have storm surge damage and wind damage, maybe significant wind damage, but the legacy of this storm is going to be the rainfall. one of our models is saying 10 to 15 inches of wane, widespread san antonio to alexandria. our american model pretty much in agreement with that showing the 10 to 15 inches of rain from san antonio to houston into louisiana. again, isolated spots over 20 inches. the hurricane center said the possibility of someone could see 30 inches of rain, almost three feet tall. that's that much rain over the next couple days. that's incredible and will lead to some historic flooding problems. harvey information, population numbers, hurricane warning 700,000 people. the you're going to have a powerful hurricane making landfall, we like the least number of people to be impacted. the areas of red show you all
10:22 am
the cities under the hurricane warnings. because the big stois like san antonio and galveston and houston are under tropical storm warnings that's why we're at 8 million people. these can shift still. we still have 24 hours to g. that's the general thinking. here's the storm surge information. again, there's that center line. the right of it is where the worst of the storm surge is, so the port o'connor area is the greatest of concern. freeport and the coastal areas, freeport isn't coastal but towards the beaches that's where the worst will be, 6 to 10-foot storm surge pap lot of the houses have requirements to be on stilts at about 8 feet high so when we're talking ten feet it gets iffy for those who don't have their houses extra high. >> serious stuff. can i ask you something not serious? >> of course. >> if you'd won the powerball, would you be here right now is this. >> i would and i wouldn't tell anyone. i'd go like a couple days. >> you couldn't keep the secret. >> oh, yeah. i'd be wining and dining
10:23 am
everyone. >> they'd be like what's wrong with this phi. >> manage you see that $758 million powerball tick t and you hear oh, they sold it in my town and then the lottery comes back and says just kidding, well, they got the town wrong but now they've got it right and not only that but they actually have the winner and rehema ellis is there now with the big unveil spop, rehema, the winner is? >> reporter: well, i think we're going the find out any moment because they're having a news conference at the lottery headquarters in braintree, massachusetts, about an hour away from where i'm standing in chicopee, massachusetts. it's the western part of the state. you make an excellent point leading into me about imagine the surprise of the woman who looked at her number and saying i have the winning numbers but they say it was bought 82 miles from where i am in the chick pea area. lottery officials had egg on their face with that. they cleared it up saying it was human tyre blame, a person wrote
10:24 am
down the wrong information. and i think we have again some information coming in on who the lucky winner is. >> -- from him. >> how did it feel sh. >> i'm sorry? >> a colleague from work. >> i've known far long time. >> where do you work? [ inaudible question ] were you just there to buy it specifically or something else? >> i was just there to buy it for just luck. just go in and pick five numbers and say maybe it's me, maybe it won't be me. just a chance. a chance i had to take. [ inaudible question ] ? >> no, i chose two numbers and chose quick pick ps. >> any significance? >> my numbers were kind of basically random like maybe with our birthdays, one from here, one from there. i just whatever could work. and then, you know, there's a thing between me and my mom and my stepfather and i have a friend, we all go out to dinner
10:25 am
on a friday night and we all play keno and our number is 4. so i just happened to choose and it worked to my advantage. >> it worked. >> it really did. >> can you tell us how you are feeling? your emotions? when you realized that you're the big winner? >> last night it was kind of like -- i didn't realize i won. today as i'm driving here i'm still like, this isn't true. this can't be. and then now it's like ah, i am a winner. and i'm scared. but i'll be okay. you know, it's -- i'm just coming down from all that and want to be just me, just p alone and just be able to be me and figure out what i want to do. >> have you thought about what you're going to d with all that money eve the first thing? >> the first thing don't is just sit back and relax and i had a pipe dream and my pipe dream is going to come true.
10:26 am
i'm going to retire early. >> what do you do for work? >> i work at mercy medical center and i was there for 32 years and i was a patient care type thing. >> are you still there or are you -- >> i called them and told them i will not be coming back. [ applause ]. >> i think you deserve some time to yourself. >> i want some time. >> as you can all imagine -- >> chris, can you hear me? >> i can, rehema. wow. by the way, we hear her name is megas wancheck and obviously she no longer is employed. >> i think that's about right. i think she can retire comfortably about right now. i couldn't hear completely because again i'm some 80 miles from where the news conference is being held but i think i heard her say she picked the numbers using birth dates, is that correct? >> birthdays and also a number apparently she used with a group
10:27 am
she has dinner with on friday nights. i'm going the make a wild prediction and say from now on she's pick up the check at those friday night dinners. >> reporter: i'd be pretty disaresponsibilitied if she didn't. the folks here at this location where she purchased the ticket they say they're going to get about $50,000 in a bonus and they're going to give all the money to a charity, to about three charities, in fact. >> that's fantastic. rehema ellis, thank you so much because i know when we found out it was the wrong town, rehema has to drive with her crew. thanks to you guys for getting there. congratulations to mayvis who is oddly calm. i would be out of my head if that happened to me. all right. we're going the move on to something that's not nearly as much fun. this is actually so disturbing. this is the new face of terror. this boy who appears to be an american delivering a haunting message to the u.s. in isis' latest to propaganda video. what message was the terror group trying to send? is the u.s. doing enough to stop
10:28 am
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hi..and i know that we have phonaccident, so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. this is chilling to see. a young boy speaking perfect english and spouting propaganda for isis. it's seven-minute-long video.
10:32 am
he appears to be reading off a script and says he currently lives with his mother in syria. >> i'm 10 years old. my father is an american soldier who fought in iraq. get ready for the fighting has just begun. >> you heard him say he's 10 years old. he's also seen training with reported isis fighters, threatening president trump. now, nbc has not verified his name, his nationality, or his whereabouts. but joining me is msnbc terrorism analyst leifel curry. always good to have you here. we of seen americans speaking for is is before but i don't recall ever seeing a child. we've heard that there is a search on to find out who he is, who his father is, how difficult is that going to be? >> i think it's not going to be super difficult for our intelligence apparatuses to finally get to the bottom of this story. but i do think that, you know, the details he gave being the son of an american soldier, i mean, what isis wants you to believe is that while you are
10:33 am
fighting the mujahideen in iraq, fighting their forces in iraq, the very people who are fighting our people in iraq, we are spoon-feeding their children our ideology. and guess what, they hate you now. >> but what do they gain by using a child? obviously for those of us who are all sitting around here, it's not just shocking, it's -- makes my stomach churn, but what did they gain from using a child besides upsetting the people who they hate? >> i mean, it's most certainly this is pr value for them. on the one hand, they featured dozens of children before, but featuring an american child, going back to that point, while american children are, you know -- proclaim as the united states to from text them, you know, first of all, you're not protecting this child. two, you have no power over this child. we are radicalizing, indoctrinating your children and you have no power over that. >> what are the chance they're also doing this because we're talking about it the way we're talking about it and not talking about what has been isis' dwindling successes? >> absolutely, isis has been
10:34 am
losing territory every day its control the definitely diminishing and i think it's trying to use every possible picture, tool, anything they can feature that would turn the attention to them, because for isis, any pr is good pr. >> it's bad enough to see this child talking and clearly reading off of, you know, whatever is a script, but then you see him training. you see him getting ready to do some military-style action. what is the role of children in the isis organization? >> it's usually an evolution. they start with being indoctrinated with ideological stuff, things about jurisprudence, things, kind of twisted interpretation of islam. then they put them into their training camps for what they call the cubs of the caliphate. they go through that training camp for about three to six weeks upon they learn not only the twisted radical ideology but also how to use weapon, how to shoot, aim, and so on, then finally you see some of them getting to the stage of execution so they'll carry out
10:35 am
beheadings, they'll shoot what they purport to say these are, you know, enemy combatants for isis. then of course some of them will finally commit a suicide bombing like we saw two days ago in iraq of an 11-year-old launching that. >> msnbc terrorism analyst laik al curry. congressman dan donovan, republican from new york, members of the foreign affairs and homeland security members. as a member of the homeland security committee, and you know a lot about what you've just heard from leif how isis operates and recruits, what was your gut reaction from that human sfwhg. >> as human being it's disgusting. they use children to rip at the fabric of our society. you can imagine american soldiers if they had to face this young man who was pointing a rifle at them and having to take out a 10-year-old american pause of they're about to harm american soldiers. >> what do you think the chances are that he is the child of a
10:36 am
u.s. soldier and will it be not that difficult for u.s. intelligence and maybe in cooperation with other intelligence forces to get to the bottom of this? >> i agree, i think ut would be very easy to find that out. but there's so much propaganda coming out of these terrorist groups, you denon't know what t believe anymore. what's evident from this videotape is that is young man, whether his national origin is an american or syrian or wherever his family comes from, who's been spoon-fed this hateful ideology that americans are bad, that they are going to win this war and they're going to kill americans. >> i'm sure that you heard the president speaking yesterday about the islamic state's online recruitment efforts pip just want to play a little bit of that, congressman. >> we are stripping terrorists of their territory at record clip. their funding, their networks, and the false allure of their ideology and i will tell you, we're going to start working very hard on the internet.
10:37 am
>> when you talk to people, though, who are very close to this, they will tell you that a lot of the success of terrorist organizations, isis among them, has been that they have really outspaced us in many ways in this recruiting online. are you satisfied with what the united states is doing? are we where we should be in terms of our online abilities to combat what they're zmoing. >> we're getting there. we have a first amendment right as well. you know, we have a constitution to abide by. we of had facebook, global, instagram, twitter, come to congress and explain to us how they mine their own networks for hate language, for terrorism, and they take those things off. right now you can go on and read aspire magazine that tells people how to make a bomb, where to plant it, how you could harm the most americans at one time, big events like concerts or large gatherings like the protests in charlottesville, virginia spop they instruct people. are our enemies used to be
10:38 am
people who were in a foreign land who wo wore a different uniform than we did, easily identified. now our enemy could be a 15-year-old kid in a basement on a laptop being radicalized by people who want to harm our nation from across the atlantic ocean. so it's much more difficult. we are getting there. we're not there yet, chris, and we'll continue to work on pit. >> meantime plenty of domestic issues. you're going back to washington on september 5th. the president has made it clear he is willing to shut down the government over building the wall. are you willing do that? >> i'm never willing to shut down our government. no one elected us to go to washington to shut the government down. they sents through to make it work better. >> what is the message? >> many of us are supportive of secure ourg borders. we have a broken immigration system. it needs to be reformed, but you have to secure the borders. you can't fix the legal imdprags if you're not going to stop the illegal immigration. i leave out the the experts in
10:39 am
security if should be a physical wall, an electrical wall, terrains, a large boarder, thousands of miles long. i leave it to the experts. but we have to secure our nation's borders. for those who may debate that or may be opposed to that, we have nine people in the back of a van die being transported illegal i over our border. if we had some kind of stop back there, maybe those nine people who were being brought over trafficked here would be alive today. >> lindsey graham talked about this. we were odis cussing this earlier. he went on the hugh hewitt show. i want to play again what he said about the president and his decision to say i would shut down the government. take listen. >> he's making a conscious decision to let his base know that when i said i want to build a wall i meant build a wall. he's running against mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham and others. the congress is very unpopular, particularly with the republican
10:40 am
base. so there's nothing inhinged about it. it's political strategy that i'm not so sure is smart. >> do you think that this is a bad strategy, so many people looking toward 2018? >> a new quinnipiac poll shows both parties in congress are more unpopular but the republicans are more unpopular than the democrats are and in fact more people want the democrats to control the house of representativess 50shgs%, than 38% who want republicans to. is the president hurting you, is the president hurting the party with these intraparty fights? >> i think the president is frustrate ed, chris. he came with an agenda. >> is that the way you teal with it, to go to arizona and to have things to say about the sitting senators who are republicans in that state to g after paul ryan, to g after mitch mcconnell? >> he sees that his agenda is not moving forward. he wants to tax reform, he wants to do infrastructure, he wanted to get health care done. none of those -- >> do you think mitch mcconnell
10:41 am
and paul ryan don't want to do that? >> i think they do, but is congress moves slower. the president wants to put a pause in our travel from seven countries down to six who we believe we don't have a proper vet progress says for to make sure that our country is seiche for people traveling from there and courts tell him he can't do it. he was told he has to d health care before tax reform because there's tax implications in the health care. he's getting trafrustrated. >> that's not leading, that's blami blaming. >> he made a promise to secure our borders and he wants support for that. i think he's trying tactics to get some of his agenda moving because he's been in office now for eight months and a lot of things he promised the american people haven't come to fruition yet. >> congressman dan donovan, thank you. there is breaking news i'm
10:42 am
told, a press conference ongoing in charleston where there had been an active shooter situation. let's listen. >> -- while this situation is unfolding. we do know already at this point that the shooter is a disgruntled employee. this is not an act of terrorism. this is not a hate crime. it's a disgruntled employee who has come on the scene of his employment. we are ready for situation p no matter what happens. we have our expert police negotiators attempting to negotiate with the shooter. hopefully there will be no more shots fired today but again this situation is unfolding so we ask anyone in the area to stay clear. we're already cooperating closely with s.l.e.d., with the highway department, with our
10:43 am
partners at the college of charleston. we are very thankful today for the response and brave i of our first responders, not just our police department but also our fire department and the other partners that i mentioned are all on the scene. we'll be back to you as soon as we know anything transformative or di fin trif. other than that, we'll be back to you at 2:30 just to give you an update regard legislation of wh -- regardless of what's going on. >> was he fired a few days ago? >> no questions at this time. we'll be back at 2:30. i just got here. is there anybody dead? >> someone was shot, was transported to nusc. >> one shooter you're looking for? >> one shoot they're's in the building. >> all right. one shooter in the building. >> yes. >> race, age, description? >> we'll be back at 2:30. floepfully with more information. >> thank you. >> thank you.
10:44 am
>> the person you saw on camera answering the question is mayor of charleston. here's what we know. there is an active hostage situation sh s.w.a.t. units are there, hostage negotiators as you heard. they believitis disgruntled employee. this happened where it works. this is in a highly touristed area with restaurants and shops in charleston, north carolina. police negotiators trying to defuse the situation. one person down and take on the a hospital. we don't know what his condition is. we will keep you posted as we continue to get more information. you just heard that in 45 minutes there will be another update from officials in charleston. to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less,
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up to 50% faster today at after the president's delivery of two drastically different speeches over the span of 24 hours, many white house officials were quick to distance themselves from that 75-minute-long rant in phoenix. stunning contrast to a sober trump before the american legion the next day. maybe the influence of his chief of staff, who's been trying to establish a set of controls in the white house. politico now reporting that white house chief of staff john kelly is instituting a new system for the information the president sees. decision memos, for example, will now be written, integrating information from cabinet
10:49 am
agencies, showing both sides, presenting the commander in chief with options for action. only kelly and one other aide will review all those documents before they cross the preside president's desk. mike mccollar ti, white house chief of staff under president clinton. good afternoon. >> good afternoon to you. >> so these decision memos have been used in previous administrations. and i wonder in your experience, do you think they can help be effective in sort of calming down what has been a chaotic white house? >> well, chris, first of all, it is good to be with you. our thoughts and prayers going out to the people in charleston, the law enforcement officials. for sure. >> going back to the "as the world turns" in the white house here, i think decision memos, what a novel idea. i think every president has used a form of that for, you know, modern history. the staff secretary is the person charged with getting all the papers in order for president, decision memos and so forth. it's the chief of staff's
10:50 am
responsibility. i am confident general capitol hill tcan discharge that responsibility if the president will empower and support him in that regard. in terms of organizing the material and making sure that he is viewed as an honest broker, that if the president has all the viewpoints from his white house staff and cabinet members and in certain instances the president may want to reach out to people outside the administration, certainly he wants to talk to members of congress. this is how you govern, chris. and this is pretty basic fundamental tenant. i commend chief kelly for trying to get it implemented and i think he will be more successful than not. >> even if you control what goes across the president's desk, and it all sounds like common sense, and there are reasons why over many presidencies procedures were put in place, because they work, how do you control the emotions and what's going on in his head. as you know, he believes he won the presidency by being himself,
10:51 am
and what we saw in phoenix many people would argue is his true authentic self. can he be successful by being himself or is it possible that with some procedures in place, you think he can be managed? >> well, we had that with president reagan, let reagan be reagan. i think you can strike a balance, chris. you've got to be authentic. you know that as a journalist better than anyone. >> i'm comparing a good way to be your authentic self, who you are, still conform or follow a procedure. whether president trump can or will do that, i don't know. my guess is, chris, to go right to the bottom line, i think general kelly will be hopefully, hopefully reasonably successful in terms of structuring policy issues like we saw the recent discussion debate on afghanistan.
10:52 am
hopefully on certain economic issues, where he's going to have trouble is when you go in the political realm. >> i want to play something the president had to say in his speech on tuesday. >> they all said mr. president, your speech was so good last night, please, please, mr. president, don't mention any names. so i won't. >> do you think he was talking about john kelly there, that he was trying to appeal to his better angels? >> i think probably chief kelly had a countenance and demeanor similar to the press conference in trump tower regarding charlottesville, which was totally inappropriate and off the mark in my view, and i think look, personally, this is my personal but strong opinion, to talk about senator mccain in the way president trump did, i just take very strong exception to that. senator mccain has been a patriot, he served this country,
10:53 am
he was in arizona the home state. why are you picking fights with your friends. i'm not quite sure, both senator mccain and senator flake, he is going to need those votes just like we did when we got our economic plan passed. what this white house needs to do is look outward, focus on the people's business and get things done and build bridges, not make enemies. >> i can't believe that audience wouldn't have appreciated him saying listen, i know your senator john mccain is going through chemotherapy, our thoughts and prayers are with him. having said that, he has a tendency to double down. he doubled down on the controversial statements in charlottesville. pictures of john kelly who looked so pained when he was making those statements, i have to believe that he felt at least as frustrated in phoenix. there was a point when the president says john kelly, where's john kelly. i thought i wish they had a close up of what he is looking like right now. when you're in that position and when you're frustrated with the man you're working for, not suggesting that you were ever frustrated with bill clinton, but where do you draw the line.
10:54 am
i know it's personal for everybody, but is there a point at which you say i am helping, i think i'm making things better, i'm serving my country and where you say i can't do this any more? >> yes, i think it is a personal decision. i think many people have had to make that decision. my case it was no disagreements or discomfort with president clinton, quite the contrary. it was the point we accomplished a lot the first year, we were moving into a different passage. much more political environment in the white house. i think where you do have to draw the line, chris, for sure, and general kelly will if it is called for, john kelly is a patriot, served this country, lost a son serving the country, if he is confronted with a situation where he feels he can't uphold the constitution, i think he will resign. i don't think he has been confronted with that. but you do get frustrated at chief of staff, that's natural, that's human relations, but i think what we've got to watch for is are things going to
10:55 am
settle down, is the white house going to get focused on the people's business, do we have a positive trend line. that's what we need to look for in the coming weeks. right now, this administration hasn't passed a single piece of major legislation in congress. that's not a good record to run on in the upcoming mid term elections. >> beautiful state of arkansas and beautiful city of little rock, there are more than a few good restaurants, thank you so much. always good to see you. we want to update that situation in charleston, south carolina. police report an active shooter situation downtown. the mayor and other officials this hour announcing a hostage situation. apparently a disgruntled employee, one person has been taken to the hospital, but the condition is unknown. king street between calhoun and morris, a heavily touristed area, is blocked off. police advise people to stay away from the area.
10:56 am
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that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. katy tur picks things up. >> hey, chris. in 30 we'll get a briefing from the white house. sarah huckabee sanders is scheduled to take the podium at 2:30 for her first briefing in weeks. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it happens. among the headlines sure to dominate the briefing, why can't
11:00 am
we be friends? reports the president isn't exactly on speaking terms with republican leaders in congress. that reporting bolstered by trump himself on twitter this morning, he lashed out at mitch mcconnell and paul ryan over the debt ceiling and blamed mcconnell for the gop's failure to pass health care. trump has put his party on notice once again, this time he threatened to shut down the government if republicans don't help him find the money he needs to fulfill a big campaign promise, building that big, beautiful border wall, you remember the one mexico was going to pay for. >> the latest flashpoint between the president and republicans is this threat of shutting down the government. >> we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> the president ran on building the wall, won on building the wall, and has remained steadfastly committed to doing it. >> i don't think we should be thinking of stt


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